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    Kyoshiro by MLamb

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/18/96 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    From: Mike Lamb <scienced@nando.net>
    Newsgroups: rec.games.video.arcade
    Subject: SS3:  KYOSHIRO FAQ v.1.0!!!
    Date: 18 Jan 1996 06:27:38 GMT
    Senryo Kyoshiro FAQ (v.1.0) © copyright 1996 Mike Lamb.  
    \           \\\\\\_____________________________________________   __
    (Pitiful attempt at a naginata,  PLEASE HELP ME WITH OTHER ART!)
    This document may be distributed freely as long as it is not modified in the 
    document text in any way (you can change the font, color, e.t.c. just not the 
    words.) I am not responsible for and spelling mistakes, or how this may offend 
    someone in any way.  PLEASE GIVE CREDIT WHERE IT IS DO!
    NOTE: This FAQ is a first in a series of many versions.
    SENRYO KYOSHIRO a.k.a. The Kabuki Badass 
            Well we were all relieved to hear that Kyoshiro was back.  I personally heard a 
    rumor that he was gone and I was pissed since I had been playing him since 
    Samurai Shodown 1.  The best way to describe Kyoshiro in Samurai Shodown 3 would 
    have be ³HOLY SH*T!²  I was amazed at his strength and the improvements that 
    should have been added earlier on in the series.  I had been pissed in the past,  
    after SS1 because he only got 1 new special move and he had minimal range and 
    strength.  That is all gone!  Kyoshiro has been beefed up,  his moves are much 
    more effective,  he has become a much more skilled fighter and overall a funner 
    character to play.  I began to notice that I was able to beat Hanzo and Uyko 
    players I used to lose to.  HAH HAH to every single Ukyo player who is upset at 
    his changes.  Don¹t you understand he was TOO POWERFUL!  
            In upcoming editions of this faq I am hoping to have an intro text logo,  
    corrected stats, more descriptive levels, fighting guide, combos and poses plus 
    history and anything else you loyal Kyoshiro players send me.  PLEASE HELP ME 
    (v.0.5)-Basic stuff very reliant on other FAQ¹s
    (v.0.6)-Still reliant on other FAQ¹s with added info such as poses normal move 
    descriptions. Also added INFO section with misc. info from SS1 Manual. Also an 
    attempt at ASCII art (first time give me a break!)
    (v.1.0)-Put in Bust poses.  made corrections.  Added new fighting sections.  Made 
    descriptions of the special moves.
    WINNING QUOTE: "What a great death scene."
    In his quest for the ultimate aesthetic, Kyoshiro prepares to meet his outer 
          A flashy type who loves the limelight, Senryo has left the confines of Edo 
    to surpass his father, a former Kabuki actor, and make a splash on the world 
    stage.  He aims to introduce the wonders of Kabuki throughout the world.
    Birthplace: Edo (old Tokyo)
    Weapon: Kabuki Slushier(a naginata)
    Martial School: Kabuki-style swordsmanship
            Fighting occurs on the stage of Kyoshiro's theater.  On the wall in the 
    background you can see a quilt or some sort of cloth with a woman on it.  While 
    you are fighting you will see pretty yellow butterflies floating around (like in 
    a Disney Movie awwww ain¹t that sweet).  Look up to see a curtain and to both 
    sides to see yellow lanterns..  There are trees on either side of the screen.  In 
    the second round that cloth with the woman on it turns over to show Kyoshiro 
    killing someone else (beeeautiful, those pretty little butterflies turn into 
    flaming little bastards that go all over the screen.  These are pretty 
    distracting, and the lanterns against the stage turn from yellow to blue.  When 
    both characters are at the desperation point, the background returns to the 
    curtain that was present before.  Ghosts fly all over the place and freaky little 
    things keep flashing against the curtain(if someone can tell me what these are I 
    would be very happy and give you credit!.  If  Kyoshiro loses(how could that 
    happen) that damn damn cloth with the woman in the background becomes a picture 
    of Kyoshiro sitting on the ground with his naginata(big ass spear he uses to 
    shove into people:=).  If Kyoshiro wins the background changes to a picture of 
    Kyoshiro sitting with long appendages coming out from behind his back(kinda like 
    Dr. Octopus). 
