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Reviewed: 05/11/00 | Updated: 05/11/00

One of my Favorites for the PS

I don't see why people don't like this game, maybe they like easy games, maybe they don't like a revolutionary type of RPG, and don't get me started on the Gameplay vs. Graphics debate. Gameplay has, and will, always been more important. Do you remember, back in the day, when all we had were are copies of Final Fantasy on our Nintendos? Sure it cutting edge graphics for the time, but, how many of you have beaten it. Well, on with the review...

Gameplay 10/10 - This game is great. All enemies stats are determined by your own character's stats, making the game very challenging. I should add that this game is NOT easy, but then when have fun games been easy. I think that the control of SaGa Frontier is very smooth, even on a digital D-Pad.

Story 10/10 - In this game, there are seven different characters to play as, all with different stories. They each range in degrees of difficulty, ranging from hard to very hard. I liked all of the characters stories, but I prefer Asellus' quest and Red's quest.

Music 8/10 - The music is good, but it won't want to make you pay over $40 for the soundtrack (Please keep in mind that the only game I did pay over $40 for the soundtrack was Chrono Trigger, so I'm kind of a harsh grader in this area). There are a few good songs that I like, but as I said, not worthy of buying the soundtrack.

Style 10/10 - What is style, you ask? Style is what sets the game apart from others. SaGa Frontier is unique in that you can visit almost any town at almost any point in the game. SaGa Frontier also has 7 different characters/stories to play, which I have not seen done before.

Worth 10/10 - Is the game worth buying? Yes! It is by far one of the best PlayStation games I've ever played. It can be found at most used game stores for about $15-$25.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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