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    FAQ/Walkthrough by NSoe

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                  S  A  G  A     F  R  O  N  T  I  E  R    I I
                  U n o f f i c i a l    F A Q / W a l k t h r o u g h
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                                     SaGa Frontier 2
                                version 7.0 (04/04/2000)
                            Europe/American  FAQ/Walkthrough
                              by Nico Soe (n_soe@yahoo.com)
        Standard SaGa Frontier logo, characters are Copyright 2000 Squaresoft.
          Game is Copyright 2000 Squaresoft and Copyright 2000 Sony Computer
         Entertainment. Unofficial FAQ/Walktrough is Copyright 2000 Nico Soe.
    for Sony PlayStation
    version info:
    *version 7.0  - yes, probably this is the final version. I don't know, and
    (04/04/00)      I'm not sure, but at least it won't be updated unless there 
                    is major mistake in this FAQ.
                    Pheww, now I can concentrate to my works, or maybe I'll make
                    another guide, well, who knows?
                  - forced to finish the characters info section
                    (yes, low quality, I know that too)
                  - a very minor correction
                  - a very minor update
    *version 6.5  - twelfth version
    (03/21/00)    - characters info update
                    (not finished, due to my busy days)
                  - minor correction
                  - minor update
    *version 6.0  - eleventh version
    (03/14/00)    - added characters info in the Character section
                    (not finished yet)
                  - minor correction
                  - minor update
    *version 5.5: - tenth version
    (03/12/00)    - never published, delayed
                  - minor correction
                  - minor update
    *version 5.0: - ninth version
    (03/10/00)    - added playable characters data
                  - major correction
                  - minor update
    *version 4.0: - added the SaGa Frontier logo
    (03/04/00)    - added info about Cinderforge Sword (ability 70) in the
                    Laubholz tower section. Thanks to Elamonster Monsterelam
                    (elameck@yahoo.com) for the info
                  - a little change on Disclaimer
                  - minor correction
    *version 3.5: - a little change on Disclaimer, etc
    (02/23/00)    - added (a little ^_^) about combo
                  - added some notes, tips (inserted in many section)
                  - correction about Ventarbre (thanks to Evanidus and
                  - minor correction
    *version 3.0: - added strategy about the final boss
    (02/17/00)    - a little change on Basic Introduction's format
                  - major correction
                  - minor update
                  - added some notes, tips (inserted in many section)
    *version 2.5: - added the Arts List section, big thanks for Andreas Angga
    (02/15/00)      Indrawan (anggasquall@yahoo.com) for his Art List data
                    (you've done a great job Angga!)
                  - added Characters section
                  - added info about Cordelia (Wil, Infiltrate!Alexei Gang),
                    thanks for Yulius Leonard's info
                  - minor correction
    *version 2.0: - fourth version
    (02/14/00)    - never published, delayed until complete enough
                  - minor correction
                  - minor update
    *version 1.6: - added Disclaimer for Indonesian Publishers
    (02/14/00)      (well, publishers in my region can be very annoying,
                    that's why I have to give special more protection)
                  - added Yoko in my credit section (Hi! Yoko! ^_^)
                  - minor correction
    *version 1.5: - second version
    (02/13/00)    - added info about 'Game Clear'
                  - added the Last Battle scenario (Wil)
                  - added Side Events section
                  - minor correction
                  - minor update
    *version 1.0: - first version
    (02/11/00)    - hey Hanes, thanks for the CD
                  - big thanks for Marcus Soetomo for all info  
                  - minor update
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    Copyright (C) 2000, Nico Soe.
    THE COURT!!!
    Copyright (C) 2000, Nico Soe.
    Hak Cipta (C) 2000, Nico Soe.
    This is another great game from the master rpg-maker, Squaresoft. For you 
    rpg-mania, I think that you'll steal a lot of time of your daily routines 
    just to playing this game. This is a Europe version FAQ, but it should 
    compatible for American version too.
    The game is made in basic 2D, but don't ever underestimate it, cause the 
    hand-drawn graphic will easily blown you to the dream world. Although it 
    isn't the best rpg that Square ever made, it's still a great game, especially 
    comparing with its predecessor, SaGa Frontier 1.
    This FAQ is made under my opinion. This FAQ is basically made from what I 
    have played, so don't blame me if you play this game and get a different 
    story. I don't say that this FAQ is 100% correct (since I'm not a god) and 
    there're a lot of cases in this FAQ that I don't exactly know how it's 
    happened. Watch!! Spoiler alert!! There are lots of spoilers in this FAQ.
    You can send your comments (constructive comments only, if it's a junk mail, 
    I'll just delete it and block your address) or questions to me. But it will 
    took a long time for me to reply it (no guarantee, sometimes I just can't 
    reply your comments, critics or questions since I'm a very busy person and 
    have a lot of another works to do. And I don't have my own computer!!). And 
    unfortunately there's no guarantee that I can answer your questions or 
    solving your problems.
    Read this FAQ and walkthrough carefully before you go to an event, there are 
    some events that you can't go back (for example: final dungeon). Any email 
    asking about things that already explained in this FAQ will be ignored (if 
    I'm in a good mood, I will answer it, and if I'm not, I will delete it).
    The latest version of this FAQ can be found at: - www.gamefaqs.com
                                                    - www.vgstrategies.about.com    
    I.   Basic Introduction
          A. Basic Controller
          B. Menu Screen
          C. Battle Mode
          D. Team Combo
          E. Note/Tips
    II.  Characters
          A. Playable Characters
          B. Characters Info
    III. Walkthrough
          A. Gustave scenario
          B. Wil Scenario
    IV.  Arts List
          A. Weapon Arts
          B. Spell Arts
    V.   Side Events
          A. Construction of Hahn Nova
          B. Defeat the Megalith Beast
          C. Tower of Laubholz
    VI.  Chronicle
    VII. Credits
    A. Basic Controller in This Game
    1.  D-pad: moving your character.
    2.  Square: pop up your menu screen by pressing square button.
    3.  X: confirm button, talking, etc.
    4.  Circle: cancel button (circle + D-pad: make your character running).
    5.  Triangle: quick save menu (will be lost if you turn the power off).
    6.  R1: equip arts--shortcut menu.
    7.  R2: character status--shortcut menu.
    8.  L1: equip item--shortcut menu.
    9.  L2: party status--shortcut menu.
    10. Start: pause the game.
    11. L1 + R1 + select + start: reset the game.
    12. L1 + L2 + R1 + R2: (no 6-9).
    B. Menu Screen
    There are some menus in the menu screen, they are: party status, character 
    status, equip item, equip arts, battle style, player notes, system config, 
    items, and a save menu (yesss, you can save your game anywhere you want). You 
    can press triangle in menu screen to pop up help text (pretty useful).
    Party Status Screen
    This screen shows your main party status (max four characters, showing their 
    HP, LP, WP, WP regain, SP, SP regain, name, gender, and age), shows the info 
    about your chips, cr (money), location, and the year status in the middle of 
    the screen.
    Character Status Screen
    Character status in this game is not shown by 'level'. As a replacement they 
    are only shown by your HP, LP, SP, WP (and some other) stats. Look at the 
    skill status screen (on the right corner). Plus(+) sign in front of an icon 
    means that your character is good in that weapon/element. In other words, it 
    is your character favorite weapon/element. 
    Letting your character to use his favorite weapon/element will increase 
    his/her attack power. It will increase your rate to gain your skill up too 
    (also it maybe increase your chance to learn an art, well, I'm not pretty 
    sure about this one).
    Equip Items Screen
    Each character have capability to set two arms and four equipment in the 
    equip item screen. Each item has an endurance that showed by number. If the 
    number reach 0, your item will be broken, and there's no way to get it back 
    (items that has an infinite number won't broke). So, always remember to 
    repair your best items (for example in Vogelang city) before it reach 0.
    Equip Arts Screen
    You can equip/unequip your arts here. Remember that each art you've gained 
    can be used for all characters. Each weapon art can only be used if you equip 
    that kind of weapon (example: cross slash <sword art> can be used if your 
    character equipped with sword). 
    For spell/element arts, you need to equip certain item that has certain quell 
    on it (for example: to use a Recovery Breath <flame-tree spell>, you need to 
    equip item(s) that has/have flame and tree quells on it/them. Note: certain 
    places contain enough quells to cast a spell. For example: there are enough 
    stone quells in the cave, so that you don't need to bring/equip a stone quell 
    item to cast a stone spell.
    See the Arts List section for the commands of the arts.
    Battle Style Screen
    You can set your party action order in the battle style screen. You can also 
    change your party member (four characters are set in the main party, other 
    are set in the sub/reserve party) in the battle style screen. There are some 
    roles (each time you get a new character, you'll get a new role) can be set 
    to your character, they are: 
    1.  Solo Action: acts independently. Intuition rate up, combo rate down.
    2.  Heavy Attack: prioritizes weapon and martial arts attacks.
    3.  Blitz: attack full force without def. Shield and evasion success down.
    4.  War God: battles beyond physical limitations. Natural rate rec down.
    5.  WALL: minimizes damage taken.
    6.  Dodge: prioritizes evasion.   
    7.  Heavy Spell: prioritizes spell attack power.
    8.  Spell Atk: uses all power on spell attack. Spell def down.
    9.  Recover: prioritizes recovery spell.
    10. Protean: uses the land to reinforce spell recovery. SP rec rate up.
    11. Marksman: prioritizes bow attack.
    12. Versatile: atk with various actions. Lower chance of being countered.
    13. Counter: aim for a counter attack.
    14. Cannonball: conduct action as fast as possible.
    15. Bandwagon: raises combo rate of following move.
    16. Ace: raises combo rate from preceding move.
    17. Preemptive: lowers chance of enemy attacking first.
    18. Scout: lowers chance of melees.
    19. Decoy: Lures enemy attack to self.
    20. Diversion: prevents enemy combo attacks.
    21. Perplexion: lowers enemy spell efficiency.
    22. Support: raises party's attack and recovery.
    23. Defense: raises party's defense.
    24. Commander: raises party's attack, evasion, and recovery.
    25. Leader: Guides all members to act swiftly.
    26. Diplomat: Negotiates truce with friendly opponents. 
    27. Intimidate: negotiates truce with weaker opponents.
    28. Getaway: Secures escape in a tight spot.
    Player Notes Screen
    Check your player notes screen. Each art, custom art and combo (for the combo 
    and the custom arts, only the latest) you've already gained are recorded 
    here. You can trade your combo with friends, for that you need a pocket 
    station, I think. I can't explain about that one because I don't have a 
    pocket station.
    System Config Screen
    You can set your config here. You can set the sound, vibration of your 
    controller, screen adjustment, help lock, and your button config.
    Items Screen
    In this menu you can use/discard/sort items. You can check what items are 
    equipped in your character. And you can also check items which you've 
    excavated in Go!Go! Digger game (this is a pocket station section).
    C. Battle Mode
    There are 3 kinds of battle mode, they are party team battle, duel battle, 
    and strategy battle.
    Party team battle
    In this battle you can set for max four characters. You can use a normal 
    attack, spell, weapon spell art, weapon art, or even a combo.
    Duel battle
    This is a one-on-one battle. In this battle, if you want to use an art/spell, 
    you need to enter the right command (see the commands in Arts List section). 
    For example if you want to use Cross Slash (sword art), you need to enter the 
    Cross Slash command: slash-backslash, then if you have enough sword skill or 
    you've already learned that art, the art will be worked.
    Strategy battle 
    I'll explain about the strategy battle in Battle of Buckethill scenario 
    (Gustave scenario).
    D. Team combo
    Combo is a combination of some moves to perform an action, so that the attack 
    will be more powerful. Many (if not all) of the arts (weapon arts and spell 
    arts, weapon arts are better) can be combined into a combo. Sometimes, you 
    even can make a combo consist of your moves (arts) and your enemy moves 
    There are three kinds of team combo: duo attack (consist of two moves), 
    triple onslaught (consist of three moves), and all out attack (consist of 
    four moves). A combo will be named of his first move, added the kind of the 
    combo in the back. For example: two kinds of arts (first move: skewer + 
    second move: cross slash) combine into a combo, the combo name will be 
    'skewer''duo attack'.
    The first step of a combo is always a duo attack (consist of two moves). So, 
    if your character starting a combo, you can bet that at least a duo attack is 
    performed. Added a move, it will be a triple onslaught. Added one more move 
    and it will be an all out attack.
    A combo is not something that 100% works. Sometimes you maybe fail to perform 
    a combo. Oh yeah, remember to take a note (the arts which perform a combo) of 
    any good combo that you've gained, so that you can use it to fight 
    bosses/tough enemies.
    More often you use same art, more often a combo will appear (aww..I'm not so 
    sure about that ^_^). Using Ace and Bandwagon role style will be very helpful 
    E. Note/Tips
    Some words about battle and arts
    Sometime you can gain arts in battle, it happen when there's an arc lamp 
    above your character (trademark of SaGa series). You can learn your arts in 
    duel battle too (it's the best way to learn an art), by entering the right 
    command (see the Arts List section for the commands). But it will need a 
    certain level of your weapon/spell skill before you can gain/cast the art for 
    the first time. The more powerful the arts/spells, the higher of your 
    weapon/spell skill needed to cast the art for the first time.
    Each type of weapon has some arts, called weapon arts. Weapon arts consumed 
    your WP points. There are another, they are spell/anima arts. It consumed 
    your SP point (Gustave does not has it). LP point can be used in battle to 
    recover your HP to max. Your HP will recover a bit each time you finished a 
    battle. Your status ailment will also be cured after you finished a battle.
    Explanation about items and cr
    In this game, most of the items have an endurance that showed by number. 
    Every time you use these items, the number will decrease. When the number 
    reach 0, your item will broken. Note: infinite items cannot broke. 
    Fortunately, almost all the best weapon and armor in this game are infinite.
    You can repair your items (before broken) in certain town, cost for some 
    money (cr), of course (the less the endurance number, the higher the repair 
    fee will be taken). Some place where you can repair items: Vogelang city, 
    Westia (later in Wil scenario, the shopkeeper in Westia will able to repair 
    your tools--talk to him behind the desk).
