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    Emelia FAQ/Walkthrough by Algus

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 05/05/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    --------------------------------Character Test---------------------------------
    Ver 1.5
    Algus Sadalfus
    Feel free to email me general SaGa Frontier queries, I'd love to be of 
    assistance.  It doesn't have to be specifically about Emelia's scenario
    (or the Debug Room if you're looking at my Debug Room guide as well) though
    if its something I already answered in my guide I may not respond.  
    This is my first guide to fully incorporate a search function, yay! (?) 
    Version Info
    05/05/06 - Added a 'Basics' section explaining quite a bit about some of
               the mechanics of the game for beginners.  Revised portions of 
               the Recruiting Suzaku Quest.  Added stats for the Save Data
               Stat Bonus and Kylin.  Various smaller changes.  
    05/04/06 - Initial Release (Project Begins 05/03/06) 
    Algus, you say, isn't it a little late to be writing a FAQ for a game like
    SaGa Frontier? It came out in 1998! Well, maybe it is, but SaGa Frontier is
    one of my favorite video games -ever- despite its lack of popularity.  I've
    always been a fan of the franchise, starting with Final Fantasy Legends back
    before I knew it was a SaGa game! 
    Plus, even after all this time there still isn't a dedicated FAQ fore Emelia's
    scenario besides Kain's quickie help guide for the Japanese version.  Plus,
    I've managed to beat all the scenarios and unlock everything with relative
    ease so I figure I've got to have SOMETHING to offer amidst the charges of
    this game being to difficult.  Now, let's get on with the show.  
    What this guide is
    This guide takes a very in-depth look at Emelia's scenario.  It provides
    strategies for powering up and successfully defeating the final boss and
    completing the scenario with, what I hope is, relative ease.  The 
    strategies I use can be employed effectively in other scenarios as well.
    I also detail (in-depth) how to acquire all possible recruits for Emelia's
    scenario and do so in such a manner that it's part of the walkthrough so
    you don't have to check a lengthy appendix or just look over a short list. 
    What this guide is not
    This guide is NOT a storehouse for every possible thing that can be done
    in the game.   While MANY of the sidequests are discussed, I do not 
    talk about several of the side areas (which I consider nonessential) or
    extra bosses (which are irrelevant to completing Emelia's scenario)
    If you follow my guide you should be strong enough to tackle the biggest
    of these extra bosses, but there are plenty of things I will not cover as
    I don't want to tread old ground (which in some ways I feel I have) 
    If you are looking for more content I recommend the following FAQs:
    FAQ/Walkthrough by MHobbs
    Monster FAQ by Oulak
    Skill FAQ by ABrea
    All of these guides can be found at GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com)
    About SaGa Frontier................................SAG00
    About Emelia's Scenario............................SAG01
    Mastering Magic....................................FA01
    Party Strategies...................................FA02
    -Part One - Despair Prison.........................WAL01
    -Part Two - Gradius................................WAL02
    -Part Three - The Martial Arts Tournament..........WAL03
    -Part Four - Baccarat..............................WAL04
    --Baccarat - Good Ending...........................WAL04-1
    --Baccarat - Bad Ending............................WAL04-2
    -Part Five - Trinity Base Part 1...................WAL05
    -Part Six - Trinity Base Part 2....................WAL06
    -Part Seven - Yorkland.............................WAL07
    On the Side........................................SID00
    -On the Side - Character Recruitment...............SID01
    Addendum - Luminous Labyrinth......................LUM00
    -On the Side - Where to Level......................SID02
    -On the Side - Recruiting Mesarthim................SID03
    -On the Side - Acquiring Kusanagi..................SID04
    -On the Side - The Runes...........................SID05
    --The Runes - Vitality Rune........................SID05-1
    --The Runes - Hide Rune............................SID05-2
    --The Runes - Victory Rune.........................SID05-3
    -On the Side - Errands.............................SID06
    --The Time Lord - Overdrive and Asura..............SID07
    --Arcane Tarots - IRPO.............................SID08
    ---Recruiting Suzaku...............................SUZ00
    ---Arcane Tarots - Finishing IRPO..................SID08-1
    --The Space Lord - ReverseGravity!.................SID09
    -On the Side - Arcane Tarots.......................SID10
    --Arcane Tarots - The Gold Card....................SID10-1
    --Arcane Tarots - The Saber Card...................SID10-2
    --Arcane Tarots - The Grail Card...................SID10-3
    -On the Side - Finishing Up........................SID11
    Appendix A: Powering up for Baccarat................ADXA
    Writing the Guide..................................WRI00
    ******************* *****
    About SaGa Frontier SAG00
    ******************* *****
    SaGa Frontier is the seventh game in the SaGa franchise by Squaresoft and
    was released in 1998.  The SaGa franchise has since expanded to include
    several more games and while it is unquestionably popular in Japan, it's
    reputation in America has been dubious at best.  
    The game has a poor reputation, known for its lack of cohesiveness, high
    difficulty level, and other poorly constructed elements.  Despite that, it
    has been remarkably successful in attracting loyal supporters who love the
    game to death.  People like me.  
    Something to keep in mind while you're playing SaGa Frontier - the enemies
    scale but the bosses don't so the enemies will never accurately reflect the
    difficulty of the boss in whatever dungeon you're in.  
    It is also not a game that you will be successful at unless you don't mind 
    spending some time leveling.  Personally I find the stat building system
    and combat to be very enjoyable so I don't mind power leveling but if that
    sort of thing bothers you then this may not be the game for you.
    *********************** *****
    About Emelia's Scenario SAG01
    *********************** *****
    Emelia's scenario is one of the more plot intensive scenarios in the game,
    though it is not very linear at all.  You have a set of missions that you
    must complete in a specific order but outside of that it is pretty much
    free reign.  Completing one mission with ease does not mean the next 
    mission will be easy - though in my experience all of the missions up
    until the second Trinity Base can be completed without spending time 
    leveling up.  
    Mechs cannot be used at all in Emelia's scenario but she seems to make up
    for this by the ability to recruit a number of Mystics that no one else,
    save Asellus can recruit.  In addition she can acquire Roufas, Liza, and
    Annie much more easily then other characters which means she has very 
    powerful characters right from the start.  All in all, I'd say it's if 
    not the most interesting scenario, the most enjoyable scenario.  Of course,
    she also has one of the most difficult final bosses to offset the advantages
    she enjoys.  
    Also, you should note that if you've already beat at least one scenario
    and have that file on your save game data then when you start a new
    Emelia file she'll have a bit of a stat boost.  This isn't enough to
    make it worth skipping her scenario, but you might want to note it. 
    ****** *****
    Basics BAS00
    ****** *****
    I didn't want to include a section like this when I first wrote the guide since
    many other guides covered things like how to gain skills and so forth very
    well but I've since decided to talk about some of the basics of the game
    just in case this is the very first scenario you've ever played and you don't
    know anything.  
    SaGa Frontier has four different races: Humans, Mechs, Monsters, and Mystics. 
    Unlike other games in which races might at best have only subtle differences
    the four races in SaGa Frontier each work in very different manners.  Each
    race is good, it's simply a question of knowing how to use that race.
    Humans are the easiest race to figure out.  They can equip up to four weapons
    and four different pieces of armor.  If they attack with a sword or fist then
    they have a chance of learning a skill with each attack.  Fighting tougher
    monsters means they have a better chance of learning skills.  If they use
    guns or magic, they have a chance to learn a new gun skill or spell at the
    end of the battle.  For magic, the character must have the gift for that type
    of magic to learn new spells.  Humans are the staple of the game and are the
    type of character you're most likely to build a party out of.  They are the
    easiest to develop.  In addition to learning skills, they will experience
    stat growth depending on what type of attacks they use.  If a human equips
    six attack skills and no magic he will get a "physical" crown which will 
    reduce the cost of all skills by 1 WP.  This is useful for things like
    DoubleSlash which only costs 1 WP as now you can make a stronger attack for
    no WP! The same is true of magic - if at least six spells are equipped and
    no combat skills then you get a "magic crown." This lets your spellcasters use
    basic magic attacks (which can become about as strong as an ordinary attack if
    not stronger) every round.  
    Mechs can only learn new skills by fighting other Mechs.  At the end of any
    fight in which enemy mechs were fought, you will have the chance to "download"
    data from one of the defeated Mechs.  This usually results in your Mech being
    fully healed but sometimes they will download a "program" which is basically
    a skill.  They do not increase in stats from battle but rather their stats
    are based on what items they have equipped.  Items boost stats differently then
    they do for other races, so giving Mechs multiple pieces of strong equipment
    can make them VERY powerful.  You should note that Emelia CAN NOT recruit
    any mechs in her scenario without the assistance of a Gameshark.  
    Monsters are just that - monsters, the enemies you fight turned to your side.
    Each monster character can equip up to four accessories to help boost their
    stats.  Their base stats are based upon their "form" which can be anything
    from the puny Lummox that Riki starts as to the impressive SuzakuJr form that
    Suzaku has.  At the end of battle if you have a monster it will have a chance
    to "absorb" an enemy monster.  This may result in learning a new skill.  If
    you have the right set of skills you will evolve into a new form.  Note that
    whatever skill is in the eighth slot on the monster's skill list will be
    replaced by a newly absorbed skill (this slot is colored red to help you
    remember.) If you are interested in using monsters I recommend looking at
    Oulak's monster FAQ at http://www.gamefaqs.com as he explains monsters and
    how to get different forms very well.  
    Mystics are very tricky to use in comparison to the other three races. In
    battle Mystics will gain no stats no matter what they use to fight.  The 
    only stats they can gain are HP, WP, JP, and Charm.  In addition they can
    not learn any combat skills with weapons or their fists.  What they do have
    are four slots they can use for spells.  Spells for them work just like 
    spells for humans - they can gain gifts and learn new spells.  They also
    will develop three "special Mystic abilities: MysticSword, MysticGlove, and
    MysticBoots.  If they attack with these, they can sometimes absorb monsters.
    Absorbed monsters will give the Mystics special abilities and stat boosts.
    For instance if a "Xeno" (a very common starfish like creature) is absorbed
    into a MysticSword then that Mystic can use the BloodSuck ability.  All 
    Mystics also have some sort of armor permanently attached.  For most MYstics
    this is a pretty junky breastplate type armor, though there are two 
    exceptions - one of which is recruitable in Emelia's scenario.  If you know
    what monsters to absorb then Mystics can get much higher stats then the other
    races very easily.  
    As I mentioned in the description for the human race there are several 
    different types of skills.  Some characters are better with certain types
    of attacks then others.  In general a character will come equipped with 
    weapons and skills of the types they're good at.  You can equip a certain
    number of these depending on what race you have: for humans there are 
    eight slots - mystics have four slots (*for magic only*) and mechs have
    variable numbers of slots depending on how they're equipped, their 
    default type, and so forth - fortunately that won't come up in Emelia's
    scenario :) You can use the "Seal" command on the Skill list to seal
    unwanted abilities.  These won't be deleted, just stored in the folder
    for that type of skill - you can have literally dozens of different
    abilities if you spend the time building so have fun with your skills! 
    Only humans may learn sword skills.  If you attack with a sword, anything
    from the puny knife to the Golden Lion you have a chance of learning a new
    sword technique.  A number of variables go into determining what this chance
    is but the best way to ensure you will learn new skills is to fight stronger
    enemies.  There are some skills that require two weapons to be equipped at
    the same time.  Other skills include automatic defensive skills such as deflect
    and selectable defensive skills.  Most of these skills are attack skills 
    though.  There is a subset of sword skills known as the "katana skills" If you
    have a sword that has "Katana" in its stats (examples include the SamuraiSword
    which one of the characters who joins Emelia starts with) then you might be
    able to learn a katana skill with it.  You should note that there are a 
    couple special swords (Asura and Kusanagi) which do not have a regular 
    attack - their basic attack costs WP and is a little more fancy - they 
    are both high end swords that you WILL WANT (And I will show you how to
    get) but their basic attack will not help you learn new skills so when you
    do get these high end weapons make sure to have a "training" weapon equipped
    as the character's second weapon.  
    Guns are slightly different from Sword and Fist skills in that you have a 
    chance of learning a gun skill at the end of the battle if you attack with
    guns in that battle.  There are also gun skills that require you to have
    two guns equipped at the same time.  Also note that some types of guns will
    not allow you to use gun skills.  These weapons are easily recognizable in
    battle as they have a "special" type of attack instead of the standard single
    shot.  These special guns include lasers, rocket launchers, rapid fire 
    weapons and some other neat toys.  Only humans may learn gun skills. 
    These skills can be learned with the basic punch ability.  They work like
    sword skills except you don't need any weapons equipped to use them (Though
    you can equip weapons if you want to - fighting abilities will always be
    available to you) Don't neglect fighting skills - while a strong sword may
    seem like it does superior damage to fighting skills - only through fighting
    skills can the best attack in the game be unlocked.
    Only humans and mystics may learn magic (There is one exception but in that
    case the spells Kylin knows function exactly like monster skills and they
    can be forgotten in the same manner) There are several different schools
    of Magic in the game as seen Below:
    Light <-> Shadow
    Arcane <-> Rune
    Realm <-> Mystic
    Time <-> Space
    Evil <-> ????
    Mirage <-> ????
    Revive <-> ???? 
    Mind <-> ????
    Each school has an opposition school so a character that knows light magic
    can NOT learn Shadow magic.  If a character does learn a spell of an opposing
    type (by buying it from a store) he/she will lose ALL the spells of the 
    original type.  
    Note that there are some special magics: Evil, Mirage, and Revive.  Of the
    three only Evil is available in Emelia's scenario.  The character Zozma has
    evil magic.  
    There are several other things you should know about magic.  
    If a character has the "gift" for a certain type of magic then he or she can
    learn new spells of that type by using that magic in combat.  For instance
    a character with the gift of Light Magic can use the basic Sun Ray spell to
    learn all the other Light Magic spells! This is the only way to learn the
    high end spells of a certain type.  
    In general you only have ONE SHOT at attaining gifts and once you do the quest
    that earns that gift you can not repeat it so any characters who aren't with
    you will miss out.  In the case of Light/Shadow this means a one shot dungeon
    and anyone not with you will never be able to get that gift.  In some cases
    this is good (You dont want your Shadow Magic users to be able to get
    Light Magic after all) but in other cases this is bad (If you're planning
    to recruit someone down the road and you do the gift before you get them
    they WILL NOT be able to get the gift) 
    Note that if you have spells of the opposing type then that character can't
    learn that gift.  For instance, characters with Shadow Magic will not be
    able to enter the Light Magic dungeon and therefore won't be able to get
    the Light Magic gift.  
    For the Arcane/Rune gift you must have the character that you want to have 
    that gift for with you when you collect EACH Arcane Tarot or Rune - if they
    miss out on collecting just one Rune or Tarot then they can't get the gift.
    The nature of Emelia's scenario means that only Emelia, Annie, and Liza can
    earn the gift for rune magic in her scenario.  Remember that.  
    Mind Magic can only be used by humans.  And for some reason (that you'll find
    out about in Blue's scenario) Rouge can not earn the gift for Mind Magic. 
    Other types of magic you will not be able to earn the gift for this includes
    Realm (only Rouge has the gift) Mystic (Only Mystics have the gift) Time (only
    TimeLord has the gift) Space (Only Kylin has the gift) Evil (no one has the
    gift!) Mirage (Only Rei - whom you cant recruit - has the gift) and Revive 
    (only Blue can get the gift for this type in his scenario)  Anyway, as you
    can see Magic is VERY complicated - but also very fun to use.  You'll note
    that my walkthrough stresses optimising how to acquire magic so that no one
    misses out on anything.  
    This is generally the Mech skill type.  Any "programs" you earn will be of
    the special type and only Mechs can use them.  Humans can't learn any sort
    of Special abilities.  The exception is Asellus (who is actually Half-Mystic)
    Her Mystic abilties (the Sword, Glove, and Boots I mentioned) are considered
    special abilities and unlike regular Mystics she does not have to have them
    equipped.  Asellus is recruitable in this scenario and I explain much more
    about her and her special properties in the walkthrough.
    Dodge skills are very interesting.  You may play an entire game and never see
    your character earn one.  Other times you may not STOP learning them.  In 
    general Dodge skills aren't very useful unless you specifically know that
    an upcoming enemy has a certain type of attack and you just happened to earn
    the dodge ability for that type of attack from somewhere else.  Anyway, if a
    human has at least one free slot on their skill list (you should always keep
    at least two slots free for Sword and Fighting users) and an attack that they
    can "dodge" is used on them they have a VERY SMALL chance of learning the 
    dodge ability for that attack which causes them to spin out of the way and
    be totally unaffected by that attack.  Only humans can use these - they 
    don't affect crowns so you can have them with combat skills or magic - but
    they do occupy a skill slot.  Don't count on trying to learn these by the
    way but if you do earn one or two enjoy them.  
    I love this game but it ~IS~ broken.  There is no balance in it whatsoever.
    Enemies you fight in random battles scale to your character's levels. In 
    some areas the enemies will naturally be "weaker" then you while in some
    areas they will be "stronger" but as you increase in power so do they. The
    trouble is bosses DO NOT scale so fighting through a dungeon full of weak
    enemies may end with you being slaughtered by an Uber-boss while barely 
    surviving to the end of another dungeon may result in you killing the
    boss in a single blow.  
    So what is a gamer to do? Well, my theory is to just power-level and in the
    guide I show you my favorite spot.  Don't worry, the final boss will still
    be suitable epic as it would take many hours to get your stats high enough
    to be able to whip the boss without being touched yourself.  This does
    mean you'll have to do a little power-leveling but don't worry, it isn't 
    anything to serious.  
    THE GOOD NEWS is that if you know how strong a certain boss is going to be
    (For instance by fighting and DYING on it) then you might have a good idea
    of what you need to do to power up.  
    In this game ~equipment~ is VERY important.  My guide points you in the 
    direction of most of the better stuff (Though not the best stuff as it can
    be very grueling to get that) You can be leveling in an area and then all
    of a sudden the enemies will get an "upgrade" and slaughter you because your
    equipment is now substandard.  So stay on your toes.  This game is not 
    difficult if you know how it works.  
    And one last thing - Quicksave - hold R2 and Press Triangle to do a quick
    save.  Do this frequently, it only takes like half a second to quicksave and
    if you die then you can restart right where you last quicksaved.  If you're
    anal and leveling among really tough enemies do this after every fight.  Get
    used to it and it becomes old hat.  
    *** ****
    FAQ FA00
    *** ****
    Q: What was that stat boost you mentioned?
    A: For some reason I had it in my head that if you had system data with at 
       least one cleared game then Emelia got a little stat boost at the beginning
       of her scenario.  Actually I was wrong, Emelia doesn't get any sort of 
       stat boost - but Annie and Liza do! The bonus is actually pretty good 
       insofar as it gives them a bunch of extra skills.  However, it isn't
       anything that should make you "save" Emelia's scenario for later. It's
       just a nice reward if you've already completed a scenario.  Note that
       other characters do get some stat boosts in their scenarios as well -
       just one more reason to keep system data.  Also, Liza will START with
       Suplex which is fairly helpful if you get the stat boost. 
    Q: How strong is strong enough to kill Diva?
    A: I always base my stats off the max hp of my team - anyway, when your
       characters have around 700 hp and high end equipment they should be ready
       to take on Diva.  Diva is one of the harder end bosses in the game so the
       more you prepare the easier it will be.  I'd definately make sure to have
       at least one character with the DSC - more if you really like to level.  
       Don't be dorky and save over your one file after you've started the Yorkland 
       mission as if you aren't good enough to tackle Diva you'll want to head back 
       to the Bio Research Lab and level some more.  
    Q: Will you write a FAQ for Scenario X?
