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    Secrets FAQ by Outkast

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 01/07/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    			     S H A D O W  M A N
         			   SECRETS FAQ VERSION 1.2
    			    BY: Outkast (1/07/00)
    table of contents
    1) Intro
    2) Update History
    3) Secrets
    4) FAQ
    5) Credits
    6) Legal Info
    1) Intro
    Hey, the first secrets FAQ (and FAQ at all, for that matter), for the
    most requested GameFAQs game since the return of the request list! I
    had my friend go out to Blockbuster and get the game, and after playing
    it for the past three days, I've pounced on the opportunity to write
    a secrets FAQ (because I don't feel like a FAQ). Unfortunately, I spent
    so much time activating the cheats that I don't have anything else except
    the instructions on how to do so :) But this will be updated with more
    stuff, so don't sweat it!
    Update (9/8/99) - I'll be getting more cheat codes and such soon; I've
    purchased the game and have done some major exploring. And to all of
    those who have e-mailed me asking for help, the only help I can give is
    the help I put into this FAQ. Sorry :(
    2) Update History
    Version 1.2 (1/07/00)
    I added a little FAQ section to help out with the other questions that
    people are sending me. If they are not related to the secrets of the
    game or this FAQ, they won't be answered there. I also added a few more
    cheats to obtain.
    I also changed my alias and
    e-mail address and replaced it everywhere in this FAQ. Please note that
    cripplerx@hotmail.com is no longer my e-mail address!
    P.S. - If you want the reason for the name change, mail me and let me know
    and I'll tell you (this isn't the place to explain).
    Version 1.1 (9/08/99)
    Game Shark Codes! Here's a good update for you cheaters! More to come
    hopefully within the next week.
    Version 1.0 (9/07/99)
    Naturally, everything has been added. I have the intro, the secrets, the
    credits, and the legal info. More will come, as I will go out and buy the
    game, play it more, and discover more stuff.
    3) Secrets
           			  Activating Cheats
    Activate Cheats
    To activate cheats, you have to go to the following places and follow the
    directions that I give. You will get a confirmation message if you
    successfully activate the cheat ("Cheat Activated"). After, go to your
    inventory and open the shadows book. Here, you will be able to use the
    cheats that you have gained.
    - Twig Boy - Gad Temple (1)
       Get past the maze (takes time), and you will be able to get this cheat
       near the room where the blood sisters lurk.
    - I Like Dead Side Shotguns - Pain Cathedral
       Go to the control room, and carefully drop down through the open areas
       of the blades.
    - Dead Wing - Play Rooms
       At one point, you will enter a large room with a green table in it.
       Simply jump on the table and go to the center of it.
    - Big Heads - Gad Temple (2)
       Run through the maze in the dark is the only advice I can give you. There
       is a good chance that you will get it accidentally.
    - Flame Grill - Temple of Life
       At the end of this level, there's 5 platforms. Starting from the left,
       go to the second to last one to obtain this cheat.
    - Access Bloodshot - Gad Temple (3)
       It's accessible in the hidden room you fall into when you're knocked off
       the platform.
    These two were sent in by Aubrey Todd (see credits):
    New cheat 1 (play as duppie):  Use the teddy
    bear to go to the Assylum:  Undercity level,
    then jump to the first ledge you see.  From
    there, jump to the second ledge and look to
    your left.  You should see a U-shaped metal
    pipe that doesn't lead you to anywhere useful
    except for this cheat.  Simply jump on the pipe
    and you'll get the cheat.
    New cheat 2 (play as dog):  This one is my
    favorite so far (and the only one I actually
    use sometimes).  Use the teddy bear to go to
    Gardelle state pen (you'll be at the entrance
    of the Lizard King's room), and turn around and
    follow the metal-walled hallway to the
    green-walled area.  Now keep going straight
    here until you get to the yellow-walled area.
    When you reach the yellow-walled area, go left
    and follow the path until you reach the first
    place where you can turn right.  Turn right
    (you should be in an area with a stair case and
    a series of rooms containing barrels.  go in
    the last room on the right and this should
    activate the "play as dog" cheat.
           			     Game Shark Codes
    Special thanks to Cheat Code Central for these (http://www.cheatcc.com).
    They are used by permission.