    Watch your money (cr), repairing item will draw out your money. Save your 
    best items (including weapon, armor, etc.) only to fight bosses/tough 
    enemies. Use the weaker items for normal/easy enemies. Also try not to waste 
    your money to buy too much items, many good items will be found along your 
    journey (if you explore each dungeon carefully), keep this in mine.
    Hey, I only have 1000 cr. What can I buy with this? I even can't buy a good 
    armor. Don't worry, you'll got a lot of cr along your journey (if you explore 
    each dungeon carefully). Also you'll got a lot of chips that can be trade 
    with cr. How do I trade chips with cr? In certain town (example: Vogelang and 
    North Gate) you'll able to do it (also you can convert your items to chips in 
    certain town <example: Vogelang, Gruegel>).
    Some words from me
    All those system in this game are pretty complex. It's hard to understand 
    them clearly. But I think they're not too complex at all, especially if you 
    learn them patiently. Don't dizzy too much about the complex system, just hit 
    the CD and play the whole scenario for all day long, that's the most 
    important thing. 
    Note: for other explanation about the game (strategy, explanation of the 
    battle, explanation of some systems, tips, etc.), are often inserted in some 
    of the scenario. Check the Side Events section too.
    There are about 50 characters in this game. They who make this game become so 
    complex. But, not all of them are playable. Only 24 of them are playable.
    A. Playable Characters
    Every time you get a new character, he/she will be recorded. You can check 
    them in certain places (Westia, North Gate). You can also take/remove their 
    items from there, keep this in mind. And every time you get a new character, 
    you will get a new role (battle style) too.
    Here the lists of all playable characters:
        Name           Born   Gender    Best Weapon     Best Spell <standard>
    1.  Nebelstern     1205   male      spear           tree, beast
    2.  Cielmer        1196   male      -               tree, stone, water,
                                                        flame, tone, beast
    3.  Narcisse       1205   male      -               stone, flame, tone
    4.  Nina           1190   female    -               tree, stone, water
    5.  Labelle        1219   female    bow             water, tree
    6.  Gustave XIII   1220   male      sword, martial  -
    7.  Kelvin         1221   male      spear           tone, beast, stone, flame
    8.  Tyler          1210   male      axe             beast, stone
    9.  Cordelia       1220   female    spear, bow      tree, stone, water, tone
    10. Wil Knights    1220   male      staff           flame, water, tree,
    11. Diana          1260   female    sword, staff,   stone, water, beast
    12. Johan          1243   male      sword, martial  tone, flame, water
                                                        beast, tree, stone
    13. Ventarbre      1247   male      staff           tree, water, stone
                                                        flame, tone, beast
    14. Julia          1265   female    sword, bow      water, tone, beast
    15. Eleanor        1250   female    spear           flame
    16. Raymond        1235   male      bow, martial    tree, stone, tone
    17. Sargon         1270   male      sword           tree, stone, flame, tone
    18. Rich Knights   1255   male      sword, spear    beast, flame, tree, tone,
                                                        stone, water
    19. Patrick        1230   male      staff, axe      tree, beast
    20. Gustaf         1280   male      sword, spear    beast, flame, tree, tone,
                                                        stone, water
    21. Meythia        1280   female    axe             beast, stone, tone
    22. Roberto        1278   male      bow             flame, tone, water, tree,
    23. Primiera       1286   female    axe, spear,     flame, beast, tree
    24. Ginny Knights  1291   female    staff, sword    water, tree, stone, flame
    B. Characters Info 
    To make it easier, I will divide them into two main parts, with Gustave and 
    Wil as the main center. Some of them are taken from www.square.com.
    1. Gustave Scenario
    Gustave (Gustave XIII, the steel) 1220
    Son of Gustave XII and Sophie. Our main character. At the age of 7 when it 
    was discovered that he lacked Anima, Gustave exiled from the Kingdom of 
    Finney along with his mother, Sophie. Although he possesses the sympathetic, 
    caring nature of his mother and the power of his father, the pain he endured 
    as a young boy forever haunts him.
    Kelvin (Gustave's close friend) 1221
    Son of Thomas, the Count of Jade. As the royal family, Kelvin possesses the 
    elegance and composure of an aristocrat. He became friend with Gustave after 
    Gustave and his mother, Sophie, moved to Jade. Later, he will become one of 
    the most trusted men for Gustave.
    Gustave XII (Gustave's father) 1195
    As the King of Finney, Gustave XII is distinguished political figure and an 
    elite soldier. During his reign, he formed an alliance with Lord Nohl and 
    worked against Lord Otto and Lord Schud.
    Sophie (Gustave's mother) 1200
    The Queen of Finney and the daughter of Lord Nohl. After Sophie's father 
    passed away, the land owners who sought to protect the Lord's domain arranged 
    her marriage to Gustave XII, the King of Finney, who was also her father's 
    Philippe (Gustave's brother) 1222
    The son of Gustave XII and younger brother of Gustave, he later governs his 
    mother's native town, Nohl. At the age of 5, Philippe is left without a 
    mother when his mother is forced into exile. He developed bitter feelings and 
    angst towards Gustave, on whom he blames this incident.
    Marie (Gustave's sister) 1227
    The daughter of Gustave XII and younger sister of Gustave, a resemble of her 
    mother, Sophie. Almost immediately after her birth, her mother and brother 
    were forced into exile, leaving her without any memory of them. For political 
    reasons, she is forced by her father to marry Lord Cantal at the age of 
    Flynn (Gustave's close friend)
    Gustave's loyal follower, he patiently endures even Gustave's most violent 
    acts, and never leaves his side. For he, too, cannot use any spells, and 
    Gustave is the only one who understands him.
    Leslie (Gustave's close friend)
    Gustave's childhood friend, she meets again with Gustave when Gustave were 
    moved to Jade.
    Philippe II 1248
    The only son of Philippe, he has to undergo the firebrand ceremony at the age 
    of seven, the day when an assassin will murder him.
    Marquis Cantal 1229
    Marie's husband, he is a ruler who always opposes Finney Kingdom and the 
    Cielmer (Gustave's tutor) 1196
    Gustave's tutor, a great spell master, a tutor for every people. He is the 
    man who takes Gustave moves to Gruegel.
    Nebelstern (Gustave's right hand) 1205
    The former general for Marquis of Wide, he later joined Gustave after Gustave 
    expanded his power to Wide. He didn't trust Gustave at the first, but then 
    became one of the most trusted men for Gustave, beside Kelvin, of course.
    Bart (sailor)
    A talented swordsman who likes to sail around the world as a member of Silver 
    Sails Fleet. He has a strong personality and a strong dream resemble to 
    Gustave. He met Gustave at the pirate ship when Gustave tried to look for an 
    Johan (the assassin) 1243
    A member of Scorpion Organization, a huge assassin group during the era. His 
    meeting with Gustave has made him left the group. He found a new life inside 
    Gustave figure, and started to serve him as his bodyguard.
    Ventarbre 1247
    Gustave's follower, Meythia's tutor.
    Son of Kelvin, brother of Philippe III. He always rules a land using his 
    brute power. His brute power, too, will end his destiny.
    Philippe III
    Son of Kelvin, brother of Charles.
    Son of Charles. He has the same characteristic with his uncle, Philippe III, 
    and his grandfather, Kelvin, a very different one from his father. He is the 
    man who will bring peace to his continent during his time.
    Sir Mouton
    One of Gustave's followers. He is a follower of the Count of Wide at the 
    first. Later, he'll become Gustave's advisor after Gustave expanded his power 
    to Wide.
    Nicolette Drangueforde
    Daughter of Cantal. For some reason connecting to Charles in the past, she 
    begins to hate the Jade family. Her moves are always in one purpose, oppose 
    the Jade family.
    Duke Edmund of Laubholz
    Young and single ruler from Laubholz, he is incited by Nicolette to move 
    against Jade family.
    King Sho of Na
    The successor of King Sui of Na, ruler of Na.
    Sargon (the Edelritter) 1270
    Fake Gustave's most loyal and powerful vassal. Starting his adventure with 
    Eleanor, talented Sargon has grown into a skilled person. His great skill has 
    created his weird destiny, to be chosen by fake Gustave, become one of fake 
    Gustave's followers.
    2. Wil Scenario
    William Knights (Tycoon Wil) 1220
    An orphan who was raised by his aunt and uncle, Wil Knights is the main 
    character of Wil Scenario. His success in finding large amounts of Quells has 
    made him widely known as 'Tycoon Wil'.
    Nina Cochrane (Wil's aunt, guardian) 1190
    Wil's aunt. Nina became the mother figure for Wil after the death of Wil's 
    parents. She has a strong personality and is quite a magician.
    Paul (Wil's uncle)
    Nina's husband. He became the father figure for Wil after the death of Wil's 
    Cordelia (Wil's close friend) 1220
    A female sentry who ventures on her first expedition with Wil. Her feelings 
    for Wil begin to blossom.. a bit, as they survive various adventures 
    together. Her friends refer to her as Cody.
    Alexei Sergein (Wil's enemy)
    A digger, he was a partner for Wil's father. His wild ambition has made him 
    involved in Wil's parents' death. Wil has no other person to be blamed for 
    the very responsible one to his parents' death.
    Narcisse (an experienced digger, Wil's friend) 1205
    An experienced digger, he is the former student of Cielmer. Using his 
    knowledge, he helps Wil in Wil's first journey in the Ruins of Hahn. Later, 
    he will become one of Wil's best friends. He will also train Wil's son, 
    Richard, in Richard's first journey.
    Tyler (Wil's friend) 1210
    An expert adventurer, he likes to spend his time looking for treasure. His 
    adventure begins when he meets with Wil in the Ruins of Hahn. Although he has 
    a brutal appearance, like a bandit, he actually is a very kind and a brave 
    Raymond (Wil's friend) 1235
    An expert marksman, he is expert in using a bow. His first meeting with 
    Tycoon Wil was in Westia, when Tyler introduced him to Wil. He will then be 
    involved in many adventures with the Knights family.
    Patrick (Wil's friend) 1230
    A traveller, he likes to travel around the world. He first meets with Wil at 
    Laubholz, when Wil is looking for a way to Weissland.
    Labelle (Wil's friend) 1219
    A traveler. Her seeking for her brother has made her met with Wil near the 
    Grand Valley, when both of them stuck in their way to Weissland.
    William of Weissland (Labelle's brother) 12??
    The only brother of Labelle, he is an ambitious digger. His big journey 
    begins when he met Wil Knights in Weissland. Together with Wil and the 
    companions, he went deep inside the Ice Megalith, looking for a Quell. He 
    didn't know that a weird destiny has waited him.
    Richard Knights (Wil Knights' son) 1255
    The only son of Tycoon Wil, Richard likes to spend his time roaming the lands 
    away from home. Although he appears to be a wild individual, he is in reality 
    a very serious person with strong beliefs and sense of responsibility.
    Diana (Richard's wife) 1260
    A refugee from a local village, she encounters Rich in North Gate. She is 
    drawn to his uncanny courage and confidence and ultimately falls in love with 
    Julia (Richard's friend) 1265
    A resident of Grand Teille, her dream is to see a beautiful rainbow painted 
    across the sky of her homeland. Her adventure begins when she confides her 
    childhood dream to Richard.
    Eleanor (Richard's friend) 1250
    Richard's senior, she has experienced in many adventures. Her huge knowledge 
    as a digger has made her friends refer to her as a 'dictionary'. She is 
    involved in many adventures with Richard.
    Virginia Knights (Ginny, Richard's daughter) 1291
    The Daughter of Richard and Diana, the first female digger in the Knights 
    family. Born without father, she becomes a tough woman. She possesses all the 
    skills and the bravery as a digger, beside her naughty, teenage spirit. 
    Nobody knows that someday she will save the world.
    Primiera (Ginny's friend) 1286
    Nicolette's stepdaughter, she was quiet an obedient girl at the first. Didn't 
    want to be involved in her stepmother grudge against the Jade family, she 
    broke her rules and run to look for her own adventure.
    Roberto (Ginny's friend) 1278
    A traveler from local village, he first met with Ginny at North Gate. Using 
    his skill as a mediator, he was able to save Ginny from the pirate's hand. 
    After their first meeting, he will then be involved in many adventures with 
    Meythia (Ginny's friend) 1280
    A student of Ventarbre, she is very talented. Her first journey begins when 
    his master sent her in a mission with the famous Tycoon Wil in the travel to 
    pursue the Egg.
    Gustaf (Ginny's friend) 1280
    The only son of Philippe III, he has a great swordskill, resemble to Gustave. 
    His adventure begins when he meets Ginny at North Gate. The meeting with his 
    friends has changed his life, back to fight the wrong for his father's name.
    There are two scenarios that you can choose, Gustave scenario and Wil Knights 
    scenario. I'll mention all scenarios I've got below.
    A. Gustave Scenario
    Gustave Born 1220
    This scenario will be automatically chosen as a prologue if you playing this 
    game for the first time. There's a battle scene beetween Gustave XII's army 
    versus Marquis of Otto's army. Gustave army is on the lead when suddenly a 
    messenger comes, reports that Queen Sophie, Gustave XII wife, has safely 
    given birth. Gustave then withdraw his army to see his heir, Gustave XIII--
    the man who would change an era--born.
    Gustave Exiled 1227
    That day is the day Gustave XIII attempts the Firebrand Ceremony. Firebrand, 
    the ancestral Quell of the Eugene family. As its name suggests, it responds 
    to the Anima of fire. Upon reaching seven years of age, the prince undergoes 
    a ceremony to test whether he is worthy to wield Firebrand and become heir to 
    the throne. 
    Gustave XIII as a prince reaches 7 years of age and must face the firebrand 
    ceremony. However Gustave XIII has no anima (spell) spirit and fails the 
    ceremony. His father is being very angry with him and even says that Gustave 
    isn't his child.  Then Gustave XIII is banished from the castle. Knowing 
    this, Sophie, Gustave XIII's mother following him to leave the castle, 
    leaving her other children (Phillipe and Marie) behind.
    Departure from Homeland 1227 
    Gustave and his mother Sophie are banished from the palace. Cielmer, 
    Gustave's tutor, feels that he no longer has right to remain at the castle 
    and asking permission from the king to back to Gruegel. On his way back to 
    Gruegel, Cielmer suggests Queen Sophie to seek asylum from the King Sui of 
    Na. Three of them are moving to Gruegel, the capital of Na.
