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    Alternate Endings Guide by Raptor_316

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    From: "RAPTOR 3:16" <raptor316@hotmail.com>
    Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1999 00:14:04 PST
                                 Alternate Endings
         Alien Communication Ending
         1. Complete the main walkthrough up to and including step 34 (see 
    Total Solution). 
         2. You must now return to the Star Lab on Research Deck 1, room 
    #284. When you arrive
         Suzie should be wittering on about messages from the sun (if you're 
    quick enough getting
         there). There are three messages in all, including "Rings with 
    rings" and "Fire, flesh or water".
         If you don't hear Suzie when you enter the room, go to the room 
    opposite (#283) and pick up
         the piece of paper on the floor ('message printout' when examined). 
    If the paper is missing,
         then Suzie hasn't printed it yet, so just go back into room #284 
    and wait for her to read the
         messages out. When you've either heard Suzie or read the printout, 
    you'll receive the special
         question: "Is the sun trying to communicate?" 
         3. Now that you have this special question, you need to go and see 
    Suzie (well, her head
         anyway!). The Suzie head room is on Geodome Deck 3, room #141. When 
    you get there
         you'll see a big silver head (yep, that's our Suzie). Ask her the 
    special question, "Is the Sun
         trying to communicate?" Suzie will tell you that she thinks so, but 
    needs more information and
         time. After waiting a little while, prompt her with the question, 
    "What is happening?" (You may
         need to do this a couple of times.) Suzie will reply that she 
    thinks there is sentient life on the
         sun (hence the name of the game), but she cannot decode the 
    messages. Ask the question,
         "What should I do now?" Suzie advises you to go and see Navigator 
         4. The Navigator's quarters are located on Geodome Deck 1, room 
    #251. You'll find a book
         of Braille lying in the middle of the floor. Examine it, then scan 
    it using your mobile scanner.
         You can pick up the book if you wish, but it's not necessary as you 
    already have what you
         came for (the information now in the mobile scanner). 
         5. With the newly gained information, make your way to Geodome Deck 
    3, room #242. This
         room has a glass floor, so there should be no mistaking your 
    location. Use the mobile scanner
         on the machine to your left. Suzie can now decode the information, 
    although this will take a
         little while. If you want you can have a nose around. Suzie will 
    call you back when she's
         finished: she'll request you to return to the main Suzie room (room 
         6. As you go barging through the door, Suzie informs you that she's 
    decoded the messages.
         There are beings on the sun and, furthermore, they are trying to 
    help save the station. She tells
         you to go to the Main Science Lab on Research Deck 1, room #161, as 
    someone must be
         present there. 
         7. So like a shot, get your worthless hide down there, and pronto! 
    Now just use the big
         machine in the middle of the room. 
         The end sequence is now triggered... Alien Communication. 
         Game Over ­ Alien Communication "It's life Jim, but not as we know 
    it!" ­ Dr McCoy, USS
         Enterprise. In a world where corruption, scandal,       , mad 
    scientists and showering fully
         dressed are commonplace, there was one thing that wasn't expected: 
    Alien Communication.
         With the help of these beings, Garrit was able to save the Icarus 
    Mining Station from total
         destruction; whilst making a few new friends, and enemies... But is 
    everything quite what it
         Mutiny One
         1. Complete the main walkthrough up to and including step 38 (see 
    Total Solution). You now
         have the Evidence Recording. 
         2. Give the Evidence Recording to an engineer. He'll go on about 
    what a bad thing it is. Now
         just wait around for an engineer to summon you to Garrilac. If 
    you've given the Evidence
         Recording to Garrilac, you may still have to wait until Garrilac 
    summons you. 
         3. Once summoned, you can either follow the engineer, or you can 
    make your way to
         Engineering Deck 1, room #141. If he's not there try #223, then 
         4. When you meet with Garrilac, he'll tell of his plan to get off 
    this doomed station, or
         something along those lines. He then asks you to get the yacht 
    beacon from the Senator's
         quarters and bring it to him ­ no problem!
         5. Now go to the Senator's quarters. Djinn should be standing 
    outside the locked room. Go
         behind the Senator's quarters. To get there you'll need to go 
    through a garden room (the ones
         with pillars and two doors). The back of his quarters is 
    represented by a big black square wall
         with the usual circular design. Now use the panel on the wall.
         6. After using the panel (either the far wall panel earlier in his 
    quarters, or just a minute ago
         behind his quarters), open and enter through the door.
         7. The Senator's quarters should be empty. The yacht beacon is in 
    the shower. Pick it up. If
         the room has people in it, take the beacon and get out of there 
         8. Return to Engineering Deck 1 and look for Garrilac. Try the 
    rooms in this order: #141,
         #223 or #312. Now give him the beacon: he'll be overjoyed and will 
    give you a launch key ­
         to activate an escape pod for you and all the engineers.
         9. Now go to Auxiliary Control, room #131 or #231 (depending on 
    which ring you enter).
         Enter the room's cubby hole on the left (or right, depending on the 
    door you entered from),
         and use the launch key on the panel in front of you. End sequence 
    is now initiated.
         Mutiny Two
         Note: This can only be used before the Senator has left the 
    station. 1. Complete the main
         walkthrough up to and including step 38 (see Total Solution). You 
    now have the Evidence
         2. Complete the 'Mutiny One' walkthrough up to and including step 
    7. You now have the
         yacht beacon.
         3. Now go to a teleporter that can take you to the dock. Access 
    will be denied. Use the yacht
         beacon and wait for a while. Ha! "Access Granted."
         4. Enter the dock and go down the long red corridor to the purple 
    helmet room (I beg your
         pardon!). Now simply use the green panel on your left to trigger 
    the end sequence.
               And Glory Ending 1. Complete the main walkthrough up to and 
    including step 45. You
         now know your true identity and your destiny to die in the sun. 2. 
    Go to Engineering 3, room
         #212. This is the Web Runner Bay. Use the machine on the far wall 
    to activate the end
         Navigator Ending
         1. Wander around until the Senator has left the station, or is just 
    about to leave. At some point
         during the game (if you've been pretty slow), Navigator Ta comes 
    looking for you. She'll tell
         you that Jacomo (her mate), is missing. Now go to Geodome 2, room 
    #141. You should find
         Jacomo inside, under a golden shower (ahem... you need to ask 
    Jacomo the name of the
         room while you're in it). Mandana should be outside. Ask her what 
    you should do now.
         2. Remember the Utilities Node on the second ring of Geodome Deck 
    2. This is the control
         panel you used to turn the lights up before. This time turn all the 
    power off by moving the lights
         down, instead of up.
         3. You now need the Flow Inhibitor, which can be found on 
    Engineering Deck 3, room #263.
         4. Take it to room #161 on Geodome Deck 2 (next door to Jacomo). 
    Use the Flow Inhibitor
         on the Outbound Water Pump Disk. Now go back and see Jacomo.
         5. Mandana should open the room and enter. Follow her. Jacomo will 
    now ask you to tell Ta
         where she is.
         6. You should find Ta on Geodome Deck 1, room #271 (a two-doored 
    Pillar Garden). Tell
         her that Jacomo is in Geodome Deck 2, room #141 (this only works if 
    you've already asked
         Jacomo the name of the room ­ step 1 above).
         7. Wait for a little while until Ta finds you and informs you that 
    Jacomo is now meditating.
         Then, after another short wait, Jacomo should come and ask you to 
    help pilot the station to
         8. Go to the Navigator Chamber (via teleport) with Jacomo. You now 
    have the final end
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