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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Warhawk

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     Part One: Welcome to Hell

    Silent Hill Walkthrough
    by: Stephen "Warhawk" Harris
    Covers: PlayStation
    Date Created: December 14, 2002
    Last Updated: February 16, 2013
    Version: Final
    Winner of GameFAQs' FAQ of the Month, November 2003

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    Hi, I am Stephen Harris and some of you may know me as Warhawk, because I am somewhat a frequent talker on the boards, you may even read some of my other guides that I have posted on Game FAQs. This is my first attempt at doing a FAQ/Guide for a Survivor Horror title and I hope that youll be able to find this guide as useful once it is posted.

    I hope that when you read this FAQ/Guide for Silent Hill that youll able to beat the game as my writing skills arent that good because sometimes I seem to have trouble explaining things.Let me assure you that Ill try explaining on how to get through this game as much (even that I have because of my somewhat poor grammar). I hope that youll be able to understand what Im trying to say while reading but just try to work with me while reading this guide.

    Now you can read on and hopefully beat the game. Hope will enjoy this game as much as I did when I played it for the first time or playing this game for like the 20th time.

    Game Title: Silent Hill
    System: PlayStation
    Original Release Date: January 31, 1999 [U.S.]
    Genre: Survivor-Horror
    ESRB Rating: M [Mature]
    Reason(s) that it was given the M rating
    • This game contains scenes of explicit Violence and Gore

    • Game contains blood and may be little too much for some under the age of 17

    • This game may be real freaky when playing at night by yourself

    • This game contains disturbing images


    This FAQ, MAY OR MAY NOT, contain explicit language. Especially for those who are under the age of 17, and are immature with these types of words. I dont need e-mails from parents telling me about the explicit language that may be contained in this FAQ/Guide because I made it clear in this section about the language that may be contained in this FAQ.


    To be able to contact Stephen "Warhawk" Harris please drop me an e-mail at warhawkfaqs [at] yahoo [dot] com, with any questions, comments or any information that you may believe that I may have missed in this guide. Please don't send any hateful mail because I will not tolerate it because it can be considered harassment, so please make sure you know what you want to ask / comment before you send the e-mail to me. Be sure to have "Silent Hill" in the subject so I don't accidentally delete the e-mail. This includes sending e-mails with some picture which may be inappropriate. Please if you you send me any e-mails with any kind of vulgar language such as the "f" word.

    You may also like me on Facebook to know about any future plans I will have with guide writing and all. Any questions asked on the page I will try my best at answering to the best of my knowledge about any of the guides I have done in the past, and yes even if it's a question on that game I done one for. Even if it is to ask me what I plan of doing next and all.


    L1 / R1Side-Step left or right
    L2Search View
    R2Prepare weapon
    XAttack / Decide / Search
    SquareRun / Cancel Actions
    StartPause / Skip Movies
    CircleTurn Flashlight On / Off
    TriangleLook at Map
    R1 + L1180 degree turn


    XZoom In / Out
    SquareLeave Map
    TriangleLeave Map
    StartZoom In / Out
    SelectNo Use
    D-PadChange Floors
    Right AnalogChange Floors


    L1, L2, R1, R2No Use
    Right AnalogNo Use
    Left AnalogChoose

    Harry Mason

    Voiced by: Michael G.

    Age: 32

    Occupation(s): Writer, Protagonist

    Harry is what you'd call a "run of the mill' writer and cause of this is why he don't have many relationship with other people.  Except for his wife, Jodie, though he is a devoted writer and father always comes first for Harry.  One day the couple had found a baby alongside the road, and decided to take the child in as their own.  It was three years later when Jodie had came down with some kind of disease and died suddenly.  Four years later still not over the loss of Jodie, Cheryl had suggested to Harry about taking a vacation to help out and not just any vacation.  A vacation to the town of Silent Hill, and as to why Cheryl had suggested Silent Hill is a mystery.

    Cheryl Mason

    Voiced by: Sandra Wane

    Age: 7

    Occupation: Elementary School Student

    Cheryl's adoptive mother Jodie had fallen seriously ill to some kind of disease when she was only 3 and was too young to be too affected by the loss of her.  It was harder on Harry than it was with Cheryl, and after the loss of her "adoptive" mother, Cheryl had become the reason for Harry to keep on going.  Although she had suggested to her "adoptive" father Harry to take a vacation [whom was still getting over the loss of his wife] to the town of Silent Hill.  While said it was a good idea and Harry had agreed to go to Silent Hill for vacation.  Why to Silent Hill, that is the biggest question.

    Cybil Bennett

    Voiced by: Susan Papa

    Age: 22

    Occupation(s): Police Officer

    Cybil Bennett is a police officer from the next town over, Brahms.  While a strong willed character for a female officer.  She is sent over to Silent Hill due to lack of communication with the Police Station over there, and curiously drawn the town's strangeness.  Unlike many, Cybil is a skeptic and doesn't fully believe the paranomal activity that surrounds Silent Hill.  She befriends Harry to help him find his missing daughter Cheryl.  There isn't much mentioned about Cybil's past, although it is said that she had seen her parents murdered by a unidentified man.  While hiding in the closet at the time and watched her parents get shot.  This is one of the reasons on Cybil wanting to persue the occupation in the law enforcement.

