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    Nakoruru by KHsu

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 01/27/96 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    From: e3321942@student.uq.edu.au (Kenneth Hsu)
    Newsgroups: rec.games.video.arcade
    Subject: SS3 Nakoruru Guide v2.0
    Date: 27 Jan 1996 06:20:07 GMT
                        _a88_                                 ___,
                       d88888baa__________            ____aad88888b
                  __-""                           "Y888888888888888b
                 /                                  ~~Y8888P"""aaaa88a
                ,,,aaaaaaaaa,,,...__                   ~Yaaa8888888888
            __ d88888888888888888888888b                 8888888888888
          _- ,d88888P""""""~~~~~"""Y8888baa,             Y"""88888888P
         /  /~~~~~~                    """Y88a...         888""""888P
        /  /      ,     |      |    |         |  `.       8888888aP
       |  |      |     | ||    |     |         |  `;      Y888888P       _
      |  |     /|     |  | \    \    |          | ' ;      88888P       | |      
      |  |    / |     |   | |    |    |         |          8888P     ___| |___
     |  |    /  |    |    |  \    \    |         |         Y888     |___   ___|
    |  |    |  |    /     |   |.   \_   \        |          Y8P         | |
    | |    |  |  __|_      `. __\====__   \__----|          |"          | |
      |__-|__-\ ~~~|           ~ ~~~  ~~,.  | | |    |      |          | /
            .\ ~~~_____        _,aaaa._     | | |     |     |          |/
            | \ ,""88b        ""Y"P:888ba   | | |     |      |       _________
            |  |   8o8           d8d888P~~  | | |     |      |      |_______  |
            |  |   Y88b          888888     | |  |    |      |              | |
            |  |    888          888888     | |  |    |       |             | |
            |  |    888          Y88888     | |  |     |      |      _______| |
            |  |    Y8P         __8888Pa    | |  |     |      |     |_______  |
           |   |   ~~~         ~~""Y88P""   | |  |     |       |       _   _'-'
           |   |        /                  |  |   |    |       |      | | | |
           |   |        \                  |  |   |     |      |      | | | |
           |   |                           |  |   |     |       |     | | | |
           |    \         _                |  |    |    |       |     | | | |
           |    | \                        |  |    |     |      |    / /  | |_-,
           |    ||  \                 __ --|  |    |     |       |  <_/    \___/
           |    || |  \         __ --      |  |     |    |       |     _   _
          |     || |     \__ -,            |  |     |     |      |    | | | |
          |    | |  |         |            |  ||     |    |       |   | | | |
          |    | |  |         |           ||  ||      |    |      |   | | | |
          |    ||   |        ,|           ||  ||       \    |     |   | | | |
         |     ||   |       a8|           ||  | |       \   |      | / /  | |_-,
         |    | |   |     d88P|---8888"""| |  | |         \         <_/    \___/
        |     ||   |     """""""""""""888| |  || |     Samurai Shodown 3
        |     ||   |    d8888888888888888| |  | |        Nakoruru Guide    
        |     ||  |   d88888888888888888|                 Version 2.0
    Ascii art provide by the one and the only: Galen Komatsu (94.6.20)
    This guide (and its updates) can be found at the following places:
    Newsgroups/Mailing List: Updates will be posted to the Neo Geo Mailing list 
    neogeo@dhp.com and to the usenet newsgroup rec.games.video.arcade when 
    updated versions are released.
       1. Since SS3 is still relatively new, the content of this guide is still 
    far from complete.  Therefore, if you have any additions or suggestions, 
    please email me at e3321942@student.uq.edu.au
       2. The content of this guide is STRICTLY public domain.  No one should 
    profit from selling any part of this guide to anyone else.  Please also
    acknowledge the source of information if you intend to use any part of this
    guide in a publication.
    Table of Contents
    Revision History
    Character Information and Moves List
    General Strategies
    Character Specific Strategies
    Revision History
    [7/1/96] Version 0.5 - This is basically a summary of what has been 
    discussed on both the Neo Geo Mailing list and on the newsgroup r.g.v.a.  
    Already has a nice title ascii pic (Yippee!!)  Thanks Galen!  This is really
    just a rushed release with lots of things missing to basically get feedback 
    from people for improvement on the Neo Mailing list...
    [10/1/96] Version 1.0 - First official release.  Major expansion from v0.5!
    Additional info added for the following sections:
       Strategies vs. various CPU characters added
       Combos (new ones and confirmed ones)
       Maximum number of hits and blocked hits added for some special moves
       Usage of special moves updated
       Normal moves information added
    [26/1/96] Version 2.0 - Spelling and other corrections.  Additional info:
       More strategies vs. various CPU characters.
       More strategies vs. human challengers.
       More new combos (including an infinite combo for Slash Nak thanks to
          RedFox!)  Combos now separated into three sections (common, slash,
       Usage of special moves updated and corrected (check out especially the
          Silkou attacks section - it has expanded trememdously).
       Winning quotes added.
    Galen Tatsuo Komatsu <gkomatsu@hawaii.edu> - Thanks for the excellent ascii
       art....  As I promised, you get mentioned first in the credits!!
    Shawn Holmes <email address?> - Character informations are taken from the
       SS3 TAPFAQ, which Shawn maintains.  Thanks!
    The Nakoruru bunch (in alphabetical order):
    Billy J. Bisset <bjbisset@eos.ncsu.edu> - CPU Strategies.
    Masao Kimisima <kimisima@mcd.nttdata.jp> - He provided a lot of SS3 Nakoruru
       prelim. information and lots of other useful Nakoruru information to the
       Neo Geo Mailing list...
