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    FAQ/Walkthrough by SeanKelson

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                      SeanKelson's Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage Walkthrough
    Table Of Contents
    3---Orb Locations
        A. Summer Forest
        B. Glimmer
        C. Idol Springs
        D. Colossus
        E. Hurricos
        F. Sunny Beach
        G. Aquaria Towers
        H. Ocean Speedway
        I. Autumn Plains
        J. Skelos Badlands
        K. Crystal Glacier
        L. Breeze Harbor
        M. Zephyr
        N. Scorch
        O. Fracture Hills
        P. Magma Cone
        Q. Shady Oasis
        R. Metro Speedway
        S. Icy Speedway
        T. Winter Tundra
        U. Mystic Marsh
        V. Cloud Temples
        W. Robotica Farms
        X. Metropolis
        Y. Canyon Speedway
    4---Other Information
        A. Contact Information
    	B. Licensing
    	C. Credits
    Note: If you find an error, please report it to me.
                                 Section 1: Introduction
        Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage is a game about a dragon named Spyro.  The dragon gets
    summoned into a world called Avalar and must defeat Ripto, who is causing
    trouble in the land.
        To get through Spyro 2, you must collect talismans and orbs throughout the
    game.  This walkthrough described what you must do to get through the game and
    lists the locations of all the talismans and orbs in the game.
        This walkthrough will cover all aspects of Spyro 2.  It will describe how to
    get from beginning to end of the game, as well as describe bonus games and such
    that you can do.
                                 Section 2: Walkthrough
        This section will describe how to get from beginning to end of Spyro 2:
    Ripto's Rage.  However, it will not tell you where to find the specific orbs,
    only the talismans in each level.  For specific orb locations, check the 'Orb
    Locations' section.
        The main objectives of the game are listed in a short list above the
    detailed descriptions on how to complete each objective.
        1. Get the Glimmer Talisman.
        2. Get the Idol Springs Talisman.
        3. Get the Colossus Talisman.
        4. Get the Hurricos Talisman.
        5. Get the Sunny Beach Talisman.
        6. Get the Aquaria Towers Talisman.
        7. Defeat Crush.
        8. Get the Skelos Badlands Talisman.
        9. Get the Crystal Glacier Talisman.
        10. Get the Breeze Harbor Talisman.
        11. Get the Zephyr Talisman.
        12. Get the Scorch Talisman.
        13. Get the Fracture Hills Talisman.
        14. Get the Magma Cone Talisman.
        15. Get the Shady Oasis Talisman.
        16. Defeat Gulp.
        17. Defeat Ripto.
            Objective #1: Get the Glimmer Talisman.
        Go forward from the area you start in and youll find a creature named Pogo.
    Pogo is upset, as lizards have been stealing their gems.  He asks you to defeat
    the lizards.  Go forward into the field and take out the lizrds there as well as
    grabbing gems.  Go beyond the first structure and down towards the cave.  There,
    you will meet Zoe, who will act as a continue point for you.  Proceed into the
    cave and take out the lizard.  This should be the third one you've killed.  Go
    straight through the cave and into the next opening.  Go to the right and take
    out the lizard.  Go forward and talk to Moneybags, the tax collector.  He will
    charge you 100 gems to cross the bridge.  If you don't have the gems to pay the
    fee, jump down and collect some there.  Go into the next cave and talk to the
    gemcutter.  He will give you the Glimmer Talisman.  Go through the portal to the
    Summer Forest.
            Objective #2: Get the Idol Springs Talisman.
        Go forward from the portal to Glimmer and over the gap to go into the next
    field.  Go slightly to the right to find the entrance to the Idol Springs.  Talk
    to the person near the beginning and he will tell you that their idols have come
    to life.  Go to the right and defeat the idol and go into the building that the
    creature opens up for you.  Defeat the next idol with a head bash and go over
    the bridge.  The creature will open the next door for you.  Go through to the
    next clearing and defeat the idols there.  After defeating the idol near the
    door, follow the creature throught he door as he opens it.  Follow the tunnel to
    the next idol.   Defeat it and the creature will open the next door for you.  Go
    into the next clearing and up towards the temple.  Defeat the idol and the
    creature will open the door.  Inside you will get the Idol Springs Talisman.
            Objective #3: Get the Colossus Talisman.