    Alessa Gillespie

    Voiced by: Sandra Wane

    Age: 14

    Occupaiton(s): Unknown

    Daughter of Dahlia Gillespie.  Little is known about her in the game.  All that is known about Alessa that she had suffered some kind of burns during a house fire and somehow is managing to stay alive.  Could it be that she has some kind of supernatural powers that nobody knows or maybe powers that only her and Dahlia know about?  Let alone what is her part in this town and little is known about who Alessa's father is.  There is much speculation about this little girl.  Alessa appears from parts of the game not giving any hints if she's friend or foe which is the biggest mystery.  It is rumored that Alessa was born with vast mental powers including  telekinesis premonition and astral projectio which could allow her to kill someone at will by use of her mind.  Aless is often misunderstood by others.  It is also rumored she had only one friend in school by the name of Claudia Wolf.

    Dahlia Gillespie

    Voiced by: Liz Mamorsky

    Age: 46

    Occupation(s): Town Loony, Cult Leader

    Although 46, she appears to be a much older lady.  While dressed in like ceremonial dress and no matter where she shows up, as if she's always barefooted.  Dahlia is the head of this cult in Silent Hill known as the "Green Light Order", who worships their own "God" whom Alessa is the mother to.  It was due to this with Alessa that poltiergeist activities had begun in the town and with Alessa having telekinetic abilities but was being labeled a "witch" by her classmates.  Knowing her daughter's power and thus wanted to use her to give birth to this God through Alessa.  Although Dahlia had gone through occult like rituals to make sure that this was possible, which resulted in house fire trapping Alessa inside with severe burns leaving Alessa to almost death like state.

    Even after that Alessa had somehow was still alive after that and lingered, although she was then placed in the care of Dr. Michael Kaufmann.  With the torture that Alessa had gone through, she resisted for some time on being the mother of "God" and her soul eventually had split in two because of this.  This other form that was created, it was in that of a newborn baby that was later found by Harry Mason and his wife Jodie, who took the baby in and raised it as their own.  Seven years later it is said that Alessa had telepathically called out to Cheryl to come home to try preventing the birth of "God".

    Dr. Michael Kaufmann

    Voiced by: Jarion Monroe

    Age: 50

    Occupation(s): Doctor

    Dr. Michael Kaufmann, while at first may seem like a humble civilian at first but there seems to be more to him than meets the eye.  A close friend of Dahlia Gillespie and the one who is in charge of Alessa's care at the Alchemilla Hospital.  He is the director of the medical staff at the very same hospital.  It is reported that Kaufmann has dealt with PVT [aka White Claudia] the hallucinationative drug, selling it with his colleague, Norman Young.  Could this be the same drug that was given to Lisa Garland in order for her to help out in this "Green Light Order"?  Although Kaufmann was promised wealth upon the birth of this "God" but after the split of Alessa's soul, could this make Kaufmann impatient and eventually turn on Dahlia?

    Lisa Garland

    Voiced by: Thessaly Lerner

    Age: Around Harry's age

    Occupation: Nurse

    Born and raised in Silent Hill, even attended the Midwich Elementary School there.  She comes from a family that has dealt with medical care as she became a nurse at Alchemilla Hospital.  The only duty we know that she had was to take care of Alessa Gillespie who was severely burned in that horrific fire, whose wounds would not heal.  The wounds would ooze blood and pus, requiring lot of bandages to be replaced almost constantly, while at the same time Lisa was not understanding "how can that child still be alive?".  It was cause of this Lisa wanted to leave the hospital, and leave the whole nursing profession altogether but due to Kaufmann's interference threatening to cut her "PVT" supply forcing a argument as well as Lisa to stay there against her will.

    Part One: Weapons

    HandgunCaféKill anything that moves
    KnifeCaféGood weapon but not as effective
    Steel PipeUnder freeway pass at end of Midwhich St.Good alternate on kicking ass
    ShotgunBoys Bathroom in Alt. SchoolMuch more serious on kicking some demon / monster ass
    AxHidden Room in Antique ShopAnother weapon you can use to beat up on demons and kill them
    Hunting RifleSilent Hill Center in Sandy pitA high-powered gun that can guarantee some serious ass kicking action but can't move in use