    Mike Pureka <mpureka@MAIL.WESLEYAN.EDU> - combos, corrections, suggestions
       and tips vs many CPU characters
    David Quest <Dquest@cris.com> - move correction, confirmation and 
    Rasetsu <li@ecf.toronto.edu> - Most of the information so far in this guide
       comes from what Rasetsu has summarized for me.  Thanks Rasetsu!  He is
       also the Bust Nakoruru specialist! :)
    RedFox <RedFox08@aol.com> - again, huge contributor to the long and winding 
       Nakoruru discussion a while back on the Neo Mailing list...
       Also Nakoruru normal slash information from his SS3 Move List and guide
    FTP/WWW Site Managers: (thanks for archiving the guide at your sites!)
    Damone <damone@ios.com>
    Edward Ju <edju@chaph.usc.edu>
    sPACEMAN sPIFF <lca@spiff.gnu.ai.mit.edu>
    And also thanks to all the guys on the Neo Geo mailing list and on the news
    group rec.games.video.arcade whose posts have helped to shape the outcome of
    this guide so far ^_^
    Even though Nakoruru seemed to have sacrificed herself to become the loving 
    protector and goddess of the woods, she has somehow come back once again to 
    join the SS3 cast of characters.
    Fortunately, SNK seemed to have realized what they have done to Nakoruru in 
    SS2 (i.e. completely screwed her up) and have finally fixed nearly all of 
    the things people complained about in SS2!!!  Basically, Nakoruru is once
    again all powerful when in capable hands (and probably still fairly powerful 
    in not so capable hands anyway...)
    Without going into too much detail over how Nak has changed in SS3, let's 
    just say that firstly SNK has finally reduced the lag at the start and end
    of all her special moves to what they were in SS1 (i.e. AM/LM has no start
    lag, Amube Yatoro has less start lag.  Recovery time has improved for all
    her special moves.)  Plus that Nakoruru's slashes have also increased in 
    range.  The addition of the standing far A is really useful.  Although it
    does pitiful little damage, it is still a useful poking move.  More variety
    on the Mamahaha attacks and on the bird.  Not to mention a completely new
    Bust Nakoruru with new animal....  I can go on and on - see the rest of the
    Then, you might be asking, WHY oh WHY is there a guide for Nakoruru??  Oh
    well, I guess it's out of the love for such a cute, nature-caring gal and
    hopefully this guide will encourage other people to pick Nakoruru up in SS3 
    and start kicking some butts with her ^_^
    Finally, Nakoruru's sister, Rimururu, shares almost exactly the same normal
    range of attacks with Nakoruru - but Rimururu is even FASTER than Nakoruru!
    If you think Nakoruru is still not fast enough for you, give Rimururu a try!
    Rimururu also does a lot more damage with her attacks than Nakoruru.
    Character Information and Moves List
    (Information taken from SS3 TAPFAQ)
    The faithful daughter of nature seeks to save Zankuro's soul...
    "Savour nature's fearful wrath!"
    Northern Country Spring -- Canyon:  Fighting occurs in shallow
    water flowing through a canyon, with one of the rocky cliffs decorated
    with shrubs visible.  Small butterflies and dragonflies flitter around
    the screen.
    Normal Moves Information
    Key for normal/non-special moves:  
    Under a short description of of what each move is, there will be two 
    brackets [].  Inside of the brackets will be three numbers/letters.  They
    are as follows (note: a ? indicates that we haven't tested it yet or 
    maybe you can't hit them with it. 
    1st slot:  How must the move be blocked.  
        HL-indicates that the move can be either high or low           
        H-indicates that the move must be blocked high
        L-indicates that the move must be blocked low
        UB-indicates that the move cannot be blocked either way
    2nd slot:  Can the move be air blocked (Yes or No)
    3rd slot:  How many times does the move hit (i.e. how many blows can you 
    get with one push of the button)
    V.Jumping indicates a straight up jump
    H.Jumping indicates a forward or backwards jump
    If just jumping is listed, then the H.Jumping and V.Jumping are identical.  
    NAKORURU-  Far                        Close
    A-         leans into straight slash  short sideways slash
               [HL,N,1]                   [HL,N,1]
    B-         steps into downwards slash short sideways slash
               [HL,N,1]                   [HL,N,1]
    C-         leans into downward slash  slashes down then up
               [HL,N,1]                   [HL,N,2]
    A-         quick sideways slash 
    B-         quick sideways slash
    C-         low thrust into rising slash
    A-         sliding version of her normal standing A slash
    B-         sliding version of her normal standing C slash
    C-         charges and then goes into her normal low C slash 
    A-         slice at a downward angle
    B-         slice straight in front of herself
    C-         upwards slash from low to over her head
    Hopping Guard Crush:
    Armed-     a quick hop with her air C slash
    Unarmed-   quick hop with an overhead kick
    Punches (all punches are the same move at different speeds):
    Standing:  a straight forward chop
    Criyching: a straight forward low chop
    Dashing:   a sliding version of her normal standing punch
    Jumping:   a downwards chop in front of herself
    D-         a turn around kick that hits low
    Fwd+D-     a flip kick that hits three times
    Dwn+D-     low leg extension
    Dwn/Fwd+D- a low thrust kick with both legs
    Dashing+D- slide kick
    Jumping+D- a downwards angled kick in front of herself
    Jmp,Dwn+D- a flip kick for automatic knockdown
    Hanging From Mamahaha:
    A-         straight slash in front of herself
    B-         straight slash in front of herself
    C-         upwards slash in front of herself
    Punches-   an open palmed slap at a downwards angle
    Riding Sikou:
    A-         sideways slash in front of herself
    B-         sideways slash in front of herself
    C-         an upwards slash in front of herself
    A-         sideways slash in front of herself
    B-         sideways slash in front of herself
    C-         an upwards slash in front of herself
    A-         sideways slash in front of herself
    B-         sideways slash in front of herself
    C-         an upwards slash in front of herself
    standing-  a sideways open palmed slap
    crouching- a sideways open palmed slap
    jumping-   a sideways open palmed slap
    Special Moves List
    Special moves are listed for a Nakoruru standing on the left-hand side and
    facing right.
