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"awesome game!!........"

When I first turned on this game i thought "the graphics are ok and the music isn't anything to write home about."But that's when I rented it. A few months later my friend bought it and he invited meover to play it. I thought it would be the most boring day ever. Then he strated showing me all the really cool elements of the game. Like magic,sword techs.,and all the guns you could find/buy(im obseses with guns!).the are so many other things besides graphics that make a good game. The only reallygood music is the ones in big boss battles. If you play this game starting with Lute or Blue's quest you'llbe like "where the hell did the plot go!?" So I recoment starting with Red'sor Riki's game. the controlle(sic) is pretty easy to learn. After about anhour or so playing you'll have mastered the controlle(sic. This game is for RPGveterans beacause some of the bosses are piss your pants hard!!! You'll probaly quit playingthe first time you die and take the game back to the store. But im really goodat RPG's and i die at least once on every quest(except on riki's quest i'll die like 50 times cause riki sucks)So if you want an awesome RPG go look around some stores for saga frontier. I got it for 38 bucks from toys r us!! 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 02/20/03

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