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    Books Transcript by threetimes

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     _______           _______  ______   _______
    (  ____ \|\     /|(  ___  )(  __  \ (  ___  )|\     /|
    | (    \/| )   ( || (   ) || (  \  )| (   ) || )   ( |
    | (_____ | (___) || (___) || |   ) || |   | || | _ | |
    (_____  )|  ___  ||  ___  || |   | || |   | || |( )| |
          ) || (   ) || (   ) || |   ) || |   | || || || |
    /\____) || )   ( || )   ( || (__/  )| (___) || () () |
    \_______)|/     \||/     \|(______/ (_______)(_______)
     _______  _______  ______   _        _______  _______  _______
    (       )(  ___  )(  __  \ ( (    /|(  ____ \(  ____ \(  ____ \
    | () () || (   ) || (  \  )|  \  ( || (    \/| (    \/| (    \/
    | || || || (___) || |   ) ||   \ | || (__    | (_____ | (_____
    | |(_)| ||  ___  || |   | || (\ \) ||  __)   (_____  )(_____  )
    | |   | || (   ) || |   ) || | \   || (            ) |      ) |
    | )   ( || )   ( || (__/  )| )  \  || (____/\/\____) |/\____) |
    |/     \||/     \|(______/ |/    )_)(_______/\_______)\_______)
    Developer: Craveyard
    Publisher: Crave
    Released:  1999
                            THE BOOKS OF SHADOW MADNESS
                            Transcribed from the game and typed
                            by threetimes
                            December 6th 2006
                            Revised November 11th 2007
                            Final Version. 1.0
    Shadow Madness is filled with extra information contained in books that are
    found throughout the game.  Reading these  adds to your information about
    locations, monsters, people and history, but also is just fun, as many of the
    entries are comical and there just for amusement.
    More recent role playing games tend to collate this in-game information in a
    reference section for easy checking but this is not the case with Shadow
    What follows is a kind of walkthrough for the game but only identifying the
    locations and content of the books.  I have given the exact locations of all
    books in the order in which they can be found, and copied out the extra
    information from the books.  Obviously that information is recorded directly
    from the game and all the credits go to the developers Craveyard at Crave
    Entertainment Inc.  The locations and added notes are my own work.
    Many of the books require you to say yes if you want to read and continue
    reading, and they can be scrolled through quickly or not at all.  Some will
    get an additional comment if you don't read them, and others, if you do!
    Revision: November 2007
    Since I completed the script and walkthrough for Shadow Madness, I have
    revised this FAQ so it ties in with the other two, and added the same Table
    of Contents and Search Code to ease cross referencing.  I have omitted the
    subsections for the locations which do not have any books to read.
               || * indicates a place where there are books! ||
                                  Table of Contents
    Use the search codes to find whatever section you want.  To do this press
    Control + F and then type in the code in the box that appears.  Then press
    Enter.  If you are using a Mac it is either Apple command button at the side of
    the space bar, + F,  then type in the code in the "Find" box and select "Next".
       Chapter Headings                                         Search Code
       1. Introduction                                          0010
       2. Khalestra                                             0020
                               i. Port Lochane                  0021
                              ii. Mountain Pass                 0022 *
                             iii. Enclaan                       0023
                              iv. Forestgrove                   0024 *
                               v. Barleygrove                   0025
                              vi. Red Tom's Cave                0026
                             vii. Rockra                        0027
                            viii. Catman                        0028 *
       3. Karillon                                              0030
                               i. The Gates                     0031
                              ii. Oldtowne                      0032 *
                             iii. Middletowne                   0033 *
                              iv. Hightowne                     0034
                               v. Gogarin Keep                  0035 *
       4. Crescent Valley                                       0040
                               i  Magic Academy                 0041
                              ii. Anglerville                   0042 *
                             iii. Jynx                          0043 *
                              iv. Revisit Karillon              0044
       5. Magic Academy                                         0050
                               i. Inside the Academy            0051 *
                              ii. Old Gulbrath                  0052 *
                             iii. Gubrath Woods                 0053
                              iv. The Village                   0054
                               v. Gamathel's Tower              0055 *
                              vi. The Division of Labour  A.    0056
                                  (Magic Academy Third Visit)
                             vii. Return Visits                 0057
       6. Bene-Brokul                                           0060
                               i. The Journey                   0061
                              ii  The Village                   0062 *
       7. Uhndrashi Plateaus                                    0070
       8. Siltheria                                             0080
                               i. Nomad Camp                    0081
                              ii. Ziggurat                      0082
                             iii. Hall of Spheres               0083 *
                              iv. The Magic Mouth               0084
                               v. Hall of Choices               0085
                              vi. Orb Vault                     0086
                             vii. Leaving the Ziggurat          0087
       9. Uhndrashi Plateaus                                    0090
                               i. Second Visit                  0091
                              ii. Artelier                      0092 *
      10. Dobietown                                             0100 *
      11. New Gulbrath                                          0110
                               i. New Gubrath                   0111 *
                              ii. Gubrath Bog Maze              0112
      12. Karillon                                              0120
      13. Eyre                                                  0130
      14. Wyldern                                               0140
      15. Pays'Hom                                              0150
      16. Hexite Mines                                          0160 *
      17. Pays'Hom                                              0170
      18. Michi Village                                         0180
      19. The Garrison                                          0190
      20  Magic Academy 2                                       0200
      21  Return to Wyldern                                     0210
      22. Banori Caverns                                        0220
                                i. Inside the Caverns           0221 +
                               ii. The Catapult                 0222
                              iii  Banori Tanglewoods           0223
      23. The Serene Gardens                                    0230
      24. Keerg's Camp                                          0240
      25. Karillon and Eyre Again!                              0250
      26. Dantyr                                                0260
                                 i. Chiore                      0261
                                ii. Voltaire Island             0262
                               iii. Petit Island                0263 *
      27. Dantyr by Ship                                        0270
                                 i. Treeside (night)            0271 *
                                ii. Verne Island                0272
                               iii. Gadget Madness              0273
                                iv. Gadget Madness Part Three   0274
                                    (Pandora's Cauldron)
                                 v. Revisits                    0275
      28. Metabolas Island                                      0280
                                 i. Up the Mountain             0281
                                ii. The Lava Pathways           0282
                               iii. The Caves                   0283
                                iv. Metaboline Castle           0284 *
                                 v. The Return Journey          0285
                                vi. Treeside (day)              0286
      29. Magic Academy 3                                       0290
      30. Karillon and Dantyr                                   0300
      31. Bene-Brokul and Siltheria                             0310
      32. South Cartoff Island                                  0320
      33. Wyldern Again                                         0330
      34. Tyr Og Nor                                            0340
                                 i. Jirina's Route              0341 *
                                    Tyr Og Nor 1
                                    Tyr Og Nor 2
                                    Tyr Og Nor 2
                                ii. Stinger's Route             0342 *
                                    Tyr Og Nor 4
                                    Tyr Og Nor 5
                                    Tyr Og Nor 6
      35. End Game                                              0350
    ******* Acknowledgements and Thanks
    ******* Legal and Contact
                               1. INTRODUCTION                              0010
    No books.
                                2.  KHALESTRA                             0020
    ii. Mountain Pass                                                     0022 *
    Muggins' Cabin: where you find Harv-5
    Box on floor.
    Back issues of "Mountain Man Quarterly"...(no text)
    Bookcase at back of room
    Keerg's Fables
    By the Brothers Woods
    A poor woodcutter lived with his wife and  eleven children in a small hovel at
    the edge of a forlorn forest.  One day, while he was hacking away at the trunk
    of an ancient Kii tree, he heard a voice call out to him..."Chop the tree from
    the inside out!"
    Thinking he was being accosted by a fool or maniac, the woodcutter put his axe
    down and turned to see who was speaking. But there was no one there!  He picked
    up his axe, and raised it above his head to continue his efforts, when again,
    he heard the voice..."Chop the tree from the inside out!"