    Part Two: Items

    FlashlightCaféAllows you to see in the dark areas
    Health DrinkThroughout TownRestores a portion of your health
    RadioCaféProduces white noise when baddies are near
    To SchoolEnd of alleyway Cheryl ran downTells you to check the school
    Levin St. DoghouseAt the end of Matheson St.Tells you to check the doghouse
    FIRST AIDScattered throughout townReplenishes all of your health
    Handgun BulletsScattered througout townReplenish your Handgun with 15 bullets
    Key of LionBack of Police car on Bachman Rd.1 of 3 keys needed to open door in house on Levin St.
    Key of WoodmanUnder basketball alley behind Café1 of 3 keys needed to open door in house on Levin St.
    Key of ScarecrowIn mailbox Elroy St.1 of 3 keys needed to open door in house on Levin St.
    Levin St. Doghouse [Key]Taped to roof of doghouseLets you inside the house on Levin St.
    Hydrochloric AcidLab Equipment RoomUsed to get medallion of A Golden Sun"
    Medallion of "Golden Sun"Lab Midwich Elementary School1 of 2 medallions needed to open Clock Door tower
    Medallion of "Silver Moon"Piano Room Elementary School1 of 2 medallions needed to open Clock Door tower
    AmpouleRare. Found in certain areasEnables you to feel absolutely no pain
    Child's Pink Rubber BallStorage Room in Alt. SchoolPlug up drainage hole to wash out stuck key
    Rectangular Card w/KeyNorthwest Classroom of Alt. SchoolOpens door behind reciept area
    Classroom KeyCourtyard drainOpens locked classroom door in Alt. School
    Library Reserve KeyLocker RoomOpens Library Reserve
    Shotgun CartridgesScattered around most around townReloads Shotgun with six shells
    K. Gordon KeyGenerator Room Alt. School after Lizard bossUnlock door to K. Gordon house
    Drawbridge KeyBalkan Church [altar]Lowers drawbridge to Central Silent Hill
    Flauros PyramidBalkan Church [altar]Will this be used to stop the "Darkness" of the town
    Hospital Basement KeyConference Room Alchemilla Hospital [1]Opens Hospital Basement
    Empty Plastic BottleKitchen Alchemilla Hospital [1]To hold red liquid on floor of Director's Room in Hospital [1]
    Plate of TurtleBoys Bathroom 3F Alchemilla Hospital [2]Piece of Alice in Wonderland puzzle
    Plate of CatRoom 306 Alt. Alchemilla HospitalPiece of Alice in Wonderland puzzle
    Plate of HatterRoom 204 Alt. Alchemilla HospitalPiece of Alice in Wonderland puzzle
    Plate of QueenDirector's Room of Alt. Alchemilla HospitalPiece of Alice in Wonderland puzzle
    Blood PackStoreroom 3F Alt. Alchemilla HospitalDistraction for unknown creature in Room 204
    Oil LighterRoom 201 Alt. Alchemilla HospitalUsed with alcohol to burn ivy in basement of Alt. Alchemilla Hospital
    Basment Storage KeyOperating Room Alt. Alchemilla HospitalOpens Basement Storage
    Disinfecting AlcoholIntensive Care Alt. Alchemilla HospitalUsed with lighter to burn ivy in basement of Alt. Alchemilla Hospital
    Examination Room KeyUnmapped area of basement Alt. AlchemillaOpens Examination Room
    VideotapeLast door of unampped area of Alt. AlchemilaCan watch in VCR in AV Alt. Alchemilla Hospital and "Nowhere"
    Antique Shop KeyOn desk in Exam Room of Alt. AlchemillaOpens Antique Shop
    Rifle ShellsVery Rare, can be found near rifleReloads rifle with six shells
    Sewer KeySewer Office in SewersOpen locked doors in Sewers
    Sewer Exit KeyIn tunnel opposite of exitOpen exit of Sewer
    Motel KeyAnnie's Bar in Kaufman's walletOpens Room 3 at Motel
    Store RecieptAnnie's Bar in Kaufman's walletCombination to a lock for safe at Indian Run
    Safe KeyDrawer behind counter at Indian RunOpens safe
    MagnetNorman's room, behind office in MotelTo retrieve motorcycle key stuck in crack of Room 3 at Motel
    Ring of ContractJewerly Shop, "Nowhere"Repairs chain on fridge in kitchen in "Nowhere" to obtain Dagger of Melchior
    Motorcycle KeyIn crack in Room 3 of MotelOpens Motorcycle gas tank
    PliersOperating Room "Nowhere"Used on faucet to release Key of Opheil
    ScrewdriverSame as PliersFor removing Metal Plate
    Key of OpheilRetrieved from faucet using PliersOpens door of Opheil
    Stone of TimeAstrological PuzzleBreaks glass in clock in Antique Shop "Nowhere" to release key
    Amulet of SolomonMorgue "Nowhere"1 of 5 items needed to open door in Child's Room
    Crest of MercurySame as "Ring of Contract"1 of 5 items needed to open door in Child's Room
    Dagger of MelchioKitchen "Nowhere"1 of 5 items needed to open door in Child's Room
    AnkhGraffitti Room "Nowhere"1 of 5 items needed to open door in Child's Room
    Disk of OuroborosAlessa's Room "Nowhere"1 of 5 items needed to open door in Child's Room
    CameraBehind first door in nea are of "Nowhere"Used on picture in alter room 3F in "Nowhere" to reveal shapes you enter into locked doors
    Birdcage KeyBehind left door alter room 3F of "Nowhere"Opens Birdcage releasing Key of Phaleg
    Key of HagithBreak glass on Clock using Stone of TimeOpens door of Hagith
    Key of PhalagInside Birdcage on 1F of "Nowhere"Opens door of Phalag
    Key of AratronBehind metal plate on 1F of "Nowhere"Opens door of Araton
    Key of BethorNext room over from Kitchen in "Nowhere"Opens door of Bethor


    Welcome to the little town known as Silent Hill. In the game, a man known as Harry Mason decided to go on vacation with his daughter Cheryl. They decided to spend the time in the sleepy town of Silent Hill. The only thing that they dont realize is that they dont have an idea, on what the hell is about to happen while on their vacation. Cheryl is sleeping in the passenger side while on the way to Silent Hill, but while on the way there a cop speeds by Harry on a motorcycle. Later on Harry will see that motorcycle on the side of the road lying on its side and Harry doesnt know what happened to the cop.

