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    T260G Walkthrough by ILee

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/05/97 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    T260 Walkthru (V1.0 Nov 5 1997)
    By Ivan Lee
    This walkthu is long and detailed. I didn't translate all of the conversation
    (too time consuming) but I have put in some explanations here and there so
    people can get an idea of what the storyline is about. Special thanks to
    Takayuki and Takashi for helping me through the game. Please email me for
    clarification on parts that are still vague. Also, please give credit where
    credit is due - don't change or use this walkthru for your own benefit.
    NOTE: When you are promted for a decision, the top option usually means yes.
          Try talking to everyone and exploring all places thoroughly, it really
          adds a great deal of enjoyment to the game.
    Time, the boy with the blue cap searches the scrap yard for parts. Meanwhile
    an alien creature abandons it's damaged spacecraft. T260 is thrown from the
    spacecraft's explosion, and is badly damaged. It catches a glimpse of Time
    before it completely loses power. Time takes T260 to Uncle Octopus who
    revives T260. After making sure it is alright, T260 asks Uncle Octopus to do
    some additional repairs since it can't remeber what it's objectives are.
    Talk to Time, and he will ask you for your name. Uncle Octopus interjects and
    insists T260 adds a G to the end of your name, on account of him repairing
    you. Now talk to Uncle Octopus and Rose (Time's sister) and exit the room.
    Time will tag along.
    Go to landing pad. Time will tell you this is where he found you. Run closer
    to the landing pad, and you will get your objectives. Although not neccesary
    go to scrap yard and explore the place if you like. Go to battle dome and
    enter the bar. Talk to Gen and he will agree to place bets on your fights.
    Go to the fighter's room fight and talk to the starfish. After fighting 3
    times, go to the bar again. Rose will be there. Go out and fight the robot.
    The robot has been sent by the crime syndicate in Scrap as a show of power.
    After being repaired by the Octopus, go back to the battle dome and into the
    bar. Talk to Gen. Rose will appear and tell you that Time has been kidnapped.
    You may return to the Octopus so he may fix you up a bit. Go to scrap yard
    and pick up Time's cap. You can now go down elevator in front.
    In the cave, keep heading upper left until you exit the cave. Run down to the
    swamp, then up the ramp and into the elevator which takes you down.
    Back in the cave, head round the bend to the upper right and take the
    elevator. Keep head towards the upper right direction into yet another
    elevator. Now run up the stairs into cave opening and prepare to fight with
    the kidnappers.
    The kidnapper are part of a crime syndicate whose boss resides in Scrap.
    T260 and Gen decide to confront the boss about his activities in Time's home
    In Scrap, go to the Saloon and recruit Coon and Meiren. Go to the boss's
    office, which is to the left of the crossroad. The boss will retreat to his
    stronghold. Back at the bar, talk to Lute. Go to the factory compound which
    is at the top of the map. Head to the small building on the right, and fight
    the starfish. Lute will run in and join you. I believe this is the only way
    you can recruit Lute. Now go to the storage building where the boss is. He is
    to the upper left. You'll need to fight his robots first. After the fight,
    the boss will agree to stop his activities in Time's hometown, and will also
    give you a discount on flights out of Scrap.
    In Kowloon, talk to purple haired man in the streets below. Go into the
    passage directly behind him where the chicken is and enter the door on the
    right. Use the computer to extract some information.
    You may recruit additional characters at the following places:
    Yorkland: Thunder, he is left of the windmill
    Luminous: Rouge, in the airport (Not so sure)
    Shrike: Additional Robot, in the factory
    Go to Manhattan, and then to the shopping mall. In the snackshop on the 2nd
    floor, talk to the lady on the right, and she will arrange for you to meet
    with Leonard, a technical whiz. You will cross Manhattan bridge into
    Leonard's lab. Leonard will analyze you and tell you only Uncle Octopus could
    have managed to do such a miraculous job in repairing you. It seems T260 has
    great potential that has yet to be unlocked. Leonard tells you to visit him
    anytime you need repairing.
    Go to the factory in Shirke. Talk to the men there. One of them sells items,
    and another buys them. One of them will tell you that one of their mouse
    robots have escaped, and he will offer you a reward if you retrieve it for
    them. Go to King Seioh's tomb on the upper right of the map. You may recruit
    King Seioh or get the special sword from him now (see Blue's walkthru). For
    now, at the entrance, head bottom left, then bottom right and into the door.
    Run right into the door across the room. Go down the steps, and into the door
    in the middle of the room. Climb downstairs, and retrieve the mouse located
    at the upper left of the catacombs and return to the factory. Talk to the men
    and after a short demo of the remote control robot's abilities, you may
    recruit it. You can transform into different types of robots if you talk to
    the fat man.
    Go to Shingrou and get into the abandoned spacecraft on the upper left of the
    map. Cross the marsh past the bird and plant, and up the plank into the
    spacecraft. Head lower left, and into the opening on the left past the two
    monsters. Head up the curved walkway into the room, and up the ladder. Enter
    the opening at the top of the screen. At the foot of the ladder, turn left
    and enter the room hidden under a curtain of overgrowth. Use the computer and
    extract information about T260, RB3 and HQ.
    You will realize that you are a special robot built to destroy the RB3, a
    massive robot capable of massive destruction built by an evil syndicate
    called HQ. 
    Go to back to Shrike and into the factory. Talk to men, and they will tell
    you that Leonard is dead. Go to Manhattan and into the snackshop on the
    second floor of the shopping mall. Talk to Fuse, he'll tell you he is
    investigating the murder of Leonard. Exit, and go to bridge in the center
    of the map. Talk to the guards who will let you into the lab. In Leonard's
    lab, go to the computer and push the button. A new robot will appear. It will
    explain to you that it is actually Leonard himself. He had anticipated his
    death and transferred all his memory and characteristics into the robot you
    see before you. Robo-Leonard will now join your party.