    Gustave 12 Years Old 1232
    After Gustave and Sophie transferred to Gruegel, they were given a mansion by 
    King Sui of Na. Five years have passed. Gustave has become infamous as a 
    violent child. The fact that he is ungifted, and that he is an outcast, has 
    twisted his mind as the years passed. His peculiar background as a member of 
    the royalty of the Eastern continent causes his peers to avoid him, taking 
    away the most important to a young boy..friends. Gustave has only one 
    follower, a boy named Flynn. Flynn patiently endures even Gustave's most 
    violent acts, and never leaves his side. For he, too, cannot use any spells.
    Gustave and the Blacksmiths 1233-35 
    When Gustave reaches the age of 13, the King Sui of Na grants him territory 
    in the vicinity of Jade. Using this as an opportunity, Sophie takes Gustave 
    with her and moves to Jade. Many rumors spreads that the move is meant to 
    prevent Gustave from being treated as a vassal of King Sui, and as an excuse 
    to stay away from the king who has been repeatedly approaching Sophie. 
    You'll be able to control Gustave from this point. Do whatever you want, talk 
    to the townspeople. After that go to the house in the middle of the town. 
    Enter, then talk to the blacksmith. Gustave want to learn to make a weapon 
    (sword correctly) out of steel, which is very strange in that era. After all, 
    the blacksmith takes Gustave as his apprentice. Gustave got the idea of 
    forging a steel sword since he cannot use spell/anima arts. This steel weapon 
    is a replacement of his 'ungifted' condition. He builds his strength in 
    another way than people do. 
    Gustave 15 Years Old 1235
    Older, Gustave moves to Jade. However, his bad attitude has not change. 
    Someday Gustave want to go to the cave of wind to test his skill and to test 
    the sword he has made. Although Flynn feels so scary with that place, as 
    usual, he keeps following Gustave. Worried about Gustave, Kelvin, the Count 
    of Jade's son, starts to look for Gustave. He too then, goes to the cave.
    Enter the second cave there to trigger a scene showing Gustave and Flynn. 
    Take Gustave to another screen then the scene will switch to Kelvin. Enter 
    the first cave there to encounter a battle. Gustave will join you in this 
    battle. Then Gustave asks for Kelvin help to save Flynn who had been captured 
    by a gang of bandits. 
    There's a light spear in the first cave, take it. There's a buckler shield in 
    the fourth cave. Exit and enter the second cave (you can enter from the third 
    cave too). From the second cave go up to the next screen. Take your way 
    around the huge-mushroom and go down to reach another screen. Take the lower 
    left path to a room where Kelvin is. You then will do a duel battle with one 
    of the bandit. Use your best move. After that, prepare for a team battle 
    against the boss, not too hard after all.   
    Reunion 1236
    Gustave goes to a party at the Count of Jade's mansion. There he meets 
    Leslie, his childhood friend.  
    Mother's sickbed 1239
    Gustave at the age of 19. His mother, Sophie is on her deathbed. Suddenly 
    Sophie condition is getting worse. But Gustave isn't there during that time. 
    In panic, Leslie, who has been nursed Queen Sophie during her illness, asks 
    Kelvin to look for Gustave somewhere out there.
    The scene then will switch to Gustave who is on the cave, training as usual. 
    Go all the way up to the next two screens. You'll meet Kelvin near the huge 
    mushroom. After a few scenes, go up then left to encounter a battle with a 
    Slime monster. Defeat him, and the scene will switch to Sophie's bed with 
    Gustave on her side. Sophie gives Gustave some final words before she passes 
    Conquest of Wide 1240 
    Gustave goes to seek an audience with the Count of Wide. After some scenes, 
    move your character to the bar. Talk to Leslie or Flynn in the second floor. 
    Then exit the bar. Enter the bar again and talk to Leslie again. She will 
    reports some information about Sir Mouton. Now go to the castle and talk to 
    the Count. There will be some scenes after that. Gustave then will be 
    sneaking to the castle that night. 
    Enter the door under the stairs. Go forward and enter Nebelstern's room. 
    Check the painting in the left corner of the room. A secret passage will then 
    opened. Go down from there. 
    Keep moving until you found a door (there are 120 and 80 cr near that door). 
    Enter the door and climb the staircase. Go left then down to another screen. 
    You'll find a lift-crank, rotate it to the right. A bridge will set below 
    Exit the room and go back to the first spot which you saw the door. Cross the 
    bridge to the left. Break the door on the upper right of the screen if you 
    want to get 1000 cr. But first you have to fight a Wide Ghost to open the 
    chest. Go to the left two screens to exit the place.
    Gustave and the Pirates 1242
    Mouton reporting about the condition of Wide to Gustave in his room. But 
    Gustave actually isn't listening to the reports. Mouton takes Gustave outside 
    the castle and orders the guard not to let Gustave inside until Gustave 
    feeling better.
    Talk to the townspeople, do whatever you want. After finished, go behind the 
    town. Talk to the grey hair man in front of the door twice. He will say 
    something about Silver Sails Fleet. After that talk to a soldier in the house 
    above the bar. The men that blocking the bar will now disappear. Now enter 
    the bar in the middle of town. There will be some scenes which Gustave kicks 
    some foreign sailor butts. After that exit the bar.
    Go talk to a soldier in front of the house. Gustave will ask him to tell his 
    leader that he wants to meet him. Now go behind the town and talk to the 
    pirate captain there. He is interested with Gustave's swordskill and offers 
    him to join. 
    After that go back to the house with soldier in front of it. Talk to him 
    again and you will be brought inside the house. Talk to their leader. Gustave 
    asks them to leave the town as soon as possible. The leader then will ask 
    Gustave a favor. He wants Gustave to take back an orb from the Silver Sails 
    Fleet (he claimed that Silver Sails Fleet, the pirates, has stole the orb 
    from him). He says that he cannot leave the town without this orb. Feeling 
    fun, Gustave agrees.
    Go back behind the town and talk to the pirate captain. You'll then join 
    them. Then the scene will switch to Gustave in the pirate ship. After a scene 
    go downstairs and check the treasure box there. Than go back and talk to the 
    pirate captain. Ask him the first choice. Talk to all crew. Then go to pirate 
    captain's room. Exit the room after that. If you want an alternate scene, 
    don't go to the captain's room. Just help the man near the treasure chest 
    (the orb is over there). After doing so a lone slime will appear and it's 
    your job to handle it (you can let Bart handle it if you want). 
    Talk to Bart after the battle. Now go to the pirate captain's room and talk 
    to him. Talk to him again and he will ask your opinion about the map (you can 
    give any answer). After that exit the room. Bart will go down to meet the 
    pirate captain (if you don't get this scene, try to talk to Bart outside). 
    After this scene go to the room below the captain's room. Talk to the crew 
    there and you'll here what the leader and Bart talk about (Bart talk about 
    you. He suspicious your identity as a royal member. But the captain says that 
    even if so, Gustave will understand their dreams). 
    Suddenly slimes attack the ship and all of you will be in the ship deck by 
    now, helping other crew. Soon Gustave feels that he has a chance to steal the 
    orb while they are busy enough fighting the slimes. Fight all the slimes in 
    your way to the deck under the captain's room. Climb the staircase to go to 
    orb room. Go right from there to enter the captain's room. 
    Examine the map, it's actually the password for breaking the orb shield. The 
    lines on the map is the route and the mark on it is the days that the journey 
    taken each route. Go back to the orb room, go to the compass there and enter 
    the password (the map says: first route: south 3 days, second route: 
    southeast 2 days, third route: east 1 day, fourth route: northeast 2 days). 
    After that Bart and the captain start to know that you try to steal the orb. 
    While you argue with them, slimes come and attack them. Gustave realizes that 
    actually the pirates aren't bad guys after all. Then Gustave helps them. 
    Prepare for battles. Then Gustave returns to Wide.
    Father's Sudden Death 1247
    Gustave XII, King Finney, has already passed away and Gustave XIV, Gustave 
    XIII half brother, is chosen to replace the throne. Lack of experience in 
    commanding troops battle, Gustave doesn't want to start a war at first. But 
    Cielmer, former Gustave's tutor, convinces general Nebelstern to be the one 
    of Gustave's generals. Then the problem has already solved, and war is just 
    going to begin.  
    Landing 1247
    Upon the death of Gustave XII, King Finney, Gustave XIV becomes the successor 
    to the throne. The Gustaves are half brothers. Gustave makes a claim as the 
    inheritor of Gustave XII's property or, in other words, the rights to the 
    Finney Kingdom, and gathers his troops.
    Battle of Buckethill 1248
    Succesfully landing at the Lordless Land, Gustave proceeds east and crosses 
    the Anath river. The King of Finney, Gustave XIV, gathers his vassal lords 
    and advances southward. Gustave's army blockades Zohl Peak and begins the 
    confrontation. The royal army forms a separate force under Cantal's command 
    to take advantage of their own superior numbers and moves to attack Gustave's 
    army from behind. 
    Noticing this movement, Gustave's army draws back and camouflages itself on 
    Zahl Peak. With fortune on their side, they regroup with the newly arrived 
    reinforcements under the Count of Jade's command. They initiate an attack on 
    Cantal's separate force. 
    Cantal avoids battle and withdraws. He stands by and observes the rest of the 
    battle. The royal army finally notices that Gustave's army has retreated from 
    Zohl Peak and begins to move in for an attack. Gustave's army also moves to 
    intercept. The two armies collide at Buckethill, near the Ruins of Hahn. 
    Gustave's day of destiny is about to begin. (Pheww actually I only write down 
    the text above from the game..spoiler.. there will be many more like this 
    later hehe ^_^)
    This is the first strategy battle for you. This battle is a little bit 
    confusing for me at the first time. But actually is not too frustating (maybe 
    I was too dull). In this battle you will control your troops in the map. 
    There are three kinds of them, infantry, steel army (Gustave's army only, I 
    think), and archer (support other troops within range with 30 damage to all). 
    The concept is like this: you move your troops somewhere (depends on your 
    moves stats), and if you move your troops to the enemy troops then it will 
    results in a battle (similar to team battle but not the same). Each battle is 
    only done in one turn. After all player and enemy turn, the troops which less 
    then 4 character soldier will be added one soldier from the reserves. The 
    beaten troops will be drawback few steps on the map. You can end your turn by 
    pressing circle button and choose end turn. 
    When you end your turn the enemy will begin their turn. If one troop attacked 
    more than one in one player/enemy turn, their HP will reduce to 7/8 (second, 
    third) or 3/4 (fourth) from the start (called successive battle). All the 
    characters HP will be full after each turn (except the successive battle 
    condition). The victory and the defeat condition can be known by pressing 
    circle. Note: you can access the help menu by pressing circle too. All the 
    rules about this battle mode are written there. Quite simple, isn't it. 
    Your victory condition here is to defeat Gustave XIV troops. Just clear any 
    other troops that blocking your way to him. Send your best troops on him and 
    crash him (Nebelstern troops is a good choice).
    Gustave's Reunion 1248
    Gustave finally returns to Thermes for the first time in 20 years. Gustave is 
    in his throne room when Marie, wife of Marquis Cantal of Otto, come to seek 
    an audience. She asks for an alliance between them. Gustave agrees. 
    The other day Marie is in converse with Gustave when suddenly Phillipe comes 
    and try to kill Gustave. Gustave then shows their mother spirit and Phillipe 
    is calmed down. Then both Phillipe (he says that hard for him to forgive his 
    brother) and Marie go back to their domain.  
    Construction of Hahn Nova 1249
    Well, what is this? You have to build your own city. Just put some districts 
    into any location. You will be given 3 districts to locate to. Those are 
    Blacksmith district, Shopping district and entertainment district. Note: if 
    you build your city with an entertainment district, Gustave will says 
    something different. If you build your city with three entertainment 
    districts, then it will become a metropolis city. (see the Side Events 
    section for more info and for best results)  
    The Firebrand Tragedy 1250-1255
    Since Gustave has moved to the currently under construction Hahn Nova, 
    Thermes castle is left in the hands of Philippe. Yet, since Philippe has not 
    undergone the Firebrand ceremony, he is a king, but not a real king.
    Philippe is ready to undergo the ceremony. Meanwhile there's a rumor spread 
    among the townspeople that Philippe will fail the ceremony. Rumor say that 
    only men in a young age, while their anima is still weak, can do the 
    ceremony. An already grown man like Philippe will only let his anima being 
    absorbed by the Firebrand. 
    The rumor is true and Philippe failed the ceremony. Gustave then calms him 
    down and say that Philippe just only have to wait 5 more years until
    his son, Philippe II, grown to the age of 7 and can take the ceremony.
    Five years have passed and in 1255 Philippe II is ready to take the ceremony. 
    Philippe II passes the ceremony and will be the next King to the Finney 
    Kingdom. However suddenly a soldier runs through Philippe II and stabs him. 
    Philippe takes the Firebrand and burns down the assassin but he is getting 
    burned as well. Philippe then transforms to a red dragon. Then Philippe II is 
    taken to the sky by the dragon and Gustave can do nothing about that.    
    Anima Faith Fiasco 1256
    See Wil scenario.
    Johan the assassin 1260
    It is a story about Johan as an assassin. The scorpion, the symbol of the 
    organization, is branded upon him. The scorpion's poison, the organization's 
    power is given to him as his power. However, the poison will kill him is he 
    ever betray the organization.
    You will be controlling Johan. Just go forward to trigger a scene about his 
    baptism ceremony. Go to the upper right screen after the scene. There will be 
    another scene about Johan's final test.
    There will be some more scenes and you will have to control him a little here 
    and there (you can take Johan's sword, Blast sword, if you want. But it's not 
    really a good sword after all). Johan then will meet Gustave. He doesn't know 
    why, but he feels comfortable to hear Gustave's order.
    The General's Memory 1264
    This scenario is a flashback one. You will be controlling Nebelstern in the 
    age of 23 at Gruegel. Exit the town, then go to Vogelang through the desert. 
    Go to the shop in the corner left to meet Cielmer. Cielmer will offers a help 
    to accompany you in your way back to Gruegel. Answer the first choice, and 
    then go to the bar. You will see Narcisse there. After some conversations, 
    take your men back to Gruegel through the desert.
