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    Tier Flow Guide by JusticeZero

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    SaGa Frontier Tier Flow Guide
    By JusticeZero
    This is a pretty quick little guide that is intended to help you get the most
    out of each battle rank as you go through the game.  For those who aren't very
    familiar with how SaGa Frontier's tier system works, here's a little
    explanation: enemies in SaGa Frontier increase in difficulty not by how far in
    the storyline you are, but by how many battles you have fought.  It's still
    sort of a mystery how this works exactly, but it seems to be a set number.  So
    there's only so much time to make use of each tier.  This flow list is designed
    to help you do that by taking the enemies with the highest chance of yielding
    an item or skill and directing you to get it from that enemy.  In that way, you
    have split up the amount you have to do in one tier and you save yourself the
    time of going for a rarity 4 item (rarity 4 is an enemy's rarest item / skill)
    when it's rarity 1 with another enemy (rarity 1 is that StunNeedle you always
    see the KillerBee drop).
    Class Flow
    Artifact (these can be found in Mu's Tomb small treasure chest if nowhere else)
    Male Mystic
    Female Mystic
    Each tier will be lined up like this.  You'll have it memorized in no time, and
    it's pretty obvious what class each enemy belongs too anyway.
    How this works: I am going to list skills and items.  If you have 5 monsters on
    your team (*coughRikicough*), there's no way you're going to get the full
    benefit from this anyway.  I have managed to follow this guide with Slime and
    Suzaku on Blue's file, though.  Basically, you want to absorb as many skills
    with your monsters and not spend forever on it.  If you try to get Supersonic
    from a Hedgehog, you're wasting your time.  I'm going to list the easiest place
    to get it, but if you have 5 monsters, don't expect them all to get every skill
    in here before time "runs out" (and by time running out, I mean before it's
    going to become a grind to get the skills you want).
    Also, it has come to my attention that you cannot miss any skills with your
    monsters; some will be ungodly hard to get at the end of the game, but if you
    can't make full use of this tier flow, you can always go back and get what you
    missed later.  If you see an item name, you'll want to get the item from that
    enemy, assuming you want that item.  I've listed all the items you need to get
    from drops, so if you're going for every item, I find it easiest to get the
    item there; if you don't want an item or a skill, skip it, of course, but
    skipping skills will cheat your monster out of Max HP.  Just make sure not to
    waste time absorbing skills that your monster has pre-absorbed; that
    information can all be found in Oulak's Monster FAQ, found at GameFAQs.
    Lastly, check the bottom of the guide; it has a miscellaneous section.  If
    you're actually using this as a guide, not just a reference to what tier and
    class an enemy is, and you want to get the most out of it, take heed to the
    miscellaneous section early on.  It has enemies that can only be fought in low
    tiers.  Since I don't know exactly what tiers and classes each enemy in that
    list appears with yet, I don't have that information in there; maybe, with
    time, I will figure all that out and add it to this guide.  For right now, I
    highly suggest going to the sewers near Dr. Nusakan's office in Koorong and
    fighting a D-Tractor (it appears with rank one humans).  It is the only enemy
    in the game that drops the Bumper.  Of course, if you don't care about having
    every item, then just forget it.  It's worthless as far as an equip goes.
