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Reviewed: 07/12/00 | Updated: 07/12/00

Pure garbage from SquareSoft

SquareSoft has always been my favorite video game company, but I will be the first to admit that they have made some mistakes in the past. One of the biggest mistakes, in my opinion, is releasing a game called SaGa Frontier. Now, releasing it in America was not the bad idea (I was they would release every game they make here in America), but making the game to begin with was the bad idea. See, this game is simply TERRIBLE. I did not like playing this game at all, and I simply had a terrible time playing through it, mainly due to the confusing gameplay, horrible music, and terrible graphics. This stinker is definitely one to avoid at all costs.

Storyline (2/10)
This has got to be one of the worst storylines ever for a role playing game, bar none. First off, SquareSoft decided to break up the storyline into separate quests, and each of the characters has different storylines. This may seem like a good concept and idea at heart, but it is done terribly in this game. The problem is, I could care less about most of the storylines in the game besides Amelia's wuest to fidn out who killed her husband. Overall, the storyline in the game is way below average, it may seem like a good idea on paper but it translated terribly in this game.

Graphics (2/10)
Was this a first generation Playstation game or what? Now, I usually have no problem with the 16-bit looking role playing games (hell, I am a fan of this look actually) but I think SquareSoft took it a tad too far in this game. The biggest problem is the lack of animations and frames in the characters. Therefore, the look of the characters walking is simply apalling and one of the worst I have ever seen. I mean, how hard would it have been for SquareSoft to include more frames of animations in the character? The whole look of the game is apalling and horrible, because everything may look good, but the result is a confusing mess. These graphics are definitely the epitome of bad game design. Overall, the graphics in the game are disappointing, they may look okay but the result is a confusing mess of jarbled game design.

Music and Sound Effects (1/10)
AARGH! I mean, SquareSoft is the king of making quality music and sound effects. So, why did they release the game featuring perhaps the worst music and sound effects ever heard in a role playing game? Quite frankly, I expected much more from this game. First off, the music. Now, I have usually heard great battle music from SquareSoft, but not in this game. This gets my vote for second worst battle theme of all time (only outdone by that really horrible battle theme in Breath of Fire for the SNES). The boss theme is just as terrible, and then there is the actual music featured in events, towns, etc. Those sound terrible too. I really hated the music in this game. Then there are the sound effects. Wow! Listen to the sound of the spells being cast! Oh wait, there is none. My bad. Overall, the music and sound effects in this game are simply disappointing and terribly done. Shame on you, SquareSoft!

Gameplay and Control (1/10)
Now, I am not a huge fan of this game at all. Let me tell you the major problem with this game right off the bat: the non linear gameplay. Now, I am a big proponent of non linear gameplay in role playing games, and wish more would feature it, but not like this. This is the clasic example of how not to do non linear gameplay, because I guarantee you will get lost about 4 million times while attempting to play through the game. This is because everything is so poorly explained, and the game provides you with no clues as to where to go next. Now, onto the battle system. Have you ever been completely annoyed with the battle system of a RPG to the point where you want to throw the RPG out of your window? You'll feel the same way with the battle system in this game. First off, you are supposed to learn different skills during battle, but then of course you just kind of learn them automatically. Where is the fun in that? Then there is something called WP, which don't seem to matter as much as the game wants you to think. HP mean nothing because they refill after battle. Then there is the terrible experience system. You kind of level up certain stats automatically after battle. What in the hell? Is there a point to this? Then, control, which is totally different from any other role playing game ever made, to the point of total annoynace. Overall, this game plain old has terrible gameplay and terible control. What a shame.

Replay Value: Way Below Average
Let's see, I just spent the last half hour bashing this terrible game. What do you think the replay value is going to be? I will never play this game again unless I am completely bored, I mean, I went through the whole game and hated it, so what makes me think that I am going to change my mind the second time through? Overall, the replay value in this terrible game is, well, terrible.

Challenge: Very Challenging
This might be the most challenging role playing game ever made for a few reasons. One, it is so horrible that you will not want to try to beat it. And two, because of the non linear gameplay refusing to give you a clue as to where to go to next. Only one of the quests can be considered of normal challenge, out of eight total ones. Overall, this is quite a challenging game for a few simple reasons.

Overall (1/10)
I really, really, really hated this awful game from SquareSoft. If you want an example of how a company can mess up, look no further than this, because my favorite video game company made a truly apalling game. The non linear gameplay is frustrating, and everything about the game is just horrible.

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