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    Scrap "Junk Shop" Guide by EHula

    Updated: 05/21/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    From: "Eric Hula" <alex_dumas@hotmail.com>
    Date: Thu, 21 May 1998 19:58:08 EDT
    I have found a neat little in trick in Scrap's Junk Shop.  Not only can 
    you get infinite items, and therefore infinite money, but you can also 
    get some of the best armor available.  The armor and weapons should last 
    you until you have enough cash to start to start the Infinite Money 
    You may have already heard some of this, so bear with me.  Enter the 
    Junk Shop and choose the 'buy' option.  The cost will vary with 
    different characters and how many times you have left and re-entered the 
    shop.  Go up the ladder and pick three pieces of junk.  Then, return to 
    the counter and choose 'sell'.  Even though you don't have any Hyperion 
    Bazookas(the last item on the list), sell two of them(hit circle twice).  
    Go back up the ladder.  You will be able choose seven items!  You may 
    repeat this as many times as you like.
    *NOTE*: If you hit circle twice on the sixth item you will only be able 
    to choose six items.  And if you hit circle twice on the fifth you will 
    only be able to pick up five pieces of junk; and so on.
    When you are picking up pieces of junk, the useful items will varied 
    with 'junk' 'broken bumpers' and 'repair kits'.  By the time I finished 
    the trick I had 99 'junk' and 'broken bumpers', since these can't be 
    sold anywhere.  In fact, that is the biggest problem about this trick.  
    Except for the leather shop in Koorong and Nakajima Robotics, there is 
    nowhere else to sell your items.  You will be able to sell Hard 
    Leather's for a measly 40 or 50, but the swords are worth more.
    However, to make this trick profitable, I had to stay at the Junk Shop 
    through many trips of seven items.  Take seven items at a time from all 
    the different boxes in successive trips.  After you cycled through all 
    of the boxes a few times, you should have 30 or so Repair Kits.  You can 
    sell these for 20 each.  Sell all of them.  Now, "sell" two more 
    hyperion bazookas and go get seven more items.  You will notice the 
    quality of the item has increased dramatically.  After selling fifty to 
    a hundred 'repair kits', you will be able to get the best that the Junk 
    Shop has to offer.  Here's are the high end items:
    Body Armor: Cyber Suits and Warlord Armors
    Head and Foot Armor: Jet Boots and Mirror Glasses
    Shields and Gloves: Cyber Gloves and Excel Shields
    Swords: Osc Swords and Twin Swords
    Guns that link: Thunderbolt
    Guns that don't: Lethal Gun
    The Osc Swords are worth 110 and the Twin Swords are worth 80.  You can 
    quickly accumulate 99 Osc Swords and sell them for over 10000!  With the 
    money from the Repair Kits, the cheaper swords, and the Hard Leathers, 
    you will have enough money to do the infinite money trick the easy way.
    *NOTE*: If you leave, you will have buy three more items at a higher 
    price, so keep quick-saving it!  Plus, the quality of the items will 
    also reset if you leave.
    *LAST NOTE*: When playing T260G, the trick does not work the same.  You 
    will not get any Junks or Broken Bumpers or Repair Kits.  I am still 
    unsure as to how to increase the quality of the items.  I speculate that 
    the key to improving the quality of the items is have lots of repair 
    kits.  I came back with just 30, sold a couple and TADA!  They got 
    Infinite Money Trick -- the easy way
    Start the trick with at least 12 Gold Ingots and $19,500.  That will be 
    enough to make just one trip to Nelson buy Ingots for a total of 51.  
    Don't buy more than 51 Ingots.  51 and 12 are the magic numbers. If you 
    have 12 Ingots and a few thousand dollars, it should only take two trip 
    to Nelson and back.  After a few cycles, you will have all the Powered 
    Suits and Zero Swords you'll need to equip your entire army!

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