         Kyoshiro is based on a fictional character named Nemuri Kyoshiro. 
    "Sleepy-Eyed Kyoshiro, Notes on Villany," by Shibata Tosaburo was a novel 
    serialized in a post-war magazine and later made into a film series from 
    1963-1969. Kyoshiro was a 17th-century skilled swordsman who was haunted by his 
    violent origin. He was conceived when his mother was raped by a Portuguese 
    missionary. Kyoshiro himself was estranged with society, and had a hatred of both 
    Christians and women. Despite this, or because of it, he was also a complete 
    womanizer--he often disrobed women by slashing their garments with his sword 
    before...err...getting to know them better. Kyoshiro means "deranged fellow", 
    while Nemuri means "sleepy", reflecting his blase attitude towards life, and his 
    cynical and cold posture toward others. Nevertheless, he also pursued the Way of 
    the Sword, and sought a Zen-like detachment from emotions and thoughts, just like 
    Musashi. Note that Nemuri Kyoshiro had NOTHING to do with Kabuki, and was 
    dressed in black, to reflect his personality. He also was traditionally armed 
    with a sword, not a naginata. He DID have red hair, though. Kabuki notes: Senryo 
    Kyoshiro is in the Kabuki costume of a lion. Also note that fans are an essential 
    part of Kabuki theater, and used in dances and such.
    Character Select Screen: Spins his naginata around a few times and then poses for 
    his fans with his legs crossed.
    Before Round One: Spins naginata over his head as he turns.
    1st Win: Spins his naginata around a few times and then poses for his fans with 
    legs crossed. Almost the same as the Character Select Screen.
    2nd Win: Jumps back, sits down with his legs crossed and shows off naginata.
    Unarmed 1st Win: Moves toward you with his hand over his eyes searching for other 
    Unarmed 2nd Victory: Moves forward while showing off acting ability and shows 
    that he¹s ready to kick some ass.
    Loss To Time Limit: Throws down his naginata and falls to the ground.  Then makes 
    a fist to control his anger.
    Stalemate: Frowns.
    Dizzy: Stands on one foot spins around trying to figure out where the hell he is.
    Character Select Screen: Pulls his trusty pipe out and takes a drag.
    Before Round One: Spins naginata over his head as he turns around.
    1st Win: Stands and pulls out a pipe and smokes it.
    2nd Win: Smokes his pipe and then says something as he holds his pipe up 
    high.(What does he say, I¹ll give credit for it)
    Unarmed Both Wins:Same as above.
    Loss To Time: Throws down his naginata, kneeles over  and makes a fist.
    Stalemate: Stands, and frowns. 
    Dizzy: Stands on one foot, staring at the ground.
         Kyoshiro is a skilled fighter in many aspects.  He is very powerful, he has 
    powerful air attacks and counters, great range, good projectiles, etc,etc...I¹ve 
    got lots to cover...so here it goes.  At all times keep in mind wait, be patient 
    and take advantage of others mistakes.
         When somoene talks about power of strikes you don¹t always think Kyoshiro.  
    He has not always been the most used character in Samurai Shodown let alone the 
    most powerful.  That all changed in 3.  The A strike is an O.K. strike but I 
    don¹t reccommend it¹s use.  This is because it has no range.  The main thing a 
    begginner player must keep in mind is try not to get close to the opponent when 
    you are playing Kyoshiro.  This is probably his biggest weakness in the game.  I 
    prefer to stay at a distance because this is where Senryo can work his magic.  He 
    has great range with his naginata, so why not use it!  Try to stay at K point 
    with your opponent.  This basically means that you can be just out of reach for 
    him to hit you, but you can easily control him. Example:He trys to dash into you 
    for a throw or slide.  You can easily stop this with a quick crouching B strike.  