    A: Probably not, there are already great FAQs for the other scenarios. My
       strategies for mastering Emelia's scenario can be applied to the other
       scenarios as well as far as I know.  If I DO write a FAQ for someone else
       though it will probably be Blue or T260 but don't count on it.  
    Q: Your description of the Ingot and Scrap tricks sucks!
    A: Yes, I just wrote hasty explanations of both tricks.  If you need a more
       detailed explanation check some of the other guides on here.  By the way, 
       that wasn't a question :) 
    Q: In your walkthrough, you dont list all the items that can be found in a 
       dungeon, why?
    A: SaGa Frontier is not a dungeon crawling game.  Yes there are dungeons and
       yes there are treasures but rarely are these goodies better then what you 
       have elsewhere.  In fact, there are only a couple instances where you can 
       find good treasure - and those instances aren't in Emelia's scenario.  I 
       leave exploring up to you, my goal is to show you the easiest ways to power 
       up and get through the scenario and running around grabbing worthless junk 
       in the Owmi Manor is not the easiest way
    Q: What do you mean by Emelia's dresses and their "supposed" benefits?
    A: If you haven't heard this before, let me explain.  Emelia's dresses
       are supposed to give you benefits whereby Emelia becomes better at a 
       certain thing if she has a certain dress on.  See the following chart
                             Regular Emelia - nothing
                             PinkTiger - fighting
                             Bunny Emelia - magic
                             Dancer Costume - swords
                             Commando Emelia - guns
                             WeddingDress - nothing/unknown
        I say supposed because in my experience these effects are not noticable 
        enough to be worth worrying about.  In other words, just use whichever 
        outfit you like the best.  Heck, it could be my leveling up strategies that 
        negate these bonuses.  Everyone else seems to know about them *shrug* maybe 
        its just me. 
    Q: How do you suggest equipping characters? 
    A: Gunners/Swordsmen should have two weapons, a shield, and a healing potion
       for emergencies.  Fighters should have three healing potions and a shield, 
       the same for magic users.  One person should have the backpack (I prefer a 
       sword user or gunner) and another person should have the healing spells.  
       This should make it very easy to keep your characters alive.  As far as 
       armor goes, I leave that to your discression - suits can offer higher DP 
       overall but armor, helms, and boots can offer other boosts that you might 
    Q: How do I get 7500 credits?
    A: If you collect all your paychecks from Roufas you'll have quite a bit 
       of money.  You should be able to beat the first four missions: Koorong 
       Sewers, Shingrow, Baccarat, and Trinity Base Part 1 with relative ease - the 
       money from those missions will put you close if not at 7500.  For the rest, 
       if you don't want to use the Scrap trick you should be able to find the 
       money around Koorong, there's a bunch of credit drops.  There's also 400 
       credits in the Luminous Labyrinth. 
    Q: You don't seem to like monsters, why?
    A: Monsters can be very powerful, Im not arguing that.  I personally do not
       like to use them because I think they are too much trouble.  There is a 
       great FAQ by Oulak on GameFAQs that is all about monsters.  If you want to 
       know more about them I suggest you use that guide.
    Q: Can I get mechs in Emelia's scenario?
    A: No - unless you have a gameshark and can get to the debug room.  Emelia
       doesn't like mechs.  
    Q: Wait, so you endorse the Scrap Junk Shop trick and the Gold Ingot trick?
    A: I dont endorse them, I just tell you how to do them.  Its your game, you
       ought to be able to play it however you damn well feel.  If you feel they
       are bugs to be avoided, dont do them.  If, on the other hand, you dont want
       to sit around for hours farming for credits, then feel free to use them.  For
       the record I usually avoid the Scrap trick until later on when I want to
       get LethalGuns. And the gold trick was left in by testers if the rumors are 
       true so its not really an exploit just an exercise in Taconomics :) 
    Q: Well, how do I get money if I dont want to use those stupid exploits that
       only people who suck at video games would use? 
    A: Grinding.  Yes, grinding.  There are some drops, but hardly enough
       to give you enough money to buy the equipment you will need.  Prepare to  
       spend more hours then my best save file sitting around fighting crap monsters
       for chump change.  This is one of the reasons I do support Taconomics - its
       just not worth it whether or not playing without the ingot trick is "legit" 
    Q: Am I just stupid or can I not find actual shops in this game?
    A: Shops are actually few and far between.  You'll be primarily spending
       money on magic actually.  There is a potion shop in Koorong to use liberally
       as well as some armor to be bought there.  The most interesting place to buy
       things is Nelson where you can pick up Zero Swords and Warlord Armor.  There
       are also some other shops (even one in Omble!) So look around.  
    Q: I have a lot of junk, how do I sell it?
    A: There are "shops" that are meant just for selling things.  One place is in
       Nakajima Robotics in Shrike where they buy swords.  There are some armor
       buying places in Koorong.  These are rarer then real shops though and most
       things you find can't be sold. 
    Q: Those skills you list for Liza to have equipped, why are they important?
    A: Sliding, Suplex, BabelCrumble, and GiantSwing when all equipped on a 
       character will unlock a special attack called the Dream Super Combo or DSC
       which can inflict close to 20,000 damage (The attack randomly uses 3-5 moves
       and can do significantly less) at full power.  In other words, its the best
       single attack in the game and Liza just happens to be able to learn it faster
       then anyone else.  
    Q: You seem to place a lot of emphasis on magic, it's not that important is
    A: For the most part you only have one shot at acquiring the gift for the
       different types of magic.  And for some kinds of magic you only have one
       shot at acquiring the basic spells.  So there are parts of my walkthrough
       written specifically to emphasis collecting all the spells.  I am assuming
       that you don't want to miss out on anything.  Again - this is not needed to
       beat Emelia's scenario but is just for the type of person that likes
       collecting abilities.  Remember, everything in the side section is just that
       side stuff.  
    Q: You're always talking about TimeLord, isn't he a boss from Blue's 
    A: I'm actually surprised by how often I see stuff like this.  Yes, TimeLord
       is a boss from Blue's scenario but in every other "human" scenario (including
       Asellus) TimeLord is a recruitable character.  Once you've acquired two of 
       the lesser Magic Gifts (Shadow/Light and Rune/Arcane) you can do the TimeLord
       dungeon in the same manner as in Blue's scenario.  When you meet TimeLord he
       offers to sell you low level time spells (stupid) Or join you (good) He comes
       with Overdrive (WIN!) and is an all around decent Mystic.  I'll explain how
       to get him in detail in the sidequest section of the guide if you're
    Q: Why don't you like Space Magic? 
    A: Are you joking? I ~LOVE~ Space Magic, I love it so much that I want 
       characters who are actually good at casting it to use it.  Yes, I know 
       Kylin has all the Space spells, but he'll never be as good at it as 
       a pure mage.  If you want all the Space Magic, play Blue's scenario
       otherwise buy your characters some wicked ReverseGravity/VaporBlast
    Q: You refer to certain characters as sword-users (Gen) or gun-users
       (Mei-ling.) Why is that? Can't any character learn any type of ability?
    A: Yes! See the question below as well - but I will say certain characters
       have certain tendancies.  I.e. Gen learns sword skills very easily making
       him a good sword-user.  But if you want to make Gen a spellcaster then you
       can.  That's one of the reasons I love this game. 
    Q: You seem to insist on recruiting a bunch of characters that you don't
       even recommend using! Why?
    A: Ahh yes, enough to form a whole party: Gen, Fuse, Fei-on, Mesarthim,
       and TimeLord.  To do the Arcane Quests you'll have to recruit Gen and Fuse, 
       you CAN pass on Fei-on, and Mesarthim and TimeLord are completely optional. 
       Each character is VERY good however.  Gen is pretty much the top sword user
       in the game, Mesarthim is probably the best Mystic in the game, Fei-on is
       second only to Liza in fists, TimeLord has one of the best spells in the 
       game, and Fuse is, well just Fuse.  He's a pretty powerful all-around 
       character.  I guess I'd just feel strange passing on them though all five
       of them are completely optional and you don't need to get any of them.  But
       they all make good choices.  Also, their recruiting methods in most other 
       scenarios is very similar to how you recruit them here so learn it, live it,
       love it, and make use of them in scenarios that dont hand out great 
       characters for free :) 
       Anyway, as I have tried to stress, and cannot stress enough, USE WHO YOU 
       LIKE.  Each character has the potential to become amazing at each different
       thing so there's no reason to be a stickler to certain characters.  Even
       someone like Lute can be turned into a powerful spellcaster given enough
       time and the right setup.  So don't feel restrained by my recommendations. 
       I'm just telling you which characters I like.  
    Q: What's this about the rune sword? 
    A: Yes, the rune sword and the 'cockatrice' spell.  If you didn't know,
       PhantasmShot is a mystic spell that for 3 JP randomly casts a Mirage
       Magic spell.  One character in the whole game, Rei, can actually use
       Mirage Magic - but you only get her at the end of Asellus's scenario.  
       However if you equip a Rune Sword (2850 Credits - 50 ATK can be bought in 
       the Magic Kingdom) and then equip the Stasis Rune spell the Rune Sword will 
       be able to cast Cockatrice, one of the Mirage Magic spells.  This is 
       actually VERY handy as cockatrice is a pretty good spell that does nice 
       damage and can petrify enemies.  Since there's a good chance you'll be doing 
       the rune quest in this scenario and since one of only four characters who 
       can get the rune gift in this scenario is a sword user (Annie) you'll have 
       extra excuses to use the weapon.
    Q: Why would I give up a weapon slot just for one spell? 
    A: Remember, you can equip more then one sword, equip a Zero Sword AND a Rune
       Sword on Annie, then you can use things like Cross Slash and still be able to
       use the Rune Sword's special abilities.
    Q: It's not that good, why go to all that trouble?
    A: Yeah, you're right. it isn't that good, but I just think it's kind of cool
       and I like my Mirage magic :) 
    Q: Care to share your Emelia stats? 
       Sure! My current playtime is 34:38 my part is as follows:
                    Zozma          TimeLord          Fuse
                    Roufas         Slime             Gen
                    Emelia         Mei-ling          Rouge
                    Asellus        Mesarthim         Annie
                    Liza           White Rose        Fei-on
        For the most part Ive got pretty solid setups, though I do have a few 
        odd things - I hadnt planned to use TimeLord so he doesnt have a
        Light/Shadow gift but I actually went to the trouble of getting both Gen
        and Fuse to have the Arcane gift. My main party is very powerful and each
        character is good at just about everything.  
        Imagine Gen using guns, Annie a spellcaster, you get the idea.  Ive built
        my characters up long enough that they have a wide range of abilities in
        every skill type.  Anyway, as you may have guessed Emelia IS my favorite
        scenario - but I've seen people on the SaGa Frontier message board who have
        had files even longer then mine.  Also, since you asked, I've had this play
        data since probably 2002 or so.  
    *************** ****
    Mastering Magic FA01
    *************** ****
    Magic is tricky, as you only get one shot at each gift and once you've done it
    that's it.  You can't come back later with other characters and gain the 
    gifts they missed out on.  So if you want all fifteen characters (or less
    if you have monsters) to have three gifts it takes some strategic planning.
    I've got this section before the walkthrough itself since there are some things
    in it I want you to keep in mind but I will be referring to the character
    recruitment section SID01
    A quick glance shows the following magic-using characters cannot be 
    recruited until you've tackled some lengthy sidequests
    If you plan on using any of these four you must plan very specifically
    what you intend to do.  Fortunately, three of them (Fuse, Gen, and Fei-on) 
    can be recruited before doing the Light/Shadow gifts though it takes some
    creative work to have Gen and Fuse both learn the Arcane gift (Remember
    NO ONE besides Liza, Annie, and Emelia can learn the rune gift in this 
    scenario) You must recruit Gen before going to IRPO but you cant complete
    Wakatu until you do IRPO, see? It can be easy to get mixed up since you
    normally dont pick up Gen until you're en-route to Wakatu.  Also, Gen and
    Fuse can't be recruited at all until you complete the Rune sidequest which
    means if you want them to have different types of magic from the
    Light/Shadow school you'll have to wait.  
    Finally, TimeLord CAN NOT be recruited unless one of each Light/Shadow and
    Rune/Arcane is completed.  I recommend that he be given the Light gift 
    as Mega Windblast is the best spell to combine with his Overdrive (Mega
    Windblast is in fact the only big damage spell he can get unless you 
    just want ChaosStream)
    Anyway the point Im trying to make is plan when to acquire the gifts very
    carefully.  Rouge and Vermillion Sand should be able to get you by in the
    magic department so that no one is left without a gift.  Then again the
    other thing to consider is how overboard this entire affair is.  If you
    simply want to beat the scenario and dont think you'll ever play it again then
    this might not be something you want to worry about
    You should -however- at least keep it in mind while you're working on the 
    game and try to have some plan for how you intend to learn the magic
    gifts.  After all, what's the point of a Spellcaster type like TimeLord if
    he doesnt have spells? 
    **************** ****
    Party Strategies FA02
    **************** ****
    I mention this elsewhere but I recommend the new player only focus on a core
    party of five characters.  This will make things much easier and will take
    less time as well.  However, there are benefits to having two or three
    parties.  Your characters are arranged into three columns of five characters
    each for a total of fifteen.  Each column represents a battle party, and 
    during battle you can select which group of characters to deploy (some 
    special battles, like the final boss don't allow this)
    Now the parties that don't fight will have a bit of WP/JP restored which is
    very nice for long dungeons like Tanzer.  So, if you decide it is worth it
    to devote the time to making sure each member of your party is useful instead
    of just having a collection of "tag-alongs" you may find many of the dungeons 
    in the game to be more tolerable.  
    *********** *****
    Walkthrough WAL00
    *********** *****
    Alright, we're at the main menu and we want the cute blond haired girl so pick
    New Game then Emelia.  We get to rename Emelia, making her one of the more
    customizable characters.  So if you don't like the name Emelia, pick something
    you do like.  
    Make sure to setup system data OR pick system data you've already created. You
    do want to get to second div eventually right? If you're like me you've got one
    memory card JUST for this game with a second card for a couple backup saves. 
    Anyway, I'll leave those details to you, but definately don't slouch on that
    system data.  
    Also, note that when it comes to skills and how to set up your party besides
    some very general suggestions (like have Liza use her fists) I leave that
    entirely up to you.  This walkthrough is already long enough, I don't need
    to weigh it down with rehashes of skill explanations you can find in any
    other guides.  Just note that for higher range skills sometimes you have
    to use medium strength attacks - for instance thrust can lead to Thunder 
    Thrust and Triple Thrust.  I ~BELIEVE~ the only skill that you absolutely
    cannot learn from a regular attack is Haze-to-Wheel which you must learn
    by using WheelSlash.  If you use the area I suggest for leveling in the
    Side Quest section of the guide you shouldn't have any trouble learning
    ******** * ************** *****
    Part One - Despair Prison WAL01
    ******** * ************** *****
    "It's not too bad, although it's not my taste.  I guess it's better than
    nothing." Emelia enjoys the scenery of her new jail cell, so just kick back
    and enjoy the introductory cutscenes - Emelia's scenario focuses more on the
    story and plot development then some characters.  Something I'm sure you 
    appreciate as an RPG fan :) 
    You get to meet Annie who shows part of her secret lesbian side :) (Ok, ok,
    wishful thinking, so sue me.) and if you check out the top right corner, 
    you'll see Liza loafing about.  
    Now, if you've played someone else's scenario already (particularly Blue)
    you may be familiar with what you're about to face.  This dungeon and
    subsequent boss are part of the Rune Magic sidequest for every one else in
    the game.  Though the boss has been toned down to take into account Emelia's
    relatively weak stats.  
    Alright, now once the cutscenes are over you'll appear in some piping under
    Emelia's room - which you can't get back to.  Let's take a moment to look 
    at our heroes. 
    Name: Emelia
    Race: Human             Sex: Female
    HP: 50                  LP: 9/9
    WP: 9/9                 JP: 0/0
    STR 7                   ----------            ----------
    QUI: 9                  ----------            ----------
    INT: 10                 ----------            ----------
    WIL: 21                 ----------            ----------
    PSY: 7                  ----------            ----------
    VIT: 6                  SilkShirt             ----------
    CHA: 32                 LeatherBoots          ----------
    DEF: 6                  ----------            ----------
    Name: Annie
    Race: Human             Sex: Female
    HP: 130                 LP: 9/9
    WP: 20/20               JP: 0/0
    STR: 15                 LaserKnife            StunSlash
    QUI: 17                 ----------            DoubleSlash
    INT: 9                  ----------            ---------- 
    WIL: 18                 ----------            ----------
    PSY: 15                 FiberVest             ----------
    VIT: 13                 CottonShirt           ----------
    CHA: 11                 LeatherGlove          ----------
    DEF: 18                 Leather Boots         ----------
    Name: Liza
    Race: Human             Sex: Female
    HP: 100                 LP: 8/8
    WP: 24/24               JP: 0/0
    STR: 14+5               ----------             KO Throw
    QUI: 24                 ----------             Air Throw
    INT: 20                 ----------             ----------
    WIL: 13                 ----------             ----------
    PSY: 18                 FiberVest              ----------
    VIT: 12                 CottonShirt            ----------
    CHA: 20                 FangAmulet             ----------
    DEF: 12                 ----------             ----------
    If you've already beaten at least one scenario (and have it recorded to your
    system data) then Liza and Annie will get a pretty nice stat boost:
    Name: Annie
    Race: Human             Sex: Female
    HP: 235                 LP: 9/9
    WP: 37/37               JP: 0/0
    STR: 25                 LaserKnife            StunSlash
    QUI: 29                 ----------            DoubleSlash
    INT: 12                 ----------            HardSlash 
    WIL: 25                 ----------            Thrust
    PSY: 20                 FiberVest             Smash
    VIT: 23                 CottonShirt           Deflect
    CHA: 17                 LeatherGlove          ----------
    DEF: 18                 Leather Boots         ----------
    Name: Liza
    Race: Human             Sex: Female
    HP: 180                 LP: 8/8
    WP: 35/35               JP: 0/0
    STR: 17+5               ----------             KO Throw
    QUI: 37                 ----------             Air Throw
    INT: 28                 ----------             RollingCradle
    WIL: 16                 ----------             Suplex
    PSY: 24                 FiberVest              RotationKick
    VIT: 16                 CottonShirt            ----------
    CHA: 26                 FangAmulet             ----------
    DEF: 12                 ----------             ----------
    Phew, ok, now that's out of the way, let's talk about the party a bit.  Liza is
    the single best martial arts character in the entire game, and you get her 
    from the very beginning of Emelia's scenario which is great.  Leave her be
    with her fists.
    Also be on the look out for the following four skills for Liza: Sliding,
    Suplex, BabelCrumble, GiantSwing.  If you dont know why those are important
    then just trust me, you will like what happens when you have all four of 
    those skills equipped :) 
    Annie is one of the better sword users in the game so if you really like her
    (I personally end up using other characters that keep her out of my main 
    party) then you're set.  You may want to change your party order so that it
    looks more like
    Since Emelia has the lowest HP (Only a meager 50 hp) and not much in the way
    of armor or defense, she'll die quickly =( 
    Your item list isnt so bad though:
    Backpack      (1)
    Cure          (5)
    PowerCure     (1)
    MagicStone    (1)
    FiberVest     (1)
    InfraScope    (1)
    Stick the FiberVest, Infrascope, and Backpack all on Emelia.  If you really
    want to give Annie and Liza one cure each but try not to waste these in 
    regular battles.  You'll want them for the boss - just in case.  
    I believe you HAVE to have an Infrascope equipped for a later room in the 
    dungeon so just keep that in mind.  Anyway, the armor should boost Emelia's
    DEF up to 20 which is nice.
    If you find a weapon in the dungeon (There is a bazooka we'll get for sure 
    later on, but you might get lucky and find a drop) then you might want to
    hold off on giving it to Emelia.  At the boss fight if Emelia has no 
    weapons then she'll be given a gun for free - not a powerful one - but if you
    want to focus on Emelia's natural trait as a gun user then that might be the
    way to go.  Plus having her work with her fists in the early parts of the 
    dungeon might help her to build up her hp which would be nice.
