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    FAQ/Walkthrough by NathanPS

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 03/09/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     FAQ TITLE  : SAGA FRONTIER2 - Detailed FAQ and Walkthrough [Version : 2.0]
     GAME INFO  : Saga Frontier2, US Version.
                    Copyrighted by SquareSoft (Europe) in 1999/2000. 
                      Genre -- Adventure, RPG, Battle Simulation
     FAQ WRITER : Nathan Prima Suwanto [shinichi@sby.dnet.net.id]
     DATE/TIME  : Thursday - 09 March 2000 - 14 00 GMT / 22 00 WIB
    Note To Readers
    This FAQ is best viewed on 1024 x 768 on Microsoft Word 97+. I'm sure most 
    people can support this resolution, if you can't then 800 x 600 is okay but you 
    should change the zoom from 100% to a lower zoom percent. Also, do not forget to 
    turn on the Automatic Word Wrapping. Many people complained to me because the 
    text was too lengthy, and then I found out it was because they don't have Wrap 
    activated. Actually, I wrote every paragraph without using 'Enter' at all. So if 
    you don't wrap it, a paragraph is just one long long line....
    Contacting Me and Sending submissions to me :
    E-Mail	: shinchi@sby.dnet.net.id
    ICQ UIN #	: 13520752
    FAQ Revision Information
    Ver 1.0 -- 	*Initial Release of Saga Frontier2 FAQ.
               	*Walkthrough available up to these scenarios :
               	 Gustave XIII -- The Fake Gustave Arrives
               	 Wil Knights  -- Wil vs Egg (and some more)
    Ver 2.0 -- 	*Fixed some Scenario Name Mistakes
    		*Finished Gustave's Scenario walkthrough
    		*Added Hahn Nova building secret (see Scenario)
    		*Added Time/Place for each scenario
    		*Added the missing scenarios :
    		 - Johan The Assassin
    		 - The General's Memories
    Version Notes
    1.0 : - Need information about Art Moves (US).
          - Need US GameShark Codes.
          - This FAQ doesn't have the complete walkthrough yet. But if you want to 
            talk with me about this game, I've made a topic on this game's message
            board so maybe if you have ideas/tricks I can know and if you need help
            I can send it to you... E-mail will also work, too...
    2.0 : - Will finish Wil Knights' scenario
    Table of Contents
    01. FAQ Introduction
    02. Game Reviews and Scoring
    03. Starting The Game
    04. Explanation about the SF2 Systems
      - Scenario Screen
      - Menu Screen
      - Battle System
      - Battle Arts 
    05. Walkthrough for Gustave XIII
    06. Walkthrough for Wil Knights
         until Wil vs Egg
    07. Credits
    08. Copyright
    01. FAQ Introduction
    Hi guys. In this chance I want to express my apologize for stopping my Monster 
    Rancher 2 FAQ. I am planning to make the V:F (Version : Final) for that FAQ and 
    add all the monster CDs list I've got so far. One reason why I was stopping that 
    FAQ is because I want to put more concentration on this HARD FAQ...
    Anyways, I'm doing this FAQ because I got a lot of free time on my school 
    holiday. I have heard that the US people will get a copy of this game on 
    February 2000. Well, I live in the Southeast Asia region - where piracy dwells - 
    so I've been able to get my hands on this game since November 1999. Well, I'm 
    not supporting piracy, it's just I saw a good game on the store so I bought it 
    and played it directly. Enough chit-chat, let's move on into the game !!
    And please don't ask why I didn't wrote the game's name Saga Frontier 2. Well, 
    in the game intro it says 'Squaresoft presents : SAGA FRONTIER2' and I do like 
    it that way. So Saga Frontier2 it is. Actually, I enjoyed writing this FAQ. It 
    feels so exciting because Saga Frontier2 has got a good story and writing a FAQ 
    for it feels like I was writing a novel of some sort.
    02. Game Reviews and Scoring
    Graphics	: 100 %
    The graphics arts are absolutely perfect !! Although the characters are made in 
    Super Deformed Style, it's hand-drawn characters are smooth and not blocky. 
    Imagine a cross between Xenogears and Final Fantasy Tactics characters with 
    improved smoothness. The backgrounds are finely hand-drawn like storybook 
    graphics, adding the sensation like we're playing a game in the fantasy world. 
    Absolutely the most amazing graphic arts I've ever seen. Effects are cool too.
    Sound		: 95 %
    The music are good. Let's say that they've got the right music in the right 
    place and in the right time. One of the theme I like most is the Battle Theme 
    where there's many variations in the theme and it's like putting you into 
    action. If there's going to be a soundtrack CD for this game, I'll buy it.
    Gameplay	: 95 %
    The improvised Art and Magic system from Saga Frontier I definitely rocks. Added 
    with the duel battle and map battle, this game offers you many kinds of actions 
    to play with. It's cool that you can learn arts by entering moves in the duel 
    mode. And when you've got one new arts in the team battle you can use it in duel 
    mode. And unlike SF1 you can share your arts and magic abilities.
    Story		: 100 %
    Whoa, man ! No doubt on the storyline. It's somewhat good and complex but 
    unfolded in a path that is easy to follow (as long as you played the game in the 
    correct scenario line, that is). Maybe the only storyline that is equal/better 
    than this one is Xenogears. Not even FF VIII can beat this storyline.
    Addictive ?	: 100 %
    It is definitely very addictive. Once you've unfolded one scenario and got into 
    the save screen, you'll want to open up the scenario and follow the storyline as 
    soon as possible. For this reason I ever played 6 hours non-stop because I just 
    can't hold my desire to know more about the story.
    Overall	: 100 %
    This is a perfect RPG game as far as I know. Although there's still some flaws 
    here and there (well, nobody's perfect) it doesn't make the game fall back too 
    far enough. And between the option to BUY or RENT, I suggest you to BUY it 
    anyway if you desire a good RPG game or if you say that yourself is a RPG mania.
    03. Starting The Game
    After you put your Saga Frontier2 game CD into your console, the game will check 
    the data on your memory cards, looking for a previously saved Saga Frontier2 
    game. If the game can't find any Saga Frontier2 game saves, then it will proceed 
    immediately to the "Gustave Born" scenario. After this scenario you will be 
    given an option to save, do so so you don't have to do this scenario again the 
    next time you play this game.
    If you DO have a Saga Frontier2 save game available, the game will proceed to 
    the Saga Frontier2 main menu. This menu consists of : New Game, Load Game, and 
    Quick Start (available if you do 'Soft Reset' on the game when you have Quick 
    Saved at the game).
    After you select New Game you're presented to a scenario screen.
    04. Explanation about the SF2 Systems
    Squaresoft has put a lot of work on making the Saga Frontier2 game system as 
    complex as possible so this section may be the most lengthy one because I need 
    to cover every aspects that is available in the game
    Scenario Screen
    After each scenarios, you will be presented with a scenario selection screen. 
    You will be able to choose between Gustave's/Wil's scenario. Often there is more 
    than one scenario available for one character. The order in which you do the 
    scenario is not important. It is important that you do the easier ones first to 
    build experience and gain arts. As you will carry on the characters status and 
    arts to the next scenarios.
    Some people have asked me before in the GameFAQ's Message Boards about how can 
    they play the game's scenarios on the right track. Well, for Gustave's scenario 
    there is a way where you can play the game in the right track. You'll just have 
    to open the chronicle and follow the story scribed there. How to access the 
    chronicle ?? Hmm... from the scenario select screen move the pointer to the 
    lower left/right screen and select 'Atlas'. After the World Map is presented, 
    select 'Chronicle' on the same place. Use L1/R1 to switch pages. Some scenarios 
    are not scribed in the chronicle. You'll have to do it before it's scribed 
    (especially Wil's scenarios).
    Menu Screen
    There are many menu screens in Saga Frontier2. You can access them by pressing 
    SQUARE, and to gain help on the menus/see item properties you can press TRIANGLE 
    where a help box will appear.
    -- Party Screen --  
    >From this screen you can see the basic stats (Name,Age,Sex,HP,LP,WP,SP) of your 
    current (4) main party members, as well as the place you're now on plus the 
    amount of Chips and Cr you got.
    Note : Numbers in the brackets beside WP and SP shows how much WP/SP you'll 
           regain in one turn of battle.
    -- Equip Item Screen --
    You can check/change your party's equipments. Each members have the ability to 
    equip 2 weapons with no shield or 1 weapon + 1 shield and 4 accessories (hat, 
    armor, shoes/gauntlets, accessory rings). To see the item's properties press the 
    TRIANGLE button.
    -- Equip Arts Screen --
    You can check/change your party's equipped arts. Each person can equip 10 arts 
    for use in the Team Battle. For the Duel Battle equipped arts have no effects 
    since you have to enter commands. The border is used to place new arts. New arts 
    are placed in the slots below the border. If the slots are full, a new art will 
    be added to the first slot below border and move the lowest slot back to the 
    Arts Pool.
    Note : Once an art is learned by a character, everybody can equip that art too. 
           Keep this in mind to plan your arts training.
    -- Item Screen --
    You can use, unequip, discard and sort items from here. And if you got a 
    PocketStation you can download the items you've got from the go-go digger game. 
    I don't have one so I can tell you nothing about it.
    -- Player Notes --
    Every art combos, custom arts, and learned arts are stored here for reference. 
    Note that you've only got 8 slots for the art combos so use them well. If you 
    got a pocketstation you can upload the arts to it and trade combos with your 
    friends (grrr... I don't have one !!!).
    -- Battle Style --
    To gain the most from your party in battle, use this menu. Here you can change 
    party members (if you got more than 4 in your party), control the order of 
    movement your party members will move in the battle, and change their role. For 
    info on the role, press TRIANGLE on the Role Select screen.