    If he tries to to jump you can be risky and go for a C slash that only will hit 
    if you perfect your timing.  The best idea for begginers is to jump back with an 
    C strike.  This will catch an opponent who has already attacked and missed.  If 
    you miss this alot in the beggining don¹t get upset(at least you¹re not getting 
    hit. Another strategy for a jumping opponent is to dash back and have a C strike 
    waiting for them right before they hit the ground.  Or you could jump at them 
    with a B strike (not a C because it¹s too slow).  If you both jump at the same 
    time I always go for either an Air Block or a Smoldering Blood Pounce(down +A 
    when jumping).  Whenever you¹re fighting a new opponent try out the air block.  
    Most people I play don¹t ever take advantage of this.  If they do take advantage 
    of this new feature then BE CAREFUL.  You must now plan your attacks even more 
    precicely and make sure not do anything stupid.  If they don¹t know about this or 
    don¹t take advantage of this, use a C strike if jumping from a distance.  When 
    you get to close for comfort in the air use the Smoldering Blood Pounce.  It¹s 
    great if you know when to use it, but don¹t let them Air Block this one or you 
    are screwed.  If they block all the hits once you reach the ground they can C 
    strike your kabuki ass.  
    The Dashing C strike:
          The most sneaky strike Kyoshiro has is the dashing C.  This is a great 
    strike.  The main reason is it is unblockable!  This makes for interesting 
    reactions of player opponents.  If an opponent is in the corner trying to hide 
    and just block, then run in and use the C strike.  They have got to learn 
    sometime.  There is an amazing downside to this move.  NO RANGE!  It has no 
    range, so if you¹re gonna use this then please be careful.  You will probably get 
    hit the first time you use this, but you¹ll learn when to use it.
    The C strike:
          An essential part of learning Kyoshiro has got to be his C srtike.  This 
    move is a great attack if used wisely.  If missed you are probably in trouble.  
    Notice I said MISSED not blocked.  If blocked you might get caught with a good 
    range C strike(i.e. Genjuro),  but most of the time if it¹s blocked you really 
    have nothing to worry about.  An opponent must also realize that when they think 
    that the srike is over it really isn¹t.  It also has an upward motion that might 
    catch characters who try to jump.  This move is also great when an opponent is 
    trying to move in, you can whip it out and catch them by suprise.
    The Master of the Air:
          I have found that Kyoshiro is the master of the air if you use him right.  
    First of all don¹t always start of with an attack.  Just because you jump doesn¹t 
    mean you have to attack.  Wait, be patient and take advantage of others mistakes.  
    If you do this you will usually when a ground and air battle.  Normally when you 
    jump a player opponent will jump.  Let him attack first and Air Block his move.  
    Counter with a C strike.  This is an excellent strategy.  Also don¹t be afraid to 
    use a Smoldering Blood Pounce.  This move is one of my favorites.  It is the 
    ultimate counter move.  
    Unaramed and in Trouble:
          This has got to be the hardest section.  If you do get hit by a super move 
    or lose a sword to sword battle then you are in trouble.  I am going to try and 
    help you survive this.  If you lose your sword do not panick.  I see so many 
    people getting slaughtered as they panick to get their sword back.  Your overall 
    mission is to get your sword back.  While you try to do be careful.  I prefer 
    kicks when unarmed.  Also use a hopping guard crush to get you a little extra 
    time.  When retrieving a sword do not walk into your opponents sword.  And if you 
    have less than 15 seconds on the clock disregard all of this and wait it out. 
    The crouching strikes:
          This is probably the most important stand alone fighting section I have.  
    The key to Kyoshiro is crouching strikes.  WHEN YOU ATTACK NEVER GET CLOSE. If 
    you master these strikes then you will be able to counter others strikes, but in 
    before they can attack, and lots of other things.
          First of all the crouching A is a hidden secret for Kyoshiro.  It is as 
    effective as all his other attacks.  It is so fast that most people don¹t see it 
    coming.  It may do minor damage but it adds up especially on a counter.  The 
    trick to this strike is to sneak it in when the opponent isn¹t expecting it.  Use 
    this strike alot.  It has basically no recovery time so there is really no worry 
    if they block.  Don¹t do this when an opponent is about to or is jumping.  This 
    strike is also great to interupt special moves such as Uyko¹s apple slash, 
    Galford¹s plasma blade, etc.