    Ok, let's hit the road, run South to the next room. Here you need to go left,
    make sure to take the pipe to your immediate left instead of falling down
    to the lower level. 
    From here, take the first right and swing back around, now we're on the other
    side of the downward pipe with a later to our left.  Take the ladder on up.
    Now you'll be above a room with some lockers and a vent cover will be open 
    that will allow you to drop to the room below.  You should do so. As soon as
    you drop down, Liza will drag you into a locker just before a guard comes
    in.  Once he's gone you'll head out, now head to the back of the room. The
    locker in the far back to the left (it would be the fourth row if you're
    counting from the door) has a LightBazooka.  As soon as you take it another 
    guard will come in so turn around and enter the locker right behind you
    to hide.  If the guard catches you, you get kicked back to the beginning of
    the room so don't let that happen.
    Alright, the LightBazooka, your first extra weapon.  As I said, you might want
    to hold off on giving anything to Emelia right now in case you want the free
    gun later on.  If you really want to use your new toy, give it to Liza or
    Annie - though they don't need it either.  The LightBazooka is a "special"
    gun that doesn't allow you to use or learn any gun skills but has an
    ostensibly "powerful" attack.  With an ATK: 20 and 4 Bullets it can be used
    four times and is alright for the beginning of the game though I rarely use
    it myself since I prefer skills (What's a LightBazooka to a gunner with
    When you're done here, just head through the door.  As soon as you come out
    you'll see a large white door with a green up arrow.  Go through this to
    end up in the garbage dump.  Exit the little room you're in and head to the 
    west corner where you'll see a ladder going down.  Take it.   Run through
    the next room to the other end and take the ladder going up.  In this big
    circular room just run across to the other side and go through the door.
    Now you're in a room with some ramps that lead back the way you came so ignore
    them.  But do hop down. From here you want to run to the southwest and take
    some stairs leading down.  
    This next room is the room where you need the InfraScope.  So make sure its
    equipped and go through the door. You'll see several posts with some blocked
    by laser beams.  If you touch the beams you get into a fight with some tough
    Mecs so be sure to avoid the beams and work your way to the other side.  
    Without the InfraScope, you can't see the beams. Once through the door 
    take the ladder up.  
    Now, make a save in this room and head forward.  Run to the grate for a 
    cutscene and...
    Just before the fight if you dont have a weapon Annie says, "Oh, oh, 
    something's coming.  Take this." and Emelia will automatically equip an
    AGUNI-CP1.  If you've fought this boss before you'll note he's much smaller
    here and consequently much weaker.  Use DoubleSlash with Annie and AirThrow
    with Liza (They should combo for more damage) and just shoot with Emelia.  If
    you need to heal then tap into your cures.  You can use the MagicStone if you
    really want to, it doesn't matter.  
    If Liza and Annie combo, they can do close to 700 damage (They should combo
    unless one of them learns a skill instead) Liza's KO Throw can also do good
    damage if Nidheg tries to attack her and she counters with it.  If Emelia is
    still in the front and you didn't fight much on the way here then be prepared
    to lose her to Nidheg's thrust.  Otherwise you should be able to beat this
    easy boss with all your characters alive. Nidheg will use SuperSonic as its
    last move before it does.  This attack hurts so be ready for it.
    After the fight, you drop into a room with a big rock, go up the steps and
    examine the rock.  A cutscene follows and the Freedom Rune is now yours. The
    warden pardons you and this first chapter comes to a close.  
    One very important thing to note.  In order to get the Arcane or Rune gift you
    must have a character in your party while you collect each Tarot or Stone - in
    other words the only three characters who can acquire the gift for Rune Magic
    in Emelia's scenario are Emelia, Annie, and Liza.  Keep that in mind if you
    plan on using magic later on.  Also, Mesarthim - the mermaid - comes with
    the gift for Rune Magic.  Since you'll be able to recruit Asellus, Mesarthim
    will gladly join you later on and she will probably be your go-to girl for
    Rune Magic unless you decide to make Emelia a spellcaster.  
    ******** * ******* *****
    Part Two - Gradius WAL02
    ******** * ******* *****
    Cutscenes follow.  After the scenes you can talk with some Gradius people to
    learn a little bit more about everything.  Liza wont let you leave HQ though.
    Roufas is hanging out in the topmost room so go speak with him.  If you
    pick I'm outta here you can leave and do whatever you like but you won't be
    able to advance the story until you agree to work for Gradius.  It's not
    so bad, you get good characters and a steady paycheck, plus you do want to
    beat the game right? :) 
    After picking Work for Gradius you are treated to more cutscenes.  You'll also
    get to do your first target practice.  Just shoot repeatedly until the 
    "training ends." You can get stats and sometimes gun skills from this so
    feel free to do it whenver you want - though fighting real monsters is much
    easier.  Do note that you have to go through a training session before the
    start of every mission.  So you'll get to do this a few more times in the 
    Another cutscene then you're in the sewer with Annie.  This is an easy
    mission as Annie can do all the work with the monsters.  You may want to 
    equip the LightBazooka on Emelia now.  Two slimes rush you immedietely so
    you'll need to deal with them.  Anyway, just go north and head up the 
    ladder.  Yes, you are ALREADY out of the dungeon. You're standing just 
    outside Dr. Nusaken's clinic (Too bad he wont join Emelia) Head up the stairs
    to your left.  You may be accosted by a Pickbird or two but its no big deal.
    If you don't know your way around Koorong then just head east until you
    find some stairs leading up. Up the stairs the first shop is the 
    restraunt that serves as a front for Gradius HQ.  Step inside. Go talk to
    Roufas for a scene.  Talk to Roufas again and he'll suggest you head to 
    Devin to work on the Rune Stone subquest.  Talk to him a third time and
    he'll cough up some credits.  
    At this point you can start recruiting characters and have a few decisions 
    to make.  There are six plot characters that you can recruit - Liza, Annie,
    Roufas, Asellus, White Rose, and Zozma.  Annie and Liza can both join you if
    you talk to them here in the base, definately do so.  FOr Roufas you'll have
    to go all the way to Shrike and talk to him inside a dungeon there.  You 
    don't need to actually start the Rune Sidequest to get him though.  
    If you really want to use Asellus, White Rose, or Zozma (Personally Asellus
    and Zozma are two of my favorites) then stay away from any and all magic
    sidequests.  Particularly if you actually go to Devin and get the rune
    pebbles you'll probably get sucked into Tanzer right away which is no fun.
    This is no big deal since the characters that normally become recruitable
    through the Rune Stone quest either already can or wont join you.  So unless
    you want Fei-on you're set.  Also note that Emelia can NOT recruit any
    Mechs.  So if you really want a Mech you'll have to use a Gameshark or 
    something.  Anyway, head to the southmost room (Where you started) and get
    Liza.  Then head outside and talk to Annie to have her join.  We might as 
    well recruit Roufas as well so head to the port and fly to Shrike.  Note that
    you have to have them in your party later on (As well as Asellus, White Rose,
    and Zozma) so make sure to save six slots for all those characters.
    Once in Shrike, head to the southwest where Mu's Tomb is and go inside.
    Roufus is lounging around in a room to the left.  Head down the steps, through
    the door and through a quick passage to find him.  A brief scene ensues where
    Emelia gets mad at him for not just joining earlier.  
    Anyway, here are Roufas's stats
    Name: Roufas
    Race: Human             Sex: Male
    HP: 150                 LP: 9/9
    WP: 25/25               JP: 15/15
    STR: 23                 SamuraiSword           HardSlash
    QUI: 15                 AGUNI-CP1              SharpShot
    INT: 27                 ----------             TotalShot
    WIL: 24+10              ----------             MindHeal
    PSY: 11                 LaserScope             Spellbound
    VIT: 26                 ArmorVest              ----------
    CHA: 20                 LeatherGlove           ----------
    DEF: 32                 LeatherBoots           ----------
    Note that Roufas already has the gift for Mind Magic, so if you use it then
    he'll learn the other spells.  Also, the SamuraiSword is considered a katana
    and he can learn some special katana-only techs with it.  All in all, he's
    pretty tough. By the way there is a stronger katana in Mu's Tomb (not that
    far in either) that you might want to think about getting now.  It's not
    that big a deal if you don't want to though.             
    I'm going to take a bit of a digression here so that we can take care of 
    something optional since we're already in Shrike.  As you may or may not
    know there are actually two Tombs in Shrike, one is Mu's Tomb where you 
    are now, the other is Sei's Tomb.  In general Sei's Tomb is a completely
    optional area.  We're going to pay a visit there now as you'll want to do
    it later for sure and you can score some goodies to help you with the first
    couple of missions.
    Don't worry about your party: the four you have will be plenty strong to
    handle anything that comes up. Remember, if you swing by the Street area
    in Shrike you can find a hotel that restores your health for free. Anyway,
    make your way to Sei's Tomb in the northeast corner.  Hop down the cliff and 
    jump across the stones into the dungeon. This place is relatively easy to
    To start, run down the stairs and head southeast down another set and through
    a door you can find down there. In the next room go east through the next
    door. Now in this room head down the steps and turn to the northwest corner
    next to the steps where the floor is cracked. You'll fall down and can follow
    a short path (make sure not to jump off) until you see a rusted sword
    stuck in a pedestal.  Save then check the sword.
    Now you'll be in a fight with two Dead Knights, these guys can be strong but
    you shouldn't have any trouble.  Use your best attacks and focus on killing
    one knight at a time.  Make sure to heal if you need to.  After you defeat
    the two DeadKnights you'll be awarded the Murakumo sword.  With an ATK of 33
    this is a nice toy to have.  Give it to Roufas or Annie.  But keep in mind
    Roufas's samurai sword can learn some special techs that the Murakumo can't
    Alright, now jump off this raised area and climb up the stairs along the east
    side.  Once you go through the door at the top you'll be back in the room
    you fell from.  If you look in the northeast corner you'll see a something. 
    Head up there to find two skeletons.  Try to check the center object and
    you'll be attacked by two more Dead Knights.  Use the same strategy as before
    to handle them. After this fight you'll receive the Mizukagami shield. This
    is a pretty powerful shield so give it to someone who you want to have nice
    defense.  Give it to Emelia for now, though when you get a dedicated healer
    later on you might want to transfer it. Alright, now head west out of this 
    passage and take the south passage into another chamber.  Follow the corridor
    and go through the other door instead of taking the stairs.
    In the next room, head down the stairs to your right and follow the path 
    straight up to an alcove with a strange object.  Examine the object to fight
    yet another pair of Dead Knights.  When you win this fight you'll receive
    the Magatama accessory.  This item isn't as nice as the sword or shield but
    you'll need it later (much later) to get a powerful sword so its best to do
    this now to get it out of the way.  Retreat with your goodies back out of 
    the dungeon now.  Make sure to IGNORE the colored pillars in the circular
    room.  Later on we'll be placing the items we just recovered there to get
    one of the better swords in the game but since you're not quite ready to face
    the boss that guards the sword you don't want to do that yet.
    With that out of the way lets take a look at the decisions you'll need to 
    make.  If you didn't already know there are two endings to the Emelia 
    scenario - a "good" one and a "bad" one.  Surprisingly, the bad one is the
    one that requires more work, you'll have to fight an optional boss with just
    Emelia, Liza, and Annie.  So if you want to keep a seperate save here so you
    don't have to do the intro stuff over again, feel free to.  You shouldn't have
    a problem tackling most of Emelia's missions now as is - so if you want
    Asellus we might as well continue on with the story.  If you want to work
    on your party now though skip to "On the Side" by searching for SID00
    Anyway - once you're ready to go meet me back here
    ********** * *************************** *****
    Part Three - The Martial Arts Tournament WAL03
    ********** * *************************** *****
    Regardless of whatever choices you've made, get back to Koorong and head for
    the Gradius HQ.  Head to the middle room in HQ which is actually the 
    Training room.  Complete training then go talk to Roufas in the upper room.  
    As soon as you enter the room a cutscene will occur where Roufas will describe
    the next mission for you.  You'll be heading off to Shingrow for an event that
    might be familiar to you if you've already played Red's scenario.
    Emelia will change into her PinkTiger outfit during the cutscene and you'll 
    be entered into the "Dance" 
    Now, you've got to get in line and wait until your turn to get to the desk, as
    you move by the desk the person will talk to you and register you for the 
    tournament.  I do not believe it is possible to win here as the in the final
    round your opponent will start using SwayBack every round after you deal
    a little damage to him.  
    You do get access to your weapons, so you can use that LightBazooka if you
    want.  Anyway, I'll leave the fighting to you. The enemies do scale to match
    your level so this might be a good barometer of well you can handle yourself
    with just Emelia.  Also, try to come in with only at most six skills (for the
    crown if you want it) as you might be able to learn some new skills here. 
    After the fighting, you'll see Joker, then you'll reappear in the main room 
    with Roufas and Annie.  Talk to both of them to have them join (Remember any 
    characters you recruit can't be used during the story missions but don't worry, 
    you'll get them for the final boss) 
    Alright, you've got your first "special" outfit now, the PinkTiger.  When you
    get back to HQ you'll be able to select between all the outfits you've 
    acquired.  Each outfit supposedly make's Emelia better at a certain type of
    skill.  The PinkTiger outfit makes her better at martial arts.  So if you 
    want to use fists in this mission go for it.
    Anyway, Liza is already with you, so you've got all of Gradius trudging along.
    Should be strong enough to handle anything you find. Reposition your party
    as you see fit and head west. Follow the corridor to the end then go up the
    Head up the stairs to the walkway in this room.  South leads to the 
    Arena's observation box and north will get you to the throne room.  The stairs
    on the other side of the walkway lead nowhere so go north. About halfway 
    through this room is a set of stairs that leads down to two doors.  Take 
    the southern door.
    You'll be attacked by some enemies but with your party this should be no
    problem, Roufas can handle them easily by himself.  After fighting the enemies
    check the urn right next to the door to reveal a hidden pathway. Run down the
    steps and over to the pit, check near the wall and the pit will raise making
    the sword accessible (As well as a shortcut to the entrance)
    The CeramicSword has an ATK of 22 and is a little better then Annie's 
    LaserKnife so I always give it to her.  If you keep the LaserKnife equipped
    as well however you might learn a two-sword skill so I always give her
    both.  The CeramicSword is better then Roufas's SamuraiSword (ATK 19) as
    well but it isnt a katana so if you want those katana skills... 
    Anyway, when you're satisfied head down the corridor with the red carpeting
    along the east wall.   Follow this path to its end.  In the next room is a 
    robot looking thing, the boss, so save then talk to it.
    This really is little more then a sophisticated random battle.  Just chop
    through the YellowFighters then turn everything you've got on the Goblin
    he'll die quickly.  Remember Emelia if you need to heal, though you shouldn't
    have to.  One or two strong combos and the Goblin is finished.
    After that, Emelia says something then the mission ends and you get treated
    to some Joker artwork.  Fun. 
    ********* * ******** *****
    Part Four - Baccarat WAL04
    ********* * ******** *****
    The Baccarat mission is the one where the endings divuldge so if you've
    decided to fight the optional boss make a save before moving on here if you
    don't want to deal with the Martial Arts tournament again.  
    If you're curious as to where you should be if you want to fight the 
    optional boss then check the appendix at the end of the guide by searching
    for ADXA. 
    If you're running a bit low on healing items there is a Potion shop that
    sells some goodies, talk to the guy outside the Port Office that is tucked
    in an alley between two buildings.  But you should probably try to conserve
    your cash since Emelia can do the Gold Ingot trick relatively easily when she
    gets all her paychecks.  
    Inside the base in the southern room is a guy in a blue hat.  Talk to him 
    and he'll say something like, "You used to be a super model right?" This guy
    will let you pick which outfit you want to wear, though for now you only have
    regular Emelia and PinkTiger.  Don't worry, you'll get some more if you 
    like playing dress-up :) 
    To get your paycheck make sure to talk to Roufas BEFORE going to the Training
    Hall.  If you do training then Roufas will have the next mission lined up and
    you wont be able to get credits for the last mission.  This is true for the 
    whole game, so make sure not to forget.
    Anyway, once you're done training meet me in Roufas's room.   After the 
    briefing you warp to Baccarat and Emelia is now BunnyEmelia :) This outfit
    supposedly makes her a better spellcaster, though if you've just been
    rushing through the scenario to get Asellus you probably don't have any
    spells just yet.  After the cutscene head up the stairs and around the corner
    to find Joker.  Then just follow him.  On the next floor go to the elevator
    and you'll be taken to the parking lot.  Head down the ladder and SAVE! 
    This is it, this is where the path divulges.  If you intend to get the bad
    ending and fight the extra boss skip to WAL04-2 otherwise keep reading
    ******** * *********** *******
    Baccarat - Good Ending WAL04-1
    ******** * *********** *******
    Head across the passage and through a tunnel then head west. There's a passage
    in the southwest you want to take.  Through that door immedietley run against
    the west wall to find another passage.  Head down the ladder and go north.
    In this next room (the gnome room) you'll see a cutscene.  After that just
    head back out.  Yeah, that's it.  Once you've climbed back up the ladder to
    the parking lot you'll get a brief scene and the mission will end, sending
    you back to Koorong.
    ******** * ********** *******
    Baccarat - Bad Ending WAL04-2
    ******** * ********** *******
    Note that the enemies do scale in this dungeon so be ready for that.  The
    good news is you might learn a new attack or two that you can use against
    the boss.
    The first part of this is very similar to the Good Ending.  You need to go
    to the Gnome Cave (which is where you go in the Good Ending as well) so head
    across the passage and through a tunnel, then head west.  You'll see a 
    passage to the southwest that you want to take.  Through that door run against
    the west wall and you'll find another passage.  Head down the ladder and go
    Alright, you'll see a cutscene in this room.  Now whatever you do DO NOT
    GO TO THE PARKING LOT as that will end the mission and lock you into the
    good ending.  Instead once you've left the gnome cave, head south past
    the ladder to another chamber. Go past the steps and head north through
    the opening and through a doorway into another chamber.  Follow this chamber
    southwest.  Before you go through the door to the next passage SAVE! You're
    about to meet the boss.
    Once you enter the next room, Emelia will walk towards the center and "You
    fell for it, monster-bait!!" will scrawl across the screen.  Then you'll
    be in battle. 
    Gargantu looks meaner then he really is.  But as I say throughout the guide,
    boss fights can be very subjective in this game.  The enemies in the dungeon
    may very well have given you more trouble then he will since they scale.
    You probably don't need to worry about offensive buffs, just launch your
    best attacks - particularly if you know they combo well.  He has less then
    4500 HP so theoretically one strong combo can kill him.  If you glanced
    at the Appendix then you are seeing a group that can successfully do this.
    And that group only had spent about twenty five minutes leveling.  But if
    you come in with substandard weapons and equipment this boss might
    be very difficult.  
    Something to keep in mind, while his defense is low and he dies easily, he
    also has STRONG attacks, so if he is faster then you, you might have
    trouble killing him.
    For your trouble, you will receive a PurpleEye which is a fairly nice
    accessory.  If you like it, more can be purchased in Manhatten. You can
    talk to Annie and Liza, then you just need to leave and go back to the
    parking lot.  Mission accomplished.  Once in the parking lot, you'll
    see a scene then get sent back to Koorong.  
    ********* * ******************* *****
    Part Five - Trinity Base Part 1 WAL05
    ********* * ******************* *****
    If you've been rushing through the scenario to get Asellus then don't worry,
    she's coming up.  Make sure to get your paycheck and save before starting
    the mission.  If you've skipped doing sidequests then the next dungeon will
    be difficult (but by no means impossible.) 
