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Reviewed: 03/31/03 | Updated: 03/31/03

Even the creators of the show didn't think to much about this game,but it is okay.

Introduction - The game is based off of the show South Park,this game was released around the time when the show was around the end of the Second season,that's what makes the game not good,it came out to early when the show didn't have many characters,it also means that there isn't much to do in this game,most of the stuff in this game revolves around some stuff that happens in the show's first season,(Example:Evil Turkeys,Aliens,ect.).Even the creators of the show didn't think the game was at all that great.But since the game is ''South Park'',i gave it a good rating,at least it's based off of the show.

Story - The game is about a comet heading toward the earth to destroy everything and everyone,and the comet is causing weird and spooky stuff to happen,like Evil turkeys running through town and Aliens mutilating cows.Now it is up to Kenny,Cartman,Kyle,and Stan to save the world.The story of the game is not from the show,but some of the stuff in the game was based off of events from most of the episodes in the first Season of the show,(Like the Evil Turkeys,the Aliens,Ect.)

Graphics - Not to good at all,you can't see that far ahead of you,and the characters aren't round enough,but a little bit 'edgy'.This also has to do with it being a Playstation game,but you can also get this game on the Nintendo64,which probably has a little bit better graphics than the Playstation version.

Sound - The sound is good,it seems to be a little low when the character's say something,though,and hard to understand.But during the cutscenes,you can hear them talking just fine,it is also in captioning at the bottom of the screen so you can read what they are saying.There is also music in each level that sounds like South Park type of music,even though the music from the levels wasn't in the show or anything.

Gameplay - The game has an Intro,just like the intro from the TV show when it was in it's first three seasons (and some of season 4.).The intro to the game has the South Park theme song,of course,and it just like the show's old intro in every way,but instead of stuff from the TV show being in the intro,it shows some stuff from the game.You pick a character,out of Kenny,Cartman,Kyle,and Stan.When you begin most of the levels,you have to go find the other three at their houses or other places they will be depending on the level you are on,then just do whatever the objective of the level is.You also have a selection of weapons you can pick up,your primary weapon is always snowballs,which you cannot run out of.You then can pick up stronger weapons,like Dodgeballs,Toilet Plunger Launchers,Ect..You can also upgrade the weapon you are holding by pressing select,which makes it stronger.There is also a multiplayer mode of the game,which at first only has four characters to pick from,but you can unlock a lot of characters simply by playing the story mode and getting passwords to enter in at the password screen in the main menu of the game.

Replayability - The story mode can sometimes get boring,but once you beat that and get all the characters for Multiplayer mode,it is very fun.Once you beat the game,you probably won't play the story mode much anymore,but the multiplayer is something you will probably like,if you are a fan of Multiplayer games.

BuyRentNothing - Difficult thing to say.If you are a very huge fan of the show like me,then you might as well get the game,but if you are just curious about what the game is like compared to the show,just rent it.It is either a buy or rent,though.To me it is a pretty fun game,but it could have been a whole lot better if it was made later on when the show had more characters and better storylines.

Total Score (1-10)

Story - 7
Graphics - 6
Sound - 7
Gameplay - 8
Replayability - 9

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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