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"Oh My God! They Killed South Park!"

I am a major South Park fan...I've seen and taped every episode etc, but sadly, I bought the three South Park games (South Park, Chef's Luv Shack, South Park Rally) and having spent £120 on them all together, I'm deeply regretting in particular buying the first heap of **** to be released under the South Park name. Note: All three games are available in a bumper pack for £24, but its just the first game that I'm covering

I put the disc into my PSX, and was greeted by the South Park logo, the Comedy Central logo and the Acclaim logo. Then I saw the South Park intro in Playstation graphics..which looked ok. Kinda outdated though?

Its from a first-person view, the enemies look ****, the charachters look ****, the buildings look ****, and as a matter of fact, EVERYTHING LOOKS ****! Well..theres a good FMV scene at the start, and one or two mixed into the levels, but thats all. 50%

The charachter voices are completely impersonated, Trey Parker, Mary Kay Bergham (RIP) and Matt Stone didn't lend a hand here. And the voice actors would probably be much happier doing butter commercials (QUOTE PS2M10)...ok, they weren't that bad. When charachters are attacked, they'd each say something, but theres no variety. Example, when Cartman is hit by a turkey, and **** it, theres so many ****ing turkeys, he will shout ''Piss off Turkey! I'll cook you for breakfast!'' or something like that..its been a long time since I've played it. Anyway, you go around the level killing turkeys and by the end of the level, you'll have heard Cartman saying ''Piss off Turkey! I'll cook you for breakfast!'' at least 400 times...that is, if you ever reach the last level.
And now, the music. As Stan would say: ''This is pretty ****ed up right here''. But its more than ****ed up! It sux! And the same theme is played throughout every level. Thats right kids, every level.
Sound: 91% Music: 0.0001%

I may go on for too long here. Enter Story Mode. You start by picking a charachter, who will then shout a phrase from the series. Then a board will appear which will tell you what to do (the turkeys are taking over! kill the mother turkey). So thats your mission. You walk around South Park, throwing snowballs at Turkeys. You can upgrade them to snowballs with piss on them, but it makes no difference. You kill turkeys. Kill turkeys...Then fight a boss. Boring! Next mission...after five levels of killing you kill clones, kids! Yes, thats right, five levels of killing ****ing clones of Jimbo and other charachters from the series. Then you kill cows....five levels of cows. The patient person may get through this game alive. I however, took a different approach..(when the **** will those ****ing turkeys die!!!). I believe this game got so tedious for me that I cried.
Now for Multiplayer gaming! After each level you pass you get a password to unlock another charachter (quite an excellent charachter selection, it includes my favourites Mophesto and Mr Garrison, among others are Pip, Jimbo, Ned, Ms Cartman and Wendy. However, the forgot about the Mayor and a lot of others, and this game was made before Timmy! made his debut). Multiplayer is ok, it only allows 2 Players, unlike the 4-Player N64 version. Multiplayer is fun I guess, although the terrains are tiny, there are some cool weapons. 78%

Bah. They're ok. 85%

****ing tedious!!! You will want to be very patient to clear the game. Well, there is cheats too...Extremely Hard

Buy or Rent?
If you're a South Park fanatic, like me, buy it, after all its only £8...£40 when I bought it...
But, if you're just a dumbass who's pretending to watch South Park so people will think you're cool (you all know who you are!) then Rent it.

The South Park series has had its three games on Playstation, N64, Dreamcast and PC. There was also a very rare ''South Park'' for GameBoy Color, although I've never played it. The following are the other South Park games:
Chef's Luv Shack:A 'Mario Party' like game with a South Park twist. This was a very fun game, lots of minigames. 8/10
South Park RallyAn entertaining racer with acceptable South Park graphics and some cool terrains, charachters, missions and weapons. 9/10

-Offers a challenge, for you patient ones.
-(Fill in later)
-(Fill in later)

-****ing Turkeys
-Repetetive levels, sound-bites, charachters and enemies

All titles are in print in Europe and America for Playstation, except South Park Rally which is only in-print for Sega Dreamcast.

Overall: 7/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/24/01, Updated 08/24/01

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