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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Meeple Lard

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    SaGa Frontier
    Meeplelard, version 0.1
    Table of Contents: 
    Version History
    Legal Stuff
    1. Overview of the Game 
    2. Basic Info
    3. Characters
    4. Tips for raising Characters
    5. Walkthrough
    6. Equipment
    7. Frequently Asked Questions
    8. Credits
    Version 0.1: FAQ is created. I don't think I need to say much more.
    Version 0.2: Long awaited update, walkthrough section finally started.
    Legal Stuff: 
    This FAQ is a copyright of Meeple Lard. It can be found on GameFAQs and 
    only GameFAQs. If it's found anywhere else, then note that I did not 
    give permission for them to use it. People who wish to use information 
    from this FAQ for their own must first have my permission, and give 
    credit where Credit is due. If you wish to contact me for such 
    occasions, my E-mail is DbzFFlord@aol.com. My less used one, in case 
    you're curious, is MeepleLard@hotmail.com.  If you wish to speak to me 
    directly, my MSN is MeepleLard@Hotmail.com and my AIM is 
    DbzFFLord@aol.com. That's about it for this boring legal stuff.
    1. Overview of the Game 
    Some of you might be wondering "What is SaGa Frontier?"  Well, if you 
    are, that must mean either you've never played the game and are reading 
    this FAQ because you are considering playing it, or you are randomly 
    bored. That, or I'm just making random assumptions, and thus am being a 
    jerk, but who knows?  Anyway, SaGa Frontier is a role-playing game for 
    the Playstation made by Squaresoft, the company responsible for famous 
    RPG titles such as the Final Fantasy series.
    SaGa Frontier is many ways a unique RPG. Like the rest of its series 
    (most of which is unavailable in the US), it takes the standard turn-
    based system that many RPGs use, as well as other standard features, 
    and then puts a few twists on them, including a unique means of 
    leveling up and gaining skills. The game also has a different kind of 
    plot; instead of giving you one story to play through, with one main 
    character and a bunch of supporting characters, there are a total of 7 
    characters with unique stories, quests and characters to choose from. 
    Which one you choose to start with doesn't matter, since they are all 
    available from the get-go, and you can replay them as many times as you 
    want. Because of this, SaGa Frontier tends to be a game centered mainly 
    around gameplay, and replayability, instead of plot and character 
    development. Some quests you might like, others you might abhor, and 
    then there are those you might just plain not care about one way or the 
    Well, that's about it for the basic overview of the game, if I go 
    further, I'd get into depth, so I probably should just get into the 
    next section.
    2. Basic Info
    This section will give you the heads up about basic concepts that you 
    might like to know about playing SaGa Frontier. I mean, if you didn't 
    know how to play the game, then beating the game might be difficult or 
    Note that you can see explanations of a lot of this stuff in the game 
    by going to Config -> Menu Explanation. 
    Game Controls: 
    Control Pad: Moves the character, and selects options in menus
    Circle: Action/Accept
    X: Dash/Cancel
    Square: Menu
    Triangle: Displays character status in battle
    R1: Brings up the "Defend" Command in battle
    L1: Accept (in battle only)
    R2: Shift battle camera to the right
    L2: Shift battle camera to the left
    Start: Pauses game, brings up battle speed menu in battle
    Select: Nothing
    SaGa Frontier keeps track of 12 statistics for each character. They 
    HP = Hit Points
    LP = Life Points
    JP = Jutsu Points
    WP = Waza Points
    Str = Strength
    Qui = Quickness
    Int = Intelligence
    Wil = Will
    Psy = Psychic
    Vit = Vitality
    Chr = Charm
    Def = Defense
    Hit points are the old RPG standby – lose them all and you die. From 
    there, it gets a bit more complicated.
    Every time a character loses all their HP, they’ll lose one Life Point 
    and be unable to act until they are healed (any healing item/spell will 
    work) or the battle ends. If an enemy attacks a “dead” character (and 
    multi-target spells count here), he/she/it will automatically lose 1 
    LP. If LP hits 0, the character won't restore after battle, and you 
    will be forced to heal their LP with special items or full-healing 
    locations like an inn. 
    There are two types of attacks in SaGa Frontier: physical techs and 
    magic spells. Physical techs cost WP, while magic uses JP (Jutsu 
    Points). This works exactly like traditional MP, if it was split into 
    two stats. If you don’t have enough JP/WP for a particular move, it 
    will be greyed-out in combat. In battle, move costs are displayed in 
    the upper-right corner of the screen. The first number shown is the 
    cost of the attack, and the second is how many points you have left. A 
    sword icon in that box means the technique costs WP, and a staff icon 
    means JP.
    When you open the menu, you'll see all characters you have in every 
    team; each column represents one team. You'll notice 4 numbers next to 
    the characters, which can be changed with the control pad, to cycle 
    through 3 sets of numbers. These are your characters stats, which I'll 
    get to later. The 3 sets are: 
    For the first menu, after HP, it'll list 2 numbers. The first is your 
    current amount, the 2nd is the maximum for that character. If the 
    character currently has less than the maximum, the stat will be 
    displayed in yellow.
    The Abbreviations for the last 8 stats are: 
    Str = Strength
    Qui = Quickness
    Int = Intelligence
    Wil = Will
    Psy = Psychic
    Vit = Vitality
    Chr = Charm
    Def = Defense
    What these mean, I'll brush up on later. To the right hand side, you'll 
    notice the menu itself. You can have this disappear to see characters 
    being covered by it by pressing the Triangle Button.
    Going in order, each option on the menu goes as such:
    Status: Shows the characters status you choose. The status menu will 
    look like this:
    Name                    Magic/Physical dependency (Humans only)
    Race: Human, Mec, Mystic, or Monster                          Sex: 
    HP: The character’s Max HP     LP: Current LP/Max LP
    WP: Current WP/Max WP          JP: Current JP/Max JP
    Strength: Base Strength + equip bonuses   
    Quickness: Base Quickness + equip Bonuses    
    Intelligence: Base Intelligence + equip bonuses
    Will: Base Will + equip bonuses
    Psychic: Base Psychic + equip bonuses
    Vitality: Base Vitality + equip bonuses
    Charm: Base Charm + Equip Bonuses
    Defense: Defense
    Race determines a great many things about the character, from what 
    skills they can learn to how many equipment slots they have and how it 
    affects them.
    Equipment bonuses, if it’s not obvious, are the yellow number listed 
    next to the base stat
    To the right of your stats, you can see your equipment. If you press Up 
    or Down, you can see what skills that character has equipped. 
    Item: Opens up a menu of all the items you have in your inventory, and 
    tells you what each do. 
    Position: Allows you to alter your team's setup. You have three battle 
    teams of up to five characters each, divided by columns in the position 
    screen. The first column is Team A, the second is Team B, and the third 
    is Team C. Before battle begins, you can choose which of the three 
    teams to send in. Your main character is fixed in Team A.
    Equip Weapon: Opens up a list of items you can equip. For Humans and 
    Mystics, the first four slots are for weapons (Swords and Guns), 
    Shields, and Items, and the last four are for all defensive equips. You 
    can use any combination of weapons/items in the first four slots – if 
    you equip three swords, for instance, you’ll be able to use them all in 
    combat. However, you can only equip one of each type of armor – Body 
    Armor, Boots, Helmets, Shirts, and Gloves. If you equip a Suit, it 
    counts as Body Armor, Boots, Helmet, Shirt AND Gloves, so you'll only 
    be able to use that and any accessories you want to. Which symbol 
    represents which kind of equipment should be obvious.
    Mecs can equip any item, weapon, accessory or armor they want to 
    anywhere with no restrictions. They can equip multiple armors of the 
    same type, including multiple suits. 
    Monsters have only 4 equipment slots, and they can only equip 
    If a character’s equipment is displayed in red, it means that their 
    equipment is locked, and can't be removed or changed at all. 
    Equip Ability: Allows you to set up your character’s skillsets for 
    battle. No matter how many abilities a character knows, he or she can 
    only use the ones equipped.
    To equip a physical ability, just choose the type of skill and then the 
    skill you want. To equip a magic spell, you must first choose a 
    “school” - Light, Shadow, Realm, etc. If you have the Gift for a type 
    of magic, it will be marked with a star. Only characters with Gifts can 
    learn magic naturally – otherwise, you have to buy new spells. Gifts 
    can be learned by completing side quests. 
    Humans, who have the most skills to worry about, have 8 ability slots. 
    To the right of the screen, you'll see your skills split into Swords, 
    Guns, Fighting, Magic, Special and Dodge. Swords, Guns and Fighting all 
    count as Physical abilities, and Magic counts as magic (Duh?)  Dodge 
    and Special are totally neutral. 
    There is a small bar at the top right corner of this screen. As a 
    character equips physical skills, it fills with blue, and magic skills 
    fill it with red. If a character equips six skills of one type 
    (physical or magical) and NONE of the other type, the bar will have a 
    crown in the center, and all skills of that type will cost 1 less WP or 
    JP. This ONLY applies to humans.
    Config: Brings up another submenu which has the following:
           Menu Explanation: Sort of a tutorial to the game; explains how 
           you use menus and such.
           Menu Items: Lets you switch the order things are displayed
           in at the main menu screen 
           Display Color: Lets you alter the background colors for  
           different parts of the game
           Other: Lets you change sound, game speed, and window 
    For Mystics, the first four slots are can be filled with whatever you 
    want, the same as Humans (typically, Mystics will use Magic). The 3 
    bottom slots are reserved for the Mystic Weapons (Mystic Sword, Mystic 
    Glove, and Mystic Boot) that all Mystics use automatically, and all you 
    can do is check what monster is absorbed into them. 
    For both Humans and Mystics, if you wish to clear room for more skills, 
    use the "Seal" command, and it'll de-equip the selected skill.
    Mecs have a varying number of skills to work with based on their 
    equipment. To use them, just select the skill you want and equip it in 
    a free space. If you kill a Mec in combat, any Mecs in your party can 
    “download” it after the battle, with a chance to learn a new skill.
    Monsters are more complicated. They don’t learn, abilities naturally, 
    by any method – instead, after you kill a monster in combat, monsters 
    in your party will be able to “absorb” it and learn a new skill (which 
    skill you learn. That skill will be placed in the eighth spot on the 
    monster’s skill list, regardless of what was there already. If it was 
    an empty slot, you got a free skill. If there was a skill there 
    already, you’ll lose it. Make sure to move any skills you want to keep 
    out of the eighth slot! That skill slot will be in red, for extra 
    As a fun fact, a way to remind yourself of what race each character is 
    that all Races will have a different colored backgrounds for their 
    Equip Ability screen. Humans are black, Mystics are red, Mecs are blue, 
    and Monsters are green.
    Save: Lets you save the game. You can save on either of your memory 
    cards, or do a quick save. A quick save is a temporary save file stored 
    in the Playstation’s memory. You don’t need space on a memory card to 
    save one, and it can be loaded instantly, but turning off the system 
    will erase any quick save you’ve made.
    At this point, you're probably wondering what I'm talking about with 
    all these "Humans" and "Mystics" and such, so…I’d best get into that 
    SaGa splits its characters into four different races: Humans, Mystics, 
    Mecs, and Monsters. Each race is different.
    Humans: Humans are the most common race in SaGa. They gain stats 
    naturally at the end of fights based on the actions they did in battle. 
    For example, using guns will increase quickness frequently, but loweres 
    strength growth. They also learn techs through their actions in battle. 
    They can learn any tech involving swords, guns, fists, magic, or 
    dodging. NWhen a character uses a gun skill or magic spell in combat, 
    there’s a chance he or she will learn a new skill when the battle ends 
    (only if they have the appropriate magic gift, of course). Sword and 
    fist techniques are learned randomly in battle based on what attacks 
    the character uses. When a human learns a new technique, a light bulb 
    appearing over the character's head, and he or she will immediately use 
    the new attack instead of the one you told him/her to perform. Dodge 
    techs are randomly learned when the character is hit with a specific 
    attack; for example, every time a human carrying a sword is hit with an 
    attack, there’s a chance he/she will learn Deflect. Every human has 
    different tech learning rates, so some will learn magic faster than 
    others, while others characters will be better with swords, etc. These 
    values are hidden.
    Mystics: Mystics are the only class besides humans who can use magic, 
    and they learn it the same way as humans. However, they can't learn any 
    of the weapon skills, and none of their stats besides HP, WP, JP, and 
    Charm increase naturally. Instead, they have to absorb monsters to 
    increase their stats and learn new skills. Each Mystic gets three 
    Mystic weapons – Mystic Sword, Mystic Glove and Mystic Boots. When the 
    Mystic kills a monster with one of those weapons, the monster will be 
    absorbed into it, giving the Mystic a set of stat boosts and teaching 
    them a new skill. Note that on the status menu, the game treats 
    absorbed stats as equips, so they'll be listed in yellow numbers next 
    to addition to the base stats. A Mystic can have three monsters 
    absorbed at once – one in the sword, one in the glove, and one in the 
    boots. Absorbing a new monster into a weapon that already has one will 
    “overwrite” the old one, replacing both the stat boosts and the skill 
    from the old monster. While Mystics can't learn techs from weapons, 
    they can still use them like humans normal humans. They can also use 
    any skills innately attached to those weapons.
    Mecs: Mecs have no natural stat growth whatsoever. Instead, their stats 
    are totally reliant on what equips they currently have on. Due to this, 
    Mecs have far more flexibility than any other race – they have no 
    restrictions on the equipment they can use, and each one can have 
    wildly different effects. Equipping an item on a Mec will have an 
    effect completely different than it would have on any other race. For 
    example, a certain item might give +10 to strength for a 
    Human/Mystic/Monster, but on a Mec it might have no effect at all on 
    strength and raise quickness by 5. For skills, Mecs often come with a 
    few innately learned moves, and then learn the rest by defeating other 
    Mecs, and absorbing them after battle. Each time they absorb another 
    Mec, they have a chance to learn a new move. Note that unlike the other 
    Races, each Mec is has a completely unique list of skills that it can 
    learn. Absorbing a Mec might teach your Mec a new skill, but that skill 
    will come from its own list, so two Mecs will often gain two completely 
    different skills from the same type of opponent.
    Monsters: Monsters are a tricky race in general. They have very 
    restricted equipment, and absolutely no natural stat progression. 
    Monster's stats are based on what form they are currently in, which is 
    determined by the combination skills they have at the moment. Monsters 
    learn skills by killing other monsters, and then absorbing them, which 
    allows them to learn a new skill, depending on what monster was 
    absorbed. Because of how they learn their skills, and since their basic 
    stats are determined by their form and not anything unique to them, all 
    monsters are essentially the same except for their starting skills.
    As a final thing, allow me to explain just how magic works for Humans 
    and Mystics. First and foremost, a character will not learn any magic 
    unless you teach it to them, and they won't learn it naturally (that 
    is, at the end of battle) unless they cast a spell of that school 
    during the fight, AND have the Gift for that kind of magic. Every 
    school of magic has about 3 or 4 spells that can be bought, and the 
    others can only be learned through Gifts, so if you want a character to 
    learn every spell in a school, they must have the Gift.
    Also, it is imperative that you know that every type magic has an 
    opposite, and a character can’t know two spells of opposite schools at 
    once. If the character has the Gift of one school, they can never learn 
    any magic of its opposite, let alone obtain the opposite Gift, even if 
    they don’t know any spells of that type.
    The chart of opposing magic goes as such:
    Shadow <-> Light
    Arcane <-> Rune
    Mystic <-> Realm
    Evil <-> Mind
    Space <-> Time 
    Life and Mirage have no opposing schools of magic.
    Well, so much for all the boring stuff about basic gameplay info and 
    such, but anyways, onto something FAR more interesting!
    If you hit an enemy in a dungeon, you engage a Battle.
    The first option that pops up in battle is "Select Team."  A team 
    consists of 5 characters, and you have 3 teams total. Once you select a 
    team, you'll use it to fight the entire fight, and if that team, no 
    matter who is in it, dies, it’s game over. The main character of the 
    story you choose does not have to participate in battle. However, 
    he/she/it will ALWAYS be in the first party, and cannot be moved - so 
    if you plan on using your main character in combat, you must use Party 
    1. Also, all boss fights force you to use Party 1, no matter what you 
    want, so it'd be a good idea to put your strongest characters in Party 
    1. You can change who’s in which party at will (besides the main) in 
    the menu by using the "Position" command. 
    After you select your party, you'll be prompted to enter commands. You 
    won’t be picking from just one list, though – the available commands 
    are divided into multiple lists, and you switch between them with the 
    left and right buttons. There’s one list for items, one for magic, one 
    for bare-handed attacks, and one for each weapon you have equipped, so 
    you can choose which one you use for your attacks. Here’s an example:
    Let’s say you’ve got Gen, a human character, equipped with a 
    SamuraiSword, a LaserKnife, and some healing items. And, in addition, 
    he also knows a few magic spells. He’d have five lists, and they’d look 
    something like this:
    This is Gen’s list of sword techniques he can use with the LaserKnife. 
    Picking a command from this menu makes Gen attack with the LaserKnife 
    instead of the SamuraiSword. Selecting the “LaserKnife” option would 
    perform a basic slash.
    This is the list of sword techniques Gen can use with the SamuraiSword. 
    Note that it’s got everything the LaserKnife menu has, plus the 
    “ShadowCounter” skill. ShadowCounter can only be used with katana-type 
    swords, so it won’t even show up on the LaserKnife’s menu. 
    This is the option to attack with a bare-handed punch. Any martial-arts 
    attacks Gen knows would also show up in this list.
    This is Gen’s list of magic. It’s pretty simple – pick one, target it, 
    and it gets cast.
    These are the usable items Gen has equipped. Again, pick one and target 
    it to use it.
    After you choose an action, you'll be forced to choose a target. Every 
    attack has its own means of targeting, including single-target, multi-
    target, hitting only a certain area, and hitting in a line. Each move 
    will hit either your characters or your opposition, but (generally) not 
    both. The X button is the cancel command; it undoes the action of the 
    last character you gave input to, After entering the last character's 
    action (typically, that'll be the fifth) the turn will play out. Once 
    all actions are finished, another turn will happen, assuming there are 
    monsters (and PCs) still alive. The display uses standard RPG 
    conventions - white numbers in battle are damage done, while green 
    numbers show healing. If a red number shows up on a character, then 
    they’ve lost LP, or life points. Usually you won’t see red numbers 
    higher than 1, but there are exceptions.
    The object of battle is simple – kill the enemies. Well, except in 
    specific fights which require you to do special tasks, but those will 
    be covered later. Losing a fight can happen in a few ways. First is if 
    all characters are permanently incapacitated. This means if everybody 
    is dead (0 HP) or hit with the Stone status. You also lose if your main 
    character, whoever that may be, loses all of his/her/its LP. How this 
    can happen will be explained later.
    When a human uses a fist or sword attack, occasionally you’ll see a 
    light bulb appear over his or her head, and the character will use a 
    new technique instead of what you told him/her to. To put it simply, 
    this is how humans learn new fist and sword skills – every time they 
    use an one, they’ll have a small chance to learn a new one (what skills 
    they can learn depends on the skill you tell them to use). Once a 
    character learns a new skill, they can use it at will (as long as you 
    keep it equipped). Learning new skills is an extremely important part 
    of building a human character, and each character will learn different 
    skills at different rates. 
    3. Characters
    SaGa Frontier has a TON of characters to recruit, many of them hidden 
    away or available only in a few quests. Depending on how you like to 
    play, and which races you prefer, you can build a wide variety of 
    This is a complete list of characters in SaGa Frontier, their races, 
    some information on them, and how to get them. This is just going in 
    alphabetical order, if you're wondering. As for the ratings?  That's 
    just what few friends and I agreed to give characters, rating it out of 
    100 since some characters just don't feel right having the same exact 
    numeric rank or something. Note that the rankings are relative values, 
    and not absolute, so having a high score here doesn't mean the 
    character is close to absolute, game-crushing perfection – they’re just 
    one of the best in the cast. Anyway, onto the actual characters! 
    Note: If a character's quest is not listed for a character, than that 
    quest can not get that character. If you see something like "All Other 
    Characters" than that states that all quests not specifically mentioned 
    can get this character in the same way.
    Remember that you can only recruit 15 characters at a time. Choose 
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Sprite Description: Blonde hair, green outfit.
    Rating: 60/100
    Emelia - Start the game off with her. She will be forced into your 
    party from time to time. To have her join permanently, speak to her 
    outside of the bar in Koorong at any point of the game.
    Riki - When searching for the Hermit Ring, talk to Annie outside of the 
    bar in Koorong, and she'll join.
    All other quests - After completing the other 3 sections of the Rune 
    Gift side quest, talk to her outside of the bar in Koorong. 
    Red's Alternative - In addition to the normal method, Red can get Annie 
    by giving her dinner and allowing her to take him into BlackX's base.
    Comments:  Annie is a fairly standard human who tends to do well with 
    swords. She's not a bad character, but she hardly stands out. Being 
    available early in Emelia's quest makes her decent, but she's probably 
    not worth building in other quests (besides maybe Red's) since it 
    requires going through the majority of a large quest. You can use her, 
    as there's no penalty, but don't expect stellar results. 