    Now he was getting worried.  He picked up his things and started to walk away
    when he noticed a rooster standing on a pile of rubbish.  Thinking this was
    rather odd, the man approached the rooster and said, "Is it you who was talking
    to me?"  Immediately, the rooster turned into a man.  The man said, "Yes, it
    was I.  Did you understand my words?"
    Thinking about it, the man answered, "No.  I thought they were stupid!  I do
    not know!  I do not know how to chop wood from the inside out."  Immediately
    the woodcutter turned into a rooster, and began to peck on the ground for
    food.  Keerg, who had earlier taken the aspect of a rooster to teach the man
    some wisdom, just shook his head.
    Keerg picked up the rooster and stuffed it into a sack.  "This will fetch a few
    goldpieces in the market," he thought...
    Some people "know what they know" and go no further.  These people are merely
    stepping stones on our path to enlightenment...
    Book on the table.
    Day Trips from Karillon.
    The Homelands
    By Lois Hybukk
    Society Editor
    Karillon Press
    All Rights Reserved
    Chapter 1: Gateway to the World: Port Lochane
    Known as the 'jewel of the southern coast', this beautiful and peaceful port
    town is the gateway to Siltheria and beyond.  Children laugh and play in the
    marketplace as you make your way past stalls heaped with goods from all over
    the world. Sample exotic and tasty treats in the stalls and restaurants all
    over town. In particular. I recommend a dish of caramelised globe fruit from
    the Deep Forest Sea, which you can order in any restaurant.  Try Dander's By
    the Sea, or Mirajal's on Bay Avenue for great views and top-notch service.  Be
    sure and stop by the many dry goods and other stores around the Port to find
    great values in clothing and equipment...including ropes, cookware, maps and
    fittings.  Cross and Hatchet  Antiques is not to be missed, with its huge
    warehouse of furniture and household artefacts from the world over.
    Chapter 2: Enclaan: Living in the Past
    To spend time in Enclaan is to travel back in time to a simpler, quieter
    existence.  I spent a week here, in the famous Enclaan Niam Inn and was
    pampered every step of the way.  The rooms were quiet and grand, and the food,
    featuring game from the surrounding areas, was exquisite.  I spent many a quiet
    afternoon sitting and chatting with the townsfolk, who often invited me in for
    a meal afterward.  Hike the countryside, slip into a bubbling hot spring, or
    swim in the crystal-clear mineral pool at the foot of this hillside burg.
    Experience serenity in this lifetime!
    Chapter 3 Barleygrove Beckons!
    Country life, farms and bucolic charm massage your frayed nerves as you relax
    in Barleygrove. 5 arrived at harvest time, as fibrous plants were being
    scythed, baled and stacked for the rope factories in Port Lochane.  One
    surprise was the Gadgeteer-built agricultural robot that was tending a large
    spread.  It worked tirelessly from morning to night, and I got used to seeing
    it out of my inn window!  If only we could all be so productive!. Gadgeteer
    technology seems to be a growing presence even in the most rustic of Arkosian
    landscapes.  This writer wonders if this technology is really for the better.
    At any rate, see the real Barley-grove now...before it's gone!
    Chapter 4 Forestgrove: Just Passing Through!
    For those of you who have plenty of intestinal fortitude, make a brief stop at
    Forestgrove on your tour of the Homelands.  Nicknamed the "show me" town of
    Arkose, this small hamlet offers a glimpse of 'country livin'...at its worst!
    You might be invited in for a sour-ada and some conversation.  Don't be
    surprised if you are invited to leave instead!  We know people who come here
    just to see how rudely they might be treated.  An 'I Survived The Grove" club
    in Karillon offers folks the chance to share their tales.  Brave the 'Grove'
    for a romp through the stereotypes you keep your children from!
    Chapter 5 Don't Pass on the Mountain Pass!
    So many tales exist about the Homelands caverns, that we decided to explore the
    region for ourselves.  We collected stories from locals, and investigated the
    many caves.  Suffice it to say you shouldn't miss a chance to meditate in these
    quiet havens.  The Pass offers the finest specimens of subterranean flora and
    fauna.  Moss-lined and peaceful beyond belief, the caves provided my children
    with a safe place to play for hours on end.  We kept dry while the spring rains
    soaked the valley floor outside.  Hiking Difficulty is Moderate.
    Brinks' Cabin
    On the floor by the table.
    Gone with the Wind
    By Maggie Steamwald
    Artilesque Press
    Karillon, AF 212
    Maybel stood on the edge of the cliff, her hair streaming out behind her,
    whipped by the raging storm.  Waves crashed on the rocks far below, and the
    tang of the ocean assaulted her senses...Maybel had known pure love...but now
    she would embrace pure death.  She had no choice...Maybel was ready.  The fall
    to the rocks below would be far less painful...than the spiritual anguish she
    would have to endure were she to obey her father's command.  An edict, really,
    to become the oh-so-young wife of stodgy old Lord Abbagale.  Emmanuel
    Abbagale, the tight fisted gin blossom-festooned beefcake and heir to
    Applegale Manor.  Yes, it would all end here, with just one tiny little step..
    ...(to be continued)
    And Stinger says:  "Grrr.  I hate cliff hanger endings"!!
    This story is continued when you find the book in Conklin Manor at Dobietown.
    iv. Forestgrove                                                     0024 *
    Inside the house at the top of the right hand path.
    Marlene Skynard's Cookin' Fer Yer Life!
    By Marlene Skynard
    Jynx Press.  All rights reserved.
    --Chapter One--
    Yoo hoo!  It's breakfast!
    --You'll need--
    3-4 large taters
    Fat for frying
    Fry pan
    Shred taters and fry in hot fat.
    Serve with salt and redsauce.
    See recipe below.
    --Chapter Two--
    How do you handle a hungry man?!
    --You'll need--
    3-4 Large tater
    Cup of beans, any variety
    Fat for frying
    Fry pan
    Shred taters and fry in pan.
    Add beans when taters are
    tender.  Cook a while longer.
    Serve with salt and redsauce.
    See recipe below.
    --Chapter Three--
    --You'll need--
    3-4 Large tater
    Cup of beans, any variety
    Frying fat and fry pan
    Shred taters and fry in pan.
    Add beans when taters are
    tender.  Cook a while longer.
    Marlene's Biscuits!
    Add flour, water and fat.
    Mix until moistened.
    Do not over mix!
    Form into fist-sized balls.
    Place on baking tray.  Cook
    for a spell, until golden
    brown.  Serve with salt
    and redsauce.
    See recipe below.
    ---You'll need---
    Melt suet.  Add beets.
    Cook until tender.
    Strain into bowl.
    Serve warm.
    Stinger says "Looks like there's some real down-home eating that goes on around
    here.  Thank god we're between meals!"
    viii. Catman                                                         0028 *
    THe book is on the table but you will only be allowed to read it, if you first
    empty the cat litter tray!
    The Nomads of Uhndrashi
    Savagery in the Sands
    by Valdur Mophute, RhL.
    CCE (Honorary) ARS
    Master Historian
    Archive of Arts and Letters,
    Karillon Press
    The Sands of Uhndrashi stretch as far as the eye can see, wavering in the heat
    of the noon day sun. Neither animal nor vegetable can truly thrive here.  In
    fact, the only known inhabitants are a backward, nomadic tribe of totemists
    said to be searching the sands for their arrant gods, or 'thaavagi'.
    Recent scientific fieldwork suggests that the nomads are a genetically mean and
    savage people who possess a substandard brain capacity.  The nomads are
    therefore unburdened by modern morals, ethics and proper behaviour.  A nomad
    might just as well slit your throat as lick his finger to turn a page in his
    story book.  (That is, if he were able to read.)
    The chieftain, or 'chtoloog' of the nomads lives from one 'toopta' or disaster.
    to the next, barely surviving with his authority intact.  This chaotic
    lifestyle, termed 'tlook a, noo ta, is revered by the nomads.  Most of these
    'toopta' involve illicit or improper dealings with the 'tmahaii', or 'property'
    of his loyal followers.  For a complete (and sometimes shocking) discussion of
    these backward and cunning people...see D. Conkilin's 'Measuring Intelligence:
    the Physiological Determinants of Culture,' Karillon Press.
