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"It's not the worst Squaresoft game, but..."

Square was my favorite softwarehouse since I got my SNES (when I has the NES I was very young and I couldn't understand these games). The first game I played from Square was Mario RPG (!). Later, Chrono Trigger, other SNES games, FFantasies from PSX, Bushido...

I bought Saga Frontier specting the Square quality, but this one... Well, it's not a bad game, but... You'll see.

Gameplay - 7/10

The first thing you'll notice in the gameplay it's the possibility to play with seven different characters. Each one with its own story. Wow. Well, it's not so great as you think. The story of one don't interfere in the other one. They only are avaible as aditional party members. The menu system is simple. The entire game ''eats'' an entire memory card! Yes, 15 blocks! The battle system is pretty anoying: you simple don't know when you will learn a new technique. Suddenly, in the middle of a battle, a lamp will appear above of you character's head and he will execute a new move.

Story - 6/10

You have seven stories, but only two of then are really good. Lute, for instance, is just a lazy guy that doesn't do nothing and decide to leave home to do something. And that's Lute's story. What a masterpiece... (laughs). The best one is Blue's story. He's a mage that needs to kill his brother, a traitor and a bad mage, Rouge.
The stories don't interfere in each other. Lute doesn't have anything with Rouge, and Riki doesn't have any thing with Lute, but suddenly they meet each other and decide to go go together.

Audio/Video - 3/10

It's the worst graphic that I ever saw in an RPG. FF1 had more elaborated graphics (considerating the capacibility of NES). The backgrounds are not well made and the battle screen makes me cry. The sounds are poor and the musics are boring. If you wanna sleep, here's a great choice!

Replayabitily - 7/10

You'll want, at least, to see each character's story, just to see the spirit of the game. But, only if you really want to see the whole system and the end of the stories, you will want to play more then 1 week.

To buy or to rent?

I think, depending of your will, you won't even want to rent it. If you want, give it a try. You will want to play it for a while. But don't buy it. You will burn your money.

And again, sorry for the poor English, I'm brazilian.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 04/09/00, Updated 04/09/00

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