        Behing the entrance to Idol Springs is a lake.  In the middle of the lake is
    the entrance to Colossus.  Walk up to the first gate and the person there will
    open it for you.  Cross the bridge and go to the left to get the next gate
    opened.  Go over the gap and to the right to find another creature who will
    cause the statue to levitate.  Ride the statue up and go over to the door.
    Glide across the gap to the next passage.  Go around and into the chamber where
    the yeti is.  Part of the roof will collapse and kill the yeti and you will get
    the Colossus Talisman.
            Objective #4: Get the Hurricos Talisman.
        In front of the entrance to Colossus is Moneybags.  Pay him 500 gems to
    learn how to swim underwater.  Go underneath the entrance to Colossus and
    through the underwater passageway.  You'll go up into a new clearing.  Go to the
    right and into Hurricos.  In Hurricos talk to the creature.  Go forward and pick
    up the diode.  Use the diodode to go forward.  Go left and get the next diodode.
    GO to the right to gab another device.  Use them to go through the passageway.
    Go to the right and grab a diodode.  There's another by the passageway to the
    next area, which you should go through.  Go to the right and down for another
    diodode.  Use it to go through the passage on the left.  In the passage you will
    recieve the Hurricos Talisman.
            Objective #5: Get the Sunny Beach Talisman.
        To the righ of the entrance to Hurricos is the enctrance to Sunny Beach.  Go
    into Sunny Beach.  Talk to the person in front of you.  Go forward and burn the
    turtle.  Go through the water, following the turtles.  Burn the large turtle you
    see once you come out of the water.  Through the gate there is another large
    turtle to burn.  This turntle will need several burns to get it on the switch.
    Follow the turtles up the stairs and over the bridge then through the water.
    Push the turtle to the switch when you come out of the water.  Go through the
    last gate to get the Sunny Beach Talisman.
            Objective #6: Get the Aquaria Towers Talisman.
        To the right of the entrance of Sunny Beach are some stairs.  Head up them
    and go to the right.  You'll find Moneybags.  Pay him 400 gems and he will
    reveal the entrance to Aquaria Towers.  Enter the new course.  Talk to the
    creature in front of you.  Go forward, take out the enmies, and push the switch.
    Swim to the right of the switch and go through the tunnel.  Go out of the water
    and press the switch.  Go forward and up onto land.  Go down the hole and swim
    through and back up onto land.  Pay Moneybags the gems to rent his submarine.
    Once you complete your voyage, push the next switch and swim up into the passage
    and get the Aquaria Towers Talisman.
            Objective #7: Defeat Crush.
        After you get all six talismans, you'll be able to go into Crush's Dungeon.
    Drop down the hole and you'll see a cutscene.  Then you'll fight Crush.  Jump
    over Crush's wave attacks then blow fire at him and rum away quickly before
    rocks start falling from the roof.  Crush's yellow waves will be a beam aimed at
    you, so run left or right to dodge that.  After several hits, Crush will be
    defeated and you can continue now to the Autumn Plains.
            Objective #8: Get the Skelos Badlands Talisman.
        Go straight from the starting point in the Autumn Plains to find the portal
    to the Skellos Badlands.  Go straight from the beginning of the badlands until
    you reach the first skull.  Go through the tunnel in the first skull and out the
    other end of the tunnel into the next clearing.  Go around to the left and
    you'll get the Skelos Badlands Talisman.
            Objective #9: Get the Crystal Glacier Talisman.
        Go right from the entrance of Autumn Plains and you will find the portal to
    the Crystal Glacier.  Go forward and melt the first person.  Melt the other two
    people with your fire breath.  Get on the catapult and the people will launch
    you over the chasm.  Melt the four people in this area and they will make steps
    for you to climb up the wall and go into the next clearing.  Cross the gap and
    go to the right to see Moneybags.  Pay him the money to cross the bridge.  Cross
    the bridge and go into the next clearing.  Go to the right in the next clearing.
    Free the three people from their ice prisons and they will open the cage for
    Inside the cage you'll get the Crystal Glacier Talisman.
            Objective #10: Get the Breeze Harbor Talisman.
        Across from Crystal Glacier is the portal to Breeze Harbor.  Talk to the
    creature at the beginning.  Activate the fire then use the wind current it
    enables to fly up to the ledge.  Go down the stairs from the ledge and over to
    the edge of the water and light the fire.  Go through the water and up the steps
    on the other side.  Light the fire there and then ride a boat across the gap.