    Lela O Chikiri                         | Grabs opponent, and strikes,
                                           | hitting and kicking, for five
     (close) -O | \   + D                  | hits of damage.
                O  O                       |
    Leyla Mutsube                          | Rushes into air to strike for
                                           | magic damage.
     | \   -O + Slash                      |
     O  O                                  |
    Annu Mutsube                           | Slides along ground to hit for
                                           | magic damage.
     O-  / | + Slash                       |
        O  O                               |
    Kamui Risse                            | Twirls with cape to strike and
                                           | reflect projectiles (A = 1 twirl
     O- |  / + Slash                       | B = 2 twirls, C = 3 twirls).
        O O                                | (Extra twirl can be added by 
                                           | hitting a slash right before the
                                           | end of the last twirl)
    NOTE:  NAKORURU's SLASH animal is MAMAHAHA (falcon)
    Mamahaha Flight                        | Leaps, and grabs onto bird  
                                           | (control then moves to bird).
     |  / O- + D                           |
     O O                                   |
    Get off Bird                           | Leaps off of bird in direction
                                           | chosen.
     \   + D or  | + D or  / + D           |
      O          O        O                |
    Mamahaha Attack                        | Strikes with sword while 
                                           | clinging to bird for damage.
     Mamahaha Flight, then A, B, or C      | A, B = horizontal slash
                                           | C = downward arc slash.
    Kamui Mutsube                          | Shoots down from bird in a blaze
                                           | to strike for magic damage in a
     Mamahaha Flight, then | \  -O + C     | diagonal direction.
                           O  O            |
    Amube Yatoro            A) Lelashe     | A) Mamahaha sends out tornado,
                            B) Shichikabu  | B) Mamahaha dives to strike,
                               Etu Brute   | 
     -O \  |  / O- + ...    C) Shichikabu  | C) Mamahaha dives, lifts, and
         O O O                 Amyu        |    drops opponent.
    POWER SPECIAL:                         | Strikes opponent with weapon,
    Elelyu Kamui Risse                     | twirls to hit with cape four 
                                           | times, and finishes with 
     -O \  |  / O- -O \  |  / O- + AB      | Mamahaha diving to strike for
         O O O         O O O               | massive damage.
    SPECIAL MOVES FOR BUST NAKORURU ONLY                                 
    NOTE:  NAKORURU'S BUST animal is SILKOU (wolf)
    Wolf Pounce                            | Leaps onto Silkou.
     |  / O- + D                           |
     O O                                   |
    Get off Wolf                           | Leaps off of Silkou.
      O + D or O + D or O + D              |
     /         |         \                 |
    Riding Wolf Attack                     | Strikes with weapon while riding
                                           | Silkou to hit for damage.
     Wolf Pounce + A, B, or C              | A, B = horizontal slash
                                           | C = upward arc slash
    Myu Shikite                            | Rushes towards opponent (push
                                           | joystick in direction of the
     Wolf Pounce + O- / | + C              | separation and press C during
                     O  O                  | this move to attack).
    Kanto Shikite                          | Leaps up towards opponent (push
                                           | joystick in direction of the
     Wolf Pounce + | \  -O + C             | separation and press C during
                   O  O                    | this move to attack).
    Imel Shikite                           | Leaps, and rushes down to strike
                                           | opponent for magic damage.
     Wolf Pounce, (jump) -O | \   + C      |
                            O  O           |
    Epunkine Shikite                       | Sends Silkou out to smash into
                                           | opponent for damage.
     When knocked down, AC                 |
    POWER SPECIAL:                         | Catches opponent, and juggles
    Nubeki Kamui Shikite                   | opponent into air with multiple
                                           | sword strikes, smashing opponent
     O- / | \  -O | \   + BC               | with a Kamui Risse to the ground 
       O  O  O    O  O                     | to finish.
    Intro-poses at the start of first round
    -Slash: Mamahaha flies overhead and drops sword to Nak.  On her home
            stage, she says "Mamahaha" as Mamahaha flies overhead.
    -Bust: Nak points menacingly at opponent, then Silkou comes to her
           side.  On her home stage, she says something as she points.
    1) crosses arms over chest and sighs in relief while the magic stars 
       which accompanies many of her special moves when hit rises up
       around Nakoruru.
    2) wraps cape around shoulders, then says "Daishizen no shioki desu"
       (Nature's Punishment)
    3) stands there frozen or normal fighting stance, then winning portrait
    1) flips hair, points at fallen opponent, and says "yosh".
    2) turns around, wraps cape, then looks back and says "Shizen no ikari 
       wo ukenasai" (Receive Nature's anger!)
    3) stands there frozen or normal fighting stance, then winning portrait
    first win: always get winning pose (1).
    second win: will get either winning pose (2) or (3) (will definite get 
                winning pose (2) if a non-fatal is delivered.)
    -Time out loss: Nak collapses on her knees in defeat
    -Double Fatality: Slash clenches fists in frustation
                      Bust flips hair and sighs in annoyance
    -Stalemate: same as double fatality
    -Continue: (1) clenches fists with renewed strength
               (2) holds hilt of half-drawn sword
     If Nak loses sword in the deciding losing round, (1) will result,
     if Nak still has sword in the deciding losing round, (2) will result.
    Poses after selecting the Character versions
    Slash: serious expression; when selected, she does her close standing C
           slash, then points forward and yells "Ya".