                                 3. KARILLON                               0030
    ii. Oldtowne                                                          0032 *
    All Oldtowne books have no text.
    Liam's house
    3 books: in glass fronted cabinet to right of screen
    Imaginary Neutrino Meta-Arcs
    Whole Number Hyper-Analysis
    Cold Fusion Home Applications
    Inn of the Gallant Stag
    Magazine on inn table
    'Karillon Pulse Monthly!'
    What's new at the Bistro? p.5
    The beat poets are here! p.23
    Nightlife roundup!  p.67
    In the bedroom, left hand chest
    'Keerg's Dandy Deeds'
    Distributed by the Giddy Ions, International
    Chambermaid's House (Hortense's house, to the right with brown roof)
    To the right of the left hand child next to door
    "The Looming Man/Woman Wars"
    By M. Nealorn, Psychologist
    iii. Middletowne                                                     0033 *
    Retirement Home
    Chest under stairs: open top drawer
    back issues of 'Oh those golden Years!'(no text)
    HALL OF WISDOM   (top of Middletowne path)
    This where a large number of significant books can be found.
    Top Floor: up left ladder
    The Compendium of World History: Volumes 4 - 10
    Complied by Miriam Cobster for the Archive of Arts and Letters, Karillon
    (Volumes 1, 2 and 3 are at the Magic Academy.  It is a good idea to read them
    first and then you get the chance to read these volumes on your return to
    Karillon, thus getting the full impact of Arkosian history)
    Volume 4
    6,400 BF
    Official Toparri settlements on Arkose are shut down, the inhabitants returning
    to Arkose.  Rebel Toparri remain, however.
    5,000 BF
    First sightings of primitive Orgs and Banori in Wyldern.  Many Toparri believe
    them to be the results of experiments conducted by rogue scientists and magi;
    no conclusive evidence is brought to light.
    4,500 BF
    Early Human civilisations appear in Wyldern.
    4,400 BF
    Primitive hunter-gatherer style Banori tribes appear in Wyldern.
    4.000 BF
    First appearance of the Mage-Kings on Arkose.  The descendants of the Rebel
    Toparri, the first Kings bring advancements and true civilisation to Arkose.
    The five Kings establish the royal bloodlines that would go on to rule Arkose
    for three millennia: Khelest, Silther, Uhndrash, Metabolas, and Dromya.
    Volume 5
    The Second Imperial Age
    3,800-3,792 BF
    First Mage War.  The Kingdoms of Silther and Uhndrash fight for supremacy on
    their continent, (then known as Yiminia).  Khalest remains neutral, as does
    Dromya.  Metabolas  intervenes on behalf of Silther, and the war ends with
    concessions given to Silther.
    3,775-3,770 BF
    Second Mage War.  Uhndrash forges an alliance with Khelest, and invades
    Silther.  Metabolas, not willing to risk a war with Khelest, provides limited
    aid to their Siltherian allies.  Dromya remains neutral.  War ends with
    armistice, ceding all but the Siltherian homeland to Khelest and Uhndrash.
    Khelest then takes most of the ceded land, infuriating Uhndrash--but not to
    the point of war.
    Tribal Wars begin in Wyldern, leading to the Feudal Age.  The Toparri, for the
    most part, remain neutral as tribes of Org and Banori struggle for dominance
    throughout the rest of Wyldern.  Evidence of Toparri meddling in the affairs
    of others surfaces, as both the Org and Banori begin to use crude forms of
    magic at this time.
    3,666 BF
    Castle Khelest built.  The seat of the Khelestran kingdom, it will eventually
    become the city of  Karillon.  Other mage kings, impressed by the opulence and
    majesty of Castle Khelest, will begin construction of their own castles in the
    years to come.
    3,660 BF
    Castle Metapoline construction begins.  First use of vessels upon the Deep
    Forest Sea, as clever workers discover a speedier way to get materials to
    Metabolas Island for the castle's construction.
    Volume 6
    3,657 BF
    Castle Metaboline completed.  Ziggurat at Uhndrash construction begins.
    3,600 BF
    In an amazing act of unity, the Banori clans unite under one King.  This unity
    allows the Banori to stand fast against the more numerous, but divisive Org War
    3,597 BF
    Ziggurat of Uhndrashi completed.
    3,582 BF
    Metabolinean Western Fortress completed.  Its ruins later become the foundation
    of the town of LaFitte.
    3,580 BF
    Castle Silther completed.  It subsequently becomes the first town of Artelier.
    Volume 7
    3,574 BF
    The Banori attempt to solicit the aid of the Toparri, with disastrous results.
    The polite refusal of aid by the Toparri is interpreted as an insult by the
    Banori King, who later attempts to invade the Serene Gardens.  This act of
    violence is met by firm, non-lethal mystic resistance.  The lesson is well
    learned; the Banori leave the Toparri alone for many years afterwards.
    3,570 BF
    Castel Dromya completed: future site of the village of Fanoma-Tal.
    3,500 BF
    First appearance of Magewarriors, in border disputes between Khelest-occupied
    Yimimia and Siltherian regulars.  The Banori King claims and secures all land
    north of the Wyldern River (save for that claimed by the Toparri), leaving the
    Org Warlords to settle who controls the Southlands.
    3,460-3,451 BF
    Third Mage War, Silther, Uhndrash, and Metabolas unite to repel Khelest from
    Ylminia.  Invasion of Khelest is hamstrung by last-minute intervention of
    Dromya on behalf of Khelest.  Ylminia is divided equally between Silther and
    Uhndrash.  Metabolas vows vengeance on Dromya for their role in the Third Mage
    Volume 8
    3,400-3,380 BF
    Dromyan-Metaboline War.  The two isolated kingdoms wage bitter war for decades.
    First war involving battles with conjured creatures, Drakes, Giants, Trolls,
    and Hydras introduced as beasts of warfare.  The extreme distance between the
    two kingdoms makes war grow increasingly impractical; war ends inconclusively
    due to lack of involvement from other kingdoms.
    3,380-2,000 BF
    'The Golden Era.'  Warfare between the kingdoms is minimal, allowing for many
    great scientific discoveries and advancements.   The villages that will
    eventually become Barleygrove, Forestgrove, and Port Lochane are built during
    this period, adding to the kingdom of Khelest.  In Wyldern, the first Org
    Empire is established.  The Banori Kingdom warns the newly-crowned Emperor not
    to pursue any aggression against them.  The Emperor agrees, as he is still
    consolidating his power.
    1,968 BF
    Castle Brokul built in the Khelestrian Mountains; future site of the village of
    Volume 9
    1,957 BF
    Catle Domhain built in Crescent Valley: it is the future site of the village of
    1,956 BF
    Cyl Og Qar (City of Shadows) is established in SW Wyldern, later to become Cyl
    Og Sul.
    1,952 BF- 1,940 BF
    The Org-Banori Wars.  The Org Empire declares war on the Banori Kingdom,
    beginning one of the bloodiest periods of history in Wyldern.
    The death toll nears a million by the end of a series of battles.  Ultimately,
    the Banori surrender to the Orgs, becoming subjects of the Empire.  On Arkose,
    Khelest invades Dromya, successfully conquering that kingdom.  The Dromyan King
    is exiled to Silther.
    Volume 10
    1,890 BF
    The Fourth Mage War rages.  Also called the Grand War, it saw the alliance of
    Silther, Uhndrash, Metabolas, and the Dromyan Partisans against Khelest.
    Khelest is successfully  invaded, though the invaders are halted in the
    Crescent Valley.
    A brutal period of stalemate follows, ending when the forces of Khelest are
    broken.  As the allied troops prepared to march on Karillon, the Khelestran
    forces surrender.  The armistice that follows frees Dromya and grants
    tremendous concessions to the remaining allies.
    1,865-1,845 BF
    A sixth Kingdom is established to 'cripple Khelest.'  The bloodline of Tulia is
    made a part of the 'noble house', and ceded Eastern Khelest as its homeland.
    The weakening of Khelest is a crucial point in history; it marks the beginning
    of Imperial decline on Arkose.