    Follow the path to the ship.  Light the fire near it then let the catapult throw
    you onto the ship.  Light the fires on the ship and then the ship will rise,
    letting you reach the person who will give you the Breeze Harbor Talisman.
            Objective #11: Get the Zephyr Talisman.
        Across from the entrance to Breeze Harbor is a stucture.  On top, Moneybags
    will charge you a fee to open a portal to Zephyr.  From the beginning of Zephyr,
    talk to the person.  Go forward until you see a person on a cannon.  He'll let
    you use the cannon.  Blast the door open with it and go through unti you come
    out of the cave and find another cannon.  Use the cannon to blast open the next
    door and go through.  Go straight adn then left to the next cannon.  Blast open
    the door with it.  Talk to the person inside for the Zephyr Talisman.
            Objective #12: Get the Scorch Talisman.
    Go around the area from Zephyr until you find a ladder.  Moneybags is buy
    Pay him to teach you how to climb the ladder.  Climb the ladders up to the
    portal to Scorch.  Talk to the person at the entrance to Scorch.  Go forward and
    press the switch then left throught the door.  Go forward and around the
    platform and press the button.  Then go left and through the door.  Go around
    the platofrms and press the button in this next area.  Go over the bridge and
    find the person, who will give you the Scorch Talisman.
            Objective #13: Get the Fracture Hills Talisman.
        From the portal to Scorch, go forward and to the righ down the stairs.
    You'll find a portal to Fracture Hills at the bottom.  Talk to the person at the
    beginning.  Blow fire on the Satyr at the beginning to free it.  Go to the left
    without going off the ledge and to the left to find the next Satyr.  Hug the
    cliffside and continue along it to find the third Satyr.  Go along the cliff and
    then you'll notice another Satyr to the right.  Go down the hill along the cliff
    to another Satyr.  Now hug the cliffside and you'll come to the last Satyr.  Go
    backwards a little and you'll find the entrance to the temple.  Go in to get the
    Fracture Hills Talisman.
            Objective #14: Get the Magma Cone Talisman.
        From the portal to Fracture Hills, go forward and right to find the entrance
    to Magma Cone.  Talk to the person at the beginning.  Go forward and to the
    right then up the ladder.  Go to the right and kill the Earthshaper by pushing
    it onto the target.  Go over the target to the next area.  Go to the right and
    up the volcano.  Follow the path until you reach Moneybags.  Pay him to activate
    the elevator.  Go down the elevator and climb up the volcano on the ladders
    while dodging the falling boulders.  You'll get the Magma Cone Talisman once you
    make it to the top.
            Objective #15: Get the Shady Oasis Talisman.
        From the portal to the Magma Cone, go left and pay Moneybags to open the
    bridge.  Cross it and enter Shady Oasis.  Talk to the person at the beginning
    and flame the tree to get the person to open the gate.  Follow the person to the
    next tree.  Go up the ledge to the left and jump from it to flame the tree.  Go
    up the ledge beyond the gate and follow the person to the next tree.   Get a
    berry down from the tree and proceed through the next gate.  Follow the person
    until you reach the next berry tree.  Go back one room and grab a lava rock to
    spit at the tree.  Once the berry has fallen, go through the gate that is now
    open.  You'll get the Shady Oasis Talisman.
            Objective #16: Defeat Gulp.
        With all fourteen Talismans, you can now open the door to fight Gulp.  Gulp
    has several attacks he uses.  Use the objects dropped to attack Gulp.  After a
    while, Gulp will have perished and you can continue in the game.
            Objective #17: Defeat Ripto.
        Go forward from the beginning of Winter Tundra.  Ask Moneybags the headbash.
    Headbash the rock in front of the door and the door will open.  Go through and
    to the left and up the wind current.  Go forward to the top of the stairs in the
    air.  With the necessary orbs (see the 'Orb Locations' section), you will be
    able to fight Ripto.
        Pick up the powered up orbs.  For collecting three, you'll get a temporary
    power up that you can hurt Ripto with.  By making it through Ripto's three
    you'll be able to get Ripto defeated and win the game.
                                Section 3: Orb Locations
        This section lists locations for all of the orbs in the game.  There are
    three orbs to each level.  This section is organized by level.