          The B strike is also a killer.  This is a fast damaging attack that should 
    be used often.  It is great after 2 or 3 A strike in a row.  It does nice damage 
    for that fast of an attack.  It also is good for interupting strikes although the 
    A should be used more for this.  If you are switching off attacks with an 
    opponent this and the A should be the attacks you are using(the B should be used 
          The crouching C is not as effective as the moves above but serves it¹s 
    purpose.  It has great range and damage, but it is too slow.  Compared to the 
    other crouching strikes this is the worst.  The whole point of those strikes is 
    to be fast quick and damaging. 
    o  o  o             movements on joystick
     \ | /              assumes you are facing
    o-   -o             right, reverse if facing
     / | \              left.
    o  o  o
    Damage Ratings: shows approximate damage rating compared to other attacks.
    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.  Ten¹s is one of the most powerful while one
    is one the weakest.  Represented with a D=__
    Speed Ratings: shows approximate speed  rating in which the attack is executed 
    compared to other attacks. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.Ten is the fastest while 
    1 is the slowest. Represented with a S=__
    NOTE: These two above ratings are going to be disagreed with lots so I really 
    would like it if you did SEND ME YOUR CHANGES.  I would appreciate this and look 
    forward to changing them.
    Glossary for attacks:
    A-Blk=  Air Block; jumping block
    High Blk=  Must be blocked by holding o-
    Low Blk=  Must be blocked by holding /
    A(far)-twists handle of naginata overhead{1 hit,no A-Blk,High+Low Blk, 
    D=2,S=9}Great for semi-upclose combat. No range, use if someone jumps close to 
    avoid a Guard Crush.
    A(close)-punch{1 hit,no A-Blk,High+Low Blk,D=1,S=10}Use for extreme upclose 
    combat.  No range, avoids Galford&Hanzo¹s strike throws.
    B(far)-straight thrust forward{1 hit,no A-Blk,High+Low Blk,D=5,S=5}My most used 
    normal attack.  Keep them at distance without much worry of mess-up. Catch people 
    off guard!
    B(close)-spins blade low to high{1 hit,no A-Blk,High+Low Blk,D=5,S=6}use if 
    needed it¹s o.k. especially for ending a combo.Don¹t let them get this close.
    C(far)-low to high forward thrust{1 hit,no A-Blk,High+Low Blk,D=7,S=4}great 
    attack,monster distance,use to keep people away.hurts alot but you are wide open 
    if you miss from to close.
    C(close)-overhead slash{1 hit,no A-Blk,High+Low Blk,D=6,S=5}not very smart,do not 
    try unless you¹re sure of a hit,use close B-strike instead.O.K. range
    A(far)-low forward stab{1 hit,no A-Blk,High+Low Blk,D=2,S=9}ok to catch people 
    off gaurd.Nice combo starter.
    A(close)-quick hand chop{1 hit,no A-Blk,High+Low Blk,D=1,S=10}very fast but 
    basically useless unless to close for comfort.
    B(far)-low forward stab{1 hit,no A-Blk,High+Low Blk,D=5,S=5}great attack,use 
    lot¹s when you are backing away in df position just to back them off.
    B(close)-front then upwards slash{1 hit,no A-blk,High+Low Blk,D=5,S=6}nice attack 
    if has to be used,try to avoid having to use this but its the attack to use when 
    opponent is close and you¹re ducking.
    C(far)-forward then upwards slash{1 hit,no A-Blk,High+Low Blk,D=6,S=4}GREAT 
    attack,Personal favorite,great damage,back¹s people off,come back maker.
    C(close)-spins with weapon out{3 hits,no A-Blk,High+Low Blk,D=6,S=4}Good move. 
    Try not use because leaves you wide open for a C strike,and counter damage really 
    hurts on this one.
    A(far)-slides while slashing forward and down{1 hit,no A-Blk,High+Low Blk,D=3, 
    S=8}when dashing don¹t use this, bad move unless for combo.