    Battle System
    Battle System in Saga Frontier2 is divided into three : the normal Team Battle 
    mode, One-on-One Duel Battle, and Scenario Map Battle. I will explain them one 
    by one.
    -- Team Battle --
    4 members from your main party will face the enemy's party. At the beginning of 
    each turn, you will be given an option to 'Enter Battle Commands' or 'Recover 
    HP'. By choosing 'Recover HP' you can recover your party members' HP to maximum 
    at the cost of one LP per recovery. Know when to do this to avoid your party 
    members from dying or from using too much LP for recovery.
    In Battle, you can choose weapons by pressing Left/Right and choose arts by 
    pressing Up/Down. Each weapon - except Gustave's - has its own Anima Power thus 
    giving you one 'Anima Art' for each weapon below the normal attack move. This 
    Anima Art is just like a normal attack but added with the weapon's element power 
    adding more damage. Weapon Arts use WP while Anima/Spell Arts use SP.
    If you got it right, sometimes the characters can unleash their Arts together at 
    one enemy thus making a combo arts. To do it, the characters whom you want to 
    perform the combo must attack one same enemy.
    - 2 characters combo is called 'Duo Combination'
    - 3 characters combo is called 'Triple Onslaught'
    - 4 characters combo is called 'All Out Attack'
    With the name of the first Art added in the front name.
    -- Duel Battle --
    Sometimes, you will have the option to 'Fight as Team' or order one of your 
    party members to do the fighting. Remember, if this character lost the battle 
    there won't be a chance to change character, thus giving you 'Game Over'.
    Before each screen you will have the usual Battle and Recover HP screen added 
    with a Change Weapon option. In Battle, you will be given a set of commands to 
    do with your weapon. If you put in the correct commands, you will be able to do 
    an Art you already learned, or even pull out a New Art. To know which commands 
    make which Arts, consult the Player Notes - Art Section and press TRIANGLE to 
    see the set of commands to work on for the art.
    -- Map Battle --
    This is the most difficult and complex battle. You will be given a few units to 
    face the enemy's units and to accomplish the Victory Condition. If you run into 
    an enemy's unit it will do a Team Battle, that only consists of 1 turn. After 1 
    turn, the losing unit will have to draw back, and both units are recovered.
    After one map turn, one troop will be added to units that have lost its troops. 
    The number of troops you can replace is displayed in the 'Reserves' section. A 
    unit will be considered 'Death' if all 4 members of the party is killed.
    There are 3 types of units :
    Infantry	-- Equipped with sword and spear, the normal unit.
    Archer	-- Equipped with bow and spear, can provide cover fire to adjacent 
                   units in the 8 blocks that are surrounding the archer unit.
    Steel Unit	-- Gustave's Unit. Has steel weapons. Gustave led this unit equipped
                   with Gustave's Sword (Atk 53 !!).
    Hints :
    For the map battle, always use the strongest attack possible, in this case, 
    FLAME SPEAR, because all your units are equipped with flame-anima spears except 
    Gustave's Unit which has steel (non-anima) weapons.
    Battle Arts
    In this game, arts are divided into 2 main arts. Weapon Arts (including Martial 
    Arts) and Anima/Spell Arts.
    Weapon Arts itself are divided into 6 main Arts. They are Martial Arts, Sword 
    Arts, Spear Arts, Staff Arts, Axe Arts and Bow Arts. To do these types of arts 
    in battle, you need to equip the respective weapon for the arts on the character 
    that you've equipped the art with. Weapon Arts use WP for its use. 
    For use in the Duel Battle, you have to enter the correct commands, example :
    - Double Slash	(Cleave-Cleave)
    - Cross Slash	(Slash-Backslash)
    - Bull Crush	(Charge-Charge-Cleave)
    - Bear Crush	(Charge-Charge-Charge-Cleave)
    One more thing, the use of WP is different from Team and Duel Battle mode. In 
    Team Battle you use the amount of WP displayed next to the art. But in Duel 
    Battle you only use as much as you use the commands. So, for example : Bear 
    Crush in Team Battle costs 10 WP, but in Duel Battle it only costs 1 WP because 
    Charge costs 0 WP while Cleave costs 1 WP. Get that ? OK, let's move on.
    Spell Arts - furthermore - are divided into 6 main Elements. They are Fire, 
    Water, Tree, Beast, Tone, and Rock Elements. Unlike the Weapon Arts which stands 
    for itself, Spell Arts consists of combinations of elements, examples are :
    - Woodstock 	(Tree-Beast spell)  5 SP - Attack 1 enemy
    - Needle Shot	(Tree-Stone spell)  4 SP - Attack 1 enemy
    - Bushfire		(Tree-Flame spell)  6 SP - Attack enemy (area)
    You can also create 'Custom Spell Arts' in two ways. First, using the same anima 
    power repeatedly, for example, Fire x2, Fire x3, Fire x4, and same goes with 
    another anima powers.
    Take note though, not all spells could be used immediately in battle. To use the 
    spells, you have to equip items that have the same anima powers with the spell 
    that you are going to use. So for example if you are going to use 'Needle Shot' 
    you need to equip items that have the 'Tree' and 'Stone' elemental. It doesn't 
    need to be 1 item. 2 item (1 tree + 1 stone) is okay.
    But also, there are some cases that you can use a spell without equipping the 
    necessary elements. I think this has something to do with the environment you 
    are on. Maybe environmental Anima can affect this ? In the Deserts, I can use 
    'Needle Shot' just by equipping a Tree item. Guess what, the deserts must have a 
    lot of stones there it gives enough Anima to cast it.
    Here I'll give you the Arts combinations. This is a courtesy from Andreas Angga 
    Indrawan's (anggasquall@yahoo.com) Arts FAQ. The orders of writing are :
    Arts Name		Arts Commands			WP Cost	Atk		Best Vs#
    -- Martial Arts --
    1.  Karate Punch	Ready-Punch				2 WP		Atk 09
    2.  Back Hand	Feint-Punch				3 WP		Atk 15
    3.  Rotation Kick	Charge-Kick				3 WP		Atk ??
    4.  Bear Paw	Charge-Grab				4 WP		Atk 24
    5.  Brawl		Punch-Kick-Punch			4 WP		Atk 27
    6.  Crush Beat	Charge-Punch-Punch		4 WP		Atk 35	#Stone
    7.  Heart Breaker	Focus-Grab-Punch			5 WP		Atk 38	*Cripple
    8.  Arm Hammer	Charge-Charge-Punch		5 WP		Atk 45
    9.  Kick Rush	Kick-Kick-Kick			5 WP		Atk 49
    10. Corkscrew	Charge-Focus-Punch		6 WP		Atk 51
    11. Somersault	Charge-Kick-Kick			5 WP		Atk 54	
    12. Triangle Kick	Feint-Kick-Kick			6 WP		Atk 57
    13. Sumo Throw	Punch-Grab-Kick			8 WP		Atk 60
    14. Kitchen Sink	Charge-Feint-Kick			7 WP		Atk 62
    15. Rolling Thdr. Focus-Punch-Punch-Punch		9 WP		Atk 64
    16. Tumbler		Feint-Grab-Charge-Grab		9 WP		Atk 72
    17. Cascade Rsng. Focus-Kick-Kick-Kick		10 WP		Atk 79
    18. Kamikaze	Charge-Charge-Charge-Grab	10 WP		Atk 90
    19. Eradication	Punch-Punch-Kick-Kick		10 WP		Atk 99
    -- Sword Arts --
    1.  Double Slash	Cleave-Cleave			2 WP		Atk 21	
    2.  Cross Slash	Slash-Backslash			3 WP		Atk 25
    3.  Strike Slash	Feint-Slash				3 WP		Atk 27	*Stun
    4.  Running Slash	Feint-Backslash			3 WP		Atk 33
    5.  Mist Double	Feint-Cleave-Slash		3 WP		Atk 34
    6.  Smash		Charge-Cleave			4 WP		Atk 37
    7.  Final Letter	Backslash-Cleave-Backslash	6 WP		Atk 39	*Death
    8.  Dead End	Cleave-Backslash-Slash		7 WP		Atk 42	*Death
    9.  Double Stroke	Ready-Backslash-Backslash	4 WP		Atk 44
    10. Cross Break	Charge-Cleave-Cleave		5 WP		Atk 46
    11. Slice & Dice	Slash-Backslash-Cleave		5 WP		Atk 49	
    12. Dragon Tail	Feint-Slash-Backslash		5 WP		Atk 50
    13. Head Cracker	Ready-Charge-Slash		6 WP		Atk 52	#Beetle
    14. Heaven & Hell	Charge-Slash-Backslash		6 WP		Atk 55	*Stun
    15. Head Wind	Feint-Cleave-Backslash		7 WP		Atk 59
    16. Bull Crush	Charge-Charge-Cleave		8 WP		Atk 63
    17. No Moment	Ready-Ready-Ready-Slash		8 WP		Atk 66	*Unavoid
    18. Blade Spray	Ready-Charge(x2)-Backslash	9 WP		Atk 71	*Area
    19. Bear Crush	Charge-Charge-Charge-Cleave	10 WP		Atk 80
    20. Multi Way	Slash-Backslash-Cleave-Slash	13 WP		Atk 88
    -- Axe Arts --
    1.  Tomahawk	Charge-Throw			2 WP		Atk 17
    2.  Heel Crush	Focus-Backslash			2 WP		Atk 19
    3.  Hyper Hammer	Charge-Backslash			3 WP		Atk 24
    4.  Wood Cutter	Charge-Charge-Slash		4 WP		Atk 27	#Plants
    5.  Fake Out	Feint-Backslash-Slash		3 WP		Atk 34	*Unavoid
    6.  Skull Crush	Focus-Charge-Slash		4 WP		Atk 40	#Skulls
    7.  Axel Turn	Ready-Charge-Backslash		5 WP		Atk 44
    8.  Ogre Crossing	Ready-Backslash-Backslash	4 WP		Atk 49
