Review by MutantXYZ

Reviewed: 07/26/00 | Updated: 07/26/00

The graphics and sound saved this disaster.

I rented Saga Frontier at my local movie store.I got home and I started playing it.I could choose from several different charectors.I choose that little robot dude first.I noticed that the graphics were not that bad and It had good sound.You can travel too different cities and other stuff but something is wrong.Read my review and find out.

Sound 9/10
This saved the game great theme music and town music and other.I loved the sound effects and there was some very catchy tunes.The battle music was cool too.

Gameplay 6/10
I don't like the battles tactics too much and the controls can suck at times.And there isnt much of a variety of anything it deserves a six beleve me.

Graphics 9/10
Great graphics only in my view because some people might endore FMV's and realistic 3D graphics,but this game dishes out a simple 3D charector design which is simple to view and other.I sort of like this style of charector design and point of view of the enviroment which you the gammer are viewing.

Funfactor 1/10
There is fun factor the battles are tough the game can be irratating and the storyline sucks.This game is hard as hell and takes forever to gain one level.I played the game for about three hours before rejecting the game it is worth about 5 bucks.Square soft made a big mistake.This is the kind of game that can really piss you off.

Story 4/10
I didn't really care for the story because I was to busy complaining so dont ask how was the plot cause you know it will suck.Ive read other reviews and the story didn't get a great rating.This game sucks and that is all there is too it.These are the rpg's that trick you like grand stream saga and final fantasy tactics. Don't be fooled if you find a rpg that looks cool you should look more into this game without wasting your cash on crap.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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