    Before you start this mission you may want to collect the Murakumo and 
    CeramicSword from whoever has them (unless you've already powered up from
    doing the optional Baccarat boss) as the weapons that Asellus and Zozma
    will come with are somewhat substandard.  
    Train then go to Roufas, you actually have to talk to him this time instead of
    just entering the room to get the mission briefing.  Some extended cutscenes
    will follow, so sit back and enjoy.
    Emelia will be in her dancer outfit which apparently makes her better with 
    swords, this could be your big moment :) Check out Asellus and White Rose
    dancing in the southeast corner.  How'd they land that job? 
    As soon as you get control of Emelia run south and make sure to TALK to
    Asellus and White Rose.  You have to talk to them to get them to join.  When
    you talk to them a fight ensues and it can be difficult, so be sure to save
    before talking to them.  Remember White Rose knows StarlightHeal if you 
    get beat up.  Neither of them have anything in their MysticSwords so you 
    might be able to absorb the enemies.  Remember Asellus has to go through
    Mystic Change before she can absorb enemies.
    Anyway, here are Asellus and White Rose's stats - There will be SLIGHT
    variations depending on what gains you receive in the battle just before
    they join.
    Name: Asellus
    Race: Half-Mystics      Sex: Female
    HP: 168                 LP: 8/8
    WP: 20/20               JP: 20/20
    STR: 27                 FiendRod               StunSlash
    QUI: 21                 ----------             ----------
    INT: 15                 ----------             ----------
    WIL: 13+9               ----------             ----------
    PSY: 39                 ShadeRobe              MysticSword
    VIT: 16                 SilkShirt              ----------
    CHA: 27                 LeatherBoots           ----------
    DEF: 15                 ----------             ----------
    Name: White Rose
    Race: Mystics           Sex: Female
    HP: 167                 LP: 8/8
    WP: 16/16               JP: 38/41
    STR: 16                 ----------             Fascination
    QUI: 18                 ----------             PhantasmShot
    INT: 25                 ----------             StarlightHeal
    WIL: 19                 ----------             FlashFlood
    PSY: 25                 MysticMail             MysticSword
    VIT: 15                 FlowerAmulet           ----------
    CHA: 28                 ----------             ----------
    DEF: 24                 ----------             
    White Rose also knows SunRay and FlashFire as well as having the gift for
    Mystic Magic as all Mystics do.  Remember you can't remove her MysticMail. 
    She will be fine attacking with her MysticSword for now, don't worry about
    Asellus has the gift for Mystic Magic but no spells, you won't be able to
    learn Mystic Spells with her unless you decide to do the TimeLord quest much
    later.  Hopefully you haven't done it already, because once you go to 
    Fascinaturu once, you can't go back.  
    If you've never used Asellus before, you might not be clear on what it is that
    she does.  In battle she functions as a completely normal human, learning 
    skills and everything.  The only difference is she can has the gift of 
    mystic magic which no human can acquire.  She also can learn the three mystic
    attacks MysticSword, MysticBoots, and MysticGlove.  If she uses one of these
    three attacks in battle (She can choose to have all, some, or none of them 
    equipped) then she will undergo "Mystic Change" After she undergoes Mystic
    Change she gets access to the stat bonuses of the monsters in her equipped
    abilities as well as any powers derived from those monsters.  This makes her
    the most versatile character in the game as well as the personal favorite
    of many people including me.  If you plan on using her then enjoy! 
    As far as White Rose goes, remember, Mystics can only equip four spells. They
    can learn new magic if they have the gift for that type of magic but they can
    not learn attacks from weapons or their fists.  They get access through 
    special monster abilities via whatever is absorbed in their mystic skills. 
    Also they don't get stat boosts from battle, but do get bonuses based on what
    is absorbed in their weapons.  Some people don't like Mystics, personally I 
    enjoy them.
    Note Asellus's FiendRod, it's "Final Strike" power will destroy the weapon in
    order to launch a strong attack on an enemy.  It's probably not a good idea to
    use Final Strike.  Also, Asellus's ShadeRobe will allow you to heal in battle
    which is nice.  You might want to swap out White Rose's FlashFlood for 
    FlashFire which is more useful.  
    One final thing about Asellus, you probably already have a good idea of how
    to develop your characters - Roufas and Annie are sword users - Emelia uses
    guns - Liza has fists and so on.  Obviously you dont have to stick with
    characters natural tendancies at all.  Anyway, combining Asellus's mystic
    skills with Gun/Sword/Fist attacks is really very cool but here's something
    else to fathom.  Asellus is the single most versatile spellcaster outside
    of Blue's scenario.  Why? Asellus can learn the Light/Shadow gift has the
    Mystic Gift, can learn the Arcane/Rune gift, and the MIND GIFT. Yes, no other
    character can combine both the Mystic and Mind gifts.  This means that 
    Asellus can get four gifts whereas most other characters can ONLY get
    three gifts (The exceptions of course - Blue in his own scenario and Rei who
    can learn Mirage, Light/Shadow, Mystic, and Arcane/Tarot but Rei is only in
    Asellus's scenario) Light's Mega Windblast and Space's ReverseGravity should
    do nicely for big damage spells.  Anyway, just consider it - Asellus is good
    at lots of things. 
    Alright, let's go get Zozma, especially if you've been rushing, you'll need his
    help.  After saving, head east and up the stairs you find.  On this floor
    head west.  Ignore the first door and head into the second one.  You'll have
    to fight some monsters then go talk to the guard.  He is revealed to be 
    Zozma and he promptly joins you.  And he is an ASSET.  
    Name: Zozma
    Race: Mystics           Sex: Male
    HP: 400                 LP: 9/9
    WP: 40/40               JP: 30/30
    STR: 19+15              FiendRod               RavaShot
    QUI: 24                 ----------             PainDoubler
    INT: 26+25              ----------             DeathCurse
    WIL: 11+42              ----------             ----------
    PSY: 32                 MysticMail             MysticSword (LiquidMetal)
    VIT: 13                 Magicwear              MysticGlove (Slime)
    CHA: 30                 ----------             MysticBoots (Basilisk)
    DEF: 27                 ----------             
    Zozma also knows SharpPain (Evil) Fascination, PhantasmShot, and GlassShield 
    (all mystic) Note that he does know Evil magic and is the only character in
    the game which does.  He does not have the gift for evil magic so these
    four spells are the only ones you can use of that type.  I don't find it
    terribly useful besides the cool factor, though PainDoubler can be pretty
    handy.  Anyway, once your spells are setup the way you like, you should be
    good to go.  Zozma will make battles around here much easier.
    Now to get out of here, leave the room and head west.  There should be a
    staircase you can use to descend to the bottom floor.  Do so.  There's an
    elevator you can take.  Then follow the corridor east until you see a mech.
    Make sure to SAVE.  This is a boss fight and it can give you trouble if you've
    been rushing.  Use Zozma's TidusWave (You havent been absorbing crappy monsters
    I hope) get Asellus to MysticChange and cast FlashFire with White Rose. Use the
    Magic Stone if you still have it. Otherwise use the bazooka. The goal
    is to kill as fast as possible, the mechs can combo which will cause 
    you no end of trouble.  WhiteRose's FlashFire - if it gets off - should
    drop the WaspMechs and Zozma can kill the last enemy with his TidusWave. Unless
    you get really unlucky and lose WhiteRose before she manages to kill the
    WaspMechs you should be fine.
    After that go through the door the mech was guarding for a brief scene, then
    leave and keep following the passage east.  Follow the passage to the 
    east and take the stairs down, then head east again.  Take the elevator
    down then head all the way west (The door just doubles back if you were
    In the next room you'll get a scene and the mission will end.
    Alright, at this point you should start doing the sidequests if you haven't
    already.  The only reason to wait this long was so that you could recruit
    Asellus, White Rose, and Zozma.  The next mission isn't very difficult at 
    all by the way, so if you want the last outfit (Commando Emelia one of my
    favorites) then go ahead and do it.  Just be sure to avoid the enemies in
    the base as they won't be fun with a weak Emelia.  
    ******** * ******************* *****
    Part Six - Trinity Base Part 2 WAL06
    ******** * ******************* *****
    This mission always used to get me because there is a VERY POWERFUL mech
    that scales to your level that can kill Emelia in like two hits lounging
    around one of the paths that you need to take to get to where you need
    to be in this area.  (Actually it's the shortest path) The big trick is
    though that you don't need to fight it at all! 
    Anyway, once you've gotten your paycheck from the last mission and done your
    training go talk to Roufas.  You'll see a cutscene then Emelia will decide
    to infiltrate Trinity Base MGS style. Once you get control of Emelia, climb
    down the ladder and head down the path to the south entrance.  Follow the
    corridor and take the west stairs (If you're curious about the tough
    mech and the shortcut just head up two flights of stairs.  Anyway, if 
    you want to fight him, that's your business.) 
    In the next room keep heading down the stairs.  The door leads to a room
    with a mimic treasure that can clobber you even if you're built up.  I 
    just pass it up, there's nothing worthwhile inside.  Anyway, head down the
    steps and around the passage to a door that leads to another part of the
    base.  From here head west.  In the next room go up the stairs with the
    red light overhead. This will drop you off at an elevator that was
    broken before and you should be in familiar territory.  Head to the room
    one west over. In this room take the elevator up and head east.  Go into the
    office and you'll meet Mondo and get a cutscene.  Mondo will give you an 
    AngelBroach which is one of the better accessories in the game.  When you
    get control of Emelia talk to your team and they'll join you. Now head back
    the way you came.  In the room with the red light above the staircase there 
    is an exit in the southwest corner that ends the mission and takes you
    back to Koorong. 
    Now, listen very closely.  You will DIE as you are if you haven't spent any
    time building up yet.  The final boss will kill you.  Your characters will
    suffer in terrible agony.  That is unless you spend time doing the sidequests.
    If you've done most of the stuff I list to be done on the side already then
    you should be fine.  But if you haven't, there is still a lot of gaming left
    to do and a lot to prepare for.  Hopefully you're close to the 10,000 credits
    or so you need to do the ingot trick (you should be.) Remember the ingot
    trick can be done with as little as 7500 credits but the more you have
    when you start it the less time-consuming it will be.  
    If you talk to Roufas, he gives you the last paycheck.  Talk to him again
    and he gives you the choice to start the final mission DONT START IT YET.  
    -Quick jump to the Sidequest Section with SID00
    ********** * ******** *****
    Part Seven - Yorkland WAL07
    ********** * ******** *****
    Got it? Ok, so you can save, but just not over the only game file you have.
    Once you go to Yorkland you CAN NOT GO BACK.  If Diva is too strong for you
    then your entire game will be wasted.  Don't forget this. 
    Before you go off, are you sure you're ready? All characters should have at 
    a minimum 700 HP.  I wouldnt go near Diva with anything less then 50 DEF. 
    Every character should be able to heal somehow, even if its just one potion.
    Defensive buffs like Shield Tarot are nice as well but not necessary. 
    My entire strategy is based on using the DSC - at least Liza should have it
    by now.  If she doesn't then get back to leveling.  No joke, Diva has a heck
    of a lot of hp and the DSC is the best way to kill it. Hopefully, you've got
    something better then a 7 point attack - LifeSprinkler is nice.  BoundShot
    of course - your gunner would probably make a good support character with
    StarlightHeal and a backpack for backup.   If you have a katana like
    SilverMoon then Katana techs like Tres Flores are nice.  Any big damage
    spells work good: Mega Windblast, Vermillion Sands, and ReverseGravity. If 
    you decide to use TimeLord then make sure to give him a backpack and 
    Light Sword in addition to whatever big damage spell and overdrive you use.
    The Light Sword spell will give him a strong attack after Overdrive has 
    sucked his WP and JP and the backpack will make him a little more useful. You
    should have MaxCures all around.  
    When you're sure you're ready talk to Roufas and say Ready! You'll appear
    in a jungle area (near Yorkland) This area is easy to navigate just keep 
    heading east. Don't drain yourselves on the random monsters.  If you 
    have other teams that can handle themselves, let them get a workout and
    leave your main group of five rested. Three screens in or so you'll
    run across a bridge with a mini-boss guarding it.  If you've got a
    SanctuaryStone feel free to go all out on him, otherwise play it safe.  
    The miniboss will start with power save which will boost his strength and
    he can probably kill a character in one to two hits as he can deal upwards
    of 600 damage.  Fortunately he doesn't have that much HP so you should be
    able to kill him easily enough.  If he is difficult for you then you will
    die on Diva.  Three or four scenes after this, you'll be treated to a bit
    of dialogue by Emelia.  Head east once more and you'll be at the Church.  
    SAVE BEFORE YOU GO INSIDE - but not over your slot from before you started
    the mission.  Don't forget.
    Inside you'll see a cutscene and Emelia will put on the WeddingDress.  After
    the cutscene you'll be in a fight with...
    This is it! Diva has multiple forms that you'll have to hack through so stay
    on your toes.  You should have a routine down by now, spend the first round
    activating any buffs you want to then in the second round launch an all out
    assault on Diva.  You may want to save enough WP for the DSC until after 
    Diva changes forms though.  
    The best way to damage Diva is with combos and the DSC.  Dont use moves
    that you know dont combo well.  I am rather fond of LifeSprinkler + 
    ReverseGravity which seems to combo well for me and can deal close to 10k
    Diva's first form is that of a sort of floating statue with a humanoid torso
    and a bunch of weapons.  This form has multiple lightning attacks that it 
    shoots at you and yes it does get multiple attacks per turn.  So keep your
    health up.  I'd say if you drop to 300 you should heal but be aware of how
    much damage Diva does in relation to your max HP.  This form can also 
    paralyze you which is highly frustrating.  I'm not sure when it changes
    forms, but after you do considerable damage to it to say the least.  Also
    stay on your toes for its Death Gaze which can instantly kill.  
    After you do enough damage it will change forms and point its axe in the
    direction of your party.  At this point it will begin using some really
    nasty stuff and has a wide variety of monster attacks it uses on you:
    Tornado, HeatSmash, GroundHit - so its hard to have protection from any one
    specific property. 
    Diva has one of the largest HP totals of any final boss in the game, I believe
    its supposed to be somewhere in excess of 100,000 so it will take a while
    to beat all of that HP out of Diva.  But just keep your attacks up and keep
    healed.  Don't let Diva force you into competing to keep people alive.  You've
    got to hold the advantage.  
    The fight is grueling if for no other reason then because of how long Diva 
    takes to die.  But with the proper stats you WILL prevail.  If you don't
    think you are ready then level up some more.  Even if you do get killed
    you'll have a better idea of what you face.  Good luck!
    After Diva dies you'll get to see the ending cutscene.  If you've got the
    good ending then you'll finally know the truth.  If you got the bad ending
    then you should play the good ending - its easier :P 
    Note - if this happens to be the last scenario you need to beat in order to
    get to 2nd Div then you'll spawn in 2nd Div in the wedding dress! If you're
    not quite at 2nd Div yet then you've got your work cut out for you. You can
    always keep your save file around and after you make it to 2nd Div with
    someone else you can come back and kill Diva again.  Well, if you're a total
    Emelia fanboy like me that's what you would do...
    *********** *****
    On the Side SID00
    *********** *****
    This section is designed to be followed as a walkthrough to be read in order
    however you can skip to various parts of the section if you want.  
    *********** * ********************* *****
    On the Side - Character Recruitment SID01
    *********** * ********************* ***** 
    As you're looking through this section and thinking about which characters
    to recruit keep in mind that if Tanzer is attempted (And you must beat him
    as well as the other rune quest to unlock a few characters) with less then
    15 characters you will be FORCED to recruit Slime who joins you automatically
    so if you really want characters like Fuse, Gen, and TimeLord in your party
    you would be well advised to keep this in mind.  
    I mention this first only because people are curious.  I think the best
    way to play is to develop a core group of five characters.  That being the
    case I have two party recommendations (Though I encourage you to use whoever
    you like) 
    Good Ending:
    Bad Ending:
    Both these parties are powerful but if you're shooting for the bad ending
    you'll want to power up before Asellus and Zozma become available.  Anyway
    just keep that in mind while you're looking through who all can be recruited.
    Alright, let's get down to business.  I assume you're either coming here
    before taking on the Martial Arts Tournament or AFTER getting Asellus at
    the Trinity Base.  In either case, presumably you want to know who you
    can recruit for your party.  
    First thing's first - remember Koorong lets you get to more places then 
    any other town and the only way to get to Nelson is by going through Owmi
    which you must get to by leaving from Koorong.  You'll grow fond of Nelson
    I suspect.  It seems that even if you start the Arcane Tarot quest you still
    wont be able to recruit Gen (I could have SWORN this was possible but
    in my last playthrough I wasnt able to do so *shrug*) So you'll have to put
    the swordmaster off until later when he's useless.  Regardless, you might as
    well go to Scrap.  You can recruit Mei-Ling, Lute, and Riki if you want.
    Name: Lute
    Race: Human             Sex: Male
    HP: 80                  LP: 10/10
    WP: 10/10               JP: 0/0
    STR: 7                  Knife                  ----------
    QUI: 4                  ----------             ----------
    INT: 10                 ----------             ----------
    WIL: 2                  ----------             ----------
    PSY: 13                 Yolk Hat               ----------
    VIT: 4                  HardLeather            ----------
    CHA: 18                 CottonShirt            ----------
    DEF: 20                 ----------             ----------
    Comment: Just another fighter, don't bother unless you really like him or 
    really like Thunder
    Name: Mei-ling
    Race: Human             Sex: Female
    HP: 70                  LP: 10/10
    WP: 9/9                 JP: 16/16
    STR: 3                  AGUNI-SSP              SharpShot
    QUI: 8                  ----------             SunRay
    INT: 12                 ----------             StarlightHeal
    WIL: 7                  ----------             ----------
    PSY: 16                 FiberVest              ----------
    VIT: 7                  SilkShirt              ----------
    CHA: 10                 LeatherGlove           ----------
    DEF: 18                 LeatherBoots           ----------
    Comment: Supposedly good with guns and magic.  Some people like her, I don't
    see where you need her with all the other good story characters you have. Has
    a connection to Fei-on so might be worth getting because of that
    Name: Riki
    Race: Lummox            Sex: Neutral
    HP: 72                  LP: 10/10
    WP: 16/16               JP: 12/12
    STR: 8                  ----------             Tail
    QUI: 8                  ----------             TailHit
    INT: 8                  ----------             Heal
    WIL: 8                  ----------             ----------
    PSY: 8                                         ----------
    VIT: 8                                         ----------
    CHA: 8                                         ----------
    DEF: 6                                         ----------
    Comment: Its nice that he starts with heal but his form sucks.  Recruit if you
    dont want Lute.  Or just skip him because you dont like monsters, like me.  
    Alright, now head over to the junk shop.  If you want to do the junk shop
    trick you might as well do it now.  You'll end up with enough credits for the 
    ingot trick most likely, though it is time consuming
    Alright, here's how it works.  Pay to get three items (300 Credits) then talk
    to the guy again and choose selling.  Now try to sell a HyperionBazooka, yes
    I know you dont have one, but do it anyway.  The game will beep at you since 
    you dont have one.  Now go inside to get your items.  YOu can get 7 items
    instead of three.  Once you get your 7 items try to sell a bazooka again and
    repeat ad nauseum.
    For some reason, when you sell 20 repair kits or so the items inside will
    start upgrading.  Eventually you can get things like Warlord Armor and some
    other goodies.  But the real goal is to get enough junk to take back to 
    Shrike and sell for a tidy profit.  Anyway, I guess this is a bug so if you
    don't like abusing bugs then skip this part.  Remember you can sell swords
    in Shrike and armor in Koorong.  