    The Southern Fort 1269
    Gustave, Flynn and Ven are at the Southern Fort, waiting for Dirk's 
    reinforcement troop arrival. Gustave thinks that it's too dangerous to move 
    at night. That's why he orders his men to wait until daybreak. However, dawn 
    never comes. That night, the fort is attacked by countless monsters. Gustave 
    then orders Flynn and Ven to leave the fort immediately while he tries to 
    hold back the monsters. But Johan then comes out and replacing Gustave to 
    fight the monsters. Gustave agrees.
    You'll be controlling Johan again. Prepare for some duel battles with 
    monsters. After each battle, the scorpion poison will take effect and reduce 
    your LP point by one. After your LP point reach 0, Johan will die.    
    Dirk's troops will arrive in the morning, but it's already too late. Gustave 
    and Johan have disappeared (sob..sob..Why? Why Gustave..sob), leaving only a 
    sword in the ground (Gustave's steel sword).
    Gustave's Successor 1269
    The news of Gustave's death spreads quickly throughout the continent, and 
    many lords and their armies begin to gather at Hahn Nova. But there are those 
    who do not appear. The most notable of them all is Marquis Cantal of Otto, 
    Marie's husband.
    After Kelvin asked why he refused to join, Cantal gathers the troops to 
    invade neighboring country, showing his power. This is the reason why the 
    neighboring lords leave Hahn Nova and choose to defend their own country from 
    Cantal's attack. Kelvin then asks all the remaining lords in Hahn Nova to 
    join him fighting Cantal.
    But, even after 20 days, the army still has not made its move against Cantal. 
    More than half of Merchmin's lords joined under Cantal. Those irritated by 
    the inconclusive meetings and their spectators begin to distance themselves 
    from Hahn Nova.
    Hahn Nova in Flames 1271
    With the arrival of the news about Cantal movement to the south, invading 
    Hahn Nova, the lords begin to evacuate Hahn Nova. Kelvin's men, too, suggest 
    Kelvin to return to Jade since their army are the last that left. It will be 
    impossible for them to defend Cantal after all.
    In the other time, Cantal's army is ready to move when suddenly burglars and 
    monsters beginning to attack Hahn Nova. Knowing this, Cantal cancels his 
    invasion to Hahn Nova. 
    Kelvin is really sad knowing the condition of Hahn Nova. Knowing his father 
    sadness, Philippe (Philippe III) gathers a small troop to return to Hahn 
    Nova. The troops are in danger when suddenly a red dragon comes and blasts 
    the monsters. Philippe's troops are saved.
    Death of Cantal 1288
    At long last, the Anima of Kelvin's worthy rival departs on its journey. 
    Cantal, the Marquis of Otto, struggles for supremacy against Kelvin, and 
    finally conquers the Merchmin Region. However, in 1288, nineteen years after 
    Gustave's death, Cantal dies in the age of 59. His kingdom is divided among 
    so many of his offspring that it loses any influences it once had. Kelvin 
    takes the opportunity to advance into the lordless land. He gathers the lords 
    at Hahn Nova and successfully forms a pact to finally establish supremacy. 
    Kelvin finally obtains glory at the age of 67.
    In the other place, Nicolette Drangueforde, a daughter of Cantal, is trying 
    to incite Duke Edmund of Laubholz to fight against Jade. Nicolette, too, 
    incites the King Sho of Na to invade Jade. Nicolette is doing this because 
    she holds a grudge against Charles, the Count of Jade's (Kelvin) son.       
    Kelvin's Last Battle 1292
    After a scene about Duke Edmund invasion, you will face a strategy battle. 
    Victory condition: defeat the duke of Laubholz/defeat more than half of the 
    enemy army. Defeat condition: Kelvin is defeated. This is just an easy 
    battle, you don't need to worry.
    Two years after this battle, Kelvin died in the age of 71. His life has been 
    one long, gruelling battle.   
    Fake Gustave Arrives 1300
    There's a battle scene between a group of bandits against a group of 
    soldiers. After a few step the soldiers win the battle. The bandit leader, 
    however, is able to escape, wounded, before finally fall down somewhere on 
    the ground. Suddenly a grey hair man comes to the fallen bandit. This bandit 
    claims his self as a grandson of the famous Gustave. The man, however, 
    doesn't believe him.
    Later, in the bar, there's a conversation among the townspeople, saying that 
    the bandit is just a suck impostor. Hearing this, the grey hair man--which in 
    the bar too--says that he is 'Gustave' and change his hair to the blonde 
    color. The townspeople are very impressed. Then after a few chats, this 
    'Gustave' leave the bar.  
    Edelritter 1301
    A group of youngsters consist of Sargon, Watts, and Greta heard the news 
    about an unstoppable pack of monsters in the quarry. The monster population 
    is getting bigger everyday, and it means danger for the townspeople safety. 
    For the sake of the village, Sargon's group heads for the quarry to 
    exterminate the monsters that infest the village. 
    You will now controlling Sargon's party. This quarry is the place where you 
    defeated Alexei--you still remember the layout of this place, don't you. Take 
    your move to the place near the first cave. There will be a scene about the 
    fake Gustave there. He will offer a help to eliminate the monsters. But your 
    group seem don't believe him and ask Sargon to refuse his help. Sargon 
    Now go enter the first cave. Go all the way up until you find a rope. Climb 
    down the rope and go right from there. You will now face tons of slimes. 
    Fight them and enter the next room to the right. There are three panels 
    there. Look at the diagram below:
                              2    +    0    *     4
                                     3     5
    The concept is like this: The middle panel (0) is used to rotate your symbol. 
    The left panel (+) is used to reverse the condition of point 1, 2, and 3. The 
    right panel (*) is used to reverse the condition of point 2 and 4. 
    For example: if there's a symbol in point 1. Point 2 and 3 are blank. After 
    you press the left panel (+), the condition will reverse: point 1 is now 
    blank, symbols appear in point 2 and 3. Example: symbols appear in point 1, 
    2, and 3. Pressing the middle panel (0) will results on condition: the 
    symbols rotate to point 2, 3, and 5. Example: symbols appear in point 1 and 
    4. After you press the right panel (*), the condition will reverse: symbol 
    remains in point 1 (remember, the right panel has nothing to do with point 
    1), point 4 become blank, new symbol appear in point 2.       
    Well, as far as I know, the concept is like what I've said in the text above, 
    don't get mad at me if it isn't work. Anyway your point is to make all the 
    symbols in the floor appear at the same time. So, just try the combinations.
    A door will open in the left room. Go back a screen and enter the door. Go to 
    the center. Suddenly your companions will transform into slimes, only Sargon 
    survived. When Sargon wakes up, the fake Gustave is already there. He will 
    say that Sargon was able to survive because of his strength. And after that 
    Sargon will become fake Gustave's loyal and powerful vassals.     
    Peace Conference 1305
    After King Sho of Na's death, the lords gather to begin peace talks. Most of 
    the lords don't like the Count of Jade's act. As always, the conference is 
    result on nothing.
    Meanwhile, Hahn Nova's elder committee has refused to deliver its quota of 
    supplies. They, too, intend to stop Charles' act with brute force. Among of 
    the committee's troops, there is who claims his self as Gustave.
    Battle of Hahn Nova 1305
    The fake Gustave has had many powerful men to support his rebellion. 
    Underestimates his power, Charles, the current Count of Jade, plans to subdue 
    him in battle in order to take over Hahn Nova.
    This is not a hard battle. Just use your steel army to crush Charles. Avoid a 
    successive battle. Victory condition: defeat Charles, defeat condition: 
    Gustave is defeated.
    In the peace conference David, Charles' son, receives the news about his 
    father death. David, as the new Count of Jade, asks all lords to unite the 
    troops in order to eliminate the impostor, fake Gustave, before his rebellion 
    power getting stronger.    
    Battle of South Moundtop 1305
    Troops begin to gather under Gustave after his victory against Charles. 
    Meanwhile, the various lords sign a provisional treaty and form an allied 
    army, with the new Count of Jade, David, as the central figure. They approach 
    Hahn nova from the North, South, and West.
    Gustave's army controls the western army, the primary force, while the troops 
    under Bolse's command intercept the relatively weaker northern army. Bolse's 
    army skillfully destroys the southern army. Gustave's strategy goes as 
    planned up to this point. However Bolse's army risks pursuit, despite orders. 
    Their return to Hahn Nova is delayed.
    Upon Bolse's return, Gustave makes a plan to use his entire army to strike at 
    the center of the alliance, the western army under the command of David. But 
    Bolse's army doesn't return from the pursuit, and the southern army draws 
    close to Hahn Nova first. At this point, Gustave decides to commit his 
    current forces. In summer 1305, the most renowned historical event, the 
    Battle of South Moundtop, begins. Victory conditions: defeat Gustave/survive 
    until the Duke of Laubholz's army arrives. Defeat conditions: David is 
    defeated/headquarters is infiltrated. 
    This is a very very very hard battle! Defeating Gustave without using a PAR 
    code is nearly impossible, that's why the second victory condition is your 
    best option.
    I really don't know how to guide you to win this battle. But, you can try my 
    strategy if you want. For the very first, place three infantry units to block 
    their move from the left, and place the rest in the right. Remember to 
    support them by archer, so that they can give an early 30 damage to all. 
    Gustave and his steel army units will not move for the first few turns. With 
    a little luck, your left side troops should wipe their left troops (including 
    Sargon's troops) out. And of course, you must hope your right side troops can 
    defeat their right side troops too. 
    This will buy some times (about 4 or 5 turns), and hopes that you can quickly 
    gather your troops to block Gustave's steel armies. After that, what you 
    should do is just defend (don't fight them if it isn't necessary)! You will 
    be forced all the way so that each turn you have to move one step back. In my 
    condition, Gustave's armies are only need one more step to beat me, but 
    that's happened right in the end of turn eight.    
    Well, this is the last Gustave's scenario. There are some scenes after you 
    beat the battle. See the scene for yourself this time (I'm already tired in 
    B. Wil Scenario
    Wil's Departure 1235
    This is the first time for Wil starting a journey as a quell-seeker. After 
    saying goodbye to his uncle and aunty he went to Westia, a town where the 
    quell-seeker gather. After this you'll be able to control him.
    Do whatever you want at the town, after that go to the bar. Talk to Narcisse 
    to trigger an event about Cordelia suddenly enters the bar and blabbering 
    about something. Ask her to join. After that talk to Narcisse and ask him to 
    join you too. You can prepare yourself if you want, buying weapon or 
    something. After finished, exit the town.
    Go to the Ruins of Hahn. At the very first you'll meet an intersection. Don't 
    bother going to the right as it will result to a dead end. Just go up or left 
    (there are some items outside such as bone breastplate--in the upper screen--
    , and a steel amulet--somewhere near the underground entrance). Go to the 
    very left screen and enter the only building (actually an underground 
    passage) there. 
    There you'll meet Tyler (Wil thinks that he is a bandit). Ask him to join 
    your group. Get all your way to find a stairs that lead to the upper room. 
    There will be another stairs that lead your way to the southern exit. But 
    before that try to collect all items you found in this place, some of them 
    are very useful (100 cr, amber maleatte, kris knife--infinite, dragon pocket, 
    After finding the southern exit, go back to Westia. Enter the bar there. 
    Note: there's a room where Wil can't enter by now. You will be able to enter 
    it in the Anima Faith Fiasco scenario.
    Oh yeah, in Wil scenario you'll often find an ark stone (recovery item). Keep 
    these items, cause it can fully heal all your party members. This item is 
    pretty useful if you want to train your characters in a place where you can't 
    find an inn. And you'll need these items in the final dungeon, trust me.
    Desert Megalith 1236
    Wil will start a new journey looking after Alexei Sergein, a man that know 
    about his parent death. After going home, Wil then return to Westia with his 
    aunt, Nina. There, once again, Wil asks for the help from Narcisse and 
    friends to accompany him. Ask Narcisse, Cordelia, and Tyler to join you 
    again, then exit the town. Go to Gruegel then exit. From there go to the 
    Continent Interior. 
    Go all the way left to the next screen, left again, then up to another 
    screen. Go to the lower left then down to find a water pool (it can heal you, 
    but sometimes..! see for yourself). From there go up, back another screen. 
    Take your way to the upper right screen. From there take the middle path 
    which lead you to the upper left screen. Go down to another screen then exit 
    trough the upper left. You'll reach another water pool there. Go left from 
    there to enter Vogelang city.
    Go to the bar at the middle of the town and talk to the bartender from 
    behind. Ask about Henry Knights. Knowing you as Henry's son, the bartender 
    will give you a letter that Henry left.
    Exit the town to automatically go to the desert megalith. There are a few 
    scenes there and the scenario will be finished.
    Infiltrate! Alexei Gang 1238
    There will be a scene in Thermes bar. Choose one of your party members (well, 
    this info was given by Yulius Leonard <leonard.yulius@mailcity.com>. If you 
    choose Cordelia, later, in the end of this scenario, she will die. Guess 
    what, she won't become Wil's wife. Wil's wife will be Labelle <you will know 
    her later>. But, strangely, Wil's son will still Richard?? Different woman, 
    same child. How this can be??). After that exit the town and go to Westia 
    city. Enter the bar there. Talk to the men in the bar.
    The scene will then switch to your choosen member. You can first go to seek 
    for a room with three green panels. Reach them to turn off the city lamp. By 
    doing so you'll be able to see some items in the town. Items which I found: 
    sacred spear (near the first spot you stand up in the beginning of this 
    mission), fire charm (in the upper screen of Kisk's house--read section 
    below), rock axe (in the upper room of the old lady's room--which told you to 
    look after Kyle. Read section below), blue water (behind the bar). You can 
    skip this item founding section if you wish. Turn back on the city lamp.
    Talk to the people at the bar, the bartender will suggests you to go to Old 
    Kisk's house. Go to the house, a woman will tell you that Kisk has already 
    passed away. Now go seek for Alexei, talk to him, choose any choice. After 
    that go to the upper right to an Old Lady's room. She'll ask you to look 
    after a boy named Kyle. Choose the first answer then go back and talk to 
    Alexei again, choose any choice. 
    Go to the side of the bar, talk to the hiding boy there (appear only if the 
    light turn on). Then go back to the place where you meet Alexei. From there, 
    go to the next right screen and enter the building there. Examine the hole 
    inside the building for a scene. 
