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"One of the most under appreciated as well as diversely rated games ever."

This game is one of those games that over half the world seems to hate and well, I can't see why! This is one of the greatest games I have ever played! Instead of one quest, there are seven and they can change depending on which ones you do first. Each quest stars its own hero, or villan. Each star has his or her own agenda and background. The seven quests range from pretty simple to really tough and as the seven quests become one you are thrown deeper and deeper into the everchanging and growing story.

Graphics 8/10- The graphics are pretty good but could have been better. The backgrounds are really cool. Pre-rendered paintings make up the colorful world. The characters themselves look like 16-Bit Chrono-Trigger people, but thats okay the lack of depth in the characters graphics wise doesn't interfere with the gameplay

Control/Gameplay 10/10- The game strolles along at a fine pace and doesn't get old. The controls are seamless and the gameplay highly addictive. Along with the story and the controls, the gameplay will get you so hyped up you'll be playing for hours and hours.

Sound 9/10- The music is very well done. The sound effects are really cool and overall the sound is two thumbs up.

Story 10/10- The seven stories combine into one and becomes a game with 120 hors of gameplay. All the stories are very original and fun. From Red the super-hero, to Blue the man destined to kill hs brother. The game has a lot to offer.

Replay 5/10 the lack of side quests make this title a one-time play only.

Overall 9/10- Squaresoft has a masterpiece right here. Even though many people hate this game I love it so at least rent it so you can experience it a little. SaGa Frontier rules.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/30/00, Updated 08/30/00

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