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    Lin Walkthrough by Godhand

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                             Soul of The Samurai FAQ
                                   Version 1.02
                                   (C) Konami.
                                   (Lin FAQ)
                     Written by Godhand. 12 October 1999.
                                 Contents :
                                -About this FAQ
                                -FAQ Existence
                                -Lin Walkthrough
                                -Lin's Skills
                                -Lin Weapons
                                -Lin Items
              Note : Lin is known as Hyaku is the japanese version.
                        No portion  from this article
                        can  be re-edited , modified,
                        used  or selled  without  any
                        permissions  from  the owner.
                        This FAQ is for personal  use 
                        only .  If you want to put my
                        FAQ somewhere ,please contact
                        me first. Please keep in mind
                        that uauthorized modification
                        is illegal under copyright 
                       Im glad i did not use any guides
                       or FAQ to finish and reveal this 
                       game secrets. And of course im 
                       not one of those cheaters.If you
                       want to know, im not interested
                       of any cheats, codes or FAQ. Im
                       sure they will spoil my game.
                       This FAQ is only about Lin, the 
                       female ninja as the main heroine
                       character. This FAQ was made by
                       my playing experience.      
                                  FAQ Existance
                   2.SOUL OF THE SAMURAI SHRINE
    The story begins at the end of Edo period in japan. Now let me explain 
    first about Edo period. In 1603, Tokugawa Ieyasu became shogun, and 
    founded the Edo Shogunate. The period till the fall of the shogunate in 
    1867 is called the Edo Era. During this period, the sovereignty was 
    strongly hold by shogun . The shogunate closed the country, and Japan 
    prospered isolated from the most of the world. There was no civil war, 
    people admired the peace. During the two and half centuries, major wars 
    occured only twice. Bushi fought no longer, but governed the country 
    as the bureaucracy instead.
    Chapter I.Ninja
    A Ship laden with the Shogun's gold dissaperaed. A ninja , Shin
    was dispatched to investigate. When contact was lost with him,
    the shogunate sent  three more spies. Unbeknownst to them was the 
    presence of a fourth ninja, Lin, Shin's younger sister.
    <Boss Tips : Just hit the leader>
    Save : Butcher-bird is gone
           I frown that no longer can
           I hear the bird sing.
    Chapter II.Treachery
    Hanzo, a ninja sent after Shin, manages to brief Lin despite his 
    grave injury. He directs her to seek out a safe house as his life
    ebbs away. But he succumbs before he could inform her of Shin.
    Lin is left to seek the others and her brother alone.
    <Boss : Genzo, he is a bit easy>
    Save : The high autumn sky
           after losing one's calmness
           the thrush will return not.
    Chapter III.Raven
    Lin runs, aghast at the news of Genzo's death as told by the 
    ronin she had met before. She is confronted by Genzo who has been
    Having killed her former ally, Lin heads to the sea, taking a 
    winding path through a forest of  ravens.
    Save : Walk the many roads dance and turn to
           blow away the dews on the way.
    <Boss : Karasu, and she will transformed in to devil Karasu
            so, you will fight her twice>
    Save : Rice plans been peck on
           scarecrow chases birds
           away it is just his job
    Chapter IV.Madness
    Lin fends off the concerted attacks of ninjas in the guise of
    ravens as she races through their forest. She is challenged by 
    Karasu, the leader of the ravens. Defeated by Lin , the dying 
    ninja confides that Shin can be found at the beach.
    Save : The storm blows strongly among the waves up
           and down blobs the helpless boat
    <Boss : 3 Wolverine looking zombies, keep focusing to kill them
            one by one, so dont spread your attacks>
    Save : Swallows in sunset with dreams
           Never coming true
           Thin clouds remain calm.
    <Boss : Shin, just do at least 2 hit combo, prepare to avoid
            while he is charging something>
    Save : In the sunset sley
           The swallow flies far away
           Beyond the thick clouds.
