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    Kotaro Walkthrough by Godhand

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                             Soul of The Samurai FAQ
                                    (C) Konami.
                                 (Kotaro FAQ)
        Written by Godhand <FAQ@GodhandProduction.com>. 13 October 1999.
                                 Contents :
                                -About this FAQ
                                -FAQ Existence
                                -Kotaro Walkthrough
                                -Kotaro's Skills
                                -Kotaro Weapons
                                -Kotaro Items
                        No portion  from this article
                        can  be re-edited , modified,
                        used  or selled  without  any
                        permissions  from  the owner.
                        This FAQ is for personal  use 
                        only .  If you want to put my
                        FAQ somewhere ,please contact
                        me first. Please keep in mind
                        that uauthorized modification
                        is illegal under copyright 
                       Im glad i did not use any guides
                       or FAQ to finish and reveal this 
                       game secrets. And of course im 
                       not one of those cheaters.If you
                       want to know, im not interested
                       of any cheats, codes or FAQ. Im
                       sure they will spoil my game.
                       This FAQ is only about Kotaro, 
                       the ronin as a main hero in 
                       this game. This FAQ was made by
                       my playing experience.      
                                  FAQ Existance
    The story begins at the end of Edo period in japan. Now let me explain 
    about Edo period first. In 1603 , Tokugawa Ieyasu became shogun, and 
    founded the Edo Shogunate. The period till the fall of the shogunate in 
    1867 is called the Edo Era. During this period, the sovereignty was 
    strongly hold by shogun . The shogunate closed the country, and Japan 
    prospered isolated from the most of the world. There was no civil war, 
    people admired the peace. During the two and half centuries, major wars 
    occured only twice. Bushi fought no longer, but governed the country 
    as the bureaucracy instead.
    Chapter I.Homecoming
    Kotaro Hiba, a masterless samurai in training, makes his return to
    visit his parents' graves. Upon arrival, he is caught up in a deadly
    incident with a young girl and the law.
    The ronin makes his way to a bushido dojo to meet Yukinosuke, a
    childhood friend.
    Save : First storm of the year
           holding an umbrella o'er
           small chrysanthemums
    <Boss : Ronin, try to avoid his Moon Slash Dance>
    Save : Bellflowers in sight
           my heart bouncing up
           and down from pure nostalgia.
    Chapter II.Mistery
    On the way to the temple, Kotaro is beset by murderous samurai.
    After defeating the grotesque and sinister enemies, Kotaro 
    comes to the aid of mysterious monk.
    But too late, the monk dies before Kotaro's eyes, having only
    the words, Bugs.
    Save : Cape jasmine flowers 
           remind me of my dear mother
           lone clouds in the sky
    <Boss : Priest Muga, move fast and do counter attack is the 
            best way>
    Save : Dews drop to the ground
           This must be a demon's lair
           or a nest of snakes.
    Chapter III.Soul Bugs
    The temple priest ,Muga, had been transformed into a bizarre
    monster. To solve the mystery of the priest's mutation and
    a mound of newly disinterred corpses, Kotaro, alone, ventures
    into an underground cave where unknown horrors await.
    Save : The moon hides her face
           digging soil for potatoes
           tell me the season
    <Boss : Urabe, and he will transformed in to monster Urabe
            so, you will fight him twice>
    Save : Giant katydid finding 
           no good place to die
           keep on walking around
    Chapter IV.The Nest
    In the horrific cavern, Kotaro discovers a subterranean lake.
    The lake teems with soul bugs, profare creatures that turn 
    mortals into monsters.
    Kotaro barely escapes the collapsing cave with the knowledge
    that the fiefdom's ruler is somehow involved.
    Save : The hem of garments
           turn vermillion in autumn
           hoping it never ends
    <Boss : Hundreds of zombie villagers>
    Save : The tranquill autumn sea
           Ghouls and crows in harmony
           loudly choke in tears.
    Chapter V.Friend
    Kotaro emerges to find his home village overrun by monsters.