    In Wyldern, the Toparri Schism occurs.  Nagruk, leader of the rebels, is turned
    to stone.  His followers, the Dendroken, are exiled into the Tunnel Between
    Worlds.  They find a radically different surface world when they arrive on
    Arkose.  Many are killed; a few are captured and enslaved by forces of King
    Dromya XXI.  A few manage to escape.  In time, they settle in the rough
    wilderness at the bottom of the Deep Forest Sea, where they eventually become
    known as the Navigators.
    Ground Floor: in the left row of books
    Tome of the Undead: to right of left hand ladder
    By Faruk the Younger
    Khelest House, LTD.
    The darg are said to have animated the corpses of their foes.  These heinous
    'undead' were then sent to harass and savage their former compatriots.
    Initial reports from the line indicated that the undead were potent foes,
    immune to pain and fatigue.  This physical toughness was further complicated by
    a strong resistance to the powers of the mind.  It was discovered that the
    fetid creatures had a vulnerability to spirit magic, however.
    Many magi suspected this was due to the torment 'unlife' placed upon their
    restless souls.  Magewarriors strong in spirit became known as 'ghoul warriors'
    as they were often summoned to deal with the undead.  Needless to say, they
    were not amused.
    When Friend Became Foe: to right of Tome
    The Story of the Chaoslings
    By Serf Dooley
    Khelest House, LTD.
    "Chaosling" is a derogatory term applied to the shadow mad folk corrupted by
    the touch of the Darg. Driven to fits of lunatic rage by their dread master,
    these poor wretches soon found themselves on the front lines.
    Like the undead, it is said they possessed staunch defences against psionic
    attacks.  Fortunately for the magewarriors, the taint of the Darg made them
    susceptible to spirit magic.
    Chaoslings were discovered to be charged with the Dargs' chaos energy later in
    the war.  Field troops took to wearing Chaos Wards to protect against Chaosling
    attacks.  This practice led to the eventual discarding of the Chaosling as a
    line trooper.  By war's end they were all but eliminated, a sad footnote in the
    annals of combat.
    Captain Willis' House: at the top of the path on the right.
    On the table at the back of the room.
    War Strategies for Dummies
    By General Mills, Retired
    1. Identify the enemy.
    2. Arm yourself to the teeth.
    3. Sneak up on the enemy.
    4. Unleash the engines of war.
    5. Poke around for survivors.
    6. Search for booty.
    7. Repeat, as necessary.
    Municipal Accounting Office: at top of path next to Captain Willis' house.
    All three books are sparkling on the shelves
    'Sec. KC, 1.143'
    'Tax collected from residents'
    TITLE 1, Subtitle Z, CHAPTER 3, Subchapter V, PART III, Sec. 1198
    Taxes are due and payable from all 'heads of dwellings' residing in Karillon.
    In general, an individual is considered a 'head of a dwelling' if, and only if,
    this individual is not married at the close of his or her taxable year, or
    doesn't want to be married but still is, and maintains, for ...more than fifty
    percent of such taxable year, as his or her home a dwelling, hovel, hut,
    shanty, cote, shed, pigsty, hole, pad, dump, lean-to, cabin, dive or elegant
    residence which is also his or her...principal place of residence, and which
    constitutes the principal place of residence for at least another member of his
    or her family, such as a child, stepchild, stepchild ...once removed, relative
    of a stepchild, a stepchild's relative or any descendant of an individual
    classed as such.
    Karillon Business Taxes'
    'Subsection A'
    TITLE 2.2, Subtitle J, CHAPTER 3, Subchapter D, PART VII, Sec. 331
    A tax is hereby imposed for each taxable year on the taxable income of every
    shop,service or business of any kind regardless of whether it is profitable or
    not.  In general, the amount of the tax mandated by subsection (a) shall be the
    sum of....
    (A) 25 percent of so much of the taxable income as does not exceed 10,000 gold
    (B) 35 percent of so much of the taxable income as exceeds 15.000G but does not
    exceed 25,000G.
    (C) 44 percent of so much of the taxable income as exceeds 25,000G but does not
    exceed 45,000G, and
    (D) 75 percent of so much of the taxable income as exceeds 50,000G.
    In the case of a corporation which has taxable income in excess of 50,000G for
    any taxable year, the entire amount will be confiscated and the business
    relieved of it's obligations for one tax year, if it is still able to do
    Subsection (A) shall not apply to a business subject to a tax imposed by-
    (1) section 2645 (relating to the manure trade),
    (2) subchapter T-56 (sec. 401 and following, relating to insurance companies
    and magic shops), or
    (3) subchapter M (sec. 85771 and following, relating to regulated restaurants,
    inns and real estate investment trusts).
    (d) {?? verbatim, honestly}  Foreign corporations (Siltherian enterprises
    excepted per regulation 1-1a-a).
    'Sec. 59A. Found coin and property tax'
    TITLE 356, Subtitle T, CHAPTER 391, Subchapter U, PART II, Sec. 253467A
    (a) Imposition of tax
    Each year our citizens find and pick up coins and other property dropped out of
    the pockets of more careless individuals.  This represents, in essence, an
    untaxed windfall on the part of the finder.  In case of an individual, there is
    hereby imposed tax equal to 2.5 percent of the yearly taxable income to
    compensate for this untaxed income.
    (b) Short taxable years
    The application of this section to taxable years of less than 14 taxable months
    shall be in accordance with regulations prescribed by the Karillon Counsel.
    Grishame's Home
    This is the green left house of Middletowne, and Grishame will offer to write
    your story, and if you agree and re-visit him he will reward you with cash.
    You never get the chance to read his what he writes.
    iv. Hightowne                                                         0034
    Hightowne: NONE.
    v. Gogarin Keep                                                       0035 *
    The Keep is situated to the east of Karillon.
    Top Floor: through door at top of screen
    Bookcase to right of door
    'Screaming for Mandom' (no text)
    A self-help journal for Today's Warrior.
    Bookcase to right of room.
    Cardinal Sin!
    How the Cardinals lost the great jousting contest of '43
    (Stinger comments: Hmmm...someone left the jacket and took the book!)
    Bookcase between the pink and green openings
    The Art of War
    By Vlagg the Impaler
    Translated from the ancient Arkosian by Sage P. Lange
    Karillon Hall of Wisdom
    In the event of war, meditate, find your centre....and be sure to skewer the
    fallen enemy on sharpened poles.  You can then display the dead and dying
    fellows in front of your castle.  Use this method to send a special message to
    a certain someone!  Or to drop a festive hint to the townsfolk!  I find this
    craft to be a joy, especially in autumn, when the fall climate mixes divinely
    with the smell of burning fields and the sounds of the dying.
    Hope you enjoy it too!
                               4. CRESCENT VALLEY                          0040
    There is no access to the Magi Academy just yet.
    ii. Anglerville                                                       0042 *
    Laughing Wolf Inn
    Keerg's Dandy Deeds is found in the bedroom.
    iii. Jynx                                                             0043 *
    To the south west of Anglerville.
    Jynx Town Hall
    Library: in the Town Hall at far side of town, turn left once inside, and then
    Flora and Fauna of Siltheria: to the right of the entrance.
    By D. Batson,esq.
    Khellest House, LTD.
    After the Great War, the once fertile land of Siltheria became a desert
    wasteland.  The Darg set a host of horrid creatures upon that place, and many
    of them still roam the arid sands in search of a meal.
    The Wrathflower is a spiny plant that walks like a man.  It is strong in earth
    power, though a good flame or frost will repel the mindless thing from your
    The Sand Lizard, called frasnashik by the local nomads, is also a potent earth
    force wielder.  Flame is useless against this beast, but a good iceblast will
    strike a telling blow.  Incidentally, frasnashik tastes like chicken if
    consumed warm.
    The Rasgar is a vicious arachnid, enlarged and enchanted by the Darg.  Beware
    its mystic strikes!  They can slow the body's movements, or rob you of your
    sight.  All the better for the cunning Rasgar to suck your lifeblood from you!
    I'm sure you'll agree that would be a rather poor ending to a Siltherian
    The Real Life of Keerg: bookcase opposite woman.