    A few notes on the Junk Shop
    Sometimes it costs 600 credits instead of 300 credits.  I believe the amount
    charged by the Shopkeeper is based on the items you receive.  I seem to recall
    him once charging me 1,000 credits as well.  But this was when I was much
    higher level.  It seems to be based on
    A. How many credits you have
    B. What level you are
    So if he charges more, that's good :) It might be easier to get the better
    items.  It also seems that it doesnt matter how MANY repair kits to sell just
    as long as you try to sell them.
    Anyway, I definately noticed the difference when I had more credits so try
    getting swords and taking them to Shrike to sell.  This can be a lot of 
    trouble without the region map though :( 
    A bunch of other FAQs describe the Junk Shop better then me, so if you 
    want to look at a Scrap guide go for it. ~again~ If you don't 
    like using bugs then you might want to skip the Junk Shop though I tell you
    if you want to use gunners then you will want to get LethalGuns this way
    otherwise you might never EVER see a LethalGun anywhere. 
    When you're done, head back to Koorong via the port.  If you want Thunder (and
    you recruited Lute) fly to Yorkland.  
    Name: Thunder
    Race: Ogre              Sex: Neutral
    HP: 228                 LP: 10/10
    WP: 36/36               JP: 28/28
    STR: 25                 ----------             BoltBreath
    QUI: 11                 ----------             GroundHit
    INT: 16                 ----------             Dash
    WIL: 12                 ----------             Feint
    PSY: 20                                        ----------
    VIT: 24                                        ----------
    CHA: 6                                         ----------
    DEF: 16                                        ----------
    Comment: Not a bad first form, a pity you need Lute to get him.  If you don't
    like Lute and want a monster just stick with Riki.  
    There is yet -ANOTHER- monster you can recruit, Cotton.  Cotton is apparently
    an IRPO agent so you may not want to get him until you've recruited someone
    from IRPO (I believe Silence doesnt have a scene, so that means you'd need
    Fuse who you wont be able to get for a long time) Anyway, Cotton is in the
    Bio Research Lab.  Enter the lab and head south and up the staircase.  In
    the next area head up the steps and into the topmost room.  Check the shelf to
    find a door, pass through it and down the ladder.
    Follow the corridor south and keep going west.  See the red door north of you?
    That's where you want to be.  Pass to the next area.  Head up the stairs
    and through the door. Inside you'll see a scene then will be attacked by
    some enemies.  They shouldn't be too difficult.  As I mentioned if you have
    someone from IRPO you'll see an extra bit of dialogue with Cotton but if you're
    following this to the letter, you won't have anyone yet. After the fight 
    Cotton automatically joins you.  - Obviously dont do this unless you WANT
    Cotton :) 
    Name: Cotton
    Race: Tidi              Sex: Neutral
    HP: 228                 LP: 7/7
    WP: 46/46               JP: 20/20
    STR: 16                 ----------             Assist
    QUI: 31                 ----------             Heal
    INT: 12                 ----------             Needles
    WIL: 22                 ----------             Supersonic
    PSY: 13                                        ----------
    VIT: 16                                        ----------
    CHA: 21                                        ----------
    DEF: 24                                        ----------
    Comment: He's alright.  I only use him in Red's scenario.  What can I say?
    Just another monster.  
    Once you've settled on a monster (If you want one at all) head on over to
    Luminous.  If you REALLY like magic, Rouge is your man.  Talk to him and tell
    him you ARE searching for the gift.  He is an EXCELLENT spellcaster.  
    Name: Rouge
    Race: Human             Sex: Male
    HP: 125                 LP: 7/7
    WP: 0/0                 JP: 30/30
    STR: 9                  ----------             EnergyChain
    QUI: 19                 ----------             Implosion
    INT: 29                 ----------             PsychoArmor
    WIL: 24+5               ----------             Gate
    PSY: 26+5               MasterRobe             ----------
    VIT: 8                  Magicwear              ----------
    CHA: 14                 ----------             ----------
    DEF: 14                 ----------             ----------
    Comment: The only character who has the gift of Realm Magic - one of the better
    types of magic.  Naturally an excellent spellcaster and a good choice for any
    party period.  Note his "Gate" spell this spell can not be used in battle
    and does absolutely nothing besides occupy a skill slot.  Helpful for getting
    a Magic Crown before you have enough spells to fill up his list.  This is
    apparently supposed to represent the spell used in conjunction with the 
    RegionMap from Blue's Scenario.  
    If you go to the Magic Kingdom Rouge will leave you though he can be
    picked up again from Devin or Luminous.  
    And while we're on the subject of the Magic Kingdom I feel I should point
    something out.  Since Rune Magic is more or less a topic of discussion in
    Emelia's scenario you may want to consider picking up some Rune Swords
    from the Magic Kingdom's weapon/item shop.  The Rune Sword is an 
    interesting blade at 2850 credits.  It has 50 ATK which makes it pretty 
    strong (though obviously the 60 ATK Zero Sword will give superior performance)
    but what makes it really interesting are its innate powers.  When equipped
    it gives the wielder access to the Victory Rune regardless of whether that
    character has the Victory Rune equipped.  Now here's where things get
    interesting - if you equip the Stasis Rune at the same time then the Rune
    Sword will get a SECOND power - the Mirage Spell Cockatrice.  Between getting
    Asellus (easy Mesarthim recruiting) and the very real possibility that you'll
    be tackling the Rune Quest this might be something to consider for any of
    your four characters that can get the rune gift.  
    Also you cant go wrong with buying EnergyChain for your non-mystic magic using
    spellcasters.  So you may want to make a trip or two to the Magic Kingdom
    at some point.  
    There is one other character you can recruit in Luminous - Silence. To get 
    Silence, you'll need to acquire the Shadow Magic gift with Emelia - if you 
    want her to have the Light Magic gift she will NOT be able to recruit 
    Silence.  Anyway - following is a guide for the Shadow Magic dungeon so if you
    don't want Silence (A mystic, you dont NEED him, but for completeness's sake) 
    just ignore this next part.
    Head through the door's of Luminous's Port and go to the northeast corner to
    enter the Shadow Magic Sanctuary.  Talk to the person there and ask about
    the gift of Shadow Magic.  They'll ask if you want to go to Omble, agree and
    travel there.  Anyone with LightMagic (White Rose, Mei-ling) will not travel
    with you. Note the man standing in the corner to your right as you enter the
    Head west and up towards the steps (Not the ones to the door, but under
    the bridge) There you'll find Silence's shadow.  Talk to him and offer to
    help out.  Once you do this you'll be able to recruit Silence when you
    beat Omble.  If you dont get Silence's Shadow now you will NEVER BE ABLE TO
    RECRUIT SILENCE.  THis is important so don't forget it. 
    Anyway, head back around and over to the bridge and go through the door along
    the northwest corner.  Now you'll find the shadows of monsters and will have
    to fight them. Head west and up the steps to the south.  Cross the bridge
    and go up the west steps to another room.
    Now head west along the bottom of the room and swing around into a spiral
    hall.  Follow the hall into the next room where you'll see lots of shadows.
    The goal here is to find your shadow and send it to the next room by touching
    its feet.  
    Emelia's can be kind of hard to recognize but do your best.  Once you've got
    it moved, get out of there.  Go back to the first room that you entered after
    crossing the bridge and head all the way north.  Now you'll be in the room
    next to the shadow room and any shadows you sent over will be here.  Try to
    find yours (if you sent more then one) and again touch its feet. When you do
    that head north.  Now you'll be in a boss fight against the shadows of your
    party.  They have identical stats to you so hopefully you know who the 
    biggest threat is.  I cant offer much strategy here so I hope you know your
    party.  The fight SHOULD be easy though since if you attack first with your
    best attacks you will probably kill the shades.
    When you win you will leave the dungeon, get any characters you left behind
    back and everyone who was with you now has the gift for Shadow Magic.  Go up
    to Silence and he automatically joins.
    Name: Silence
    Race: Mystics           Sex: Male
    HP: 150                 LP: 8/8
    WP: 25/25               JP: 20/20
    STR: 21+31              HandBlaster            PhantasmShot
    QUI: 19+17              ----------             ----------
    INT: 16+14              ----------             ----------
    WIL: 11+22              ----------             ----------
    PSY: 24+23              MysticMail             MysticSword (Unknown)
    VIT: 16                 ----------             MysticGlove (Gunfish)
    CHA: 23+9               ----------             MysticBoots (Platoonpus)
    DEF: 23                 ----------             
    Comment: Well, I WOULDN'T get him, but I like Light Magic much more then 
    Dark Magic and prefer to get that with Emelia.  With all the Mystics you
    already have (and with the ones you can still get) he is pretty useless.  But
    if you really like Mystics go for it.  He does have the IRPO Weapon the 
    HandBlaster which is an interesting toy.
    That actually just about does it for recruitable characters.  There are still
    several you can get but to get them you will have to do some complicated
    side quests.  Theoretically you can get Mesarthim but you have to fight your
    way past a tough boss to get to her and you probably aren't strong enough to
    handle him yet.  Still, you can grab her before you start the rune quest if
    you like.  You'll need to buff up to deal with the Tanzer boss anyway.  
    ******** * ****************** *****
    Addendum - Luminous Labyrinth LUM00
    ******** * ****************** *****
    Alright, we've got a walkthrough of Omble right here, but not Luminous
    Labyrinth.  If you plan on getting TimeLord, you probably won't want to
    do this for a LONG time yet but here's the guide to the Labyrinth anyway. 
    From Luminous's port, there is a small passage to the west next to the Light
    Magic shop.  Go there and you'll be in an area with a Priestess.  Talk to her
    and she will allow you to challenge Luminous Labyrinth.  Shadow Magic users
    will not be able to travel with you to the Labyrinth (nor will mechs and
    monsters) but everyone else who can travel to the Labyrinth with you will
    be rewarded Light Magic.  Don't worry, it's an easy dungeon and you can even
    score some extra goodies.  
    Once you enter the Labyrinth follow the light beam into the next room.  Here
    you'll see the light being directed by refractors.  The goal is to turn the 
    light so that it points at the door.  Go forward and hit the first refractor
    to turn the light around the other corner.  Now go up to the second refractor
    that is now receiving the beam of light and flip it.  This will open the door. 
    In the next room, you'll have to collect a light disc and move it to help
    direct the light.  Follow the beam forward to the disc and grab it. Then
    follow the beam forward and you'll see another stand for the disc - ignore
    this stand, its a decoy.  Head south and you should see another disc stand
    near the bottom of the room, place the disc there. Head north from the stand to
    the refractor the light is running through.  Flip it. This will turn the light
    beam backwards towards the disc.  There are two refractors near the disc,
    one point the beam towards the wall and the other pointing it around the 
    corner to the back of the room. Flip both these refractors.  Now the door is
    We're almost done but this room is a bit trickier then the others. As you can
    see the light is being colored by various plates.  The goal is to point a
    specific color at the triangle pattern in the front of the room.  Different
    colors lead to different results: 
    White Light: Exit
    Red Light: Fight strong enemies
    Blue Light: Fight regular enemies
    Purple Light: Receive a Sanctuary Stone
    Teal Light: Moonlight Robe
    Yellow Light: 400 credits 
    I assume you want the goodies so the first thing you should do is go to the
    north room.  Flip the green light refractor and this should turn the blue
    light refractor teal.  Now flip that refractor and teal light is shining
    on the triangle.  Go to the triangle to get the robe.  Now head to the
    southeast corner where there is a light disc.  Grab it. Also flip the
    refractor that was pointing the light beam at the disc.  This will make the
    light hitting the triangle yellow, so go get your credits.  Remember this
    setup, all you have to do now is put the light disc on the stand in front of
    the red screen to open the exit. Now, flip the green refractor, then place the
    disc on the stand in front of the red screen.  This will turn the light
    purple and you'll be able to get the Sanctuary Stone.  If you get any one
    treasure here, get the Sanctuary Stone.  After that, flip the green refractor
    again and you'll open the exit.  Enjoy your door prizes and light magic
    gift :) 
    *********** * ************** *****
    On the Side - Where to level SID02
    *********** * ************** *****
    So let's talk for a minute about leveling.  First off, how are you doing on 
    credits? If you've done the Scrap trick you'll be ready to do the Gold Ingot
    trick.  If you didn't do the Scrap trick because you dont like cheating then
    you will NOT be ready to do the Gold Ingot trick.  I advise doing the Ingot
    Trick even if you dont like taking advantage of bugs.  You dont get much money
    from battles and sitting around fighting until you have enough money for
    decent equipment is really no fun at all.  On the assumption that you need
    to do some leveling though I'll take you to my leveling spot.
    Save and make sure your party is positioned the way you want.  If you're 
    curious my Emelia dream team is Zozma, Asellus, Liza, Roufas, and Emelia so
    all this recruiting we just did would have been for naught in my case :) 
    Head to Shrike and go to the Bio Research Lab.  This is the best place in the
    entire game for leveling up on random battles.  There is one room specifically
    that I like to use.
    Go through the middle door along the eastern wall and you'll be in a circular
    room with a...something... in the middle.  This room has three scientists. 
    When you talk to them they turn into mystic type enemies for your killing
    pleasure.  The nice thing about this room is that the mystic type enemies
    you face offer no real surprises insofar as status effects and the like are
    concerned.  They are strong, no question about it, but they wont hex you to 
    death with crap spells so if you use your strongest attacks you are sure
    to win.  When you get tired head back to town to heal in the Inn for free.
    Eventually the enemies max out and wont get any stronger, but you'll find
    enemies like DarkFairies regularly and that means the shot for a SilverMoon
    Sword - the SilverMoon an ATK 69 Katana is one of the best weapons in the
    game.  But you wont get those for awhile, you need to build up quite a bit
    first. The Zyphons (which are the strongest type of enemy that appear here)
    also drop WindShells which are VERY nice accessories.  So be on the look out
    for both of those items.  
    I will leave this to you, the building up aspect.  I will say that I like to
    have around 500 hp for Emelia before tackling the fifth mission and maybe
    closer to 700 hp before the final boss.  But I always liked doing battles in
    this game so it didnt seem like such a chore to level up.  
    Also for skills: 
    Sword users should have at least a 7 WP attack - those and anything higher 
    are strong enough for end game
    Gun users should have BoundShot and TwoGun
    Spellcasters need one big damage spell: Vermillion Sands for Rouge and
    Mega Windblast for others.  You can also buy ReverseGravity later on but
    that will be much later after you've done all of the rune quest.  
    Martial Artists - remember the four skills I mentioned to get for Liza, this
    goes for any fist user.  You will be happy :) 
    Anyway, now that you've got the leveling spot down let's deal with the money
    issue.  You need roughly 7500 credits to do the GOld Ingot Trick.  Once you
    have enough credits, fly to Nelson via Owmi.  Talk to the guy in the bar
    who will sell you gold ingots.
    Buy as many as you can carry then hotfoot it back to Koorong.  Now, when you
    sell a gold ingot the price on the next one goes down, see? Well, sell ingots
    until the price is 520 credits.
    Head back to Nelson, stock back up with the money you made, and return to
    Koorong.  Now try to sell ALL your ingots.  Eventually it will get to 0 credits
    but keep moving the selector until all your ingots are up for sale.  Do NOT
    hit the transaction button, instead press up to reduce the number of
    ingots you are selling.  The price will go up! Eventually you'll get back to
    the max price.  Sell back down to 520 credits, return to Nelson for more
    credits and repeat the process.  This is time consuming but eventually you'll 
    be able to make in excess of 50,000 credits.  Apparently the trick glitches up
    if you try to make more then 50k so be warned.  Use all this money to buy
    weapons and armor.  Here is eq that I like
    Zero Sword (ATK 60) - Buy from Nelson
    Lethal Gun (ATK 60) - Scrap Junk Shop
    ExcelShield - Scrap Junk Shop
    MaxCure - Koorong Potion Shop
    Warlord Armor (DEF 32) - Buy from Nelson/Scrap Junk Shop (replaced by Cyber
    Suits later on)
    Power Suit (DEF 50) - Buy from Koorong
    Hyperwear (DEF 10) - Buy from Koorong
    Rune Sword (ATK 50) - Buy from Magic Kingdom
    Mirror Glass (DEF 8) - Buy from Koorong/Scrap Junk Shop
    Cyber Glove (DEF 9) - Buy from Koorong 
    Power Suits can be combined with hyperwear and accessories for high defense
    Otherwise use Warlord Armor with good helms/boots like mirror glass etc for
    different stat bonuses.  There is some better stuff out there but at this
    point these are all easy to acquire goodies.  
    Also, remember Suits wont let you use anything but tunics/accessories and
    Mystics generally all have MysticMail permanently equipped so they cant
    use tunics at all.  
    Take some time to think about what kind of magic you want each character to
    use.  Remember all my ranting at the beginning of the guide.  Emelia, Annie,
    and Liza are the only people who will have the rune gift (And Mesarthim if
    you get her - I recommend if you're going for the good ending and have
    recruited Asellus, otherwise its no biggie since there will be THREE rune
    magic users in your main party) 
    If you really like attack spells, Rouge has the potent Vermillion Sands and
    any serious spellcaster should have Light Magic instead of Shadow Magic - 
    Mega Windblast and Starlight Heal are no jokes.  Shadow Magic is good for
    characters who aren't necessarily pure mages.  Also, remember when I explained
    how to get Silence - if you want him you need to make Emelia a Shadow Magic
    Also, if you really ~REALLY~ hate leveling up and doing sidequests and just
    want to get this scenario over as soon as possible then make sure to get your
    sword users the gift for light magic and try to acquire the light sword spell
    which will give you a very strong weapon.  Actually, this is a good idea 
    period, but if you don't mind doing sidequests you'll get a couple of very
    powerful swords.  
    With all your spending out of the way you just need to keep those levels up
    level until your heart is content.  Dont go crazy though if you plan on using
    one of the characters you can recruit from the magic quests.  If you're 
    Fuse (Arcane)
    Suzaku (Arcane) 
    Gen (Arcane) 
    Fei-on (Rune)
    Slime (Rune) 
    TimeLord (Time)
    Kylin (Space)
    And of course Mesarthim.  That just about does it for recruitable characters.
    As you can see, Emelia has a very wide-ranging choice.  
    Also for your mystics keep in mind that at higher levels Suzakus appear 
    on the lower levels of the Bio Research Lab - these creatures add +20 to
    all stats and make for the best things to absorb in your mystic weapons.  
    Other then that I leave the care and feeding of your mystics up to you. 
    Remember that weapons/armor can make the character much moreso then high
    stats.  Not that you dont need high stats for the end boss because you DO 
    but for a lot of the sidequests, powerful eq can carry you further then 
    stats.  If you're trying to avoid the Scrap and Gold Ingot tricks then
    you can always stick with spellcasters and martial artists who dont need
    expensive weapons to do good damage. 
    I'll have more details about each of those characters as I explain the
    subquests to get them but if you're wondering if any of them are worth 
    waiting for then I'll say this - TimeLord is a great spellcaster if he
    has the Light Magic gift to combine with Overdrive so if you want to use
    him make sure to hold off on getting Light Magic.  Note that if you want
    both Gen and Fuse to get the Arcane gift you'll have to do a little 
    extra legwork.  You dont have to go to Wakatu right after recruiting Gen
    so you'll need to recruit him and then travel to IRPO instead of Wakatu.  
    Well, its not like Gen is a great spellcaster anyway.  If you do plan on
    using TimeLord again as I said LIGHT MAGIC that means that Fei-on, Gen, and
    Fuse will also all be stuck with Light Magic since you'll have had to acquire
    the Shadow Gift beforehand.  
    Also, dont get Mind Magic until you've recruited all your humans.  There are
    still 3 humans you can recruit (Fuse, Gen, Fei-on) so don't forget about
    Anyway, you know what you've got to do to prepare yourself.  So the rest of 
    this section will be devoted to getting the extra quests out of the way.  
    First, we'll take a look at recruiting Mesarthim.  
    You can also recruit King Sei - though I wouldnt recruit him at all if I 
    were you, since recruiting him means passing up on the Kusanagi - one of the
    best weapons in the game.  After recruiting Mesarthim I'll talk about
    King Sei. 
