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    FAQ by BobDaMunky

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    Well, this is my very second game FAQ, the other of which is on Zelda 64.
    Anyways, I typed this up in a few hours because there weren't any real long
    FAQs, and I like having the biggest one. I hope you like it. I might update
    it, but only if I get some reader feedback on the subject. My addy is
    Update History
    February 15, 1999: Version 1.0- I put up the Walkthrough and other sections.
    Almost everything is complete.
    Table Of Contents
    1. Weapons
    2. Powerups
    3. Enemies
    4. Walkthrough
    5. Multiplayer
    6. Special Thanks
    Well, you certainly have an awesome array of weaponary available to you in
    Colorado. Here's a list of all the COOOL weapons you get. NOTE: I haven't
    gotten all of the Maximums on some of these weapons, and some of the pack
    numbers are just estimates. Not like you care anyways.
    1. Snoball
    Ammo: Unlimited
    Power: Low
    Speed: Fast
    Primary: Normal snoball, nothing special
    Secondar: Yellow snowball, if you get my drift. Slower because of, er, reload
    time, but about twice as powerful.
    2. Dodgeball
    Ammo: Up to 80, comes in packs of ten
    Power: Medium
    Speed: Medium
    Primary: Obviously, a normally thrown dodgeball. It bounces 4 times, and can
    be caught and reused.
    Secondary: Same as primary, but it bounces 8 times, and does double damage.
    3. Toilet Plunger Launcher
    Ammo: Comes in packs of 1, Max is unknown.
    Power: Medium
    Speed: Medium/Slow
    Primary: Fires a plunger at your opponent that, when it falls off, can be
    reused again and again!
    Secondary: Weapon turns sideways and  shoot three plungers at your opponents.
    Obviously, it uses three ammo.
    4. Sponge Dart Launcher
    Ammo: Comes in packs of 50, Max is 200
    Power: Low
    Speed: Super Fast
    Primary: Fires a stream of rapid fire shots just by holding the fire button
    down. Extremly effective when taking out batches of low-powered ememies, like
    Secondary: Fires a Super-Powerful missile. Gun must be cranked (hit fire
    button) 4 times, and on the fifth it will shoots. Great for bosses.
    5. Terrance & Phillip Dolls
    Ammo: Packs of 5-10, Max is under 100
    Speed: Medium/Slow
    Power: Real High
    Primary: Phillip acts like a grenade. Throw him, and he explodes the second he
    touches something. If you see ememies off in the distance, or need to hit the
    weakspot of a boss, he is the perfect weapon.
    Secondary: Terrance acts as a proximity mine. Throw him against the wall or on
    the floor, and when something moves near him, it's a HUGE kaboom, and
    everybody dies!
    6. Warpo Ray
    Ammo: Max is about 200, found in packs of 50
    Power: Real High
    Speed: Medium
    Primary: Fires a pirahna at the opponent that clamps on and slowly drains it's
    health away. Very cool, and pretty fast.
    Secondary: Fires a yellow ray at the opponent which packs a serious punch. In
    multiplayer Mode, it shrinks the enemy.
    Tertiary: Fires a purple ray which REALLY hurts. In multiplayer, it turns your
    opponent into a ??? (secret, LoL)
    7. Super Sniper Chicken
    Ammo: Found in packs of 12 (I think)
    Power: High
    Speed: Slow
    Primary: Fires a chicken egg at the enemy. Unlike the reload time, the egg
    moves extremly fast, making it the perfect sniping weapon.
    8. Alien Dancing Gizmo
    Ammo: ?????
    Power: N/A
    Speed: Fast
    Primary: Ineffective in Story Mode, this makes a great Multiplayer weapon.
    Fire it at the enemy, and they begin to dance uncontrollably for a few
    seconds. Perfect time to wail on them!
    9. Cow Launcher
    Ammo: Found in small quantities
    Power: Really High
    Speed: Really Slow
    Primary: Fires a cow at your opponents. If unlocked, the cow explodes upon
    contact, making a green gas not unlike the T&P dolls. If locked, it fires and
    lands on an enemy's head. Hehe.