    B(far)-slides while slashing forward and down twice{2 hits,no A-Blk,High+Low,
    D=5,S=5}good dashing attack for hit and run,not much worry for mess-up.
    C(far)-spins naginata and then slashes downwards{1 hit,no A-Blk,UNBLOCKABLE!, 
    D=6,S=5}GREAT attack,people fall for this all the time,use it on people who sit 
    in a corner blocking!Great for comebacks!One of the Best attacks in the game!
    A(far)-straight forward slap{1 hit,A-Blkable,High Blk,D=2,S=9}don¹t use this at 
    all,use a B or C strike always.
    B(far)-stab down and forwards in front of himself{1 hit,A-Blkable,High Block, 
    D=5,S=5}good if opponent is in air too.
    C(far)-a slash from high to low in front of himself{1 hit,A-Blkable,High Blk, 
    D=6,S=4}use if opponent is on ground but no if he/she is the air.
    Armed-hop with air B slash {1 hit,A-Blkable,High Block,D=N/A,S=N/A}hopping guard 
    crushes are the best thing to do up close with Kyroshiro.Try Not To Get This 
    Unarmed-hop with a straight forward kick{1 hit,A-Blkable,High Blk}probably your 
    best strategy when unarmed.
    PUNCHES:all punches do the same move just at different speeds(i.e. A is fastest 
    and weakest while C is the slowest and strongest).
    Standing-bends down and thrust with palm{1 hit,no A-Blk,High+Low Block}I prefer 
    this to a standing kick but basically the same.
    Ducking-same as ducking A strike{1 hit,no A-Blk,High+Low Blk}the kick version is 
    Dashing-ducks when close and does punch similiar to the Standing Punch{1 hit,no 
    A-Blk,High+Low Blk}use the kicks
    Jumping-Same as jumping A strike{1 hit,A-Blkable,High Blk}
    D(anywhere)-standard normal kick to head{2 hit,no A-Blk,High+Low Blk,D=4,S=4}not 
    a smart move unless unarmed a B strike is much more effective.
    Forward+D(anywhere)-chest region kick with shin{1-hit,no A-Blk,Low Blk,D=4, 
    S=4}great kick will catch lots of people because it has to be blocked low.
    Down+D(anywhere)-Sweep style kick{1 hit,no A-Blk,Low Blk,D=4,S=4}good after a 
    jump kick. best if used when unarmed.
    \ +D(anywhere)-Sweep kick{1 hit,no A-Blk,Low Blk,D=4,S=4}good kick to use in 
    combos,works better with other players.
    Dash+D(anywhere)-exactly the same as the kick above
    Jump+D(anywhere)-a standard kickin the air{1 hit,A-Blkable,High Blk,D=4,S=5} 
    great unarmed and armed nice change of pace from slashes.
    SPECIAL MOVES:(facing right)
     Twirling Flame- | \ -o Slash
                     o  o
         This move lets out a puff of flame thats stays in front of his face for 
    awhile.  I find myself doing this move by accident.  It¹s a good ground to air 
    counter but I don¹t recommed it¹s usage very much.  If you do this move and think 
    you are in trouble start to dash back immediatly.  Can be air blocked.
     Twisting Heavens- -o | \ Slash
                          o  o
         Spins into the air spinning his weapon, works like a dragon punch. This used 
    to be the best move for him in SS2.  It is a very useful attack that should be 
    used as needed.  You have to be careful of an airblock though.  Never use this 
    unless you see them in the air or jumping into the air.  Because if you miss, you 
    land and pose for the crowd and you can be hurt very bad.  Can be air-blocked.
     Toad Plaque- -o o- / | \ -o A+C
                       o  o  o
         A huge Toad jumps up and sticks his tongue out.  The tongue reaches a third 
    of the screen.  If it catches you he swallowes you up and spits out as you flame 
    and explode and fall to the ground.  THE BEST MOVE IN THE GAME!!  It looks so 
    cool and scares the crap out of the opponent.  I think this must be blocked low.  