    Chapter V.Demons
    Lin finds her brother Shin perched a top the beached ship.
    But infected by a soul bug, her once loving brother turns on her
    with only murderous rage.
    Despair tearing at  her sanity, Lin lifted her sword to face the
    only family she had known.
    <Boss: Hundreds of villagers>
    Save : Devouring the souls of evil
           ghost and goblins
           earthworms making cries.
    Chapter VI.Despair
    The village had been turned into a charnel house of the dead and 
    demons. Lin, dazed and broken by her brother's death, is beset by
    the unholy hordes.
    Without feeling, she becomes a ruthless and efficient exterminator
    In the end, she stands as she started, all alone.
    Save : Tohjo Castle 
           evil presence in the dark 
           fills the air and night.
    Last Save : Meaning no hatred
                kill with the sword to make
                bloom of the patrinia
    <Boss : Infected Tohjo>
    Conclusion ASCENDANCE
    A homecoming ronin and a shogunate ninja seeking her sibbling,
    brought tohether by cruel twists of fate, are united in righteous
    anger to end the nightmare. Before their eyes, a stairway appears
    ,inviting them to come face to face with the ultimate evil.
    <Boss : Infected Ryu Oda>
    <The End>
    Save : The storm is now gone
           colors of the sunset sky
           paint your cheeks bright red.
                                 Lin's Skills
      Mp    : 1 
      Press : R1 + Up + Circle
      Mp    : 2
      Press : R1 + Down + Circle
      Mp    : 3
      Press : Square 5 times ....
      *Only can be used when Lin is heavily wounded.
      Mp    : 3
      Press : Square rapidly
      Mp    : 1
      Press : R1 + Left + Circle
      *Only can be used with Weapon RAIMEI
      Mp    : 1
      Press : R1 + Right + Circle
      *Only can be used with Weapon RAIMEI
    Note : 1.Command are for the default key setting.
           2.Do the skills before you launch your last hit combo.
      Lin's favorite ninja sword. It is short and suited for concealment. 
      Its sharpness leaves much to be desired.
      Sharpness : Dull
      2'3" 26oz
      For a ninja sword, Shigure is relative large. It appears to have 
      been made with emphasis on fighting.
      Sharpness : Dull
      2'7" 28oz
      From : After beating Genzo
      The sword used by Shin. It is said to summon ligtning bolts
      everytime it tastes blood.
      Sharpness : Good
      2'3" 18oz
      From : Shin corpse
      Said to be created by a feared wizard. It is a finely crafted
      sword that is extremely easy to use.
      Sharpness : Good
      2'2" 25oz
      From : Refer to my Secret section below.
      A superb short sword that is favored by the first Shogun, Iyeyasu 
      Sharpness : Excellent
      2'6" 17oz
      From : Refer to my Secret section below.
      A small dagger that is also known as "KUNAI" .it is thrown at targets 
      beyond reach.
      A shuriken that is loaded with a small explosive charge. Although
      not powerful, it explodes on impact
      Although it is actually a prayer item, it is also a powerful weapon
      that can pierce enemies.
      An extremely powerful bomb that explodes on impact. It has no fuse,
      so it must be thrown.
      When thrown, this item generates a thick, obscuring cloud of smoke 
      on impact.
      Lord Tohjo raided the Shogun's sship for its gold. He appears to be
      preparing for an uprising against the shogun.
      Discovered Shin imprisoned in the forest. Rescue attempt failed.
      His survival is unknown.
      A plaque cherised by a brother and sister. Considered a good luck 
      charm by Lin (effect:Full recovery of HP & MP)
      A pair of eye glasses with a gold frame.
      Rakuyo safely recovered from the ship and delivered to Taka, a 
      former ninja. Seek him at Beni, the village blacksmith shop.
      A mix of mugwort and other plants that cures infection
      HP Recovery : Low
      An oinment that suppresses bleeding. Also prevents infection.