                                    A: Summer Forest
            Orb #1: Hunter's Challenge
       Right to the entrance of Idol Springs is Hunter.  Talk to him and he'll
    challenge you to fly from platform to platform.  Listen to his instructions to
    know how to get over each gap.  Once you reach the last platform you'll get an
            Orb #2: On a Secret Ledge
        Submerge into the pool near Glimmer and go through.  When you come out the
    other end of the tunnel, you'll find an orb at the top of the stairs.
            Orb #3: Atop a Ladder
        There is a ladder in the same room as the entrance to Sunny Beach.  Climb up
    it once you learn how to climb ladders and grab the orb atop it.
            Orb #4: Behind the Door
        From the exit of Hurricos, go straight across the room and left.  Make sure
    the door in the same room as the Ocean Speedway entrance is closed.  Fly out the
    window over to the next window and go through the door for an orb.
                                       B: Glimmer
            Orb #1: Lizard Hunt
        Enter Glimmer.  Go all the way to the room with the portal back to the
    Summer Forest, then look to the left side of the room and you'll see a tunnel.
    Go through the tunnel and out onto the plains.  Go right around the area until
    you see a cave.  Go into the cave and talk to the gemcutter to initiate the
    challenge of shooting lizards with rocks.
        Shoot the first lizard in the cave and then follow the gemcutter to the next
    lizard.  Use the triangle button to aim for this lizard.  Aim a little above its
    head and follow the gemcutter to the next lizard.  Follow the gemcutter around
    to the next several lizards and take them out.  Once you defeat all six lizards,
    you will get an orb.
            Orb #2: Gem Lamp Flight Outdoors
        After getting enough spirit particles to charge the powerup, go back to the
    field after the portal back to the Summer Forest.  Go left around the field past
    the wind current to a gemcutter by a magical powerup.  Talk to him to get a
    challenge of lighting all the lamps.
        Take off by going through the powerup.  Fly around the area, lighting the
    lamps by breathing on them.  Fly around the area and light the six lamps.  Once
    you light all of them in a limited time, you'll get an orb from the gemcutter.
            Orb #3: Gem Lamp Flight In Cave
        This orb cannot be gotten until you can climb ladders.  In the cavern in
    Glimmer is a ladder.  At the top lies a powerup.  Talk to the gemcutter by the
    powerup and he will ask you to light the lamps in the cave.
        Use the powerup to fly around the cave and light the lamps with your breath.
    If you light all six lamps in a limited time, you'll get an orb.
                                     C: Idol Springs
            Orb #1:
        In the first area of Idol Springs is an underwater passage.  Go through it
    and talk to the person there to initiate a puzzle challenge.
        For the first puzzle, just step on all the corner blocks.  The second puzzle
    is located by the idol in the first clearing.  Feed the idol only blue and
    yellow fish.  Now go all the way to where you got the Talisman for the third
    puzzle.  Jump on the green tile, then on the orange rhombus (diamond), then on
    the orange moon, then on the white tile, then the last tile.  You'll be rewarded
    with an orb for solving the puzzles.
            Orb #2: Hula Girl Rescue
        Go to the portal leading back to Summer Forest.  Go through the passage
    across from the portal.  Hop over platforms until you are on a large platform.
    Go down the stairs leading off this platform.  Go to the left and talk to the
    person chained to the rock.  Now you will start the challenge.
        Charge through the powerup and hit the statues the people are on top of as
    you charge.  Once you destroy all six statues, you will recieve an orb.
                                       D: Colossus
            Orb #1: Hockey Vs. Goalie
        Go out the windows across the room from the portal to Summer Forest in the
    building where the yeti was.  Climb up to the second ice field, where you will
    be challenged to a game of hockey.
        Swallow the hockey puck and spit it out into the red goal.  Do this five
    times and you'll get an orb.
            Orb #2: Hockey One On One
        Go to the ice field again and you'll be challenged to a game of one on one.
        Burn the enemy hockey player and just score against the goalie like you did
    previously.  Five goals earns you an orb.
            Orb #3: Evil Spirit Search
        In the area before the room with the yeti, there is a powerup.  Use it to
    bounce up onto the building before that clearing.  Go into the room on top of
    the building to find the Professor.  You will scare the evil spirit, but then
    have to go find it in the statues of the area.