    Bust: sadistic smirk; when selected, she turns around, wraps cape, then
          looks back and says "Yosh".
    Misc. Information
      - Nakoruru can triangle jump off the wall (as if you don't already 
        know! ^_^)
      - to get a highscore, do as much of these as possible:
           Rounds (lose 2nd deliberately)
           Perfect rounds (50,000)
           5 kick throw (5000)
           guard crush (3000)
      - On Rim's stage, Nak appears if she is not fighting.  If Rim loses,
        Nak collapses in grief.
      - If Nak is fighting Rimururu on her stage, their parents will grief 
        for Rim but not for Nak. :)
      - GLITCH in the game: on highscore screen, Nak will have the Slash 
        expression even if she appears in Bust colours
    (note:  many of the combos involving the Mamahaha attacks can be 'mixed-and-
            matched', try out different things after your Mamahaha attack hits)
    (1) The following normal moves, when it hits, can be comboed into either 
        an Annu Mutsube, Leyla Mutsube, Kamui Risse or Elelyu Kamui Risse (Slash 
           standing far B
           standing close B
           crouching far B
           crouching close B
           running B
           crouching C first slash
           crouching C second slash
           standing close C first slash
        note: * crouching C (2 hits) into C Leyla Mutsube (5-hits) = dizzy
              * apparently, standing/crouching close A is also combo-able, but
                I haven't tested it out myself.
    (2) Air C, standing close B into Annu Mutsube or Leyla Mutsube (note: Air C
        will only combo into a standing close B if air C hits an opponent who was 
        crouching, or if you hit your opponent very deeply before landing)
    (3) Air B or D, standing close B into Annu Mutsube or Leyla Mutsube.
    (4) (not confirmed) standing close B, crouching B into Annu/Leyla Mutsube.
    Misc combo information: C cape in corner can redizzy Gaira
    (1) A/C Amube Yatoro, then, if close enough, jump forward and air C to hit.
        (note: if opponent is too far, use combo (3) or run forward and then air 
        C slash as they fall)
    (2) Air C, standing close B into Elelyu Kamui Risse (slash power special) 
        (note: Air C will only combo into a standing close B if air C hits an 
        opponent who was crouching, or if you hit your opponent very deeply 
        before landing)
    (3) Air B or D, standing close B into Elelyu Kamui Risse (slash power 
    (4) A/C Amube Yatoro, then, leyla/annu Mutsube as opponent falls.
    (5) B Amube Yatoro, then C Annu or Leyla Mutsube as opponent is stunned
    (6) B slash (delivered deep to the back of your opponent), B/C Amube Yatoro, 
        Annu/Leyla Mutsube
    (7) B Amube Yatoro, Run-in B, Annu/Leyla Mutsube.
    (8) (On Mamahaha), C slash into Kamui Mutsube.
    (9) Air C (cross up), standing B into B Amube Yatoro, standing far B, C
        Annu Mutsube.
    (10) crouching C (to the back of opponent), B Amube Yatoro, C Annu or Leyla 
    (11) crouching C (to the back of opponent), B Amube Yatoro, standing B 
         slash, C Annu or Leyla Mutsube.
    (12) Infinite combo for Slash Nakoruru!! 
         1. Start with a close B slash to the back
         2. Interupt into the B hawk attack as normal for my older combo.  
         3. Now, instead of doing another B slash, walk forward, dodge around 
            them with Fwd+AB 
         4. Do another B slash and B hawk attack
         5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 over and over.  
         Note: The reason you need to side-step behind opponent is because the
               B hawk turns them around when it hits.  You can also do this 
               combo by jumping forward the instant the B hawk attack hits, you
               will land on the other side of them and have them stumbling back
               into you.  
               Also, the scary thing is, this combo does not need to be started 
               from the back.  Any time you get them with the B hawk, the round 
               could essentialy be over, based upon your ethics.  Once you hit 
               someone with the B hawk attack, just dash forward, dash around 
               them, and begin cheezing.  
               This combo only works on certain characters (listed below):
                  Haohmaru, Gaira (definitely will work)
                  Genjuro, Hanzo, Kyoshiro, Shizumaru, Galford (not tested but
                  should work).
               This combo will not work on:
                  Nakoruru, Rimururu, Basara, Amakusa, Ukyo 
    (1) (On Silkou), C slash into Bust super.
    (2) (On Silkou), Air C slash, Imel Shikite
        Note: this can be performed on ground opponents or on air-borne 
              opponents.  Unreliable if performed against air-borne opponents.
    (3) Infinite combo (until dizzy)
         (On Silkou) C slash on opponent's back, run, stop, repeat C slash...
         note: try super combo before dizzy! 
    (4) (On Silkou), C slash (to the back of opponent), Myu Shikite into
        forward wolf separation straight away.
    Note:  C slash while on Silkou can hit twice if up close, but it is safer
    to interrupt after the first hit to combo.  You can also combo after the
    second hit, but it is harder.
    General Strategies
       - Use lots of standing far As to poke.  Finally Nakoruru can sort of poke
         like Charlotte!! ^_^
       - dodge often and retaliate with combos
       - follow up guard crushes with a B slash into Annu Mutsube.  C slashes 
         sometimes will miss.  If performed a pulling guard crush (e.g. opponent
         has his/her back facing you now), do a B slash into B Amube Yatoro and
         then Annu Mutsube.
