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    Genjuro by BWallis

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                  The one and only Genjuro FAQ and strategy guide
                                  By: Brian Wallis
                                      Ver. 0.9
            FAQ/SG History:
            Ver. 0.5--> No real strategy guide yet. Basic framework
    established. A call for combos... <NEVER RELEASED!>
            Ver. 0.9--> Much better, but still needs lots of
    information. I reallywanted to get this out, so it's rushed. (And late.
            This FAQ can be found at:
            Damone's page: http://styx.ios.com/~damone/ss3page.html
            Edward Ju's page: http://www-scf.usc.edu/~edju/index.html
            This FAQ is split in two parts.  The first is a collection of
    background information on Genjuro.  If you don't care about the
    background info, then you should skip right to the second part.  It is
    a strategy guide for slash and bust Genjuro.  Enjoy!
    Notice: This guide is public domain, so you can't sell it. Also, you
    must give proper credit if you decide to distribute it. Thanks.
            Part 1: The FAQ
            1. Who is Kibagami Genjuro and what does he look like?
            2. What is his history in Samurai Shodown?
            3. What is he baised on?
            4. What is his ending from SS2?
            5. What is his ending from SS3?
            6. What is Genjuro's stage like in SS3?
            7. What are Genjuro's poses in SS3?
            8. What is Genjuro's quote from SS3?
            9. Ehat are Genjuro's colors from SS3?
            Who is Kabagami Genjuro and what does he look like?
            1. Genjuro is a charecter from the Samurai Shodown series.  His
    first appearance was in Samurai Shodown 2, were he was introduced as
    "Haomaru's true rival."  He has long hair that is tied up in a ponytail.
    Genjuro likes to wear baggy pants with a kimono around his waist while he
    fights.  He doesn't wear any other shirt whitch reaveals his scared,
    muscular upper body.  To say the least, he looks really cool!
            What is his history in Samurai Shodown?
            2. Genjuro and Haohmaru both trained under Caffiene Nicotine.
    One day, Caffiene had Genjuro fight Haohmaru for a scroll that increases
    your fighting skill.  Genjuro won this fight, but was extremely brutal
    and almost killed Haohmaru.  Caffiene gave the scroll to Haohmaru and
    (in his infinite wisdom) expelled Genjuro.  Needless to say, Genjuro was
    majorly ticked off.  Now Genjuro is hunting down Haohmaru and Caffiene
    Nicotine. (This info was posted on the Neo Geo mailing list by Briareos.
    Thanks a billion!)
            What is he baised on?
            3. Genjuro's background is fully explained in Scott Fujimoto's
    Historical Background of Samurai Spririts Charecters.  This FAQ is baised
    on Samurai Shodown 2 and defiantly is a must read for all Samurai Shodown
    fans.  Here is the Genjuro section:
    Genjuro is inspired by the Japanese Hanafuda card game. Thanks go to
    Greg Kasavin, Kenichiro Tanaka, and Spencer Olson for originally listing
    information on this: The Hanafuda (flower card) game is made of a deck
    of 48 different cards where you try and match suits to make high scoring
    combinations. There are 12 suits, each representing both a plant and a
    month. They are pine, plum, cherry, iris, wistaria, peony, clover, grass,
    chrysathenum, maple, willow, paulownia. There are also four different
    ranks: the plain one with nothing but the plant(1point), the plant with
    a fuda ( paper strip with poetry) (5 pts), a picture with the plant and
    another object (10 pts), and an evan more elaborate picture (20 pts).
    Virtually EVERYTHING about Genjuro is a reference to the Hanfuda deck:
    --Genjuro's Sanren Satsu consists of three different attacks, the
    Boar, the Deer, and the Butterfly. When he completes the three slashes,
    he shouts "InoShikaCho!" which are the three respective animals. Look
    closely and you'll see those animals on the cards, which are exactly as
    they appear in the Hanafuda deck (10 point wisaria, maple, and peony,
    respectively). In Hanafuda, these three cards are together a
    high-scoring combinations.
    --Genjuro's Card Throw when it hits shows cards form the
    cherry blossom suit. An A is a plain cherry blossom, a B is a
    5 pt cherry blossom, and the AB is a 20 pt cherry blossom,
    the same card that's used in his weapon breaker.