    Race: Half-Mystic
    Gender: Female
    Sprite Description: Green hair, pink dress
    Rating: 92/100
    Asellus - This is incredibly difficult. What you have to do is press 
    start, choose new game, choose Asellus as your main, and give her a 
    Emelia - When you infiltrate Trinity's base for the first time, leave 
    the room when you finally have control of your character. Asellus 
    (along with White Rose) will be standing outside. Note that Asellus 
    will replace the character in the last slot (along with White Rose who 
    joins with her) if you had 15 characters already. 
    Red - When the Cygnus is under attack, find Asellus in one of the rooms 
    (along with White Rose), and she will join. Note that she is only 
    temporary though, and leaves when this sequence ends. 
    Comments: Asellus is one of the best characters in the game, no 
    questions asked. She's the only character in the game with a completely 
    unique race (the "Half-mystic"), which is actually a combination of the 
    Human and Mystic Race. In other words, she can learn all techs humans 
    can learn, she has natural stat growth like a human, AND she can absorb 
    monsters to increase her stats and use their abilities. Note, however, 
    that she can only gets those stat boosts in combat after she uses 
    "Mystical Change" in battle (activated by Asellus using one of her 
    Mystic Weapons). She doesn't start off as much, but given time, she can 
    be raised into quite a beast. Not a character to take lightly at all.
    Race: Mec
    Gender: N/A
    Sprite Description: Tin can moving on four little ball things
    Rating: 70/100
    Red - When Cygnus is under attack, find it in one of the rooms. It will 
    join instantly.
    Comments: BJ&K is quite helpful in Red's quest for the early game, when 
    he doesn't have many characters to work with, and could use some strong 
    back up (especially since he can transform into Alkaiser with Mecs in 
    the party). Beyond that, he's a solid Mec overall, with the unique Med 
    Kit ability to heal your non Mec friends. Overall, a solid Mec, and a 
    decent character, for all that better choices exist. 
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Sprite Description: Long blond hair, blue clothes
    Rating: 100/100
    Blue - Start the game, and…well, yeah, do the math <_<;
    Comments: Blue is ridiculous. He starts the game off fairly standard, 
    but after one part of the game, his stats (the relevant ones) skyrocket 
    to hell, and he gets almost every magic Gift in the game, breaking the 
    very balance of it. The variety he has is ridiculous, and then there's 
    the little Overdrive + Stasis Rune combo which makes losing boss fights 
    damn near impossible. All in all, the best PC in the game, quite 
    Captain Hamilton
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Sprite Description: Greenish-grey clothes, blonde hair
    Rating: 60/100
    Lute - Go to Owmi and talk to her in the bar. Then go to the port and 
    head to Nelson. The game will shift to you being on her ship. Head to 
    the captain's room and speak to her, and she will join.
    NOTE: Speaking to her does NOT require continuing the plot; you can 
    still get off her boat after having her join by speaking to the 
    Comments: Captain Hamilton has good starting stats, and comes with the 
    ability "Two Gun," which is always nice. She's otherwise a very generic 
    human with nothing special about her who is available in only one 
    Race: Monster
    Gender: N/A
    Sprite Description: Purple and white fur with green, tentacle-like 
    things coming out of it
    Rating: 2.5/10
    All quests - In the Bio Lab at Shrike, find the experiment room. You 
    will immediately engage in a fight, and once you win it, Cotton will 
    Comments: Cotton is an utterly generic monster with nothing that stands 
    out. Not a character I'd really bother getting, unless you want an 
    easy-to-get monster in quests where you can't get Riki and don't want 
    to start the Rune quest. 
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Sprite Description: A woman with light purple hair and purple clothing
    Rating: 72/100
    Red - In Shingrow, on your second visit, you'll find her standing in 
    one of the rooms. Speak to her and agree to help her find her brother 
    and she'll join.
    Comments: Doll is a human who starts with mystic magic, which is quite 
    an odd combination. Regardless, she has excellent tech learning rates 
    all around, and due to that, stands out compared to most other humans. 
    It’s a pity she's only in one quest, but she's worth using regardless.
    Dr. Nusakan
    Race: Mystic
    Gender: Male
    Sprite Description: Pale with long black hair and a white lab coat
    Rating: 83/100
    Blue - Get the Rune Stones from Devin and then head to Koorong and find 
    his lab in the bottom pathway to the alley (the first area of the 
    Koorong dungeons). Talk to the head, and you'll be able to enter the 
    room. Talk to Nusakan to have him join.
    Riki - Go to the billionaire's house in Yorkland and fight the demon. 
    After the fight, Mei-Ling will tell you of a doctor in Koorong. Head 
    back there, and find him in his office and he'll join.
    Comments: Nusakan is one of the best Mystics around. In a sense, he 
    feels like compensation for Blue and Riki not being able to get 
    Timelord, but that's another story altogether. A few main things make 
    Nusakan stand out though. First, he comes with Arcane spells, including 
    Death - a Gift spell - despite him not having the Gift. Next, he has 
    Mystic Wear as a fixed equip, not Mystic Mail like most other mystics. 
    This means he can use Armors and Suits but can't change his Shirt class 
    armors. This is more advantageous than it seems at first, since the 
    Mystic Wear has excellent elemental defenses, and can be as an item in 
    combat to restore HP to any party member, as many times as you want. So 
    he gets a very good shirt that’s unique to him, and doesn’t have to use 
    the (very bad) Mystic Mail. In turn, that frees him up to use the 
    game’s good body armor and suits, which no other Mystic can. He’s 
    definitely one of the best mystics in the game, and one of the best 
    characters overall. You should at least consider using him when you 
    play Riki and Blue's quests.
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Sprite Description: Long blonde hair, green and blue clothing
    Rating: 75/100
    Emelia - No comment…
    All other Quests - Start the Arcane quest and head to Baccarat. Find 
    the blue bunny girl with blonde hair. Speak to her, and you'll be 
    forced to follow a gnome. After following him to the parking lot, try 
    to enter the manhole nearby. She’ll stop you. Talk to her again and 
    she’ll join. 
    Comments: Emelia is a respectable human whose main advantage is that 
    she's in every quest, so she's typically a good choice to use anywhere. 
    While she starts with guns, she isn't half bad with swords or fists 
    either. In her own quest, she'll be able to change costumes, which 
    effectively change her tech learning rates to match those of another 
    character (Which costume does what will be covered later), so it’s nice 
    if you want her to specialize in a specific weapon class in her own 
    quest. While standout character, she's defiantly not a bad one either, 
    and being accessible in every quest means she's always an option worth 
    Race: Mec
    Gender: N/A
    Sprite Description: Car-like robot with two guns on the front
    Ranking: 50/100
    All Quests - Go to Shrike and talk to it with any cec in your team, and 
    it'll join instantly
    NOTE: Asellus and Emelia cannot get any cecs in their quests, and thus 
    cannot get EngineerCar.
    Comments:  EngineerCar does a nice job of helping you tank out the 
    early game – it’s easy to get quickly, and like most mecs, it’s easy to 
    build him up with readily available equipment. Otherwise, it's hardly 
    an impressive mec. There’s no harm in getting him for the early game, 
    though, and he could end up actually decent if you put enough time into 
    him, but there's usually much better options around. He does have some 
    use in a two-Mec party, since his RepairPack lets you heal other Mecs 
    as many times as you want.
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Sprite Description: Bald with a black braid, wearing a green gi
    Ranking: 43/100
    Riki - After you get to Koorong, try to go to any dungeon you desire, 
    and you'll get swallowed by Tanzer. You'll eventually meet up with Fei-
    On in a plot sequence. Follow him to his "town,” talk to him in his 
    room and let him join.
    All other quests - After you get one Rune from the Rune quest, get on 
    your ship and go anywhere; you'll be swallowed by Tanzer. After a plot 
    scene, you'll be forced to follow him to his "town" where you talk to 
    him and agree to let him join.
    NOTE: Blue cannot get Fei-on to join, so don't try. 
    Comments: Fei-on is an unimpressive human. His main schtick is being a 
    good fist fighter, but even then he's not that special. He starts with 
    decent stats, and a few skills, but there's one major flaw; he doesn't 
    learn DSC (the ultimate fist technique) all that easily. Given that DSC 
    is one of the main reasons to even consider using fist fighters, it 
    knocks his usefulness down quite a bit. If you want a good fist 
    fighter, stick with Liza or Fuse.
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Sprite Description: Long blond hair, greenish-black uniform
    Fuse: 77/100
    All Quests - Start the Arcane quest, and head to IRPO. Talk to the 
    woman at the desk and you'll be sent to the Mosperiburg Mountain, where 
    Fuse will join temporarily. If you leave the mountain before finishing 
    his quest (he wants you to find a flower…don’t ask), he’ll leave your 
    party. Once the quest is complete, he's yours for keeps.
    Red's Alternative – Fuse joins temporarily for the part of the game 
    where the Cygnus is under attack. He can be gained permanently simply 
    by speaking to him in Manhattan later in the game. Note that getting 
    him this way means you won't get to go to Mosperiburg Mountain. While 
    you can still complete the Arcane quest (Fuse will just give you the 
    card you need, no questions asked), you can't get the secret stuff on 
    the mountain; that means giving up the character "Suzaku" and a fight 
    with two optional dragons (and gaining the treasure they guard). 
    Comments: Fuse is one of the best fist fighters in the game. He starts 
    with the Mind Magic gift and a few spells, and one of those spells is 
    Awakening (a gift spell that can be a slight pain to get, so he gets a 
    great boost over most other physical fighters. He also comes with some 
    nice martial-arts techniques. If it’s not obvious, Fuse is a fist 
    fighter (you'd expect a cop to use guns, granted), and he's one of the 
    best in the game. He learns most fist moves, including all the DSC 
    moves, fairly fast, which is really nice. He’s a solid PC who you can 
    get in every quest, and an excellent choice if you want a fist fighter.
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Sprite Description: Tan skin, white bandana, brown hair, brown pants, 
    and a white shirt
    Rating: 75/100
    Riki - When you get to Scrap early in the game, talk to Gen and then 
    try to leave; he'll force himself into your team.
    T260G - Joins through a forced plot event early in the game
    All other quests - Start the Arcane quest, and talk to the skeleton in 
    Koorong who normally talks about the guy who used a pipe like a sword 
    (he sits near the man who buys leather, and the in the same screen as 
    the entrance to the inn.)  Head to Scrap, and find Gen in the bar. 
    Speak to him and he'll join.
    Comments: Gen is quite possibly the best of all the swordfighters in 
    SaGa Frontier. He learns almost every sword tech fast, and he comes 
    with a bunch of useful skills. As an added bonus, he doesn't make a 
    half bad fist fighter either, for all that he probably should stick 
    with swords. He's easy to get in every quest (and joins very early in 
    T260G and Riki's), so he's always an option. Overall, if you want a 
    solid good swordsman, Gen should be your first choice.
    Race: Mystic
    Gender: Male
    Sprite Description: Green Hair, pale skin, purple robe
    Rating: 45/100
    Asellus – Nominally joins early in the game (meaning he's in your team, 
    but you can't use him in any battles), but leaves after a while. He’ll 
    join permanently later on in a forced plot event after you beat Lion 
    Comments:  Ildon comes in with a bang, so to speak. He has overall the 
    best stats of any Mystic, and comes with a few monsters already 
    absorbed (most Mystics come with none), so his stats are quite high 
    when you first get him. His downside?  That's all he has. This makes 
    him really just a normal Mystic with better stats than most, which, for 
    a Mystic, isn't worth much. Use him if you want to, since there's no 
    penalty, but there's better options available, especially for Mystics 
    in the quest you can get him (Mesarthim, Timelord, and Zozma all come 
    to mind…)
    Race: Monster
    Gender: N/A
    Sprite Description: Just imagine a poodle spliced with a flower and a 
    Rating: 50/100
    All quests - Finish either the Arcane or Rune quest, and get either the 
    Shadow or Light gift. Then, go to Devin and talk to the woman who tells 
    you about Time and Space magic. Ask about Space magic and you'll be 
    warped to Kylin's world. Complete his maze, and then ask him to join.
    NOTE: Blue cannot get Kylin to join under any circumstances. If he goes 
    to Kylin’s world, he will fight Kylin and learn his Space magic.
    NOTE 2: If Asellus recruits Kylin, she cannot recruit Rei later in the 
    Comments: Kylin is probably the single best monster in the game. While 
    most monsters require work to be good in combat, Kylin comes in with 
    what can already be considered an ultimate form, and it’s a form that's 
    completely unique to him to boot. He also is noteworthy because he 
    comes with every Space spell (especially noteworthy since no monster 
    can learn any magic, ever, so him just having magic, let alone the 
    gift, says a lot.)  Compared to other races he's not that great, 
    though; for starters, getting him means you can't buy Space Magic from 
    him for your other party members, and the gift spells of Space magic 
    aren't really that good, so there's no real reason to get him unless 
    you like monsters. Overall, he’s not a character I'd really consider 
    unless you desperately need the instant fire power (for instance, in 
    Riki’s quest).
    Race: Mec
    Gender: Male (well, sort of)
    Sprite Description: Yellow Robot with what seems to have a human face 
    painted on
    Rating: 65/100
    T260G - After completing the section of the plot that requires going to 
    Shingrow, return to his lab and speak to him, and he'll join.
    Comments: Leonard is a solid Mec. He gets a few nice skills, has the 
    usual easily-boosted stats of a Mec, and has only 3 fixed equips, which 
    means he's quite flexible by Mec standards. He's only usable in one 
    quest, though, and you get a lot of Mecs in that one, so he's not that 
    special in that regard. He also joins pretty late, while the other Mecs 
    can be recruited early, further hurting his use. A decent character, 
    all things considered, but wouldn't go as far as to call him great. He 
    does have the ability to restore other Mecs’ WP for free, which can be 
    extremely helpful in the long boss battles T260G has to deal with from 
    time to time.
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Sprite Description: Purple hair and a red blouse
    Rating: 77/100
    Blue - Start the Rune quest, and recruit Roufas. Then head back to the 
    restaurant in Koorong and speak to Liza and she will join
    Emelia - Liza will join temporarily in the beginning, and then be 
    forced into your team at certain plot events. To get her to join 
    permanently outside of those events, talk to her in the restaurant in 
    Koorong at any time.
    Red - After Annie joins you and takes you to Shuzer's base, go back to 
    the restaurant in Koorong and you'll have the option of choosing 
    between Roufas and Liza. Choose Liza to have her join. 
    NOTE: Red can still get Roufas to join even if you don't choose him 
    here, whereas this is his only chance to get Liza.
    Comments: Liza is the fist user’s answer to Gen. She starts with a nice 
    selection of fist techniques, and learns new ones like mad. She even 
    learns DSC easily. If you want a fist user, and are playing Red, Emelia 
    or Blue's quest, Liza is defiantly someone to consider, since it's hard 
    to find a better fist user (Fuse is probably the closest substitute). 
    Plus she's only available in a few quests, so you might as well take 
    advantage of her.  
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Sprite Description: Blue hair, red and white striped pants, and a lute 
    on his back…and a weird little hat.
    Rating: 35/100
    Lute - No, you can't get him in his own quest. I'm sorry, it’s not 
    T260G – When you go to Scrap, speak to him in the pub and proceed to 
    the factory. Enter the bottom door there, fight some monsters, and 
    he’ll join.
    All other quests - Speak to him in the bar in Scrap, and he'll join. 
    Comments: Lute is one of the worse humans in the game, if not the 
    outright worst. His starting stats are atrocious, he comes with no 
    skills but Stun Slash, and his starting equipment is very basic. He has 
    good tech learning rates, to be fair, but otherwise is not a very good 
    character at all, since while he's good at learning most things, 
    there's always a handful of people who are better - Gen with Swords, 
    Liza and Fuse with fists, etc. – he can become pretty good at just 
    about anything, with enough work, but without a lot of luck he won’t be 
    better than “pretty good.”  My advice is don't use Lute unless you just 
    need to fill an empty character slot.
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Sprite Description: Purple hair, black and red clothing
    Rating: 70/100
    Riki - She joins automatically in Scrap’s pub, before the quest’s first 
    NOTE: In Riki’s quest, Mei-Ling will leave you literally right before 
    the final battle. If she was in your party at this point, you will have 
    to face Riki’s final boss with only four characters. THIS IS BAD.
    All other quests - Speak to her in Scrap's pub and tell her your story, 
    and she'll join.
    NOTE: Red and Asellus cannot get Mei-Ling to join under any 
    Comments: Mei-Ling is a standard human and decent in most ways. Her 
    starting stats aren't much, but she's easy to get and learns techs 
    pretty well. She comes with a few Light Magic spells learned, too. Not 
    a bad human to consider, especially since you can get her very early in 
    the game, but she's not all that special either, and considering the 
    stunt she pulls in Riki's quest, she's a complete waste of time to 
    build up in that quest – pretty ironic, since she’s second only to Riki 
    in importance to the plot. 
    Race: Mystic
    Gender: Female
    Sprite Description: A mermaid, I think that should be enough. No? Fine. 
    Blue fish's tail, grey skin, and white hair, and completely topless. 
    Rating: 85/100
    All Quests (except T260G) - Find her in the Lord's Manor basement, and 
    talk to her with a Mystic in your team.
    NOTE: Asellus does count as a Mystic in this case, but Silence does not 
    (probably because he doesn't talk; she’ll only join if a Mystic 
    convinces her to)
    NOTE 2: Since T260G cannot recruit any Mystics in his quest, he can’t 
    get Mesarthim either.
    Asellus' Temporary Alternative - Mesarthim will join for a short time 
    in the Lord's Manor basement part of Asellus' introduction, and leave 
    at the end. 
    Comments: Mesarthim is one of the best Mystics in the game, and the 
    only Mystic besides Dr. Nusakan who is not forced to use the terrible 
    Mystic Mail. Instead, she has the MellowRing locked on. It’s a standard 
    accessory, meaning she has full range of equips, and it grants her 
    permanent water immunity (she's a freaking mermaid, of course she'll be 
    immune).  If that's not enough, Mesarthim also comes with the Rune Gift 
    automatically obtained (kind of a blessing and a curse, since it means 
    you won't have to go through that quest, but she also can't get Arcane 
    Magic if you want to give it to her), which is a nice bonus. Oddly 
    enough, what makes her REALLY stand out is one of her two unique 
    abilities; Liferain. At a cost of 1 LP, she can pretty much fully heal 
    your entire team, making her easily the game's best healer. All in all, 
    she's defiantly worth using if you want a Mystic, or if you just want a 
    good character in general. I’m not sure what's scarier: how good a 
    character she is, or the fact that she's not even the best Mystic in 
    the game.
    Race: Mec
    Gender: N/A
    Sprite Description: Looks like a green box on yellow legs.
    Rating: 42/100
    T260G - Talk to him in the shop where you can get Hyper Blasters in 
    Koorong after Leonard joins. Note that once you do this, you can't 
    access this shop again.
    Comments: A mediocre Mec. He has no skills that stand out, no really 
    special equipment, average stats, and only four equipment slots to work 
    with. What’s worse, getting him means you can't buy any more Hyper 
    Blasters for your precious Mecs in T260G's quest either, and it’s the 
    most Mec-heavy of the quests. I wouldn’t recommend recruiting him 
    unless you really want another Mec.
    Race: Mec
    Gender: N/A
    Sprite Description: A flying ball, basically
    Rating: 70/100
    Red - Find him in Kyo and speak to him
    Comments: Rabbit is a solid mec, all things considered. Satelite Linker 
    is his main quirk, and it gives him some good, if tough to set up, 
    damage. His equipment flexibility is fairly standard for a mec, with 
    five open slots, for whatever that's worth. Mind, he's only available 
    in one story, but if you happen to be playing that story, Rabbit 
    certainly isn't a bad option.
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Sprite Description: Light blue hair, white shirt, red pants
    Rating: 92/100
    Red – Guess.
    Comments: Red is a fairly good human all around, skilled with swords, 
    guns, and fists. However, that's not what makes him stand out. Red has 
    the unique ability “Alkaiser Change,” which he can use, for free, only  
    when all his allies are some combination of dead, blinded, messed 
    (confused), or mecs (since mecs have no personalities). That ability 
    turns him into the masked superhero Alkaiser, with a whole range of new 
    abilities and massively increased statistics – including HP! He’s also 
    fully healed by the transformation. Unfortunately, once you get a full 
    party it’s pretty tough to manipulate things so Red can transform, but 
    when you’re lucky – or when the plot forces Red to transform, which 
    happens every so often – Alkaiser is a powerhouse. The one downside is 
    that Red gains no stat points after battle if he transforms, so it’s 
    not a good idea to use the Change against weak enemies. 
    Race: Mystic
    Gender: Female
    Sprite Description: Purple hair, yellow shirt, pink pants
    Rating: 40/100
    Asellus - While in Chateu Aguille, in the beginning of the game, go to 
    her room with White Rose but NOT Ildon, and White Rose will explain a 
    bit about Rei. Later, before White Rose leaves, go to Devin, and speak 
    to the woman standing in front of the temple. After White Rose leaves, 
    go back and talk to her, and Rei should join.
    Comments: Rei could have been half decent if she only joined earlier. 