       - stand up when blocking/getting hit because standing recovery is
       - attacking behind is best as recovery is longest (ie try guard
         crushing/pulling the other way instead of pushing)
       - let opponent retrieve weapon, whack them as they do so (suggest
         using power specials again :)
       - Moves that can be air-thrown by Nakoruru (found so far)
            backwards dash
            hopping crush
            hanzo air drop
            Ukyo's TG
            Haohmaru's Kogetsuzan and Tempa Fuzzin Zan (slash super)
            Genjuro's uppercut
            Shizumar's uppercut
            Bust Hanzo's power special
            Slash Ukyo's power special
            Leyla Mutsube
       - Air counters on ground:
           * crouching C (latter part of animation)
           * standing far C
           * Leyla Mutsube (opponent cannot be too close)
           * upwards wolf separation
           * Kamui Risse (cape flick)
           * Power Specials (both Bust and Slash versions)
           * dodge/side stepping to behind
           * walk under and attack (use B, BC, crouching C, standing close C
             or Kamui Risse)
           * Mamahaha attacks
           * C slash while on Silkou (on the ground)
           * wolf separation on the ground (by doing a Kanto Shikite and then
             separate upwards immediately (qcf+c, uf+c)
       - Air fights:
           * to be safe, only do rising C slash when jumping backwards,
             otherwise, jump up close and then air throw
           * always air block
           * wait for chance to throw/counter slash
    Special Moves Usage
       - Annu Mutsube:
            * Requires weapon to perform
            * Needs to be blocked low.
            * Use A Annu Mutsube most of the time.  It's not possible to
              retaliate a blocked A Annu Mutsube with a C slash unless you 
              are Galford, Hanzo or Rimururu (who has fast crouching Cs).          
            * However, certain characters, like Shizumaru, can retaliate
              Nakoruru with a special move after blocking the A Annu Mutsube.
              Also every character can hit her with the faster A or B slash.
            * Use Annu Mutsube to go under projectiles? (need confirmation)
       - Leyla Mutsube:
            * Cannot be air-blocked?
            * Requires weapon to perform.
            * Has more lag time than Annu Mutsube so be careful.
            * Needs to be blocked high as soon as Nakoruru starts to rise.
            * Can opponents multiple times, maximum number of hits are:
               A Leyla Mutsube: 2 Hits?
               B Leyla Mutsube: 3 hits?
               C Leyla Mutsube: 5 hits
            * Maximum number of blocked hits on ground opponents for all A/B/C
              Leyla Mutsube are 3 hits?
            * Use crouching C (2 hits) into C Leyla Mutsube combo as much as 
              you can to dizzy opponent.
            * If opponent jumps back from close distance, can do a C Leyla
              Mutsube immediately to hit them.
            * Note: sometimes Leyla Mutsube will miss during a combo if the
              timing and spacing is not right.  If you need to be safe, use
              Annu Mutsube instead.
        - Kamui Risse (Cape Flick):
            * Does not require weapon to perform.
            * The maximum number of hits/blocked hits you can get are:
                 A Kamui Risse: 1st twirl = 2 hits -> 2 hits total
                 B Kamui Risse: 1st twirl = 2 hits, 2nd twirl = 1 hit
                                -> 3 hits total
                 C Kamui Risse: 1st twirl = 2 hits, 2nd twirl = 2 hits,
                                3rd twirl = 1 hit -> 5 hits total
                 Extra twirl at the end: 3 hits
            * More hits than stated above will result for the first twirl if 
              you executed Kamui Risse against big opponents (Gaira, Amakusa)
              up close or against other opponents when they are trapped 
              against the corner.
            * Nakoruru is briefly vulnerable right after a blocked Kamui
              Risse and can be thrown or hit by A or B slash (character
            * Nakoruru is also briefly vulnerable right after the first
              twirl of a blocked B Kamui Risse and the second twirl of 
              a blocked C Kamui Risse.  Opponent can A or B slash 
              Nakoruru before the third twirl hits (CPU Haohmaru
              Kogetsuzaned me right after the second twirl..)
            * Nakoruru is also vulnerable right before the extra twirl comes
              out and can be retaliated as stated above.  But it's usually
              very hard for opponent to retaliate after blocking the extra
            * The extra twirl comes out too slowly and cannot be comboed in 
              with the previous twirls even if the previous twirls hits.  
              However, the extra twirl will combo if you manage to hit someone 
              with the cape twirls on their backs.  The best way to do this is
              to AB sidestep to the back of opponent and then execute the move
              straight away.
            * Use the extra twirl up close for more blocked damage, especially
              if opponent is trapped agains the corner.  Also use the extra
              twirl occasionally to surprise human opponents who is trying to
              slash you back.
            * It appears that Nakoruru can only use the A Kamui Risse to
              reflect projectiles (need confirmation!)
            * List of projectile attacks which Nakoruru can reflect with Kamui
              Risse (done with A button) so far:
                 - Haohmaru's ground Senprenetsuzan
                 - Galford's Plasma blade
                 - Genjuro card projectiles
       - Lela O Chikiri (5-hit kick throw):
            * after blocking close, immediately 5 kick throw (hard to avoid if
              possible at all)
            * Cheeze like the ninjas - Mamahaha tornado, run in and 5-hit kick
              throw or simply just run in then 5-hit kick throw like the 
              ninja's run in SPDs.
            * jump, (optional - do an air attack before landing which will just 
              miss opponent), then 5-hit kick throw upon landing.
            * Jump in with a air D kick, and then 5-kick throw as soon as you 
              land after opponent blocks the move or get hit by it.
            * If you have overjumped, do the throw as soon as you land in the
              same direction as before.
       - Mamahaha Attacks:
            * Doesn't take off blocked damage (or very little blocked damage)
              (arrghh!  What has SNK done????)
            * All Amube Yatoro attacks, except for the air tornado, need to be
              blocked HIGH.
            * All Amube Yatoro attacks can be air-blocked.
            * All attacks involving Mamahaha do not require weapon to perform.
            * Use tornados to cancel slow projectiles.