    Great Damage also.  Watch out if the opponet jumps at you you¹re screwed.
     Tsunami Crunch- |  / o- Slash
                     o o
         Throws a wave of water at you.  A fair projectile, although I wish they had 
    kept the fan.  It¹s fast and you have to make sure you do a Quarter Cirle 
    Backwards instead of Half Circle Backwards.  Good move to keep them in the corner 
    with.  Can be be blocked High of Low.
     Smoldering Blood Pounce- (jump) |+A
         When you¹re in the air he starts to spin with weapon extended.  Works like 
    the Twisting Heavens.  A great counter for when you air block an attack but can¹t 
    reach with a C strike.  Also if you strike first in the air, use this attack.  It 
    has 3 hits so they have to block all the way to the ground.  This move can be air 
     Kyoshiro Jig- | \ -o | \ -o C
                   o  o   o  o
         Spins around two times with flaming naginata extended.  An good move to mix 
    things up with.  This move does fair damages.  Don¹t screw this up or your in for 
    a nice tasty blade up your ^(!@#*$.  This can be blocked high or low.
     Lion Tail Blast- -o \  |  / o- Slash
                          o o o
         Supports himself on his naginata and extends a kick that is flaming.  This 
    is a good move. It lasts alot longer than in 2 and does more damage also.  Good 
    for finishing of an opponent on block damage if they have very little life.  Also 
    a fair ground to air counter.  Great extension with good damage.  Must be blocked 
    high or low.
     KYOSHIRO DEMON BOOGIE- | \ -o | \ -o B+C
                            o  o   o  o
         Throws a flame out that travels across the ground.  When it hits opponent 
    they catch on fire and explode.  It¹s not pretty but it one of the most effective 
    Power Special moves.  If an opponent without a wall jump tries to jump it it will 
    explode under them.  This move has to be blocked low so it hits alot of the time.  
    It does tremendous amounts of damage.  It has no stupid long animation so you can 
    pull it off with 4 or 5 seconds left on the clock and still win.  It appears to 
    be just another projectile but it wipes the floor with them.  Great come back 
    BUST-(I don¹t play this version very much so next edition will have the 
    descriptions of these moves.
           Flaming Coil- | \ -o Slash
                         o  o
           Swirling Hades- -o | \ Slash
                              o  o
           Eight Coil Serpent- |  / o- |  / -o C
                               o o     o o
           Kyoshiro Jig- | \ -o | \ -o C
                         o  o   o  o
           Leaping Lion Tail Blast- -o \  |  / o- C
                                        o o o
           Smoldering Blood Pounce- (jump) |+A
           KYOSHIRO DEMON BOOGIE- | \ -o | \ -o B+C 
                                  o  o   o  o
    COMBOS-This is very much under construction.
    1. Ducking A  strike(probably blocked), then immediately ducking B Strike.
    2. Close A strike, crouching kick, light standing kick, B strike.  
     The comedy is over. 
     Zankuro's life ends. 
     Kyoshiro coos with delight! 
     "Now is the time, to show 
     the world my fabulous act!" 
     Dance music  reverberates 
     through the Edo village. 
     Flags wave, "Kyoshiro, #1!" 
     Kyoshiro's performance lasts 
     for three continuous days. 
     The audience dissipates... 
     the musicians collapse... 
     Kyoshiro dances alone. 
     After 6 months, it ends. 
     Kyoshiro, the crazy kabuki, 
     is ready for a major crash!
    Send corrections to scienced@nando.net Don¹t expect a speedy response. You can 
    also post corrections via usenet at rec.games.video.arcade.  I check here alot.
    Edward Ju at edju@scf.usc.edu -for the text to the endings. Visit his site at
    Homer Kepert and Richard Taylor at redfox08@aol.com-THANK YOU!!! These guys FAQ 
    is where I got the complete basis for this FAQ. Visit there site at 
    Damone-Thanks alot for the FAQ on SS2 it helped me curve my style so that I could 
    prove that Kyoshiro is the best! Also thanks for the History. visit his site 
    Shawn Holmes-For the TAPFAQ info

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