    9.  Sky Drive	Charge-Feint-Throw		5 WP		Atk 53
    10. Yo-Yo		Focus-Charge-Throw-Throw	7 WP		Atk 55
    11. Mega Hit	Ready-Charge-Slash		6 WP		Atk 60
    12. Wheel Grind	Feint-Slash-Slash-Slash		5 WP		Atk 61
    13. Flash Trinity	Ready-Slash(x2)-Backslash	8 WP		Atk 70
    14. Sky Rendzvous	Throw-Throw-Focus-Throw		9 WP		Atk 73
    15. Tornado Div.	Backslash(x2)-Charge-Slash	12 WP		Atk 91	#Plants
    -- Staff Arts --
    1.  Roll Beat	Swing-Swing				2 WP		Atk 10	*Unavoid
    2.  Heart Beat	Focus-Beat				3 WP		Atk 14	*Cripple
    3.  Lobster Slayr	Swing-Feint-Swing			4 WP		Atk 28	#Sh.Fish
    4.  Bone Crush	Focus-Charge-Beat			4 WP		Atk 31	#Skulls
    5.  Head Splitter	Focus-Focus-Beat			4 WP		Atk 34
    6.  Gong Beat	Ready-Charge-Swing		6 WP		Atk 42
    7.  Painful Beat	Ready-Focus-Beat			5 WP		Atk 45
    8.  Rock Crush	Charge-Beat-Beat-Beat		7 WP		Atk 50	#Stone
    9.  Turtle Killer Charge-Focus-Focus-Beat		10 WP		Atk 61	*Unblock
    10. Time & Tide	Focus-Focus-Beat-Beat		14 WP		Atk 77	*Unavoid
    -- Spear Arts --
    1.  Swing & Stab	Backslash-Thrust			2 WP		Atk 18
    2.  Double Thrust Thrust-Thrust			2 WP		Atk 22
    3.  Lawnmower	Charge-Thrust			4 WP		Atk 27	*Stun
    4.  Skewer		Charge-Charge-Thrust		4 WP		Atk 36
    5.  Wave Thrust	Backslash-Thrust-Thrust		5 WP		Atk 43
    6.  Brain Shaker	Focus-Feint-Feint			4 WP		Atk 51	
    7.  Aiming		Focus-Focus-Thrust		5 WP		Atk 55	*Unavoid
    8.  Squash		Feint-Backslash-Thrust		6 WP		Atk 57
    9.  Shininh Arm	Charge-Feint-Thrust		8 WP 		Atk 63	*Unavoid
    10. Heavenly Strk	Backslash(x2)-Thrust-Thrust	10 WP		Atk 65
    11. Beast Lightng Ready-Focus-Backslash-Thrust	9 WP		Atk 69
    12. Thousand Crss Thrust-Thrust-Thrust-Thrust	12 WP		Atk 80
    13. Fearless Trpl Feint-Backslash(x2)-Thrust	14 WP		Atk 88
    -- Bow Arts --
    1.  Aim Shot	Focus-Shoot				3 WP		Atk 18
    2.  Shadow Bind	Feint-Focus-Shoot			3 WP		Atk 00	*Cripple
    3.  Mind Break	Focus-Feint-Quickshot		5 WP		Atk 36
    4.  Sidewinder	Focus-Focus-Shoot			4 WP		Atk 44	#Frogs
    5.  Shadow Slayer	Shoot-Focus-Quickshot		6 WP		Atk 49
    6.  Thosand Needl Quickshot-Quickshot-Shoot	6 WP		Atk 52
    7.  Rapid Fire	Charge-Quickshot(x3)		7 WP		Atk 55
    8.  Hi Spd Arrow	Charge-Focus-Focus-Quickshot	7 WP		Atk 64
    9.  Crystal Prism	Quickshot-Shot-Quickshot-Shot	9 WP		Atk 84
    Ooooofff... finally done this hard and tiring part. Let's take a quick break 
    then you can turn on your game and practice these lessons. If you got stuck in 
    the game anyway, check out the walkthrough section below.
    05. Walkthrough for Gustave XIII
    -- Gustave Born -- 
    << Thermes/Finney, 1220 >>
    In a Battlescene, Gustave XII of Finney's army is fighting against another army 
    which I forgot the name (Marquis of Otto ?). The Marquis' army got defeated 
    eventually. Somewhere along the way, news of the newborn baby is spread to the 
    army of Gustave XII. Gustave XII goes home to Thermes and finds his wife, Sophie 
    with the newborn baby, our hero Gustave XIII.
    -- Gustave Exiled -- 
    << Thermes, 1227 >>
    7 years has passed since Gustave was born. The Royal Family grows bigger with 
    the presence of Gustave's younger relatives, Mary and Philippe. In the age of 7, 
    Gustave has to do the Firebrand Ceremony, which will decide his fate whether he 
    is worthy to be a successor of the throne of not. There he must be able to hold 
    Firebrand and ignite it.
    In the presence of all the castle officials and Finney soldiers, Gustave XII and 
    XIII moves forward. Gustave XII moves forward, took the Firebrand and ignites 
    the sword. Then Gustave XIII steps forward. He tried to focus his Anima in the 
    power but soon he realized that he doesn't have any Anima power at all. His 
    father, angry of of his child's failure, said that Gustave is more worthless 
    than a stone. Sophie tried to stop his dear son from being exiled but in the end 
    she got exiled as well.
    After Gustave and Sophie left, Cielmer - Gustave's master and mentor - seeks an 
    audience with the king to gain the authorization for going back to Gruegel. The 
    king let him go. Cielmer went to the slums and bring Gustave and Sophie with him 
    to Gruegel to seek refuge from King Sho of Na. It will be another 20 years 
    before Gustave will see this castle again...
    -- Gustave 12 years old -- 
    << Gruegel, 1232 >>
    After he moved to Gruegel, his heart grows wild. He became a bad boy because he 
    think he is worthless without Anima. He started to harm people and living things 
    that he thinks is more worthy than him. He has a close friend named Flynn, who 
    always follows him everywhere he go, for he too, cannot use Spell Arts. One day 
    his mother comes and slapped him. She asked him whether it is the Anima that 
    makes the flowers grow and the birds fly. Then he ran away...
    Gustave got angry with Flynn because he thought that it was Flynn's fault not to 
    told him when his mother came. He started hitting Flynn when Leslie came along 
    and stopped him. Gustave cried and ran away. Leslie wondered herself, "It is 
    that hard to be unable to use Spell Arts ?". Leslie asked Flynn why do he follow 
    Gustave even if he knew that Gustave is scary. He answered that Gustave is the 
    only one who can understand the feeling about how it is to be unable to use 
    Spell Arts. Flynn found Gustave sitting near the lake and offered him some food.
    [From This Point You Will Be Able To Control Gustave XIII]
    -- Gustave and The Blacksmith -- 
    << Jade, 1233 >>
    One years later, Gustave moved to Jade. Here, your adventure begins. Go to the 
    general store and buy supplies, just in case. Go in the door beside the store to 
    find the Blacksmith. Gustave wants to learn the arts of blacksmithy to make 
    steel weapons. At that era, weapons are made from stone and wood, from which 
    Anima can be drawn. He wanted to make a steel sword for he cannot use Spell Arts 
    and he want to prove that even ungifted, he is still worthy to live.
    << Jade, 1235 >>
    In the age of 15, Gustave completed his Trial Dagger (Atk 12). He went with 
    Flynn to the Cave of Jade, to seek for monsters and train himself. Despite his 
    looks, Gustave has got fairly high stats so you don't have to worry of dying 
    unless you play and fumbled around too much. In the village, Kelvin - the son of 
    the Count of Jade, Sir Thomas - is warning the villagers not to go to the caves 
    because there are bandits there. One villager told Kelvin that Gustave went to 
    the cave. Kelvin went to cave and looked for Gustave.
    After controlling Gustave for some moments, you will control Kelvin. Enter the 
    cave on your right side to face a monster. Kelvin will mumble something about 
    Gustave, thus calling Gustave right away to his side. Kelvin is equipped with a 
    spear (that is not of infinite endurance like Gustave's Trial Dagger). He has 
    got a pretty low HP somewhat of 110 and low defense so you've got to be careful 
    with Kelvin. After the battle, Gustave asked Kelvin's help to rescue Flynn from 
    the bandits and prove that he is not worthless after all.
    Move around the cave and fight some enemies. Be sure to 'Quick Save' along the 
    way to prevent you from playing all over the way again when you died. On the end 
    of the cavern, you will found the Bandits hideout. Gustave will come out and 
    attract attention of the Bandits. The leader will tell one of her men to attack 
    Gustave. Thus a one-on-one battle ensued. It's not too hard, just use the Arts 
    that you've learned along the way (don't try to learn now) to whack him good.
    After you won, Kelvin will come along. The Bandit Leader noticed him as the son 
    of the Count of Jade, thus ordering her men to capture him. A Team Battle ensued 
    then, Gustave-Kelvin fought against the Bandit gang. Don't worry about attacking 
    the leader, she won't attack you, she'll just whip his gang for morale boost. 
    When it's just the leader, she will escape. I don't know what will happen if you 
    kill her first, maybe it will end the battle quickly.
    -- Reunion --
    << 1236 >>
    Gustave and Flynn went to a party. There Gustave reunited with Leslie for the 
    first time after a long time. Kelvin came along and asked Flynn if Gustave likes 
    Leslie. Flynn said that Gustave has been quarrelling around with Leslie every 
    time they met and he doesn't know if there is a relationship between them.
    -- Mother's Sickbed --
    << Jade, 1239 >>
    Sophie is being badly ill. She is treated by Leslie. She wanted to close her 
    eyes after giving her final words to Gustave but he wasn't there. Kelvin then 
    went to the cave to look for Gustave and bring him home.