            * Amube Yatoro attacks can be used as air counters also (Use A 
              or C - since you can juggle opponent when they do hit)  
            * If opponent jumps back from relatively close distance, do a B or 
              C Mamahaha attacks immediately.  It might get them in mid-air.
            * Amube Yatoro attacks are a lot faster than in SS2.  Keep doing A
              Amube Yatoro followed by B or C Amube Yatoro to keep opponents
            * The Amube Yatoro attacks have less start/end lags now and it is
              virtually impossible for opponents to jump in and slash you when
              they see (or even anticipate) the attack coming at them.
            * HOWEVER, it is now possible for nearly every character to dash 
              in under the Mamahaha attacks and get Nakoruru before she
              recovers - so therefore you should not get too predictable with
              these attacks.
            * try to slash with A, B or C when grabbing on Mamahaha, it seems 
              to have very little recovery time and can combo into Kamui
              Mutsube.  C slash while on Mamahaha can be used to slash people
              jumping up to slash you.
            * Kamui Mutsube will take off blocked damage - usually around 3 to 
              4 pixels of blocked damage.  However, it has less horizontal
              range now and, although possible, it's harder now to use this
              move to tag back of opponent's head, ticking off blocked damage 
              and landing safely away.  And it's nearly impossible to cross
              attack with this move anymore.
            * Kamui Mutsube needs to be blocked HIGH.
            * If opponent air-blocks your C slash which you executed while 
              grabbing on Mamahaha, Kamui Mutsube off the bird immediately.
            * Kamui Mutsube can not be air-blocked?
            * Nakoruru cannot air-block while grabbing on Mamahaha.
            * Nakoruru cannot be air-thrown while grabbing on Mamahaha??
       - Silkou Attacks:
            * Do not jump on Silkou when you are within opponent's attack 
              range!  There is a short lag after you jump on the wolf during
              which Nakoruru is vulnerable to attacks.
            * Also, do not jump on Silkou when Silkou is moving, you will
              sometimes miss the wolf and will again be vulnerable.
            * When Nak is riding on Silkou, she cannot power up, pick up 
              weapon on the ground, peform guard crush, nor dodge.  However,
              Nak can still do the BC hop crush.
            * When Nakoruru is on Silkou, she cannot be air-thrown,
            * However, if you are playing Bust Nakoruru on the 2P side, Nak
              can be air-thrown when riding on Silkou (this is a glitch in
              the game)
            * When Nakoruru is on Silkou and is not doing any of the special
              moves, She cannot be thrown by special moves (e.g. Ninja's SPD
              throw, Bust Rimururu's ice throw, Nak's 5-kick throw).  An 
              exception to this is Bust Gaira, who can do his special throws
              on Nakoruru while she is on Silkou anytime.  Note that if 
              Nakoruru is performing any special moves while on Silkou (e.g.
              the Shikite attacks) she can be thrown by special throws.
            * When Nakoruru is on Silkou, she cannot be guard-crushed. 
            * While on Silkou, Nakoruru increases in speed (walking, dashing)
              and also jumps further forward (higher too?)  Also, BC hop
              crush on Silkou has more horizontal range.
            * Also, when you are hit while on Silkou, the recovery time is 
              always that of the standing recovery time (i.e. shorter!).  So
              if you are hit by a hopping crush, you will always recover in
              time to retaliate!!
            * Use the infinite combo into Bust power special!
            * The Shikite moves do not need weapons to perform.
            * Nakoruru will go THROUGH an opponent if she executed a Myu 
              Shikite or Kanto Shikite when opponent is at close range.
            * During the Myu Shikite or Kanto Shikite move, the possible 
              directions of separation are:
                 Myu Shikite: forward, backward, forward-up, backward-up.
                 Kanto Shikite: forward, backward, forward-up, backward-up,
                                forward-down, backward-down.
            * Myu Shikite and Kanto Shikite does not hit the opponent, the
              separation attack during these two moves does hit.  The
              combination of the Shikite moves and separation attack can 
              greatly confuse your opponent.  For example:
                 - Kanto Shikite and separate backwards or back-down after 
                   passing the opponent.
                 - Myu Shikite and then separate backwards.
            * If the wolf separations are blocked it usually takes off 2 to 3
              hits of blocked damage and you're vulnerable for about 1/2 of a 
            * If Nakoruru seperates from the wolf during a Myu Shikite, the 
              separation can be blocked high or low.  However, if Nakoruru 
              seperates down from the air during a Kanto Shikite, the wolf
              separations must be blocked high.  
            * It seems that if Nakoruru seperates from the ground into the air
              during a Myu Shikite, the separation cannot hit an opponent on 
              the ground (as far as I've seen - confirmation?) 
            * Wolf separations can not be air blocked.
            * Imel Shikite needs to be blocked high.
            * The Shikite attacks and separation can go over low attacks such 
              as Rim's ground freeze, Amakusa's ground portal, and Annu 
              Mutsube (read in magazine, please confirm)
            * When Nakoruru jumps while riding on Silkou, she can attack and 
              block in the air.
            * When Nakoruru jumps off Silkou while on the ground ground, she
              can attack straight away while in the air (not sure about air
            * When Nakoruru jumps off Silkou in mid-air, she can attack 
              straight away while in the air (not sure about air blocking.)
            * While on Sikou, use 'double jump' to confuse opponent.
              eg. jump over opponent on Silkou, then reverse jump off Silkou 
                     (back+D) and C slash after getting off wolf, or
                  jump at opponent, double jump off Silkou (up+D) to avoid
                     opponent's air counter slash and then retaliate.
            * standing separation can be done by doing /Myu/Kanto Shikite and 
              pressing C twice very quickly.  eg.  qcf+C,uf+C will 
              effectively have Nak dashing forwards and upwards from the spot 
              she's sitting, making it come out fast enough for air countering.