    As it stands though?  She joins with HP you'd expect from someone who 
    joins at the beginning of the quest (yes, that bad), no absorbed 
    enemies, and next to no WP. Her stats aren't all that special either, 
    outside of her excellent INT. She does have unique magic in Mirage 
    Magic, but it’s basically just Phantasm Shot split into 5 different 
    spells, allowing her to control which status she hits enemies with and 
    that's really all she has going for her. I personally would stay away 
    from her; the rewards you get are just not worth the hassle, and she 
    requires quite a bit of training to get up to par.
    Race: Monster
    Gender: N/A
    Sprite Description: Looks like a little kid with Green Hair, and a 
    Rating: 20/100
    Riki - *whistles nonchalantly*
    All other quests - Speak to him in Scrap's pub and tell him  your 
    story, and he'll join.
    NOTE: Red and Asellus cannot get Riki to join under any circumstance. 
    Comments: Riki is a generic Monster. He also has the WORST starting 
    form of any monster in the game, statistically speaking. The main thing 
    going for him is that he starts with the skill "Tail Hit," which is 
    required to get the Black Dragon form (arguably the best generic form 
    of any monster) but beyond that, he's not much. He's a fairly big 
    liability in his own quest with the low LP that most monsters tend to 
    have, as well as just being unimpressive before he turns into one of 
    the late-game forms. In other quests, there are usually monsters that 
    have better starting forms, so it’s probably better to just use one of 
    them. If you’re dead-set on turning somebody into the Black Dragon, 
    though, Riki’s your guy.
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Sprite Description: Blackish-green suit, blond hair, and sunglasses
    Rating: 70/100
    Blue - Start the Rune quest, and then find Roufas in Mu's Tomb. Talk to 
    him and he’ll join.
    Emelia - Roufas will join temporarily from time to time in different 
    parts of her quest. To have him join permanently, talk to him in Mu's 
    Tomb at any point in the game.
    Lute - Start the Rune quest, and then find Roufas in Mu's Tomb. Talk to 
    him and he’ll join.
    Red - Roufas can join temporarily when the Cygnus is under attack if 
    you talk to him in his luxury suite on the top floor of the ship. To 
    have him join permanently, you can either speak to him in Mu's Tomb, or 
    enlist him (instead of Liza) after taking care of the BlackX base that 
    requires getting Annie. I recommend that you go to Mu's Tomb, as that 
    way, you can still get Liza, since you can’t get her any other way.
    Comments: Roufas makes a fine gunner and a solid swordsman. He comes 
    with good skills for both, along with the gift for Mind Magic. That 
    means he can fit into most offensive strategies from the get-go, so 
    he's good for filling a hole in your party as a mage or a fighter. His 
    starting stats are also pretty good by human standards, which doesn't 
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Sprite Description: White hair, pale skin, red jumpsuit.
    Rating: 80/100
    Blue - Lose the duel with Rouge, and Rouge will replace Blue as your 
    main character.
    NOTE: Rouge does keep all of Blue's stats and spells, but he doesn't 
    retain Blue's LP loss (GOOD THING), or his non-magic skills (bad 
    thing). Just thought I'd throw this out.
    All other quests - Talk to Rouge in Luminous and he will join. Note 
    that once Rouge joins, do NOT go to Magic Kingdom or he will leave, and 
    go to a randomly chosen town, where you will have to find him to 
    recruit him again.
    Note: T260G and Riki cannot get Rouge under any circumstances.
    Comments: Rouge is, simply put, the best human mage in the game, period 
    (except for Blue, but he doesn't count). If you want a mage, Rouge is a 
    very good choice, especially if you don't like Mystics. What's more, 
    Rouge makes an excellent gunner, and the stat boosts from guns are very 
    useful for spellcasting. For some unknown reason, he makes an oddly 
    good fist user, although generally it’s not worth giving up his magic. 
    It doesn't hurt that Rouge is one of the easiest characters to get, 
    even though you can't go back to Magic Kingdom afterwards (not that 
    much is there anyway), and he's one of the only two characters to have 
    the Gift of Realm magic, to boot. 
    Race: Monster
    Gender: Male
    Sprite Description: A skeleton with a red cape
    Rating: 5/100
    Riki - Complete the trials in Sei's Tomb, and talk to Sei to get his 
    Ring. Sei will join automatically.
    All other quests - Complete the trials of Sei's Tomb, and then talk to 
    Sei. You will be forced to fight him. After you win, you will have the 
    choice of taking the sword Kusanagi or letting Sei join. Choose the 
    latter (obviously) and he’ll join.
    Comments: Sei is possibly the worst character in the game, period. For 
    starters, he's a monster, and while his starting form is relatively 
    good, it’s nothing to brag about, especially since by the time you’re 
    strong enough to beat him you should be able to train monsters to be 
    much stronger than Sei. What's worse is he requires you to give up some 
    very nifty items just to recruit him – the three treasures scattered in 
    Sei’s Tomb are useful, and the Kusanagi is one of the game’s best 
    swords. I definitely would NOT use him, especially since being a 
    monster with no particularly good starting skills makes him utterly 
    generic, and thus replaceable by any other monster.
    Race: Mystic
    Gender: Male
    Sprite Description: Orange hair, brown suit
    Rating: 30/100
    All Quests - Go to Luminous and talk to Omble to begin the quest for 
    the Dark Gift. Find Silence’s his shadow in the first room. After 
    completing this dungeon, speak to Silence – he’s standing right outside 
    in the same room the person who sent you to Omble is in - and he will 
    Note: T260G and Riki cannot get Silence under any circumstance.
    Comments: Silence is, simply put, the worst Mystic in the game. To be 
    blunt, take Ildon, and remove his awesome stats, and make him a bit 
    more universal. Silence himself might not be that bad, besides being 
    the most generic Mystic in the game by far, but there are some things 
    that put him below the others. First off, he's the only Mystic in the 
    game who cannot recruit Mesarthim. Next, he forces your main character 
    to get the Dark Magic Gift, which means you not only can't give the 
    generally-superior Light Magic to your main characters (if you wanted 
    to), but you can't give the Dark Gift to anyone who joins later (like 
    Timelord, someone who really benefits from Dark spells). All in all, 
    just avoid Silence; he's usable, but not worth it by any stretch.
    Race: Monster
    Gender: N/A
    Sprite Description: A grey puddle of…umm…Slime?
    Rating: 17/100
    All Quests - Start the Rune quest and find one rune. The next time you 
    travel between cities, you will end up in Tanzer. When you finish this 
    dungeon, Slime will join automatically at the end, with no message that 
    it does. I'm not kidding - it literally just appears in your character 
    screen with no warning.
    Note: Riki cannot get Slime to join under any circumstances.
    Comments: All things considered, Slime is just a variation of Riki, 
    with slightly better starting stats, and no Tail Hit. Something tells 
    me that's a losing trade…which is sad since there wasn't much to lose 
    to begin with. I'd stay away from Slime, if I were you.
    Race: Monster
    Gender: N/A
    Sprite Description: A firebird
    Rating: 27/100
    All Quests - Start the Arcane quest, and go to IRPO. Talk to the 
    receptionist and you will be sent to Mosperiburg Mountain. On this 
    mountain, in the area with three wild boars, you may sometimes find a 
    snowman at the bottom of the screen (if it’s to the left, it’s a fake).  
    If he's not there, go back to the first area and fight the fairy 
    floating around there. Keep coming back to the snowfield and trying 
    again until the snowman appears, and then fight it. Beat it and then 
    find Suzaku in one of the ice-covered rooms in the cave and it should 
    Comments: Suzaku is an obscure monster who’s a pain in the ass to get, 
    and not really worth the rewards either. Sure, his starting form is 
    impressive as starting forms go, at least stastically, and it is unique 
    to boot (yes, other monsters can get the Suzaku class, but this version 
    is special and unique). Unfortunately, this version has bad starting 
    skills, and learning new ones will eventually force Suzaku to change to 
    another form. Once he does, he can’t go back to his original one, 
    making that "quirk" little more than a novelty. I'd personally not 
    bother with Suzaku, as it's not worth the effort.
    Race: Mec
    Gender: N/A
    Sprite Description: A trashcan with a head and arms
    Rating: 90/100
    Blue - Talk to T260G in the bar in Scrap, and it will join.
    Lute - Talk to T260G in the bar in Scrap, and it will join.
    Riki - T260G will join automatically early on through a plot sequence 
    in Scrap.
    T260G - I'll let you figure this one out on your own.
    Comments: T260G, not surprisingly, is the best Mec in the game. In its 
    own story, T260G can take on the form of any other Mec you choose, 
    getting all their special equipment, their stats, their weapons, and 
    even learning their unique skills (which can transfer to other forms, 
    letting you pick just about any Mec skill you want for T260G). 
    Furthermore, at the end of the game, it can unlock an extra unique body 
    called "Omega" which has amazing stats and the amazing "V-MAX" skill. 
    That skill increases T260G's stats incredibly, and allows it to use 
    Cosmic Rave, one of the most powerful attacks in the game. The only 
    downside is that after six turns of V-MAX, T260G is hit with V-END, 
    which weakens it tremendously. Outside of its quest, T260G is a Mec 
    with *seven* open equipment slots, more than any other Mec – in short, 
    you can throw more stat-boosting items onto T260G than any other robot, 
    and for that reason alone it’s a great character. It doesn't hurt that 
    its skill draw is quite impressive too. Definitely a worthwhile 
    character, especially in its own story.
    Race: Mystic
    Gender: Male
    Sprite Description: White-grey hair, red suit
    Rating: 99/100
    Red, Emelia, Asellus and Lute’s quests - Complete either the Arcane or 
    Rune quest, and get either the Light or Dark Gift. Go to Mosperiburg 
    and ask Virgil (the androgynous person in the throne room) about Time 
    Magic. He will send you to Timelord's domain. There, examine the broken 
    hourglass, then leave and talk to Virgil again. He will send you to 
    Facinataru. Go to the shop, and buy a Sand Vessel – be warned, your 
    main character will have to pay for it by losing a point of *maximum* 
    LP. Then head back to Virgil, and he will send you back to Timelord's 
    domain. Gather the spilled sand by the hourglass, and then go around to 
    the top and examine it. Time will start again, and you can head to the 
    end of the area to find Timelord himself and speak to him. He will 
    offer to sell you Time magic or join your team, as you choose.
    Note: In Asellus' quest, you must get the Sand Vessel in Facinataru 
    before leaving the first time or you will not be able to re-enter until 
    the end of the game. Other than that, the process continues as normal.
    Note 2: T260G and Riki cannot go to Timelord’s realm at all. Blue can 
    go through the quest as normal, but instead of recruiting Timelord he 
    will fight him.
    Comments: As far as I’m concerned, Timelord is the only character in 
    the game other than the seven mains who manages to hit the top tier – 
    hell, he’s arguably the best character in the game. His main skill that 
    he’s the only character – aside from Rouge and Blue in Blue’s quest – 
    who can use the Gift of Time, and that is an amazing set of skills. And 
    if you do the Arcane and Light quests before recruiting him, you can go 
    back and teach him Dark and Rune magic, getting him the same set of 
    spells – ShadowServant, StasisRune and Overdrive – that make Blue so 
    amazingly powerful in his own quest. Basically, in the four quests 
    where he’s available, Timelord is a must-have. The only exception would 
    be if you like making life harder on yourself, or you pity the game.
    Race: Monster
    Gender: N/A
    Sprite Description: Giant orange ape with black shorts
    Ranking: 35/100
    All quests - Find him in Yorkland and talk to him with Lute in your 
    Note: In Lute's quest, you will have to leave Yorkland and return 
    before you can recruit Thunder.
    Comments: Thunder is another standard monster. While his starting form 
    isn't much, he starts the game just one skill away from becoming the 
    very strong Trisaur. One of his early moves, Ground Hit, is fairly 
    strong to boot. This ends up making Thunder one of the better monsters 
    in the game (probably second-best overall, after Kylin), although he’ll 
    get steadily worse a sthe game goes on and your humans, Mystics and 
    mecs get stronger than he is. He's good for filling up a slot early, 
    but it’s probably better to ditch him for someone else later on.
    Race: Monster
    Gender: N/A
    Sprite Description: …A Red turnip with a face on it…
    Rating: 15/100
    Asellus' quest - When you get to the Dark Labyrinth, talk to him before 
    you finish it. Once you finish that dungeon, Turnip will join.
    Comments: Turnip is…well, Slime with better stats (isn’t that 
    amazing?), but it joins much, much later. So much so that by the time 
    you can get him, he’s useless. Unless you really like the idea of a 
    turnip as a death machine (not that he really has potential to be one), 
    I suggest you ignore him.
    White Rose
    Race: Mystic
    Gender: Female
    Sprite Description: Brown hair, with a white rose hat and a blue dress.
    Rating: 50/100
    Asellus' Quest - Joins automatically early on. She will leave 
    permanently after the Dark Labyrinth section of the game.
    Emelia - When you infiltrate Trinity's base for the first time, leave 
    the room when you finally have control of your character. White Rose 
    (along with Asellus) will be standing outside. Note that if you already 
    have 15 characters, White Rose and Asellus will replace the last two  
    in the list.
    Red - Joins temporarily (along with Asellus) when the Cygnus is under 
    attack. They will leave permanently after this sequence.
    Comments: White Rose is an excellent character early in any of the 
    quests where she joins, mostly because she comes with a few Light 
    spells learned. She’s particularly good for Flash Fire, which is cheap, 
    effective multi-target damage early on. Unfortunately, as the game goes 
    on she doesn’t keep up with the rest of your party, and eventually 
    becomes one of the worst Mystics you’ll get. It also hurts that you 
    can't really raise her seriously in Asellus' quest since she's going to 
    leave permanently. If you're playing Emelia's quest, use her if you 
    want to, but again, note that there are likely better options 
    Race: Mec
    Gender: N/A
    Sprite Description: Looks like a miniature jet
    Rating: 68/100
    T260G - Find the robotic mouse in Sei's Tomb and bring it back to 
    Nakajima Robotics. They will let ZEKE join you from there.
    Comments: ZEKE is a solid mec, all things considered. No real flaws, 
    and its main quirk, Kamikaze Crush, despite the fact that it drains one 
    LP every time you use it, isn't half bad – especially since mecs have 
    huge LP totals. Not exactly what I'd call "the best" or anything close 
    to it, but it's certainly not bad.
    Race: Mystic
    Gender: Male
    Sprite Description: Red hair that looks a lot like Akuma's from Street 
    Fighter, with a tan-ish suit.
    Rating: 80/100
    Asellus - Get the sequence with Zozma in Asellus' room early on in 
    Facinataru. He will automatically join after the Dark Labyrinth 
    Emelia – In Trinity's Base, search for a soldier in a room who is under 
    attack. If you recruited Asellus and White Rose, rescue him and he will 
    reveal that he's really Zozma, and join you.
    Comments: Zozma is at first glance a standard Mystic. His stats aren't 
    that special, and he only comes with a few extra spells from the Evil 
    magic school. However, one of those spells is absolutely brutal: Sharp 
    Pain. It casts Stun on all enemies, canceling their actions for the 
    turn, it’s incredibly accurate (easily above 90%), it always goes 
    first…and it only costs 1 JP. With this, random encounters suddenly 
    become a joke, making him good for not only clearing dungeons quickly 
    but making it easy to keep weaker characters alive in battles with 
    high-level enemies, raising their stats faster. An excellent mystic 
    with a unique advantage over just about any character.
    4. Tips for Raising Characters
    I'll be dividing this up by races, since you raise each one more or 
    less totally differently. I won’t talk about specific characters, since 
    that'd take forever. If you're wondering how to raise a particular 
    character, just check the character in the FAQ and it'll tell you what 
    they are good at.
    When raising a human, it’s important to decide ASAP what kind of 
    character you want. Which of the character's stats increase, and how 
    quickly depends primarily on what type of attacks they use in battle. 
    There are four kinds of human abilities: 
    Sword attacks
    Gun attacks
    Fist attacks
    I'll say this now: it is NOT a good idea to raise a character in 
    everything. It’s better to have a few really high stats and the rest 
    mediocre or bad than to be average at everything and extraordinary at 
    nothing. Next off, if you use both magic and physicals, you can't get 
    the “crown” for either of them either of them. Crowning a certain area 
    will yield better growths for that type, along with a one-point 
    decrease in ability costs, so typically, you want to crown if possible. 
    That goes double for magic, since there are some 1 JP spells that are 
    pretty useful through the whole game, and those spells are completely 
    free after the crown bonus.
    Also, note that despite the fact that they certainly look like guns, 
    cannons, lasers, bazookas, etc. don’t count as guns for stat growth or 
    tech learning. They give only HP and WP growth (possibly Charm too), 
    and can't learn techs. Other than losing a slot you could use on 
    another weapon or shield or something, there's no real downside to 
    using one of them as a supplement to another weapon. Just don't be 
    surprised if you're relying on them and you don't get any stats.
    Anyway, you should generally pick one skill set per character and stick 
    to it. If you want to raise a character in two sets, I'd normally 
    recommend against it. There are pairs whose stat boosts work well 
    together, but you’re better off geting used to SaGa's battle system 
    first, and waiting for your second playthrough to build a dual-type 
    character.  If you must dual raise, I suggest guns and magic, or swords 
    and fists, for reasons I'll explain later.
    In any event, onto the advantages and disadvantages of each raising 
    Note: When I note characters are good at something, this does not mean 
    ONLY these characters are good at it; it’s an example of a few good 
    characters good to raise that way.
    Swords have the closest thing to a "balanced" skill set in SaGa.  
    They'll get good strength and vitality, a nice supply of WP, and 
    moderate growth in all other stats. Swords tend to be balanced for what 
    skills they'll learn. They have lots of single-target damage, some stun 
    moves, an instant death attack, some multi-target and area-of-effect 
    damage, and even a few defensive moves. Raising a character with swords 
    is often a good idea if you want them to cover several areas in combat.
    Swords have two sub-categories with attacks you can only get in certain 
    ways.  The first is double-sword skills.  If you have two swords 
    equipped at once, they can learn moves that use both of them, like 
    Cross-Deflect and 2GaleSlash.  They can only use those moves with two 
    swords, of course. Also, bear in mind that the strength of the attack 
    depends only on the weapon you're using the attack with; if you pick 
    2GaleSlash from a LasterKnife’s attack list, it would be a very weak 
    attack, even if your other sword was, say, Lord Heart – the second-best 
    sword in the game and a killing machine. You can equip two-sword skills 
    on a character with one sword, but they can't actually use them – it’s 
    a waste of a skill slot (those skills will still count towards a crown, 
    The other type of unique sword skill is katana techs.  Some weapons are 
    classified as katans; these weapons have a different look for their 
    basic attacks, will raise stats that normal swords don’t, and can learn 
    and use a few moves that normal swords can’t, including as Blizzard and 
    Tres Flores. The game won’t tell you which swords are katanas, though 
    (Aside from the Katana. That’s a katana.).  For a list of all the 
    swords that qualify, check the "Equipment" section of this FAQ; if the 
    weapon is on that list, it can learn/use katana techs.  
    A sword user should equip six skills at once, leaving two slots open 
    for learning stuff. This way, you can learn up to two moves in one 
    battle (not that you necessarily will), and you’ll still always have an 
    active crown, so your learning rate increases a bit, and your skills 
    are cheaper. Of course, if you’re not worried about learning skills, 
    feel free to equip seven or eight.
    Here is a list of some of the better sword techs to try and pick up 
    along the way. I’m not going to mention single-target techs that just 
    deal damage, since those are straightforward enough for you to judge 
    for yourself. 
    Deflect: In any turn where the character attacks with a sword, they 
    have a chance to block any single-target physicals targeted at any of 
    your characters. It’s a useful defensive feature, essentially an evade 
    boost to your whole team at the cost of one skill slot.
    Kasumi: It’s basically an improved Deflect – when it activates (which 
    is random) the character will dodge certain moves (aimed at them only, 
    unlike Deflect) and counter them with a reasonably damaging physical 
    attack. It’s tough to learn, especially since it relies on your enemies 
    doing the “right” thing, but it’s worth considering.
    Deadend: A decently powerful physical attack that randomly causes 
    instant death. Good for gunning down certain annoying enemies (most 
    notably Krakens) if you don't feel you can outslug them.
    Double Slash: Not a strong move, but mentioning it mainly cause if you 
    Crown physicals, it'll cost 0 WP, so you can use it every turn instead 
    of your basic attack. It’s especially useful on weapons like Asura 
    consume WP just to use their normal slashes.
    Wheel Slash: A decent area of effect attack, especially early on. Not 
    much else to say about this.
    Gale Slash: Good multi-target damage throughout the entire game. The 
    damage will taper off compared to the higher-level skills, but it works 
    nicely with combos. If you’re using two swords, it can also lead to 
    2GaleSlash, which is a stronger multi-target attack with the same WP 
    Haze to Wheel: It’s the strongest multi-target sword attack. It’s also 
    learnable only by using Wheel Slash, and the odds aren’t good. Still, 
    it’s a great attack.
    Life Sprinkler: It’s the strongest sword attack, period. It’s also 
    practically undodgeable, meaning it’ll easily hit enemies who use 
    shields or Deflect to cancel physical attacks. If you get this, you 
    have very little reason to get any other single-target sword skills.