    Back at Manhattan Airport, talk to the ticket agent. Leonard will ask the
    ticket agent if she can arrange for them to get into the underground HQ base.
    At the underground HQ base, some doors will be locked, and you will need to
    unlock them by accessing a switch which be in another room.
    Head upper left and into the door. Head towards the top of the screen and
    turn left at the door. Go down the stairs and head right into the next
    screen. Go around the corner towards the top of the screen. Enter the door
    (hard to see) on the left. Head left all the way and use the switch. The red
    light will change to blue. Head back to the right and down and exit where you
    entered. Head down and then left round the corner to the next screen. Go up
    the stairs and into the door at the top of the screen. Keep heading to the
    top of the screen and take the door on the left.
    In the cave, head left and up and enter the cave opening. Go into the cave
    behind the skeleton, and use the switch. Leonard will tell you that there are
    3 more switches to be deactivated. Exit and head upwards into the cave past
    the bird. Head upwards and enter another cave at the top of the screen. Use
    the switch. Exit, and go down the ladder near the plank. Head upwards, enter
    the cave and use the switch. Exit and head to the bottom of the screen
    avoiding the monsters along the track. Use the switch behind the robot. Now
    retrace your steps heading upwards along the track and up the ladder. Cross
    the plank and head to the lower right. Enter the door, and step into the
    circular force elevator. Exit from the right of the room, upper right along
    the corridor into the next room, and finally up the stairs. Use the computer
    and the location of the main HQ base will be revealed to you.
    Back at Manhattan Airport, talk to ticket agent and go to the main HQ base.
    Ignore the man in overalls at the exit. Go thru the door at the bottom right.
    Head top right thru another door. You will be at a circular path, take the
    upper right door. Go thru the left door, head left and left again. Climb
    down the ladder and head thru the door on the left. Up the steps, take the
    door on the right. Access the computer in the main computer room. You will be
    zapped into cyberspace.
    Your objective in cyberspace is find the location of RB3. Since the main
    computer cannot be hacked into, you must jack into the computer's memory to
    retrieve information. Transparent areas on the ground cannot be traversed
    until you kill the bugs next to them. The ground will then turn solid and
    may be walked upon.
    Keep heading towards the bottom right, killing the bugs along the way to
    establish a path. Enter the castle and you will be attacked. T260 will have
    a new skill, it is the default attack and will be displayed on the upper left
    corner of the screen. Use the other robots to destroy the yellow blobs to
    clear a path to the red blob in the center. This may take awhile since the
    yellow blobs keep coming back. Use T260's new ability on the red blob when
    the path is clear. This will get rid of all the bugs in cyberspace.
    Return to where you started and go lower left crossing the bridge. Continue
    down and enter the building at the lower left. Inside, you must light up all
    the various colored hexagonal floor panels in order to enter the door at the
    upper left. This should be easy, since the game permits you to step on the
    panels more than once. After gaining entry to the abovementioned door, you
    will have to change the tiles on the floor so that they are all the same
    color. You'll have to do this once on each of the two levels. Now enter the
    door at the very top. Now talk to the red blob and find out about the
    location of RB3.
    Back at Manhattan airport, talk to the ticket agent again. This time you'll
    be transported to RB3. 
    Head left out of the small room, and across the bridge. Note that the
    security lasers block the way into the core of RB3. Enter the door (hard to
    see, but it's very close by). Inside the first room, avoid the robots and
    head to the upper right exit. Inside the small room use the computer. You
    will hear a click. Exit, and head to the lower left exit into a second room.
    Head into the bottom left exit and use the computer. This time, the floor
    will shake indicating you have disabled the security lasers. Now exit and
    head to the bottom right exit. Climb down the ladder and go past the security
    lasers all the way to the upper right.
    Now you must open the gate to the core. Run up the nearest ladder. Step onto
    the elevator and it will take up a level. Look for the red switch on the
    lower left. Stand in front of it and use it. A gate will move so you can
    access another switch. Take the elevator and the ladder down and climb up the
    second ladder. Keep towards the upper right and use the other red switch. Now
    head back up to the first ladder you climbed. This time ignore the elevator
    and run to the lower left. Use the last switch, and the gate at the end will
    This is the most important part. Enter the last gate and run upwards towards
    the circular light blue pad, keeping left. Do not stop, and try to dodge as
    many robots as you can. When you are in the center of the blue pad, stay
    still. You will fight with as many as 7 groups of enemies consecutively. Just
    stay still and keep fighting. At the end, a large robot sub-boss will
    descend upon you. After you finish the robot sub-boss, you'll be teleported
    into the RB3 main computer memory.
    Keep exploring the place. You will come across an underground or jungle
    landscape, with metal corridors joining them. Eventually you will stumble
    into the desert landscape. The entrances of the desert landscape is marked
    with neon orange, yellow and green lines on the floor. Keep moving from
    entrance to entrance, killing monsters in the desert that stray into your
    path. The scene will change and you will be in front of a tree. It is
    actually the evil RB3 AI disguised as a tree. Now fight with it. During the
    fight, the AI will teleport you to different landscapes, but will always
    bring you back to the scene with all the TV screens. When most of the TV
    screens are showing static, you're close to winning the battle.
    After the battle your party members go their seperate ways. When Gen asks you
    where T260 will go, it pauses and remebers that Time is still waiting for
    him. T260 returns to the village where he is reunited with Time. 
    A happy ending!

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