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"Now I know why they killed Kenny"

-Graphics 3/10-

Alright...this is a joke. The graphics of this game consist of hand drawn, cartoonish figures on a near-barren landscape, on the other hand, it matches the television show exactly.

Turkey's...lots of them, are running amok through South Park, so you'll be seeing quite alot of those. The visuals of this game rely more on the forced and implied humor than they do actual visual design. Giant turkey's shooting eggs out of their butts, watching Cartman and the others running around, and yelling at's fun..

For about 10 minutes.

You have a fair amount of the dreaded pop-up, and image breakdown..that can cause your eyes to blink and start to hurt...trying to focus on the game is tough, very tough with the constant glitching.

Where the game does actually pick up, is during some of the rendering of the looks computer animated, which isn't so bad, but they're few and far between. This all causes the game to fall well below the average visuals line, and into the red-zone.

-Sound 4/10-

It's got the soundtrack of the South Park theme. But, the bad thing is, that's the only music you hear. You will, in my own famous words, turn on something loud and moving in your CD player, rather than listen to this for too long.

The sound clips, are straight from the show, voices of Cartman, Kyle, Kenny, Stan, Chef, and several others are all here...even the voices of Phillip and Terrance are in the game...that is what saves the truly dreadful sound otherwise from a one.

The sound effects only go so far, the glubbing of turkeys is maddening, and the flinging of snow-balls, your primary weapon, is all there is that really stands out..well..that and the sound of Phillip and Terrance farting.

-Control 4/10-

This is bad...even for a 'first-person' type game. Your jump timing is way off, and moving along, and trying to turn to hit an oncoming enemy with a weapon, can get confusing, and annoying.

It gives you the usual options of weapon switch, fire, and jumping, that's it. Anything else you try to do, you're running at your own risk, such as firing off your weapon while running. It doesn't always work.

Once you do get the control down, and you're running around at top speed, you'll still find that you're missing something when you attempt a jump, and don't make it. This is enough to make you shut the game off rather than stress out.

-Gameplay 4/10-

First person shooting using the kids and characters of South Park. While it is fun at first, the fun wears off once you start seeing the true nature of the forced humor. How many times can you really listen to Kenny mumble? How many times can you listen to that annoying turkey gibberish before you slam your head against the wall.

This game revolves around alot of humor, but the humor wears off quickly, and it's just stupid jokes and in a stupidly put together game.

It does offer a multi-player feature, in which you have to play the normal game first, before you can unlock other multi-player characters to use. That doesn't seem to be much of a reward..and considering that these are the days of Quake, Half-Life and Doom, this game falls far below the par of what most players of First Person Shooters want in their gameplay.

-Overall 4/10-

It's goofy, and full of forced humor and bad jokes. Sure, it's fun to listen to, and might, just might be fun to play, but it's really not all that great.

It falls short and below par in the terms or visuals. Poorly drawn backgrounds make it not so fun to play, and even though this game is based off the hit television show, it should have probably been drawn with a little more detail, and perhaps a bit more varity.

The music is a single looping track. It'll drive you mad after an hour, and something will be blasting on your stereo, but certainly not this. The sound effects, while hilarious, lose their luster after you hear them quite a few times.

The control is confusing, yet simple, but sluggish and hard to master, and that, coupled with the straight forward, repetitive gameplay, makes this game out to be a nightmare that only true, full-blown South Park fans would own.

It's not even a weekend rental, and certainly not a purchasing choice. If you're looking for a good FPS, then look toward Quake II, or Elemental Gearbolt, cause this game, is for the birds.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 03/24/00, Updated 03/24/00

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