    The only thing that Harry doesnt know is that there might be a possibility that he might end up like the cop did. As he is traveling down the road, just thinking about getting to Silent Hill, a figure walks out in the middle of the road and Harry panics and ends up going off the road, but ends up being knocked out.

    Chapter One: Old Silent Hill

    Harry begins to awaken from being knocked out after the crash. He looks to see if Cheryl is all right but she wandered out of the jeep. Harry steps out of his jeep and needs to find his daughter Cheryl as soon as he can.

    Objective: Help Harry find his missing daughter Cheryl

    As Harry walks about a few yards away from his wrecked jeep hell see a figure standing in front of him, which seems to be his daughter. Start chasing after her. Shell run up the street, then to the left and then into an alleyway. Youll notice that shell take a left at the end of the alleyway and continue to follow her by going through the squeaky gate, but be careful. As you progress farther past the gate youll notice that its starting to get darker and darker. Harry will light a match to help see as you walkthrough the alley but then all hell starts to go on.

    Everything around you changes into something weird, because there are broken wheelchairs, and a bloodstained hospital stretcher. Youll be wondering What the hell is going on here! and youll find out soon enough. As you get past the stretcher youll see this mutilated body hanging on the fence, but then youll start to see these two figures approaching you with knives. You have nowhere to escape and you must allow them to attack you, but theyll end up killing you. The question is Did Harry really die?

    Part One: Café

    The weird thing is that Harry will wake up in the small Café that is in Silent Hill, but youre not alone. Cybil, the police officer from Brahms was there in the Café watching over you until you woke up. Shes wondering how you managed to survive such an attack that he took or what the hell is going on around the town. Harry asks Cybil if she had seen a little girl, short, black hair. Just turned 7 last month. Cybil tells Harry that hes the only one that shed had seen so far.

    Harry tries to get up to look for her but Cybil stops him to warn that its dangerous to go out there. First thing shell ask you is that if you are armed but Harry doesnt happen to have any weapon on him. Cybil will give you her gun but she tells him to make sure you know what youre shooting and dont end up shooting her by mistake. Cybil will try to head back to Brahms to call in reinforcements and you will be left in the Silent Hill to try to look for your daughter Cheryl. Once Cybil leaves the Café be sure to equip the gun, just in case anything may happen.

    Before you make an attempt to leave the Café youll notice some things on the counter that you must pick up. These items are as follows:

    • Flashlight

    • Map of Silent Hill

    • Two Health Drinks

    • Knife

    Old Silent Hill

     There is a radio near where you were lying down as you woke up but you cant pick it up right away. As you are by the counter picking up the items make sure you save your game because you dont know what will happen. Once you have done that you can leave [or make an attempt to leave], but when you do the radio will be giving out this weird noise [known as white nose]. Harry doesnt know whats wrong with the radio and he goes to check to see what its doing, then the next thing youll know some "THING" will fly through the window.

    Shoot it at least three to four times with the handgun that Cybil gave you, and then youll definitely want to know what the hells going down in this damn town. Now you have to start heading towards the alleyway but save before you leave the Café.

    Part Two: Alleyway

    After you leave the Café head to the Alleyway where you last seen your daughter Cheryl. To get to the Alleyway you must take Bachman Street and a left on Finney Street. Be careful because theres going to be a couple demon dogs walking around there and are willing to attack anything that comes near them. Once you reach the Alleyway, it wont be getting dark like the last time that you were there, but youll find another weapon (Steel Pipe) that you can use against enemies. Also youll find two pieces of paper lying on the ground: one of them a picture and the other with a note saying To School. Then the Midwich Elementary School will be circled on the map for you, but youll discover that a road to the school is destroyed and theres no way you can get to the school now.

    Now you have to find an alternate way of getting to the school to check it out. If you noticed while you seen the picture and the note that there was a hole big enough for a child to get through. Youll would have noticed that there is a road on the other side and take a look at the map to see what road is on the other side of the alley. On the map look for Matheson Street, then look for the opposite side of the alley that you were in. Head to Matheson Street and walk south on the Street and youll find more drawings on the ground. They read as follows:

    • Doghouse
    • Levin St.

    Now you must head to Levin Street and look for a doghouse because you need tograb a key off the doghouse. Once you find the doghouse grab the key to unlock the Victorian house on the west side of Levin Street. Examine the house very carefully, and youll find two boxes of bullets for your handgun and a health drink. Go to the back door near the kitchen youll notice that its locked and itll take three keys to unlock the door. Take a look at the billboard near the door with the three locks and there will be a copy of the map you have of Silent Hill with three circles on it. Copy them onto your map (which will be done automatically) and go investigate those three circled areas.