    By Yan Milhaam
    Popular Press, International
    Raised at the base of the mighty city of Karillon, Keerg grew up amidst squalor
    and strife.  The son of a cobbler and an apple polisher, from an early age,
    Keerg exhibited signs of a vast intelligence.  As a toddler he built an
    electricity generator out of Klinker Toys, a building toy made of wood.  Still
    used as the model for modern generators the world over, Keerg's device produced
    abundant electricity without harming the environment.
    Later Keerg turned away from science  and embraced religion.  His treatise on
    the gods, called 'The Powers that Do Be Do' changed the lives of many who
    devoured it.  His gospel of peace, love and freedom was tailored to a people
    tired of war and global power struggles.  Keerg's patented tie-dyed shirt and
    trousers soon appeared on the bodies of the devout, who tied flowers in their
    hair to honour their master.
    Keerg departed from Karillon one chilly autumn morning, to spread his gospel of
    joy and peace to the world.  He disappeared a year to the day later, never to
    be seen or heard from again.  Foul play is suspected.  But Keerg's gospel lives
    on, bringing light to the faithful.  A new dawn arose to greet the world in the
    wake of his passing.  He lives on in the hearts and minds of us all.
    The Creations of Crobb: top bookcase, far left corner.
    Bt Chetty Khatson
    Khelest House, LTD.
    Crobb dabbled in the art of Golem making before researching chaos
    transmutations.  Among his creations were the Rutabega, Gargoyle, Hammerhead,
    and Rumblebug.
    Initially intended as palace guards, the creatures were turned to darkness by
    the Darg.  Charged with mystic energy, these creatures became a terror of the
    Since they were forged by earth magic, their attacks were often rooted in that
    as well.  Field troops took to wearing Earth Wards to protect against their
    attacks.  Who knows how many lives were lost to these foes before that practice
    (Something odd about the library as there are two winking light books that will
    not permit access. )
    A Country Inn
    At the top right of the village.
    Bookcase to the right  in main room.
    ---Little Literature (TM)---
    Arkose's finest literary works condensed to no more than 5 pages per novel!
    Finally literature at your fingertips!
    In the bedroom, centre two bedside tables.
    'Keerg's Dandy Deeds'
    Distributed by the Giddy Ions, International.
                                 5. MAGIC ACADEMY                           0050
    Follow the winding path downwards once inside.
    i. Inside the Academy                                                  0051 *
    Room with debris. (fourth door down, beige door)
    The Malleutopus Malefisilium:  right) hand side pile of books.
    A treatise on the five necessary concomitants of magecraft, which are the Great
    Uniter, a Mage, and the permission of the Spirit of the Great Etherwell.
    Alva's Chambers (5th 'red' door, next down from debris room)
    Almanacs and Prognostications: to the right of the door.
    By Mage Faezeh
    Almanacs are comprised of three separate items:
    There is the Almanac proper, which indicates the astronomical events of the
    coming year, movable feasts, eclipses, meteor strikes and the like.
    Then there is the Calendar, which shows the days of the weeks and months, and
    the fixed festivals celebrated in the name of the Etherwell.
    Finally, there is the Prognostication, or astrological forecast of the notable
    events of the year.
    As we cannot yet 'remember' the future, the Almanac remains the only accurate
    way of predicting what will be.  In this we believe, for it is our way.
    LIBRARY (white door)
    On floor at entrance
    Winged Wonders of the Deep Forest Sea
    By Lord E. Blattner
    Khelest House, LTD
    When travelling over the emerald splendour of the Deep Forest Sea, be sure to
    prepare yourself for encounters with the wildfire!  Many a hapless treefarer
    has become a warm meal for these beasts.  Eschew them at all costs.
    The Needlespitter is a particularly vicious bird. Carnivorous and territorial,
    it will attack without fear if your vessel should enter its domain.  Potent in
    psionic attacks, it can telekinetically rend the flesh from your bones or
    paralyse you where you stand.
    The Wrathflower was once called a Tiaal Rose until its foul nature became
    apparent.  This strange plant has a cunning intellect, and can attack with the
    powers of psion and chaos thanks to the Darg. Fire and Ice work well against
    it.  After the battle, save the leaves!  They make a devilishly savoury salad!
    Cousin to the Khelestran Shockworm the Treeworm is a noxious pest.  Its
    Voltblast and earth magic attacks are not to be taken lightly.  Fortunately,
    conventional weaponry works well against the winged nuisance.  I'm told the
    creatures fear monkeys, but sadly, I had no primate along to test the theory.
    Ah, well!  Something to test on the next sojourn!
    Book on the table
    Volume 1
    The Compendium of World History
    Compiled by Miriam Cobster for
    the Archive of Arts and Letters, Karillon.
    The First Age
    BF Before the Fall
    AF After the Fall
    14,000,000 BF
    Continents begin to shift and separate on Arkose.  Siltheria remains connected
    to Khelestra at this time, though Dantyr does not.  The continent of Airumel
    separates as well, settling into the Eastern Hemisphere south of the equator.
    Fossilized remains from the Uhndrashi region suggest that the ultimate eating
    machine thrives on Arkose at this  time.  Equipped with a double jaw and rows
    of serrated teeth, one can only imagine what carnage the brute was capable of.
    1,000,000 BF
    According to the Gadgeteers, an extraterrestrial scouting team of unknown
    origin arrives on Arkose, establishing a base on Airumel.  Information
    gathered by the race of explorers at this base is somehow acquired by the
    Gadgeteers, who use it to find their way to Arkose.
    In spite of numerous requests for information, the Gadgeteers have failed to
    provide the Archive of Arts and Letters with any more information regarding
    these ancient astronauts.
    Left side of bookshelf
    Volume 2
    The Compendium of World History
    Complied by Miriam Cobster for
    the Archive of Arts and Letters, Karillon.
    995,000 BF
    Airumel is struck by a series of cataclysmic earthquakes and related disasters.
    Most of the small continent is covered with water.  Alien scouts are forced to
    leave Arkose.
    700,000 BF
    Siltheria fully separates from Khelestra.  Most of Airumel is below water.
    What remains eventually becomes known as the Cartoff Island.
    10,000 BF
    Prehistoric Toparri civilisations arise.
    9,500 BF
    The Cataclysmic Inversion occurs.  A calamity redistributes the world's land
    masses, killing about half of the world's population in the process.  The
    inversion results in the creation of a bubble of habitable area within the
    planet Arkose.  Scientists are mystified as to how this 'inversion' of the land
    masses could have happened, and point out that a natural disaster, such as a
    meteorite strike or a colossal earthquake, could not have been the cause.
    Right side of bookshelf
    Volume 3
    The Compendium of World History
    Compiled by Miriam Cobster for
    the Archive of Arts and Letters, Karillon
    8,500 BF
    Deep within the crust of Arkose, the Toparri thrive, and begin to practice
    crude, basic forms of magic using an unknown energy source. they name their
    land 'Wyldern' and begin to explore their environment unaware of the fact that
    there is life above on Arkose as well.
    7000 BF
    Toparri discover huge fissure in Wyldern.  Further investigation reveals the
    Tunnel Between Worlds.  First Toparri expedition to Arkose: ends inconclusively
    as not one member returns alive.
    6,800-6,500 BF
    Great Toparri War.  Huge portions of Wyldern are razed by unimaginably powerful
    magic attacks.  Ultimately, war ends as a result of total rejection of violence
    and conflict; adoption of pacifist ways begin.   Political refugees and rebels
    manage to escape persecution and imprisonment; flee to Arkose through the
    Tunnel.  Most are captured, though a few elude pursuit for good and go on to
    live in seclusion on Khelestra, Dantyr, and Siltheria.  As a result, magic
    arrives on Arkose.
    6,490 BF
    The Toparri begin to cultivate and shape the tanglewoods they call home,
    forming the earliest version of the Serene Gardens.
    Hellios' Chambers (blue door)
    Book on table
    Jokes to Amuse Mages With!
    By Mage Kronan Boyle
    Q: What did the mage say when he saw mucilaginous matter?
    A: Ah, the life of flints!