            * when knocked down, AC wolf, then combo if close
              if far away, roll forward and combo.
            * wolf recovery time when hit is the same standing or crouching
            * You can do a "standing" Imel Shikite if you do f,d,df,f,uf and 
              then press C within half a second.  This comes out much faster 
              than leaping into the air then doing f,d,df + C.  i.e. you can 
              buffer the joystick motions first when you are on the ground 
              before you jump - like what Ukyo can do with his TG in SS2/3.
            * C slash while on Silkou has very high priority - especially over
              crouching slashes, and can be used as air counter.
            * There is a fairly long time-window during which Nakoruru can do 
              the Epunkine Shikite (AC wolf counter) after Nakoruru is knocked
              down.  Therefore, time the move to hit the opponent at the right 
              time (e.g.  wait until opponent land from an uppercut move 
              before sending Silkou out).
            * It appears that Epunkine Shikite wolf counter will not work in 
              every instances when Bust Nakoruru is knocked down.  You can
              definitely do the wolf counter when:
                 - Nakoruru is knocked down by a normal crouching attack.
                 - If Nakoruru is hit by the following special moves:
                      Haohmaru's Kogetsuzan
                      Shizumaru's umbrella spin
                      Shizumaru's uppercut move
                      Ukyo's After Image Attack?
                      Genjuro's uppercut
                      Slash Haohmaru's Tempa Fuzzin Zan (power special)
            * It seems that it is not possible to wolf counter after getting
              hit by most power specials (confirmation needed)
            * Make sure you use the wolf counter when knocked down by a
              special move, as opponent usually needs to recover after the
              move and will definitely get hit.
            * Also, try to do the Epunkine Shikite wolf counter as late as
              possible right before Nak gets up so that you can combo off the
              wolf counter if it hits.  For example:
                 - wolf counter, (get up), B slash into Annu Mutsube
              If you are too far from your opponent, the best you can do is a
              C Annu Mutsube after the wolf counter.  Rolling forward after you
              are knocked down will also help to get in close to combo after
              the wolf counter.
            * If opponent jumps back from close range, do an upward separation
              to hit them out of the air.
       - Power Specials:
         Slash  - does not require weapon to perform
                - needs to be blocked high and cannot be air blocked.
                - combo it like mad :)
                - however, it can still miss (rarely) even if your slash
                - can be used as air counter
                - ninjas can use log trick against this
                - can sometimes super immediately after getting hit even
                  before enemy recovers (try against slow hopping crushes 
                  and moves that are slow but do not knock you down, e.g.
                  Shinzumaru's low C)
                - Might be able to perform the slash power specials while
                  already grabbing on Mamahaha (unconfirmed).  Otherwise
                  can only be done on the ground.
                - It has been sighted that CPU has performed the Power 
                  specials while in the air after an air C slash...  not
                  sure if this is just a game glitch (need confirmation..)
                - If opponent throws projectiles from a fairly close range,
                  do the Slash Power specials to go over the projectile and
                  hit the opponent while they are still in recovery mode.
         Bust   - requires weapon to perform
                - can be blocked high or low, but can't be air blocked.
                - combo it also (but need to be on the wolf already)
                - the rising slash sometimes miss even if the dashing part
                  connects (very rare)
                - can be used as air counter
                - can sometimes go through projectiles.  Below is a list of 
                  projectile moves which Bust power special can go through
                  so far:
                     Kyoshiro's flaming projectile (need confirmation again
                        to see if this can be done reliably)
                     Amakusa's flaming skull (can go through it ANYTIME 
                        while Bust Nak is rushing forward)
                     Rimururu's ground ice (all the time while rushing)
                     Amakusa's ground portal (all the time while rushing)
                - Can be performed while standing on the ground, or riding
                  on Silkou's back while Silkou is on the ground.
    Strategies Vs CPU
      - can often use close B combos and jump in throws
      - also keep trying far B combos
      - also try air throws a lot.
      - If CPU jumps in on you, usually you don't need to worry about whether
        CPU is gonna air block or not - it usually doesn't.  So just jump
        forward and counter it out of the air with a C slash.
      - send Mamahaha tornado at close range to make CPU block, then do a
        crouching C, CPU will nearly always not block the crouching C, then
        combo after crouching C.  If CPU gets hit by the tornado, the
        crouching C will hit as well as CPU gets lifted up to the sky by the
      - if CPU blocks the Mamahaha tornado in the air at close range, jump up
        and air C slash CPU anyway as CPU usually will not block the air C.
      - at the start of the round, move as close to CPU as possible and then
        immediately 5-kick throw as the round starts to get ahead.
      - if using Bust Nakoruru, can try the infinite combo on the CPU even 
        if you managed to slash your opponent from the front.  CPU will often
        fall for it anyway.  Initiate the C slash after you have jumped in or
        performed a Myu Shikite and then proceed with the infinite combo if
        the C slash hits the CPU (Don't try this when just walking or running
    Strategies Vs Human:
       - alternate between high/low attacks 
         e.g. BC and A Annu Mutsube
              A Annu Mutsube and C Leyla Mutsube
              crouching D kick and BC
              B/C Mamahaha attacks and Annu Mutsube
       - jump in and air C a ground opponent, BC hop crush after you land.
       - run in and alternate between A/B/D/AM/BC/jump
           * D to trip
           * B if you think enemy will try something
           * A if you think enemy might beat you to an attack
           * Annu Mutsube instead of D for higher priority and damage if you 
             think enemy will attack, but longer recovery if blocked
           * BC for a quick overhead surprise attack
           * Jump in or jump straight up for variety and avoiding attacks
       - Moves to surprise people, not to use frequently
            * reflect projectiles (can't seem to reflect slinky...)