    Part Three: The Three Keys

    Locations of the Three Keys
    Key of Lion

    Once you walk out of the house, head to Finney Street first to get the Key of Lion. While on your way there stop by your wrecked car to pick up a health drink, and be sure to check out the convenience store to pick up three more health drinks including a FIRST AID KIT. Then leave the convenience store and head to the wrecked police car on Finney Street. There you should find the Key of Lion.

    Key of Woodman

    Now you can go after and find the Key of Woodman". To find the Key of Woodman you must find the alley that is behind the Café and once you get there look for a basketball court. The Key of Woodman" should be in the basketball court near the basketball hoop.

    Key of Scarecrow

    Now its time to get the 3rd and final key to unlock the door and thats the Key of SCARECROW. To find the location of this key head to the Matheson/Ellroy intersection, then take a left on Ellroy Street. Stay on Ellroy until you come to what may seem a dead end, but there is a board linking the dead end to a section to a mailbox in which the Key of SCARECROW is located.

    Once you obtained the last key head back to Levin Street and enter the house to unlock all of the three locks, and once you head out the door itll start getting dark once again. Youll have to make sure you put on the flashlight to see where you are going. There should be 2 health drinks and then you can be worrying all you want throughout this game now, because this is when the game starts getting freaky. Now its time to start heading to the school.

    Chapter Two: School

    Its time to start heading to the Midwich Elementary School. Leave the backyard into the alleyway and take a left. Once you reach the end of the alley take a right and then a left, once you do that head south on Midwich Street until you reach the school. The moment you reach the school, go past the school until you reach a bus and there you should be able to pick up two health drinks and be able to save your game before you enter the school. Now enter the school and as you enter the lobby of the school be sure to take the map of the school.

    Once you have grabbed the map of the school head through the double doors and take a left to head to the reception desk. There are three papers that will have something written in blood and this is what each one says:

    Alchemy Laboratory
    A place with songs and sounds
    Darkness that brings the choking heat

    Also there is a list of teachers on the counter [which there is no use for the teacher list]. Now head back near the door you entered but instead of heading through the door you came head through the double doors opposite to those you entered the hallway because all the other doors in the hallway are locked. You must have to go through the courtyard but once you get into the courthouse and take a right youll see a clock tower. You cant access the Clock because youll need a couple items before you can gain access to it [the clock reads 10:00]. You cant stay in this area for long since there are a couple demon children wandering around the courtyard.

    To enter the school again head to the double doors due west of where you came. Be sure to pick up the handgun bullets and WATCH OUT for some dark baby like figures [the ones that make a squeaking noise]. Take a turn to the left going down until you come across a set of double doors. Once you get into the school, some of the doors to the classroom will be locked except for the boys bathroom [be careful of the demon child]. You will find ABSOLUTELY nothing in the bathroom anyway. Head up the stairs then once youre up here enter the first room on your left with two demon children waiting for you in the room. While you are in the room pick up the health drink and check out the next room. There wont be anything in the room to get, then leave and head to the boys bathroom on the 2nd floor.

    When you enter the boys bathroom on the 2nd floor youll hear crying but you wont be able to see what it is. Once you have checked the boys bathroom check out the girls bathroom. There will be two demon children in there waiting to attack you but there are some handgun bullets that you can take. Once youre done in the girls bathroom head to the double doors by the stairs, but there will be a demon child there. Head to the Lab Equipment Room to your left and on one of the shelves should be a purple bottle of hydrochloric acid. Pick up the bottle because youll need it. Once you have this acid in your inventory head to the Laboratory.

    When you reach the Laboratory you will then be able to solve one of the poems that you read at the receptionist desk (the 10:00 poem). Once youve entered the Laboratory find the table that have a statue of a old mans hand on it and its holding something in it real tight. To be able to get the item out of the hand get it from the grasp of the hand, use the hydrochloric acid. Once you have done so youll get a Gold Medallion (also known as A Golden Sun). Now you can take this to the clock tower and once you place it in one of the holders for the medallions the clock will now read 12:00.

    Next is the poem that you read for 12:00. Youll have to find a room that deals with music and/or sounds is at. A place that youll want to check is the Piano room on the 2nd floor. To get to the Piano Room you have to enter the second floor hallway and head to the LOCKER ROOM before you head to the Piano Room. When you enter the LOCKER ROOM youll hear something rattling but youll have to go on the other side of the lockers. When you try to open the locker be careful because you dont know what is in it. The reason for that is because a cat will come flying out scaring the shit out of you. Examine the locker and all youll see that the locker is empty and now head to the Piano Room.