    --Genjuro's uppercut briefly shows cards a pheonix's head at
    the arc of the slash. The head surrounded by the purple slash
    (actually wings) is an image from the 20 pt card in the paulownia
    --Genjuro's Power Special displays either the highest or lowest
    cards of each suit. When blocked, the lowest cards fly out. When
    he hits, the five "lights" (highest ranking cards) are shown. The
    five lights are the highest combination you can get in the game:
    1. Crane--pine suit
    2. Man with umbrella and frog--willow suit
    3. Pheonix's head--paulownia suit
    4. Moon over hill--grassy suit
    5. Curtain with cherry blossoms--cherry blossom suit
    --Genjuro's stage itself is right out of Hanafuda. An entire suit
    of the grass cards consists of a grassy landscape at sunset with
    a big moon over on the left. The 1 pt cards have only grass, while
    the 10 pt card show the flock of birds that fly across Genjuro's
    background. The 20 pt card has the moon over the hill. The grass,
    incidentally, is called Sekagi and that's why his stage is
    appropriately titled Sekagigahara. However, Genjuro's scene
    takes place in November, while the grass suit is in August.
    --When Genjuro is split open, 1-pt cherry blossom cards spill out.
    --When Genjuro puts on his kimono, there is an image of a paper with
    poetry on it, lined on either side by blossoms. This is from the 5 point
    cherry blossom card. The wine dish is from the 10 pt chrysanthenum suit.
    The pose with him holding an umbrella with a frog nearby is an image
    directly from the 20 pt willow suit.
    Note: The main character in Jubei Ninja Chronicles is called Kibegami
            What is his ending from SS2?
            4. I can never remember the exact words of Genjuro's SS2 ending
    (I don't own SS2), so I'll use the wording from Shawn Holmes' SS2 TAPFAQ.
    (The best info on SS2 anywere.)
            Genjuro stands on the rocky outlook.  He spots Haohmaru below
    and says, "Ha, too weak.  Oh, he is..."  He then jumps down.  In the
    forest, Haohmaru lies on the ground, wounded.  Genjuro leaps in and says,
    "You had a hard fight Haohmaru.  Now I'll kill you!"  Haohmaru replies,
    "You bas..." but then Oshizu jumps between them and exlaims, "Stop it!
    He is wounded... You should challenge him when he's better."  Genjuro
    responds, "You are quite right! All right, I will overlook it this
    time..." and he jumps away.
            Genjuro stands in another part of the forest when the frog
    jumps in.  He looks at it and says "It's you.  I'll kill you!"  The
    frog backs off, afraid.  Genjuro looks away instead, and says,
    "Have (it) your own way..."  He walks off, and the frog continues to
    hop as the scene fades.
            What is his ending from SS3?
            5. Actually, I kinda like the SS3 endings.  (I love the music!)
    Anyway, most don't agree, so I'll shut up.  Genjuro's goes like this:
            Genjuro Kibagami,
            Japan's mythic warrior.
            Kibagami, the assassin,
            has slain the evil Zankuro.
            "You call this guy tough?
            It seems Haohmaru does
            have an inferior after all!"
            Taking his sizeable reward,
            Kibagami dissappears.
            "The world bores me...
            What is he up to now?
            No matter, for we'll
            meet again, Haohmaru.
            For the last time!"
            What is Genjuro's stage like in SS3?
            6. Genjuro's stage in SS3 is a small, run-down Japanese town
    on the brink of a storm.  At the beginning of the fight, the sky is
    fairly bright, but about 15 seconds in, the sky turns dark brown and
    lightning starts to strike.  Children are play fighting with sticks,
    but there mothers drag them in due to the fight or the oncoming storm.
    Fast moving grey clouds block the sky.  The music is very cool, it's
    one of the best tracks in the game!
            What are Genjuro's poses in SS3?
            7. Okay, here are the important ones:
            SLASH & BUST
            Before round one: Pauses then whips off his kimono.
            1st win: He drinks from his wine bowl then tosses it as he says
    something in Japanese.
            2nd win: He waves his sword then puts on his kimono.
            1st win: Turns around, raises his hand to his to his face then
    drops it down to his side. Next he takes a deep breath and exhales
            2nd win: Pulls the ribbon from his ponytail as he turns around.
    Then heturns his face to the screen and says something in Japanese.
            What is Genjuro's quote from SS3?
            8. Genjuro's quote is: "You wretch!" Yes, it's bad. Really bad.
    Really, really bad. But hey, it's not that big of a deal.
            What are Genjuro's colors from SS3?
            9. Here they are:
            A: Pinkish hair and kimono, green pants.
            B: Blue hair and kimono, black pants. (Pale skin.)
            A: Yellow hair and kimono, brown pants. (My personal favorite.)