    Q: What's yellow and fizzes?
    A: A botched sulfur transmutation!
    Q: What did the 'life of bones' ask when it met an unusual fluid distillation?
    A: Are you my mumia?!
    Kecella's Chambers  (flesh coloured door)
    Cupboard: rifle through it.
    Back and current issues of
    'Hooked on Alchemy', 'Magic and Mystery Monthly', and 'Fun With Tinctures'.
    ii. Old Gulbrath                                                       0052 *
    Assembly of Keerg  (large building)
    Back of room.
     Excerpt from:
    'The Keerg Sermons'
    Delivered by the Great One, himself.
    'Behold, as the 11 regions surrounding the blood-drinking goddesses and the 4
    regions surrounding the vapour....'
    '....spewing gods, and stemming from thy own mind, come to shine upon you!'
    'Stand prepare! Accept them all!'
    'And fear them not!  For these are merely your own thought-forms, the creations
    of your inner voices.'
    'Indeed. these are the very shadows of your soul...
    iv. The (Cultists') Village                                             0054
    'Check your fortune' machine in cave place down ladder from the room where
    Xero is found.
    v. Gamathel's Tower                                                    0055 *
    Vault (entrance at lower right of dining room)
    On the floor on the right.  It's a scroll.
    'Use to eschew obfuscation.  Cast at your own risk.'
    The Master's Bedroom (entrance at top right of dining room)
    Natragor Codex book (Quest item)is to the left of the bed, shining in the wall.
    The Den (top left of dining room)
    Straight ahead: a brochure.
    The Joys of Old Gubrath
    By: The Gubrathian travel Society, '45
    'Suddenly, there's Old Gubrath!'
    Nestled along the shores of the southern Siltherian Sea lies the quaint village
    of Old Gubrath.  A popular destination for decades, Old Gubrath offers a fine
    inn, delicious seafood and a casual, peaceful environment!  Day trips include a
    journey north through the amazing Gubrath Woods to see the splendid 'Tower of
    Gamathel' (often referred to as 'Gamathel's Tower' today).
    Come often to enjoy the delights of Siltheria.  And remember, if its Old
    Gubrath, you might come for the day, but stay for a lifetime!
    Top right: books on floor
    The S-ma'ghick Arrives and Kills Many
    Translated from ancient Arkosian by Lang Scott, Arkose Royal Society.
    Long ago there were people here, living a nomadic existence.
    'These people, the Q'wek, knew of others in the area, especially those dwelling
    along the shore with whom they traded.'
    'Now it happened in one of these shoreline villages, Ak wo'mima, that something
    awful came out of the sea.'
    It must have come from under the seafloor and made its way there.  It was a big
    thing that just came out and lay there and could draw people into it with its
    breath.  In fact, for many months that's all it did...just lay there inhaling
    Its breath was so strong, it could draw people in from distant villages.  A man
    might try to evade the thing, but it would still pull him in no matter how hard
    he struggled.  It would always swallow these people.  Then it would flop around
    and find more people in another direction.  One day a young warrior ran to the
    thing's tail and painted a face on it.  A big face, but simple.
    The thing made an odd noise, and flopped about so that it could inhale its own
    tail.  It inhaled for days.  It took in all the sand on the beach.  It took in
    the fishing canoes and nets.  And finally, it took in its own tail, until it
    ripped itself apart.
    Pieces of the thing floated down into the sea and began to grow.  And this is
    the birth of seaweed, which the tribes along the seashore later came to harvest
    and eat.   And now we can only wonder where the mate of that thing is!
                               6. BENE BROKUL                              0060
    ii  The Village                                                        0062 *
    Western house down path.
    Crate contains back issues of 'Hoe and Farmer Quarterly'
    School  (to the right of main square with statue)
    Desk in front of entrance.
    Keerg's Fables
    By the Brothers Woods
    A poor woodcutter lived with his wife and eleven children in a small hovel at
    the edge of a forlorn forest One day, while he was hacking away at the trunk of
    an ancient Kii tree, he heard a voice call out, to him...
    "Chop the tree from the inside out!"
    Thinking he was being accosted by a fool or a maniac, the woodcutter put his
    axe down and turned to see who was speaking.  But there was no one there! He
    picked up his axe, and raised it above his head to continue his efforts, when
    again, he heard the voice...
    "Chop the tree from the inside out!"
    Now he was getting worried.  He picked up his things and started to walk away
    when he noticed a rooster standing on a pile of rubbish.  Thinking this was
    rather odd, the man approached the rooster and said, "Is it you who was talking
    to me?" Immediately, the rooster turned into a man.  The man said, "Yes, it was
    I.  Did you understand my words?"
    Thinking about it, the man answered, "No.  I thought they were stupid!  I do
    not know!  I do not know how to chop wood from the inside out."  Immediately
    the woodcutter turned into a rooster, and began  to peck on the ground for
    food.  Keerg, who had earlier taken the aspect of a rooster to teach the man
    some wisdom, just shook his head.
    Keerg picked up the rooster and stuffed it into a sack.  "This will fetch a few
    gold pieces in the market," he thought...
    Some people "know what they know" and go no further.  These people are merely
    stepping stones on our path to enlightenment...
    Nothing in 7. Uhndrahi Plateaus.
                                  8. SILTHERIA                             0080
    iii. Hall of Spheres                                                   0083 *
    An Ancient Library
    Aafter gaining access to the main temple with the Moon and Sun keys, this is
    opposite the room where you find Clemett.
    All books are sparkling.  In order from the one nearest the entrance.
    White sparkle
    'Keerg the Redeemer'
    An Account of the Master's Early Years
    Published by the 'Keepers of the Faith'
    Out of Keerg's inner search sprang a being, a youth, splendid and frightening
    all at once.  "Who are you?" asked Keerg? "I am the world Creator.  I am here
    to instruct you.  You have work to do."
    "You are to go wandering about the earth, striking bewilderment and joy into
    men and women with your message of love and peace."
    "No god, no heavenly spirit or demon shall be inaccessible to your words.  You
    shall be the ultimate 'tamer of beasts.'"
    "In return, you shall receive knowledge and understanding.  You shall be
    granted answers to the questions that cloud your mind.  You shall find peace."
    "When do I leave?" queried Keerg.
    "Just now!" came the answer.  "Take nothing with you.  All will be provided.
    Go, and spread the word.  I shall find you again when the time is right."
    And that is how Keerg began a pilgrimage that spawned a new faith!
    Pink sparkle
    Medical Doctor
    Training Materials
    ...and we must bear in mind that many herbs and roots were named not for any
    inborn virtue and faculty, but from their figure, form and appearance.  We need
    only think of, oh say, morsus diaboli, pentaphyyllum, cynoglossum,
    ophioglossum, hepatica, dentaria, orchis and the like.
    The same is true as to the signs of animal matters, because, in a like manner,
    from the blood and excretions of animals all diseases which lie hidden in men
    are recognised.
    Clemett (or anyone who is Pointman) comments:
    "Everyone knows this.  What a waste of time!"
    Red sparkle (top of screen)
    The Nature of Ideas
    By the eminent W. Toolsi
    AF 233
    Being a philosopher's study on the nature of knowledge and learning.
    "I state it here, up front, that knowledge is nothing more than a kind of
    Knowledge, the carrier of which is information, spreads like a cold or the flue
    (ibid) from person to person. As it is transmitted, it changes the behaviour of
    the 'carriers'. And when a 'carrier' passes this information along, it
    continues its insidious course, infecting others.  Just like other infections,
    information can end up killing the host.
    History has shown us that fathers and mothers poison the pure spirits of their
    children.  The children are then damned to lives filled with war, hatred and
    violence aimed at people they have never met face to face.
    'What is the remedy?' you ask.  There is only one.  There must be spawned an
    'anti-information' agent.  A 'counter idea' if you will.
    If a new idea can be grown and nurtured such that it is spread throughout a
    given people, it can result in a positive change in these people.  The most
    evident example of this is the idea of the 'hero' in books and tales.  It is
    only when the hero can match the strength of the enemy that a resolution
    occurs.  When the idea of the hero can displace the idea of 'evil' evil dies.