    1. Cheesy Poofs- These cheesy snacks give you back 10 on your health meter.
    Also, the kids say something when you get these. They all say something
    different. This is great when you're low on health, because they always seem
    to appear at just the right time
    2. Snacky Cakes- Completely Restore your life meter, no matter what you're at.
    Ah, these are truly the coolest things in the game. Too bad there aren't more
    of 'em, right?
    3. Beefcake: BEEFCAKE!!! Appears in a can that says weight gain 4000. Once you
    collect this awesome thingamajig, you're invincible. But watch out, it's for a
    VERY SHORT period of time.
    4. Double firing rate: Makes you fire twice as fast for a short period of
    time. This makes your sponge dart gun damn near impossible to get through. Use
    this lightning bolt icon wisely, when you need it most.
    5. Double damage: Makes your weapons temporarily do twice as much damage as
    they would normally do. This is truly the coolest, because now the Warpo Ray
    basically kills anything you hit twice, no matter what.
    6. Mr. Hankey The Christmas Poo: Heh. He flies around you, leaving poop stains
    on the ground. If he hits an enemy, it recieves damage or dies, but so does
    Hankey. Sooner or later, the Christmas Poo dies. He's not very effective,
    since he goes so slow, but if you surrounded he works pretty good.
    7. Zip Cola: Temporarily makes you move and jump twice as fast or far.
    Necessary to beat level 3-1, I believe. It's cool for when there are many
    enemies on your tail and you can't fend them off.
    8. Football Pads: They appear as a 25 above your health meter, and take the
    damage for you until they are destroyed. Then, it's back to normal. Good for a
    boost, I suppose.
    Episode One
    Turkeys: These idiots only take one hit from any kind of weapon. The onl.y
    problem is, they appear in mass quantities of about 20 or more. Just rapid
    fire with the sponge dart gun, snoballs, or dodgeballs. T&P dolls work nicely.
    Tank Turkeys: These hatch baby turkeys, but that's their only attack. They
    WILL charge at you, but it doesn't hurt 90% of the time. When they're almost
    dead, they'll run for South Park, and their babies will slow you down. Use a
    powerful weapon then.
    Episode 2
    Huge Evil Clones: These guys are just big-headed versions ofSouth Park
    citizens, like Jumbo, Big Gay Al, or Officer Barbrady. Their attack is
    throwing snoballs. Just peg them a few times, 'till they fall down.
    Clone Tank: This guy also throws Snoballs, but like all tanks, he lays little
    versions of himself. Crap. Not to mention these guys are running to South Park
    as soon as you see them. Use Super Dodgeballs to get rid of them quick.
    Episode Three
    Cows: My god I hate these things! They appear in large numbers, like the
    turkeys, but move incredibly fast and are hard to hit. Not to mentionthey ram
    you, hurting badly and throwing you back a few feet and making you unable to
    shoot for a second. I hate them.
    UFO Tank: If these guys could take much more damage, I'd be incredibly angry.
    Luckily, they can't hit you, and just drop cows at you. Use the Sponge Dart
    Gun to make quick work of these tanks. Cartman, after killing one: "That's for
    stickin' stuff up my ass." LoL :)
    Episode 4
    Evil Robots: There are 3 types of these guys. The first is snipers. They
    appear on cliffs, and take a few shots to the head to dispatch of. Secondly,
    there are the ones that come from the tank, and need to be hit once anywhere
    to kill. Lastly, some are a cross between the two, since they take multiple
    shots, but can be hit anywhere.
    Tank Robots: Yikes! They drop many, MANY Evil Robots. Their only weak spot is
    up front, the area they throw out robots. If not killed quickly, they are
    almost impossible to stop from getting to South Park. I suggest Sniper
    Chickens or T&P Dolls.
    Episode 5
    Evil Dollies: Eeeeeeew! They barf at you, and it get all over the camera if it
    hits you. A simple hit kills them, but they are sometimes in hard-to-hit
    RC Cars: These guys just run right at you. If you're not a good shot, use a
    Terrance Mine to take out all of them at once, but probably hurting yourself
    in the process. Such is life, eh?