            B: White hair and kimono, grey pants. (Dark skin.)
            Part 2: The Strategy Guide
            1. Why would I want to play as Genjuro?
            2. Should I pick slash or bust?
            3. Can you give me some general strategy?
            4. What are Genjuro's normal moves?
            5. What are Genjuro's special moves?
            6. Can you give me some guard crush info?
            7. Can you give me some Genjuro combos?
            8. How about some specific strategies?
            Why would I want to play as Genjuro?
            1. The way I see it, there are two solid resins to pick Genjuro.
    The first is because he's so cool!  (That's why I picked him.)  Why is
    he cool?  Well,he defently has a bad-ass look all his own.  He also has
    an attidiude that you just can't top.  And that attitude is for REAL to,
    he's defently not a poser.  I don't know, it's kind of hard to explain.
    Some people think Ukyo is cool, and others think Nakururu is cool, but
    to me, Genjuro is defintly the man!
            The other resin that you would pick Genjuro is that you want a
    power charecter.  Not a whimpy little speed charecter, but a big muscular
    guy who can dish out tons of damage.  If so, then I would suggest Haohmaru
    or Genjuro.  Haohmaru is usually played more defensivly (at least around
    here) while most Genjuro players are on offence.  I also like this aspect
    of Genjuro.
            So give Genjuro a try.  I can't guarantee you'll like him, but
    it's worth a quarter.
            Should I pick slash or bust?
            2. That's a logical question.  I don't think there is a clear cut
    winner, both have advantages.  Most special moves cancel each other out.
    (see chart)
            Both have Lightning Wings
            Scarlet Slash are Purple Dusk are the same
            Cherry Blossom Iris Reverse has a slight advantage
            Death Hack has an advantage
            Death Drops has a huge advantage
            I'd like to explain the Death Hack and Death Drops.  The Death
    Hack is comparable to Three-Heavens Death.  This match up isn't as bad as
    you might think,but the Death Hack has an advantage.  They both are great
    counters and both can be used in combos. However, the Death Hack is much
    easier to do. Also, while the Death Hack is a great offensive move,
    Three-Heavens Death should only be used as a counter or in a combo.
            The other match-up I'd like to explain is Death Drops vs. Death
    of 100 Demons.  Death Drops has a huge advantage because it can grab the
    oppenent out of a block.  I hardly ever use Death of 100 Demons, but I
    often use Death Drops.
            Can you give me some general strategy?
            3. Your going to have to wait for ver. 1.0 for this section.
    Sorry, but I said it was rushed, didn't I?
            What are Genjuro's normal moves?
            4. Genjuro's normal moves are well documented in Red Fox's Normal
    Move FAQ.
    GENJURO:     Far                                Close
    A-           Slash in front of him              Blow with sword's hilt
                 [HL, N, 1]                         [HL, N, 1]
    B-           Medium range side slash            Hit with back of hilt
                 [HL, Y, 1]                         [HL, N, 1]
    C-           Long range overhead slash          Slash from low to high
                 [HL, N, 1]                         [HL, N, 1]
    A-           Two handed blow with hilt
                 [HL, N, 1]
    B-           One handed knock with end of sword
                 [HL, ?, 1]
    C-           Lunging slash with sword           Slash from low to high
                 [HL, N, 1]                         [HL, N, 1]
    A-           Lunging rush with his elbow
                 [H, N, 1]
    B-           Two quick hits for auto knockdown
                 [L, ?, 2]
    C-           Lunging overhead slash after a breif pause
                 [UB, N, 2]
    V. Jumping:
    A-           Swings hilt towards oppenent for short range
                 [H, Y, 1]
    B-           Sideways slash straight in front
                 [H, Y, 1]
    C-           Overhead strike
                 [H, Y, 1]
    H. Jumping:
    A-           Swings hilt towards opponent for short range
                 [H, Y, 1]
    B-           Sideways slash strait in front
                 [H, Y, 1]
    C-           Deep downwards cross-cut
                 [H, Y, 1]
    Hopping Guard Crush:
    Armed-       Hopping twohanded overhead slash
                 [H, Y, 1]
    Unarmed-     Low jump kick
                 [H, Y, 1]
    Punches (all punches are the same move at different speeds):
    Standing-    A straight jab
                 [HL, N, 1]
    Ducking-     Two hitting backhand
                 [HL, N, 2]
    Dashing-     Sliding double low hitting punch, auto knockdown
                 [HL, N, 2]
    Jumping-     Downwards punch that does not go below himself
                 [H, Y, 1]
    D-           Three kicks, one high, two at mid level
                 [HL, N, 2]
    Fwd+D-       Low shin kick for auto knockdown
                 [L, ?, 1]
    Dwn+D-       Quick foot slide
                 [L, ?, 1]
    Dashing-     Slideing Dwn/Fwd+D, auto knockdown
                 [HL N, 1]
    Dwn/Fwd+D-   Upwards kick from croutched position
                 [HL, N, 1]
    V. Jump+D-   Sideways kick in front with good range
                 [H, Y, 1]
    Key:         Sideways kick <-- Discription of move
                 [H <-- Weather it can be blocked high, low, high & low or
                  Y <-- Weather it can be air blocked or not
                  1] <-- Number of times it hits
            What are Genjuro's special moves?