    Tres Flores: The katana equivalent of Life Sprinkler. It’s a bit 
    weaker, and doesn’t combo as well, but neither “weakness” is enough to 
    really matter. If you have a strong Katana this is typically a fine 
    substitute for Life Sprinkler.
    Good sword users: Gen, Annie, Red, Lute
    Raising a character under Guns is typically the other main way to go 
    for physicals. Raising them this way, they'll get amazing speed, and 
    excellent Will and Intelligence, but they'll have laughable strength, 
    and their Vitality won't be very stellar either. Gunners also won't get 
    as much WP as Swordsman or Fist users. However, there are several 
    advantages to using Guns. First off, you learn Gun techs by winning 
    battles with a Gun used, having a random chance to learn some skills. 
    Next off, Guns work beautifully with mages, since it boosts the same 
    stats that increase magic damage. It also improves speed, which is one 
    of magic's bigger flaws. Also, gun techs have several support abilities 
    that affect all gun attacks, such as Two Gun (which increases the 
    damage of any Gun attack if you have two guns equipped), or Quick Draw, 
    which lets the character always go first when using a gun. Gun techs 
    are somewhat limited compared to fists, magic, and swords, but they're 
    also cheaper overall, less redundant, and end up being easier to raise. 
    Also, due to a bug, guns will NEVER run out of Ammo (this does NOT 
    apply to cannons and the like, though), unless the gunner uses the 
    Overdrive spell. 
    Here's a list of some good gun techs:
    Bound Shot: Typically the best damage a gun tech can get. It’s 
    especially reliant on stats, since the higher your stats, the more 
    "bounces" the shot will have, and the more damage it does. Combine this 
    with Two Gun for brutal single-target damage that's surprisingly cost 
    efficient too.
    Total Shot: A gunner’s main, if not only, source of multi-target 
    damage. It couldn't hurt to use this.
    Quick Draw: If you use a gun, you go first. Makes things die before 
    they can kill you.
    Two Gun: I'll say this now: gunners aren't worth using unless you get 
    this move. The damage Gunners have will be somewhat disappointing in 
    the late game unless you get Two Gun and equip a second gun. You’ll be 
    able to see the skill working in combat – a character using Two Gun 
    will be shown with a gun in each hand in their “ready” pose. Note that 
    the damage increase isn't quite double – it’s more like 1.8 times the 
    normal damage (a significant increase nonetheless).
    Cross Shot: If you can somehow get your gunner to have good strength, 
    use this instead of Bound Shot. It’s generally not that useful because 
    it does damage based off Strength, which guns don’t boost; most gun 
    attacks use Will to determine damage. If you have high enough Strength, 
    Cross Shot's damage can become ridiculous (my friend said he had it out 
    damaging Life Sprinkler, for example). Typically you won't get a high-
    strength gunner, but it’s something to note if you somehow do. 
    Good gunners: Emelia, Roufas, Rouge, Blue
    I'll be honest; I don't like Fists at all. I personally find them a 
    pretty bad way to raise a character, unless maybe you also raise them 
    with swords for a bit more speed and strength. Fists yield similar 
    boosts as swords (more strength and speed, less on the magic stats), 
    but their techs are far worse. For example, swords give the nifty 
    utility of Deflect as a defensive skill; the fist equivalent is Sway 
    Back, which can't guard your allies and won’t block every kind of 
    physical attack. However, there’s one big advantage they do get: Dream 
    Super Combo, or DSC. It’s one of the strongest (and most expensive) 
    moves in the game, and the huge cost is worth the damage it does. If 
    you want to raise a character purely in fists, your goal should be to 
    teach them DSC. 
    How to learn DSC: Dream Super Combo, by far the strongest pure-damage 
    attack in the game, isn’t learned the way normal techs are. It’s a 
    combination of four weaker attacks – Sliding, Suplex, BabelCrumble, and 
    GiantSwing. When you equip all four of those on a character, that 
    character will also be able to use DSC. The move won’t show up on the 
    status screen, but it will show up as a separate entry in their skill 
    menu in combat, and won’t take up a skill slot (so you can have up to 
    nine skills equipped on that character, instead of just eight). 
    It’s also important to note that the damage for DSC is random. When you 
    use it, your character will hit for anywhere from three to five 
    attacks. Even the three-hit version of DSC is strong, and the five-hit 
    version is absurdly powerful – more than twice as strong as other 
    ultimate moves.
    You'll find a lot of the other Fist techs disappointing, or just 
    inferior clones of sword techs.
    Fist techniques are learned the same way as swords’. Fist users, like 
    sword users, should aim to equip six skills at a time.
    Here is a list of some good fist techs: 
    Kick: It’s more or less the same as Punch, the basic fist attack, 
    except that it can combo, and using it will learn more techs faster. I 
    suggest using this instead of Punch once you get it.
    Air Throw: It’s a decent attack that can stun the target and it’s dirt-
    cheap, if nothing else.
    Sliding: If only because its one of the four DSC techs.
    Babel Crumble: Same as Sliding, basically.
    Giant Swing: See Babel Crumble. Also, it can instantly kill enemies.
    Suplex: The fourth DSC tech, and that’s about it.
    DSC: The strongest physical attack in the game. That should be all I 
    need to say about this move.
    Sky Twister: The highest-damage fist tech, outside of DSC. Use it the 
    same way as you would Life Sprinkler for swords or Bound Shot for guns 
    (Although Sky Twister isn't nearly as strong as either of those).
    Last Shot: An alternative to Sky Twister. Its elemental properties make 
    it stronger against a few enemies due to how SaGa damage works, and it 
    has a rare chance of instant death too. 
    Good Fist Users:  Liza, Fuse, Fei-On
    Magic probably wins the award for worst overall growth among the human 
    abilities. Not that this should discourage you from using it; magic's 
    main advantage over the other means of training characters is that it 
    is the most versatile of the options around. It covers multi-target 
    damage far better and more efficiently than any of the physical techs, 
    and has a bunch of fun effects like stat boosts, healing, status, and 
    Unlike the above methods, you can’t teach a single character all the 
    magic in the game, though. One character can only learn half the spells 
    in SaGa because of the School system. For this reason, when you raise a 
    mage, you should decide which Gifts you want to give them ahead of 
    time, since there's no turning back. A Mage should exist mainly to 
    cover a variety of areas; if you just try to pump pure damage out of 
    them they won’t work as well.
    For the most part, if you want a pure mage, it's usually better to 
    choose a Mystic for the job; you can create a good Mystic mage without 
    harming their stats like you do for humans, and they get all the 
    benefits of using Magic, except that they can’t use the Realm school 
    (all Mystics automatically have the Mystic Gift, which opposes Realm). 
    They can’t get the Gift for Mind magic either, but neither is that big 
    of a deal. One advantage to a human mage does have over a Mystic is 
    that they have more skill slots to work with, so you can be more 
    flexible. However, if you ask me, if you want a human mage, dual raise 
    them with guns; this gives them actual stats (most notably a good speed 
    score), and doesn't hurt the stats magic gives them at all. Also, most 
    humans tend to specialize better in one of the physical types than in 
    Magic, for whatever that's worth.
    Magic is learned two different ways. You can either buy a particular 
    spell outright, or teach a character a Gift. If the character has the 
    gift, they'll randomly learn spells from that school of magic if they 
    use another spell of that school (so casting Arcane spells will let you 
    learn random Arcane spells at the end of battle, but no other type of 
    Good magic spells to look for:
    (The word listed after the spell name in parentheses is the School it’s 
    NOTE: Since magic is such a varied skillset, and there's a lot of 
    useful spells out there, I'm only choosing a handful. The general rule 
    with magic is to try every spell out and see how it works in your 
    NOTE 2: Some of the most powerful spells are for Mystics or specific 
    characters only. I am ignoring them, since this is for general human 
    skills only.
    Mega Wind Blast (Light): Generally the best consistent damage you'll 
    get from a spell, and it's multi-target to boot.
    Awakening (Mind): Boosts your stats tremendously for a few turns. Also 
    doubles JP/WP costs. Typically a useful move, especially for characters 
    with no other way to increase their stats in combat.
    Soul Rune (Rune): Effectively a variation of Awakening, but it makes 
    you lose LP every so often.
    Tower (Arcane): Does damage based on your current JP score; this is 
    especially useful if you also give the character guns; Tower willdeal 
    massive damage, and you’ll still have attacks you can use with no JP. 
    Also, if you have a crown in magic, spells that cost 1 JP, like 
    StarlightHeal, will be usable even if you have no JP remaining.
    Reverse Gravity (Space): A store-bought spell that does oddly good 
    multi-target damage. It’s not quite as good as Mega Wind Blast, but the 
    fact that it’s store-bought makes it arguably more useful, and easier 
    to get quickly too. As an added bonus, this move randomly inflicts 
    Good Mages: Rouge, Doll, Blue
    So…now that you know about raising Humans, you should be able to decide 
    what you want to do with them. I'll get to the unique humans (like Red) 
    later, since it’s hard to apply general principles to them,
    One last note regarding humans:
    In the middle of battle, humans can randomly learn dodge techs 
    regardless of what they are using, as long as they have a free skill 
    slot. Dodge techs will make them immune to certain kinds of attacks – 
    for example, a human with DodgeGaze will always dodge any “Gaze” 
    attack. For the most part, dodge techs aren't worth it; they hit very 
    specific attacks (DodgeGaze evades the highest number of skills, and it 
    only hits four or five), so they tend to be a waste of a skill slot. 
    Unless you’re in a dungeon where a lot of enemies use that kind of 
    attack, I would personally just ditch the dodge tech ASAP.
    Mystics have far fewer options than humans, because they’re based 
    entirely around absorbing monsters. A Mystic has three mystic weapons; 
    Mystic Sword, Mystic Glove, and Mystic Boots. Those weapons are 
    actually more like Skills that cost 0 WP, and are automatically 
    equipped (once they’re learned; it takes a few battles). When a Mystic 
    kills an enemy with one of these weapons, they can absorb it into the 
    weapon (as long as it’s the right kind; bosses, and some non-monster 
    enemies, can’t be absorbed), and they’ll get stat boosts and special 
    abilities based on what enemies are in their weapons at the time. That 
    is the only way they’ll raise most of their stats – HP, WP, JP and 
    Charm may increase at the end of battle like a human’s, but their other 
    stats can only be increased by equipment and absorbing monsters. 
    Typically, the stronger the enemy, the better stats it gives. When you 
    absorb an enemy, its boosts will appear in the status screen in green 
    next to the Mystic’s base stats, the same as equipment bonuses – that’s 
    why Mystics appear to have stupidly high equipment bonuses.
    The only techs a Mystic can learn without absorbing something is magic, 
    which they learn the same way humans do (and they all get the Mystic 
    gift, just for starters). Typically, magic will be a Mystic’s main 
    source of offense, since they generally get higher magic stats than 
    A Mystic's unique skills are learned based on what absorbed enemies 
    they have, and which weapons those enemies are absorbed in. For 
    example, if a Mystic Absorbs a Dullahan into his Mystic Sword, he’ll 
    learn the Griffith Scratch skill. But if he absorbs it with the Glove, 
    he’ll learn Crystalizer, and absorbing it into the Boots will teach 
    Assassinate. So when you absorb a monster, it’s important to plan which 
    weapon you’ll use to kill it, and not just what you are absorbing. And, 
    of course, you can only have one monster per weapon; absorbing 
    something new will “overwrite” whatever was in that weapon before, 
    replacing its stats and skill with those of the new monster. That makes 
    it possible to correct a mistake – say, replacing a super-powerful 
    Suzaku with a Slime – but it also makes it fairly easy to make those 
    mistakes if you’re not paying attention. For this reason, I strongly 
    suggest giving a Mystic at least one normal weapon to use against 
    enemies you don’t want to absorb or spend magic/skills on, even though 
    they won’t gain stats or skills from using it.
    Mystics might not be as complex to raise as humans, but they are 
    arguably harder, especially since they have low HP, JP and WP. The main 
    advantage of using one is that  you get one later, you can get their 
    stats and skills up to par fast, if you're willing to take a bit of 
    extra time that is, so don't worry about late game Mystics too much. 
    Also, note that Mystics will have only 4 open skill slots for magic 
    spells Magic (absorbed skills don’t consume a slot), so they’re not as 
    flexible as humans. As one last comment, all Mystics have a locked 
    defensive equip; for most of them, it’s the Mystic Mail body armor. The 
    exceptions are Dr. Nusakanm who has the Mystic Wear shirt, and 
    Mesarthim, who uses the MellowRing. 
    Noteworthy Mystic Absorptions: 
    Suzaku: The best absorption for raw stats, and it’s not all that hard 
    to get. When these things start appearing (likely in the Bio Lab), I 
    highly suggest absorbing one for each Mystic weapon immediately, even 
    if it’s a bit difficult (do NOT both trying to absorb the one in 
    Mosperiburg, though; it gives the same bonuses as a normal Suzaku but 
    has ten times the HP – it’s just not worth the time). Early on, those 
    stats are worth it. The skills admit aren't much, so use this on a 
    Mystic who has a good selection of Magic to draw from, or some good 
    weapon equipped like the Asura.
    Dullahan: Probably best overall absorption for skills. It has good stat 
    boosts overall, and allows Mystics to learn their highest-damage skill, 
    Griffith Scratch, if it’s absorbed on the Sword. On the Boots, it 
    yields Crystalizer, a moderately accurate petrifying attack useful for 
    random battles, and on the Boots, you get Assassinate, a decent 
    instant-death attack with passable physical damage early on.
    There are other fine absorptions out there, but these two are probably 
    the overall best. If you find ones you like more, by all means use 
    For noteworthy magic…just check the humans, as Mystics are pretty much 
    the same in that regard (except that they can’t use the Mind Gift, so 
    strike Awakening from the list).
    Good Mystics to look out for: Timelord, Mesarthim, Dr. Nusakan, Zozma
    Mecs are probably the least complex race to explain, since all their 
    stats are based entirely on the equipment they use. To raise one, just 
    equip a bunch of stuff, and see what yields stats most to your liking. 
    For weapons, you’ll want to give Mecs the non-gun projectiles, like 
    cannons and lasers. Mecs have high stats, and their better skills are 
    generally hard to get. High-end weapons like the Hyper Blaster or the 
    Hyperion Bazooka deal great damage with no skills, and yield excellent 
    stat boosts, which will push that damage even higher. 
    A mec's stats, including HP, are entirely based off what it has 
    equipped, and can equip any kind of equipment in any slot, with no 
    restrictions – a mec can use six weapons if it wants to, or seven pairs 
    of boots, or a suit and a piece of body armor (or five!). Each mec has 
    a few fixed pieces of equipment that can’t be removed, giving each one 
    a different number of slots to play around with, unique abilities like 
    MedPack and LightVulcan, and slightly different “base” stats (although 
    the difference is usually minor). They also have a set number of skill 
    slots which varies from mec to mec. That number can be increased with 
    “board” accessories, which can also unlock certain high-power skills. 
    All in all, while mecs are totally reliant on equipment, they're also 
    flexible beyond all reason, so take advantage of this. Afterall, two 
    Power Suits means you get double the defensive bonuses, letting you 
    make some really nasty tanks.
    As far as skills go?  Just absorb every single enemy mec in sight – 
    you’ll be prompted to at the end of every fight where you killed at 
    least one robotic foe. Every time a mec absorbs an enemy mec, it has a 
    chance to learn one of its innate skills. The only case not to absorb 
    one is if you are using more than one mec, and only have one to absorb 
    in a fight, since two mecs can’t absorb the same enemy. Even if it 
    doesn’t teach you a new skill, absorbing an enemy refills a mec’s WP, 
    so it’s always a good thing.
    It’s hard to get into much detail about mecs, since their stats are 
    completely customizable and their skills are completely unique. Just 
    say play around with them until you find a setup you like. They're the 
    easiest to work with in that regard, since nothing beyond the way they 
    start is permanent, and they can change on a whim.
    Raising a monster is the polar opposite training up a mec. Mecs can do 
    fine if you just throw good equipment onto them and wait for their 
    skills to show up, but monsters need good skills IMMEDIATELY to become 
    remotely good in combat. The only equipment monsters can use are 
    accessories, which they have four slots for. They’re all totally 
    generic, beyond their starting form, and maybe a unique starting skill 
    here or there (or in Kylin's case, coming with the whole Space Magic 
    set), so there’s really not much to distinguish one monster from 
    another. It’s more a case of using who you feel like.  
    A monster’s stats are based on what form it is currently in, and their 
    forms are based on the skills they know. Each form has certain lists of 
    skills it uses, when a monster learns all of those skills, it will 
    change into that form. All of its stats will change to fit that shape – 
    a frail mage with high JP can easily become a powerhouse physical 
    brawler at the drop of a hat. To get new skills, monsters must absorb 
    other monsters at the end of a battle. Each monster type has a 
    different list of skills it can teach, but you won’t know which one 
    you’ll get until you absorb it. That skill will be placed in the eighth 
    spot on the monster’s skill list, regardless of what was there already. 
    If it was an empty slot, it’ll just be added to the list. If there was 
    a skill there already, you’ll lose it. Make sure to move any skills you 
    want to keep out of the eighth slot! That skill slot will be in red, 
    for extra emphasis. If you already know the ability, you won’t learn it 
    (even if it’s not in the eighth slot). 
    Absorbing a new kind of enemy for the first time will increase a 
    monster’s maximum WP by five, permanently. This is their only permanent 
    stat growth. 
    Some good skills for monsters to get: 
    NOTE: Means of getting these skills to appear in update.
    Magnetic Storm: Excellent multi-target damage for a monster, which is 
    rare since Monsters aren't very good on damage in general.
    Life Rain: Monsters in their better classes tend to be tankish but a 
    bit lacking on damage, so they're better off being used as healers. 
    Naturally, with Life Rain they can heal an entire party rather nicely. 
    They also tend to have low LP, so don’t use this too liberally.
    Monster forms worth noting:
    Means of getting these monsters to appear in an update.
    Black Dragon: Arguably the best form in the game. It’s a great tank 
    with good stats to back it up. Try to get this ASAP. 
    Dullahan: A bit less tanky than a Black Dragon, but has a free Dullahan 
    Shield to compensate, giving them extremely high evasion. The only 
    monster generally agreed to rival a Black Dragon.
    Kylin Jr: This form is Kylin's starting form and it’s a darned good one 
    too. The only monster who can get this is Kylin himself, so I suggest 
    you take don’t change it if you use him.
    Unique Characters
    This is far a few unique characters who deserve "Special" raising 
    Asellus's unique race lets her have the best of both worlds, human and 
    Mystic. Raising her human side is easy enough; just treat her like you 
    would any other human. However, her quest has three endings – “Human,” 
    “Mystic” and “Half-Mystic”, and raising her Mystic half cuts you off 
    from seeing the human ending. 
    Anyway, first, to raise her Mystic side you must have a Mystic weapon 
    equipped on Asellus; she starts with Mystic Sword in Emelia and Red's 
    quest, and needs to learn the others like any other Mystic would. In 
    her own quest, she gets the Mystic Weapons from plot events, so you 
    can’t just fight battles and learn them. Normally, though, even after 
    she absorbs enemies into her weapons, she won’t get stats and skills 
    from them like full Mystics do. In every fight, she’ll start off as a 
    normal human, with no boosts from her Mystic side. When she uses one of 
    the Mystic weapons, she’ll perform “Mystical Change,” and get access to 
    her Mystic abilities and stats for the rest of the battle. Until she 
    changes, Mystic weapons will be treated like normal weapons, and won’t 
    absorb enemies or perform special attacks.
    Unlike normal Mystics, Asellus has to equip her Mystic weapons, instead 
    of always having them available. However, she does NOT need to equip 
    all three at once; if she equips just one, she'll get all the benefits 
    of everything she’s absorbed. Of course, you can’t absorb something new 
    into, say, the Mystic Boot if you don’t have it equipped. If you want 
    Asellus to use her Mystic side, you should use only one slot for a 
    Mystic weapon (after absorbing monsters into the other two) and use the 
    other seven for weapon skills and magic spells. This will make it hard, 
    if not impossible, for Asellus to get a skill crown, so I'd make her a 
    Gunner/Mage, since the Mystic absorption gives her the raw stats to 
    make her effective that way, and she isn't half bad with either weapon 
    class. Even so, Asellus works well for most weapon classes, since her 
    Mystic stat bonuses mean she doesn’t get hurt by bad stat patterns. 
    That makes her one of the few characters who can be really effective 
    with two (or more) skil types, although it’s still a pain to learn all 
    the useful ones.
    While Red is a normal human, he does have a full set of unique skills 
    that no one else can use, namely the Alkaiser abilities. Raise Red as 
    you would a normal human, only try to get his Alkaiser skills too.
    Alkaiser skills can only be learned and used when Red is in Alkaiser 
    mode. Until the end of the game you won’t be using Alkaiser much 
    outside of boss fights, so teach him as many abilities as you can when 
    you do have him transformed. Alkaiser learns new skills like a normal 
    human, with a few exceptions, and has both sword and fist abilities.