    Now go behind the bar. From there continue to go down to reach a dead end. 
    Look for a door near the stairs to proceed to the roof (if you ever talk to a 
    dog after a scene inside the most right building, then the dog will stand 
    near this door). Talk to the boy up there and agree to go down to the tunnel. 
    Save Kyle. Then exit through left.
    Showdown! Alexei 1239
    Go to the lower bridge, then go up to the next screen (you can broke the 
    bridge <don't broke both bridges> by releasing it rope, I don't know what 
    for, but I think if you broke the bridge, you'll be able to get items under 
    it somehow). Go to the middle right by crossing a mini bridge. Go down in the 
    next screen, continue to go down (there's 500 cr--or silver staff??--there if 
    you broke the lower bridge --I think). 
    Go down next two staircases, enter the cave for a stone shield, then go up 
    another staircase. Climb up the rope above the staircase and take the next 
    rope to the right. Go up to the cave on the top of the hill. Enter it to face 
    Alexei--results on a battle that you can't win (don't forget to bring your 
    aunt Nina while fighting Alexei's servants, I don't know what will happen if 
    you don't bring her in your party). 
    After some scene, you'll fight Alexei. Just unleash your best move direct on 
    him, soon he will fall. There will be a few scenes after that. Oh yeah some 
    of the enemy here is very tough, be careful to 'em.
    At Mines 1244
    Wil get his first job as a miner in Svendorf Mines. Before he starts the job, 
    he sensed some kind of unusual Anima there. He has got a bad feeling about 
    that. The miners there don't believe him, they laugh and ignore him.
    Exit the Mine. There will be a scene in Westia bar, a news report about 
    monster attacking the Mine. Wil's instinct was right. Exit the town and go 
    back to the Mine. Save all the miners there and go back to the place where 
    you were talk with the miners in the first time (I don't know what will 
    happen if you don't save all the miners there). Move your step as quickly as 
    possible to the staircase in that room--where the three gremlins are waiting 
    (there will be unstoppable gremlin came out from the place--generator-- above 
    the staircase), if you done it right, when you caught in a battle your 
    character will say about some ideas. 
    What you have to do now is to defeat one of any gremlin in able to make a way 
    for one of your character to sneak into the enemy generator. There will be a 
    new window popup in your battle command to do this task. It called 'close 
    in'. Just defeat one of them and choose 'close in' in one of your character 
    menu. The character which shutdown the generator will face a duel combat with 
    the gremlin. Exit the mines. Note: you might want to take three kind of ore 
    here, it will be useful later. There's a treasure box that you can't take 
    right now (you're able to take it when you enter the Mine for the second time 
    later in Wil scenario). 
    Beyond Grand Valley 1246
    Wil heads south to Weissland. He approaches the stone bridge of Grand Valley. 
    Grand Valley. A giant valley that splits the Eastern Continent into north and 
    south. During the era of the ancient empire, a stone bridge spanned the 
    valley. The bridge could not withstand the flow of time, and has now mostly 
    collapsed. Yet it still stands as the sole road connecting the north and the 
    south. To get to cross to the south, Wil now attempts to cross the bridge.
    There's a scene in Westia bar. Wil now feel confident enough to face a 'real' 
    journey. Narcisse suggests him to go to Weissland, the land that's supposedly 
    the birthplace of the spell arts. 
    Exit Westia, go to the Grand Valley. Cross the bridge to the left, then go 
    down. You cannot pass to the southern continent via the normal gate since its 
    fee ridiculously expensive. Find a girl named Labelle in the middle right. 
    She says that she knows a different route, and asks you to join her since the 
    route is a little bit dangerous. They are planning to go through the valley 
    below instead of crossing the bridge. As you go down, Narcisse feels worried 
    about you and offering for help for at least the last time.
    There will be a deep mist in the valley that will make you impossible to find 
    the way out. First you need to find a thing to clear the mist. Go all the way 
    down from the first spot. After Narcisse's scene, go to the next screen. Go 
    to the left until you come to the place where you can see the bridge or 
    something from there. Go left to the next screen from there. 
    In the next screen, go to the lower left corner of the screen. Enter the next 
    screen below you. Go to the lower left screen. Go up from there. In the next 
    screen, go to the upper right corner of the screen. Go up the next few 
    screens until you came in a huge place and your character will say something. 
    Find a shiny yellow thing (something like a staff or spear), and pull it. 
    You'll encounter a pretty tough boss, Volcanoid. 
    The death of Volcanoid will reduce the mist a little bit (you'll also get an 
    ice lance after defeating it), so that your character can see the way clearly 
    and now you can continue your way on. Go back down from the boss screen. 
    Proceed to the left on the next screen, and there will be a short scene. Just 
    go to the left from that point (is this the same way as before??). Keep 
    continuing left for the next two screens and you'll make your way out.
    There is a blue chip behind the wall before you entering Laubohlz. In 
    Laubohlz, Narcisse will quit your party, saying that he's already too old for 
    Tycoon Wil 1247
    You will start from Laubohlz. Enter the bar there to recruit Patrick (he's 
    pretty strong ya' know). Exit the town, then go north to Weissland. Enter the 
    shop and the bar there for some scene. In the bar you will meet with 
    Labelle's brother (his name is William too). He will ask your party to look 
    for an Ice Megalith in the south.
    After that exit the town and move your tiny looking character to the left. 
    Keep going down, then left to the next screen. Up is a dead-end, so just 
    continue to the left until you reach a tent. Reach the tent and William will 
    say something. Go through the gate uphead after the scene. There will be an 
    awesome scene. After the bridge formed, go forward. After that you will see 
    an intersection. Take the left side, find a pit spider somewhere there, also 
    there's a glacier shield down in the next screen. If you don't want to take 
    those items just go to the right side in the first intersection and keep 
    moving forward.
    Keep moving. There is a green glass somewhere. Go to the left then down to 
    get 1000 cr and a berserker axe. Go up then right then proceed down from that 
    point until you reached something like a gate (there's a silence bow and 1000 
    cr under the gate).
    Enter the gate. Take the left side and then enter the right side. In the next 
    screen, take the very east circle. Enter the most east circle again, then 
    enter the big circle. You will be transferred to another room. Take the door 
    on the right, then go down two times, go up and enter the floating symbol 
    there. You'll get an ice lance. Exit the room.
    Go to the middle room to proceed to the Megalith. Your party will collapse. 
    Suddenly Wil wake up and your party will converse about something. Talk to 
    all your party members and then enter the Megalith room again. There is 
    another scene. After that, once again, enter the Megalith room. Then William, 
    Labelle's brother will transform into a Megalith Beast.
    Fight the Megalith beast until a retreat command is appear (kinda like a 
    final fantasy battle with X-ATM092). Retreat. Then fight him again. You'll 
    fight him three times. The last time is on the bridge near the tent. After 
    the last retreat, the bridge will collapsed and the Megalith Beast will 
    collapsed as well. 
    At Mines (Mines Collapsed) 1251
    Wil accepts a job prospecting for ore in the Svendorf Mine. It's the second 
    time he has to enter the Mine.
    There's really nothing important here. After some scene there will be an 
    earthquake and the Mine will start to collapse. Wil says that he has only ten 
    minutes before the ceiling fall down and blocked the way out (actually 
    there's only less than ten minutes before the Mine collapsed. It depends on 
    how many items you take and how many often you change screen). 
    Find all the way out of here as fast as possible. If you have time you might 
    want to take some items there. The items are gem band (on the box below the 
    waterfall which you couldn't take before), blue chip (I don't take this one, 
    it's only waste my time), hot stone, and silver staff. You can save some 
    miners too. As far as I know there are 3 miners there. If you're able to save 
    them all you'll get rewards from them (1000cr, 1000cr, and a sandwurm staff).          
    Anima Faith Fiasco 1256
    Wil goes off to the Ruins of Hahn upon hearing rumors of the Anima Faith and 
    the Egg.
    Go to bar, talk to Tyler. Tyler says that there are lots of rumors flying 
    around there. Such as Lord Philippe assassins were of the Faith, or, that 
    Gustave is going to annihilate the Anima Faith in the near future. But Wil 
    says that the rumor that caught his attention was that the Anima Followers 
    had got hold of the Egg. He wants to check it.
    You'll get a new member, Raymond. Exit the town and go to the Ruins of Hahn. 
    I'm sure you know this place pretty much by now. Enter from the south 
    entrance. Head down and go to the place where you couldn't enter before. Go 
    right to the next screen from there (there's 500 cr below the stairs. A man 
    blocking your way to a door in the upstairs--remember this spot). Then go all 
    the way up to the next screen from there. Note: talk to all Faith followers 
    if you want to, there are items (moneys) behind some of them--pick these 
    items after Gustave scene. 
    Go up then right to the next screen (there will be a man and a woman blocking 
    an item). Go back then go down and enter the door below. There's an item 
    blocked by a man and a woman on the left. Just ignore them by now, go up to 
    the next screen. A door in the upper left corner is a dead end. Just go right 
    to the next screen. Go right again to find the High Priest, Wil will says 
    In the same time, a brigade of Gustave's army arrived, ready to annihilate 
    the Anima Faith followers (he claimed the Anima followers as the men that 
    must responsible for the Philippe death). The followers will be panic--this 
    letting you to pick the item that was blocked before (1713 cr, 1858 cr, 1429 
    cr). Go through the door that was blocked by a man before. Move forward and 
    you'll face some monsters (fish??). Prepare for an easy battle. (note: items 
    found in this area: ark stone, 500 cr, alligator shoes, 1713 cr, 1858 cr, 
    1429 cr).
    Wil vs Egg 1257
    Wil heard a rumor about the Egg, saying that it is in the pirate's hand by 
    now. In order to get the Egg, Wil spread a rumor to some informers about a 
    highly value Quell being discovered in certain towns. Since he, as a famous 
    digger Tycoon Wil, was the one that spread it, the informer believed his 
    words. Wil has already known that the informer works for the pirates. This 
    should draw the pirates to the town. He will then use this chance to sneak to 
    the pirate's ship and find the Egg.
    Worrying about the townspeople safety, Narcisse doesn't agree with Wil's 
    plan. They were almost in fight when Tyler then says that he will gives a 
    hand to defend the townspeople safety.
    After that scene you will now controlling Tyler. Exit the bar and go to the 
    City of Night. Note: there's a man that will exchange three kinds of orbs or 
    a mushroom tear with a cat's eye (I spend lots of time seeking a mushroom 
    tear in Hahn Nova, hoping it would be traded a great item by the man. But 
    <sigh> the result is a cat's eye too??!!). Go to the room where there are 
    panels to switch the city lamp. Talk to Gustave there. Gustave will say that 
    Wil has already told him about the pirates. Hearing this, Tyler wondering why 
    Wil didn't explain it to Narcisse.
    Now Gustave will accompany you. Since Gustave is in your party, you don't 
    need to worry about the enemies here. Defeat all the enemies here, including 
    the pirates (you can turn off the city lamp to take some items again. 
    Unfortunetly the items are the same as before). After defeating all the 
    enemies go to the place where you used to meet Alexei (Infilterate!Alexei 
    Gang scenario). Talk to the pirate and you will face a battle against Wyvern.
    The scene then will switch into Wil. Go to the orb room and talk to a lady. 
    You will fight her. Go to the right from there, to the pirate's captain room. 
    Fight the slime there. After that go to the room below the orb room, upper 
    than your first spot. Fight the monsters there and check the thing like item 
    there. This item is actually a cork for the ship's hole. Then go to the deck 
    and fight the man there, use your best arts. The ship will begin to sink 
    after that.   
    Into the Forest 1275
    Using an old document, Eleanor, Patrick, Raymond, and Rich--Wil's son head 
    for an ancient city, deep in the forest.
    Look at the forest map (you can look at your map by entering the item screen 
    and use it). Your destination is to find a tower to the north. But it's not 
    as simple as its look. The layout isn't look like in the map. Sometimes when 
    you change screen and go back one step to the previous screen, it's not the 
    same screen as before!
    I'm not sure about the way, but try my method if you want. Explore all the 
    way there (don't miss anything). After you've explored each inch of the 
    dungeon layout, move your step to the room with a circle in the middle of it 
    (this isn't the room where you start your journey from). You'll face a giant 
    monster, Wood Guard. Defeat him. (note: item found near this area: ark stone, 
    star dust).
    After that (again, not really sure ..^_^'), explore the dungeon once more, 
    then go back to the circle room. From there go up to the next screen. If it 
    works, the screen above is a different screen as before (maybe I'm just lucky 
    to find it). Go down from there and enter the tower. Take a blast sword in 
    the upper left. Keep moving, pick the treasure along the way (there are 
    anthurium and a wysteria bow outside). You'll soon face another monster, Tree 
    Folk. Go all the way up to finish the scenario.
    To the Monster Nest 1276
    Go to the left, then climb the stair to the next screen. Go down to the next 
    screen to pick a lake robe. Go back, and enter the cave to the right. Next, 
    go down and exit the cave. There's a blue chip below. Go up from there. There 
    are two treasure boxes (a coral ring and a red ore) surrounded by four 
    gremlins--remember this spot. Go right from there.
    Pick all items in this screen (1000 cr, wind shell, 1000 cr, and a ranger 
    bow), then go to the lower right screen (the upper right screen leads to a 
    scale visor). Go down two next screens to enter the Mine.
    Explore the Mine (actually, there's nothing you can do here). Exit the Mine 
    then. Eleanor will say something. Go back to the place where four gremlins 
    surrounded two treasure boxes. Defeat the Gargoyle to finish the scenario.
    Life Tree Island 1277
    One day, Narcisse asks Rich, Wil's son, to go to a certain island and bring 
    back the seeds of a tree that grows there. Wil must do this job alone. He is 
    told not to tell the task to anybody else. Sounds like an easy job, Wil asks 
    Narcisse why doesn't he do it on his own. Narcisse says that he has already 
    too old for this kind of journey.
    Borrow the boat in the town then go to the Fairy Island. Enter the cave above 
    you (there's an ark stone near your first spot). Inside, go through the upper 
    left of the screen. In the next screen, climb the rope on the ship, then move 
    to the lower left screen. Go up from there. You can take an ark stone in the 
    lower left and in the middle right. Ignore them, just go to the upper left 
    screen. Go up another screen to find the tree. Pick all the seeds there.