    The screen moves on to Gustave on the cave. By now, you should know pretty much 
    about the layout of this cave. Move Gustave to the point where there is a 'giant 
    mushroom' in the center of the room. You will meet Kelvin there. Kelvin told 
    Gustave about Sophie and Gustave hurried home. After you move for some time, a 
    Slime will fall on Gustave. Quickly finish him and you will be transported to 
    Gustave Mother's Sickbed.
    Gustave asked his mother not to leave him. Sophie said that she doesn't need to 
    be with him again as he has found what he has been missing for these times, 
    friends. Now he has got Flynn, Leslie and Kelvin on his side. Sophie asked him 
    to take care of Leslie, be good friends with Flynn and always trust on Kelvin. 
    Gustave can say nothing but 'yes...'. Then her Anima went on a long journey and 
    so Sophie died at the age of 39.
    The news of Sophie's death has reached Finney Kingdom at Thermes. Gustave XII 
    express his sadness of his wife's death. Philippe got angry and went to his 
    room. He thought that if only Gustave wasn't born, his mother won't have to die 
    like this and he will be able to succeed the throne.
    -- Conquest of Wide --
    << Wide, 1240 >>
    Gustave went to the Wide Castle to tell stories of his adventures to the Count 
    of Wide. After he finished, bring him outside the castle to the lower middle 
    part of the town, and enter the bar. Go to the bar, up to the second floor to 
    your room to find Leslie and Flynn. Gustave will order Leslie to gather info 
    about Sir Mouton. Exit the bar and talk to all townspeople.
    If you got money, you might want to go shopping and buy Gustave a new Steel 
    Dagger that is better than your Trial Dagger. Note that you cannot unequip your 
    Trial Dagger so you just have to equip it on the slot below it. This new dagger 
    is basically the same with the Trial Dagger (steel-made and unlimited endurance) 
    but it is stronger. You cannot change the Trial Dagger, there's a new one later.
    Go back to the bar and gather info about Sir Mouton. Then go into the castle and 
    seek audience with the count to frame Mouton. General Nebelstern will come and 
    ask for a withdrawal. In the night time, you have to found a secret way in the 
    castle that connects the castle to the outskirts of Wide, so the army of Jade 
    led by Kelvin could sneak in the castle from outside town.
    Enter the room on the main floor below the Count's Room. Check the painting in 
    the upper left corner until it reveals a new way. Go into the dungeon. When 
    there is an intersection, enter the door first and go upstairs to wind up the 
    wooden bridge's rails. Go back down and cross the bridge. Break the door in the 
    right part of the dungeon, go upstairs and fight the skeleton guardian to win 
    1000 Cr (note : use a lot of 'Cross Slash' coz he's an undead, or if you have 
    got Bear Crush, crush him !!).
    Exit the room, go left past some enemies, and there you are in the outskirts of 
    Wide. Gustave orders Flynn to call Kelvin's army. And from the hill, Gustave 
    sees the sun rise to the sky, indicating a new era that is just going to begin 
    for him since the takeover of Wide. Then, Gustave took Wide as his stronghold.
    -- Gustave and The Pirates --
    << Wide, 1242 >>
    Gustave was in his workroom with Mouton reporting the progress of Wide. Gustave 
    seems too tired and unconcentrated to hear Mouton's report. Mouton drags Gustave 
    out of the stronghold and told him to have fun before going back in the castle. 
    Talk to the people and you will hear about the pirates that are invading the 
    city of Wide.
    Go to the Bar. If there are 3 men blocking your way, go to the stable and talk 
    to the pirates there, they will be missing by the next time you come back into 
    the Bar. Inside the Bar, the swordsmen was trying to pick up on a little girl. 
    Gustave can't hold his temper and started to insult those men. One of the men 
    tried to fight Gustave but Gustave managed to deflect the attack and counter-
    attacked with some lightning moves (this is done automatically, sit back and 
    enjoy the good fight !!). The defeated man ran away from the bar. Exit the bar.
    Come to a house near the stables, where a swordsman is standing in front of the 
    door. Talk to him and Gustave will ask to see their leader. He will say that his 
    leader was expecting him and he will just have to wait a little longer. Go to 
    the stables and talk to the pirates. The captain will offer you to join the 
    Seven ??? Fleet (oops forgot that). Gustave will think about the offer. Go back 
    to the swordsmen's house.
    The swordsman leader will tell you about the missing treasure, I think it was a 
    symbol that can be used to make trading acceptable. With the symbol, the pirates 
    will be able to do trading. He asked Gustave to retrieve the symbol, Gustave 
    thought about it and remembered about Mouton asked him to have fun, he accepted.
    Go back to the stable and join the pirates' fleet.
    On the pirates ship, talk to the captain about the Duke's fleet accident and he 
    will go down to his room. Continue talking to the other pirates and you will be 
    introduced to a great swordsman, whose name was Bart. Go to the captain's room 
    and you will see the captain enters another room.
    Exit the captain's room and you will have to face a Slime. You can ask Bart to 
    fight him or do it yourself. Choose to do it yourself. After the battle you will 
    be asked to carry some things into the treasure room. You will see the symbol 
    placed on the pedestal. Go to the captain's room and talk about the symbol. The 
    captain will ask you what you feel when you see the world map on the room. 
    Answer : 'vastness of universe' (or something like that).
    Bart will enter and demanded a private conversation with the captain. Go to the 
    cargo room that is right below the captain's room. You will see the ship watcher 
    getting drunk there. You will also be able to hear the conversation above. After 
    that, the ship is attacked by a pack of slime. Go to the deck. Fight the slimes 
    that attacks you.
    Find Bart and the Captain, talk to all pirates. Gustave will realize that the 
    ship is empty below deck. Go to the treasure room, and you will find that the 
    symbol is protected with a force field. Go through the door on the right to the 
    captain's room. Look at the map and study the 'Northern Travel Route'. It's the 
    key for opening the puzzle. Go back to the treasure room and check the compass.
    Choose to remember the route. The number of stripes is the number of travel days 
    while the direction is shown on the map. If my memory is still correct, solve it 
    by entering : South 3 - Southeast 2 - East 1 - Northeast 2. Otherwise try the 
    other combinations. Note : the South may look like a 4 but it's 3 !! (proved), 
    this matter caused me to repeat the puzzle 10 times.
    Bart and The Captain will arrive. When Bart and The Captain is attacked by the 
    slime, Gustave thought that Bart also has a dream, just like himself dreaming of 
    becaming worthy, Bart is dreaming to start the trading job. Gustave quickly 
    fights off the other slimes and after a few fight the scene will switch back to 
    Wide. There will be talk about the pirates and Gustave will assure the people 
    that the pirates have good intentions....
    -- Father's Sudden Death --
    << Wide, 1247 >>
    5 years after gaining Wide as his stronghold (Gustave at 27, Kelvin at 26). 
    Gustave heard news that the King of Finney has died and replaced with his half 
    brother, Gustave XIV. Gustave didn't want to start a war at first, but the 
    soldiers convinced Kelvin to start the battle to regain Thermes as his throne.
    Kelvin meets Gustave and suggested a battle. Gustave said that he has never 
    commanded a fleet before, thus he has no experience in war. Mouton said that he 
    will find someone capable and he will seek Nebelstern for it...
    Mouton came to Nebelstern's house with Cielmer. Cielmer said that as his former 
    master and mentor he wanted to know how far can Gustave walk without Spell Arts. 
    Nebelstern thought over the idea and accepted to be appointed as the general of 
    the Gustave XIII's Wide Army.
    -- Landing --
    << Lordless Land/East Merchmin, 1247 >>
    Gustave and Kelvin set foot on the continent of Merchmin Region. Kelvin asked 
    Gustave how he feels to be able to see this place again after 20 years. Gustave 
    felt nothing. He felt like he was a good for nothing and he didn't want to spill 
    blood of the people. "Many Animas will disappear from this world just to fulfill 
    a selfish ambition of a good-for-nothing like me. Ironic isn't it ?" -- Gustave.
    Kelvin asked Gustave not to say that in front of the army because it will lower 
    their morale. Nebelstern asked Gustave to set this battle like it was a Gustave 
    vs Gustave battle, to make the troops doesn't realize that it's just an internal 
    conflict. If the troops thinks that it's just an internal conflict, they won't 
    care who won and they would give up their morale. Gustave asked Nebelstern to 
    take care of everything and move away.
    "Are you proud of your blood, Kelvin ?" -- Nebelstern.
    "Sure. I am proud that I was born in Jade and I will do anything that the House 
    of Jade ordered." -- Kelvin.
    "Gustave curses his own blood. He thinks that he is a good for nothing and that 
    makes him doesn't want to fight this battle. He thought that the people around 
    him cursed him. But now it's our duty to get rid of Gustave's dark side".
    -- Nebelstern.
    -- Battle of Buckethill --
    << Near Buckethill, 1248 >>
    Victory : Defeat Gustave XIV
    Defeat  : Death of Gustave/Defense line broken
    The map will show units of Gustave XIII's and Gustave XIV's. Eventually, you 
    will be brought in your first map battle where you are placed in the least 
    fortunate side. You only got 4 reserves while the enemy got 20. But your task is 
    actually easy. Eliminate Gustave XIV's unit and you'll win. You got strong units 
    on your side so no fears, the commanders are also fighting on your side, unlike 
    on Gustave XIV's troops.
    To win easy, if you own a general, launch his best attacks. Nebelstern should 
    attack with Spell Arts, he got a plentiful of useful spells. Kelvin will do with 
    his Spear Arts, while Gustave will be the strongest commander. His Trial Dagger 
    has been replaced with "Gustave's Sword" (Atk 53) giving you a hell of a power.