    Anyway, your first goal should be to get Bright Fist, which is randomly 
    learned from Ray Sword (Alkaiser’s unique weapon). This should happen 
    very fast, possibly in the game’s first fights. From there, use Bright 
    Fist a lot to get a bunch of the other skills. Most aren't really a big 
    deal, beyond being quick damage boosts, but the one you want to try to 
    get is Al-Phoenix. Not only is Al-Phoenix strong, but very late in the 
    game it can evolve into Re-Al Phoenix, one of the most powerful attacks 
    in the game. The best way I found best to get Al-phoenix was to get Al-
    Blaster quickly, then start using that whenever possible. Once you have 
    that, be sure to have it available so you can learn Re-Al Phoenix.
    As noted above, if Red wins a fight as Alkaiser, he can't gain any stat 
    boosts. Try to win as many fights as possible without Alkaiser, and 
    only use Alkaiser as a last resort, or if you need to learn new 
    Alkaiser attacks. 
    Emelia, like Red, is almost a totally normal human. Her twist is that, 
    in her own quest, she gets the ability to change costumes, lets her 
    change which skills she’s likely to learn. Specifically, each costume 
    gives her the tech learning rates of another character. Here's how it 
    breaks down:
    Normal: Emilia’s normal rates, as she appears in the seven other 
    quests. Emelia's normal growths are the same as Asellus' and Mei-
    ling's, as a note. This tends to be an overall balanced form for 
    learning skills (though most people train her in guns, not that she 
    does badly with them.)
    Cat Fighter: Copies Liza. Basically, use this form if you want to train 
    Emelia as a fist fighter, especially if you want DSC.
    Bunny Costume: Identical to the normal one in every way. This is a 
    purely aesthetic change.
    Dancer: Copies Annie. Best for training Emelia in swords, if that's 
    what you want.
    Commando: Copies Roufas. Best for training Emelia in guns. 
    T260G in any other quest is a totally normal mec. However, in its own 
    quest, T260G can use different bodies, each changing what its fixed 
    equipment is, and what skills it can learn. Each body copies the 
    equipment and skills of another mec. Note that it can use any skill it 
    learned in other forms after it changes, so you can learn another mec’s 
    unique skills, and then switch them over to a better body. The only 
    body that doesn’t copy another robot is the Omega Body, which is the 
    best mec in the game. Check a later update to see exactly which Model 
    is what.
    5. Walkthrough
    This will be ordered alphabetically, cause its easiest that way! >_>
    Anyway, note that I myself didn't write these walkthrough.  Frankly, I 
    suck at those kinds of things, and very few people can survive THAT 
    much "Meeple" writing, let alone comprehend it.  So I had friends who 
    were willing to replay the game again write those.  These people should 
    be commended for their efforts and time put into it.  Also, note that 
    cause its different authors, the writing style and layout may vary, so 
    yeah, don't expect complete consistency.
    Also, I've told these people to avoid describing actual plot events, 
    for spoiler purposes.  There are some spoilers that are impossible to 
    avoid for an in depth walkthrough, unless you want vague titles for 
    bosses which can add to some confusing situations given the non linear 
    nature of SaGa Frontier.  As such, expect SOME spoilers, though the 
    major ones we've made an attempt to avoid.
    Written By: OblivionKnight
    Welcome to Asellus's part of the walkthrough section!  This is a very 
    short preface, but I figure I should get it out of the way: there are 
    spoilers, as mentioned earlier, but they will be kept to a minimum.  
    I'll note plot triggers to catch characters, as well as "one chance" 
    things in the actual walkthrough (one-chance meaning, "do it now or 
    it's gone").  It's generally up to you to choose which characters you 
    want to use, though I will make a few suggestions.  Asellus has a solid 
    draw of characters (Mesarthim, TimeLord, Zozma, etc.), so you really 
    can't go wrong in most instances.  Anyway, that should do it, so on 
    with the show!
    Chapter 1: The Awakening
    *Note that these chapter names are just things I came up with, so don't 
    take them too seriously - the game doesn't actually name the sections 
    you progress through*
    Checklist of Important Stuff:
    [] Went to Rei's room with White Rose
    [] Went to Asellus's room and met Zozma
    [] Exchanged LP for any items you wanted with the ugly green goblin guy
    Once you have control, head south to the next screen.  Watch the little 
    scene, then keep going south.  Go down the stairways until you get to a 
    split path.  Go left here, as going right is a waste of time for the 
    (If you take the right path and go all the way until you get into a 
    room you'll find Harmonium Armour, PowerBelt, SilverMoon(Katana), 
    HarmoniumEarring and LightRifle.  Unfortunately, Asellus really needs 
    to work out a bit more, so she can't lift them.  Save this room for 
    After heading left, you'll look like a midget - you're outside of the 
    castle, and there are many stairwells you can follow to get around.  
    First, go to the upper right, towards the tower.  You should end up on 
    a bridge of sorts.  Follow that bridge until you see a man with red 
    hair.  Talk to him and watch the scene.  Return to the left, and to the 
    midget screen again.  Head to the far left (past the door you 
    originally came out of), and up the winding stair case to the northwest 
    tower.  Enter it and walk into the blue pool of water at the centre of 
    the room.  You'll be teleported to a new room.  Exit to the south.
    You'll see a scene where Asellus compliments the master of the castle 
    on his decorating skills.  It becomes apparent, now, that the master of 
    this castle is none other than the Fab Five!  Unfortunately, before you 
    can realize this masterpiece of deductive reasoning, someone will 
    appear in the room with you and give you a new perspective on the 
    matter.  Watch the short scene, then, once you regain control, head to 
    the right and you'll *gasp* come across that special someone from a 
    minute ago!  Well, apparently Asellus is part dog, because you'll have 
    to listen to him when he says to "leave".  Head back to the pool of 
    teleportation, and exit this tower.  Head down to the very bottom of 
    the area (go down past your room), and enter the door.  You should 
    appear at the top of several descending staircases.  Follow them all 
    the way down to the next screen.  From here, head right into the 
    somewhat open area (the main hallway), then directly north through the 
    open door.
    Well, get ready for some exposition!  You'll learn who you are, why 
    you're here, and much more!  Yay!  Anyway, after this fun-filled 
    episode, Ildon will join you in your quest to buy a dress.  Head south 
    out of the throne room, and further south out of the castle.  You'll be 
    in Rootville (which is pretty damn small).  Head to the house to the 
    far south, with the yellow lights above it, and enter.  Asellus will 
    proceed to get naked and change her clothes.  Sadly, for all you 
    perverts out there like myself, this is done entirely tastefully 
    offscreen.  DAMN!  Anyway, when you've watched the little scene, you'll 
    have control of Asellus once more.  Now, with the dress on, she runs 
    normally.  Proceed to practice your new running ability by heading 
    north back to the castle.  Once you enter the main hallway, head to the 
    right, all the way up the staircase, and to a  rose platform (gee, a 
    flower?  who would have guessed?).  Now, you'll enter your first 
    There's no tutorial, but it should be pretty simple.  You can ignore 
    the "choose team" feature for the moment.  Hit circle, and just attack 
    the beast with the knife you now magically have equipped.  You should 
    kill him in round two with no problems.  If you need a refresher on the 
    battle system or a bit more help, check the beginnings of the FAQ.  
    Anyway, this will continue for a bit (yeah, battles are bit boring now, 
    but they'll get better).  Once you get your ass kicked, you can leave.  
    If you return to the rose platform, you can fight some more, but for 
    now, I'd suggest you take the time to do some other things.
    First, return to the main hallway, and head to the left, up the flights 
    of stairs until you reach midget mode again.  Go to the upper right 
    tower (over the bridge where you met the red-headed man earlier), and 
    head to the interior room.  Search the coffin, and out pops a princess!  
    Damn, if only Prince Charming knew it worked this way too.  Anyway, 
    White Rose now joins you.  Leave the tower and return to Asellus's room 
    (i.e., where you began the game).  White Rose and Ildon will leave you.  
    Return back to the upper right tower and talk to White Rose.  A scene 
    or two later, and she'll be in your party.
    !!!!!ONE CHANCE ALERT!!!!! 
    With White Rose in tow (and only White Rose), head to the lower left 
    tower on the midget screen.  Enter the main room with the single coffin 
    (like you did when you met White Rose), and a scene will play out.  
    Talk to White Rose and you'll hear a little bit of plot detail. ***THIS 
    There's more to it, but that's it for now. 
    !!!!!END ONE CHANCE ALERT!!!!! 
    With that out of the way, return to the training room (the room with 
    the rose platform) and talk to Ildon so he returns to your party.  This 
    time, exit to the midget screen and head to the lower right tower.  Go 
    to the main coffin room and you'll hear about the Lion Princess.  Once 
    this is over, return to the main hallway, and exit the castle to the 
    south.  Back in Rootville, head to the top centre house with the white 
    flower stems in front of it.  Enter it, and you'll find someone who 
    looks like a goblin (green skin and what appears to be a hard hat).  
    Talk to him for a quick scene, after which you'll receive a 
    CharmNecklace (+1 DEFENSE!  GODLY!).  Talk to him again, and he'll 
    offer to sell you some nice items at the cost of your max LP.  Yes, 
    buying these will lower your LP permanently.  However, at least two of 
    them are genuinely worth it:
    ***Asura - 3 LP
    ***SandVessel - 1 LP
    Tao-TeihPattern - 2 LP
    ShadeRobe - 1 LP
    The Asura is a sexy sword and well worth the LP loss.  The SandVessel 
    is required to get TimeLord on your team later on.  Note that if you 
    GAME.  You can still recruit him, but not until you basically enter the 
    last dungeon.  So you should definitely pick up the SandVessel right 
    now, and the Asura is also a solid pick-up at this point.  Leave the 
    Tao-TeihPattern and ShadeRobe - they're not worth it.  If you head to 
    the upper right house, you can also buy magic for real money, but 
    unless you've been training incessently, you won't have enough.  Skip 
    it for now and return to the castle.  In the main hallway, you'll see 
    Rastaban (the only other guy in the castle, who is apparently 
    constantly happy) standing around.  Talk to him for a quick scene.  
    After that, you're free for a bit.  
    !!!!!ONE CHANCE ALERT!!!!! 
    Another!?  Yep, but this one's a bit easier.  Return to Asellus's room, 
    and you'll meet the red-headed guy from earlier!  His name's Zozma.  
    You'll see a quick scene with him, where he tells you he is teh 
    !!!!!END ONE CHANCE ALERT!!!!! 
    Anyway, with that done, return to Rootville (sans comrades) and enter 
    the dress shop again.  Head to the second floor and speak to the girl 
    in white standing there.  Follow her up another floor and speak to her 
    again.  The girl's name is Gina.  After the short conversation, return 
    to the first floor and talk to the man behind the counter.  Once that's 
    done, return to the castle, and as soon as you enter the main hallway, 
    Ciato will stop you and give you a spanking...er...talk.  Ciato will 
    give you a bit of information for some random reason, so, as is your 
    duty in any RPG, you must do exactly as the random guy says.  Yep.  
    Head back to Rootville, and head to the far, upper left house (past the 
    ugly green guy's house).  Talk to the guy at the table, and the plan to 
    escape Facinaturu will be underway!  Return to White Rose's room, and 
    watch the short scene.  You now have GOLD!  Yay!  Anyway, White Rose 
    will join you again. 
    Now, if you want to train a bit, head to the hill behined Asellus's 
    room.  To get there, head to midget view, and look at where the bridge 
    from the upper right tower leading left stops.  Head north from there, 
    into the area behind the main tower where Asellus's room is, and you'll 
    find the hill.  Run up and down, training a bit.  Note that if you're 
    using the Asura, do be careful: it will eat up some WP, so keep that 
    knife equipped for weaker enemies.  Train all you want (but be careful 
    not to head too far up the mountain - there's a boss that will probably 
    kill you at this point - big, giant white thing standing in the space 
    between two stairwells a fair ways in), but when you're ready, return 
    to Rootville.  At the lower left corner of the "town", there's a small 
    house.  It was locked at the beginning of the game, but now it's open, 
    so head on in there!  Talk to the slime, and proceed through the path.  
    I'd give you directions, but there's not anything to actually direct 
    you around, so just head on forward down the only path ("Follow the 
    only road! Follow the only road!"  If you're familiar with South Park, 
    you know what I mean >_>).  Enemies here are...pretty weak.  Hit them 
    with a knife attack twice and they'll die, and techs tend to kill them 
    in a single go.  Once you reach the end of the "dungeon", watch the 
    scene, and then you're out of Facinaturu!  Yay!  Hopefully you've done 
    everything you wanted to do.  With that out of the way, it's time for 
    Part II of Asellus's walkthrough.
    Chapter 2: Not So Little Mermaid
    You'll end up in the town of Owmi.  Thankfully, the goddamned 
    repetitive music of Chateau Aguille is gone for a long while, so enjoy 
    what you've got now.  Anyway, you'll be in a room with the pilot who 
    brought you here.  Talking to him yields nothing important, so head 
    south out of the building into the city proper.  Enjoy the new, pretty 
    surroundings.  There's not much to do on this first screen, so head 
    left over the bridge, and White Rose will pop out and explain to you a 
    bit about Water Mystics.  Obviously, this will have some bearing on 
    your quest.  Anyway, after crossing the bridge, there's not too much to 
    do.  The people of the town will tell you that about, *gasp*, a Water 
    Mystic being cared for by the Lord of the town.  See, I'm psychic?  
    Anyway, the first building over the bridge, with the fountain outside 
    of it and girl with the red hat standing outside is the inn.  Staying 
    here heals you, like in most RPGs.  It's free and quick, so do it 
    whenever you need.  If you talk to the girl in the red hat, she'll tell 
    you that "the Lord's Manor is this way".  While she won't be very 
    helpful and point, she has this staring problem, and so, if you follow 
    the way her head turns, and head off straight north after crossing the 
    bridge (off to the right side of the inn) and past the fire hydrant, 
    you'll come to the Lord's manor.  Wow, big.
    Anyway, enter the house uninvited and you'll be greeted by the Master 
    of the House ("Master of the House, isn't worth my spit, comforter, 
    philosopher and life long"...uh...ahem).  After a bit of a verbal 
    argument, he'll lead you up to the room where he's keeping the Water 
    Mystic locked up.  Walk up to the bed/water she's floating in and talk 
    to her.  You'll talk a bit, and then the Water Mystic (named Mesarthim) 
    will join you!  Exit the room and talk to the Lord standing in the 
    hallway.  Don't leave the house, mmm?  Guess what our next mission is, 
    my friends!  But before we start that, we have some looting to do!  
    From the exit to Mesarthim's room, head all the way to the end of the 
    hallway to the upper right, and then into the "doorway" exiting out to 
    the right (it's hard to see, but look for a small indentation in the 
    wall).  You should be in a hallway with 2 statues standing in front of 
    a large door.  Go past them, straight down the hallway to another 
    "doorway".  From here, circle around up the stairs to your left, and 
    you'll end up in the attic.  Head up the stairs and pick up the 
    GhostCannon and KrisKnife (not to be confused with a CrysKnife) in the 
    brown chests.  Return to the hallway with the two statues in it, and 
    enter the large door they're standing in front of.  Talk to the Lord 
    and he'll tell you that the basement "isn't safe!  Don't go there!".  
    Obviously, this is our next destination.
    From Mesarthim's room, head out down the hallway, but not all the way 
    to the end.  Go straight across from the painting on the left wall down 
    the staircase to arrive at the entrance to the house.  Circle down the 
    staircase and veer down to the right to enter another "doorway".  
    Follow the path up and around to a large opening.  Go into that 
    opening, head down the stairs, and head left when you reach the bottom 
    through a door.  Ignore the boarded up door with the lock on it, and 
    instead run straight to the end of the hallway and turn north past the 
    Menorah and up the stairs.  In here, grab the two chests containing a 
    RubberSuit and MaxCure.  Now, return to that boarded up door, search 
    it, and you'll be in the basement.  First real dungeon time!
    From the entrance, run down the stairs and into the giant open doorway.  
    In the room you enter, run around, fight if you want, but make sure to 
    grab the Magi-Water and SanctuaryStone (note that the "chests" in this 
    dungeon look like pirate booty, gold with a sword sticking out of it).  
    Note that you might want to fight the gunfish enemies a bit, as they 
    have a chance of dropping the PearlHeart, which nullifies water 
    attacks.  If you get one, it'll come in handy soon, but it's not 
    necessary.  Anyway, to continue on, head into the "doorway" near the 
    platform where you found the SanctuaryStone.  In the next room, grab 
    the RottenMeat and JetBoots.  The exit to the next screen is to the 
    right, above the platform where you found the JetBoots.  However, you 
    should save before you head that way (what?  just a good idea >_>).  
    Also, I'd suggest taking Mesarthim's BlueElf armour off and equipping 
    it on Asellus.  Equip a PearlHeart, if you have it, on White Rose.  
    Head to the next screen, and you'll see a giant squid!  Run down into 
    him and prepare for your first boss fight!
    *Note that I'm not listing boss HP; it varies based on party HP, so 
    there's not much of a reason to list it, as, considering the nature of 
    SaGa Frontier, party stats will differ widely.
    I like calamari.  It's one of my favourite seafood dishes.  Nice and 
    tender, lightly breaded...absolutely delicious!  Ahem...anyway, despite 
    the lack of any type of fitting boss music (w00t!  random battle 
    music!), this is your first boss.  If you have a PearlHeart on White 
    Rose, this battle is pathetically simple.  Without it, he's still not 
    tough, but might actually kill someone.  His worst attack is Maelstrom, 
    a powerful water attack that strikes all allies, which probably will 
    kill anyone in your party at this point...except for the fact that you 
    have at least two water-nulling equips at this moment: Mesarthim's 
    locked MellowRing, and her BlueElf armour (which you should have put on 
    Asellus, as White Rose can't equip it).  With these equipped, Maelstrom 
    shouldn't scare you at all.  His other attacks are pretty tame, as 
    they're all single-target: Ink and Feeler are pretty weak, and while 
    MightyCyclone is decent, it still only hits one character.  White 
    Rose's StarlightHeal revives downed characters, so make use of it if 
    someone drops.  If you got the Asura like I recommended, Asellus can 
    kill this thing by round 3 all by herself.  You probably learned 
    DoubleSlash by this point.  Use it on the beast to inflict 1000+ 
    damage, which is a huge chunk of his HP all at once.  White Rose and 
    Mesarthim probably don't have too much in the way of damage right now.  
    Mesarthim's LifeRain is godly if you need it, but you probably won't.  
    If either Mesarthim or White Rose have a decent absorb, they can do 
    decent damage (with something like Lance or Blade), but the majority of 
    the pain will be dished out by Asellus.  Since you can kill him so 
    fast, there should be little problem even if White Rose dies - he'll 
    likely only get one more attack off, and it's not likely it'll kill 
    *Note: if you exit the room and return, DevilSquid will also respawn, 
    if you wish to fight him again.
    So, with that out of the way, aren't you proud?!  First boss: dead!  
    Badass!  Now, to finish up this dungeon.  First, don't go near the 
    "chest" in the room the DevilSquid once inhabited - it's a trap that'll 
    drop you down a few levels.  Instead, go past the "chest", and into the 
    large door near it.  Here you'll find a load of treasures: to the right 
    of the entrance is a MaxCure, for starters.  Head to the left, then up 
    at the intersection to acquire an ArmourGlove.  Now, off to the left, 
    you might notice a raised platform.  Run on to it and head left until 
    you can't see Asellus anymore.  Search, and you'll get the JackalSword.  
    Now, keep going up to another platform to grab a ShellBracer.  Now, 
    head directly south through the "double doorways" to new room.  Head 
    south while hugging the eastern wall, and you should end up on a path 
    heading east that leads to another MaxCure.  Now head all the way west, 
    and you should see another "chest".  Grab it for RubberShoes.  Now, 
    exit the room you came in.  From where you come out, head directly west 
    to a new screen.  Head west, then south up onto the raised platform to 
    pick up a PearlHeart.  Then head west to a "chest" with LeatherBoots.  
    That's everything!
    Return to where you fought the Devil Squid.  Unequip Mesarthim of 
    everything (except her MellowRing, which you can't remove).  Run to the 
    far left, and you'll go through another of those blasted "doorways".  
    Run up to the water, and watch the scene.  Mesarthim is gone!  
    Nnnnooooo!!!!  You'll next be treated to a scene with Orlouge and Ciato 
    (as well as some hinted lesbianism between White Rose and 
    Asellus...ooooohhhhhhh yeah!), where Orlouge tells Ciato to capture 
    White Rose by "any means necessary".  Ominous, ain't it?
    Anyway, you'll be back in Owmi.  Head to the inn if you lost any LP, 
    especially on Asellus (and especially if you spent some early on).  
    Then, head to the far southeast of town, past the house with the green 
    door, to return to the pilot.  Choose "Board the plane".  You'll be 
    taken to Shrike, where Asellus grew up.  
    At this stage in the game, you can technically start the "Interlude" 
    section, as I call it.  Basically, now you can start recruiting 
    characters, building up your stats, going on quests, etc., if you so 
    desire.  If you want to do so, skip down to the Interlude Section 
    (Chapter 3 of this walkthrough).  I don't typically do this, as the 
    plot flows better going straight to this next area and fighting a boss, 
    but it's totally feasible.  The choice you make is up to you.  I'm 
    going to assume you don't, but as I said, feel free to skip down.
