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"This is arguably the worst game I have ever played"

Overview: When this game was released, I had high hopes for it. Square RPGs don't come along that often, and I like to at least try them out. I had heard that this game was very non-linear, and some people told me it was great. That made me even more curious to try it because I want to see what square's idea of a non linear RPG would be. After renting this monstrosity, however, I was sorely dissapointed. SaGa Frontier sucks, and let me count the ways...

The graphics in this game are extremely dissapointing. I don't buy RPGs for graphics, but this is the worst job I have ever seen. The characters are hand drawn, but the artwork is so bad it is hard to tell what the hell you are fighting half the time. The backgrounds are all right, but I have seen much better on the SNES.

I played all the way through Lute's quest. Other than the beginning and ending of the quest, there is absolutely no plot, no story, no character development, nothing. From the picture on the box, it looked like Lute was a pretty cool guy so I decided to do his quest first. The problem with the non linearity of this game shows up in Lute's quest big time.

For example: Start a new game. Exit Yorklant to Koorong. Take the ferry to Owmi. Take the ship from Owmi to Nelson. Agree to go to the Spriggan Base with the captain. Navigate through the short dungeon, and come to Spriggan. Spriggan is the final boss of the quest. You can reach the final boss in the first ten minutes of playing the game. AND I DID! AND HE KICKED THE S--- OUT OF ME!!! That's not all! I had saved my game from inside the dungeon, and since spriggan's abode is unescapable, I had to start over! What really confused me was the fact that all the enemies in the dungeon were easily dispatched, and the boss killed me in the first round.

Frustrated, I started over, and leveled up my team for fourteen game hours, including two side quests that had nothing to do with the story at all. I finally beat the last boss, and the ending had nothing to do with the "story" up to this point! Angered more than ever, I returned the game to blockbuster a day early and cursed Saga Frontier forever.

The battle system awful. Each character has a number of techniques, but the system for gaining new techniques is confusing and badly planned out. You have to practice certain techniques to get others, but you never know what to use to get what technique. The non linearity is horrible, because you can fight easy enemies in a dungeon and get smacked around by a super tough boss.

What else?
Pitiful character development...
Shoddy translation...
Dry dialouge...
Unescapable death trap dungeons...
Terribly unbalanced combat...


Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 01/13/00, Updated 01/13/00

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