Review by Holy Vampire

"The MOST horrible RPG, aside from Earthbound, I've ever played."

This game has everything an RPG doesn't need. Crap, crap, and more crap. It's got a horrible menu system, bad plots (yes, plural) and bad characters to go along with that. No, I didn't finish the game. I didn't get beyond an hour of play. That doesn't stop me from telling people about the game.

Graphics= 1 Of course, the graphics are better than Excite Bike, or any of those other cheap NES games. But, it's on the Playstation people. I know that graphics doesn't really mean squat, but let me tell you: It does mean something in stupid games like this. Unfortunately, it didn't help. The characters look like those children with the aging disease (hopefully they aren't playing this, because they'd be wasting their time...) and the backgrounds look worse than in Final Fantasy II, in my fact.

Sound= 3 Cheesy jump sounds, attack sounds, and plane sounds don't help a bad game get better, does it? The only good sound was the sound of the... you know. When you turn the PSX on?....

Music= n/a No, there was music. No, it wasn't worth remembering.

Other= 5 The Duel Shock capabilities were only good because they were there. Also, it takes up 2 memory blocks per character. That's not cool. It would take like a whole darned card to finish this crap.

Plot= 1 Don't get me wrong. I jumped into this game with both feet, saying "It's going to be good, it just starts out weak." Boy was I wrong. The multi plots, provided that because it has multiple characters, was weak and ever more annoying. The hard to navigate areas were there apparently only to worsen the plot, due to hard to find key points. I can't remember any names, but the only good one (at least in the beginning) was where a girl was framed for murder. Good, I though, a realistic plot. That was crap. She ended up rotting away in a sewer, because I couldn't have the will to finish it. Another one that comes to mind is a guy who gets kidnapped by some sort of warrior clan, and becomes a hero. THAT was the worst one in my fact. Other than that the plot sucked.

Now, people. I'm not saying that this game is for nobody, because no matter how bad everyone thinks something is, there's always at least ONE person on earth who loves it to death. I'm just writing this so you can safely call him a moron.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 02/20/03

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