    Go back to the ship in the middle of the cave. Climb down the robe. There 
    will be a scene, the ship will move and as usual, a boss (Mother Grendel) 
    will appear. His attack, big hammer, sometimes can be very annoying. Maybe 
    you'll need to recover your HP often. But the good thing is she doesn't have 
    a large amount of HP.
    After defeating the boss, exit the cave and go back to your boat. Go back to 
    Westia. Report your mission to Narcisse. After that, exit the house, Rich 
    will sense a creepy feeling. A child carrying an Egg walks in front of him. 
    Rich feels scary about this thing and returns home to discuss it with his 
    father. After the scene, go back to Narcisse's house and talk to him.   
    To the Fossil Caves 1280
    A cave with a never before seen fossil of giant creature is discovered in the 
    north continent. As a professional digger, Rich goes to explore the cave.
    You'll controlling Rich at North Gate, the gateway to northern continent. Go 
    to cave in the middle right of the town. Don't do anything, exit the cave and 
    go to the bar. This will trigger a scene about you and your old companion, 
    Eleanor and Raymond (they won't appear if you don't enter the cave first). 
    Ask 'em to join. There's a girl (Diana) in the bar too. Ask her to join.
    Now enter the cave. Go to the upper right screen from there (skeleton in the 
    lower right room is actually a bone glove). In the next screen there's an 
    item (scale visor, I think) down in the middle of the room. The upper right 
    screen will lead to a dead end, don't waste your time going there. 
    Go to the most right corner to the next screen. You will see a skeleton (a 
    real skeleton this time). Proceed through the room above. Take the fossil 
    dagger in the upper left screen. Take a lava shield near there. Keep moving 
    to the right. Get a skeleton and a lava shield (again??) along the way. 
    After a few walk you will face a boss, Fossil Beast. After defeating him, go 
    right to the next screen, the bridge will collapse. This will make a hole in 
    the room below. Just go down and enter the room. Reach the shiny green thing 
    To Cast a Rainbow 1285
    To fulfill his girl's (Julie? How about Diana?) dream, Rich is planning to 
    refresh the water tower. Go to the town to seek for information. Go to the 
    bar there, talk to Eleanor. She, together with Sargon, will join you to 
    refresh the tower.
    Go back to the water tower. The right underground passage will lead you to 
    some items (a coral ring and a coral spear). Other than those items, there's 
    nothing you can do here.
    Go to the left underground passage. There's a bone-breastplate below. Go to 
    the most left screen and go to the next room. Go left again. To the up is an 
    empty room with an ark stone. Just go down to the right screen. Examine the 
    water generator there. Rich will notice that it's still works, only needs 
    some replacement on its part.
    Go down from there. Then go to the lower left screen to find the second 
    generator. Examine the generator and you will find the replacement item 
    there. Now go back to the first generator to replace the broken part. You can 
    take a rock heart in the room below the first generator room (enter through 
    the lower right corner of the screen).
    From the first generator room, go up to the next room. Take a spring orb 
    along the way. Down in the lower right screen is a flame rod. Just go up to 
    the next room. Go down from there. The third generator is here. Just ignore 
    it, go right to the next screen. There's a blue water in this room--remember 
    this spot. Go down to the lower left screen. Examine the fourth generator 
    there (there's a crystal wing behind).
    Now go back to the third generator. Examine the generator. Go right to the 
    next room from there. Go to the most right screen (the spot where you take a 
    blue water from). Examine the dead end road, and you can go up to the next 
    Examine all generators in your way to the top of the tower. Take a gem band 
    along the way. Then the last, examine the most top generator.
    Return of the Egg 1290
    Diana goes to North Gate to tell Rich about their unborn baby. Before Rich 
    says anything, a girl with the Egg walks near them to the bar. Diana gets 
    angry and run to the dock. 
    Go to the bar. Enter the room below and talk to the girl. Rich will warn the 
    girl not to do anything stupid or she will regret. But the Egg-girl doesn't 
    afraid to Rich.
    After that go to the dock and talk to Diana. Rich explain to her about the 
    situation. He tells her to leave the town immediately and go to his father 
    home in Wide. Diana feels worry about Rich, but Rich promises that he will 
    come home in the day their baby born.      
    Misty's Plot 1290
    A mysterious epidemic befalls the townspeople of North Gate, putting them all 
    into a strange coma disease. Rich, knowing that the epidemic caused by the 
    Egg, goes to find the Egg-girl (Misty).
    Go to the bar and talk to the bartender. The bartender will says that Misty, 
    the Egg-girl, headed for the bone cave. Enter the cave after that. Then go to 
    the most right screen. Go to the next room. Go down from there. Keep moving 
    to the next screen. Go up to the left screen. Keep moving until you see her 
    above you. 
    Enter the room to the left. Keep moving to find a place where Misty stands. 
    Reach the light blue Egg there. Misty creates a quell that absorbs anima and 
    puts it into another object. This process will probably resurrects an already 
    dead thing (maybe Gustave is resurrected by this and become the fake Gustave, 
    well..just maybe). You will then fight a boss, Anima Beast.
    Deadly Battle with the Egg 1291
    As usual, go talk to the bartender. Go to the cave after that. Rich is 
    wondering why he has to fight this Egg-girl, not to live with his family in 
    You will be transported to the Settlement. There, talk to the girl beside the 
    house. She will tell you that Misty waits for you in the middle of the ruins 
    (Insect Megalith Ruins).
    Go to the left of the village to enter the ruin. Climb the root, then go 
    down. Go down to the next room. Go to the left if you want to get a silver 
    gloves (you will have to fight a tough monster..forgot the name). Down to the 
    middle left will lead you to a stardust robe. Go down to the right to make 
    your character looks tiny. Watch the route. Your goal is to make your way to 
    the upper right screen (there's an <forgot> item along the way).
    Keep moving until you find Misty. You will have to fight two monsters before 
    you get an option: fight her/not gonna harm a lady. If you choose the second 
    choice you will face another monster. Just choose the first one to end this 
    scenario. Sadly, Rich can't keep his promise to Diana.
    Ginny's Departure 1305
    Ginny is now fourteen years old. It's an age when she will face a big 
    adventure on her own.
    One day, a messenger for Master Ventarbre comes to Wil's home. The messenger 
    says that his master, Ventarbre, request Wil to come to Thermes to discuss an 
    important matter. It is, of course, about the Egg. Hearing this, Wil agrees 
    to go. Ginny wants to follow, but is told by Wil not to leave her mother 
    In the night, Ginny disobeys her grandpa's order. She sneaks out the house, 
    looking for a way to Thermes. Bad for her, she stowes away a wrong ship and 
    get caught. The ship captain locks her in the deck.
    Fortunately, a woman rescues her. In the morning Ginny and the woman are 
    almost escape when the pirates chase them and able to catch them on the port. 
    Again, lucky, a mediator named Roberto pass by and helps them. They're saved, 
    in one condition, have to pay the ship they lost.
    Ginny's Adventure 1305
    With the help from her new friends, Ginny begins her first adventure as a 
    real digger.
    Do whatever you want in this town. After that go to the right of the town to 
    go to Giant Worm Hole. Actually there's nothing you need to do here. This 
    dungeon only offers you some items. If you don't want to take those items, 
    you can just go out whenever you want to finish this scenario. But, I suggest 
    you to take those items, cause some of them can be pretty handy.
    Go to the place where you can see some insects were eating a big root. Go 
    down one screen and kill the monster there. Each time you kill one of them, 
    they will run to the screen above and they will start to eat the root too. Go 
    up to check the root condition then go down again to kill the monsters again. 
    Repeat those steps until the root is all eaten. This will allow you to cross 
    the root and go to the next screen.
    Just explore the dungeon to take the items. The items I found: sea beast 
    horn, 5000 cr, ark stone, silver chain, blood, fossil sword. There are some 
    <twigs??> that you can pull in one of this dungeon room. Pulling it will make 
    an item drop from it. But sometime they don't drop item, but monster. The 
    items I found: obsidian axe, canary heat. Once you've done, exit the dungeon 
    and the scenario will finished. 
    Note: oh yeah, after one more scenario, you'll enter Thermes and Hahn Nova. 
    There lots of useful items (and expensive) there (especially if you've 
    already read my Side Events section), maybe you want to exchange your chips 
    with crown considering you can't change your chips in Thermes and Hahn Nova.
    Insect Megalith 1305
    Feel boring, Ginny is so happy to hear Roberto's news about the next journey 
    that they will do. This time, they will explore the insect megalith, the same 
    megalith that is explored by Rich for the last time.
    After the scene, go right (again, as usual ^_^) from the town to go to the 
    Settlement. Talk to the girl beside the inn. Then talk to Roberto. After that 
    go left from the town to go to insect megalith. Go to the place where Rich 
    fights Misty for their deadly duel. Prepare for battle. The monsters you have 
    to face is random, sometime, if you were lucky, you will face the weak enemy. 
    Better save the game before you fight them.
    Pursuing the Egg 1305
    Wil finally finds Ginny at North Gate in his way to Thermes, Wil asks Ginny 
    to come along with him. Roberto, Gustaf, and Primiera accompany her as well. 
    Five of them then head for Thermes.
    You may want to buy some steel equipments here. They're pretty good. After 
    that go to the bar and talk to Ventarbre. Ventarbre asks Wil to help him 
    eliminating all impostors of Gustave. As the most of them is the famous Egg-
    Gustave who is in Hahn Nova now, Wil is asked by Ven to head for Hahn Nova. 
    Of course, Wil always agrees if it is about 'Egg'.
    To Gustave's Stronghold 1305
    You can go to district areas if you want. After that go to the commons area. 
    Wil will senses the Egg power within the fake Gustave. Since he has sensed 
    the Egg, the Egg must have sensed his anima as well. That's why they have to 
    leave the place immediately. 
    There are some items in the cave above (wild rose, 8000 cr, hydra suit, heavy 
    armor, snake staff), but if you take the items, you have to fight some 
    monsters in your way out from the cave. 
    Go down across the bridge to the next screen. Go down another screen. Then go 
    to the right from the intersection. You will arrive in a place with no 
    enemies there. Reach the tree in the middle of the screen to fight Deisty 
    with three Crimes (you will get a beowulf sword after this battle). After 
    that, just go down all the way to exit the place. (note: if you choose to get 
    the beowulf sword, you will have to fight Sargon, the Fire Lords, before you 
    can exit the place).
    I suggest you to keep your reserve save game after this scenario. Considering 
    that the final boss is very tough (and you can't exit the last megalith, I 
    think), you'll probably need to go back outside to train your characters.
    Battle of South Moundtop 1305
    Ginny and friends are in the top of a hill, watching the condition of the 
    battle between the Count of Jade's army and the fake Gustave's army. Both 
    army sides have been staring at each other for two days without doing 
    anything. This is because the Count of Jade is still waiting for the 
    reinforcement army from the Duke of Laubholz's. In the other side, the 
    impostor awaits the return of the force which dispatched the northern army. 
    Note: you can see this scenario clearly in Gustave's scenario. 
    Suddenly Gustaf (Philippe III's son) says that he want to help David, the 
    current Count of Jade. He says that he has ignored his father dying wishes 
    once and abandoned his home. He won't do the same mistake this time. He's 
    going to protect David. Then Ventarbre will gives him the Gustave's sword.
    Into the Northern Continent 1306
    After the battle of South Moundtop, the Egg disappears. In the Thermes' bar, 
    Wil's and the party get a news about the men they looked for in North Gate. 
    They then head for North Gate.
    Exit the town and go to North Gate. Go right from the town and you will be 
    transported to the settlement. Go left from the town and you have to face 4 
    continuous battles.   
    The Last Megalith 1306
    Finally, the last stage. There are 6 element bosses in this dungeon: tree, 
    stone, flame (Sargon), water, tone and beast. You can skip all of them if you 
    want. You will face water boss and flame boss in party battle mode. The rest 
    of them will face you in duel battle mode. If you want to use my strategy, 
    read my note below the walkthrough-for-this-dungeon before you want to 
    face/skip each boss. Remember that you can't go back to fight a boss if 
    you've already skipped it.  
    When you face the element bosses (except flame and water) you will be given 
    options: fight it/ignore it. If you choose the first option, your first 
    character in the reserve screen will fight it, while your main party retreat. 
    Each time you beat one element bosses, the final boss will lose one of his 
    element skills.
    Walkthrough: go along the one way route until the road splits. To the left is 
    Water Lords (water boss). If you want to skip it just go down. (From this 
    point if you accidentally back one screen, the trap route will work. How do 
    you pass this? Watch the screen. There are 6 kinds of elements along the 
    route. What you need to do is keep going to the left until you are in the 
    water element (it's looks like a Slime for me) screen. Go down from there and 
    then go right, you will pass the trap route and can continue your walk).
    Keep going until you face a beast boss. You can ignore it if you want. After 
    that, the bosses you will face are: tone boss, stone boss, tree boss, and 
    flame boss (Sargon). Not far from the flame boss, you will face your final 
    battle. A very tough battle.
    Note: The final boss is very tough, especially if you never train your 
    character before. I will explain my strategy in assumption you have trained 
    your character until 520 HP+ average, 120+ WP average, enough SP, good armors 
    and equipment, enough good combos (all out attack) and enough ark stones 
    (I've already told you to keep your separate reserve save file, right).
    First, beat the water boss with your party member. Don't afraid to use your 
    best moves if you have enough ark stones (it can fully heal your party, but 
    can't heal LP). Try not to use too much LP.
    After that, use your reserve characters (not your best four characters) to 
    beat two of element bosses (stone boss and tree boss are a good choice), 
    equip your characters with shield for best results. Then, for the last, beat 
    Sargon, the flame boss.
    Heal your party with ark stone. Equip items that can null deathblow (if you 
    choose to beat tree boss, he will gave you one). Equip your best weapon arts 
    and spell arts. Use the roles of bandwagon and ace in two of your characters 
    (Gustaf is a good choice). After that face the final boss.
