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Reviewed: 03/16/02 | Updated: 03/16/02

Only for HARDCORE fans of South Park....

Ah, South Park. The lovable TV show with those innocent little children who have the craziest adventures. Then came the merchandise: The key-rings, soft toys, videos, DVDs, you name it. Out of all this merchandise came three South Park games - This is a review of the last to be released, South Park Rally

So what does South Park have to do with racing? Nothing, you may think at first. But in this game, which uses specially made voices by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, each of the characters have a race car based on their personalities - Eg: Cartman drives the police bike, Kyle drives a porsche, Kenny drives a go-kart and Chef drives a station wagon. But is the game any good.....?

Starts out smooth and easy - for the first 2 seconds. Then you crash into the wall. You can't get back up. Then you get run over by a bus and knocked off a cliff - It's a very, very hard game, and only for hardcore fans of the show (like me). There are lots of characters and tracks to unlock each time you pass a level - All seems well and good, but it isn't. You CANT SAVE the game! Yeah you heard correctly, every time you load the game you have to play from the start again. That, and the game's overall difficulty, is the reason why I'm docking marks here. There are some jolly and fun South Park themed levels though - On the ''Valentine's Day'' level, you must keep Cupid's arrow for 3 minutes before anyone else gets it from you. Some levels such as this aren't racing levels - they involve grabbing an item and keeping it from the other racers as long as possible. Quite fun, although very hard. Another major low point about this game is that, although there is a multiplayer option, it's very hard to get any of your friends to play this game with you without them getting very impatient. This is really only meant as a single-player game. 77%

When compared to the graphics of the other two SP games, these are excellent, although in actual fact they are sometimes blocky, and there is occasionally an annoying thick fog that doesn't let you see ahead. The cars are well modelled and suit the characters very well. Overall, not bad. 84%

While the music is what you expect it to be, there are some hilarious character sound-bites created especially for the game by SP creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone - that gives the game a rather ''official'' feel to it. You'll find yourself laughing your head off at these hilarious sound-bites. 98%

Terrible. Very hard, and can't be configured. These controls were set up by blind monkey's with numb hands if you ask me. 52%

Insanely hard. Sadly, there's no option to change the difficulty either. Only the hardcore fan will clear this game and unlock all the characters and tracks. 67%

Buy or Rent?
If you're a devoted fan of South Park, then buy it. If you're looking for a VERY HARD game for your collection, then buy it. But if you're just looking for a laugh, then rent it.

I can't think of any other racer out there like this one - but there are two other South Park games (WARNING: both are rated MA/15s) in the series and here are my mini-reviews of them...
South Park A half cash-in, half decent kind of game. The voice-actors suck but the multi-player mode is entertaining.7/10
South Park: Chef's Luv Shack A 'Mario Party' like game with a South Park twist. This was a very fun game, lots of minigames. 9/10

-It's South Park racing!
-Official Sound-Bites made for the game
-Interesting Levels and Missions
-Loyal to the TV show
-Very Hard

-Boring after a while
-Only for the hardcore fan
-Very Hard

In Europe, all three titles are still available, but quite rare, for the PC, PSX and Dreamcast.

Overall: 9/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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