    Enraged, he mows them down in the knowledge that they are 
    villagers who have been infected by the soul bugs.
    He hurries to Yukinosuke's dojo to protect his childhood
    friend from the ghastly carnage.
    Save : An injured wild boar
           willow branches are scattered
           by the winter winds
    <Boss : Yukinosuke, his "Draw attacks" is very deadly, so 
            you better dodge it, and attack him immediatly>
    Save : Cold autumn showers
           Pour over and soak thousands
           of wandering souls.
    Chapter VI.Showdown
    Yukinosuke had been under the foul spell of a soul bug.
    His desire to best Kotaro made him fall prey to Gendo Tohjo's
    Clutching his fallen friend's sword, Kotaro races to the 
    castle, his heart filled with sorrow and rage for the
    showdown with the mad tyrant.
    Save : Stems start bending down
           the silver gross realizes
           its own weight increase
    <Boss : Gendo Tohjo, use weapon MURAMASA (Yukinosuke's sword)>
    From now, use Lin to beat the game, refer to my Lin FAQ.
    Conclusion ASCENDANCE
    A homecoming ronin and a shogunate ninja seeking her sibbling,
    brought tohether by cruel twists of fate, are united in righteous
    anger to end the nightmare. Before their eyes, a stairway appears
    ,inviting them to come face to face with the ultimate evil.
    <Boss : Infected Ryu Oda>
    <The End>
    Save : One autumn twilight
           in the name of the hell lord
           i slay those demons
                                Kotaro's Skills
      Mp    : 1 
      Press : Right + Left + Square
      Mp    : 2
      Press : Hold Square & release
      Mp    : 3
      Press : Square 5 times .... 
      *Only can be used when Kotaro is heavily wounded.
      Mp    : 3
      Press : Square rapidly
      Mp    : 3
      Press : Square 3 times ....
      *Only can be used with Musashi's weapon, KOGARASUMARU & ONIMARU. 
      Mp    : 2
      Press : Hold Square & release
      *Only can be used with Yukinosuke's weapon, MURAMASA.
    Note : 1.Command are for the default key setting.
           2.Do the skills before you launch your last hit combo.
      A famous sword, but years of hard use have taken its toll on its 
      Sharpness : Dull
      4'3" 46oz
      Named "Laundry Pole" for its remarkable length. Famous as Kojiro
      Sasaki's sword.
      Sharpness : Ordinary
      6' 71oz
      From : After beating Ronin (the first boss).
      The reowned sword, Bizen Osafune. With a good balance of reach and
      heft, this sword is extremely easy to use.
      Sharpness : Good
      4'3" 36oz
      From : After beating Priest Muga.
      A jaggeed sword that is said to beekon storms. It appears to have 
      been made in a foreign land.
      Sharpness : Good
      5'4" 34oz
      From : After you defeat Urabe.
      The sword that is said to have vanquished the legendary monster
      Shutendouji. Over time, it gained the power of fire.
      Sharpness : Good
      5'4" 34oz
      From : After you escape from underground cave.
      A short sword that is commonly known as 'butcher knife' MASAMUNE.
      Its compact size enables rapid slashes.
      Sharpness : Good
      2'9" 26oz
      From : some room in Yukinosuke's dojo.
      Perhaps because of Yukinosuke's lingering despair, this sword 
      could only be used for quick draw attacks.
      Sharpness : Excellent
      4'1" 33oz
      From : Yukinosuke corpse.
      An ancient japanese sword. Although its sharpness is merely
      average, it exudes an oddly evil atmosphere.
      Sharpness : Good 
      5'6" 37oz
      From : Tohjo Castle
      Two reowned swords that are specifically intended for use as
      a pair. It is unknown how Musashi came into their possesion.
      Sharpness : Good
      4'3" 36oz
      From : Refer to my Secret section.
      A magnificent sword that glitters with divine brilliance.
      Its sharpness is simply outstanding.
      Sharpness : Excellent
      5'9" 26oz
      From : Refer to my Secret section.  