    The normal infantry units should attack with "Flame Spear". It is the strongest 
    attack available and it can deliver 100+ damage suppose you do it right. Don't 
    bother to divide the attack 1 unit against 1 unit. Just focus all 4 members of 
    your party into one enemy unit. Once he's died your units will move onto another 
    unit. This way you'll make sure you has more number after the battle because the 
    enemies usually use the spread 1-on-1 strategy.
    Just trap the Gustave XIV's unit with your units and crush him. Make sure you 
    attack Gustave XIV's unit with Kelvin's unit adjacent so he can brought in a 
    cover fire producing 30 damage on each enemy. Once the battle is over, Gustave 
    XIV will be executed by Kelvin and Nebelstern.
    -- Gustave's Reunion --
    << Thermes, 1248 >>
    Gustave will meet Marie after 20 years. She is now wife of Marquis Cantal of 
    Otto. You will have a few talks here-and-there. Really no action here. At one 
    time Philippe will come over and try to kill you. But Gustave will call upon 
    Mother Sophie's anima to speak upon Marie and Philippe. Thus calming Philippe. 
    Gustave invited Cantal to come along with Marie sometime later.
    -- Construction of Hahn Nova --
    << Hahn Nova, 1249 >>
    In this scenario, there is just planning of how you would want to build the town 
    of Hahn Nova. Just place the Blacksmith, Shopping and Entertainment section on 
    the place you like. The place where you choose to construct the districts will 
    affect what items are sold in the city and placing the same district in all 3 
    sections will give you 10% discount for all items sold. Details read below.
    ++ A. If located on the LEFT section :	++ B. If located on the CENTRE section 
    1. Steel Sword	ATK 33	1500 Cr	1. Steel Spear	ATK 35	1000 Cr
    2. Paladin Sword	ATK 50	4500 Cr	2. Paladin Spear	ATK 54	4000 Cr
    3. Steel Dagger	ATK 15	 250 Cr	(Item 3 to 7 are the same)
    4. Gauntlet		DEF 06	 160 Cr
    5. Steel Greaves	DEF 06	 400 Cr 
    6. Field Suit	DEF 34	2500 Cr
    7. Knight Shield	EVA 20	 750 Cr
    ++ C. If located on the RIGHT section :
    1. Steel Bow	ATK 36	2000 Cr
    2. Paladin Bow	ATK 56	4000 Cr
    3. Steel Dagger	ATK 15	 250 Cr
    4. Steel Greaves	DEF 08	 400 Cr
    5. Brigandine	DEF 22	 760 Cr
    6. Steel Armor	DEF 26	 940 Cr
    7. Knight Shield	EVA 20	 750 Cr
    In all sections these will be sold :	Plus on the LEFT :
    1. Cross Branch	Tree Tool	 100 Cr	- Warlord Shield	EVA 30	2500 Cr
    2. Rock Heart	Stone Tool	 100 Cr	
    3. Fire Charm	Flame Tool 	 100 Cr	Plus on the CENTRE :
    4. Blue Water	Water Tool 	 100 Cr 	- Reinforced Suit	DEF 40	4000 Cr
    5. Wind Shell	Wind Tool	 100 Cr
    6. Beast Amulet	Beast Tool	 100 Cr	Plus on the RIGHT :
    							- Warlord Armor	DEF 31	2500 Cr
    -- The Firebrand Tragedy --
    << Thermes, 1250 >>
    With Gustave's withdrawal to Hahn Nova, Philippe is currently placed as the king 
    of Thermes (Finney) but he hasn't done the Firebrand Ceremony yet. There is talk 
    among the people about the coming Firebrand Ceremony and some people predict 
    that Philippe will fail the ceremony, because he is already old and his Anima 
    will be consumed by Firebrand.
    On the big day, Philippe tried to ignite the Firebrand but he got burned along 
    the way. Gustave came to him and comforted him. He said that Philippe will just 
    have to wait 5 more years until his son, Philippe II reached the age of 7.
    << Thermes, 1255 >>
    5 years later, Philippe II managed to do the Firebrand Ceremony and thus he 
    gained the throne of the Finney Kingdom. But unexpectedly, an assailant came and 
    killed Philippe II. With anger Gustave asked him who ordered him to do this and 
    he answered "Why master Gustave, wasn't it your command ?". Philippe took the 
    Firebrand and burned him to death. Philippe's Anima got uncontrolled and got 
    consumed by the Firebrand. He turned into a dragon and took Philippe II away. 
    Gustave swore that he will kill all of the Anima Faith followers.
    -- Anima Faith Fiasco --
    << Ruins of Hahn, 1256 >>
    This is a Gustave/Wil Scenario but I've placed it into Wil's as this scenario 
    features Wil as the main character.
    -- Johan The Assassin --
    << Forests near Hahn Nova, 1260 >>
    This story will tell you about Johan The Assassin, a man who will later become 
    Gustave's most trusted right-hand man. Basically, the point is just to walk 
    forward on each part of the scenario. If you can just avoid the enemies, 
    especially the Scorpion organization's assassins (people who can disappear, 
    blend with Anima of the surrounding) because they're tough for Johan to fight 
    alone. The story will tell about Johanne, a man which will become the assassin, 
    trained to blend with nature and kill silently and unnoticingly. But later he 
    decided to run with the organization and was hunted down to death. Gustave later 
    saved him when he was travelling with Ventarbre. Gustave sensed the hiding men 
    and secured Johan away.
    -- The General's Memories --
    << Hahn Nova, 1264 >>
    In this scenario, Nebelstern will be dying because of an illness and before his 
    death he went to the Hahn Nova Castle to have a word with Gustave. Gustave said 
    that it must have been strange for a top general like Nebelstern to work with a 
    reckless man like Gustave. He answered that he saw Gustave as his own image when 
    he was young. Then he began his story.
    << Gruegel/Vogelang, Nebelstern at 23 >>
    Travel through the Continent Interior to Vogelang. When you have arrived in 
    Vogelang, enter the tools shop and speak with Cielmer to make him join you. 
    After Cielmer joins, go to the bar and ask Narcisse to join you. Be sure to have 
    a rest if you were badly injured in the fights on the Continent Interior. Return 
    to Gruegel via the same way and the flashback will end.
    << Hahn Nova, 1264 >>
    The General finished his story and gave Gustave the last farewell before leaving 
    the Hahn Nova Castle for eternity. Later that day, Nebelstern passed away and 
    his Anima went on a long journey...
    -- The Southern Fort --
    << Southern Fort, 1269 >>
    In a night on Gustave's Fort, Gustave was waiting for a reinforcement army led 
    by Dirk - Flynn's son - to come. Dirk appeared to be late and Gustave told his 
    remaining army to keep watch until tomorrow comes. But unfortunately, tomorrow 
    will never come for Gustave to see...
    That night, the fort was attacked by a hound of monsters. Gustave ordered Flynn 
    and Ven to escape. Gustave will try to hold back the monsters. Suddenly, Johan 
    came out and offered to do the defending. Gustave agreed and escaped. Johan 
    challenged the monsters to face his Assasin Arts.
    Johan got 7 LP and equipped with a Blast Sword. You'll just have to fight the 
    enemy on Duel Battles. At the end of each battle, his LP will be consumed. He 
    will die by the poison after 7 battles. I don't know if you will have a Game 
    Over if he's kille by the enemy but don't try it...
    Flynn and Ven met Dirk and his army on the forest. Dirk told that he was lost 
    because a village leader told him to save his village and turned them lost. It 
    was a conspiracy by Gustave's enemy (I assume Cantal maybe...). Flynn returned 
    to Gustave's place...
    In the morning Dirk and Ven came by the ruins of what was Gustave's fort. They 
    found nothing left but ashes... and Gustave XIII's Steel Sword on the ground.
    -- Gustave's Successor --
    << Hahn Nova, 1269 >>
    In Hahn Nova, Dirk spread the news of Gustave's Death to Kelvin. Kelvin - as the 
    successor of Hahn Nova and the Count of Jade - immediately invited all lords 
    from the neighbouring kingdoms to form an alliance pact and to pay the last 
    respect to Gustave's funeral.
    But one of the lords refuse to come. He is Marquis Cantal of Otto. After he 
    received words of Kelvin asking why he refused to join the pact, he immediately 
    ordered his men to gather the 1000 troops and move forward invading another 
    kingdoms, showing to Kelvin that real politics is action, not talk. The lords in 
    Hahn Nova began to depart back to defend their kingdoms from Cantal's invasion. 
    Kelvin - by the name of Gustave - asks all the lords to stop Cantal's expansion 
    politics by joining forces under the Hahn Nova treaty.
    After a few moment, Cantal's forces grew big to an amount of 5000 troops. The 
    lords surrendered to him and joined under his flag. The remaining lords of Hahn 
    Nova departed and stayed away from the war.
    -- Hahn Nova in Flames --
    << Hahn Nova, 1271 >>
    Hahn Nova received words that Cantal's troops are invading the city. One of the 
    troops report to Kelvin and demand a retreat to Jade, knowing that they will not 
    be able to fend off Cantal's troops. At first, Kelvin thought that it was wrong 
    to abandon Gustave's city, but he agreed at last.
    In the evening, Cantal arrived on the hill near Hahn Nova and saw Kelvin retreat 
    to Jade. "It was a wise decision" said Cantal. But later that night, monsters 
    and thieves began to assault the unguarded Hahn Nova. Flames began to rise in 
    the city. Cantal decided to retreat, knowing that it would be useless to stay 
    there as Hahn Nova will come back to the ground, as Gustave has.
    Near Jade, Kelvin heard news that Hahn Nova is on the verge of being destroyed. 
    He was very unpleased to hear that the town was destroyed by monsters. Philippe 
    (this one is Philippe III, maybe Kelvin adopted him after Philippe has gone) try 
    to calm his father's anger and said that he will move with a few troops back to 
    defend Hahn Nova. Kelvin agreed but he gave a condition that Philippe must not 
    enter Hahn Nova under any conditions. Philippe agrees.
