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Reviewed: 02/18/00 | Updated: 02/18/00

A rather schizophrenic game you either may or may not like

One weekend, I decided to rent SaGa Frontier just to see if it really was as bad as people made it out to be. I was actually pleasantly surprised. The game turned out to be enjoyable to me (I ended up playing for 5 hours straight on that Saturday). While it isn't for everyone, it just may grow on you.

Here's what I liked: I liked the game world. It is huge. There are medieval castles in one place, and airplanes and shopping malls in the next. While all of this seems a bit schizophrenic, it was interesting to have both. Personally, I preferred the more modern styled worlds. It's not every day you see an RPG with an Atlantic City style casino, and a futuristic looking shopping mall.

I also liked that you could see the enemies before fighting them. Random encounters are a pain, and SaGa Frontier wisely allows you to see your foes.

I liked that you could choose from seven characters and view the world from their eyes. Some selectable characters meet up (i.e. Red meets up with Asellus in his quest). How cool would it have been, say, to play FF6 like this? Play from Shadow's point of view or Setzer or even Mog? Definitely a terrific idea.

Of course, there are flaws. The biggest of which is the ''I don't know where to go'' flaw. I like a certain degree of nonlinearity in RPGs. I like being able to have choices as to the direction my characters can take and these actions can influence the entire game (like Star Ocean 2). SaGa Frontier is a little too nonlinear at times. Most of the game is spent dungeon crawling with very little interaction with others. While it's cool that you can go anywhere you want, it would have been nice to have more defined stories. Speaking of which, some of them are actually good. When I rented this game, I spent the most time with Red's quest. He was a cool looking character, and I actually GOT somewhere with his story. Emelia's story was cool too.

In any case, I actually found enjoyment with SaGa Frontier. I know people who loved it, and I know people who've hated it. I do recommend, however, that you rent it and give it a whirl. You may actually like it.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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