            * AC wolf counter attack (Bust version only)
       - Other patterns to try against human challengers:
            1) hop crush, hop crush, annu mutsube
            2) cape move, annu mutsube
            3) cape move + extra twirl, annu mutsube
            4) all of the above, but your first move(s) was blocked
       - After recovering enemy blocked BC/cape/AM/normal slash, you can 
         sometimes immediately slash and combo, or slash super, if you 
         feel the enemy has slightly slower reaction.
       - To surprise your opponent, do A Mamahaha attack, if your opponent
         decides to block the air tornado, then as soon as you recover from
         the move, do the B or C Mamahaha attack.  The B/C Mamahaha attack
         will reach your opponent virtually right after the A Mamahaha
         tornado is blocked and if they try to do anything after blocking
         they will be hit.
       - If your opponent gets apprehensive and jumps back at close range,
         immediately do a B or C Mamahaha attack to catch them unaware in
         the air.
       - If you are on Silkou, and your air C slash is air-blocked by your
         opponent, do the Imel Shikite straight away to hit your opponent.
         It will hit if they are trying to slash you back right after air
       - When playing Bust Nakoruru, mix up your Shikite moves and the
         separations.  Don't always separate after performing the Shikite
         moves.  Make your opponents guess - sometimes do a BC hop crush
         or jump straight up after zooming in with a Myu Shikite to keep
         opponent guessing.
    Character Specific Strategies
    Vs. CPU
      Haohmaru - sucker for A/B Amube Yatoro
               - Haohmaru's Kogetsuzan has been dramatically slowed down (or 
                 priority is reduced), therefore it's fairly easy to air throw
                 or air C slash him out of it.
      Genjuro -
      Ukyo - sucker for bust super when he has weapon (let him retrieve)
           - often falls for a long-range C Mamahaha attack.
      Gaira - sucker for the following combos:
                 * crouching C into C Leyla Mutsube
                 * Air B/C, standing B into Annu/Leyla Mutsube
            - be careful of Bust version's unblockable throws, keep to the
              air.  Jumps back if any ground slashes are blocked to avoid 
              being thrown.
            - knock CPU Gaira down, and jump up and do a B, he'll roll under 
              you, but you'll land and be able to B him in the back before he 
              recovers, and then combo the B slash into a special move.
      Rimururu - do any of Nakoruru's Mamahaha attack from further than normal, 
                 CPU Rimururu is programmed to try and run in under it but will 
                 be hit by it.
               - slash super over the ground ice to get her :)
               - Bust super over the ground ice to get her too!! :)
      Nakoruru - Counter the Amube Yatoro attacks by doing an Annu Mutsube
                 to go under the attack and hit Nakoruru.
               - Can also counter the Amube Yatoro attacks by running in and
                 B slash or 5-kick throw, or do a wolf separation forward.
      Shinzumaru - 
      Amakusa - sucker for the following combos:
                   * crouching C into C Leyla Mutsube
                   * Air B/C, standing B into Annu/Leyla Mutsube
      Ninjas - Counter portal drops from above by either:
                  (1) Block, then run forward B into Annu Mutsube
                  (2) Block, then wait until ninja about to land and then C 
                      Annu Mutsube
                  (3) Block, C Leyla Mutsube
                  (4) Without blocking, Annu Mutsube/power special/air throw 
                      against portral drops.
                  (5) Against Hanzo, to be safe, firstly Annu Mutsube on the 
                      ground when Hanzo disappears.  He will be hit if he 
                      reappear on the ground.
             - (vs CPU Hanzo only): A Mamahaha tornado CPU Hanzo, he will 
               usually block it and then jump forward, then air C him out of
               the air (CPU will not block it most of the time).
      Kyoshrio - air throw, air C
               - jump in with air D, and then 5-kick throw when landing.
      Basara - A Annu Mutsube if Basara throws his star weapon over the top 
               of you.         
             - Retreat to the corner, and then, after CPU Basara has followed 
               you into the corner so that he is within your standing far B 
               range, then you triangle jump out of the corner.  CPU Basara
               will toss his weapon diagonally to try to hit you but you will
               triangle jump out in time.  Then, after you land right next to
               him, do a standing close C into Annu Mutsube combo.  Repeat 
               (since after Annu Mutsube you will be back into the corner 
             - Block his power special, B Amube Yattoro, THEN Run in B -> 
               Mutsube Combo.
             - When Basara throws his weapon down at you while in the air,
               rather than doing a jumping C after blocking, let him land and 
               give him a running B combo instead.  Basara has a huge lag 
               after that move.
      Zankuro - B slash CPU, block, repeat until hit then combo.
              - Mix the above up with occasional jump ins etc.  CPU will 
                sometimes stuns you as you try to slash him if you get too
              - When CPU's POW meter is charged, get away as far as possible.
              - Jump in, air blocking until the last minute and then C slash
                before landing, block, and then slash after blocking Zankuro's
                attack.  If it hits, combo.
              - Move Nakoruru so that she is against the wall, jump back in
                to the wall, while air blocking all the time, if Zankuro does
                any of his attack (most of them air blockable), C slash 
                straight away after air-blocking)
    Vs. human
      Genjuro - dodge his slides (Slash)
      Ukyo - air throw and he's stuck on the ground (beware of Bust Ukyo super
             as air counter)
           - Mix up with air D and jump in throws/low C to counter his sword 
      Gaira - use speed, be aggressive
      Rimururu - slash super over the ground ice to get her :)
               - Bust super over the ground ice to get her too!! :)
      Shinzumaru - try Imel Shikite against umbrella moves
      Ninjas - refer to corresponding Vs CPU sections on how to counter portal
      Basara - block super then running B combo
             - run under his air blade throws and jump C
    End of SS3 Nakoruru Guide

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