Review by KilledKenny

Reviewed: 03/20/06

Maybe you love it, mostly you won't..

South Park Rally is a game intended for South Park viewers, if you don't like South Park, you definitely won't like this game at all.

One of the most frustrating things in this game is that you have to play adventure mode in one track, metaphorically speaking. For unlocking everything, you have to start with the first race and finish with the last, without even losing a single race once. Now that's what I call frustrating. But if you made it, there's a sunny side at the story: Multiplayer is as fun as a cart-game should be.

Like I said before, if you aren't familiar with South Park, you probably can't follow the story quite well. They use a lot of the characters used in South Park, and they all have their things you're learning by watching the episodes.
7/10 (I'm familiar with the episodes ^_^)

The graphics in this game are not that bad, but they ain't good neither. For a game being published as one of the later ones at the PSOne, I'd expected it to have a bit better graphics. It's fun though to race through South Park, while recognizing the buildings and other environmental attributes. All by all, my graphics score would be:

Ahh, the sounds... And once more, if you liked South Park, you'll like the sounds, because they just are South Park. You recognize other racers by their quotes, just because they say things you'd expect them to say, bringing back thoughts about the South Park episodes.

Regarding you've got very strong nerves or not, the playtime will change. If you're one of them with nerves like steal, you'll probably play a long time before unlocking everything in this game. If you don't have that kind of nerves, this game-disc will probably have a better function as an UFO or something, because it WILL fly ^_^

Ok this is another section where personal taste gives a breakthrough. If you love to play multiplayer games with a friend, this game will probably have a bigger replayability value than a common adventure game, but of you're just alone or no one else you know likes this game, it'll probably disappear in your games collection.

Final Recommendation
I'd say: rent first and then look if this is a game for you or not. You'll have to be familiar with South Park, else it's a lost case, and even if you are, it could be you won't like this game at all for it's single player mode. Like I said, it all is a matter of taste. My final score is:

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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