Review by JP

"A good but very different RPG."

You've probably heard a lot about this game when it first came out. Then a while after word you heard that it was a waist and no one should have to play it. I myself think its a good, long and very tough game to get through.The graphics are probably the games weak point. They, in fact, justreally arent that good. The animation is rather jerky. Although someparts of the game's graphics are fine. Like the magic and other movesin the game. Take the Over Drive move for example, it has some really nice smooth-moving animation, while your charector is jerking around likehe's having a spasm. The music is really quite a mixed bag. Their's some good music, and someannoying music. And their's also some really cool music that fits the moodof whats going on. Like the tune that plays when your fighting the GreenSage, that music is my favorite in the game, it fits the mood of whatyou're doing. You're fighting a huge guy dressed in green clothes thatkeeps pounding you into the ground. Thats a good point in the game. Thesound effects are nice, though their really arent that many.The game play factor is great in this game. Unlike other RPGs where you'reone main person through the whole game, your seven different main people/mechs/monsters throughout the game. mostly people, though.You're seven different people on the same world. And you have differentquest do do with each of the charectors. You can also sign people up for your party besides just the seven people. In fact, in most of thquests, you wont be able to use people from other quests. You'll justhave to use people you meet while you travle. This part of the game makes this game very fun... IMO.Their's one thing about this game that makes it stand out aginst otherSquare games. Its hard! This is one of, if not hardest RPG I've everplayed!!! At first when you get used to the level building system, thegame seems like it will be a breeze. Since you gain your HP back onauto. But then you get a little farther in the game... then you see thateven though you get your HP back after a fight, the problem is gettingthrough the fight! To help you beat these battle are some super hardhitting attacks, but getting them takes time. Thats why this game willtake you well over 100 hours to FULLY finish.This game is full of secrets and hiddin moves that make it a good buyif you think your good enough at RPGs to know the tricks. But just bewarned: most people for some reason dont like this game. Probably as itvery hard. I mean, not even the baddies in the game stay easy. The baddiesget stronger as you do! Also this game is hard as it doesn't tell youwhere to go next. Which makes it confusing and rather annoying. Youshould probably get help for this game and rent it before you make amove. With this in mind, check it out. You'll either hate it, or you'lllike it a lot. But this is the kind of game that you will have to deside on for your self and not take anyone elses opinion for it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 02/20/03

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