    Youll notice that when you enter this room, there will be in a piano. If you had visited this room earlier youll noticed that the lid over the keys were locked. Once you solved the first puzzle the lid will be unlocked and will be opened up for you once you make the visit back to the Piano room. There is a poem in the Piano Room which is also written in blood:

    A Tale of Birds without Voice

    Observe the Piano, and youll notice that there are a few keys that arent working. The key is to use those broken keys to get the silver medallion [also known as A Silver Moon]. You have to follow the poem to figure out the piano puzzle. They should be entered in a certain order 2, 3, 5, 4, 1. Here is the solution for the piano puzzle:

    Once you use this solution the silver medallion [A Silver Moon] will be released. Then head back to the CLOCK TOWER to put the Silver Moon in its proper slot. Once you do that the clock will now read 5:00, but is the door unlocked? No, because you have to find a method of generating power to the CLOCK TOWER. Head to the BOILER ROOM to turn on the generator and once you do so you should be enter the CLOCK TOWER. Head down the stairs and then youll come across a door with a sign that says KEEP OUT. That sign was put there for a really good reason, and continue through the double doors.

    Part Two: Alternate School

    The moment you walk through the double doors youll notice that youre in a totally new dimension. Walk towards the center of the courtyard of the school and youll notice some kind of mark/symbol. What does this mark/symbol mean? You have to play farther in the game to find out what it means, but you have to cover this weird dimension that you are in before you are able to know whats going on. Head to the double doors to your west but, be sure to pick up the first aid kid and some ammo. The door to your left is the storage room and in there you should find a pink rubber ball, youll need to pick up the childs rubber ball.

    Leave the room but there will be two demon children so watch out for them as you leave the storage room. Head to the room known as The Hall [look at map; it should be at the north corner of the map]. Inside this Hall there will be a few cockroaches to watch out for and are a little hard to shoot them [if you make an attempt to shoot them]. You must exit The Hall through the door to your right, and then youll be in another long hallway. Now you can unlock the double doors that you were just came from before you entered the Hall. You have to enter the double doors that are opposite from the double doors and then through a single door to your left. Once you enter the room there should be a table with a card with a picture of a key on it, while on the other side you should recognize a certain picture on the card. If you entered the room behind the receptionist desk you wouldve seen the same gruesome picture.

    Grab the card because youll need it to unlock something. Following this room there is another room with chairs scattered around the room, and head to the door south of the room. The door should lead to the hallway and find the gray double doors. Go through the double doors and youll be back in the short hallway on the 1st floor. As you can possibly can tell that it wasnt anything like it was when you were there the first time that you were there. The notepad should still be there [so you can save your game if you want] along with a health drink and a first aid kit. Take a little trip through the door to your left and it used to be the LOBBY of the school. There will be two demon children lurking around here so be careful but there should be one of the RARE ampoule [which will restore your health for a short time] on the wheelchair. Once you pick that up head back to the reception desk and head through the door that is near there. When you enter the room it is totally different from the last time that you visited the room. Be sure to pick up the ammo on the desk and you should see a door between two hanging bodies. This is where that picture card will come in handy for you, because this is the key to accessing the door, so you can proceed farther in the game.

    Once you go through the door head to the girls bathroom. Once you leave the girls bathroom youll notice that somehow you are on the second floor. Now you can enter the boys bathroom on the second floor and some ammo for your weapon. Go back to the girls bathroom, but this time youll be back on the first floor when you EXIT. Since youre back on the first floor now go to the boys bathroom (second door on left), open the closed stall. This part will freak you out a bit when you open the stall to find a corpse of a decomposing body hanging on the wall. Below this corpse youll find a shotgun, pick up the shotgun. Be sure to check the writing [in blood] on the wall next to the right of the dead corpse:

    Leonard Rhine: The Monster Lurks

    What does this writing supposed to mean? This is one question that will keep going through your mind. Leave the bathroom once you took the shotgun and read the writing on the wall that leaves you in confusion. Go to the next door down and enter the room. Youll notice another door at the far wall; enter the next room through this door. In this room there will be a several blue telephones sitting on the table. Even if you try using any of them they wont work because no matter how hard you try none of them will work. The only thing that you can do is pick up the handgun bullets, but once you try to leave the room one of the phones which seem to be off the hook somehow starts to ring. Harry will answer the phone that sounds like Cheryl because of the cry:

    Daddy? Help me, Daddy! Daddy, where are you?!

    Then the phone will go out again. Head out the door you had planned to go out, and head to the corridor. Then head to the stairway at the end of the hall, and head up to the roof of the building. One thing youll notice that there is drainage gutter around the perimeter of the roof, a blood stained bench, and a water tower. Walk along the gutter and youll come across a drainage hole with a key in it, but the problem is that its out of your reach. Continue walking in the path youre going and youll notice another drainage hole but this has nothing in it. This is where the pink rubber ball comes into play. What you must do is plug this hole with the rubber ball and then go to the water tower. Turn on the red valve to release some water from the tower to the hole where the key is to flush it out of drainage.

    Once you have done this Harry will turn the red valve the other way once the water is done flowing enough to wash the key down. Once you are through with that head back to the courtyard [where the weird marking is]. To get back to the courtyard to pick up the key here are the directions; go down the stairs to the first floor, then all the way back to the front hall, and out into the courtyard. Look around for some kind of drainage pipe and grab the washed out key. Once you have picked up the key that you washed down the pipe, find the locker room and re-enter it. Go to the locker where the cat surprised you the time before and check it [when you get there the same locker will be rattling] but when you open it theres nothing in there except for a key. Youll notice that theres some kind of key in there, get it and it should be the Library Reserve Key.