            5. Here are Genjuro's special moves:
                                    Slash & Bust
    ->      LIGHTNING WINGS (aka "the uppercut")
            -0 | \  + Slash
               0  0
            Genjuro jumps into the air and swings his sword leaving a slash.
            This is Genjuro's uppercut. It can hit up to three times in close
    and does good damage. You should use it like any other uppercut.
            | \ -0 + Slash (Five times)
            0  0
            Genj slides at his oppenent slashing them as he cuts up some cards.
            This move can be repeted five times, doing about 50% damage. The
    best way to do this is by pressing C on the first slash, B on the next
    three and C on the last. (CBBBC) When you press C your opponent must block
    forward, so mix in a few Bs to really confuse people! This move is also
    a good counter because it comes out so fast. It also combos well, take a
    look at the combo section!
            |  / 0- + Slash
            0 0
            Genjuro hurls a card at his oppenent.
            This is Genjuro's projectial. It's fast and does decent damage.
    Over all, it's a great projectial.  A fun thing to do is to run behind it.
    If they block, Death Drop them. (see Death Drops for more info)
            Other than that, use it as a regular projectial. You can handle
    that, right?
    ->      SCARLET SLASH
            -0 \  | + Slash
                0 0
            Genjuro pulls a card out of thin air then nails his oppenent.
            This move isn't really that useful. It's sometimes known as the
    "delayed slash" and for a good resin! Genjuro stands there with his sword
    up for about a second and then hits his oppenent with the card and sword.
    This means that it is basicly IMPOSSIBLE to combo this move.
            Sometimes I like to use this move on people who jump at me. When
    they jump, I time the Scarlet Slash (SS) to hit them as they come in range.
    It seems to have good priority, and does decent damage. However, the timeing
    is tough,so practice this move. Even if you get hit a few times, it'll make
    you a betterplayer!
            Another tactic is to use it after a missed B or C. If you time
    it right it will hit them as they are reeling back.
    ->      DEATH DROPS
            0- |  / + C (Close)
               0 0
            Genjuro throws his oppenent into the air, jumps at them and
    slashes them.
            This move is a throw, so it will grab them out of a block. It
    is very useful, but don't overuse it! If you hang around at point blank
    range, your oppenent will try to get you, usually with a special move.
            A fun thing to do with this move is to use it in a "Hanzo trap".
    Throw a card, run at your oppenet, then if they block, Death Drop them.
    Yeah, it's cheap, but hey, that's Samurai Shodown!
            One annoying thing about this move is that if you jump over your
    oppenent and try to Death Drop them, you will often get Lightning Wings
    instead. Try not to do this, it might make you look like an idiot! ;-)
            !!!POWER SPECIAL!!!
    ->      FIVE FLASH RIP
            -0 0- / | \  -0 + AB
                 0  0  0
            Genjuro throws a card that picks your oppenent.  He then jumps
    up and slashes them five times while sliceing cards.
            This move is used differently than Genjuro's SS2 power special.
    In SS2, the special came out as a Cherry Blossom card and flew across the
    screen. In SS3, it comes out as a C slash with a twirling card. This
    means that you have to be at close range to use it.
            Don't over-use this move. Try to slip around your oppenent and
    nail them, or hit them after a missed move. It is possible to hit them
    from in front, but be careful! When you're POWed up, your oppenent will
    be extra cautious.
            This move is also interruptible, so if you do it over and over,
    a ton of cards will be twirling in the air. Most humans will get sucked
    in, but the CPU isn't that stupid! The CPU useally hits me out of this,
    so use this strategy only on other people.
            (Oh yeah, when I do this move I yell out "ONE TWO THREE FOUR
    FIVE!!!!!!" while signaling the appropriate number with my hand.