    Tier 1
    Rocky               Da-dum, Psychout
    Cactus              Needles
    Pickbird            Beak
    Xeno                Fang
    Skeleton            Deathsynthesis
    Wonderdog           Claw
    Sprite              Thrust
    Tier 2
    Hedgehog            Tail
    Sporepile           Spore
    Gunfish             WaterCannon
    Armorpilla          SpiderNet
    Rabbat              Bloodsucker, LifeCandy
    Slime               Solvent
    Ghost               GhostTouch
    MecDobby            Evasion Rocket, MaxwellProgram
    Tier 3
    Mandrake            SleepGas
    Platoonpus          Egg Hat
    KillerBee           StunNeedle
    DragonPup           Horn
    WhipJelly           Coils, Sweep, Tackle
    LivingGlove         Beat
    Zombie              Chop
    WaspMec             HypnoFlash
    Tier 4
    Aperider            Hypnotism
    FrillNeck           Kick
    Scorpion            PoisonNeedle, SadSong, Scissors
    Harpy               Blade
    IceCrystal          StunTouch, SleetCoin
    LivingArmor         Dash, PoisonGun, LivingArmor
    Ghostrider          Siren, DarkRobe
    Banshee             CounterFear, Scream
    Tier 5
    Nightshade          StunGaze
    Gaeatoad            AcidBreath, Grasp, BehemothRifle
    Battlefly           PainPowder, Pheromone
    Axebeak             FeatherCharm
    Unknown             Flash
    LivingSword         BladeNet, Glirandly
    DeadKnight          GroundHit, FiendRod
    Mellow              Assist, SplashSword
    Tier 6
    Manticore           StinkGas
    Treant              Photosynthesis, ShadeRobe
    Slugger             QuickSand
    Wyvern              WindShell
    LiquidMetal         IceSmash, SH-Anklet
    LivingMusket        SeedVulcan, LivingRifle
    Ankheg              DaggerJaw, HPDrain
    Gunbird             KillerRifle
    Gremlin             GremlinTouch, SilverSpread
    SpearValkyrie       BattleSong, Silf, HarmoniumBangle
    Hermes              Evasion Bullet
    Tier 7
    Unicorn             LifeRain, MagicHeal, Magihat, UnicornTear
    Sunflower           GlowRobe
    Genbu               FangCrush, Tornado, GenbuShield, SeaStone
    SickleBug           GaleAttack, Oscillation
    Cockatrice          Petrify
    Airfolk             Wing
    LivingMirror        DeathGaze, PsyReflector
    Lich                DeadlyMoss, DeathTouch
    Ladyblade           Obsidian
    FatDevil            PoisonGas, TwiggyRod
    Succubus            FireKiss, Lullaby
    MecDobby100         DOBBY Bazooka
    Tier 8
    Butch               Heal, MadAttack*, Spoil, Stinger
    Shrieker            TripGas
    Basilisk            StoneGaze, CelestialLeather
    Iceworm             MightyCyclone, GolemSuit
    Sphinx              SacredSong, SphinxRiddle, Windblast
    Gelatin             BoltBarrier, BoltBreath, Ectoplasnet, BoltCrystal
    Mimic               FireBreath, TitasWave, SilverMoon
    Skullasaurus        BoneBreast, EMES Tag
    WereRhino           PowerBeat, Quake, Rock, SH-Armlet
    Lamia               Seduction, TailHit, MoonlightRobe
    Skylab              Evasion Laser, MecSonata, SelfRepair
    *I only suggest absorbing MadAttack from Butch if you are on T260G's file,
    because T2 can't get into TimeLord's Region (as far as I know he can't).
    Everybody else would have more luck absorbing this from a Minotaur, who yields
    it 100%.  Not like rarity 2 is horribly hard to absorb, but 100% is better.
    Tier 9
    Chimera             GasFlame, Trample
    CrystalTree         MagneticStorm
    Kraken              Feeler, Maelstrom
    Zeroworm            Tremor
    Suzaku              FireBarrier, HeatWave, FireLeather
    Snowfolk            ArcticBreath, IceBarrier
    RockScout           BrainCrush
    Dullahan            CharmGaze, Stampede, DurahanShield, PlutoArmor
    R&R                 LogicBomb, SuperMissile
    Ironhopper          Jammer
    MecGod              TigerProgram
    Thundragon          BoltBlast, DragonSword
    Platyhooks          BoomerangHook
    DevilSquid          Ink, Thunderbolt, OgreGlove
    Flamefolk           HeatSmash, Ignis, PowerBelt
    Waterfolk           BlueElf
    Sonicbat            GliderSpike, PoisonGrip, Supersonic
    Straysheep          BeastLeather, Catsocks
    Rockbaboon          DoubleAxe
    FireCrystal         SolGrail
    RedDragon           FlameBlast
    BlackDragon         GriffithScratch, StoneGas, Protector
    Abyssbat            LightRifle
    Minotaur            MadAttack
    Darkfairy           LightBall, PoisonMist
    D-Tractor           Bumper
    EarthDragon*        HyperionBazooka OR SprigganSuit
    Wormbrood           Beetlejuice, ElfShot
    T-Walker            Magnify, FlashBomb
    With the EarthDragon, pick your favorite, you only get to fight him once.  I
    recommend the SprigganSuit though.  On T260G's file, you can get a
    HyperionBazooka in one of his dungeons, so I would definitely pick the
    SprigganSuit there.
    Well, it looks to be the end here.....  Again, thanks to GameFAQs and the guys
    on its SaGa Frontier message board.
    And also, don't plagiarize this.  Please.  Just don't.  It's not even 10 KB.
    End of document.

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