    I should say that everything after this is entirely optional - getting better
    weapons and leveling up ISNT since there's no way to beat Diva without
    improving your stats.  Just keep that in mind.  I do recommend that you
    finish out the rune quest if you were wondering if it was worth it.  There's
    a couple reasons for this.  The most important of all is that you can get
    access to Asura - one of the strongest weapons in the game - this way.  The
    other is of course to simply have some of the powerful, but difficult to
    acquire abilities, just to say you have them.  Anyway, if you get sick of
    doing sidequests then just stop them and continue with the main scenario.  
    Though personally, I like to get as much mileage out of each scenario as 
    possible.  Anyway, it IS your game, so do what's fun to you.  
    *********** * ********************* *****
    On the Side - Recruiting Mesarthim SID03
    *********** * ********************* *****
    First thing's first - if you're skipping around I will say again that you
    NEED Asellus before you can recruit Mesarthim.  Mesarthim is one of only
    four characters in Emelia's scenario that can learn Rune Magic so she is
    worth recruiting for that at least. 
    As I mentioned, there is a fairly strong boss you must fight to get to 
    Mesarthim.  This is the Devil Squid which you may remember from Asellus's
    scenario.  However, unlike that scenario you don't have Mesarthim helping
    you (since she hasnt joined you yet) and you dont have the Asura which you
    wont be able to get until after you've finished up the Rune Sidequest.  
    If you're not there already, get to Owmi by way of Koorong.  Head out of the
    port across the bridge and north to the Lord's Manor.  In Emelia's scenario
    the manor is empty (sans some goodies) but in Asellus and Riki's scenarios
    the Lord of the Manor plays an important role.
    Anyway, once you enter the manor, head to the right through the east door.
    Follow the hall around and go down the stairs.  Follow the stairs in this
    passage down and go throw the door.  In the next room the door north of you
    leads to the dungeon and the stairs around the corner lead to some goodies
    you can pick up.
    Once you've got the RubberSuit and MaxCure head through the door into the 
    dungeon. The first room is straight forward, just down the steps and across
    to the stairs leading further into the dungeon. In the next room are some
    more goodies to pick up: some Magi Water and a VERY VALUABLE SanctuaryStone. 
    You don't get many SanctuaryStones so use it with care.  Head through the
    door to the south for another room with treasures.  The JetBoots are a nice
    set of armor that can help you avoid earth-based attacks.  Go through the 
    door and you'll be in the room with the DevilSquid.  Save then attack. 
    Devil Squid
    As you will most likely learn, difficulty in this game is extremely 
    subjective.  While this boss might be almost impossible to kill with a team
    that has just walked out of Trinity Base with Asellus and co if you've spent
    some time leveling and getting better equipment this boss can be a walk in
    the park.
    Open with your strongest attacks as always and remember it is a water-based
    The DevilSquid's Maelstrom attack will OBLITERATE your party if you don't
    have any sort of protection against water-based attacks - or a lot of hp -
    so don't even bother unless you can handle this attack.  At a minimum try
    for 350 hp per character.  He also has powerful single character attacks that
    can finish you off quickly. 
    If he is too hard then you've little choice but to spend some time powering
    up and returning later.  
    I believe he has around 5,000 hp, but don't quote me on that.
    Once you defeat the DevilSquid go down the steps and into the west room. There
    you'll meet Mesarthim and she'll join your party.  When you come back out the
    DevilSquid will be back (Great...) and you'll have to deal with him again. If
    you just barely beat him then you might as well save and use that 
    SanctuaryStone - you should be able to get him a second time as well.  If
    you're curious the treasure is a trap that drops you to the bottom of the 
    dungeon.  If you feel like exploring there are some more goodies to pick
    Here are Mesarthim's stats
    Name: Mesarthim
    Race: Mystics           Sex: Female
    HP: 200                 LP: 8/8
    WP: 18/18               JP: 26/26
    STR: 17                 ShadowDagger           Fascination
    QUI: 23                 ----------             VictoryRune
    INT: 16                 ----------             ----------
    WIL: 12                 ----------             ----------
    PSY: 24+3               BlueElf                ----------
    VIT: 11                 ----------             ----------
    CHA: 25                 ----------             ----------
    DEF: 21                 MellowRing             
    Comment: Like all mystics she has a piece of armor that cannot be removed.
    Unlike other mystics its a necklace and not crappy armor so she can be
    equipped with Power Suits or whatever else you like making her be able to get
    the best defense of any mystic in the game! I believe it is her MellowRing that
    gives her the life rain ability which, at the cost of one of her life points
    restores the rest of your party.  That plus her two magic gifts by default
    make her a VERY useful character.  
    Im not sure what she gives you if you ask for an item - it would be silly to
    do that.  Checking is on my to-do list for next time I come through that area.
    *********** * ****************** *****
    On the Side - Acquiring Kusanagi SID04
    *********** * ****************** *****
    What you really need for this next task is equipment.  As I've been stressing
    equipment can make the character and in this case it is true.  Good armor
    can suck the life out of Sei's attacks and make even weak characters up
    to the task of handling Sei. 
    Remember way back when we raided King Sei's tomb for the sword and other
    goodies? Its time to return those items, hopefully you've traded up to
    Zero Swords and the like by now.  Return to the circular room in Sei's
    Tomb and place the objects on the pedestals.  This will open up a new
    passage.  If you go inside you'll see a scene and then King Sei will
    challenge you
    King Sei (1)
    Dead Knight (4)
    When the fight starts, Sei will summon four Dead Knights and then the enemy
    gets to take a free round.  Be prepared to heal when you finally get to
    You need to hack through the Dead Knights to be able to hit Sei. 
    If you were able to get to Mesarthim, you SHOULD be strong enough to kill 
    King Sei, still I recommend HP close to, if not above 500 - again good armor 
    can drastically lower this number - but you may want high hp just to be safe.  
    Presumably your other stats and equipment match.  I like to start with area 
    attacks to mop up the dead Knights then turn my best attacks on King Sei.  
    You should combo him for some large damage.  Also how is Liza doing on the 
    DSC? You need Sliding, Suplex, BabelCrumble, and GiantSwing.  Keep that in 
    mind in case she picks up any of those skills.  
    What really makes this fight annoying is all the deflecting that goes
    on.  The Dead Knights all have really good deflect rates and will constantly
    deflect your attacks.  Also, don't forget that Sei can heal every round
    with his Deathsynthesis.  You need to be able to inflict at least 1,000
    damage on him per turn. 
    Hopefully you've got at least one healer besides whoever has the backpack
    to keep up the HP of anyone who gets hurt by Sei.  His best attacks are
    Kusanagi (damage to one person) and MinionStrike (damage to the group) but
    it shouldn't be anything you can't handle.  Sei shouldn't take too long
    to fall.
    Something else to keep in mind - speed and luck can contribute to killing the
    DevilSquid that is protecting Mesarthim - I was lucky enough to have Maelstrom
    miss Roufas and managed to get a TripleThrust off - otherwise I would have
    been killed. If you barely beat the DevilSquid you probably will not be ready
    to take on Sei
    Sei has one ability 'Battle Song' which effects everyone, including your
    team and boosts strength.  I think I get more mileage out of it then his
    Dead Knights do
    Now that you've defeated King Sei, he gives you a choice, he will join you 
    or bestow his sword, Kusanagi, upon you.  Kusanagi is a magical sword with an
    ATK of 66 - that is its basic attack costs 2 WP to use but it does more damage
    then a regular swing.  You can still use moves like DoubleSlash to learn new
    attacks with Kusanagi though.   I say take the sword, give it to someone like
    Zozma - who as a mystic could use the extra attack - and keep on rolling.
    If you REALLY LIKE monsters though you can consider recruiting Sei.  He is 
    a medium strength monster so you will have to evolve him some.  His stats:
    Name: Sei
    Race: DeathLord         Sex: Male
    HP: 444                 LP: 4/4
    WP: 99/99               JP: 66/66
    STR: 41                 ----------             Kusanagi
    QUI: 34                 ----------             HPDrain
    INT: 34                 ----------             MinionStrike
    WIL: 40                 ----------             SacredSong
    PSY: 34                                        Deathsynthesis
    VIT: 44                                        ----------
    CHA: 40                                        ----------
    DEF: 35                                        ----------
    Comment: I couldn't imagine passing up the Kusanagi sword for Sei, but if you
    are really into monsters then he might be a good choice.  He has pretty good
    stats but you'll need something stronger for later in the game.  His 
    Kusanagi, MinionStrike, and SacredSong abilities are completely unique so
    don't let him lose those - especially Kusanagi since you sacrificed the
    sword to get him.  
    *********** * ************** *****
    On the Side - The Rune Quest SID05
    *********** * ************** *****
    At this point you might as well finish up collecting the runes.  If you've
    got someone who is using magic (like Rouge) you'll probably want to get to
    Kylin and learn space magic so there is no reason to delay this quest.  If 
    you simply don't care about magic the rest of this is probably skippable 
    Just make sure you're strong enough to deal with Diva. 
    Anyway, to get things rolling fly to Devin and talk to the Rune Magic Master
    about the the gift.  She'll give you the rune pebbles without asking if you
    want the gift as she's impressed you already have one rune.  With that the
    rune quest will be started. 
    If you're worried about trying to follow the side section in order, don't 
    worry - Tanzer for instance is much easier then getting Kusanagi, I simply
    list Kusanagi first under the assumption you'll want to get the sword as
    soon as possible.  
    ************** * ***************** *******
    The Rune Quest - The Vitality Rune SID05-1
    ************** * ***************** *******
    Once you get the pebbles from Devin you will get this side quest though I think
    sometimes you wont get Tanzer until you've collected the other three runes.
    Im not sure exactly HOW it works but regardless, to handle the "boss" you are
    going to need some strong attacks.  So hopefully you've built up a bit before
    trying to do this.
    Fly around somewhere, to anywhere, and you'll be on a ship that you haven't
    seen before.  This ship will be attacked and you'll end up in Tanzer.  A 
    cutscene will ensue and you'll meet Nomad and Fei-on.  After the cutscene
    talk to Fei-on.  Follow him and he'll lead you to his village.  Head to the
    far passage and talk to Fei-on BE SURE TO OFFER TO HELP HIM - you've come all
    this way so you might as well recruit him, he is second only to Liza when it
    comes to kung-fu.  
    Name: Fei-on
    Race: Human             Sex: Male
    HP: 160                 LP: 8/8
    WP: 38/38               JP: 0/0
    STR: 30                 ----------             Kick
    QUI: 27                 ----------             Fist
    INT: 12                 ----------             Backfist
    WIL: 21                 ----------             SwayBack
    PSY: 18                 Budowear               ----------
    VIT: 25+5               LeatherGlove           ----------
    CHA: 15                 LeatherBoots           ----------
    DEF: 15                 SteelAmulet            ----------
    Comment: I'll be drawn and quartered for this after that big speech I just
    made but I rarely use Fei-on.  He is very good with his fists no question but
    Liza is so much better and how many fist users do you need? Anyway, feel free
    to use him.  He's apparently Mei-ling's boyfriend.  
    Talk to him again and he'll ask you if you're going.  Tell him yes, then
    follow him.  The passage next to Fei-on leads to a room where you can heal
    your LP but not your WP or JP so conserve those points for later.
    If you havent already, consider setting up two teams of characters that you
    can cycle between while you're here.  
    Now, follow Fei-on all the way north.  In the next chamber head all the way 
    North again and check the wall to be sucked into another passage.  
    Head all the way north yet again, then follow Fei-on in the next room when
    he calls out to you.  Go to the next room and up to where Fei-on is standing
    and through the sucky door thing.  Head south and around west to another 
    sucky door thing. Follow this path north to yet ANOTHER door. Keep going 
    north and through ANOTHER door.  In the next chamber Fei-on will call out
    to you so go to him. Go through the door he is standing near.  In the next
    room going south will result in sending you back a ways so dont go that way.
    Anyway, head north and you'll be in a small area with the sucker blaster thing
    you came out of and a weird looking grey object.  Go to the grey object and
    you'll be drawn to what is apparently the "slime pits." Slide down the ramp
    next to you, then on the next level take the slide to the east. Slide again
    and go through the door.  This will put you at the top, so take the larger
    slide.  Slide down again, then hope over and keep sliding.  You'll end up 
    next to a grey thing and a big slide.  Save here - the grey thing is an
    exit back just in case you need LP or whatever.  The big slide goes to the
    boss room. Fei-on will confirm you want to fight the boss as well
    Big Slime (4)
    Vitality Rune (1)
    This is a gimmick fight.  What do I mean by that? Simple, the slimes will
    continually restore themselves no matter how many you kill.  So what do you
    do? You'll notice each character has a command called touch.  You must use
    touch on the Vitality Rune, once you do this the fight is over and you win.
    Use your best moves to cut through the Slimes as quickly as possible.  If you
    simply aren't strong enough there isnt much you can do.  Hopefully you've
    got a save outside Tanzer that you can use to level up some more.  You can
    also try leveling in Tanzer if you've got two good groups to fight the 
    enemies with since the groups that arent fighting will heal a little.  The
    best I can say for this weird fight is good luck! Note that you need to be
    able to kill at least one slime per round or you are in for a long and 
    grueling fight.
    I'm not sure EXACTLY what triggers slime regeneration, Ive seen them
    regenerate at unusual intervals.  So bottom line - as I already mentioned
    you need to be able to kill at least one slime per round.  That means good
    attacks or decent weapons.
    When (if?) you succeed you'll be rewarded with some more cutscenes, the 
    Vitality Rune WILL be yours and you'll get to go home.  If you agreed to help
    Fei-on he stays on permanently.  Also, if you had an empty space for a party
    member after beating Tanzer then Slime will join you.  His stats:
    Name: Slime
    Race: Slime             Sex: Neutral
    HP: 130                 LP: 10/10
    WP: 26/26               JP: 28/28
    STR: 8                  ----------             Solvent
    QUI: 6                  ----------             HPDrain
    INT: 7                  ----------             Spoil
    WIL: 22                 ----------             ----------
    PSY: 24                                        ----------
    VIT: 28                                        ----------
    CHA: 4                                         ----------
    DEF: 16                                        ----------
    Comment: The dev who came up with the idea for this character must have had
    a good laugh.  As with all monsters Slime can be MADE good but its basic
    form is crap and if you really like monsters you probably already have
    Thunder or Riki or something else - this character just wastes a slot that
    could be used on someone else.  
    ************** * ************* *******
    The Rune Quest - The Hide Rune SID05-2
    ************** * ************* *******
    I'm going to tackle the hide rune first but it doesn't really matter what
    order you do the next two dungeons in, so if you'd rather go to Mu's Tomb
    then, well, more power to you.  First you need to get to Koorong, head over
    to the restraunt and instead of going inside, keep going west all the way
    past the armor shop.  This will take you to another portion of the
    backstreets.  Follow the trail along the west side of the screen down the
    steps.  Ignore the first manhole and head south, you can go under what
    looks like a tarp of some kind to find another manhole.  This is the one to
    Head east then wrap around the corner and go northish to find a bag with some
    credits (only 200) then head back to the ladder and take the south path. 
    You can follow this through a doorway that goes back outside.  Once outside
    take the stairs up and walk past the building.  Ignore the first manhole
    - which you cant enter - and walk across the plank to find a second 
    manhole.  Go down this one. There's a memory board if you head east and wrap
    around north again but you don't have any mechs so you can't do anything with
    this item.  Just go west through the doorway.  You'll be on a very tiny strip
    with another hidden doorway along the wall running northwestish of you. Climb
    up the ladder here and you can get to a shop.  If you're into special guns
    this is the place for you - of special note is the HEAT Bazooka (4200) and
    the HyperBlaster (4020) I dont like these types of weapons because they 
    cant use gun skills but if you're into flashy stuff then this might be the 
    place for you.  Anyway, I'll stick with my Lethal Guns and Boundshot.  
    If you're curious the mech who runs this shop is actually a playable character
    but he only joins T260 :( Anyway, when you're done here, leave the shop and
    head through what looks like a mine shaft.  There's another manhole in here
    to take and you'll be in a Midgar looking area for sure. Liza will point you
    in the direction of the mahole if you have her (And you DO have her right?) 
    Take the manhole, then head south in the direction of the monster and follow
    the path as it circles around to a large cave entrance. We're getting close
    now since we're in the actual cave where the Hide Rune is.  Grab the goodie
    then head down the steps and swing west up the steps across from you. Keep
    following the path as it goes west then turns and leads south down more
    steps.  At the bottom is a crack in the east wall that you can go through. 
    The trail leads into a large circular room with a tunnel along the east wall
    that leads nowhere and a large something (Are those vines?) along the south
    ledge that leads down to a passage below. Follow this passage south to a room
    with a Stardust robe, which is alright if you haven't been upgrading armor
    much. There's a money bag hidden back in the room with the vines that you
    might have trouble spotting - its got 500 credits in it.  Anyway we need to
    backtrack now.  If you go through the crack in the east wall after climbing
    back up the fines you should notice there are some vines in the small room
    there.  This puts you back at the entrance to the cave so you dont have to 
    backtrack as far :) 
    Anyway head back south and take the south steps this time which lead to a 
    path that heads back west.  Follow this to the end then go through the door
    to the south.  Head down the steps into a big room.  If you're one who likes
    to avoid battles it will be difficult in this room since there are a lot of 
    monsters but it isn't impossible, so stay on your toes.  The treasure is
    a Magi-Water.  The doorway you want to take out of this room is along the
    north wall just above where the magi-water is.  In this room climb up the 
    vine then head towards the ledge.  You can jump across the ledge to the 
    other side if you're running.  If you fall down, you can grab the Angel
    Armor then head through a doorway in the south to another room.  From there
    you can head south again to get to a tiny room that leads back to the big
    room with the Magi-Water.  Anyway, like I said you need to jump across the
    ledge to continue.  Follow the path east and take the steps up into the next
    room.  There's a short path northwest that leads to another crack you can
    pass through.  
    Follow the stairs up and head west to the next crack in the wall. Now STOP 
    before you go in that room.  That is the boss room and you'll want to save
    before entering.  If you got those jet boots way back at the Owmi Manor you
    might want to equip them here as the boss likes to use earth attacks.  
    Anyway, when you're ready go inside.  The Angel Armor also lets you float
    in air so if you're having trouble you might want to go grab that and stick
    it on someone.  With a DEF of 27 its not much weaker then Warlord Armor. 
    Wormbrood (3)
    If you've managed King Sei this should be pretty easy for the most part.  
    I like to open with area attacks to take out the henchmen but dont use your
    big JP attacks until you can get to the boss.  The henchmen seem to like
    to use buffs on the big one which is frustrating so kill them quickly.
    If you have Dodge Tremor this is a good time to use it - if you dont have it
    then, well you might learn it here :p Anyway, besides the earthquake this
    guy doesn't have anything TOO scary, so hack away at him and heal as needed.
    Hopefully by now you have a second healer besides just Emelia with her 
    backpack.  Remember you dont need a special item to heal a dead character -
    a regular Cure will do it unless they're out of LP.  If you've learned any
    big moves like Triple Thrust, that'll be an asset here.  A Triple Thrust with
    a zero sword can deal close to 2,000 damage and with those kinds of numbers
    the boss won't last long
    Well, after the battle you've got the hide rune.  Phew, only one rune left
    to go! Anyway, you'll have to climb back out of the cave so get back out,
    get healed, level some more if you like, then meet me in Shrike.  Let's 
    finish this. 