    Exit the area you're in by heading to the lower left.  Save (yes, 
    another major hint).  From where you are, walk down a bit, following 
    the curve of the road, then up to the brown little house.  Text should 
    appear saying "My House".  Enter it by pressing accept.  Watch the 
    short, but kick-in-the-balls scene.  Ominous music begins to play, and 
    you'll be thrust into a battle against the first of Ciato's warriors!   
    Yay!  Boss music!  Real boss music!  Now for another battle.  FireSage 
    has less HP than DevilSquid, and no cheap mass death trick (Maelstrom).  
    You'll instead be dealing with straight-up damage, which shouldn't 
    threaten to kill you at all.  HeatSmash is his strongest, but you 
    should easily be able to take at least 1, probably 2 at this point.  
    Once more, if you got the Asura, this boss is a pushover: DoubleSlash 
    from Asellus with the Asura will obliterate him, dealing around 1000 
    damage to him per hit.  White Rose should use StarlightHeal if needed, 
    or any other attack if no healing is needed (MysticSword, or any 
    absorbtion she might have; WaterCannon is good for around 250 damage).  
    Not too much strategy here - just beat him up.
    After defeating the FireSage, you'll see three lines of text, and then 
    be thrown back to the world map.  Congratulations, Chapter 2 is done.  
    Now, the long part this way comes...  
    Chapter 3: Interlude
    Checklist of Important Stuff:
    [] Recruited Characters
    [] Did Quests
    [] Went to Devin and spoke to the woman in front of the temple ***WITH 
    [] Decided on which ending you want
    And now we get to SaGa Frontier's main feature: the open game!  There's 
    a whole bunch of stuff to do right now, and it's my job to explain it 
    to you.  So, here's an explanation of some important things you should 
    do, then an analysis of your options.
    1) First thing's first, to get it out of the way, head back to the port 
    (where you started after coming to Shrike) and talk to the man at the 
    counter.  Go to Devin.  Exit the building you start in (and enjoy the 
    music!), and head to the right, where all the signs point.  Keep 
    heading right, exiting this screen in the lower right corner.  You 
    should see a giant staircase - guess what you need to do here?  Yep!  
    Run up it!  You'll come out in front of the temple area (it's also 
    apparently Fall here), with a girl standing off to the left.  Talk to 
    her for a short scene.  ***THIS IS REQUIRED IF YOU WANT TO GET REI IN 
    YOUR PARTY LATER IN THE GAME***.  After that, head back to the Devin 
    2) Ok, character recruitment time!  Lots of stuff here.  Asellus has a 
    decent draw of solid characters she can grab, and you'll want to pick 
    up at least 4-5 of them.  Note that Asellus can't pick up any Mecs in 
    her quest, so they're all right out.  Also, if this is your first time 
    through the game, I wouldn't recommend trying to train any monsters 
    (and heck, even if this is your 2nd or 3rd time through the game, I 
    wouldn't suggest doing much with monsters >_>).  So, here's a list of 
    the characters available to you in Asellus's Quest.  Who you choose is 
    entirely up to you in the end, so go with what you want:
    My Favourites:
    *Gen - Human
    *Emelia - Human
    *Fuse - Human
    *Rouge - Human
    *TimeLord - Mystic (See Below)
    Other characters:
    *Annie - Human
    *Cotton - Monster
    *Fei-On - Human
    *Kylin - Monster (See Below)  
    *Lute - Human
    *Riki - Monster
    *Sei - Monster (See Below)
    *Silence - Mystic
    *Slime - Monster
    *Suzaku - Monster
    *Thunder - Monster
    Special Characters:
    *TimeLord - Mystic (see the Time Magic Sidequest section)
    *Kylin - Monster (see the Space Magic sidequest section)
    *Sei - Monster (see the Sei's Tomb sidequest section)
    Ok, that's the whole list!  Now, for a bit of extra exposition!  You 
    can have a max of 15 characters (your main + 14 others).  Since you 
    have White Rose and Asellus forced right now, you can pick up 13 more.  
    I do not advise you pick up 13 more characters, unless you really want 
    to put the work into 15 different characters.  There's a list of how to 
    acquire the characters earlier in this FAQ, so I'll just default you 
    there to save space (granted...I might add to this in the future).  
    Regardless, make sure you pick up at least 4 more characters.  Why 4, 
    you might ask?  Well, you'll want to replace White Rose later.  Use her 
    now, but once you've got 4 more solid characters, unequip her and bench 
    her, as she'll be leaving 80% of the way through the quest.  For 
    characters, I recommend grabbing Rouge (grab him immediately), Emelia, 
    Fuse, Gen (all of whom can be grabbed on the same quest in quick 
    succession), and TimeLord (the latter will take a little work, but is 
    THE GAME TO RECRUIT HIM***). If you can't grab one of them, Annie is a 
    decent replacement if you need someone else, and Lute, Kylin or Fei-On 
    will work in a pinch.
    3) With new characters, you need equipment!  The easiest way to do that 
    at this point in the game is to head to Scrap (where you'll find Gen).  
    Once you hit midget mode, head to the lower right building, called 
    "Junk Shop".  There's an explanation of the Junk Shop Trick later in 
    the FAQ, but for now, here's the rundown: Buy your way into the junk 
    shop (cost varies, but should be affordable right now), grab 3 items, 
    return to the shopkeeps, go to Sell, click on the HyperionBazooka like 
    you'd want to sell it, cancel out, then go grab 7 more items.  Repeat 
    ad nauseum.  The "chests" you're looking for are the barrels and other 
    assorted junk in the top centre of the screen (there are 6 different 
    places total: 1 for a junk weapon, 2 for junk guns, and 3 for junk 
    armour).  There's some good stuff here: WarlordArmour, ExcelShield, 
    LethalGun, etc.  Make sure to sell any RepairKits you get, as selling 
    them increases the quality of the items you pick up over time.  An hour 
    of this should net you plenty of equipment and a bit of money for 
    later.  This should equip your characters for the trials to come.
    4) Quests!  Things like the Arcane Quest, Rune Quest, quests for the 
    gifts in several magics, etc., are available now.  If you want to get 
    TimeLord (above), then you'll have to finish one of the Rune or Arcane 
    Quests, as well as one of the Light or Shadow Quests.  So do them!  
    Before doing these quests, make sure the characters you want to acquire 
    the gifts are in your party - if you start the Arcane Quest, then grab 
    Rouge, he can't get the Arcane Gift, for instance.  Doing these quests 
    will strengthen your characters, and they typically won't take too 
    long, so do as many as you like.
    5) Endings!  Asellus has 3 different endings to choose from.  You might 
    have noticed that Asellus learned a skill called MysticSword after 
    beating FireSage (if she didn't don't worry, you can get it later - 
    just make sure you have a free ability slot next time you fight a plot 
    boss).  You might have noticed Mesarthim and White Rose had the same 
    skill, and potentially a MysticGlove and/or MysticBoot skill as well.  
    The FAQ has a solid explanation of how Mystics work, but I'll elaborate 
    on a few points that concern you here.  Basically, Mystics don't gain 
    stats like Humans or Asellus does.  Their stats are fixed.  Using a 
    Mystic skill on enemies can "Absorb" enemies.  This is how Mystics 
    boost their stats, as well as gain additional skills.  You might have 
    experimented with this a bit ago.  Now that Asellus has the Mystic 
    skills, she can start working on boosting her Mystic side by absorbing 
    enemies.  Depending on how many enemies you absorb (as well as an 
    upcoming event), the ending of the game changes:
    A) Don't absorb any monsters for Asellus + "Save" = Human (has one 
    extra boss fight compared to the other two endings) 
    B) Absorb any monster for Asellus + "Save" = Half-Mystic
    C) Don't absorb any monsters for Asellus + "Don't Save" = Half-Mystic
    D) Absorb any monster for Asellus + "Don't Save" = Full Mystic    
    Human, Half-Mystic and Full Mystic are the 3 different endings.  The 
    "Save" event occurs at near the end of the game, which I'll elaborate 
    on once we get to that point.  Anyway, about now is when you'll want to 
    start thinking about which ending you prefer.  The Half-Mystic is canon 
    (much like the Bad Ending in the Shadow Hearts series), but I 
    personally prefer the Full Mystic ending.  The choice, as always, is 
    Anyway, take as long as you like sidequesting, or as short as you like.  
    At a minimum, I'd suggest grabbing more characters, and picking up some 
    new magic and equipment (Junk Shop!).  Then you should be ready for the 
    next part of the game! 
    Chapter 4: A Series of Unfortunate Events
    Checklist of Important Stuff:         
    [] Defeated WaterSage
    [] Defeated GreenSage
    [] Defeated LionPrincess
    [] Met Ildon
    [] Defeated Ciato
    [] Finished the Dark Labyrinth
    There's a bunch of boss fights, as you can see.  Now, you might ask how 
    you access them.  As tends to be the case with SaGa, it's "Find the 
    Story" time!  To move through the game now, you'll have to visit places 
    to encounter the bosses mentioned above.  Since it's generally "search 
    around and hope you find it", I'll give you these places to save time.  
    Aren't I awesome?
    Anyway, these 11 places are where you can encounter these 
    bosses/events.  It's random which specific place it'll happen, but 
    these are the places to go.
    *Mu's Tomb (Shrike) - Head left and around the grassy area until you 
    reach the entrance to the tomb.  You'll come out to a fork where 
    there's a man standing.  From here, head down the left path and enter 
    the first door (it's off to the left of the path, before you get to the 
    exit to a screen filled with coffins).
    *Sei's Tomb (Shrike) - Assuming you can find the damn entrance (it's 
    under the trees slighty to the right of the rock face you start on), 
    follow the path down the stairs into the next room.  You're now in the 
    altar room.  Head past out the exit in the lower right to a new room 
    where there's a shield on the wall and two skeletons in the upper right 
    corner of the screen.  You are there!
    *Luminous (Uh...Luminous >_>) - Exit the port.
    *Space Shrine (Devin) - Where Princess Rei is atop the many stairs.  
    This is typically a good place to start if you're looking for some 
    enemies to kill.
    *Swamp (Yorkland) - From entering Yorkland, head south until you reach 
    the intersection.  Go left, and you're there.
    *Garden (Kyo) - From exiting the port, take the first path north, then 
    east to the centre section of midget mode, the little area surrounded 
    by red flowers.  It's the garden >_>
    *Alley (Koorong) - From entering Koorong (exit from the port), head 
    left until you see a staircase going down.  Head down.  Upon entering 
    the next screen, head down until you can go left, then head all the way 
    left to the next screen, and you're there.
    *Lord Manor (Owmi) - Uh...go to the entrance >_>
    *Parking LOt (Baccarat) - Go to where you had to recruit Emelia (if you 
    got her).  Take an elevator down to the parking level.  
    *Shingrow - Head north out of the port.  On midget mode, head to the 
    ruins in the northeast section of the map.  Enter them, and you're 
    *Wrecked House (Wakatu) - YOU MUST HAVE GEN TO GO HERE.  Talk to the 
    skeleton north of where you start.  Head north through the giant doors, 
    then head left.  Gen will then pop out and tell you to "follow him".  
    Head north until you can go east, then do so.  Continue heading east, 
    up the stairs, then north to the next screen.  You're there.
    At any of these points you can see the events above.  They occur in 
    order, so when you're ready, search around for your next boss!  Also, 
    make sure Asellus has at least one free skill slot at the end of this 
    battle, as she'll learn a new skill from it.
    Mmmm...first fire, now water.  No, there isn't a HeartSage, sadly.  
    Anyway, fun stuff.  WaterSage is tougher than FireSage, due to having 
    the dreaded Oscillation skill.  It hits every character for solid 
    sonic-type damage.  This is the toughest part of the battle; if you can 
    survive Oscillation, you can easily take this battle, as his other 
    attacks are pretty weak.  Before fighting him, you probably want to 
    head to Shingrow, then head to the ruins to grab the Harmonium 
    equipment, which nullifies sonic attacks.  There's not really too much 
    to this boss other than Oscillation - if you can live through it, you 
    can easily paste him.  Hit him with your strongest attacks (you should 
    have some decent mid-power techs and spells right now - if not, you 
    might be in trouble coming up), and heal yourself if needed.  The Asura 
    on a solid sword-user with a strong skill will make WaterSage cry (see, 
    the Asura is easily worth 3 LP early on!): it's quite possible you'll 
    one-round him if you get off a good combo attack.
    One down, 5 more events to go!  Start searching for the next event at 
    any of the listed places, and get ready for another battle!  Once more, 
    make sure Asellus has a free skill slot, as she'll learn a new skill 
    once this battle is over.
    NAMING SCHEME IS NOW RUINED!!!  Ahem...anyway, I hope you're still 
    packing the sonic protection for this fight.  The GreenSage is a bit 
    different than his friends.  First off, he doesn't have Oscillation, 
    but instead can double-act each round.  He still has a sonic attack, 
    Scream, that hits an area.  Not as strong as Oscillation, but still 
    nasty if he uses it intelligently.  He also has Ectoplasnet, which 
    inflicts Instant Death with a high success rate.  I'd suggest you have 
    the Harmonium stuff, as well as BloodChalices on everyone possible 
    (sonic protection and instant death protection, respectively).  
    Finally, he counters all close-range attacks (most sword techs and 
    martial arts techs) with Counter Fear, which inflicts Red Mess.  As 
    with WaterSage, beat him with your strongest techs, as his HP aren't 
    much better, so he should fall quickly (also, you should be getting 
    stronger, so that's part of it >_>).  What challening bosses Ciato 
    sends after us.   
    You should now have all 3 Mystic skills for Asellus (if you're missing 
    one, don't worry - you still have a few more boss battles to acquire 
    them in; just make sure she has some free slots to learn skills with).  
    Once again, search the previously mentioned spots, and you'll face yet 
    another boss!  This one actually gets some screentime, and you've 
    probably learned about her if you explored Facinaturu last time you 
    were there, so...  
    PLOT DEVICE TIME!  Also, enjoy the new, sexy major boss music.  
    Granted, she's not that tough, all things considered.  First, she's the 
    first boss you'll notice with a shield, meaning she can block your 
    attacks.  You'll want to use techs like Throws, which ignore the shield 
    blocking.  In addition, like with GreenSage, avoid close-range attacks: 
    she'll counter with Kasumi, very likely killing your character.  Other 
    than that, she has strong physical attacks like Heaven/Hell, but these 
    are blockable, so it's easily survivable.  She's also got FireBreath, 
    ArcticBreath and some other magic-esque attacks, but these aren't too 
    much to worry about.  She alternates between using the physical attacks 
    and magical attacks - first round, she'll use physicals like 
    Heaven/Hell; second round she'll use FireBreath and the like.  This 
    should help you predict what to do to counter her.  LionPrincess gets 
    pasted pretty fast, like the last few bosses - just make sure you avoid 
    her counterattacks, and you should be fine.  Gunners completely maul 
    her, for instance.   
    Well, that sequence of bosses is out of the way.  And we're halfway 
    done with this section!  Yay!  Anyway, head to yet another event point, 
    and you'll be greeted by...*gasp*!  Ildon!?  He'll give you a little 
    bit of a story about Ciato, and warn you that he's coming after you 
    next.  Then he'll join you!  He's probably a bit weaker than your other 
    characters, but an extra body if you want it (or if you like Mystics in 
    general).  Anyway, guess what time it is again?  Yep!  Time to play 
    "Find the plot" some more!  So, go to the event locations some more, 
    until you find the next boss!  Time to face your old pal Ciato in 
    Wow...what's with the plot-hyped bosses...sucking?  Anyway, Ciato's 
    damaging attacks shouldn't worry you.  Your biggest threats here are 
    PhantasmShot and Fascination, which inflict random statuses and charm, 
    respectively.  Like the rest of the bosses you've fought, he falls 
    fast.  Hit him hard and he'll go down before you know it, before the 
    status attacks become anissue.  Not much to say here - he's in the same 
    mold as the rest of the bosses you've fought. 
    You'll get a short scene after beating Ciato, explaining how powerful 
    Orlouge is.  Now, you've got one thing left in this chapter, and to 
    accomplish it, guess what?  Yep, this is the last time you'll have to 
    wander around to those event locations!  Yippee!!!!!  Wander around to 
    the event locations a bit (if you had trouble with some of the boss 
    fights, build your characters up a bit).  You'll know you've hit the 
    next event when you...uh...appear somewhere randomly >_>
    Anyway, you're now in Orlouge's Dark Labyrinth!  Yippe!  Apparently no 
    one leaves without making a sacrifice!  Yay!  Why am I happy?!  I don't 
    know!  The quest is nearly over, so let's get through this!  It's 
    actually, for a massive labyrinth, pathetically easy to get around.  
    Or, you could do what I did my first time and just wander around 
    randomly!  No?  Really?  That your final answer?  Ok...spoiled sport!
    First, head to the northeast green door (there are only 2 doors on this 
    screen that are green, one in the northeast, the other in the 
    southwest).  After exiting, take the only other green door on the 
    screen (i.e., below and to the left of where you start).  On the next 
    screen, take the green door to the far northwest corner of the screen. 
    !!!!!ONE CHANCE ALERT!!!!! 
    Yes!  Another!  Don't worry, this is the last one for this walkthrough.  
    Anyway, slightly off to your left, you might notice a 
    floating...turnip?  Talk to him (wow, for a vegetable, he's a 
    smartass), and he'll join you once you leave the dungeon.  He's a 
    monster, but hey, he's a TURNIP!!!  WHAT COULD BE MORE AWESOME THAN A 
    !!!!!END ONE CHANCE ALERT!!!!! 
    Now that you've talked to/not talked to the cute little turnip, head to 
    the door directly to the southeast of Turnip (southwest of the door you 
    came in), which is dead centre of the screen.  Congratulations!  Thou 
    hast defeated the Dark Labyrinth.  Thy gold increases by...*gets shot*
    But what's this!?  Something is wrong!  White Rose will no longer be in 
    your party, for reasons I shall not explain.  Suffice to say, I hope 
    you weren't training her heavily or relying on her.  Note that there 
    will be a point where the screen goes dark - hit the accept button to 
    make it go away (I thought the game glitched on me first time through).  
    At this point, Turnip will become your replacement for White Rose if 
    you talked to him (but why wouldn't you!?).  Also, if you did what I 
    mentioned way back in Chapter 1 of the Walkthrough (remember that!?  
    Oh, it was so long ago!) and went to your room and had a conversation 
    with Zozma, he'll join you too.  He'll also hype lesbianism for all, 
    which makes him a complete badass in my book.  Congratulations!  You're 
    now done with all those events, as well as Chapter 4 of the 
    Walkthrough!  Now, for the final chapter to begin... 
    Chapter 5: How to Handle a Woman
    Checklist of Important Stuff:         
    [] Recruited Rei
    [] Recruited Mesarthim
    [] Save/Don't Save Gina
    [] Defeated Ciato
    [] Defeated LionPrincess
    [] Defeated Orlouge
    Final chapter, baby!  First, before we head to the final battle, let's 
    grab 2 last characters (both are optional, but hey, you've worked most 
    of the game towards them, so I say grab them!)  First, head to Devin 
    and head up to the Space Temple.  Ildon will reappear, and your party 
    will rejoin you (if you didn't notice, they were missing after the Dark 
    Labyrinth)!  Now, talk to that girl, and she'll reveal herself as 
    Princess Rei (if you did everything I noted earlier - went to her room 
    with White Rose in Facinaturu, and talked to her with White Rose after 
    leaving Facinaturu).  Just let her join you, and she's yours! 
    Now, head back to Owmi, and return to the Lord's Manor.  Remember where 
    Mesarthim left your party?  You don't?  HOW COULD YOU!?  Anyway, head 
    through the Lord's basement until you get to the DevilSquid.  Kill him, 
    then head left to the pool of water.  Go up to the water, and Mesarthim 
    will come swimming back up to you.  Mesarthim will now become your sex 
    sl...er...ally.  Yes, ally.  
    Now, finish any sidequests or other adventures you want.  When you're 
    ready, head to the port in Owmi.  Talk to Mr. Pilot (wow, he hasn't 
    moved from that spot since you talked to him at the beginning...he's 
    like the guards at Buckingham Palace), and tell him you're going to 
    You'll end up at the exact place he picked you up the first time, i.e., 
    in the cavern below the slime house.  Head up through the short 
    passageway, back into Rootville.  Once you exit the slime house, head 
    right over to Gina's house.  Upon entering, her father will yell at 
    you!  He thinks you took Gina away for nasty, evil things.  Huh, I 
    think he forgot he lives in a land ruled by nasty cross-dressing 
    lesbians, but hey, what do I know?  Anyway, head up to the castle.  
    Your first stop is back near your room.  Remember that split path I 
    talked about with treasure you couldn't pick up?  Yeah, go there, and 
    now you can magically pick up the treasure!  Grab it, as it includes 
    the strongest gun in the game, as well as the SilverMoon, a badass 
    Katana.  When you're done, exit the room, and get ready for one last 
    As I mentioned in the Interlude section, Asellus has 3 endings you can 
    Human: No Mystic Weapons filled with absorptions, save Gina 
    A) At least 1 Mystic Weapon with an absorption, save Gina
    B) No Mystic Weapons filled with absorptions, don't save Gina
    Full Mystic: At least 1 Mystic Weapon with an absorption, don't save 
    At this stage in the game, you need to decide if you want to save Gina 
    or not.  If you want multiple endings, just make multiple saves.  
