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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 02/20/03


Graphics- 2.5/10
Controls- 7/10
Sound/Music- 6/10
Gameplay- Unoriginal
Storylines- 7/10

This is a game nothing short of pure crap. It definately has high points- no denying that. But keep in mind its many, many, MANY low points.

For one instance, the graphics will blow you away (on a bad note). The character sprites look worse than the ones in Final Fantasy 2 for the SNES (that is not exaggeratiog) and the backgrounds just look- to put it simply- like they were scribbled by a dead turtle.

Of course, you shouldn't judge a game by its graphics, but its contents. Unfortunately, I believe that the graphics are almost (note: ALMOST) better than the game itself. The game has characters that would not put the stereotyical characters in "Diablo" to shame. They are all similar to another game somewhow (with he exception of Lute) and all of them seem to have ridiculous dialogue and behavior.

The storylines are so-so, though that is it's highest point because of four characters. Blue, a wizard of sorts who has to travel all around to kill his brother (though pointless sub-missions interfere with the excellence of this plot.) Then, there is my personal favorite, the plot and character of Lute, which works because it is so simple- he is just a drifter with a guitar (though some weaker- minded fools don't like it because they don't get to see so many things get killed). The next is a very nice character named T26O9, a droid who is going all around the world to find out what his last mission was (though his story is marred by the introduction of two cutsey children that befriend him, all to "E.T."-ish). And of course, I could not ignore Emelia. Her fiance was murdered before her very eyes, and, being a suspect of the murder, she is thrown in jail. Her story begins with a classic prison break and escalates from there (sure to please any middle-aged fan of "Women in Prison" movies on Showtime). And, of course, though his story isn't too original, I should recognize Red, just because he of the fact that his story is about revenge, which takes away the stereotypical goody-two shoes character we see everywhere just a tad.

Despite those good storylines, the others are pretty pathetic. You have the guy who wants to save his world from destruction (Rikki), a pretty crappy plot that is executed even worse than it sounds, but it is no match for the worst one of all. Asellus is a gal that is saved from death by injection of Mystic blood. Though it is pretty much the same plot as Red's, you have to be disgusted by the way it is played out. It goews past the extent of crap and right into boredom, then back to "I wish I didn't buy this game" syndrome.

So, maybe I am being a bit too harsh. Then again, play it for yourself, but for the love of God, don't waste 50 bucks on it like I did. No one deserves that.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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