    You must head to the Library Reserve and investigate it. When you leave the locker room there will be two demon children that werent there before you entered the locker room. Head left and head north through the hall, then to the hall that is opposite of that of the locker room was at, but towards the end of the hall. Once youre in the Library Reserve check out the books and then youll notice that one of the books has the same title that you seen in the boys bathroom The Monster Lurks. Then read the following passage from the book:

    Chapter 3: Manifestations of Illusions

    Could this be the reason why the things youre experiencing? Did Cheryl know anything about this nightmare or did she want it to happen unintentionally? Or is everything thats going on is just some kind of bad dream that Harrys having? These two questions will keep you wondering about what you just read from that book. Be sure to grab the health drink and head through the door to the library in the north. There youll find another passage:

    Youll remember that this is a story you knew from your childhood, but you have to remember the hunters strategy for later on in the game. Now exit the hall and head to the basement by using the northeast stairway. There seems to be one problem; the hallway somehow is inaccessible, but you can use the classroom key to go through the classroom to your right. Three demon children will be in the classroom and a health drink on a chair. Pick up the health drink and exit the classroom. Try to find the south set of stairs to take on down to the 1st floor, but therell be 5 6 cockroaches near the stairway (including a demon child). Unlock it and go through the [gray] double doors to your left to head back to the [front] hall. From here you should find your way to the Infirmary, and where you can find a notepad to save your progress.

    Youll have to go back through those [gray] double doors, then through the chain-link door, and head back to the stairway. Head down the flight of stairs to [the basement] and enter the storage room. Here youll find two boxes of gun cartridges and an ampoule, once youre done there head to the boiler room [the room to next to the storage room]. In this [boiler] room youll notice to valve wheels on each side of the wall. Approach the one on the right and EXAMINE it, then turn it to the right 2x, then go to the one on the left and do the same with the right by rotating it to the right 2x.

    Be sure to equip with a weapon because you dont know what youre about to run into. Youll come to a [decaying] elevator and you must board it, then itll automatically descend down into the dark depths of the so called basement.

    Boss Fight #1: Lizard

    Once you get off the elevator prepare for your first boss battle. If you remember reading the story about the lizard because this is what youll have to fight for the first boss fight of the game. One thing to be sure of is not to be too close to the lizard because if you are itll swallow you up. First shoot the lizard in the head and then slowly stay as far away from it as possible and keep shooting. If it opens its mouth take advantage of it and start shooting it in its mouth, but the most effective way of defeating the lizard boss is to equip with the shotgun. With the shotgun you should be able to defeat the lizard within two to three shots in the mouth.

    Once you defeat the lizard boss youll then be transported back into the school that you entered but in the boiler room. Once youll wake up youll see a little girl but you dont know who she is or what the hell she could be.

    Part One: Balkan Church

    First grab the K. Gordon Key, and then leave the BOILER ROOM and you should hear a church bell ringing. Head to the Balkan Church. Read the list of teachers at the reception desk before you leave you should notice that K. Gordon is one of the teachers at Midwich Elementary School. With this key youre now able to enter his house, but you have to go through K. Gordons house to get to the Balkan Church. Look at the map to find out where the house is located, but if you cant find it just head towards the damaged part of the road on Bradbury Street near the school. But youll need to be on the left because youll need to go up an alley to get to Gordons house. Before you head there head to the bus to save your game and grab two health drinks.

    After youre done on the bus head to Bradbury Street and there is an alley to your left. Go past the garage with the massive blood on the door and then you should see a narrow path leading to a side yard. Go through the gate and you should be in K. Gordons backyard, and then use the key to unlock the back door of his house. Be sure to save your game at the notepad and pick up the two packs of bullets. Now leave through the front door, then take a right on Levin Street, then back down on Bradbury Street, and head left. Then take the alley going towards Bloch Street and follow the street towards Bachman Road. The Church is at the corner and head in the church.

    There will be an elderly woman waiting for you inside the church. Shell tell you that she was expecting you because it was foretold by Gyromancy. She also seems to know of a little girl but she seems to be more of a gypsy type of a woman then one of the clergy of the church. Shell tell you to head to the hospital to save this little girl and also mentions of an encroaching darkness that has something terrifying to it. Shell mention something that you must use this item known as Flauros to stop this darkness. Will this Flauros be the key to end this terrifying nightmare or is there more to this? When shes leaves the altar shell leave behind a drawbridge key and the Flauros pyramid.

    Part Two: Drawbridge

    Leave the church and take a right on Bloch Street. Stay on this road until you come to a raised drawbridge at the end of the street. Before you reach the drawbridge, you should see a gas station and if you stop there you should be able to save your game, and grab the handgun bullets before you head to the drawbridge. Once you have saved your game and picked up the handgun bullets head to the drawbridge. To get to the drawbridge take a right on Bloch Street, stay on Bloch Road but before you get to the drawbridge make a stop at the Gas Station. There is a save point on where you might want to save your game just in case you didnt save it at the church and there will be some handgun bullets here for you to pick up.