    Anyway, I'm going to walk you through saving Gina, as that's the long 
    way around all this.  If you don't intend to save Gina, then don't 
    fight the first two bosses, and just continue on the way up to the 3rd 
    Anyway, from your room area, head towards the upper right tower, but 
    instead of turning right, keep going up, and you'll end up at a 
    spiraling staircase.  Follow it up (the only path you can) to a cave.  
    Once again, follow the only path here to end up outside the cave.  From 
    here, follow the only path up until you get to a two-way split.  Take 
    the left path into another cave (the right path is a dead end).  Exit 
    this very short cave by following the only path.  After exiting this 
    short cave, follow the only path up until it splits again.  To the 
    left, inside the cave is a healing spot (go up to the crystals and 
    press accept).  Use it if you need.  To the right is the path you need 
    to follow.  Notice the...thing, sitting there?  If you hug the bottom 
    section of the stairs and follow it, you won't touch him (and therefore 
    won't fight him).  I'm going to assume you do, however...
    If you wandered too far early on, you might have met this guy.  Guess 
    what?  If he kicked your ass then, now it's time to return the favour.  
    Booya!  Anyway, like most of the other bosses in this quest, Giant 
    is...frail.  Also, by this stage in the game, you should have Deflect 
    on your swordsmen, as well as shields.  Every one of Giant's attacls 
    are evadable, and having Deflect and a shield on all your characters 
    makes this a cakewalk, as he'll likely never hit you.  Also, for kicks, 
    he's vulnerable to instant death.  If you feel like being malicious, 
    try to get DeadEnd's instant death effect to hit him!  Note that the 
    Giant does have a shield equipped, so he might dodge some of your 
    attacks...which MIGHT make the battle take 3 turns instead of 2!
    Anyway, after defeating the Giant, walk into the little grate thingy 
    that he was standing in front of.  It'll now open.  Uh...ok, what was 
    that for?  Well, head back to the cave you were in before coming to 
    this screen.  You'll see a bit of light shining on a door far to the 
    left.  Enter that door to fight...
    Uh...see Giant, except he's even frailer.  Yeah, I'd love to give you 
    help with this boss if you need it, but I'd just be insulting your 
    intelligence if I did.
    After defeating the mightiest of flying beasts, return to the healing 
    room near where the Giant was.  Heal up, and now prepare for the final 
    showdowns.  Head beyond where the Giant was to a new screen.  Head up 
    the spiral staircase (the only path you can) to a door at the top.  
    Enter it.  You'll find yourself in a very familiar place: where Asellus 
    got stabbed brutally early in the game.  Head through the field of 
    flowers to the right, and to the next screen.
    Ciato's bbbaaaacccckkkk!!!!  And with awesome music too!  And, like the 
    past few bosses, he's pretty weak.  Once more, you're more likely to 
    die from a status effect than from actual damage here, even with 
    Ciato's support bats.  Even if every enemy gangs up on one person, 
    they're not likely to die (...).  Also, as was the case with the last 2 
    bosses, Ciato will die pretty fast.  Use a multi-target attack like 
    VermillionSand or HazetoWheel to take out the bats and damage Ciato at 
    the same time.  The bats regenerate 1 each round, up to a max of 2, but 
    they'll probably never get a turn, so this is mostly trivia.  Beating 
    Ciato up will eliminate the bats as well.  Just use your strongest 
    techs, and he'll go down fast.
    You've finally disposed of Ciato once and for all!  Rejoice, yon 
    peasants!  Continue heading up the stairs and...well, another boss!  
    Who would have expected this?  One more reunion for the show...
    Once more, with feeling!  LionPrincess continues the fine tradition the 
    past 3 bosses started of dying horrendously fast.  She follows the same 
    alternating attack pattern as last time (physical one round, then 
    magical the next round).  She still also has Kasumi, so watch those 
    close-range techs.  But other than that...same mold as last time, but 
    you're so much stronger you'll likely paste her in one round.  Real 
    pathetic, plot device...
    After defeating LionPrincess, you'll be given the GoldenLion, the 
    strongest sword in the game.  Badass.  Now, head up the next flight of 
    stairs to meet another (and final, I promise!) old friend.  It's 
    Rastaban!  Whether or not the following battle takes placed depends on 
    if you're in line for the Human ending or not.  If you're getting the 
    Human ending, you fight him.  If not, you don't fight him.  In case 
    you're getting the Human ending, here he is!
    He's a bit tougher than the last 4 bosses, but you should still nuke 
    him pretty fast.  The attack of note here is Selection, which inflicts 
    Stone, Palsy, Sleep, Berserk, and Venom all at once on an ally.  Other 
    than that, he's generally in the same mold as the last 4 bosses, so 
    handle him accordingly.  He has better HP than the other 4 bosses, so 
    you might actually need 3-4 rounds to kill him!
    Fight him or not, you'll acquire the PlutoArmour afterwards, the 
    strongest armour in the game.  Now, head to the left, and to the next 
    screen.  Heal up with a SanctuaryStone, and walk to the door.  Ildon 
    will jump out and ask you if you're ready.  Say yes, and you'll enter 
    the door.  ***DO NOT SAVE HERE, AS YOU CANNOT LEAVE!!!***  Follow the 
    stairwell up to a tulip platform, then down to the next screen.  Head 
    to the left, and speak with Orlouge.  After the conversation, head 
    right, and back through the door.  Run up to the tulip platform and 
    speak with Orlouge to begin the final battle!   
    Finally!  A competent boss.  Took long enough.  Also, cool and fitting 
    final battle music (probably my favourite of all the mains).  Of 
    course, to be competent, he has a few oddball tricks.  So, prepare for 
    an actual in-depth boss strategy for an actual enemy worthy of the term 
    Orlouge has 3 phases:
    1) Behind Orlouge are 3 figure-heads.  Each round, a random one acts 
    (Orlouge doesn't).  
    2) A random figure-head acts each round.  Orlouge can also, randomly 
    and rarely, act to use the Selection skill (same as Rastaban had).
    3) All 3 figure-heads either act individually while Orlouge uses 
    Selection, or the combo attack 3Mistresses is used (high damage to all 
    your characters, and lowers their Strength and Will).   
    So, now you know what he can do.  Each figure-head has different 
    attacks, and there's a huge variety between everything, so guarding 
    everything is very hard.  I'd suggest guarding against Stone status, as 
    it takes priority over all other status effects that Selection inflicts 
    - either that, or make sure to have access to your inventory and loads 
    of restorative items.  Guarding sonic might not be a bad idea, as one 
    of the figure-heads does have Oscillation.  Make sure you have a solid 
    healer (Mesarthim is excellent if you've worked with her, as LifeRain 
    is completely awesome for this and any battle) for this fight: try to 
    give any Humans Mind Magic so they have MindHeal for full healing 
    whenever needed.  Make sure you have some strong techs learned 
    (BoundShot for the gunners, RosarioImpale or above for swordsmen, 
    MegaWindBlast for mages, etc.), as you do need to damage Orlouge to 
    defeat him.  Strike Orlouge hard and fast, but keep healed.  Orlouge 
    has the lowest HP of the SaGa Frontier main bosses (what is it with 
    Asellus's Quest and low HP bosses?), so he's a bit esier than you'd 
    expect him to be, despite the oddball bunches of tricks.  Keep up the 
    pressure and take it slowly and easily, and you'll win this fight.  
    With Orlouge out of the way, the ending you get depends on the factors 
    I mentioned at the start of the chapter.  Enjoy your ending, and play 
    again to get a new one!  Thanks for reading this!  I'll be back again 
    for more!
    Coming soon
    Coming Soon
    Coming Soon
    Coming Soon
    Info Written By: Infinity Dragon
    NOTE: I apologize for the bad format, however, the info there is still 
    good and should be complete.  I'll try to spice it up so its less bland 
    later, though no promises.  Again, while the format and writing style 
    might not be that great, the info is still adequete.
    -Fight Pink Lummox (Foxy Sisters) until Riki has learned ElfShot, Chop, 
    Claw, and Feint.
         Probably need to devote one slot to each, otherwise you'll just 
    trade off.  
         Don't worry, can switch out for better skills shortly.
         KEEP TAIL HIT
    -Talk to Mei Ling, talk to Gen.  Leave Bar, Gen joins.
    -Go to Factory, watch scene.  Automatically returned to Bar.
          Talk to T260, joins
          Talk to Lute, he leaves to get information
          Talk to Gen, say you're ready
          Watch Scene
    -In Factory
        Pick up bag of 400 Credits
        Talk to Lute and Mei Ling if you want.  Leave to South
    -Enter middle-left building, pick up KukriBlade (Give to Lute)
    -Enter top-left building, pick up bag of 400 Credits
    -Lower right building is enter
    -Enter Factory Main to the north
        Will likely encounter Xeno.  Absorb Fang from them, and keep it for 
    remainder of game.
        Fight or avoid the two nearby Mechs, then press the orange switch 
    towards the far right.
          Go through door on right near the switch just pressed
          Go up the stairs, then left through door.
    	Press nearby orange switch.
          Return back to first switch, then head left to another switch.  
    Time pressing 0 when crane above the gunner.
          Kill Human to south, then examine far left crate for a PowerCure
          Kill Undead, then examine crate to far left for a SteelAmulet
          Press switch at top left to move a crate to second floor.
          Return to second floor
          Go across catwalk, kill two Human enemies.
          Press switch on top to take out another enemy.
          Return to first floor.  Clear out any enemies.
          Talk to Caballero
          Boss fight
                -Take out a tractor first, then concentrate on the main 
    boss.  Having a solid form, such as a razor back, makes this very easy.
    -Head to the port, pay 10 CR to return to Koorong.
    -In Koorong, talk to Mei-Ling, choose whatever you want, there isn't 
    any effect.
    -You can go do some training in the Koorong sewers, or you can continue 
    the story.
    -After finishing with Koorong, take a ship to any destination (Doesn't 
    -En route, Tanzer eats you.
    -Fight the Undead group, then talk to Fei On
    -Mei Ling leaves, follow her and talk to her.
    -Head left, kill the Insect group and Undead group, follow path south, 
    kill Aquatic group and go down the ladder.
    -Kill the Fairy type (If Banshee, work towards getting CounterFear).
    -Go down ladders.  Kill a Beast and Bird.  Exit left.
    -Kill Mech, left, kill Aquatic, down kill mech, talk to Fei On.  Follow 
    him south.
    -You're now in a “town”.  The “inn” (LP only) is in the top right 
    middle door.  Far right will be Fei On.  Talk to him.  Talk to him 
    again, say “yes”.  Follow him out back to the “dungeon”
    -Go north to Fei On, follow him.
    -Kill Undead (If GhostRider, work on obtaining Siren), head north, kill 
    Insect.  Exit north through weird looking door.
    -Kill Mech and Fairy types.  Don't go through the valve-door (It'll 
    take you back to the room with two Undead).  Exit North.
    -Head to upper-right where Fei On is.  Follow him north.
    -Go through the valve where Fei On is standing.
    -Head south, kill Undead.  Continue south and go through valve-door.
    -Head north and exit through valve-door.
    -Kill Demon type.  Head north and exit through valve-door.
    -Kill Undead.  Go south and talk to Fei On.  Walk onto the slimy spot 
    next to Fei On's left.  (Using the valve-door to the north-east to 
    reach the Rune won't work.  Instead of fighting the Slimes, you'll be 
    taken back to Fei On.)
    -Head to the top-right to Fei On.  Exit north via the ladder.
    -After the dialogue, kill the big group of 3 Undead and 3 Humans.  Exit 
    -Exit right.
    -Kill the three Humans and the Aquatic.  Nab the “Magi-Water” and go 
    back to the left.
    -Exit North
    -Kill the Undead and the Mech.  Grab the “MisslePod”.  Go back outside.
    -Kill the Undead and the Aquatic, continue left and kill the Mech.  
    Upper left door only contains a Mech and Aquatic with no treasure, so 
    skip it.  Exit to the lower left.
    -Kill the PlatyHooks and RazorBack.  Not a challenge.  If you're lucky, 
    you'll absorb BoomerangHook from PlatyHooks.  Examine the dresser for a 
    “SanctuaryStone”.  Exit through the manhole in the lower left.  Tell 
    Fei On you're ready.
    -Head south killing the Plant type.  South past the ladder, kill Undead 
    type.  Continue south, kill Plant type.  Continue path to the door.  
    Nomad screams for help, start boss fight with Tanzer.
    TANZER BOSS:  Siren + BearCrush = 2500 damage.  Bound Shot = 1000.  
    BearCrush = 700.  Just keep up the pressure and he should die before 
    you lose anyone.  Absorb Tanzer for HP Drain.
    -Now may be a good time to collect party members.  First to get is 
    Nusakan.  Head to Yorkland.  From the port head south into town.  Enter 
    the big house in the middle of town.  Fight the Mollasite, shouldn't be 
    hard at all after taking on Tanzer.  Just use your best Techs and he 
    should run after 2-3 rounds.  Back in Koorong, go to the back alley on 
    the lower level (With the three Flying types).
    -Enter the office on the lower level.  Talk to the skeleton thing, then 
    enter the door.  Nusakan joins.
    -Replace Fei On with Nusakan.
    -Return to Yorkland.  Head to the house, Nusakan tells you how to deal 
    with Mollasite.
    -Now its probably a good time to get Mesarthim.  Head to Manhattan.  
    From Port head to Shopping Mall.  Head upstairs and go into the 
    Accessory shop.  You'll see that the schemer ring has been bought by 
    the Lord of Owmi.
    -Head to Owmi.  From town head north to the Lord's Manor.  Fall down 
    the trap.  
    -Kill the two slimes.  Head west, kill 3 plant type.  Head upstairs.
    -Kill two Fairy type and 3 Mech type.  Pick up “PearlHeart” in middle 
    of room and “LeatherBoots” in the upper left.  Exit to the lower right.
    -Kill two Demon types.  Pick up “ArmorGlove”.  Head up, kill Insect, 
    grab “ShellBracer”.  Head down, kill Insect.  Grab “MaxCure”.  Exit 
    down (Don't take stairs yet).
    -Kill Beast type.  Head to lower right and kill Beast and Bird type.  
    Pick up MaxCure.  Head left and kill another Bird type.  Pick up 
    “RubberShoes”.  Exit north.
    -Go up stairs.
    -Ignore both the Squid and the treasure.  Exit to the left.
    -Run up to the water.  Since Nusakan is in the party, Mesarthim joins 
    (Make sure you let her join and don't ask for an item).  Now replace 
    Lute with Mesarthim (She's FAR superior).  Exit back to the squid.
    -Go up to the squid to start a fight.  Equip as much Water protection 
    as possible.
    -Not too hard.  Maelstrom is your biggest worry, and if you have two 
    PearlHearts, only one character will take damage (Move Mes's BlueElf to 
    Nusakan).  Siren + BearCrush slaughters (2500).
    -Go up stairs.
    -Kill two Aquatic types.  Pick up “JetBoots” and “RottenMeat”.  Go up 
    -Kill Demon and Aquatic.  Pick up “Magi-Water” (Upper left) and 
    “SanctuaryStone” middle.  Kill another Demon and Aquatic.  Go up 
    -Kill insect.  Go up stairs.
    -Go up the stairs in the back.
    -Open the chests for “RubberSuit” and “MaxCure”.  Go back down stairs.
    -Exit to the far right.
    -Go up stairs.
    -Follow hall out door.
    -Back in the ante-room.  Go up stairs and through the door.
    -Take the upper door (Not visible).
    -Ignore big north door for now, exit to the right.
    -Go up stairs.
    -Open chests for “GhostCannon” and “KrisKnife”
    -Go back down stairs to the hall with big door.  Go through the door.  
    Watch scene and get ring.  Exit mansion, then head back to Port.  Go 
    back to Koorong.
    -Talk to Mei Ling to hear about a ring.  Automatically taken to 
    -Head downstairs and enter first door.  Watch scene with the guy 
    -Chase the rat around Baccarat.  At top floor, chandelier crashes.
    -Go into the sewer.
    -Fight insect.  Head right.  Follow mouse south to.  Fight insect.  
    Exit south.
    -South, fight Mech.  SLOWLY head south, getting mouse to run into 
    southeast corner.  SLOWLY move forwards to trap it.  When close, 
    examine it to get the ring.
    -Head to Shrike, to Sei's Tomb.  
    -Follow path to tomb entrance.
    -Kill Fairy, and two slimes.  Follow path to door.
    -Can't do anything in chamber, exit right.
    - Just left of the stairs is a cracked floor.  Stand on it to drop down 
    a level
    -Follow ledge to sword.  Examine it to fight some Undead.  Receive 
    “Murakumo” after winning.
    -Jump off the right side.  Exit room via stairs to the right.
    -Back in upper room.  Head right to the purple sparks.  Examine it to 
    fight some more undead.  Receive the “Mizukagami” after the fight.  
    Head to the south-most door.
    -Exit through the nearby upper right (Only enemies in rest of room, no 
    -Go to the southeast part of the room to the weird '9' shaped object.  
    Examine it to begin a fight.  Receive a “Magatama” after winning.  
    Return all the way back to the room with the three altars.
    -Place the three items you received on the altars to open the door.  Go 
    north through the door.
    -Go up and examine the coffin.  Watch the scene.  You get the Fighter 
    Ring and KingSei joins.
    -Return to Koorong
    -Talk to Mei Ling and say you want to go to Despair.  Lisa overhears 
    you and tells you to talk to Annie.
    -Go talk to Annie (Blond girl in upper section of Koorong).
    -Watch the scene.  Go left and enter Despair.
    -Follow the path right.
    -Follow annie up the ladder.
    -Go across the pipes to next room.
    -Go up the ladder.  Follow the upper pipe over the lower, then go down 
    the ladder.  Exit right.
    -Room with 2 Birds and a Fairy.  Take them out.  Go up the north ladder 
    to next room.
    -Go down ladder, kill beast.  Jump off ledge.  Follow Annie up the 
    -Go right, fight some Beasts.  Go downstairs, fight an Insect.  Go down 
    to the green door.  Kill beast, go through the door.
    -Watch scene.  Get Ring.
    -All that remains is Mosperiburg.  Before tackling the final dungeon, 
    equip everyone with the best gear, learn solid techs, and do any 
    sidequests you wish to complete.
    -Fly to Mosperiburg, head up the central path and go through the door.
    -Head up the stairs and exit through the open door.  Watch scene, get 
    teleported back to the entrance chamber
    -Go left (without going down stairs) and go through the door.
    -Take the north branch.
    -Room 1: Pac Man Maze (Orange)
          -Go around the room collecting all the money bags.
          -Kill any nearby Slime enemies (4 total)
          -After all money bags are collected, a chest falls.
          -Open the chest for a key.
           -Leave the maze
    -Now take the western branch
    -Room 2:  Barrels (Purple)
          -This rooms requires you to find a mouse holding the ring (ala 
    the ring in Baccarat)
          -Easy way:  Open the middle barrel on the protruding ledge.
           -Normal way:  Open barrels until you find the ring.  Any barrel 
    not containing the ring triggers a fight.
           -Leave the room.
    -Exit to the right.
    -Now head to the far right, through the door (cannot see)
    -Take the southeastern branch.
    -Room 3: Bowling (Blue)
    -Kill all the enemies (Water, Undead, Beast, Plant).
          -Blue ring appears after defeating the last one.
          -Ignore the occasional speeding Insect type.
          -Exit the room.
    -Now take the northeastern branch.
    -Room 4: Spike Maze (Red)
          -This one is as annoying as hell
          -The floor is invisible.  If you run off the path onto a spike, a 
    battle starts.
          -First part is the trickiest.  A spike section blocks you from 
    the main path.  Go to the end of the entrance and go just slightly 
    below halfway.  Push up against the spikes, if you trigger a battle, 
    you are too high.  Press 'O' and you will jump onto the path.
          -Use the map below to help guide you.  General directions are:
          -Up against the wall, collect 400 C in alcove.
          -S 3 full steps, E 4 full steps, N 6 full steps, W 1 step, N 2 
    steps, E 1 step, N 1 step, E 4 steps, S 1 step, SE 1 step, E 1 step, N 
    2 steps, E 3 steps, collect 400 C, W 3 steps, S 2 steps, W 1 step, S 3 
    steps, E 1 step, NE 1 step, E 2 steps, S 4 steps, collect Key.
    -Exit west.
    -Go downstairs, go through the southwest door.
    -Take the west branch.  Go through the door.
    -Room 5: Graveyard (White)
          -Go down the stairs 
          -Examining some of the graves make some Undead appear.
          -Examine the top-middle grave to find the key.
          -Exit the room.
    -Take the north branch
    -Room 6: Tournament (Purple)
          -Beast, Fairy, Demon, Machine
          -Enter the platform from any of the four areas.
          -You'll be in a single elimination tournament.
          -Beat both rounds.
          -Exit the room
    -Exit back to the entrance chamber.
    -Go through the southeastern door.
    -Take the northern branch
    -Room 7: Game Show (Teal)
          -Enter the room and a game show starts. 
          -As the rules say, you need to compare the prices of items.  If 
    the second one given is higher, choose HI, otherwise choose LOW.
          -If you answer wrong, you will fight a battle.
          -Answer correctly 8 times.