    Infinite Health
                                            81075B18 0000
                                            81075B1A 2710
      Max Health
                                            81075B14 0000
                                            81075B16 2710
      Max Shadow Charge Level
                                            81075B20 0000
                                            81075B22 2710
      Max Shadow Charge
                                            81075B24 0000
                                            81075B26 2710
      Max Dark Souls Collected
                                            81075F48 0078
      Infinite Air
                                            81075B1C 0000
                                            81075B1E 2710
      Infinite Voodoo
                                            81075B28 0000
                                            81075B2A 2710
      Infinite MP-909
                                            81075B2E 0063
      Infinite Violator
                                            81075B32 03E7
      Press L to Levitate
                                            D0058F35 0020
                                            81075578 4130
      Health Meter Displayed on Screen
                                            81075B10 0000
                                            81075B12 00FF
      Health Meter Not Displayed on Screen
                                            81075B10 0000
                                            81075B12 0000
      Have Pistol
                                            810307B0 0007
                                            810307B2 060B
      Infinite Bullets
                                            81075B3A 03E7
      Have Accumulator
                                            810306D0 0001
                                            810306D2 000B
      Infinite Accumulator Ammo
                                            810306D6 7FFF
      Accumulator Doesn't Need Ammo
                                            810306D6 FFFF
      Have 0.9-SMG
                                            81030730 000C
                                            81030732 0E0B
      Infinite 0.9-SMG Ammo
                                            81030736 7FFF
      0.9-SMG Doesn't Need Ammo
                                            81030736 FFFF
      Have Shotgun
                                            810307D0 001A
                                            810307D2 160B
      Infinite Shotgun Ammo
                                            810307D6 7FFF
      Shotgun Doesn't Need Ammo
                                            810307D6 FFFF
      Have Violator
                                            81030810 001E
                                            81030812 190B
      Infinite Violator Ammo
                                            81030816 7FFF
      Violator Doesn't Need Ammo
                                            81030816 FFFF
      Have MP-909
                                            81030870 000D
                                            81030872 0B0B
      Infinite MP-909 Ammo
                                            81030876 7FFF
      MP-909 Doesn't Need Ammo
                                            81030876 FFFF
      Have Retractor
                                            810308B0 0017
                                            810308B2 140B
      Infinite Retractor Ammo
                                            81030816 7FFF
      Retractor Doesn't Need Ammo
                                            81030816 FFFF
      Have Cadeaux
                                            810309D0 0005
                                            810309D2 040B
      Infinite Cadeaux Ammo
                                            81075B36 03E7
      Have Nettie's File (You Start With This Normally)
                                            81030630 0000
                                            81030632 100B
      Have The Prophecy
                                            81030650 0016
                                            81030652 130B
      Have Jack's Diary
                                            81030670 0018
                                            81030672 150B
      Have Book Of Shadows
                                            81030690 0004
                                            81030692 030B
      Have Luke's Teddy Bear
                                            810306B0 001D
                                            810306B2 180B
      Have Enseigne
                                            810306F0 000A
                                            810306F2 080B
      Have Asson
                                            81030710 0002
                                            81030712 010B
      Have Flashlight
                                            81030750 000E
                                            81030752 0A0B
      Have Engineer's Key
                                            81030770 0009
                                            81030772 070B
      Have Flambeau
                                            81030790 000B
                                            81030792 090B
      Have Prison Card
                                            810307F0 0015
                                            810307F2 120B
      Have Marteau
                                            81030830 0012
                                            81030832 0F0B
      Have Baton
                                            81030850 0003
                                            81030852 020B
      Have Calabash
                                            810308F0 0006
                                            810308F2 050B
      Have Prism
                                            81030950 0014
                                            81030952 110B
      Have L-Eclipser: La Lune
                                            81030970 0010
                                            81030972 0D0B
      Have L-Eclipser: La Soleil
                                            81030990 001C
                                            81030992 170B
      Have L-Eclipser: La Lame
                                            810309B0 0011
                                            810309B2 0C0B
    4) Mini FAQ
    Q: Where exactly do you get twig boy? You said the maze where the blood
    sisters lurk,  but which maze. Where exactly do you need to stand to get
    the cheat? Thanks.
    A: I honestly cannot answer this... I obtained this cheat from just walking
    around in the maze.
    5) Credits
    Aubrey Todd
    For two new cheats that I didn't have.
    Cheat Code Central
    For the Game Shark Codes (used by permission).
    Almost forgot......
    For publishing this FAQ.
    6) Legal Info
    This FAQ is for private use only. It may not be sold nor used in anyway
    to earn a profit. You may not use this on your web site without my
    written permission.
    The Game Shark Codes were used with permission from Cheat Code Central
    Please be sure to read the credits; my many thank you's to those people.
    The latest version can always be found at:
    This FAQ is copyright © 1999-2000 by Outkast.
    Shadow Man is copyright © 1999 by Nintendo.

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