    Once youre done at the gas station, continue in the direction you were heading on Bloch Street until you approach the raised drawbridge. Once there, go to the drawbridge control tower on your right-hand side then climb to the 2nd level and enter the control room in the tower. You must add the Shopping District Map to your inventory because youll need the map. While youre there check the control panel and there should be a keyhole on the panel, and this is where you use the drawbridge key that you received from the Balkan Church. Once you put the key into the keyhole and turn the switch, then the bridge should start lowering. Before you leave the tower grab the health drink and be sure to save your game and head back down to the first floor of the tower.

    Chapter Four: Central Silent Hill

    Leave the tower and now you should be able to cross now since the drawbridge should be down now. Since youre around the drawbridge there should be a set of stairs on both sides of the bridge but they are destroyed but there should be First Aid Kits at both of them. Cross the drawbridge and you should enter Central Silent Hill and here you can find the Alchemilla Hospital, even the Silent Hill Police Station. After crossing the drawbridge and reach the intersection of Sagan Street and Crichton Street, you have to take a right onto Crichton Street until you reach Koontz Street. Koontz street should be on the right as you head down on Chrichton Street, and as you take the right on Koontz Street the Alchemilla Hospital should be on the right. To be able to get into the hospital enter through the gate and then you should be anle to get in the hospital but be careful because there will be at least one - two zombie dogs hanging around in that area.

    Part One: Normal Alchemilla Hospital

    Now enter the hospital through the double doors to your right. Once you're in the building you should be in a lobby/receptionist area of the hospital. If you look on the bulletin board you should be able to find a map of the layout of the hospital, as well as a notepad to save your game if you want to.

    Then you should see a turn in the hallway in which you should follow to know what to do or get information about what's going on. The only problem is that there's only one door that will be unlocked which will be the EXAMINATION Room. After you enter the room you'll encounter someone but he'll fire at you mistaking you for another one of those "monsters", but Dr. Michael Kaufmann doesn't seem to know what is going on this town but how well will you trust him about what he tells you. He'll say that he fell asleep and when he woke up the town was like you see it, but it appears that he shot one of those flying "demon" creatures.

    Of course Harry will ask Kaufmann if he had seen a little girl, but Kaufmann asks about Harry's wife, and Harry tells him that she died four years prior to this event. Kaufmann will tell you that your daughter doesn't have much to stand on because of the creatures that are walking through the town. After the discussion Dr. Kaufmann will mention that there's no point staying with what's going on and whatnot. After Kaufmann leaves the room head to the door on your left, to go behind the receptionist desk. While behind the receptionist desk grab the first aid kit and head back to the Examination Room.

    Once back there head to the door that was on your right and through the Medicine room. In the room you'll find a newspaper and you'll notice an article is missing from the newspaper. Now go out the far door to get to the [east wing] of the hospital, there you should find an unlocked door in the right hand corner of the room. This will take you to a doctor's office. While you're in the office be sure to pick up the map which should be for the "basement" of the hospital.

    Now go through the [wooden] door to the south and you'll be in the conference room, on the table there should be the "Basement Key".

    After you picked up the key head back into the hallway and go to the nearest double doors, you should enter the kitchen. While in the kitchen be sure to pick up one of the plastic bottles that is on the counter because you'll never know if you'll need it for anything. Now leave the kitchen and check the next door on your right, the Director's Room. Be sure to look it over, but you'll notice that whole bunch of items on the other side of the desk. Head over to the items and there should be a glass vial (with some kind of substance). If you picked up the plastic bottle from the kitchen you should be able to pick or in some words "suck" up the remaining of the substance in the bottle for later use. What is this substance going to be used for is uncertain for the moment but you'll soon find out what to use it for. Once you have done that leave the room and then you'll find out that the elevator is dead, due to power loss. There should be a door down to the right of the elevator and there you should be able to use the "Basement Key" you found in the conference room.

    You'll have to take the stairs, but be careful because there are cockroaches at the bottom flight of stairs when you reach the "basement" of this crazy hospital. Once down in the basement of the hospital you'll notice that there are 4 rooms down there, but you will only be able to access one of those 4 rooms. The room that is accessible is the Generator Room, so head to the Generator Room which is the next door down from the stairway. You have to turn the flashlight to be able to see anything in there. You should see a panel on the generator that's open, go investigate it and then you should manage to turn the power for the elevators. Now you must head back to the first floor but you can now either use the stairway or the elevator to get there. The reason to head back to the first floor so you can head to the reception desk to save your game because you don't know what the hell's going to go on next.

    Once you have done that go back to the elevator [in west wing] to make an attempt to go to floors 2 and 3. Once you tried exploring the 2nd and 3rd floors head back to the elevator and there is something weird on the panel. A mysterious 4th floor is now on the panel. What does this supposed to mean? Head to the MYSTERIOUS 4th floor to find out.