    Use your best moves (all out attack combo). Beat each phase of the boss as 
    quickly as possible (after each phase, he will gather some anima and sometime 
    transforms into another shape <the shape of each element bosses>). After 5-6 
    phases, he will transform into Egg, which has an attack (xenocide or 
    genocide?? <forgot>) that can give 300+ damage to all. Beat him and you can 
    sit back to see the ending. 
    After you beat the game you will be given choice to save your game. The save 
    game will be recorded as a 'Game Clear'. If you load this 'Game Clear' file, 
    your opening title screen will be added a display of Gustave's sword behind 
    the title. Choose the new game and all the scenarios you've already got will 
    now open from the first time (new game+ ??). 
    The Last Battle 1306
    The last battle against the Egg. This scenario only appears if you've already 
    beaten the game and load the 'Game Clear' file. Hmmm, I wonder what will 
    happen if we beat this final boss early from the beginning of this new game+. 
    But, it would be difficult without using a PAR code.
    A very big thanks for Andreas Angga Indrawan (anggasquall@yahoo.com). He's 
    done a great job writing the Arts List data, very detail, I think. You can 
    look more completely about this Arts List data in his Arts List FAQ in the 
    gamefaqs site.
    Well, why do I write this section? I think it will help you to learn your 
    arts easily. Just do a duel battle and enter the right commands (note: the 
    higher the art, the higher level of your weapon skill is needed to cast the 
    art for the first time).
    How do you learn an art? If in party battle, I think it's random. If you use 
    a weapon normal moves/already-gained-art, you will sometimes get a new art. 
    For best result, equip your character with his/her favorite weapon (showed by 
    plus(+) sign in his/her weapon icon in his/her skill status screen). 
    For spell/anima arts, you usually gain it after finishing a battle (for 
    spells, you need to equip certain items with certain quells. For example: if 
    you want to learn/use Recovery Breath <flame-tree spell>, you need to equip 
    item(s) that has/have flame and tree quells on it/them). Note: certain places 
    contain enough quells to cast a spell. For example: there are enough stone 
    quells in the cave, so that you don't need to bring/equip a stone quell item 
    to cast a stone spell.
    If in duel battle (remember, the best way to learn an art is in duel battle), 
    you need to enter commands. For example, if you want to learn No Moment 
    (sword art), you need to enter the commands: ready x3-slash. Sometimes you 
    maybe fail, but if your sword skill is high enough, then the No Moment will 
    be worked.
    Note: Every weapon/spell arts you've already gained are can set to another 
    character. Keep that in mind, so that you don't need to waste your time 
    learning an already gained art in duel battle.
    Here the lists of Weapon and Spell arts commands (not all of them actually, 
    see more completely in Angga's FAQ..). Customize arts aren't mentioned here 
    (at least for now), since I rarely use them.
    A. Weapon Arts
    a. Martial Arts
        Arts(note)                  Commands             WP/attack
    1.  Karate punch           ready-punch                  2/9
    2.  Backhand               feint-punch                  3/15
    3.  Rotation kick          charge-kick                  3/21
    4.  Bear paw               charge-grab                  4/24
    5.  Brawl                  punch-kick-punch             4/27
    6.  Crush beat             charge-punch-punch           4/35
        (best vs stone)
    7.  Heart breaker          focus-grab-punch             5/38
        (cripple effect)
    8.  Arm hammer             charge-charge-punch          5/45
    9.  Kick rush              kick-kick-kick               5/49
    10. Corkscrew              charge-focus-punch           6/51
    11. Somersault             charge-kick-kick             5/54
    12. Triangle kick          feint-kick-kick              6/57
    13. Sumo throw             punch-grab-kick              8/60
        (stun effect)
    14. Kitchen sink           charge-feint-kick            7/62
    15. Rolling thunder        focus-punch-punch-punch      9/64
    16. Tumbler(stun effect)   feint-grab-charge-grab       9/72
    17. Cascade rising         focus-kick-kick-kick        10/79
    18. Kamikaze               charge-charge-charge-grab   10/90
        (cost LP to use)
    19. Eradication            punch-punch-kick-kick       10/99
        (deathblow effect)
    b. Swords Arts
        Arts(note)                  Commands             WP/attack
    1.  Double slash           cleave-cleave                2/21
    2.  Cross slash            slash-backslash              3/25
        (best vs undead)
    3.  Strike slash           feint-slash                  3/27
        (stun effect)
    4.  Running slash          feint-backslash              3/33
    5.  Mist double            feint-cleave-slash           3/34
    6.  Smash                  charge-cleave                4/37
    7.  Final letter           backslash-cleave-backslash   6/39
        (deathblow effect)
    8.  Dead end               cleave-backslash-slash       7/42
        (deathblow effect)
    9.  Double stroke          ready-backslash-backslash    4/44
    10. Cross break            charge-cleave-cleave         5/46
    11. Slice and dice         slash-backslash-cleave       5/49
    12. Dragon tail            feint-slash-backslash        5/50
    13. Head cracker           ready-charge-slash           6/52
        (best vs beetle)
    14. Heaven and hell        charge-slash-backslash       6/55
        (stun effect)
    15. Head wind              feint-cleave-backslash       7/59
    16. Bull crush             charge-charge-cleave         8/63
    17. No moment              ready-ready-ready-slash      8/66
        (unavoidable attack)
    18. Blade spray(area atk)  ready-charge x2-backslash    9/71
    19. Bear crush             charge x3-cleave            10/80
    20. Multi-way              slash-bkslash-cleave-slash  13/88
    c. Axe Arts
        Arts(note)                  Commands             WP/attack
    1.  Tomahawk               charge-throw                 2/17
    2.  Heel crush             focus-backslash              2/19
    3.  Hyper hammer           charge-backslash             3/24
    4.  Wood cutter            charge-charge-slash          4/27
        (best vs plants)
    5.  Fake out               feint-backslash-slash        3/34
        (unavoidable attack)
    6.  Skull crush            focus-charge-slash           4/40
        (best vs skeletons)
    7.  Axel turn              ready-charge-backslash       5/44
    8.  Ogre crossing          ready-backslash-backslash    4/49
    9.  Sky drive              charge-feint-throw           5/53
    10. Yo-yo                  focus-charge-throw-throw     7/55
    11. Mega hit               ready-charge-slash           6/60
    12. Wheel grind            feint-slash-slash-slash      5/61
    13. Flash trinity          ready-slash-slash-backslash  8/70
    14. Sky rendezvous         throw-throw-focus-throw      9/73
    15. Tornado divide         backslash x2-charge-slash   12/91
        (best vs plants)
    d. Staff Arts
        Arts(note)                  Commands             WP/attack
    1.  Roll beat              swing-swing                  2/10
        (unavoidable attack)
    2.  Heart beat             focus-beat                   3/14
        (cripple effect)
    3.  Lobster slayer         swing-feint-swing            4/28
        (best vs shellfish)
    4.  Bone crush             focus-charge-beat            4/31
        (best vs skeletons)
    5.  Head splitter          focus-focus-beat             4/34
    6.  Gong beat              ready-charge-swing           6/42
    7.  Painful beat           ready-focus-beat             5/45
    8.  Rock crush             charge-beat-beat-beat        7/50
        (best vs stone)
    9.  Turtle killer          charge-focus-focus-beat     10/61
        (unblockable by shield)
    10. Time and tide          feint-focus-beat-beat       14/77
        (unavoidable + deathblow)
    e. Spear Arts
        Arts(note)                  Commands             WP/attack
    1.  Swing and stab         backslash-thrust             2/18
    2.  Double thrust          thrust-thrust                2/22
    3.  Lawnmower              backslash-backslash          4/27
        (best vs plants + stun)
    4.  Rush                   charge-thrust                3/32
    5.  Skewer                 charge-charge-thrust         4/36
    6.  Wave thrust            backslash-thrust-thrust      5/43
    7.  Brain shaker           focus-feint-thrust           4/51
    8.  Aiming                 focus-focus-thrust           5/55
        (unavoidable attack)
    9.  Squash                 feint-backslash-thrust       6/57
    10. Shining Arm            charge-feint-thrust          8/63
        (unavoidable attack)
    11. Heavenly strike        backslash x2-thrust x2      10/65
    12. Beast lightning        ready-focus-bkslash-thrust   9/69
    13. Thousand cross         thrust x4                   12/80
    14. Fearless triple        feint-backslash x2-thrust   14/88
    f. Bow Arts
        Arts(note)             Commands                  WP/attack
    1.  Shadow bind            feint-focus-shoot            3/0
        (cripple effect)
    2.  Aim shot               focus-shoot                  3/18
    3.  Mind break             focus-feint-quickshot        5/36
    4.  Sidewinder             focus-focus-shoot            4/44
        (best vs frogs)
    5.  Shadow slayer          shoot-focus-quickshot        6/49
        (deathblow effect)
    6.  Thousand needle        quickshot-quickshot-shoot    6/52
    7.  Rapid fire             charge-quickshot x3          7/55
    8.  Hi speed arrow         charge-focus x2-quickshot    7/64
    9.  Crystal prism          qkshot-shoot-qkshot-shoot    9/84
        (deathblow effect)
    B. Spell Arts
    a. Tree Arts
       Arts(note)                  Spell            SP/attack
    1. Needle shot            tree-stone               4/36
    2. Life water             tree-water <recovery>    5/-
       (restores HP and
        abnormal status)
    3. Sleep                  tree-tree-flame          5/-
       (makes enemies
        within area sleep)
    4. Woodstock              tree-beast               5/32
       (best vs plants)
    5. Bushfire(area attack)  tree-flame               6/28
    6. Song of earth          tree-stone               8/-
       (psyche attack
        on all enemies)
    7. Needle burst           tree-stone              10/42
    b. Stone Arts
       Arts(note)                  Spell            SP/attack
    1. Stone armor            stone-stone-stone        4/-
       (raises armor strength)
    2. Water hammer           stone-water              5/20
       (psyche attack effect)
    3. Magmaxplosion          stone-flame              5/38
       (area attack)
    4. Delta petra            stone-tree               6/50
       (area attack + petrify)
    5. Guard beast            stone-stone-beast        9/-
       (calls stone beast
        to protect target)
    c. Flame Arts
       Arts(note)                  Spell            SP/attack
    1. Recovery breath        flame-tree <recovery>    4/-
       (removes status)
    2. Flame naga             flame-beast              5/40
       (area attack,
        best vs frogs)
    3. Firestorm(attack all)  flame-tree               8/66
    4. Incineration           flame x2-tree-stone     10/75
       (combo spell,
        deathblow effect)
    5. Soul Hymn              flame-beast-tone        16/-
       (stengthens entire party)
    d. Water Arts
       Arts(note)                  Spell            SP/attack
    1. Aqua viper             water-beast              4/18
       (area attack
        best vs frogs)
    2. Sonic poison           water-tone               5/44
       (attack all
        poison effect)
    3. Call thunder           water-water-tone         7/60
    4. Permanence             water-water-stone-tree   8/-
       (maintains target's
        current status)
    5. Heaven's thunder       water-water-tone-tree    9/70
    e. Tone Arts
       Arts(note)                  Spell            SP/attack
    1. Spoil wave             tone-water               3/-
       (lowers enemy
        psyche within area)
    2. Sonic sanctuary        tone-stone               4/-
        spell defense)
    3. Sonic burner           tone-flame               6/21
       (area attack)
    4. Stone memory           tone-tone-stone          7/-
       (petrify effect)
    5. Hymnal                 tone-tree-beast         11/60
       (attack all,
        best vs undead)
    f. Beast
       Arts(note)                  Spell            SP/attack
    1. Regenerate             beast-beast              3/-
       (gives regenerative
    2. Mindscape              beast-tree               3/-
       (raises entire
        party's reflex)
    3. Berserk                beast-beast-beast        3/-
       (raises morale
        to cause berserk)
    4. Howling heaven         beast-tone               5/32
       (attack all)
    5. reviva                 beast-beast-flame-flame  9/-
       (endows ability
        to resurect self)
    A. Construction of Hahn Nova
    In one of Gustave scenarios you will face this scenario. Well, there's really 
    nothing important here (except the fun factor). You have to build your own 
    city consists of three districts. However, your construction affects the 
    items that the city will offer. Some of them (I think) are the best items in 
    this game. 
    You will be given three districts to locate in three locations. They are 
    blacksmith, shopping, and entertainment district. Each location offers 
    different features. For example: the shopping district in the left location 
    will offer different items than the shopping district in the center location. 
    In this section I want to explain what features the district will offer if 
    you put them in a location. First, take a look at the map of your city:
                                      0  ----> the commons
                              L     /   \     R
                                   /  C  \
                         location /       \ location
                                 /location \
    Next, I will mention each district's features in each location. Step by step.
    a. Blacksmith district
    Blacksmith district is located in the left (L) location.
    The smithy will offer you these items:
      item name           ability          price
    1. Steel sword         ab 33            1500
    2. Paladin sword       ab 50            4500
    3. Steel dagger        ab 15             250
    4. Gauntlet         ab/sp:06/00          160
    5. Steel greaves    ab/sp:08/00          400
    6. Field suit       ab/sp:34/00         2500
      (full body armor)
    7. Knight shield       ev 20             750
    Blacksmith district is located in the center (C) location.
    The smithy will offer you these items:
      item name           ability          price
    1. Steel spear         ab 35            1000
    2. Paladin spear       ab 54            4000
    3. Steel dagger        ab 15             250
    4. Gauntlet         ab/sp:06/00          160
    5. Steel greaves    ab/sp:08/00          400
    6. Field suit       ab/sp:34/00         2500
      (full body armor)
    7. Knight shield      ev 20              750
    Blacksmith district is located in the right (R) location.
    The smithy will offer you these items:
      item name           ability          price
    1. Steel bow           ab 36            2000
    2. Paladin bow         ab 56            4000
    3. Steel dagger        ab 15             250
    4. Steel greaves    ab/sp:08/00          400
    5. Brigandine       ab/sp:22/00          760
    6. Steel armor      ab/sp:26/00          940
    7. Knight shield       ev 20             750
    b. Shopping district
    Shopping district is located in the left (L) location.
    The item shop will offer you these items:
      item name           ability          price
    1. Warlord shield      ev 30            2500
    2. Cross branch        tree              100
    3. Rock heart          stone             100
    4. Fire charm          flame             100
    5. Blue water          water             100
    6. Wind shell          tone              100
    7. Beast amulet        beast             100
    Shopping district is located in the center (C) location.
