Review by Funk Punk

"Just like Stan, this game throws up all over the place."

Before I review this game let me tell you a story. Last Chirstmas I had three videogames on my list: You Don't Know Jack, Um Jammer Lammy, and South Park. I found the first two of the games I wanted. But South Park was no where to be found, I don't know if it was bad luck or fate. Flash forward a month later where am at Blockbuster and what should my eyes find, you guess it, South Park. As soon as I get home I pop this into my Playstation. And what was the result when I finished playing? Disappointing.

Graphics/6: The graphics aren't too bad, I like the FMV's and the styles of the town were okay. But I could'n see three feet in front of me because the fog, what up with that?

Music&Sound/4: I don't mind listening to a soundtrack a little while but this is rediculious. The same song play all through the game, in fact it got so bad I turn down the volume. Sound is just as repetitve with the same foul mouth lines and cracks.

Story/9: I have to give credit for this, the story is the most cretitve I've ever heard. A comet is headed stright for the town and is causing strange effects like crazed turkeys, mutant clones, power-mad toys and more. It up to the South Park kids (Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman) to stop the madness before their town is destoryed.

Gameplay/5: Now am a big fan of first-person shooters (House of the Dead and Time Crisis 2 are among my favorites)but never has the gene been so boring. In the game you have to hunt down certain enemies that are litter throughout the game. There are two of them, the regulars( who attack you head on) and the tanks(bigger version of the regulars who you must stop). I you don't stop the tanks before the end f the stage, you go to a elemnation round where you have to save the town. It goes like this all through the game.Talk about boring. The only thing going for it is the two-player deathmatch that a blast to play.

South Park could have been a great game, but it repetitveness bring it down big time. If your looking for a good FPS try Medal of Honor and Quake II.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 05/26/00, Updated 05/26/00

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