    Later, Philippe breaks into Hahn Nova to fend the monsters. The troops tried to 
    force him to leave, as he has orders not to enter the city. The situation looked 
    grim when they was surrounded by monsters. Suddenly, a red dragon (Philippe I) 
    arrived and slayed the monsters. Philippe III put down the flames and saved the 
    city of Hahn Nova.
    -- Death of Cantal --
    << Otto, 1288 >>
    Cantal died after fulfilling his ambition of uniting the kingdoms near Thermes. 
    Kelvin grew old and he waited for his days while watching the sky from the 
    balcony of Hahn Nova, he left the governmental bussiness to his sons, Philippe 
    III and Charles.
    << Laubholz, 1288 >>
    Meanwhile, Duke Edmund of Laubholz invited Nicolette - Cantal's daughter - to 
    his kingdom because he wanted to marry her. Instead, Nicolette used this chance 
    to make Laubholz oppose against Jade. Edmund, convinced by Nicolette's strategy, 
    began to maintain power to attack Jade. Then, Nicolette retreated and moved on 
    to the King Sho of Na's throne. 
    Apparently, Nicolette was a student under King Sho in the subject of etiquette 
    in the early days, she called him grandfather. She asked King Sho why didn't he 
    invade Jade. As one of Na's vassals, Jade must surrender to Na. King Sho said 
    that Kelvin from Jade has a good alliance with Na and doesn't need to be invaded 
    but Nicolette insisted that the next leader of Jade may be worse than Kelvin. 
    This assured King Sho to attack Jade. Nicolette exited.
    In the hallways of the Castle of Na, Nicolette remembered an event when she was 
    sent here by Cantal for the first time. There she met Charles - Kelvin's son - 
    who has insulted her by saying that she is like a dog, smelling unworthy and 
    barely reaching for help from another people...
    -- Kelvin's Last Battle --
    << Hahn Nova, 1292 >>
    In the meeting room of Hahn Nova, Charles talked with Philippe III about Kelvin. 
    He thought that Kelvin and Philippe was too soft. Politics needs agression, not 
    peace. Both of the boys met Kelvin, who was being summoned by King Sho of Na. 
    Kelvin said that this might start a war, and even so he still has to go. Charles 
    said that he's the one who will go. Philippe said that if Kelvin go it will make 
    the peace treaty crumbled. Charles went anyway and ordered Philippe and Kelvin 
    has to defend Hahn Nova from Laubholz while he went away. "Failure is not an 
    "option, remember it Philippe..." (Charles).
    Victory : Defeat Edmund/half of Laubholz troops
    Defeat  : Death of Kelvin
    In this battle map, you are on the winning side so if you don't fumble and mess 
    around too much, you can win easily. The winning condition is to defeat the Duke 
    Edmund of Laubholz, or defeat half of Laubholz's army. I myself won by defeating 
    half of the enemy's army. If you use the same strategy I taught you before you 
    will be able to get an easy win. With 4 party members all using Flame Spear at 
    the same time, you may be able to kill one enemy unit in just one turn. Do not 
    bother chasing Duke Edmund as you got more soldiers on your own benefit.
    Although he won the battle, Kelvin died because of age. The Hahn Nova peace 
    treaty crumbled any many lords started to invade their neighbouring countries, 
    making a worldwide war. As Kelvin died, the throne went to Charles as he is the 
    oldest member of Jade Family under Kelvin...
    -- Fake Gustave Arrives --
    << Battlefield, 1300 >>
    On a grass plains, bandits were attacked by the army. These bandits claims that 
    they are the grandsons of Gustave. Closing to defeat, the leader of the bandits 
    escaped with injury and met a tall figure with black robe and grey hair. The 
    bandit leader said to the man that he is the descendants of Gustave and showed 
    an Anima Stone as a proof. The main said that the Anima stone is just a normal 
    stone, took it and walked away.
    << Thermes, 1300 >>
    In a local bar in Thermes, the townsfolk started a discussion about the bandits. 
    They said that the bandits were descendants of Gustave by name only, but their 
    actions is the opposite of Gustave. Immediately, the figure asked the people, 
    "How if I claim myself as Gustave ?". The people laughed and said that Gustave 
    has blond hair, to be like Gustave he at least has to have blond hair. With 
    that, he transformed his hair colour into blond. The people was amazed. He asked 
    what else does he need to be Gustave. The people answered that he need people 
    that are skilled and trustworthy like Kelvin and Nebelstern. With that he went 
    away, seeking for companions...
    -- Edelritters --
    << Quarry Site, 1301 >>
    Sargon and his companions, Watts (where's Biggs ?) and Greta are going to save 
    the neighbouring village from the monsters' attack in the Quarry Site. This 
    place will be the same place as it was in Wil's scenario where you have to fight 
    against Alexei. In the battles, always do a duel battle because your companions 
    is very weak. Remember not to fight the bird creature (Griffin, unbeatable).
    Halfway to the entrance of the mines, Sargon will notice that he is being 
    followed. Fake Gustave appears, proclaims his name and invited Sargon to join 
    him. Sargon answered that it was no time for jokes and then Gustave waited there 
    and see. Enter one of the 2 mines that do not lead to the place where you fought 
    Alexei. Go down the rightmost part of the mines to a bunch of slimes. You don't 
    have to kill them all, it's useless to look for Exp as you will only use Sargon 
    here. Just kill enough slimes to make a way to the puzzle room.
    The objective here is to light all the 5 symbols here. The bottom switch is for 
    lighting the bottom symbols and the upper one is for lighting the upper symbols. 
    While the centre switch is used to switch electricity between the symbols. When 
    you have successfully lit up all symbols, a Life Tree symbol will lighten up in 
    the centre. Exit and go right to the new room. Your companions will be turned 
    into slimes and Sargon will gain their powers. He then will join Gustave.
    -- Peace Conference --
    << Jade, 1305 >>
    David, the Count of Jade is in the middle of a peace conference with the vassal 
    lords under Jade. He failed to unite them and to make them sign a new peace 
    treaty replacing the old Hahn Nova treaty. Meanwhile, Charles got news that the 
    lords of Hahn Nova is refusing to send him supplies. Among the Hahn Nova lords, 
    one is claimed to be Gustave. Charles thought that it was a chance to show them 
    that the one who has power will gain control.
    -- Battle at Hahn Nova --
    << Battlefield near Hahn Nova, 1305 >>
    Victory : Defeat Charles
    Defeat  : Death of Gustave
    With the steel army, you can't lose. Fake Gustave's sword isn't as powerful as 
    Gustave's steel sword, but his Cross Slash can deliver 800-900+ damage to the 
    enemy, which is enough to kill them. Just go forward and carefully plan your 
    attack to the Jade army. You can't lose except if you dawdle around too much. 
    Also make sure you use the usual strategy (Flame Spear) to crush Charles easily.
    << Jade, 1305 >>
    In the middle of the peace conference, a news about Charles' death is delivered 
    to David and the vassal lords. At first, the vassal lords refused to raise their 
    troops and help David fight the Fake Gustave Army, but after David said that he 
    will release his claim from the rule of Hahn Nova, they all agreed to help him. 
    Then they marched their troops to Hahn Nova.
    -- Battle at South Moundtop --
    << South Moundtop, 1305 >>
    This is the last scenario of Gustave. You should do this scenario AFTER the 
    Wil's "Battle of South Moundtop" scenario and BEFORE Wil's "Last Megalith" 
    scenario. This will give you access of gaining help from Gustaf, a descendant of 
    Gustave who holds the Gustave Sword and Firebrand in his possession.
    Victory : Defeat Gustave/Hold 8 turns
    Defeat  : Death of David/Headquarters infiltrated
    In the beginning, gather your infantries in front with archers behind them to 
    give them archer support. Try to crush all Gustave's troops except Gustave 
    himself and the steel army before Turn 4. Before turn 4, calculate that Gustave 
    should stop right in front of your headquarters if the can only move forward one 
    block per turn. If I'm right that means you have to position your units right in 
    front of his on the beginning of the Turn 4.
    The Gustave Army is too strong for you to take. However, there is still a way to 
    push them back, if you got luck. The enemy's attack pattern is to attack :
     One of the front unit twice,
     Another front unit once,
     And one of the back unit once,
    You must have archer support to give them 30 damage per turn, then you must plan 
    carefully so no one in your party dies. You must press X (or O ?) to block their 
    attacks at the right time. Then you should attack with the "Lawnmower", do not 
    use Fire Spear because the Steels are strong against Anima elementals. If you're 
    lucky you can stun them before they attack. After 8 turns the Laubholz army will 
    appear with the reinforcement and the scenario will end here.
    06. Walkthrough for Wil Knights
    -- Wil's Departure --
    << Westia, 1235 >>
    Wil said goodbye to his Uncle Paul and Aunt Nina. Nina said to Wil not to go 
    home until he found a Quell. Wil came upon Westia, the city where the Quell 
    seekers gather. You got 1000 Cr so you might want to come to the shop and buy 
    some weapon as Wil got no infinite weapon like Gustave's weapons. You can also 
    pick the unnecessary equipments from Gustave's party by talking to a girl beside 
    the bar. Just remember that it will be placed in inventory, which is shared by 
    both Gustave and Wil, however if you equip it, Gustave cannot take it back.
    After you're finished go to the bar. Talk to the bartender and then to the man 
    wearing blue outfit (Narcisse). He will join you, after that then Cordelia will 
    appear. She is from a company that protects Quell seekers like Wil. Talk to her 
    and she will join as well. Wil's party is rather weak unlike Gustave's, but if 
    you do Gustave's scenario first, Wil will be able to use Gustave's gained Arts.
    Exit Westia and go to the Ruins of Hahn.