    Evil Tanks: These guys get a few feet away from you and shoot you up. Just
    calmly hit them with a snoball or two, and it's bye-bye tanks.
    Evil Airplanes: Ooooooh, these guys are hard! They fly above you, very
    fast,dropping bombs. You can either go crazy with the dart gun, but it takes
    multiple hits to kill them. Or, you can throw Terrance mines straight up, and
    when they come down 10 seconds later, maybe a few will hit the planes. A pain
    Episode One- Turkey Butt
    Level One- Faire Game
    First of all, you'll have to find your "friends." This takes all of about
    fifteen seconds before you've rounded up the other three. Hit them with
    snowballs and they'll cuss you out :). They each have about 10 or so different
    sayings for when you peg them. Anyways, make your way to the Renaissance Fair,
    and you'll see people running away, screaming. Make your way through the area,
    until you get to a fence with a chicken on it. When you kill them all, it will
    open. Now fight all the way to the finish line.
    Level Two- Turkey Shoot
    This is the first level with those incredibly annoying Tanks. Thery're in
    every level from now on! Go into Chef's Shack O' Love to hear a little bit
    about this mission, then start kicking turkey butt. Remember, kill the Tanks
    at all cost because if they get to South Park, you have to fight them in the
    Penalty Round. Alright, there are a bunch of Turkey Doors around here, and
    they need to be opened. Just keep following arrows. when you get to a river
    with 2 boats, wait 'till they are lined up, then jump twice to pass the gap.
    More turkey horror, and then the finish line.
    Level Three- Search and Destroy
    Chef's Shack O' Love is there in case you are interested. This is a LOOONG
    level, with quite a few turkey Tanks. Use the dodgeballs on them if you need
    to, but try and conserve them as much as possible for the Boss. You pick up a
    Sponge Dart Gun along the way, and you should have at least 50 or so left for
    the Boss. The Boss comes right after a set of three consecutive ladders, so be
    ready. At the Boss, it's a giant, metallic turkey. He is vulnerable in the
    ass, but that's very dangerous, since his Ass Gas will sap you down 5-10 on
    the health meter, and down to about 40 if you have high life. I'd suggest
    using the sponge dart rockets if you try that method. Another way is to peg
    him in the face with plungers and dodgeballs. Whatever you do, just don't die,
    OK? When you kill him, Kenny gets squished. LoL.
    Level 4- Homecoming
    Man, and just when you thought the giant turkey bullcrap was all over, out
    comes this thing? It looks a lot like the other one, except it lays egg which
    hatch Tanks! Luckily, these Tanks don't lay eggs. This Boss turns around alot,
    giving you plenty of free shots at the target. He can take a LOT of damage
    though, so I suggest using your really powerful stuff. when you finally kill
    him, he blows up, and that's that. Yummy, you're eating Thanksgiving dinner.
    Well, except Kenny, cuz he's sorta dead.
    Episode 2- A Clone Of Your Own
    Level 1- There Goes The Neighborhood
    Run around the city, destroying clones, and making sure clone tanks don't make
    it back to the school. Use something good for that. When you see Door Opened,
    you can advance to where you need to be. Go to the Tupper Warehouse, and kill
    everythign inside. There's some Football Pads in there, if you want 'em. The
    bac door opens up, revealing the exit to the level.
    Level 2- Warehouse Run
    Keep on killing the Tank Clones, and whenever you see a Door Opened message,
    go look for the warehouse that opened up. The last warehouse that opens up has
    a ladder at the bacl. Climb it, the walk over to the weird gizmo on the floor.
    That's it.
    Level 3- Mother Lovin' Spoonful
    Destroy only the clones you need to destroy, since there are no Tank Clones
    eventually, you'll see some S.W.A.T. Team buses. Go past those, and the boss
    gets its introduction. To destroy the blob boss, just keep hitting it in its
    eye. T&P dolls and the cow laucher work best, since it's hard to hit the eye
    unless it's bulging out.
    Episode Three- Close Encounters Of The Bovine Kind
    Level One- The Visitors Return
    After you find the other three kids, you'll soon come to a fork in the road.
