Review by Zylo the wolf

"Due to it's content it shouldn't be played by anyone."

South Park is a great animated series, I think I need to say that before I write about this game. While the humour in the series is really childish, and sometimes even to weird even for me, I almost always laugh at least once every episode I watch, no matter if I have seen the episode before or not.

Since I really loved the series much more when I was about 13 years old than what I do today, I really wanted to try this game. After hours of talking to my mother, I finally got permission to buy this game. It cost about as much money as what I got from my parents each month, and I think anyone can figure out that I could have done better things with that money.

When you start the game, the warning text that's in every episode shows up, except that it's edited a little (for example it says that the game shouldn't be played by anyone due to it's content). After this text the classic South Park song starts and you see the four South Park kids riding in their cars. The graphic is really really bad if you look at the year this game got released. Hell even some of the launch games for the Playstation look better than this.

Anyway there are 3 modes in this game. Championship mode, arcade mode and 2 player mode. In Championship mode, you would expect the South Park cast to race on different places in South Park. However they never do an actual race at all in Champion Ship mode.

Instead it can be things as shooting down all your opponents, avoid a special opponent or any other crazy thing. On each track you can pick up different weapons that are based from the show, like sending Sparky or the Underpants Gnomes on your enemies.

What the game makers must have wanted to tell the kids who played this game is that kids shouldn't try to drive cars, since it's impossible to turn in this game since the control is so bad. It's also really hard to figure out where you should drive since the road keeps disappearing.

There isn't much more that needs to be said about this game. Anyone who is any sane knew from the start that this game was horrible, and those who wanted a great racing game with the South Park characters should be truly disappointed. The game is not fun to play at all, it's just a game to fool the South Park fans to pay money for a completely horrible game.

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 04/19/07

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