    Useally I'm calm and in control, but when you land a big power special,
    it's hard not to get excited!)
            | \ -0 + Slash (Three times)
            0  0
            Genjuro does a riseing uppercut while slashing cards.(What else?)
            This move is powerful, but hard to do. You have to be super fast
    and precise to get all three slashes to come out. The other disadvantage
    is the fact that this move has bad lag time if missed. It will leave you
    open, so never ever use this move if there is a reasonable chance your
    oppenent will block it.
            Now that I've discussed the disadvantages, it's only fair that I
    discuss the avantages! As I said before, this move does big damage. Also,
    it is great for combos. (Check the combo section!) The close low C into
    Three-Heavens Death combo dizzies, and if you use it on your dizzied
    oppenent it will kill. This move is also a decent counter since it is
    at running speed and comes out fast. Just be sure that it will hit or
    you could be in for a nasty surprise!
            |  / 0- + Slash (Hold for second hit)
            0 0
            Same as the regular Cherry Blossom, except if you hold down slash
    the card will ricochet off your oppenent... then fly back and hit them!
            Red Fox has provided a nice strategy for the CBIR. When the card
    is bouncing back, run at your oppenent and hit them with a running B. If
    they block high,the card will hit them. If they block low, the running B
    will hit them. Cool, huh?
            Other than that, use it as a regular CB. (With a twist! He,
    he, he...)
    ->      PURPLE DUSK
            -0 \  | + Slash
                0 0
            This is like slash's Scarlet Slash.
            See the Scarlet Slash for info on this move. I don't really know
    why I made two sections. Ah well...
    ->      DEATH OF 100 DEMONS
            -0 0- -0 + C
            Genjuro grabs his oppenent, then slashes them and kicks them away.
            Argh! This move will NOT grab your oppenent out of a block! This
    means that it really isn't that useful. I hardly EVER use it.
            !!!POWER SPECIAL!!!
    ->      Reverse Five Flashes
            -0 0- / | \ -0 + CD
                 0  0  0
            This move is alot like Slash's power special. Try it.
            This move is used the same way as Slash's power special. However,
    I like this one more because it looks cooler!
            6. Can you give me some guard crush info?
            I like guard crushes!  I think they're much more interesting
    than throws.(And more realistic.)  Genjuro can do quite a few things after
    a guard crush.  One of the simplest things to do is a standing C.  You
    need to get it out quickly or it won't hit them in time.  You can also
    use the Lightning Wings on them after a successful guard crush.  With a
    pulling (-0 C) guard crush, you can get all three hits on them.  However,
    with a pushing (0- C) guard crush, it's hard to get all the hits on them.
    It's better to use something else with the pushing guard crush. The other
    thing I like to use is Slash's Death Hack or Bust's Three-Heavens Death.
    These moves also do good damage.  So remember, when you do a guard crush,
    make them pay!!!  Ha, ha, ha... next question.
            Can you give me some Genjuro combos?
            7. This section needs some help, so send those combos to
    redwing@buffnet.net or post them on neogeo@dhp.com. Here is what I have
    so far:
            SLASH AND BUST:
            jumping A -> Lightning Wings
            close A -> Death Hack
            close B -> Death Hack
            low A -> Death Hack
            low B -> Death Hack
            close low C -> Death Hack
            close A -> Three-Heavens Death
            close B -> Three-Heavens Death
            low A -> Three-Heavens Death
            low B -> Three-Heavens Death
            close low C -> Three-Heavens Death
            far A -> Three-Heavens Death
            far B -> Three-Heavens Death
            How about some specific strategy?
            8. Well... to bad!!! I don't have any specific strategies yet.
    Don't worry though, they'll come. Besides, there needs to be something in
    later versions! ;-)
            Damone- Damone@ios.com
            The person who put this FAQ on his web page.
            Red Fox- RedFox@aol.com
            That's his normal move info in this FAQ.
            Scott Fujimoto- Sfujimoto@delphi.com
            I borrowed some background info from him.
            What I need:
            Well, I'll take anything you have on Genjuro. Any background info
    I somehow missed, combos, ect. Actually, I'm not looking for any particular
    piece of information right now, except for combos and Japanese translations
    of what Genjuro is saying. You can reach me at: redwing@buffnet.net or you
    can post the info at neogeo@dhp.com.
                       This FAQ has been brought to you by:
                           Brian Wallis aka RedWing
                             LET'S GO DETROIT!!!
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