    Take the left way, I suggest. Keep on fighting your way through this level,
    killing cows, blasting spaceships, and swimming, until you get to a large
    water area. There is a big gap that you need Zippo Cola to jump. Luckily,
    there is some right there. If you fall, there are lots of stairs underwater to
    help you get back up. This level isn't very fun man.
    Level Two- The Road To Craterville
    This is a pretty simplistic and straightforward level. Chef's Shack O' Love
    returns here, too. Go talk to him. Or don't, it really doesn't make a
    difference dude. KILL, KILL, KILL!!! Soon, you'll find a big hole in the
    ground. Fall down it. Now, just continue to follow the arrows. Watch out for
    those pesky alien mofos, they will hurt you a LOT. After a lot of doing stuff
    like this, you'll see, and hopefully cross the finish line. Go you!
    Level Three- One Mother Of A Ship
    Man oh man, this level is tough. Luckily, it's very small. Go forward, and see
    the cut scene. This whole level consists of you staying in this area and
    killing aliens until they're all gone, even though it doesn't look like you
    can ever get rid of them. I suggest T&P Dolls, or the Super Sniper Chicken.
    Sooner or later, two blue guards come out. Kill them, and get the key to beat
    the level. :)
    Level Four: Blow The Core
    This is simple enough. Just keep walking through those sliding doors, killing
    the enemies until you reach the Core. Oh yeah, beware! The evil turkeys have
    returned for one last hurrah in this level, and they ain't fooling around!
    When you get to the Core, just keep on shooting it, avoiding the blasts it
    shoots at you. Sooner or later, the core has been blown, and the Episode is
    done with.
    Episode Four- Something Wicked This Way Clunks
    Level One- Seismic Rumble
    First, you have to find your friends to open up the roadblock. Then, get out
    of town, and follow the signs all the way to the Seismic Center. The Tanks can
    be trouble early on, since they only have a short distance to go to make it
    back to South Park, but do your best. After a whiel, and after opening up some
    turkey gates, you'll get to the seismic center, only to watch it be trashed by
    some robots. Oh well.
    Level 2- Militia Madness
    This is exactly the same as the last level, except you're making your way from
    the Seismic Center to Ned and Jimbo Militia Camp. Continue following the
    signs, and killing robots. In the fort, shoot those big, moving robot heads,
    and kill the rest of them little robots to open up all the doors. Run past all
    the snipers at the end, it just isn't worth it. 
    Level 3- Nuts and Boltz
    First, walk up to the down arrow, look straight down, and jump. Hop across the
    bridge that you (hopefully) landed on, because there's a bug that makes you
    fall down if you don't. Continue to fight through the level, making sure not
    to fall straight down into a gap and set yourself way back. When you're near
    the end, you'll see the robots carrying away Ned and Jimbo. Continue killing
    normal robots, and big robot heads to open up gates. Then, you'll find
    yourself face-to-face with the boss. Wipe out the robots he throws so you can
    concentrate on him. If you have them, keep throwing T&P dolls at Mr. Hat to
    kill him quick. If you don't get out your most powerful weapon. When the door
    in front of Mr. Hat opens up, shoot him. Repeat until dead.
    Episode Five- Some Disassembaly Required
    Level One- Toy Rampage
    Find your friends and kill all the toys in each section to open up the
    roadblocks. You'll have to fight a lot of airplanes, so get ready to be
    irritated. Anyways, after a long while of fighting, walk right on through that
    finish line to beat the level.
    Level Two- Parking Problem
    This one is so straightforward it's laughable. But it's still very hard. Run
    on through the parking lot, killing the Jack-In-The-Boxes (once you hear it's
    voice you'll get the joke). Also, wipe out the stupid toys. Evil Dollies are
    positioned as snipers, so use T&P dolls or cow launchers to make sure you
    don't miss. At the end, you fight 5 or 6 Jack-In-The-Boxes, but don't panic.
    The entrance to the toy store is the exit, I think.