    ************** * **************** *******
    The Rune Quest - The Victory Rune SID05-3
    ************** * **************** *******
    Just one lousy dungeon to go, and finally we're going to get the Victory
    Rune that Roufas joined us to find so long ago.  If you haven't already
    head over to street and make sure to heal up then meet me at 
    Mu's Tomb. This time we'll take the path that leads to the east side of the
    ruins.  Check the door, then pick go in anyway. In the next room, proceed
    through the door (you have to "check" it to open it) 
    The goodie in this room is just a ShadowDagger so head south into the next
    area.  Keep heading south through the next room. Take the path directly east
    of you that leads down some steps, head to the south end of this room to
    find a chest with a katana.  This ATK 34 sword is better then Roufas's 
    Samurai Sword though if you're like me and already have Zero Swords and the
    like you won't get much mileage out of it.  Head down the steps here that
    lead into another room.  Head left and around the large enclosed area.  There
    is a path in the bottom west you need to take though its guarded by quite
    a few monsters so be prepared to fight. Once you hack your way through the
    hordes, take the door. Run across this next room to a doorway along the
    northeast.  Through the door is the boss (yes already!) so make sure to
    save before challenging him.  Then step inside and prepare to battle.
    I love this music - anyway, spend the first turn using buffs, shield, victory
    rune, or whatever else you like.  You can't damage him so keep that in mind. If
    you're using Asellus you can undergo mystic change which is nice.  
    At the end of the first round the bones will assemble into the Skulldrake, now
    use your best attacks on him.  He can heal close to 1k per turn though if
    you can't deal significantly more then that, you probably aren't strong
    enough to win :) 
    He has some strong attacks so having healers is important for this fight but
    if you're using combo moves you should be able to cause big damage to him. 
    Fire based attacks don't seem to effect him, so don't use something like
    Heat Smash.  
    He actually doesn't have that much HP, the scariest thing about him is probably
    the epic music.  In fact, I've killed him before without him using any of his
    ugly attacks.  The free round for buffing makes this fight fairly easy. You
    should be able to handle it fine.
    After this fight, the last rune is yours.  Annie, Liza, and Emelia will get
    the gift for rune magic and you can depart the dungeon safe in the knowledge
    that Asura is just a short region flight away!
    *********** * ******* *****
    On the Side - Errands SID06
    *********** * ******* *****
    If you haven't gotten one of the gifts from Luminous be sure to do that now.
    Again I recommend getting Shadow Magic and waiting to get Light Magic until
    AFTER you've acquired TimeLord.  Be sure you have everyone in your party
    that you want.  The Rune Magic gift could only be learned by Liza, Annie,
    and Emelia so that was no big deal but you don't want to hose anyone 
    else on gifts.  
    If you haven't already picked up the cards pay a visit to Devin and
    grab them.  Then head back to Koorong.  First try to fly to Wakatu then find 
    a skeleton lounging around near the entrance to the part of the Backstreets 
    where Dr. Nusaken is. You need to to talk to him in order to recruit Gen.
    Now fly back to Scrap and get Gen, he's pretty much the best sword user in the
    game though you're recruiting him so late that you might not get much use
    out of him.  You still need to do some leg-work to recruit Fuse, Suzaku, 
    TimeLord, and Kylin so if you want any of those four make sure to save
    room for them.  Again I DO NOT recommend getting Kylin but that's your 
    call.  Also, coming up is going to be your one shot at Fascinaturu and
    being able to buy Mystic Magic - you'll definately want to buy fascination
    for Asellus (So she can learn the rest of the spells) but if you want a human
    to be able to cast the basic spells for some reason be sure to have enough
    money to buy them.  
    Gen's stats:
    Name: Gen
    Race: Human             Sex: Male
    HP: 120                 LP: 10/10
    WP: 15/15               JP: 0/0
    STR: 19                 BroadSword             Kick
    QUI: 16                 ----------             StunSlash
    INT: 8                  ----------             DoubleSlash
    WIL: 10                 ----------             HardSlash
    PSY: 12                 Budowear               Thrust
    VIT: 18                 ----------             Deflect
    CHA: 6                  ----------             ----------
    DEF: 7                  ----------             ----------
    Comment: He also knows CrossSlash though he doesn't have it equipped. Yes,
    he STARTS with a physical crown.  I believe he has the most starting skills
    of any character in the game.  Anyway, in most scenarios he is one of the
    best choices for your party.  But in Emelia's scenario you just get him too
    late :( 
    Once you've taken care of business fly to Koorong and then choose to fly to
    ************* * ******************* *****
    The Time Lord - Overdrive and Asura SID07
    ************* * ******************* *****
    Note that doing this quest will result in Emelia PERMANENTLY losing 1-4 LP 
    depending on whether or not you want to get Asura (I STRONGLY recommend that
    you do, Emelia will still have 5 LP which is enough for the final boss IMO) 
    When you arrive at Mosperiburg head forward and up the staircase.  "Check" the
    double door to pass through it then climb the next staircase. In the next 
    room you'll come before Virgil, the Ring-Lord (the Lord of the Rings? Harhar!)
    Choose to ask about Time Magic and Virgil will send you to the TimeLord's
    domain.  There is no music and everything seems quiet, too quiet.  Strange.
    Anyway, climb up the stairs you're facing and follow the path to the next
    room.  Climb up the stairs here then head west towards the opening.  Keep
    folowing the path as it circles through this room.  In the next room climb
    down the side of the wall and again follow the path around - this is very
    linear so you won't get lost ;) 
    You'll come to a room with a shattered hourglass next.  Go up to the crack
    in the glass to see some dialogue.  Once you see the dialogue about the sand
    head back to the entrance. You'll warp back to Mosperiburg, turn around and
    go right back into Virgil's room. 
    Now, he'll ask you if you want to go to Fascinaturu (you do) Make sure to pay
    a visit to the Mystic Magic shop while you're here (as I said) and buy the 
    Mystic Spells for Asellus and whoever else.  Mystic Magic's opposition school
    is Realm Magic if you were wondering so DONT buy any spells for Rouge as he
    will never be able to get Realm Magic back if you do that (you cant take him
    to the Magic Kingdom) Both PhantasmShot and GlassShield are very nice spells
    so if you want a few of your non-Mystics to have those spells then go for it.
    Again, this is your ONLY chance to get these spells so dont pass it up.   If 
    you've never been to Fascinaturu before then the Mystic Magic shop is the 
    store in the top right corner - Gozarus's shop is right next to it on the
    other side of the staircase that leads north to Orlouge's Castle.  
    As Virgil told you, you need the sand vessel.  This is what Gozarus offers:
    Tao-Tieh Pattern.2LP
    The Tao-Tieh Pattern is just an accessory, you already have a ShadeRobe...both
    of those will just waste your LP so ignore them.  Asura is an ATK 70 sword -
    one of the best in the game.  It costs 4 WP to use its basic attack which
    does big damage and it has a VERY powerful counter move that can even trigger
    if your character is killed.  Plus it gives stat bonuses to all your stats.
    In other words - dont leave Fascinaturu without it.  I ASSURE you it is well 
    worth the 3 LP.  The SandVessel by the way is the object you need to complete
    the TimeLord quest so get that as well.  Once you're done you need to head
    to the bar to the left up Gozarus's shop - up the steps.  Talk to the kid
    standing at the table there and he'll point you in the direction of the 
    cavern you need to go through to leave Fascinaturu.  Go to the House the kid
    tells you about and talk to the slime.  This will open a secret passage and
    automatically send you to the cave.
    This dungeon is easy to navigate just follow the path all the way to the end. 
    Test out your new sword on the enemies here if you like.  It will do its
    job well :) 
    At the end of the cave you'll come to a room with a ship hovering in the air 
    and you'll see the kid from the bar.  Talk to him and say yes when he asks if
    you need a ride. You'll be back in Koorong.  Now head back to Mosperiburg
    When you go into Virgil's room he warps you right back to TimeLord's domain
    without any fanfare.  Go back to the room with the hourglass.  Check the crack
    again and you'll get a message that you collected the sand with the sandvessel.
    Now go up the stairs that lead up to the top of the hourglass.  When you get
    to the top move towards the hourglass and Emelia will hop over to the top of
    the hourglass.  She'll use the SandVessel to restart the clock and the dungeon
    will come alive! The monsters will now fight you and music starts playing. 
    Head through the door in this room that leads deeper into the dungeon.  Run
    across this room up to the bridge and "check" it then cross it and go through
    to the next room. Now talk to TimeLord.  He will ask you why you turned his
    clock on.  YOu can then either recruit him or buy Time Magic.  You should
    RECRUIT him.  After wasting 4 LP to get here it would be foolish to discard
    OverDrive in favor of some weak time spells.  When you ask to recruit him
    he seems amazed you went to so much trouble for his sake and then joins
    your party.  Congrats - you have one of the best Spellcasters in the game
    on your side! Hopefully you saved the light magic gift as I suggested.  
    TimeLord's stats:
    Name: TimeLord
    Race: Mystics           Sex: Male
    HP: 360                 LP: 10/10
    WP: 45/45               JP: 60/60
    STR: 15                 ----------             TimeLeap
    QUI: 28                 ----------             TimeEclipse
    INT: 21                 ----------             TimeTwister
    WIL: 24+5               ----------             Overdrive
    PSY: 31                 MysticMail             MysticSword
    VIT: 17                 Magicwear              MysticGlove
    CHA: 27                 FeatherBoots           MysticBoots
    DEF: 34                 ----------             
    Comment: His mystic weapons are empty, hrm... He also knows DelayOrder and
    ChaosStream (the big Time damage spell) as well as Fascination, PhantasmShot,
    and GlassShield.  Unfortunately in Emelia's scenario he can't learn Stasis
    Rune which takes away one of the best combos in the entire game.  If you're
    hankering to use him I recommend setting up his spells like this:
    Light Sword
    Mega Windblast
    When you cast Overdrive, use light sword first so that he has a strong attack
    once the spell ends then just spam Mega Windblast or ChaosStream ad nauseum 
    for huge damage.  There are other fun ways to use Overdrive as well.  
    If you choose to buy Time Magic instead of recruiting him I belive you can
    buy DelayOrder, TimeLeap, TimeEclipse, and TimeTwister.  Again -  I dont 
    recommend this since you'll be sacrificing Overdrive AND whoever you buy
    these spells for won't be able to get Space Magic like ReverseGravity.  Now,
    when you're finished here head back to the entrance.  
    **************** * **** *****
    The Arcane Quest - IRPO SID08
    **************** * **** *****
    Here is where we're going to mix things up.  For starters I hope you still
    have one slot free as you MUST recruit Fuse if you intend to get the 
    Arcane Tarots and the Arcane magic gift.  You'll need at least two slots
    free if you want Suzaku as well.  We're going to do the IRPO Arcane Quest
    first however as then we can buy Space Magic for Fuse as well as the rest
    of the party.  
    Note that if you want to fight Suzaku you will have to fight an extra (tough)
    boss.  Also, there is another tough fight that you probably wont be able to
    handle AT ALL unless you uber-level.  Just keep that in mind.  
    Make sure to be rested up and to save as we're in for a rough dungeon.  Fly to
    IRPO from Koorong and talk to the secretary.  A cutscene will ensue and you'll
    get to see Emelia and the two characters in the first two slots sitting in the
    waiting room.  Fuse will take you to a mountain as he wants help on patrol.  
    Name: Fuse
    Race: Human             Sex: Male
    HP: 150                 LP: 9/9
    WP: 25/25               JP: 10/10
    STR: 29                 HandBlaster            Kick
    QUI: 17                 ----------             ----------
    INT: 20                 ----------             ----------
    WIL: 19                 ----------             ----------
    PSY: 23                 ArmorVest              ----------
    VIT: 18                 Defendwear             ----------
    CHA: 13                 LeatherBoots           ----------
    DEF: 29                 ----------             ----------
    Comment: He also knows MindHeal - he has the gift for Mind Magic as well - it
    is really a shame that the boss for this dungeon is so difficult for weaker
    characters as Fuse is a favorite of mine.  He is a pretty solid character but
    again as with Gen you're getting him too late in the game for him to be real
    effective.  Note the IRPO gun it is a fun little toy.  Oh, his Defendwear is
    DEF 8 so if you dont have Hyperwears for the rest of your party you may want
    to take that from him and give it to someone else. 
    There should be a fairy around here somewhere, make sure to fight it.  (When
    I say make sure I mean make sure, don't skip this - not if you want Suzaku) 
    When you're ready to go, follow the mountain path up to the next screen.  
    You'll see a cave.  Inside are some very powerful dragon-type monsters. If you
    beat them you can get some nice goodies, but again they are tough, perhaps
    tougher then this area's boss.  
    I just note this for your interest - I dont think its worth it to fight these
    guys at all but if you really want to beat them then my advice is to level
    spam and try this quest when you're ready for the end game.  Also note that 
    while the dragons' attacks are VERY powerful, they dont have much HP (well,
    the red dragon doesnt, the black dragon is a toughy) so if you have two
    dedicated healers healing EVERY ROUND you might be able to win.  
    Anyway, past the cave continue forward and you'll end up in another much
    larger cave.  If you run to the end of this cave and find a crack in the
    north wall, you'll pass into another tunnel.  Go forward and you'll find
    Suzaku.  Suzaku has been frozen and an optional boss must be fought to 
    rescue him.  Mind you, if you have no intention of recruiting Suzaku then
    this boss is pointless.  
    *****************  *****
    Recruiting Suzaku  SUZ00
    *****************  *****
    To skip this section, search for SID08-1 
    Alright, leave the cave with Suzaku and head to the west you'll be in a
    clearing with three boars running around.  There should be a snowman in this
    room to.  The snowman is the optional boss you must fight.  If he's not there
    then head back to the first room and kill the fairy again.  Note that the 
    snowman appears in the south corner of the room with the three boars.  If 
    you see a snowman on the left side that is a FAKE battle.  You'll end up
    fighting three(!) Jotnars instead of just one and when you win you don't 
    get anything.  
    If you've played Blue's scenario you might be familiar with the fact that
    Jotnar can be defeated by the Death Spell - no such luck here though.  If
    you've got anything that protects against ice like IceCrystals try to equip
    them before the fight.  Jotnar has some pretty powerful attacks - though he
    is a good barometer, if you can't beat him then the Suzaku boss is probably
    a tad too difficult for you as well.
    By this point you should know the return, stick to combos and attack him
    with your best moves.  He has some very powerful attacks but if you've
    got any defense at all then it shouldn't be too difficult.  When you win
    you get a shot at the best monster ever. 
    Once you defeat the Snowman, head back to the room with the Suzaku.  It should
    be flying around now that the ice is gone.  When you meet with it, it will
    join you.  Yay! 
    Name: Suzaku
    Race: SuzakuJr          Sex: Neutral
    HP: 580                 LP: 10/10
    WP: 108/108             JP: 0/0
    STR: 62                 ----------             FireBarrier
    QUI: 80                 ----------             FireBreath
    INT: 56                 ----------             Wing
    WIL: 71                 ----------             GliderSpike
    PSY: 68                                        ----------
    VIT: 64                                        ----------
    CHA: 80                                        ----------
    DEF: 50                                        ---------- 
    Comment: VERY powerful as you can see, in fact Suzaku is the strongest
    character you can recruit period which is fitting considering how late 
    you get it.  But is there a place in your party for Suzaku? I cant really
    answer that.  Again, Suzaku IS a monster and if you like them you probably
    already have several monsters that might have comparable stats.  His HP isnt
    quite up to snuff IMO and I wouldnt face Diva with him.  But hey, it IS your
    game.  Use him if you want. No doubt about it his stats are good. By the way,
    if the rumors are true his "default" form is better then the regular 
    SuzakuJr and if you change him to something else (by absorbing new abilities
    lets say) then he will never be able to return to his default form.  Just
    so you know.  
    **************** * ************** *******
    The Arcane Quest - Finishing IRPO SID08-1
    **************** * ************** *******
    Alright, you should be in Suzaku's cave.  Now leave the cave and head west 
    into the clearing with three boars.  You want to take the path north.  Just 
    keep following the path north for two screens and you'll be at the summit.
    Make sure to save since a boss fight is coming up.  Run up to the flowers on
    the Summit and check them.  You'll be attacked by a Suzaku - WTF is up with
    Suzakus and this damn mountain? 
    These are regular enemies later on, I always had the suspicion that this one
    was a bit tougher then those suzakus though.  Anyway, if you've already 
    power-leveled to the point where you've got Suzakus sitting in all your
    mystic weapons this should be cake.
    This guy is a flame monster - so dont use flame attacks on him obviously. Gale
    Slash can do some nice damage here if you have it.  Fortunately he doesn't 
    have any troublesome lackies so you can combo him to death.  I don't 
    believe you can absorb him with a mystic, but you can try.  Note he does
    have a FireBarrier - so stay away from martial arts attacks unless it's 
    something like DSC.  You may want to swap Liza out for this battle if you're
    using her.  
    His Flame Blast attack is probably the move to be feared as it can do heavy
    damage to a group of characters.  It also gives them flame barriers though...
    His Heat Wave attack WILL wipe you out if you dont have either fire resist or
    at least 450 hp.  So be warned about that.
    Oh, if you are killed you get booted back to IRPO and Fuse says "Maybe, next
    time." In other words - you can level up and try again, which is nice.
    If you're having trouble, you can try using TimeLord by casting OverDrive and
    spamming ChaosStream.  ChaosStream is a bit iffy for my taste but it can do
    some nice damage and this might weaken Suzaku just enough so that you can
    finish him off.
    Once you've beat Suzaku, you're treated to some more cutscenes, get the shield
    card and can now leave IRPO with Suzaku and/or Fuse in tow.  
    ************** * *************** *****
    The Space Lord - ReverseGravity! SID09
    ************** * *************** *****
    At this point there are no more characters to recruit so make sure to get the
    second Luminous gift if you haven't already.  We'll collect the rest of the
    Tarot cards next but first we should pay a visit to Kylin (Alright so there
    is ONE character you can recruit if you want.) That way you can either buy
    Space Magic for your characters (good idea) or recruit Kylin (kind of dumb
    idea) I believe you can only visit Kylin's Paradise once so again, unless you
    plan on recruiting Kylin make sure you have a full roster as well as enough
    money to buy Space Magic for everyone.  And whatever you do, don't buy
    Space Magic for TimeLord.  That would delete his Time Magic and you'll never
    see your precious Overdrive again.  But you wouldn't do that, would you? 
    Anyway, when you're rested and saved up, head on over to Devin.  From the
    port keep heading east until you get to the Shinto Shrine.  You'll have to
    run up the long steps. You'll find Rei here (the purple haired woman) and can
    talk with her.  Pick Ask about magic and she'll talk about Time and Space
    magic.  Pick ask about Space Magic and she'll explain what Space Magic 
    supposedly does.  She'll tell you about Kylin and then warp you to Kylin's
    There's a girl with blond hair next to where you appear and you can ask her to
    send you back if you decide you need to leave for any reason.  Now, with that
    said, run forward to the white tent looking thing and go through it.  In this
    room you'll find Kylin.  Talk to him.  Before he will help you, he wants
    to test you.  You should agree to the test.  Then he'll warp you into a maze.  
    There's actually only one path in this room that heads to the northwest, so 
    follow it.  There's a door there to go through.  In the next room, head
    southwest and around to the door further from you. Now you'll be in a very
    unusual area, so follow my directions exactly so as not to get lost.  
    Go north to the next room.  Then go west and you'll be out of the maze for now.
    There's actually a weird key thing here you need, its on the light purple
    pedestal, go to it and check it - it disappears and you arent notified or
    anything, but you do need it.  Ok, let's go back. Remember the maze? Go
    South Twice to get out.  You'll be in a room, you've already been through,
    go through the last door here that you haven't used yet. You'll be on a raised
    platform above another walkway, descend to the walkway and go up to the door
    that looks like it has a gate covering it.  With the key we can open the gate
    so check the door then pass through it. Now you'll be UNDERNEATH where you
    just were.  Oh brother.  At least the path is fairly straightforward, err
    so to speak.  Just follow it and pass through the next door to the southwest.
