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"This game is unplayable due to poor game play"

This game is a total disaster due to poor game play mechanics.

Camera. The camera is perfect in this game. The reason is because the camera stays behind you the whole time. It never turns around by itself because it was programmed to stay behind you. But you are also given the option to zoom in or zoom out the camera if you want too.

Controls. The controls in this game are awkward and a little sluggish. And the lack of strafing really hurts this game badly.

Music. The soundtrack for this game is okay, but most of the time music is the last thing that you are caring about in this game.

Graphics. The graphics in this game are decent, and the 60 FPS (frames per second) is a very nice added addition to the game.

Gameplay. This is where the game falls straight on its face. The story goes that main character was in a car wreck. He is taken to a facility and he has a piece of junk hard wired to his optic nerves. Blah blah blah. Some other stuff that makes no sense at all. The story makes no sense at all. To put it short, Slamscape is a virtual reality simulator and it has started messing up. So you are sent in (along with 16 other people) to restore order.

Once the game starts, the frustration begins. There are so many flaws with this game. First things first, for some strange reason whenever you hit a wall or object, you bounce back about fifty feet. It is like every thing is made out of rubber. Also recovering from the bounce back is tough at first because the vehicle speeds up after it bounces back.

To maker matters worse, the enemies are cheap. Taking damage is way too easy because attacks can come from no where. I was playing through the first level, when a bomb fell from the sky and killed me. The enemy that uses the bomb as a weapon was no where near me and yet some how the attack still made it to me. Plus you get only one life to beat the level and healing items are insanely rare. Plus dodging the attacks of the enemies is extremely hard to due thanks to the lack of any strafing controls at all.

The items in this game are useless. Scattered through the first level are crystals. However they are completely useless because you can't pick them up and driving through them does absolutely nothing.

Now the objective of each level is to collect four Orb-Ids from each level. The game is no help at all in fact there is no option menu. You are thrown right into the game and you are not told what you are supposed to do.

Another problem is that the orbs are fifty feet in the air and you can't reach them by just jumping. It also turns out that the orbs are usually protected by some kind of trap. Of course, whenever you hit the trap, you bounce back fifty feet. Getting the orbs is confusing because you have no idea how to get them or how to reach them. The instruction booklet is useless because it doesn't help you at all.

Anyway, there are four levels in the game Carnivalhalla, Uraniumania, Repsychler, and Endless Bummer. Each world has its own unique monsters. For example, the first level has killer teddy bears and there is another monster that is a round ball and made up of elephant feet.

But when it comes down to it, this game is bad. The gameplay is so brutal and the game gives you no help. The first time I played this game, I played it for only five minutes before I gave up on the game. The difficulty is too high. The controls are bad. The bouncing off the walls is annoying. The soundtrack is decent. The graphics are nice and the 60 FPS (frames per second) is a very nice addition. The enemies are cheap and can slice through your health way to easily also add in the fact that you only get one life, your health meter is extremely small, and healing items are nearly impossible to get or find.

Replay value. What? There is no replay value. There are only four levels, and that is it. There is no multiplayer or co-op. The game also has three music videos from the band that did the soundtrack, but if you don't like that band then you are probably not going to watch the music videos.

There is absolutely not one redeeming quality about this game. Not a lot of people will find this game fun. The brutal difficulty mixed with the bad controls and annoying bouncing off the walls mechanic destroys this game. The only reason to buy this game is if you are a collector. Every one else should stay far away from this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 10/12/07

Game Release: Slamscape (US, 09/30/96)

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