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    Scrap "Junk Shop" Guide by Mochichan

    Updated: 05/09/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    From: Mochichan <Mochichan@aol.com>
    Date: Fri, 8 May 1998 14:01:30 EDT
    The Scrap "Junk Shop"
    Someone told me about the trick to getting unlimited "junk" at the scrap
    shop, and I thought it might be useful to have a guide and list of what
    you can obtain there.
    The trick I was told about is to go to the junk shop and buy one trip
    through the junk room for $1000 (when playing with Riki, I got in for
    only $300 the first time).  After picking up three items, go back to
    the counter and tell them you want to sell something.  Select the
    Hyperion Bazooka (even though you don't have one) and click on the
    circle button.  Then, you can go back to the junk room and select seven
    more items.  After you've gotten your seven free items, just go back and
    sell another non-existant Hyperion Bazooka.  You can do this over and
    over and over...it's great.
    First of all, a guide to the six different places in the junk room that
    you can get items in.
    1. Examine the dark gray box that is lying between some red and yellow
    oil drums.  (Left side of the room.) You can get body armor here.
    2. Examine the cardboard box with two flaps that is lying right next
    to an oil drum.  You must examine it from above, so when you enter the
    junk room, walk up and around the box, and then examine it by pressing
    down on your directional pad.  (Center of the room.)  You can get heavy
    weapons here.
    3. Examine the area around what resembles a single white cattail plant
    sitting to the left of the bright green box with four holes in it.
    (Upper left of the room.)  You can get swords here.
    4. Examine the bright green bos with four holes in it.  (Top of the
    room.)  You can get light guns here.
    5. There is a single oil drum with two small rocks on the lid.  Examine
    the area to its upper right.  (Right side of the room.)  You can get
    shields and gloves here.
    6. There is a single oil drum with two small rocks on the lid.  Examine
    the box to its lower left.  (Right side of the room.)  You can get
    footwear and headgear here.
    Now, a list of the items that you can get in the six places...(or at
    least, this is what I've gotten so far...possibly, you can get even
    better things if you spend more time shopping.)  I've listed the item, 
    and any important numbers...the number with the armor is defense power,
    and the numbers with the guns are attack power&bullets, etc.  Note:
    when shopping, you will encounter "junk" "broken bumper" and "repair
    kit" a LOT.  Just ignore them and keep looking for the good stuff!
    Hey, you only paid $1000 or $300 for it anyway!  Besides, you can
    get all your money back by stocking up on swords and selling them
    to the engineer at Nakagima Robotics in Shrike.  $110 for an Osc-sword!
    1. Combat suit - 15, hard leather - 12, fiber vest - 8, armor vest -
    18&bullet-proof, cyber suit - 36, electro armor - 25, jump suit - 25.
    2. Light vulcan - 15/60, water cannon - 20, light bazooka - 20/4,
    thunderbolt - 25/4, beam cannon - 20/6, lightning cannon - 20/6.
    3. Knife - 7, broad sword - 11, laser knife - 15, kukri blade - 10,
    osc-sword - 30, ceramic sword - 22, samurai sword - 19, twin sword - 20.
    4. Aguni-SSP - 9/15, Aguni-CP1 - 12/13, lethal gun - 60/5, Aguni-MBX -
    36/20, troop rifle - 22/8, easy rifle - 13/8, sniper rifle - 31/6,
    eagle gun - 28/6.
    5. Shell bracer - 6, buckler - cancels weapons and physical attacks,
    leather glove - 4, armor glove - 7, cyber glove - 9, shell shield -
    cancels physical attacks.
    6. Leather boots - 3, rubber shoes - 7, junk helm - 4, fiber hood - 6,
    jet boots - 7&floats in air, laser scope - 7.
    When playing Riki from Margmel...
    After recruiting some people from the pub in Scrap, proceed with the game
    up until you rescue Mei-Ling from the pervert Caballero.  Then, instead
    of storming the factory right away, sneak into the smaller buildings
    surrounding the factory.  In one of the rooms, you will find $400.  This
    will allow you to go to the junk shop and totally rip them off.  Keep
    scrounging until you can equip everyone with an Armor Vest.  This will
    drastically reduce the damage you receive when Caballero's henchmen take
    shots at you.  I shopped until I equipped everyone with an Armor Vest,
    a Fiber Hood, an Armor Glove, Rubber Shoes, and a Buckler.  Also, I
    made off with about 9 Osc-Swords.  It took me a while, though.  By the
    time I was done, I'd sold off over 150 repair kits.  It was worth it!

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