    Pure and simple.  New layers of knowledge can only be built on the foundation
    of earlier ones.  But we must learn to shape this process, control it, to halt
    the spread of evil.  We must instead spread the ideas of hope and life."
    Green sparkle (bookcase to the right)
    The Fat Cat and the Birds
    (An Arkosian Fable)
    "They tell me this happened years and years ago.  I'm sure it did...
    Once upon a time, a big fat cat lay down to bask in the sun.  After a while, a
    flock of birds flew by, observing the cat beneath them.
    The birds turned as one and landed next to the cat.  They decided to play a
    rather vicious trick on the cat.  They carefully sliced open the back end of
    the cat, and removed a hunk of meat and fat.  They then sewed the cat back up,
    but only after stuffing in a handful of pebbles using their tiny beaks.
    When the cat awoke, it got up and began to walk towards the west.  As it
    walked, the cat heard some strange shaking sounds.  He thought it must be a
    rattle snake, and made sure not to get eaten or bit by the thing.
    Soon he smelled something delicious cooking.  Following his nose, he came upon
    a flock of birds, who were roasting some meat.
    "Little ones, give me some of your meat!" said the cat.
    And so they gave him some.  When he tasted the meat, he said, "Where did you
    get this?  It's delicious!"
    The birds answered, "There, behind you."
    The cat turned, seeing a mountain range off in the distance.  "I shall go to
    the mountain, and find my own meat!"
    And that is how the birds got rid of a pesky cat, and had a good meal at the
    same time.
                              9. UHNDRASHI PLATEAUS                         0090
    ii. Artelier                                                            0092 *
    After entering green door, climb up the netting into the room with Loreman
    and Loremaid.
    There is an open book on the left.
    Wylderian Horrors
    By Spug the Veiled
    Khelest House, LTD
    The fauna of Wyldern are generally timid and fearful of man.  However there are
    a number of vicious predators in the Inner World!  The prudent traveller would
    be well-advised to take precautions against them.
    An Earthward of potency is a must.  Many of the flora and fauna brave enough to
    attack men are charged with geomantric energies. This is no doubt a byproduct
    of their primal connection to the land of Wyldern.  The constant mana
    bombardment from Wyldern's mystic sun plays a role as well.
    Rune of Fire and Ice will serve you well in battle.  In general, the creatures
    fear these attacks and are weak against them.  As a rule Earth Runes are
    useless, due to the geomantric strength of the indigenous life.
    When in doubt, seek the counsel of an Org-Ta warrior.  These stout fighters
    are among the best in Wyldern, and have great knowledge on the fauna.  Be
    advised--they do not respond well to frivolous questions.  Such questioning
    may present the foolhardy traveller with a new problem...perhaps a fatal one.
    Up the ladder.
    Left hand sparkle, centre sparkle, and right hand sparkle.
    Excerpt from ;The People,' the only Gadgeteer work to be published on Arkose.
    The People, for that is what we call ourselves, have a 'horror vacui' or
    dislike for bland undecorated spaces in our structures, art and biomes.
    Our 'workmen.' for lack of a better definition, will not look upon an article
    as 'complete' until any blandness has been broken up, shaped and decorated.
    Often this decoration leans toward the infrared spectrum, and is not visible to
    those who cannot perceive this 'range' of light.  The simplest ornament, but
    one of the most frequently seen, especially in classical works, is the 'fractal
    baseline ornamentation.'  Its symmetry and beauty is unmatched in the natural
    Centre Book
    Excerpts from 'The People,' the only Gadgeteer work to be published on Arkose.
    The People, for that is what we call ourselves, stem from various sources of
    genetic material, though 90 percent of our DNA originated on one planet. While
    we have identified the space/time coordinates of our place of origin...
    ...it no longer has any meaning to us, as this distance in light-years is
    abstract to the extreme.  Asked about 'religious' matters, we can only answer
    that our technology functions both as a religion and a way of life.  The People
    do have a purpose however.  While we cannot share particulars at this time, our
    fates are strangely intertwined.
    To us, all resources are valuable, scarce and ultimately reusable, which is why
    nothing 'dies' in our great cities and ships.  We are the ultimate 'recyclers.'
    In addition to utilising nano machines, the AI systems of certain of our
    mechanisms incorporate durable bio-technology as well.  Biotechnology starts
    with the strands of DNA that direct life in biological systems.  These can be
    easily engineered to produce as assortment of useful items and technologies.
    Although it might appear that many of our machines are 'alive,' the truth is
    that unlike biological entities such as Arkosians...
    ...and the People, these devices are unaware of their own existence.  They
    simply exist to serve us.  When we feel you are ready, we will be here to teach
    you all that we know.
    For we share in the struggles of all Arkosians.  May we together find and
    follow the indirect and laborious path that leads to our impending--and
    Excerpt from 'The People,'
    the only Gadgeteer work to be published on Arkose.
    'Literary Arts'
    The People have an ancient history of oral, written and digitally enhanced
    literatures.  What follows is an excerpt from our most revered work, entitled,
    Please be aware that this work need not be read in any particular order.  Feel
    free to shuffle the pages, read from the middle of the work to the front, or to
    add any texts you wish to this organic narrative.
    {{Sounds like they invented  Wikipedia!!}}
    Also, please note that some terms and ideas do not translate well into
    Arkosian. These have been left in the original language.
    '...her corrupted binary files had gotten me into a mess.  A great big eyrowt
    mess!  I had no choice. So...I let myself into her ehfurm, mixed myself a
    'knogr'and sat on the poylp that had grown up from the floor to receive me.'
    As usual in this sector, her ehfurm was composed of fully transparent floors
    and walls.  I could see a room full of knwori below me enjoying a gene-tailored
    gheseli.  I hate gheseli.  Come to think of it, I hate knwori, too!
    She turned to face me. 'What's the big deal?' she asked, a viremta clenched
    between her lips. I never liked the smell of a full-pheromone viremta.
    'You're the big deal!  Why, I oughta use a recombinant on you right here and
    now.  How dare you?!'
    'Use a recombinant?  On me?!  You and what rfsjahi?  Why, you don't have the
    knirr to pull such a stunt!  I sprower in your feroj!  Ha ha ha!'
    It was a simple choice.  The oerfj in my pocket would reduce her to an emifdi
    in an instant.  Or....I could swallow my pride, and allow myself to be used as
    her doormat...and that sounded good enough to me!
                                  10. DOBIETOWN                           0100 *
    Sleepy Burrito Inn:  to the left of the square.
    'Keerg's Dandy Deeds'
    Distributed by the Giddy Ions, International
    Sir Kent and Griffin's House (go to the far right, past Woolly's saloon)
    Book on the table
    "Elementary soldering and circuit design' (no text)
    Conklin Manor
    Up the right hand stairs and in right hand room
    Chest on left
    Gone With the Storm
    (The first part was in Brink's cabin at the start of the game.)
    Part 2
    By Maggie Steamwald,
    Artilesque Press
    Karillon. AF 212
    When we last imagined our heroine, she was perched on the brink of a cliff,
    ready to put an end to her days.  The reason?  Her father was forcing her to
    marry Emmanuel Abbagale, the tight fisted, gin blossom-festooned beefcake and
    heir to Abbagale Maanor.
    We join our novel already in progress.
    Maybel still stood on the edge of the cliff, her hair still streaming out
    behind her, still whipped by the raging storm.  Why couldn't she do it?  Why
    couldn't she jump?  It was then she realised it.  She was in love.  Completely
    smitten.  You see, she'd fallen for....
    Lord Abbagale's CASH!
    Yes, Lord Abbagale's net worth was almost as voluminous as his waist line.
    Maybel had known pure love...She had known longing...But now she knew a craving
    like no other.  She loathed herself, nay, despised herself in a way few ever
    will. She would accept this marriage.  She would go on a shopping spree to end
    all shopping sprees.  She would treat all of Karillon to ice cream sundaes--
    even the horses in the stable!
    Smiling coyly to herself, and chuckling softly, Maybel slowly backed away from
    the sheer precipice.  But what was that sound?  A crunching, groaning sound?
