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"Truly one of the best done games ever."

At first when I played SaGa Frontier I started with Red's quest. I had trouble with one part and got angry at it.
Later I started the quest over and thanks to getting one character I didn't get the first time I had less trouble.
At that moment I realized my choices mattered for once.
There is so much to do in this game it is astounding.

Story Line 7: The stories are nice, but they lack detail and some seem to ignore some elements of the story. Also
some quests were more detailed than other quests. It could
have been had there been more details and maybe 2 more quests to wrap things up with a good explanation. Plus the game gives you clues to story line for you to figure
out your own. I can't give any examples due to the spoiler rule.

Play Control 9: The Control is decent, but it takes awhile for me to get used to it since Square can't decide between X or O for confirm. This would have been better if I could
change the controls to be honest. Still it is good enough to
get the job done and that is all I need to for it.

Music 10: I love the music in this game. First off it has
several battle themes. And it really feels like the tune is being written to the scene and not forcing a style on the tune. If a tune needs to a certain way it will be that way.
One of the coolest tunes is the one for Lute's Final Boss.
I also enjoy the 4th battle tune. There is one part I play over and over again. I just love that tune a lot. The tune plays at Sei who is an optional boss if you want to know.
When you fight Sei you will hear my favorite battle tune in
the entire game from the 5 battle tunes that do not include final battle tunes. One of my favorite town themes is played in Devin.

Characters 8: None of the characters have huge stories. This
is bad since it lacks detail, but is also good. Why it gives
me the feeling the whole of everything mattered. I do not enjoy stories where only one person matters and that is it.
In SaGa Frontier at least 7 people mattered in this game.
Being from 4 separate species the character are varied in looks and fun to use at least in my own humble opinion.

Graphics 7: The Graphics are nice. The attacks are much flashier than in FF7, but are more than just see how many times we can hit. However I have trouble seeing some areas
at first so I have to give this only a score of 7. Some of
the most astonishing examples of the flashy graphics come up
when you preform combos using high level attacks in the game. I just love the effect you get when ever you get level 5 combo in this game. I have to say it looks very sweet to see in this game and I enjoy getting them as often
as I can. The areas look nice, but need more polish in some of the areas to make it easier to see with out study.

Game Play 10: This is the best part. They are so many abilities to learn and how you learn them depends on what quest you play, who you use and what you use. Strategy is an important role in this game. Some spells have unique effects that I have never seen. No longer can any character grab a handy potion every other turn. You have to equip cures or a back pack. In my opion this makes learning healing techs more fun since you will have a use for them
if you want be able to heal more often and of course save money. The races level up in various ways. First Humans will randomly gain what they need based on what they use.
So if a Human uses a spell they may gain JP because spells require JP. Mystics can learn spells just like Humans and when they kill an enemy with a Mystic Weapon that is a monster they will increase their stats and get a new ability under that weapon in battle. Mystics can absorb one monster per Mystic weapon for a total of 3 asborbtions.
Mech's stats are determined by their equipment and they can download programs from enemy mechs. Monsters absorb abilities from monster or mystics and may change to another form which is determined by the skills your monster has on when it gains a new skill. I love the fact each character learns at random in a way this make it a new way each time.

Replay Value 8: With so many ways to play and the fact you
can beat most quest in 12 hours means you don't have to spend forever going through a quest again or go through every scene. However some quests seem to be more fun to
replay than others. I play Red and Asellus' quest the most in this game.

Over All 9: Everything in this game comes together in a neat package. Sure the story line has a few problems and some quests needed more detail, but with all their is to
do in the game I can only give this game this high score.
I love the fact the characters have to earn things themselves.

To Rent or Buy: I would say rent this. If you enjoy thinking, exploring, huge battle system and a challenge this game is for you. On the other hand if you love heavy stories avoid this unless you like to try stuff that is different from what you are used to. Also avoid this if you want a game that leads you by the hand and acts like you are too dense to figure out what to do.


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/22/00, Updated 11/22/00

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