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"Interesting game, too bad not many gave it a chance though...."

INTRO: Okay, another review were people think I've lost my marbles again! Come on, even though it was different at first, it was actually good for once (unlike *gag me* Rhapsody).

STORYLINE: Okay, we have seven different storylines here and I'll even rate the storylines for your reading pleasure:

Red/Alkaiser: *1/2. Ugh, Red's story is probably the weakest out of the bunch. A boy must avenge the death of his father by some un-believeable super-villain. And he even becomes a super hero as well! UGH!!!

T-260G: **. Starts out slow at first, but after the beginning (after you save that little brat!), it starts to warm up, plus it (T-260) has an interesting backstory as well!

Lute: ***. Why three stars? Well, it's an all sidequest story where you can do what ever you want, plus, it's very interesting to watch Lute re-act to certain things.

Asellus: ****. Probably the best storyline of all. Asellus was once a normal girl in a normal city (Shirike), until one tragic day, after going out on the town, her life abruptly ends when she gets trampled to death by horses pulling an authority carrage. Afterwords, she get ressurected by having mystics insert some of their blood in her and it is up to Asellus to decide whether she wants to be human, mystic or a half-breed. And watching the ''relations'' between her and the Mystic princess is very touching.

Coon: ***1/2. Another interesting one. Coon is a little beast boy who has to go ressurect some sacred jewelry, so his homeland won't rot away. Does not sound like much, but watch for the bizarre conclusion!

Blue/Rouge: **1/2. A Kain and Able story with a strange twist. Enough said!

Emilia: **. It was okay once you get past the VERY soap-opera-like beginning. Plus, the costume change was interesting as well.

Very nice. As the old saying goes: ''Multiple heads are better than one!''

CHARACTERS: Most of the characters are interesting indeed. And they each have their own techs and limitations as well, but the thing is that when you have alot of characters, some tend to be more interesting than others. But I get used to that though.

GRAPHICS: The graphics are not bad at all, though they are very claymation/stop-motion looking, but that's all out of uniqueness. The spell graphics aren't too bad either, though don't expect FF summon-like graphics though.

PLAY CONTROL: Not bad. Easy to understand and the free-scenario/non-linearinty is a nice change from ''Going out to save the World'' this instant plot, though it does take some getting used to though.

FUN: It depends. Some stories, side-quests and sub-plots are funner than others. Enough said there.

CHALLENGE: HARD. There are alot of hard and difficult areas in the game, so this is definetly NOT FOR BEGINNERS!!!

OVERALL: Saga Frontier might not be 100% perfect, but give it a chance, because even though there are some bad points, but there is alot of light out-shining the dark hole of flaws. Plus, the multiple stories is a nice thing.


Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/28/01, Updated 06/28/01

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