Review by Gilgamesh

"A little too non-linear"

SaGa Frontier is a game that has a thing called the 'free scenerio system'. At the beginning of the game you can pick out of 7 different quests. All the quests are different but you'll come along other main characters in other quests.

I found this game too non-linear. I went through dungeons that had no meaning in the quest I was doing and were for another character's quest. Big waste of time. It can also waste your time if you don't know where to go and you have access to every place in the game.

The best part of this game was the battles where there are a lot of in the game. Characters can combine attacks which can do some really big damage and look fantastic. The magic spells look good also.

The graphics in this game are ugly. The prerendered backgrounds and the sprite characters just do not mix.

The music wasn't anything special. It wasn't horrible or anything but it wasn't the best game music I've heard.

Storyline wise the game put me to sleep. Especially if you get lost and don't know where to go because you'll most likely lose interest or forget what was going on. Still, the story isn't one of those 'you have to know what happens next' type.

Overall the game's not too bad but not that great either. I'd recommend renting it before buying.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 02/07/00, Updated 02/07/00

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