    She felt movement.  The cliff edge...It was MOVING!
    In the wink of an eye, Maybel was drawn over the edge of the Great Cliffs, and
    into the waiting arms of the rocks below.  All of her life had been folly.  In
    one instant, while moving rapidly downward through the air, she saw her brief
    life play out before her.  Her final thought, as she neared the fatal shore was
    how ironic it was for the gods above to have FINALLY handed her a 'treasure
    chest' on a platter...
    ...but, sadly, a chest which contained only a jumbo can of "whup ass."
    The end.
    Downstairs back room.
    "What appear to be books are actually leather covers glued onto wall boards."
                               11. NEW GUBRATH                             0110
    SE from Dobietown.
    Inn at New Gulbrath. (Far side of village square, large white building)
    No Keergs Dandy Tales!  Why not?
    Backtrack: through Bog, and open gate back to Cultists village and so on
    through  Gulbrath woods and on to Chunnel, back to Magic Academy, and on to
    Disc Two with Stinger's party.
    There are no more books until the Hexite Mines, and even then, these are not
    really books.
                                16. HEXITE MINES                          0160 *
    Follow left hand path after the lock up, which is to the left of the guard
    post, next to the sleeping area.
    Cave with boxes.
    Back Issues of Spelunker's Monthly
    After exiting mines and going to Garrison, finally the party gets back to the
    Magic Academy, where they are split up again, this time into Stinger, Windleaf
    and Harv-5, in one group, and the others in the other.
    There is nothing more until Dantyr and the Banori Caverns.
                                22. BANORI CAVERNS                         0220
    Jirina, Clemett and Xero: return to the HOLE, and thence to Wyldern,
    and the Garrison Fort.  The Banori Caverns are reached by boat.
    i. Inside the Caverns                                                  0221 *
    A Regal Cavern: Dashau's home
    (second tier on left)
    Go through hole into next cave.
    Books, every one of which is about some aspect of warfare..
    Go up to right second tier cavern.
    Dimnaak's Grotto
    Book on table.
    The Banori Book of Slavedom
    There are many ways of becoming a slave under the Law.
    1. Any subject stealing food, jewels or meat animals may be punished by being
    sold as a slave.
    2. Any person making a wager but not coming through with a debt in the
    prescribed amount of time may be sold for the amount of the debt.
    3. A parent may sell an incorrigible or disobedient child in a public market
    place or shop.  This sets an example to other children.
    4. One can become a slave if he or she borrows something valuable, but fails
    to return it.  In this case creditors can sell the individual for no more than
    the value of the object in question.
    5. In times of famine, a husband may sell his wife, or a wife her husband
    should the sale be mutually agreed upon.
    Go up to the top right, left cavern.
    Pelikoko's Pad :( go through the opening to the left)
    Book on table.
    The NEW Art of War
    'A Banori sage writes of the glory of battle.'
    Ah!  The fondness we all share of warfare!  The weapons, the noise, the screams
    and curses!
    But we must not get giddy!  We must concentrate not on the glory to come, but
    the work of the moment.
    All of our beliefs can be summarized in this easy to memorise set of
    instructions to you, the glorious warrior!
    1. Slaughter everything in your path,
    2. Club those you have slaughtered 'just to be sure.'
    3. Burn those you have clubbed so that you can scatter their ashes and forever
       'disperse the evil will' of your enemy.
    4. Rinse, and repeat if necessary.
    Toparri country
    Serene Gardens: nothing
    Keerg's Camp: nothing
    Back to Magic Academy
                                  26. DANTYR                              0260
    There is nothing until you get to Petit Island.
    iii. Petit Island                                                     0263 *
    Second house on left.
    On massage table:
    Book jacket reads:
    The Allure of High Fashion
    By Alli Kat press
                                27. DANTYR BY SHIP                        0270
    i. Treeside                                                           0271 *
    (Go there with ship)
    The Manor Office, on right.
    Assorted 'treefarming' texts, charts and logs.
                            28. Metabolas Island                          0280
    iv. Metaboline Castle                                                 0284 *
    Chamber of the Mage King
    Upstairs two flights to the top room.
    Right hand shelf: "You've found a hand written manuscript."
    The Spell of Banishment and the Demise of the Darg
    Being the notes of the Mage King
    ...so it occurs to me that the spell had a sort of blanket hypnotic effect
    which froze the thoughts and feelings of all the creatures on Arkose, if only
    for an instant...
    The very lifeblood of the Darg seems to be tied to our own memories and ideas
    In fact the Darg seem to be part of us...we continually recreate them...sustain
    them...And when we no longer house them in our thoughts, they vanish...
    I am not sure if the effect of the spell will be permanent.  We can only pray.
    At any rate it will be up to my descendants to ensure that the idea of the Darg
    remains buried forever.  All mention of the scourge must be expunged.  I have
    noticed that my people have no recollection of the Beast.  They see the damage
    around them, but have no explanation.  Nor will I provide them with one.
    For any who read this, know that one idea can replace or at least grow to match
    the power of another...and thereby extinguish the other.  This is not unlike
    falling in love after having your heart broken.  The sad memories are replaced
    by the new ones.  So it would seem to be with the Darg, though on a horrific
    scale.  Either one must freeze and expunge the evil idea from the minds of
    all...Only an equal but opposite idea can rise up to vanquish the Beast!
    There are no more books until you enter Tyr Og Nor.
                                   34. Tyr Og Nor                         0340
    i. Jirina's Route                                                     0341 *
    TYR OG NOR 1
    The Office
    Go to the left of entrance to Tyr Og Nor and into left room.  After a fight
    you can check the shelves where there are books, but when you do so,  the
    Pointman character will say:
    "No. I'm not gonna do it.  This isn't the time to be reading books."
    ii. Stinger's Route                                                   0342 *
    TYR OG NOR 4
    Green Machine Room
    Go through to the huge hall, to the far right, and then down to find a room.
    Right hand shelf
    A diary
    War Journal Entry 242
    Imperial Inquisitor Dacen reporting.
    Today's experiments were encouraging.
    Subject 23, a Toparri male, proved to be more resistant to radiation than
    previous test subjects.
    Subject's inherent resistance finally began to decay after 30 hours of
    I believe that we can move forward with the project.
    The blueprints provided by our fallen Gadgeteers will be the undoing of the
    Toparri.  Harnessing the power of Wyldern's sun, we shall use this "Heat Ray
    Cannon" to fry the Gardens to a crisp.  Not even the mystic potency of the
    Toparri can repel such a weapon.
    A similar weapon will be constructed on Arkose, should this one prove its
    worth. I look forward to using it to burn hallowed Karillon to a pile of molten
    steel and ash.  Tomorrow work begins on Project Fallen Star.
    It will be glorious.  (end entry 242)
    After reading the whole diary, Stinger will say:
    "Hmm...I think we know what those generators are for now... These freaks
    must be stopped!"
    TYR OG NOR 6
    Hokum's Library
    Through Guardian door, and first left from the small hall there is a library.
    However, although there is one bookshelf and some volumes on the shelves,
    there is nothing that can be read.
                            ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS AND THANKS
    First I would like to acknowledge Craveyard and the team who developed this
    unusual and fascinating game.  It may be flawed in some respects, but the
    wealth of comic detail contained in the books is a testament to the skills of
    the writing team.
    I'd like to thank GameFAQs for being such a great website and for allowing
    games like Shadow Madness to survive by having its own message board and FAQs.
    A huge thank you to everyone at the Shadow Madness message board who have
    helped keep alive interest in the game despite the passage of many years
    since it was first released; and especially to 4nowlaters.
    Thanks to TrueSin, whose inspirational "Prepare to Die" motto, and commitment
    to Shadow Madness finally convinced me to play the game again, and write this
    And last, but never least: thank you Saikyo Mog.
                               LEGAL AND CONTACT
    This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use.  It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
    distributed publicly without advance written permission.  Use of this
    guide on any web site other than GameFAQs.com, or as a part of any public
    display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    This FAQ is copyrighted by threetimes November 2007

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