    You will come in via the front (surface) entrance. Just walk up and collect any 
    treasures you find (treasures are placed in a stonepile-like storage, i passed 
    them up at first thinking they was just decorations). After you make your way 
    around, you will enter the catacombs underground where you will meet Tyler at 
    the entrance. He will join you. Go down through the catacombs. The Zombies here 
    might be difficult to face at times so you might want to evade them. Note that 
    the female Zombies are harder to fight as they got Shout (attack all, hit hard). 
    In this place there is a door that Wil can't enter (he'll say there is a monster 
    there), remember this for a later scenario.
    There are a few quells here (3 if I remembered correctly : Kris Knife, Amber 
    Maleate and something I forgot). You can check if you've gathered a quell by 
    checking its properties in the inventory/pressing TRIANGLE at equip items. You 
    only need one to pass this scenario, but I suggest that you got all quells to 
    strengthen up your party. To exit this place, find a room that has stairs that 
    lead to the outside (Southern Entrance). Return to Westia and enter the Bar to 
    finish this scenario. 
    Cordelia will make a sarcastic remark about Wil becoming homesick to his mommy. 
    He said that his parents has died and now he live with his uncle and auntie. 
    Cordelia apologized and Wil forgave her. Narcisse will say that it was good to 
    join Wil's party at least better than with Alexei. Wil asked if it was Alexei 
    Sergein. Cordelia said that he is a famous Quell seeker in this area. Wil needs 
    to see Alexei in order to uncover the mistery about his parents' death.
    -- Desert Megalith --
    << Westia, 1236 >>
    In Nina's house, Wil is asking Nina about his parents death. Nina is surprised 
    that Wil knows all about that. Paul comes up and told Nina that it was time for 
    him to let Wil know as he is old enough (16) by now. Nina got ready and went 
    with Wil for the Desert Megalith where Henry Knights once found an Egg Quell.
    The party regrouped at Westia, there they discussed about the Desert Megalith, 
    wondering if it truly existed. They went to the continent of Merchmin, to the 
    city of Thermes. Buy some equipments here if you need to and if you got the Cr. 
    After that exit Thermes and head to the 'Continent Interior' which is actually 
    just a desert plains. I suggest you put Nina on the party and jerk off either 
    Narcisse or Cordelia because Nina has got a high Anima Arts skill levels.
    << Continent Interior/Vogelang, 1236 >>
    You don't need to be aware of the monsters, except from one monster who looked 
    like a 'bull' with a big horn. If you come to him, be sure to attack him with 
    spells/arts that can kill him directly (like DeathBlow and Petrify). If you come 
    to a pond with waters on it (there are 2 like it, one that heals and one that 
    doesn't), approach it to heal your party. If you are unlucky then a monster can 
    jump you out and attack. >From here it's just near the exit.
    Go through the desert again until you reach the second pond, this one that can't 
    give healing to your party. This is the end of the desert. Go left and you will 
    reach the city of Vogelang (actually it comes from a Japanese --> Forgery Town). 
    In this town talk to the townspeople to gather information about Henry Knights 
    and the Sergein Brothers. You can trade equipments in the local store. After 
    you're finished, go to the bar. Talk to the barmaid by turning over from the 
    left to behind the bar (When I talked to her to the front she just offered me to 
    rest, this matter stuck me up for a whole hour). She will show you Henry's diary 
    talking about the Desert Megalith. Exit Vogelang.
    You will be brought automatically to the Desert Megalith. The party will examine 
    a lead box (looks like a coffin to me). Wil and Nina sensed there was a strong 
    Anima that resided there, maybe the Egg Quell. Nina said the Megalith was a lot 
    bigger than the usual Megaliths and there are something wrong there. The party 
    then exited the Megalith and began looking for Alexei Sergein.
    -- Infiltrate ! The Alexei Gang --
    << Thermes, 1238 >>
    In a local bar at Thermes, Nina is discussing the infiltration plan with Wil and 
    the company. Nina can't go with Wil since Alexei knew Nina's face. You will have 
    to choose one party member between Tyler, Narcisse and Cordelia to go with you 
    and do a special one-man mission later. I suggest you choose Tyler because he's 
    strong. I will refer the person you choose on the mission as Tyler because he's 
    the one I used. After all is set, go to Westia and enter its bar.
    If you choose Cordelia to go on the mission, in the end of this scenario she 
    will be killed and die. You will not be able to use her in the later scenarios, 
    and Wil's wife will become Labelle (later in "Tycoon Wil")
    Speak to the men sitting on the pub (not the one at the bar) to get a hold about 
    Alexei's expedition. Alexei will ask you to join the party. Later that night, 
    Alexei commanded his men to search for a Quell Talisman, but he ordered Wil to 
    stay. He knew all along that Wil is Henry's son. And he said that it was Wil's 
    mother who killed Henry. "Didn't you see Catherine stab Henry ??" -- Alexei. Wil 
    was quite shocked. Nina came along and carried Wil away to rest.
    << City of Night, 1238 >>
    Moving on to Tyler on his one-man mission. Talk to the boy near the upleading 
    stairs to fight him. Finish him off quickly with the skills you got. Oh yeah, 
    all battles on Tyler's scenario will be done on Duel Mode. For the first move, 
    you need to go to the bar. On the way, there's a man that will trade 3 set of 
    ore or a Mushroom something for a Cat's Tear. Remember this man for later. The 
    most important thing - almost forgot - :
    Do Not Do Anything To The 3 Statues You'll Find At The Top Section Of The Town 
    As It Will Prevent You From Finising This One-Man Mission !!!!
    The people in the tavern will give you directions to old man Kisk's house. Once 
    you reached there, a woman will tell you that Kisk has died. Go back to Alexei 
    and report to him about Kisk's Death. He instructed you to find the Talisman. Go 
    right from the fireplace to an old woman's house. When she asked you if you're 
    Kisk's friend, NOD. She will ask you to find Kyle (Kisk's grandson). Report this 
    to Alexei and begin your search.
    First, go to the tavern again. But don't go in. Between the tavern and the 
    building next to it, there's a boy there hiding. Talk to him and you will learn 
    that Kyle always hides in the place the monsters are. Then enter the tavern and 
    exit through the back. You will be surrounded by boys. To fight them, choose 
    SHOOK your head. But if you want peace and avoid this battle choose NOD. Go to 
    the water reservoir. A man along the way will tell you that there are monsters 
    in the pipe. Go to a mining place near the old woman's house (from Alexei go 
    right but the right path below the one to the old woman).
    Try to enter the hole there to learn from the girl that Kyle has just entered 
    the hole. You cannot enter the hole because you are too big. Go back to the 
    reservoir. Enter the hole to your right, and you will come up above the place. 
    Talk to the child near the well and go down. Collect Kyle and exit the place 
    through the left. Alexei will take the Talisman and walk away.
    Note :
    About the 3 statues you use it to turn off the city lamps. By doing so you will 
    make the treasure displayed but it will hide the key characters you need to talk 
    to. The treasures I found are : a Flame Stone near Kisk's house and a Sacred 
    Spear near the upleading stairs near the informant's place.
    -- Showdown ! Wil vs Alexei --
    << Quarry Site, 1239 >>
    Wil and his party followed Alexei to the Quarry Site. Keep a lot of Quick Saves 
    here because the enemies are tough. Make sure you avoid all the bird creatures. 
    If you run to them you'll have to fight a Griffon that is very tough and not 
    possible to defeat unless you got a GameShark code on. Go up the first bridge, 
    then a little down and right (I think). Until you come to the bottom area of the 
    site. Go down through the way. When you see 2 rope nets climb the right one. It 
    will bring you to the place Alexei is in. Remember this place for later.
    Make sure Nina is in your party before heading to Alexei, this is crucial !!! 
    Alexei will summon a Dragonling to fight you. This battle is a scenario battle 
    where you must lose. But you might want to fight as well as you could to gain 
    new Arts whenever possible. At the point of defeat (I'm not sure if Nina has to 
    fall the last), Nina will use all her Anima to seal the Talisman power, kill the 
    Dragonling and heal the party. Prepare for the next battle.
    Since Nina is out, you will only have 3 people. I'm not sure what will happen if 
    you didn't put Nina, you can try it and e-mail me later if you really want to... 
    Don't bother to kill the creatures beside Alexei. Just unleash the strongest 
    Arts that you have to him. Eventually, he will fall over to the pit below and 
    the 2 creatures will also be killed. After this event, Nina will be in her bed 
    and... died. Wil is sad, so is Paul. To make revenge for Henry, Nina has to die.
    Wil walked over to Thames and felt that the Egg Talisman is still alive.
    -- First Mining Job --
    << Svendorf Mines, 1244 >>
    Wil is working with a group of miners to prospect the ore quality. The miners 
    are going to mine at the Svendorf mines, but Wil sensed a strange anima and told 
    them not to mine there. The miners laughed at him and say that he is just too 
    cautious. Before you exit the place, you may want to stroll through the mines to 
    remember the place of miners you'll have to save later. Go to Westia.
    In the Bar, Wil will hear news about the Svendorf mines under attack by a group 
    of monsters. Wil decided to help the miners. In the mines, you will mainly fight 
    against Gremlins, sometimes with some little friends. Help the miners, talk to 
    them and they'll escape. Remember to take 3 kinds of ore here (Red,Green,Blue). 
    You will need it later for the Cat's Tear. Go to the first place where you first 
    talk with the miners at the beginning of this scenario. Head for the gremlins 
    near the stairs. Be fast or the gremlins jumping from above will attack you.
    Wil will talk about closing the monster generator. Here's how to do it. You got 
    2 turns to bash them before they come up with another gang. At the first turn 
    focus your attacks to kill one gremlin to clear the way. On the second, select 
    the command 'Run' on one of your party member whose way is not blocked by the 
    gremlins. The party member will then have to do one-on-one with a gremlin. After 
    you close the generator it will be the end of the scenario.