    You're still upside down, but there's only one path in the room so its easy
    to get through it.  In this room there is another door along the west that
    you can use to loop back up to the top.  Then run over and check the urn.  
    This will shrink you down (Alice in Wonderland, or is that Emelia in 
    Wonderland? Har har! I made another funny!) Anyway, now you can pass through
    the tiny door on the highest part of the platform. You'll be back on a 
    familiar walkway again.  Follow it around to the northeast door and you'll
    see another Chibi-Emelia sized door you can pass through.  Now you're in a maze
    again.  Go through the west door, then go through the south door.  At least
    those types of rooms arent long, ehh? There's a lever in this room you need
    to press, once you do it go back.  This time head east then south.  Now you'll
    be on the lower platform underneath the walkway from the entrance to the maze. 
    Take the stairs down and you'll find another small door to pass through.  Now
    run across the presents and up the spoon to the teacup.  The teacup will shoot
    you up in the air to another present.  Turn and take the steps up and follow
    the path around to a large double door that is cracked open.  When you pass
    through the door you'll be in Kylin's Room again, yay! The first choice will
    recruit him (If you already have fifteen characters and pick this then he 
    will try to join you but since your party is full he will just be gone) 
    His stats if you want him: 
    Name: Kylin
    Race: KylinJr           Sex: Neutral
    HP: 540                 LP: 6/6
    WP: 150/150             JP: 128/128
    STR: 52                 ----------             VaporBlast
    QUI: 71                 ----------             Vanish
    INT: 90                 ----------             ReverseGravity
    WIL: 48                 ----------             LightShift
    PSY: 70                                        DarkShift
    VIT: 41                                        Vortex
    CHA: 82                                        Kylin'sSong
    DEF: 41                                        Photosynthesis
    Comment: Again, as I've said I do not recommend getting Kylin.  If you really
    want Vortex that badly then you should probably play Blue's scenario.  Not
    that Kylin's stats aren't good.  They are.  The only skill you could really
    sacrifice to try to "improve" Kylin is Photosynthesis but there's no telling
    whether or not you could get a form stronger then his current one.  If you
    move a spell to the last slot and evolve something over it, you'll lose it
    forever just so you know.  If he were a human or a mystic, I'd say it was
    worth it, but because he's a monster I just don't think it flies.  Anyway,
    it's your game.  
    If you pick don't bother then the dialogue will end.  Talk to him again and
    Kylin has become a one stop Space Magic Shop.  Here's his store:
    VaporBlast and ReverseGravity are the best, of course I like to buy all the
    spells for everyone who can use them.  This can wipe out your credits if you
    have a lot of spellcasters (at least ReverseGravity will) When you're done,
    depart this place and enjoy your Space Magic.  By the way, the girl who
    sends you out of Kylin's Paradise warps you to Koorong's sewers (gosh darn it!) 
    Anyway, you should know where you are since you've already got the Hide Rune. 
    So meet me on the surface.  
    *********** * ***************** *****
    On the Side - The Arcane Tarots SID10
    *********** * ***************** *****
    Believe it or not, we're getting close to the end of our side quests.  If
    you've stuck with me all this way then that's surely a good thing, you'll
    get to enjoy a nice advantage over the final area with all the magic you've
    If your cash reserves are wiped out from the trip to visit Kylin then be
    sure to raise some more credits - especially if you still have other kinds
    of magic to buy.  Also be thinking about the Kyo Mind Magic test.  In the
    Mind Magic test each person capable of learning the gift has to fight a
    one-on-one battle.  If they win, they get the gift, if they fail, they don't
    get another shot at it.  So if you've got someone like Mei-ling and you 
    haven't been using her at all, you may want to build her up.  I'd say at a 
    minimum have 300-400 hp for the humans who qualify for Mind Magic testing.
    Unless you just don't care, then there's no worries :) Also, one of the 
    Arcane quests will wipe out your supply of gold ingots so if you're engaging
    in Taconomics to keep your wallet filled then make sure you've got around 
    25,000 credits before you do it so that you don't have to spend more tedious
    hours replenishing your money.  
    At this point Im going to assume that like me, you want to collect all the
    different magic you can.  So to get the ball rolling, make sure to get any
    spells that you havent already - Tarots for TimeLord and Fuse for instance.
    Also, if you're wondering about a FIFTH type of magic you can teach your
    humans the basic Realm Magic spells (Energy Chain is nice.) Remember, Rouge
    can't travel to the Magic Kingdom so if you go there to buy Realm Magic he
    will leave and you'll have to go back to Luminous to get him again.  
    Unfortunately, Fuse wasn't with us when we went to Fascinaturu so if you want
    him to have a fifth type, it will have to be Realm.  Anyway, this isn't
    necessary at all, just for your information.  When you've got your money
    supply secured and your magic handled meet me in Baccarat. 
    ***************** * ************* *******
    The Arcane Tarots - The Gold Card SID10-1
    ***************** * ************* *******
    Remember way back when we went to Baccarat on a mission for Gradius? This is
    actually really easy since you know what to do.  Normally, you would fly to
    Baccarat and have to talk with Emelia to get the quest rolling but since you
    ARE Emelia and you've already met the Baccarat gnomes you don't have to do
    What you do need are at least four gold ingots - if you havent been doing
    Taconomics then you need at least 2,000 credits.  Go to Nelson (remember
    to get to Nelson you need to fly to Owmi from Koorong first) and buy the
    ingots.  Now, once you have your ingots you need to go back to the cave with
    the gnomes where you saw Joker.  
    All you have to do is talk to the gnomes and hand over the ingots and the gold
    card is yours! Gosh, that was easy.  Alright, let's get out of here.  Do note
    that the gnomes take ALL your ingots, its just you need at least four to
    get the card. 
    ***************** * ************** *******
    The Arcane Tarots - The Saber Card SID10-2
    ***************** * ************** *******
    It's finally time to make Gen do some work.  Talk to the guy at the port
    and choose Wakatu.  With Gen in your party, you will be able to go to
    Wakatu at last.
    Just to note, it is pretty difficult to avoid the enemies in Wakatu, they
    like to run at you and there isnt much space to dodge, so you'll probably
    be doing a bit of fighting here.  By now this will be a nuisance more then
    I should also note that before this quest begins you should spend some time 
    building Gen up. I'm not sure HOW built up he needs to be, Matt Hobbes cites 
    in his guide that he thinks its around 500 HP, 50 STR, 70 WP - you get the 
    idea. You don't have to do this but if you do, you'll be able to get an ATK 
    55 Katana. 
    Anyway, when you arrive in Wakatu, you'll see a skeleton.  If you head south
    he will ask you if you want to leave.  Instead talk to him, he'll say "Wait
    for the boat" and you'll sail across to Wakatu.  There is another ferryman
    at the entrance that will return you to the port area.  
    Now, head up the steps and through the double doors.  In this area head west.
    Gen will lead you directly to the Saber Chamber which is nice.  Anyway, just
    follow him north and then east. Now, run up the steps and go north.  Pass
    through the door here then leave.  Gen will step out and talk to you.  Follow
    him.  This next area actually only has one path that ends up with an exit to
    the east.  Run up the steps in this next area and exit east again.  Gen
    will lead you again.  Follow him to the next area.  He'll point to the
    entrance to the chamber.  Now if you want the TwinDragon sword head south
    instead and follow the path, it will take you back to a treasure chest with
    the TwinDragon (at this point a worthless weapon) Anyway, remember the 
    entrance to the Saber Chamber, but first we need to get to the blade chamber.
    Head back to the last path Gen led you to and instead go North instead of
    the direction of the Saber CHamber.  Follow this path until you get to some
    stairs that are broken in half.  You can jump across here so do so.  Now
    follow the path to another crossroad. Follow the road south and take the
    next screen south too.  You'll be on the other side of the crack in that
    building from earlier.  Go down the steps. You'll see another door on the 
    west end of this room that you want to go through. If you're worthy, you will
    receive the CometBlade here by checking the statue.  If you're not...well, I 
    BELIEVE you can come back later if you really want to.  Anyway - you might
    want to note this for a scenario where you actually have the chance to use
    Gen, like T260 and Riki.  Now, let's get back to the Saber Chamber.  
    You actually have to get back by taking a different path just so you know.
    Head back to the crossroad and take the west path.  Follow this to a treasure,
    the Iron Clogs, then hop across here. Keep following the trail (Are these
    enemies getting to you yet?) and you'll be back on the path before the 
    front of the Blade Chamber.  So just work your way back to the Saber Chamber.
    Alright, now that you're in the Saber Chamber, go around to the entrance to
    the room and climb up the stairs. Circle around this room to another
    staircase and climb up. More stairs here.  Now, we're finally at the end of
    this place.  Go step into the center of the three posts. Now Gen will explain
    what to do.  Wait until you see three swords and hit the action button, if you
    fail you'll be fighting.  Don't worry, it's not as hard as it looks, just 
    focus.  The fights are kind of tough - well if you had been doing this at the
    beginning of the game :) Eventually you'll get it.  Also, listen for the
    click sound, that is your cue that what you want is up.  Some people find it
    easier to listen for that sound. 
    When you get the card, talk to Gen then leave Wakatu.  You've just got one
    last stop and then you'll have all the Arcane Tarot cards, yay? Don't give
    out on me just yet.  You want to give Diva the thrashing of a lifetime
    ***************** * ************** *******
    The Arcane Tarots - The Grail Card SID10-3
    ***************** * ************** *******
    I loathe this mission.  LOATHE IT.  It's even more irritating in Emelia's
    scenario since you can't use mechs.  If you've been keeping up then you
    should know that the last card is in Yorkland so hop over there after you
    heal up.  Make sure to save too.  
    When you arrive head south.  Now you need to go into each of the buildings
    here and talk to the people.  Emelia will ask about the card and the occupant
    will make you try their booze.  Make a circuit around this area, stopping in
    each brewery and getting a drink from each person inside. There are five
    breweries in total and in the last one (climb the stairs to the second floor
    to get in) the man will tell you where the card is.
    Now as you might suspect your characters are pretty much wasted by now so
    this next part is going to be very interesting.  Head back to the first area
    and take the west path. Now the goal is to make your way north to the shrine
    but there are some things to note.  Emelia is just the slightest bit tipsy
    so she jumps around all over the place.  Plus there's tons of tough monsters
    hidden just waiting to attack.  And I do mean TOUGH since they scale they
    are always powerful even if you have high stats and lots of good equipment. In
    fact some people believe it is HARDER at higher levels.  I think it sucks 
    Now, during battles, "Drunk" will be cast at the beginning of each turn on
    all your characters which will cause you no end of trouble.  So be very
    careful and do your best to end battles as quickly as possible.  It is
    theoretically possible to make it to the Shrine without getting into a single 
    fight but I've never been able to do it.  If you get really beat up and have
    a SanctuaryStone try using that.  The trouble is, at lower levels you might
    not have enough WP to handle the enemies here. If you've been following me
    around everywhere though then you should have at least two SanctuaryStones
    that you can use to replenish your JP/WP.  Using multiple groups here is
    very tricky since if your second and third teams aren't up to snuff they 
    may not be strong enough to beat this area.  The best I can tell you is good
    luck and when you make it to the Liquor Shrine you only have to worry about
    this HORRIBLE HORRIBLE quest at a later date with other people.  And just
    to note, Mechs are IMMUNE to drunk which is why I said it's too bad Emelia
    can't use them.  Try this quest with T260 - it's cake in his scenario.  
    At any rate, you now have all four Arcane Tarots so you should receive the
    gift for Arcane Magic.  Hopefully you followed my party advice and Fuse was
    the last member you recruited as that means everyone besides Annie, Liza,
    Emelia, and Mesarthim will have the Arcane Gift.  Enjoy.  
    *********** * ************ *****
    On the Side - Finishing Up SID11
    *********** * ************ *****
    That my friend, is it.  There are of course other things to do, but none of 
    them are really all that important.  Make sure to be ready with all your 
    humans then go to the Doujou in Kyo and get mind magic.  It isn't that 
    rough, just use each character's best attack.  It shouldn't be a problem
    for your main characters anyway.  
    After that just go to the Bio Research Lab and LEVEL LEVEL LEVEL.  If you put 
    off power leveling then you may need a bit of work.  If you're curious, here
    is my Emelia without having done any Power Leveling: 
    Name: Emelia
    Race: Human             Sex: Female
    HP: 320                  LP: 5/5
    WP: 32/32                 JP: 10/10
    STR: 8+10                LethalGun             SharpShot
    QUI: 31+10               LethalGun             QuickDraw
    INT: 16                  ExcelShield           TotalShot
    WIL: 35                  Backpack              BoundShot
    PSY: 11                  PoweredSuit           FocusShot
    VIT: 22                  Hyperwear             ----------
    CHA: 32                  Junk                  ----------
    DEF: 64                  Junk                  ----------
    This is nowhere near strong enough to take on Diva, and you might have some
    trouble with the Mech in Trinity Base Revisited with stats like this, so
    if you haven't done any power leveling yet, definately consider it.  Remember
    the room I showed you way back at the beginning of this section - it should
    make power-leveling as easily as possible.   
    Note that I have not covered, and do not intend to cover, all the possible
    things to do.  I have guided you through what I think are the essential
    things to really master Emelia's scenario.  There are still things like
    the EarthDragon at the bottom of the Bio Research Lab that I leave up to you.
    Also, while closing up here on the side stuff I'd like to say that if you've
    gone through all of this you should have a VERY GOOD handle on what to 
    expect from the other scenarios.  The strategies I use to beat Emelia's
    scenario work in all the other scenarios as well.  Bottom line: have a 
    blast with SaGa Frontier. 
    ********** * ************************ ****
    ********** * ************************ ****
    So, you're curious as to what I think you ought to do to level up for the
    Baccarat fight are you? Well, if you just followed the Side Quest section
    then you will be more then strong enough.  But if you want some specifics on
    what I think you should do, I'll be glad to share.
    First off - you'll be fighting the boss with just Annie, Emelia, and Liza. 
    With that in mind you ought to develop them as best you can.  Fortunately
    you can afford the necessary equipment for handling this fight on a tight
    budget.  I'd recommend getting at least a Rune Sword for Annie - you should
    be able to afford one between the two paychecks you draw from Roufas.  If 
    not, credits can be found in the caverns behind Koorong - check the hide
    rune section of the guide and just dont go fight the boss there.  Liza uses
    her fists so you don't need to get a weapon for her.  I'd make Emelia a 
    spellcaster.  She'll be in her bunny outfit already which enhances her magic
    abilities.  You should be able to buy Sun Ray for her with what you have
    left over after you get Annie her sword.  Then just get some armor, there
    is Harmonium Armor in  the ruins at Shingrow and Angel Armor in the caverns
    behind Koorong.  Also, help yourself to Roufas's gear, that should do you
    for armor nicely.  
    As far as levels, you should have between 300-350 HP on each character - more
    is better obviously.  Annie needs one strong attack, a 7 WP attack like
    Triple Thrust would be great, but you should be ok with something like 
    Wheel Slash or Headwind.  Try to get a similar strength attack for Liza, 
    especially if you can find something that combos.  Ideally for magic Emelia
    you would learn Mega Windblast but if you dont want to get the gift for
    Light Magic then try getting her Starlight Heal, a gun, and Bound Shot. You
    ought to be able to get a better gun then the AGUNI-CP1 from the Scrap Junk
    Shop, though you could be unlucky.  Worst comes to worst, get the katana from
    Mu's Tomb and use that.  Again, a 5 WP attack at the minimum.  Make sure
    each character can heal.  I'd say give them all Starlight Heal though if you
    want someone to have Shadow Magic (Liza is a good candidate) then you can
    equip the backpack on that person.  Again, boss fights in SaGa Frontier 
    are very subjective so if you spend a bunch of time before the Baccarat 
    mission recruiting characters and doing all the things in the side
    quest section then fighting the boss in Baccarat will be very easy.  
    If you take these things into consideration, you ought to be able to handle
    the boss in Baccarat no problem.  Just be careful as you will only have
    three characters instead of five.  Remember, this game isn't balanced at
    all so it's up to you to be sure you're strong enough to handle the boss.
    If you want to know where my stats are when I handled (decimated) the boss 
    then take a look at this: 
    Name: Emelia
    Race: Human             Sex: Female
    HP: 288                 LP: 9/9
    WP: 39/39               JP: 22/22
    STR: 22+10              ZeroSword             StunSlash
    QUI: 28+10              ZeroSword             Deflect
    INT: 11                 ExcelShield           CrossSlash
    WIL: 24                 Backpack              SwallowSwing
    PSY: 8                  PoweredSuit           HardSlash
    VIT: 25                 Hyperwear             Thrust
    CHA: 38                 Junk                  DoubleSlash
    DEF: 64                 Junk                  ----------
    Name: Annie
    Race: Human             Sex: Female
    HP: 323                 LP: 9/9
    WP: 45/45               JP: 18/18
    STR: 32+10              ZeroSword             DoubleSlash
    QUI: 25+10              ZeroSword             Thrust
    INT: 9                  ExcelShield           HardSlash
    WIL: 20                 MaxCure               Heaven/Hell
    PSY: 15                 PoweredSuit           Smash
    VIT: 31                 Hyperwear             BearCrush
    CHA: 20                 Junk                  DeadEnd
    DEF: 64                 Junk                  ----------
    Name: Liza
    Race: Human             Sex: Female
    HP: 352                 LP: 8/8
    WP: 47/47               JP: 19/19
    STR: 32+10              MaxCure                Kick
    QUI: 34+10              MaxCure                Air Throw
    INT: 20                 MaxCure                Fist
    WIL: 21                 ExcelShield            Suplex
    PSY: 18                 PoweredSuit            LocomotionG
    VIT: 31                 Hyperwear              GiantSwing
    CHA: 20                 Junk                   CrushBeat
    DEF: 64                 Junk                   ----------
    If you're curious, I am a bit of an obsessive when it comes to defense, that's
    why I tend to equip the Junk (DEF 2 - better then other early accessories) 
    though you can probably get better results with things like the FangAmulet
    which boost stats as well as defense. 
    Anyway, as you can see I've picked up the high end eq already, which makes
    things much easier - though mind you the boss is possible without this
    high end stuff.  Though I definately recommend at least one Rune Sword
    for Annie.  As you can see I've opted to make Emelia a Sword-User rather
    then a Magic-User as I think the extra physical power helps her in 
    Trinity Base Part 2.  It's all up to you how you want to progress though but
    at least you have an idea of where to get before taking on the boss.  
    ***************** *****
    ***************** *****
    Well, things are wrapping up now but I wanted to close by talking about my
    experience writing the guide.  It was much more work then I originally
    suspected.  I knew I wanted to include as much as I could about the scenario
    and make a guide more detailed then any of the others, but I didn't realize
    just how much work it would take.
    I think I really began to realize just how subjective everything in SaGa
    Frontier is.  Of course I think it's a good game, but it's definately a
    broken game.  Writing boss strategies was very difficult indeed.  What was
    there to say? If you have trouble with a boss, you need to level up.  The 
    game is very easy if just a little time is spent power leveling.  
    I did enjoy writing the guide though and I hoped it's helped you work your 
    way through this game.  I think it says a lot about the game that, unpopular
    as it was, people are still playing it this many years after it's release
    though I suppose I wish I had been a bit older and more experienced at writing
    when the game originally came out.  Anyway, thanks for reading! 
    *******  *****
    *******  *****
    The usual people, CJayC, etc? Do I need to go on? 
    Thanks to the SaGa Frontier message board, I may just be a lurker but you've
    provided years of interesting posts and good strategies  
    SaGa Frontier Debug Guide
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    Hunter the Reckoning: Redeemer Secrets Guide
    Final Fantasy Tactics NPC Class FAQ 
    Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold Plot Guide
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    as it remains unmodified.  This guide may not be sold for profit of any kind
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