    Level Three- Batteries Included
    This is a rather short level, which involves you running around and killing
    toys to open doors, while stocking up on Terrance and Phillip Dolls. When you
    get to the boss room with Ultra Mega Mega Man, here is what you do. It's
    possible to hit him withthe Super Sniper Chicken in the chest, but it doesn't
    work that great. Hopefully, you have a bunch of T&P Dolls. These are the
    weapon of choice. Use them on his head until he retreats. Switch to the Super
    Sniper Chicken if you have enough time. When he's on the platform, shoot the
    red button next to it to prevent him from regenerating. Every 3 hits or so, he
    tries to regenerate. With skillz and enough dolls, you can beat this huge guy.
    There are 20 characters in multiplayer mode, each with their own strengths and
    weaknesses. Please credit William Sigler, Jr. (ssigler@prodigy.net), the man I
    stole half of this info from, whenever reproducing this stuff.
    Alien: Starting Health- 100, Height- Very Tall (tallest), Strengths-
    Camoflauge with the snow, Weaknesses- Easy to notice in caves.
    Barbrady: Starting Health- 100, Height- Medium, Strengths- None, really,
    Weaknesses- He's pretty fat, and not camo.
    Big Gay Al: Starting Health- 100, Height- TALL, Strengths- Um...none,
    Weaknesses- Fat, Big, Bright clothes.
    Cartman: Starting Health- 100, Height- Pretty Small, Strengths- Small, so he's
    hard to hit, Weaknesses- Fat, and easy to notice due to bright clothes
    Cartman's Mom: Starting Health- 100, Height- Medium, Strengths- She can ground
    you, Weaknesses: Sticks out most anywhere.
    Chef: Starting Health- 100, Height- Medium, Strengths- Camoflauge in caves
    (sorta), Weaknesses- Fat, sticks out in snow.
    Ike: Starting Health- 25, Height- VERY small, Strength- Tiny, hard to notice,
    almost impossible to hit, Weaknesses- LOW starting health.
    Jimbo: Starting Health- 100, Height- Medium, Strengths- None, Weaknesses- Sort
    of Sticks out.
    Kenny: Starting Health- 100, Height- Small, Strengths- Small, Weaknesses- He's
    ORANGE! Plus, he's Kenny, he has to die.
    Kyle: Starting Health- 100, Height- Small, Strengths- Small, Weaknesses-
    Bright Colors.
    Mephisto: Starting Health- 100, Height- Medium, Strengths- He can clone
    things, Weaknesses- Bright clothes stand out.
    Mr. Garrison: Starting Health- 100, Height- Medium/Large, Strengths- Hitting
    the teacher is bad, you get an F for that, Weaknesses- He's green, and he's
    Mr. Mackey: Starting Health- 100, Height- Medium/Large, Strengths- He's REAL
    skinny, Weaknesses- Huge Head, mmmkay?
    Ned: Starting Health- 100, Height- Medium/Small, Strengths- Pretty Skinny,
    hard to see in the caves, Weaknesses- Sticks out in the snow.
    Phillip: Starting Health- 100, Height- Medium, Strengths- A little skiinny,
    sort of camo in the snow, Weaknesses- Easy to spot anywhere but the snow.
    Pip: Starting Health- 100, Height- Small, Strengths- He's pretty small, hence
    he's hard to hit, Weaknesses- He's fat, and his clothing sticks out (reminds
    me of Cartman).
    Stan: Starting Health-100, Height- Small, Strengths- He's small, DUH!,
    Weaknesses- Bright clothing sticks out.
    Starvin' Marvin: Starting Health- 50, Height- Small, Strengths- Small, hard to
    hit, hard to notice, camo in caves, Weaknesses- Low starting health.
    Terrance- Starting Health- 100, Height- Medium, Strengths- Skinny, Weaknesses-
    Red clothing sticks out.
    Wendy- Starting Health- 100, Height- Small, Strengths- She's small,
    Weaknesses- Fat, purple sticks out big time.
    Levels in Multiplayer:
    The multiplayer mode has quite a few levels. Here a listing of them all, and a
    brief description of each one.