    -- Tycoon Wil --
    << Laubholz, 1247 >>
    Most of people have trouble playing this scenario as they will experience 
    lockups near the end of this scenario. This is unavoidable and you can only pass 
    it just by luck. I was the lucky one to pass, but I suggest you to save first 
    and skip this scenario (just do Gustave's and the later will open up).
    Wil's adventure will start on the birthplace of Spell Arts (Laubholz, I think). 
    Search the local store to buy some equipments and to meet a girl named Labelle. 
    She will ask to join you because she wanted to search for her missing brother in 
    the snowy town. Invite her to join then exit the town. You can also go to the 
    bar to recruit Patrick.
    << Weissland, 1247 >>
    You will be placed on an ice plateau. Go north until you reach a small town in 
    the snowy area. First, go either to the bar or to the shop (I prefer shop first 
    to make up the story). Wil will notice an Anima coming from the fireplace, and 
    identify it as a Flame Quell fireplace. Go to the bar and you will meet William, 
    Labelle's brother. There is events where you can also find Patrick here but I 
    myself didn't find him. William and Labelle will have a little quarrel, then 
    tell you about the Ice Megalith. Join them.
    << Ice Megalith, 1247 >>
    After you exit the town, you will placed on an ice area (Glacier). Keep moving 
    this long area until you reach a small tent. Enter the tent and William will 
    tell you that the Megalith is only accessible at certain times and you'll have 
    to wait. After a moment there will be a scene about an ice bridge forming and 
    William will tell you to come in. This will be a long long maze. Keep going and 
    going until you are in a room with small circles. Your objective is to make it 
    to the large circle, keep trying to enter the circles.
    You will reach a huge relic. Upon reaching it the party will become unsconcious 
    and Wil will have a thought to save them before they fell. Surprisingly, the 
    party woke up safely. Talk to your party members and go to the relic again. 
    After some time, the party will tell you that William is missing and 'enter Wil 
    Knights'. Put Labelle in your party and go upstairs to find William standing in 
    front of the relic. He said that it is the relic that can materialize your 
    thought. He then request to be the best Quell seeker in the world, and suddenly 
    transformed into a huge Megalith Beast.
    You will fight him and 2 additional monsters. Don't bother attacking them as 
    they will keep coming. Focus your attacks on the Megalith Beast. After some 
    time, a 'Retreat' command will appear. Use it and Labelle will lead the escape. 
    You will have to fight him 3 times, after the third time you retreat the ice 
    bridge will collapse and he will sink to the bottom of the lake.
    -- Anima Faith Fiasco --
    << Ruins of Hahn, 1256 >>
    Wil is coming to the Ruins of Hahn to seek for the Anima Faith leader who is 
    supposed to have the Egg Quell. Go through the Ruins of Hahn once more (you 
    should know pretty much about the layout of this dungeon). Search for a door 
    that you can't enter before ("there's a huge monster" said Wil), and go inside 
    to find the Anima Faith society. Talk to them for some hints, then go through 
    this place to find a new dungeon area. Remember the places of the treasures that 
    are currently blocked by the people as it will be opened later and also a door 
    that is currently guarded by a man.
    Stroll through this place and take the treasures you find along the way. After 
    some long walk, you'll find another place of the Anima Faith society. As before, 
    remember the treasure positions. You'll find out that the leader is meditating 
    in the back room. Go there to find him and Wil will not sense the Anima power of 
    the Egg Quell. Try to exit the place. Meanwhile, Gustave's army is getting ready 
    to annihilate the Anima Faith followers on the surface. Kelvin warned him not to 
    but Gustave went instead to take revenge for Philippe II.
    The Anima Faith followers will be in a huge panic. Take the treasures on the way 
    but you might have to fight the Skeletons guarding them. Go to the door that was 
    guarded by a man, and you'll find the Anima Faith leader with the Egg escaping. 
    Suddenly a monster attacked the leader and he fell in the water. You will have a 
    battle with these monsters. Wil wanted to pick up the Egg Quell, but as Gustave 
    surrounded the place, Tyler suggested Wil to escape anyway not to make a fight 
    between Wil's party and Gustave's army.
    -- Wil vs Egg --
    << Westia, 1257 >>
    Wil is currently in the Westia Bar, discussing a plan with Tyler about how to 
    trap the pirates and take the Egg Quell that is currently on the pirates' hand 
    when Narcisse came in. Wil explained his plan to use the City of Night as a bait 
    for the pirates to attack. Narcisse became angry as he told Wil that the plan 
    will take innocent people's lifes and treasures. He challenged Wil to knock some 
    sense back to his head, as he has lost sense since he's called Tycoon Wil. Tyler 
    told him not to, as Narcisse is still sick. Tyler then offers that he will do 
    the defending part with Partick and Raymond...
    << City of Night, 1257 >>
    You now gain control on Tyler and party. As always buy whatever necessary and 
    take whatever you need from the other party members (with the girl near the bar) 
    then exit the town and go to the city of night. Tyler gave a second thought if 
    they will be able to fend the pirates by themselves, but the pirate hasn't come. 
    Wil is in the pirates ship now. Take your time to stroll through this city and 
    see for yourself what has changed in almost 10 years or so. Don't forget to 
    trade the 3 ores you found at the Svendorf Mines for the man's Cat's Tear on the 
    way to the tavern (suppose you picked and still have the ores).
    Go to place of the 3 statues which you can use to turn off the city's lamp there 
    and you will meet with someone (familiar doesn't he...^_^). He will speak about 
    how Wil asked him to defend this city and said that Kelvin and Nebelstern are 
    ready. You'll find out that he's Gustave. He's got his Gustave Sword with Atk 53 
    so you might want to clobber enemies here. A soldier will report that the pirate 
    is assaulting this town. Gustave moved and asked Tyler to move away and let him 
    handle them. Tyler thought that Gustave might got much free time on his hands...
    Your main objective here is to eliminate all enemies. So if you find a monster 
    quickly prepare yourself for a monster-slashing event. With Gustave on your side 
    you won't even break a sweat. After you defeat all enemies, go to the fireplace 
    where Alexei was sitting on earlier scenarios to find the Ship Captain who has 
    the Egg on his hands. He will summon a monster. This one is very tough and you 
    may have to recover HP on each turn, but this is a battle you must win. Have 
    Gustave and party unleash their best attacks on this one and try to make a combo 
    attack. Gustave himself can unleash 800+ just by doing the 'Double Slash' Art. 
    After you win the pirates will retreat back to their ship.
    << Pirate Ship, 1257 >>
    Now we move on to Wil Knights. He is alone so you better prepare for a hard time 
    battling here. After you gain control, move to the Treasures Room (compass room) 
    and you will meet a woman. Face her with 2 skeletons. This is a hard battle as 
    Wil has to fight on a one-on-three battle. After you win, move on the Captain's 
    Room and fight a Slime. After you done with this one, move on to the lowest 
    cargo deck nearly below the place you started, where you can see a treasure box 
    guarded by a pack of monsters. Fight the pack of monsters. On my condition, I 
    was lucky enough to fight weak monsters. But if you do face hard monsters just 
    unleash all what you've got.
    After the battle, go and try to take the treasure. You'll find out that it was 
    stuck to the floor. Wil tried to pull it forcefully, when he managed to pull it 
    off, he realized that it was a plug to cover a leaking hole on the ship's bottom 
    part. He thought that it was better this way as the Egg will sink to the ocean's 
    floor. Go up to the Deck. There's a pirate holding the Egg and a you'll have to 
    fight another one-on-one battle. Give him all your best attacks and he won't 
    bother you much, the most serious damage he can inflict to you is the Egg attack 
    which will drain your HP. After the battle, the Egg will jump to the sea and the 
    pirate will jump too to catch it (fool.. ^_^). It was the end of the Egg but on 
    that time Wil thought that it's maybe his end of time as well... 
    To be continued... Under construction ^_^'.
    07. Credits
    The big credit goes to Andreas Angga Indrawan (anggasquall@yahoo.com) for 
    letting me use his Arts FAQ and also helping me much on the making of this FAQ. 
    Good job Andreas !! I was lucky to met you on the first place.
    And also, the 'personal' credits goes this way :
    1. GOD, who lets me live through this day and always give me His Protection thru
       my days of life and giving me this strength to make this FAQ and help the 
       people who are in need of help (that's my first intention why I made this).
    2. My bro, for helping me play through this game and replaying through the 
       points that I forgot the names etc.
    3. A girl whom I liked (name not included for privacy reasons ^_^), thanks for 
       being the inspiration of my life and cheering me up in the days when I was 
       going down. Thanks for bringing me the lights of life... and hey, I think 
       I'll end my blabbering here. It's a FAQ not a letter dedicated to her ^_^'.
    4. And last but not least... my parents who have raised me this far until now I
       have reached the age of 15, and giving me enough fund every month to buy new
       games and gain Internet access to maintain this FAQ.
    08. Copyright
    This FAQ is made by Nathan Prima Suwanto in 2000 and available at GameFAQs 
    (www.gamefaqs.com). If you are a webmaster and want to put this FAQ up on your 
    site, please ask me first via e-mail. This FAQ is for personal use only. Never 
    ever take this FAQ and sell it at any magazines. If I find out someone ripping 
    this FAQ off, I'll crush him. By the way, I'm an Indonesian, so you guys on the 
    Indonesian Gamezines don't try to rip this off like what you did to my friend's 
    FAQ. If I ever find out that any game magazine rip my FAQs (especially GM), I 
    will rip out your heart alive. Hahahahah... (I think that's scary enough ^_^).
    Saga Frontier2 copyrighted by Squaresoft 1999.
    Saga Frontier2 FAQ copyrighted by Nathan Prima Suwanto 2000.

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