          -Osc Sword -> GrainCannon (HI) -> Aguni SSP (LOW) -> HardLeather 
    (HI) -> ArmorVest (HI) -> PoweredSuit (HI) -> ElectroArmor (LOW) -> 
    SamuraiSword (LOW) -> LightningCannon (HI).
          -Get key and LightningCannon.
          -Leave room.
    -The final room can be tough, so I'd recommend healing, then returning 
    to the castle.
    -After healing, go back to the southeastern door in the foyer, then 
    take the easter exit.
    -Room 8: Magma Slimes (Yellow)
          -This room is painfully annoying.  Hopefully have a high LP form 
    for Riki.
          -Head down to the middle of the platform.  Get attacked by magma 
          -Must defeat 6 waves of 5 MagmaSlimes
          -MagmaSlimes spam MagmaTouch which deals 1 LP of damage.  
          -Have Riki use the ThiefRing if he is in trouble of dying.
          -Have solid MT attacks, such as ShockSoldier, MegaWindblast, and 
    Haze to Wheel.
          -After defeating the slimes, exit the room.
    -Time to face off with Virgil.  First, heal up, since you'll likely 
    need full WP for this fight.
    -After healing, head back to Virgil's room.
    -In order to defeat Virgil, you must deal combos, which are scored as 
    followed.  Vergil's attacks aren't very threatening.  Tornado is the 
    worst, which can be healed easily by MysticWear.  
    -2 Hit Combo: 0 Points
    -3 Hit Combo: 2 Points
    -4 Hit Combo:  3 Points
    -5 Hit Combo:
    -DSC counts as a combo for as many hits as it lands.
    -Need to score 10 points
    Coming Soon
    6. Equipment
    This portion of the FAQ gives you info on all equipment in the game. 
    Right now, I'm sorry to say I don't have modifiers when the item is 
    used on a mec, but I'll be sure to add that in when I get it. 
    Credit to InfinityDragon for finding out the stats for me, and sending 
    Equipment Statistics- Weapons
    Name-  Name of the weapon.
    Attack-  Attack power of the weapon. The number following a '*' is the 
    number of bullets the weapon has.
    Stat Bonus-  Bonus to the character's stats when weapon is equipped.
    Skill-  Skills that can be used when equipped with the weapon.
    Enemy Drop-  Enemies that can drop the weapon.
    NAME               ATTACK  STAT BONUS  SKILL                   ENEMY 
    Knife              7
    ShadowDagger       9       PSY +3      ShadowHold              
    LivingGlove, Shadow
    BroadSword         11                  
    FiendRod           13                  FinalStrike             
    DeadKnight, DemonGoat, SirDemon
    LaserKnife         15                  
    TwinSword          20                  TwinSword
    CeramicSword       22                  
    SilverSpread       22      PSY +22     SilverFang              Airfolk, 
    Gremlin, Shaman, StraySheep
    Osc-Sword          30                                          
    CancerMec, LadyBlade                 
    Murakumo           33                  
    JackalSword        33                  DirtyFang
    Glirandly          42      ALL +10     FinalStrike             
    SplashSword        49                  ElementDissolve         Mellow
    RuneSword          50                  VictoryRune, Cockatrice*  
    Lordstar           51                  BraveHeart
    TwiggyRod          52                  FinalStrike             
    DeadKnight, FatDevil, Succubus, Titania               
    ZeroSword          60
    Obsidian           64                                          
    FatDevil, Giant, LadyBlade
    Kusanagi           66                  Kusanagi**
    Asura              70      ALL +7      Asura**
    DragonSword        72                                          
    GoldenLion         75
    IronPipe           15
    MiracleBlade       39
    RaySword           45      
    LightSword         80      ALL +10     'Deflect'
    *Cockatrice is only enabled when the StasisRune ability is equipped.
    **Kusanagi and Asura replace the standard attack. Techniques cannot be 
    learned when these abilities are used.
    NAME               ATTACK  STAT BONUS  SKILL                   ENEMY 
    KukriBlade         10
    SamuraiSword       19
    Katana             34
    TwinDragon         41                                          
    LadyHawk, SickleBug
    CometBlade         55                  MillionDollers
    SilverMoon         69                                          Mimic, 
    NAME               ATTACK  STAT BONUS  SKILL                   ENEMY 
    AGUNI-SSP          9  *15       
    AGUNI-CP1          12 *13                                      Solider, 
    SwordMec, VulcanII, Zombie
    EasyRifle          13 *8
    TroopRifle         22 *8
    KillerRifle        25 *5                                       Gunbird, 
    Platyhooks, Shuzer, Soldier
    EagleGun           28 *6
    SniperRifle        31 *6
    AGUNI-MBX          36 *20                                      
    CrimeLady, Gunbird, 
    LivingRifle        42 *4   WIL +9                              
    ZenGun             45 *16
    BehemothRifle      47 *7                                       Chimera, 
    Gargantu, Gaeatoad, Shuzer
    DuelGun            55 *1
    LethalGun          60 *5
    LightRifle         88 *1   PSY +20                             AbyssBat
    TrainingGun        0 
    BrokenRifle        1  *0                                       Guncart
    Rocket Launchers
    NAME               ATTACK  STAT BONUS  SKILL                   ENEMY 
    JunkBazooka        10 *1               HE-Rocket
    DOBBYBazooka       10 *6               RandomBaz               
    AutoBuffer, MecDobby, MecDobby100
    MisslePod          12 *8               Missle
    LightVulcan        15 *60              Vulcan                  BirdMec, 
    CancerMec, ElectroSheep, Vulcan
    LightBazooka       20 *4               HE-Rocket               
    MachineVulcan      30 *40              Vulcan                  Hermes
    BigMissle          44 *4               Missle                  Hermes
    HEATBazooka        55 *2               HE-Rocket               Hermes
    SuperMissle        70 *3               Missle                  R&R
    HyperionBazooka    85 *2               ProtonRocket            
    Laser Rays
    NAME               ATTACK  STAT BONUS  SKILL                   ENEMY 
    GhostCannon        5  *12              GhostCannon             
    HandBlaster        15 *10              Blaster, Paralyzer
    WaterCannon        20                  WaterCannon             K9Mec
    BeamCannon         20 *6               BeamCannon
    LightningCannon    20 *6               MagnaBlast
    LaserCarbine       25 *10              Blaster
    SonicCannon        25 *16              SonicCannon
    Thunderbolt        25 *4               BoltCannon              Skylab
    IonCannon          27 *10              PlasmaBullet
    FlameThrower       33 *3               FlameThrower
    BoltThrower        33 *3               BoltThrower             BirdMec, 
    MecDobby100, Skylab
    GrainCannon        45 *8               PlasmaBullet            Shuzer, 
    HyperBlaster       50 *7               DestructionBeam         Skylab
    HG-Cannon          60 *5               PlasmaBullet            
    Equipment Statistics- Defensive Gear
    Name-  Name of the armor.
    SLA-  Slashing defense of the armor. Also the displayed defense value 
    of the item in-game.
    HIT-  Bludgeoning defense of the armor.
    PIE-  Piercing defense of the armor
    HEA-  Heat defense of the armor
    COL-  Cold defense of the armor
    THU-  Thunder defense of the armor
    LIG-  Light defense of the armor
    CON-  Condition defense of the armor.
    Skill-  Skills that the armor grants while equipped.
    Bonus-  Bonus stats or traits of the armor.
    Enemy Drop-  Enemies that can drop the armor.
    Body Armor
    NAME              SLA HIT PIE HEA COL THU LIG CON  Bonus             
    BeastLeather      6   12  12  2   12  2   2   2                      
    ElectroSheep, Gargantu, KittyClawer
    KittyKicker, Razorback, RockBaboon
    Rocky, SonicBat, StraySheep, Trisaur
    FiberVest         8   8   12  8   8   8   8   8                      
    DarkRobe          8   8   26  2   8   8   26  26   PSY +5            
    Banshee, Ghost, Ghostrider, Lich
                                                       Null Blind
    ShadeRobe         9   9   9   24  24  24  24  24   WIL +9            
    Shrieker, Treant
    Protector         10  10  15  5   5   5   5   5                      
    Armorpilla, BlackDragon, IronHopper, Ogre
    MasterRobe        10  10  10  25  25  25  25  30                     
    HardLeather       12  16  22  12  12  12  12  12
    BoneBreast        13  13  1   -7  13  13  5   5                      
    Ankheg, DeadKnight, Nidheg, NidhegJr
    Skeleton, Skulldrake, Skullasaurus
    FireLeather       16  16  16  48  16  16  16  16                     
    Hellhound, Minidragon, RedDragon, Suzaku
    StardustRobe      16  16  26  26  26  51  26  26   WIL, PSY, CHA +5  
    Mystic, Succubus
                                                       Null Faint
    MoonlightRobe     17  17  27  17  62  17  17  17   PSY, CHA +8       
    Lamia, Mollasite
                                                       Null Sleep, Palsy
    GlowRobe          18  18  28  53  18  28  28  28   PSY, CHA +7       
                                                       Null Stone
    ArmorVest         18  22  60  18  18  18  18  18                     
    BlueElf           20  20  20  25  25  25  25  20   Null Water        
    FrillNeck, Waterfolk
    MysticMail        23  23  23  13  13  13  23  23
    CelestialLeather  24  34  34  34  34  34  24  24                     
    Basilisk, Butch, Chimera, Cockatrice
    Griffin, Hedgehog, Manticore, Sphinx
    HarmoniumArmor    24  24  24  20  20  24  40  40   Null Sonic        
    Arachne, CrystalTree, Kylin, 
    ElectroArmor      25  25  33  35  35  35  35  25                     
    Chariot, LadyBlade
    LivingArmor       26  26  26  26  26  26  26  26                     
    LivingArmor, RockScout, 
    AngelArmor        27  27  27  17  17  17  17  17   QUI +10, Float    
    Kylin, SpearValkyrie
    GoldenFleece      28  28  28  38  38  38  38  43   Null Sleep, Palsy 
    HyperScale        30  20  30  20  10  20  20  20                     
    Iceworm, Kylin, Quakeworm, R&R, Sicklebug
    WarlordArmor      32  32  42  32  32  32  32  32                     
    PlutoArmor        35  35  35  35  35  35  35  35   Null Faint        
    BlackKnight, Dullahan
    NAME              SLA HIT PIE HEA COL THU LIG CON  Bonus             
    PowerBelt         1   1   1   6   6   6   1   21   Null Palsy, Sleep 
    Berva, Flamefolk, Giant, Grappler
                                                       STR +20           
    CottonShirt       3   3   7   3   3   3   3   3                      
    Platoonpus, Wonderdog, Zombie
    SilkShirt         3   3   3   3   11  3   3   3                      
    Magicwear         4   4   4   14  14  14  4   4    WIL +5            
    Budowear          7   12  7   7   7   7   7   7                      
    Battleaxe, Grappler, WereRhino
    Defendwear        8   8   8   18  18  18  8   8
    Mysticwear        8   8   8   21  21  21  21  21   'MagicHeal'
    Hyperwear         10  10  10  10  10  10  15  15                     
    Note:  All Helmets nullify Blind status condition attacks when 
    NAME              SLA HIT PIE HEA COL THU LIG CON  Bonus             
    JunkHelm          4   6   6   4   1   1   1   1                      
    YolkHat           5   5   5   2   10  2   2   2                      
    EggHat            5   5   5   10  5   5   10  10   CHA +5            
    AbyssBat, Platoonpus, 
    FiberHood         6   6   6   2   2   2   2   2
    InfraScope        6   6   6   2   2   2   2   2    See Defense Grids 
    Magihat           6   6   6   16  16  16  16  6    'SpiritStone'     
    Succubus, Unicorn
    LaserScope        7   7   7   3   3   3   3   3    WIL +10           
    MirrorGlass       8   8   8   4   4   4   4   4   
    NAME              SLA HIT PIE HEA COL THU LIG CON  Bonus             
    LeatherBoots      3   3   3   3   1   1   1   1                      
    DanceShoes        4   4   4   14  14  14  14  4    'MysteryTap'      
    Dancer, KittyKicker
    RubberShoes       5   5   5   5   5   25  2   2    QUI +2            
    NomadFighter, Slugger
    Catsocks          6   6   6   6   6   6   6   21                     
    KittyClawer, KittyKicker, StraySheep
    FeatherBoots      7   7   7   2   2   2   12  12
    JetBoots          7   7   7   7   7   2   7   7    QUI +5, Float     
    IronClogs         8   8   8   8   8   0   8   8    'IronClogShot'    
    SH-Anklet         10  10  10  10  10 -10  10  10                     
    Ankheg, Berva, DevilSquid, LiquidMetal
    NAME              SLA HIT PIE HEA COL THU LIG CON  Bonus             
    LeatherGlove      4   4   4   4   2   2   2   2                      
    OgreGlove         5   5   5   2   2   2   2   2    STR +10           
    DevilSquid, RockBaboon, Yeti
    ShellBracer       6   6   6   3   3   3   3   3    
    HarmoniumBangle   7   7   7   27  27  27  27  7    Null Sonic        
    FireSage, GreenSage, Mimic, Siren
    SpearValkyrie, WaterSage
    NornsBangle       7   7   7   4   4   4   4   4    PSY +10
                                                       Null Sleep, Palsy 
    ArmorGlove        8   12  12  5   5   5   5   5                      
    CyberGlove        9   9   9   9   9   4   9   4
    SH-Armlet         10  10  10  10  10 -10  10  10                     
    Ettin, LiquidMetal
    Body Suits
    Note:  All Body Suits nullify Blind status condition attacks when 
    Note:  When a Body Suit is equipped, the character cannot equip any 
    other armor types except Clothing and 
    NAME              SLA HIT PIE HEA COL THU LIG CON  Bonus             
    CombatSuit        15  10  15  20  20  10  10  10                     
    RubberSuit        22  22  22  12  12  52  12  12                     
    BlackFighter, BlueFighter, GreenFighter
    NomadFighter, PinkFighter, RedFighter
    Slugger, YellowFighter
    JumpSuit          25  15  25  30  30  15  15  15
    GolemSuit         25  25  25  25  25  25  25  25                     
    EarthDragon, IceWorm, MecGod, QuakeWorm
    WereRhino, ZeroWorm
    CyberSuit         36  36  36  21  36  21  21  21   ALL +5            
    PoweredSuit       50  50  50  50  50  30  30  30   STR, QUI +10      
    SprigganSuit      55  55  55  35  35  35  35  35   +1 Mec Skill Slot 
    DragonLord, EarthDragon
    NAME              SLA HIT PIE HEA COL THU LIG CON  Bonus             
    FeatherCharm      1   1   11  1   1   1   11  11   CHA +5            
    AxeBeak, Ettin, Harpy, 
    FangAmulet        1   1   1   6   6   6   1   6    STR +5            
    Chimera, Dragonpup, Hedgehog, Minidragon
    Rabbat, Razorback, Trisaur, TrisaurJr
    WingAmulet        1   1   1   6   6   6   1   6    QUI +5            
    Battlefly, Cockatrice, Ettin, Harpy
    KillerBee, Pickbird, SonicBat, Sphinx
    FlowerAmulet      1   1   1   6   6   6   1   6    PSY, CHA +5       
    Banshee, Shrieker, Sprite, Trapvine
    SteelAmulet       1   1   1   1   1   1   1   6    VIT +5            
    Gargoyle, Ghostrider, LiquidMetal
    LivingAxe, LivingLance, LivingMusket
    PrimaBronza, PrimaMaska
    KrisKnife         3   3   3   13  13  13  13  43                     
    DarkFairy, LivingMirror
    BrokenBumper      1   1   1   1   1   1   1   11                      
    Junk              2   2   2   2   2   2   2   12                     
    FlyMec, Goblin, Gremlin, LivingAxe
    Bumper            3   3   3   3   3   3   3   3                      
    WindShell         5   5   15  5   5   15  25  25   QUI, WIL +5       
    AbyssBat, Griffin, Wyvern, Zyphon
    CharmNecklace     1   1   1   11  11  11  11  11   CHA +10           
    Magatama          1   1   1   11  11  11  11  11   'SacredSong'
    FireCrystal       1   1   1   25  1   1   1   1    'FireBarrier'     
    FireCrystal, FireSage, Flamefolk
    Hellhound, Platyhooks, PlatyKing
    RedDragon, Siren, Skulldrake
    SolGrail          1   1   1   100 1   1   1   11                     
    IceCrystal        1   1   1   1   25  1   1   1    'IceBarrier'      
    IceCrystal, Jotnar, Platyhooks, PlatyKing
    Snowfolk, SpearValkyrie, Waterfolk, Yeti
    SleetCoin         1   1   1   1   100 1   1   11                     
    IceCrystal, Snowfolk
    BoltCrystal       1   1   1   1   1   25  1   1    'BoltBarrier'     
    CrystalTree, Dragonpup, Gelatin
    IceCrystal, PlatyKing, Siren, Thundragon
    ThunderCharm      1   1   1   1   1   100 1   11                     
    MellowRing        1   1   1   21  21  1   1   1     Null Water       
    PearlHeart        2   2   2   2  -7   3   2   2     Null Water       
    Fishman, FrillNeck, Gunfish, Lamia
    Mellow, Snakeman, Undine 
    SeaStone          3   3   3   23  23  3   23  23    Null Water       
    Genbu, Kraken
                                                        PSY, VIT +7
    HarmoniumEarring  1   1   1   11  11  11  11  21    Null Sonic       
    Arachne, CrystalTree, KittyClawer
    PurpleEye         4   4   4   4   4   4   4   14    Null Stare       
    BlackX, Cyclops, Jotnar, SonicBat                  
                                                        PSY +7           
    BloodChalice      1   1   1  -15  1   1  -15 -15    Null Faint       
    Ankheg, Ghost, Lich, Nidheg, Nightshade
                                                        PSY +5           
    SandVessel        2   2   2   2   2   2   18  18    Null Petrify
    EMESTag           5   5   5   5   5   5   15  15    Null Petrify     
    Golem, Skulldrake, Skullasaurus
    UnicornTear       1   1   1   1   1   1   1   1     Null Poison      
                                                        PSY +1
    Tao-TiehPattern   3   3   3   3   3   3   23  23
    AngelBrooch       5   5   5   15  15  15  15  15
    RING/Guardian     1   1   1   1   1   1   1   31    Raise Ally Defense
    RING/Merchant     1   1   1   1   1   1   1   11    CHA +10
    RING/Thief        1   1   1   1   1   1   1   11    QUI +10
                                                        Hide All Allies
    RING/Schemer      1   1   1   1   1   1   1   11    INT +10
                                                        Random Status to 
    RING/Hero         1   1   1   1   1   1   1   11    WIL +10
                                                        Null Status to 
    RING/Hermit       1   1   1   1   1   1   1   11    Null All Effects
    RING/Healer       1   1   1   1   1   1   1   11    VIT +10
                                                        Restore Party HP
    RING/Fighter      1   1   1   1   1   1   1   11    STR +10
                                                        Raise Party Weapon
    RING/Lord         1   1   1   1   1   1   1   11    PSY +10
                                                        Restore Party WP&JP
    Equipment Statistics-  Shields
    Name-  Name of the shield.
    Evasion-  What type of attacks the shield blocks.
    Bonus-  Bonus effects the shield grants while equipped.
    Enemy Drop-  What enemies can drop the shield.
    NAME              EVASION          BONUS            ENEMY DROPS
    Buckler           Physical                          Battleaxe, Goblin
    ShellShield       Physical                          Armorpilla, Harpy, 
    Iceworm, KillerBee, Scorpion, Shellworm
                                                        Wormbrood, Zeroworm
    ExcelShield       Physical                          K9Mec, Soldier, 
    GenbuShield       Physical         Null Water       Genbu, Giant,  
    Mizukagami        Physical, Heat   Null Water
    DragonShield      All                               BlackDragon, 
    DurahanShield     All              STR, VIT +5      Dullahan
    WonderBangle      Piercing, Bullet 100% Evasion     Airfolk, Lamia, 
    Mec specific equips, and bonuses Mec's gain when equipping items to be 
    completed in the future.
    7. Frequently Asked Questions
    Coming Soon
    8. Credits
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    doubt people care about, but I'm obliged to do it so it doesn't look 
    like plagiarism or something.
    Anyway, first off, thanks to Square for making such a great game. 
    Likewise, thanks to CjayC for making Gamefaqs, and accepting this FAQ.
    A big thanks to Alex Jackson for finding all that info about SaGa techs 
    and Character Skill Growth Rates. Makes suggesting different character 
    growth methods easier and such.
    Thanks to InfinityDragon for getting the stats on all equipment. And 
    thanks for letting me just C+P it from your file as is to save me a lot 
    of time <_< 
    Thanks to superaielman for inspiring me to do this FAQ, and helping me 
    every step along the way. A thanks to SageAcrin for helping out in 
    random areas too, and for being a fine voodoo doll of sorts to kill 
    when I need to vent my anger <.<. Thanks to Laggy for helping me with 
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    Thanks to Shale for going through the pains of this entire FAQ and "De-
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    Big thanks to OblivionKnight for writing out some of the Walkthroughs, 
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    Lastly, thanks to the RPG Duelling League. If it weren't for it, and 
    some crazed fans here, I'd have never played SaGa Frontier, and thus, 
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