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"This is a great game to buy--several ways to play the game make it more than a one-time rental game."

SaGa Frontier, the sequel to a similar game on SNES has been well worth my time in rentals. I believe I've rented it at least 5 times from Blockbuster (which allows you to keep it for five days) and I haven't completed all of the characters' stories. I have however played each character enough to know the game.

When you first begin you can choose between seven characters who's story you can follow: there's Emilia (a human female who's husband was killed by a mysterious man), T260G (a mec, a robot that is, who was on a secret mission but his memory was destroyed in a crash), Riki (a monster who is trying to save his homeland), Blue (a magician who is trying to complete his training and overthrow his brother as master of the academy), Assellus (a half-mystic who is trying to escape from the mystics), Red (a human male who becomes a super hero who fights the evil MBlack), and Lute (a human male who is on an adventure to find his father).

As for ratings:(1-10) 1 being worst)

Story: 10
The varying stories really help out here as well with the replay.

Control: 10
The controls to the game are easy to learn and use. The quick save function comes in very handy when in a hard spot where you don't want to lose but it would be a waste of time to constantly save to the memory card.

Fun: 9
The game's many puzzles and changing enemies present a deepening challenge, however you only really have the opportunity to train about 5 of your characters, because the enemies become very hard after you've advanced in the game.

Graphics: 8
Sure, the graphics look like a cartoon, but at least it is neatly done. Plus the pictures at the edn of missions add a nice touch to the game.

Sound: 8
The sound effects are easy to hear and aren't at all a distraction. The music isn't the greatest but it certainly adds to the mood of different towns (for instance the jazzy music of Koorong, the big city, and the music when you travel on the ships are a sort of I'm-anxious-to-get-where-I'm-going sort of music, I especially like the music for the sailing ship to and from Nelson).

Replay: 10
Like mentioned above, the 7 different storylines really add to the fun.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/28/99, Updated 11/28/99

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