      HP Recovery : Medium
      A medicine that instantly stops bleeding.Its ingredients are unknown.
      HP Recovery : High
      A curative herb that neutralizing poison. It must be ground into a
      paste and igested.
      HP Recovery : Cures poison.
                     Dont put your weapon up ready if you want
                     to ignore that common enemies troops.Just 
                     keep your weapon at its place , and run 
                     over through the enemies screen by screen
                     Beware, this is takes so much risk. Since 
                     Lin have the ability to high jump. So,you
                     can use that to dodge the enemy attacks.
                     And , try to back to the visited place , 
                     you will find some more medicines.
                     Dont waste your medicines in boss fight.
                     Just wanted you to know, your health 
                     will completely restored in each chapter
                     Fun with blood colors, he he he.. in the 
                     chapter 1. Kill one villager, then go to
                     option, change the blood color. Kill 
                     another one, choose different blood 
                     color, kill again ,repeat it, and you 
                     will see a very colorful murderous. XD
      In chapter V, kill about more than 250 more zombie villagers and you 
      should be able to fight 2 Giant Worms as a Boss. Beat em. After a few
      scenes. Search near there, and you will find a "GOLD-FRAMED GLASSES".
      Now go to Ito place, the only survival tailor in the town located at 
      North-West from the town Square. He will ask you to give him back his
      glassess.Now Lin can change her clothes at there (Geez, Is Ito keep 
      watching her too at there? what a lucky guy..)
      Here is the clothes type :
      1.Your Normal Cloth.
      2.Purple Cloth. 
      3.Black Ninja looking Cloth.
      4.White Chinese woman dress.
      5.Japanese Schoolgirl uniform.
      Same as above.
      In chapter V, you will be attacked by hundreds of zombie vilagers.
      Try to kill 300 zombies of them. And you will received an infinite
      Shuriken. No ! This is official cheats, not using the GS Code. If
      you still cant kill 300 zombies. Try to get weapon RAKUYO first. 
      Since it have incredible speed, so get it, finish the game and 
      save it. Play again using that save till you reach chapter V 
      This took me a while to find it. Since it appear several times at 
      the conversation in the game, so it makes me so curious. You know
      the safe house of Genzo ? Is at Chapter II.. when you seek a clue
      inside there, you will find something written like this :
        "Broken Lamp, Stone Pavement, Banner, 
         Path of Guiding Light, and Temple." 
      Now in last chapter (VI), go to the temple (The Eastest place from
      Town square, near the entrance ,1 screen after the entrance temple 
      gate , try to search the temple broken lamp , made by stone , and
      they're stand like a path of guiding to the temple,  in the right 
      side. You will find a "HELMET CODE LETTER"...  read it, now go to 
      Beni blacksmith shop. 1 screen before you get into Raven Forest.
      You know,the place where you fight the first boss in chapter I. Go
      inside and you will receive this weapon from Taka. It said that 
      RAKUYO is a weapon from the great legendary Shogun , Iyayashi. 
      Yes, Iyayashi truly exist in japan history.
                         - Godhand (St.Evan Lee Yonny)
                           For writing this FAQ.
                         - My hand
                           This what i need to write this FAQ.
                         - Henry A Moriarty (http://mmcafe.syste.ms)
                           For teach me about japanese history.
                         - All Konami Staffs
                           For creating this game.
                         - God
                           For letting me keep alive this far.
                 Thanks for you participations, i hope im not
                 spoiling your game. Feel free to email me at
                 FAQ@Godhand.Net for your corrections or  
                 feedbacks. This FAQ is copyright Godhand 
                 Productions.Co.Ltd. 1999. 
                   Godhand (Stevanus Lioni) FAQ@Godhand.Net
            Godhand Production. <Http://www.GodhandProduction.com>
                           885-3868. 17148. Bekasi
                            Jawa Barat.Indonesia

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