    The item shop will offer you these items:
       item name          ability          price
    1. Reinforced suit   ab/sp:40/00        4000
      (full-body armor)
    2. Cross branch         tree             100
    3. Rock heart           stone            100
    4. Fire charm           flame            100
    5. Blue water           water            100
    6. Wind shell           tone             100
    7. Beast amulet         beast            100
    Shopping district is located in the right (R) location.
    The item shop will offer you these items:
       item name          ability          price
    1. Warlord armor     ab/sp:31/00        2500
    2. Cross branch         tree             100
    3. Rock heart           stone            100
    4. Fire charm           flame            100
    5. Blue water           water            100
    6. Wind shell           tone             100
    7. Beast amulet         beast            100
    c. Entertainment district
    Entertainment district offers the same things in all three locations:
    1. Bar/pub in the middle of the district.
    2. A man/woman/soldier offers random items to buy (red ore/green ore/blue
       ore/hyper steel/demongrass fang/steel amulet/mushroom tear).
    d. How if I put the same district in all three locations?
    If you put the same blacksmith/shopping district in all three locations, then 
    you will get a 10% discount for the stuff they sold there. 
    If you put the same entertainment district in all three locations, then your 
    city will become a metropolis city. The bar/pub will only opens in the left 
    location. Random items can be bought only in the most right location (from a 
    soldier). And the city mayor will give you a pocket station section in the 
    right location.
    B. Defeat the Megalith Beast
    Go to the town of Weissland (Tycoon Wil scenario must have been passed). Exit 
    the town to go back to Ice Megalith. Go back to the broken bridge (where you 
    retreat from the Megalith Beast for the last time). Summon the Megalith 
    Beast, this time you don't need to retreat, just crush him with your best 
    C. Tower of Laubholz
    You can go to the Tower of Laubholz after Tycoon Wil scenario has passed. Go 
    to the town of Laubholz. Go to the most right of the town (beside the 
    inn/bar) and enter the gate there. Enter the tower. This is a cursed tower. 
    People in this tower are actually monsters, don't bother talking to them. 
    Go all the way up until you find an organ. Reach the organ to turn off the 
    sound. Now exit the room to go back one screen. Look at the symbol (an owl in 
    a tree) at the center of the room. Reach it and you will fight two ghosts. 
    Then go back one more screen to the room with a gate (there's an ark stone in 
    this room, by climbing the ladder) and go left to the next room. From there 
    go down until you enter the next screen. There's a statue there. Reach them 
    to fight a Gargoyle. (note: sometime you have to fight a Demon grass before 
    you can reach the statue).
    Now find a place with a big painting behind a crystal ball. Reach the crystal 
    ball to fight two ghosts.
    After that, go back to the organ room. Go up from there to take the Elven 
    Lyre (bow weapon, ability 28, tone quell, resist sonic). Note: look at the 
    bow room. All three symbols you have reached are actually there, as the 
    background of the room (owl with trees, statue, crystal ball).
    After that go all the way down to the very first room. Enter the door in the 
    right corner. Reach the shiny thing in the middle of the room to face Anima 
    Ghoul. You can choose to fight him as a party or a duel. Your anima/spell 
    will be drawn to 0 while you fight this monster. After the battle you will 
    get an Anima Crystal.
    In this tower you can also get a Cinderforge Sword (steel sword, ability 70). 
    After getting the Elven Lyre and beating the Anima Ghoul, go find twin boys 
    in the tower. Fight both of them. Fight the birds too if you want. 
    Then go to the place with an owl in a tree symbol. Reach the painting (map) 
    there to fight monsters (I don't really sure if you have to fight this 
    Now go down from there to the room with a gate (there are a man, a woman, and 
    an old man there). Sometimes (very rarely), a transparent skeleton will 
    appear in this room (if you don't see him, you probably need to exit the 
    room/exit the tower and reenter this room). Reach the transparent skeleton to 
    fight Lich with two skeletons. Beat them to get the Cinderforge sword.
    You can see your chronicle by first entering the Atlas (press X in Atlas icon 
    on your left/right corner of the map). After that enter the chronological 
    table on the corner. Below is the chronicle I've got.
    XXXXX years ago Birth of Mankind on Southern Continent
    (the birth of mankind occurs on the Southern Continent, before it becomes a 
    -2000 Spell Arts are discovered in Weissland
    (spell arts are discovered in Weissland. A vast migration occurs, due to a 
    population explosion)
    -400 Hahn expansion begins
    (mankind quickly expands their power with the help of Quells)
    0 The Empire is established
    (the occumulation of Quells gives birth to a giant empire)
    374 Rebellion of Nika
    (this small rebellion sparks the beginning of the downfall of the Empire)
    400 Migration to Southern Continent begins
    (people of the Eastern Continent migrate to the Southern Continent. Spell 
    Arts expand to the Southern Continent)
    465 Fall of the Empire
    (the third assault on Hahn Nova completely destroys the Empire)
    800 "Tool" invented in Southern Continent
    (the system of producing Tools begins in Vogelang)
    1000 "Tool" introduced to Eastern Continent
    (the use of Spell Arts with Tools flourishes in the Eastern Continent)
    1087 Gustave VIII, Marquis of Berth, takes over Finney Island
    (the Finney Kingdom is born)
    1278 Gustave XII and the Marquise of Nohl, Sophie weds
    (the Finney Kingdom gains control of the Nohl territory)
    1220 Gustave XIII is born
    (a prince is born in the Finney Kingdom, Thermes, between Gustave XII and 
    1220 William Knights is born
    (three days after the birth of Gustave, Henry Knights and Catherine have a 
    1221 Kelvin is born
    (Thomas, Count of Jade, has a son)
    1222 Philippe is born
    (the second child between Gustave XII and Sophie is born)
    1224 Egg is discovered
    (the Sergein brothers excavate the Egg from the desert Megalith)
    1227 Marie is born
    (the third child between Gustave XII and Sophie is born)
    1227 Gustave is banished
    (Gustave is banished from the castle after failing the Firebrand Ceremony)
    1227 Gustave is exiled
    (Gustave and Sophie take refuge in Gruegel with the help of Cielmer)
    1227~32 Gustave in Gruegel
    (Gustave lives through a rough childhood in Gruegel)
    1233 Gustave relocates to Jade
    (Gustave begins forging a steel sword after moving to Jade)
    1235 Gustave uses a steel sword in battle
    (Gustave joins up with Kelvin to rescue Flynn from the thugs)
    1235 Wil journeys to the Ruins of Hahn
    (Wil discovers a Quell in the Ruins of Hahn on his first journey as a digger)
    1236 Wil journeys to the desert Megalith
    (Wil decides to solve the mystery of the desert Megalith but is unsuccessful)
    1236 Gustave encounters Leslie once again
    (they see each other for the first time in four years)
    1238 Wil infiltrates Alexei's Gang
    (Wil infiltrates the gang of Alexei, prossessor of the Egg)
    1239 Wil - Showdown with Alexei
    (Wil defeats Alexei in the granite Quarry. However, Aunt Nina does not 
    1239 Sophie passes away
    (Sophie, Gustave's mother, dies of illness at the age 39)
    1240 Gustave takes Wide
    (Gustave successfully captures Wide behind the back of Nebelstern. Gustave 
    makes Wide as his stonghold)
    1243 Finney Kingdom unites Merchmin
    (Gustave XII removes the Marquis of Otto and completes his unification)
    1244 Wil undertakes a mining job
    (prospecting in the Svendorf Mine ends with the appearance of monsters)
    1245 Marie marries Cantal, Marquis of Otto
    (the Finney Kingdom gains half of the Otto territory through this marriage)
    1245 Gustave XII dies
    (Gustave XII dies suddenly during his southern campaign. There are rumors of 
    an assassination)
    1246 Wil journeys beyond Grand Valley
    (on his way to Weissland, Wil journeys south and passes through the canyons 
    of Grand Valley)
    1247 Wil journeys to the glacier Megalith
    (Wil is referred to as Tycoon Wil, after successfully exploring the glacier 
    1247 Gustave lands on the Eastern Continent
    (vying for position as the heir, the two Gustaves begin their battle)
    1248 Battle of Buckethill
    (Gustave XIV loses to Gustave's steel army)
    1248 Gustave enters Thermes Castle
    (he returns home after 20 years..as its ruler)
    1249 Construction of Hahn Nova begins
    (construction begins in the land of the ancient empire as a base to conquer 
    the world)
    1250 Philippe fails the Firebrand Ceremony
    (Philippe, who aimed to be the king, fails the ceremony)
    1251 Svendorf mine collapses
    (the mine collapses, possibly due to excessive mining. Wil barely escapes 
    with his life)
    1255 Richard Knights is born
    (Tycoon Wil's son is born)
    1255 Philippe II is assassinated
    (he is assassinated immediately after the ceremony. He is 7. Shocked, 
    Philippe transforms into a dragon)
    1256 Gustave assaults the Anima Followers
    (Gustave announces the intent to eradicate the Anima Followers, Philippe's 
    1256 Wil heads for the hidden base of the Anima Followers
    (Wil looks for the Anima Faith, prossessors of the Egg, but gets caught up in 
    Gustave's assault on the Faith)
    1257 Wil duels with the Egg
    (Wil duels the Egg on the pirates ship and sinks the Egg to the bottom of the 
    1260 Gustave encounter Johan
    (the assassin, Johanne, encounters Gustave and becomes Johan, his bodyguard)
    1264 Nebelstern dies
    (Gustave loses one of his greatest allies)
    1269 Gustave dies
    (Gustave, the hero of his generation, dies at 49)
    1270 Cantal, the Marquis of Otto, gains control of the Merchmin territory
    (Cantal gains popularity in Merchmin through tactical manipulation)
    1271 Hahn Nova is detroyed by fire
    (Kelvin retreats from Hahn Nova because of pressure from Cantal. The city 
    becomes a sea of flame)
    1275 Eleanor explores the tower in the forest
    (Eleanor discovers the tower in the forest)
    1276 Eleanor goes to the lair of monsters
    (Eleanor defeats the gargoyle in the lair of monsters)
    1277 Rich - Encounter with the Egg
    (Rich encounters a girl with the Egg after visiting the island of the tree of 
    1280 Rich journeys to the dungeon of fossils
    (Rich tries to strike it rich on the Northern Continent)
    1285 Rich journeys to the Water Tower
    (Rich paints the sky with a rainbow)
    1288 Cantal dies
    (the man known as the Mephistophelian hero finally dies)
    1289 Edmund, Duke of Laubholz, intervenes in the Heir War
    (the daughter of Cantal, Nicolette, convinces Edmund to begin military 
    1289 King Sho of Na summons Kelvin
    (King Sho, doubting Kelvin's intentions, summons him)
    1290 Rich encounters the Egg once again
    (the young girl who possessed the Egg has grown up)
    1290 Battle of Salisbury
    (Kelvin defeats Edmund's army)
    1290 Rich battles the Egg in the dungeon of fossils
    (Rich stops the Egg's plan and shows his power)
    1291 Virginia Knights is born
    (Richard Knights' daughter is born)
    1291 Rich battles the Egg for the last time
    (Rich takes his own life when the Egg almost possesses him)
    1292 Kelvin dies
    (Kelvin, Count of Jade, dies. He is 71)
    1300 First appearance of Fake Gustave
    (among all the impostors, the most famous fake Gustave appears)
    1301 Sargon, the first Edelritter
    (fake Gustave's loyal and powerful vassals, the Edelritters, are born)
    1303 King Sho of Na dies - Peace Conference begins
    (King Sho is 74. The peace conference begins)
    1305 Ginny runs away
    (Ginny, the granddaughter of Tycoon Wil, goes on her own adventure)
    1305 Ginny's first adventure
    (the adventure in the Northern Continent)
    1305 Ginny journeys to the insect Megalith
    (the adventure at the giant insect Megalith)
    1305 Ginny goes to Thermes
    (Ginny obtains information about the fake Gustave in Thermes)
    1305 Battle of Hahn Nova
    (fake Gustave's army defeats the Jade army and the Count of Jade, Charles, 
    dies in the process)
    1305 Ginny infiltrates fake Gustave's military camp
    (it is discovered that the mystery behind the fake Gustave is the Egg)
    1305 Battle of South Moundtop
    (David, Count of Jade, commands the united armies of the feudal lords and 
    defeats fake Gustave)
    1305 Hahn Nova Treaty
    (the very first worldwide peace treaty)
    1306 Ginny journeys to the Northern Continent
    (Ginny journeys to the Northern Continent--??)
    1306 Ginny and friends battle with the Egg
    (Ginny and friends battle with the Egg--??)
    Special Thanks
    1. Me, of course!
    2. GameFAQs for publishing my FAQ.
    3. Squaresoft official site, www.square.com. Some of the public
       info (character info in the Character section) are taken from there.
    4. Honk for his computer.
    5. Hanes Tjoek Andoko for lending me his CD (I don't have my own <sigh>).
       (I can't finish this game without his CD, right?).
    6. Andreas Angga Indrawan (anggasquall@yahoo.com) for his Arts List
       (woohoo, thanks Angga, now this FAQ is complete).
    7. Marcus Soetomo for the CD, PAR, lots info.
    8. Michael Arthur Tj, again, about this gamefaqs site.
    9. As usual, My Eyes.
    1. Yoko Nyotowijoyo for lending me his PlayStation.
       (hey Yoko, my sandals, don't let your dog piss on 'em, arrgh!).
    2. Yulius Leonard (leonard.yulius@mailcity.com) for his Cordelia info.
    3. Evanidus (evanidus@videotron.ca) and Andrew P. Schoonmaker
       (aschoonmaker@orion.ac.hmc.edu) for the info about Ventarbre.
    4. Elamonster Monsterelam (elameck@yahoo.com) for his Cinderforge Sword info.
    5. Friend of Marcus for his Megalith Beast info.
    6. Jean-F. Mimault (darkdraco@videotron.ca), Emirzian (mtemisan@bu.edu),
       and Omponk Rock (omponk@usa.net) and everyone who has helped me finishing
       this FAQ.
                         Saga Frontier 2 FAQ. Enjoy reading..
                      Hope it would be useful for you. See you..
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