    Dugout: Basically, this level is just a bunch of caves. There are a few areas
    for sniping, but it usually ends up in a shootout.
    The Hill: This level is PERFECT for sniping, with all the high up areas. Grab
    a chicken, cow launcher, or T&P doll, and have fun!
    Neighbors: Two houses that are connected by a small, underground cave. To get
    onto the ledge above the houses, climb up the ladder on the side of the house,
    then jump into the chimney. Sniping is great if you're on a roof, and your
    clueless opponent is wandering around in the yards.
    Crater Fort: A fort is in the middle, surrounded by lots of caves. The caves
    hold many weapons, but watch out. If your opponent is in the fort, and sees
    you, you're screwed.
    Splash Tower: There's a tower filled with water, a small fort, and a hole in
    the ground. If you and your opponent are in any of these three together, it's
    a shootout. If you're in the hole alone, take cover fast, and get out.
    Cabin Fever: A deserted cabin, with a river flowing by. This nice. There are
    also some bridges to snipe from, and a few caves filled with weapons.
    The Ravine: A huge level with a ravine, platforms which provide an excellent
    sniping platform, a valley with a river running through it, caves, and a lot
    more. I suggest looking for the Warpo Ray and getting on a platform. It'll all
    be over for your opponent soon.
    Badlands: Some real high areas, and a long, steep drop down where you can
    collect things. Needless to say, you can get sniped to death real fast.
    The Dam: Two big forts, some dams, some water, and a couple of platforms.
    Yawn, nothing much to say about this one.
    Badlands 2: Basically, this one is just a larger version of
    Warehouse: You fight inside a warehouse, with an upper platform and a bunch of
    UFO Core: You fight in the room where you fought the UFO Core boss in Story
    Mode. What's really cool about this one is that you float.
    Gym Class: You fight in an area that has a lot of buildings, two buses, and a
    football field. Kind of like that one area in South Park in Story Mode.
    The Plant: You fight in a power plant with an upper platform, a bunch of boxes
    and machinery, and more.
    Toy Store: You fight in a toy store, with a bunch of bookshelves and other
    Factory: You fight in a area that looks like a factory and a storage area.
    Lots of boxes and other stuff.
    Ware War: A little like Warehouse and Neighbors combined. It's Warehouse, but
    has a lot more stuff inside, and there are two warehouses, like neighbors.
    Lots of nice things everywhere.
    All you have to do is go to Enter Cheat and type in these codes.....
    BOBBYBIRD- Master Cheat, All cheats enabled
    SCREWYOUGUYS- Show Credits available on main screen
    OMGTKKYB- All Multiplayer Characters Enabled
    SLAPUPMEAL- Starvin' Marvin Enabled
    PHAERT- Phillip Enabled
    RAFT- Terrance Enabled
    DOROTHYSFRIEND- Mr. Garrison Enabled
    CHEATINGISBAD- Mr. Mackey Enabled
    LOVEMACHINE- Chef Enabled
    CHECKATACO- Wendy Enabled
    FISHNCHIPS- Pip Enabled
    KICKME- Ike Enabled
    ALLWOMAN- Mrs. Cartman Enabled
    GOODSCIENCE- Mephisto Enabled
    STARINGFROG- Jimbo Enabled
    HAWKING- Ned Enabled
    OUTRAGE- Big Gay Al Enabled
    ELVISLIVES- Barbrady Enabled
    MAJESTIC- Alien Enabled
    THEEARTHMOVED- Level select Enabled
    VEGGIEHEAVEN- Skinny Mode Enabled
    MEGANOGGIN- Big Heads Enabled
    FATTERKNACKER- Unlimited ammo Enabled
    FATKNACKER All weapons Enabled
    ASSMAN- Invincibility Enabled
    PLANEARIUM- Pen and Ink Mode Enabled
    Special Thanks
    Special Thanks goes out to Nintendo, Akklaim, Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and
    everybody else who made this game possible. Also, I'd like to thank William
    Sigler, Jr. (ssigler@prodigy.net) for parts of the Multiplayer Section and
    Curt Mac (curtmac@aol.com) for the cheat codes. Thank you everybody!

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