      One side of a statue of a two-headed demon. It holds a bow and arrow
      in its weapon.
      One side of a statue of a two-headed demon. It holds sword in its 
    3.DOJO KEY
      A key that you can get a monster in dojo somewhere. It needed to 
      open the door of training room.
      A mix of mugwort and other plants that cures infection
      HP Recovery : Low
      An oinment that suppresses bleeding. Also prevents infection.
      HP Recovery : Medium
      A medicine that instantly stops bleeding.Its ingredients are unknown.
      HP Recovery : High
      A curative herb that neutralizing poison. It must be ground into a
      paste and igested.
      HP Recovery : Cures poison.
                     Dont put your weapon up ready if you want
                     to ignore that common enemies troops.Just 
                     keep your weapon at its place , and run 
                     over through the enemies screen by screen
                     Beware, this is takes so much risk.
                     And , try to back to the visited place , 
                     you will find some more medicines.
                     Dont waste your medicines in boss fight.
                     Just wanted you to know, your health 
                     will completely restored in each chapter
                     Fun with blood colors, he he he.. in the 
                     chapter 1. Kill one villager, then go to
                     option, change the blood color. Kill 
                     another one, choose different blood 
                     color, kill again ,repeat it, and you 
                     will see a very colorful murderous. XD
      In chapter V, kill about more than 250 zombie villagers and Now try 
      go to Ito place, the only survival tailor in the town located at 
      North-West from the town Square. You will encounter with him attacked
      by 2 zombies. Well, what are you waiting ? Go save him ! After a few 
      scene , Kotaro will be able to change his clothes.
      Here is the clothes type :
      1.Your Normal Cloth.
      2.Red cloth. 
      3.Black Ninja looking Cloth.
      4.Geese Howard looking Kotaro.
      5.Standard blue samurai cloth.
      First, do the instruction above. And now try to go back to Yukinosuke
      dojo, you will encounter with great legendary swordsman called, 
      Musashi in the front gate. He ask you to keep your honor by 
      challenging him at Ganryu beach. Now, go find and follow him to 
      Ganryu beach. Beat him and he will ask you to take his swords.
      First of all, in chapter II, you will encounter with a pretty lady
      named Kurenai. She is a daughter of Beni, the blacksmith shop. 
      Well, you must protect her until you beat Pries Muga,the boss in
      Chapter II. She will ask you to promise her to visit his father at
      his shop. Now...
      In chapter V, you will be attacked by hundreds of zombie vilagers.
      Try to kill 300 zombies of them. And you will received a "Rusted 
      Sword". If you still cant kill 300 zombies. Try to get weapon 
      MASAMUNE first. Since it have incredible speed, so get it, finish 
      the game and save it. Play again using that save till you reach 
      chapter V again. 
      Bring that "Rusted Sword" to Kurenai father at blacksmith shop Beni. 
      the shop is located at the screen before you get into Raven Forest.
      Give him your Rusted Sword, and he promised to repair it. But that
      need a time. So, makes your way until you reach Chapter VI. Back to
      his shop and you will see Kotaro's strongest sword is well prepared 
      for you.  
                         - Godhand (St.Evan Lee Yonny)
                           For writing this FAQ.
                         - My hand
                           This what i need to write this FAQ.
                         - Henry A Moriarty (http://mmcafe.syste.ms)
                           For teach me about japanese history.
                         - All Konami Staffs
                           For creating this game.
                         - God
                           For letting me keep alive this far.
                 Thanks for you participations, i hope im not
                 spoiling your game. Feel free to email me at
                 FAQ@Godhand.Net for your corrections or  
                 feedbacks. This FAQ is copyright Godhand 
                 Productions.Co.Ltd. 1999. 
                   Godhand (Stevanus Lioni) FAQ@Godhand.Net
            Godhand Production. <Http://www.GodhandProduction.com>
                           885-3868. 17148. Bekasi
                            Jawa Barat.Indonesia

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