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"Very amusing, but only for true South Park fans"

At first, you may think it's another kart racing game like the Crash or Mario series. Well, it is, but not exactly that... In fact, it's a "party racing game" where every stage consists of various mini-games based on the TV show.

For a South Park game on the PSX, it's very good. The characters are all well done and their vehicles are modeled perfectly to fit them. For example, you have Stan's grandpa on an motorised wheelchair, Jimbo driving a Jeep or Jesus floating on a cloud. The stages totally respect the locations you find in the first seasons of South Park; like Big *** Al's place.

SOUND - 5/5
Very hilarious. Very, very hilarious. If you've been laughing out loud by watching the show, you won't notice a difference between the jokes on TV and the jokes on this game. You'll just keep laughing on, like you do watching the show. The music track is also very good since it's inspired by the original cartoon. Also, if you put your game CD inside a CD-player, you can listen to every sound and music track!

This is pretty complex. Once you get hit by some other driver or a school bus, you might start losing your temper because it's very difficult to get control of your car quickly. This might make the non-South Park-fans remove the game from the PSX and bring it back from where they got it. But true fans like myself will keep playing because it's so damn addictive, even if the controls are twisted.

Okay. Just let me remind you that this is NOT a racing game and is ONLY recommended to true fans. This is more of a party game where every element from the show is transformed as funny rallies. Let me just tell you that you need alot of patience to go through this game because you CANNOT SAVE. Nope. Well, yeah... you can. I mean, you can save the characters you've unlocked (cause there's ALOT of characters, that's a big plus!) and the stages too, but you can't save your current course. You'll have to start all the courses all over from the beginning. That's a pain in the behind because the stages are very hard, especially past the Valentine's Day course.

OVERALL - 3.5/5
If you're a fan, you'll enjoy playing this game alot. The power-ups are hilarious and inspired by the series (remember the gnomes or Mr. Hanky?), alot of potty humour and sound bites that'll make you remember your favorite episodes. Not a fan? Well, maybe you can give it a try by renting it but I doubt you'll enjoy playing it as much as a fan will. The reason why the score is not any higher is because of the fact that you cannot save your game and the controls are very difficult to learn.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/14/05

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