       Two statues are outside the room with the Professor.  Another is behind the
    structure in the clearing beneath the room with the Professor.  Use the powerup
    to get on top of the structure and glide over to on top of the room with the
    yeti.  Go forward to the cave where you will find another statue.  Go backwards
    and you'll find another statue before you enter the clearing.  In the clearing,
    use the powerup to get up to a ledge, where there is another statue on an
    elevated platform.  Go back through the opened gate and to the right for another
    statue.  Go forward and to the left to get two more statues.  Now go up on top
    of the building with the yeti in it again and jump down onto a lower platform
    and get the last statue burnt.  You'll get an orb.
                                       E: Hurricos
            Orb #1: Stone Thief Chase
        In the second clearing, climb up to the base of one of the fans and glide
    over to a passage in the wall.  Go forward and kill the creatues.  Talk to the
        You must replace the lighting platforms with the lighting stones.  When the
    alarm rings, check the platforms you've lit up and burn the thieves trying to
    take the stones.  Once all the thieves are dead and you've lit up all the
    platforms, you'll get an orb.
            Orb #2: Factory Glide 1
        Go through the powerup in the second clearing and smash the small windmill.
    Hit the button.  Go through the powerup the other way and hit the other button.
    Now go through the powerup again and into the next area.  Crash into both
    windmills there.  Press the button behind one and go up the path behind the
    other.  Talk to the creature on top of the ledge.
        Glide over to the fan and over from the fan to the platform.  Cross the path
    of moving blocks.  Go up the steps to the creature for an orb.
            Orb #3: Factory Glide 2
        Continue from where the second orb left you.  Cross the gap to the fans.
    Jump over to the two gates.  Cross over to the platform a little right.  Cross
    the moving platforms and talk to the creature.  Go in the building and press the
    button to get an orb.
                                     F: Sunny Beach
            Orb #1: Blasting Boxes
    Two clearings before where you recieve the Sunny Beach Talisman is a
    Talk to the person near it and it will start a challenge.
        There are seven boxes you must open with the enhanced flame breath you get
    from the powerup.  Two are in the same clearing as the powerup.  Another is
    behind a gate near the powerup.  You must stand on the pad and breath towards
    the box to open this one.  One box is in the clearing right before the area you
    get the Talisman in.  Two boxes are in the clearing before the powerup.  Further
    back underneath a pond is the last box.  You'll get an orb for opening all the
            Orb #2: Turtle Soup 1
        In the clearing before the place where you get the Talisman is a ladder.
    Climb up if and talk to the chef.  Slam into the turtles and try to knock them
    back in the water for an orb.
            Orb #3: Turtle Soup 2
        Go where the second ord was found.  This is the same as getting the second
    orb except there are many more turtles and they come much quicker.  Try to get
    the turtles as soon as they appear.
                                    G: Aquaria Towers
            Orb #1: Seahorse Rescue
        By going up from the first room and through the hole in the roof, you'll
    find a seahorse who needs help finding his children.  Go around and find the six
    towers.  (The first two are above and the other four are in the cavers below.)
    Make your way to the top of each of them to get the door of another tower
    blasted off.  Once you reach the top of all six towers, you'll be rewarded with
    an orb.
            Orb #2: Manta Ride 1
        In the same area as the person that gave you the first orb is, is Hunter.
    Talk to him and you'll ride on his manta ray's back through all the rings.  Once
    you get through the course, you'll be rewarded with an orb.
            Orb #3: Manta Ride 2
        Talk to Hunter again.  You'll be able to take the manta ray through a harder
    course for an orb.
                                    H: Ocean Speedway
            Orb #1: Follow Hunter
        Go left from where you start after beating the speedway once.  Land in the
    audience and talk with Queen Finny.  You'll race against Hunter.  Follow him
    through all 20 rings and you'll be rewarded with an orb.
                                     I: Autumn Plains
            Orb #1: The End of the Wall
        Climb up to the wall around the field.  Go to the end of the wall and bash
    the wall.  Grab the orb inside.
            Orb #2: Long Glide!
    Right before the door to the boss is a cracked wall.  Bash it and go
    Make your way up to the highest tower.  Glide down towards a distant ledge you
    can see far away near the entrance to the Autumn Plains.  Glide all the way to
    there for an orb.
                                   J: Skellos Badlands
            Orb #1: Lava Lizards 1
        In the first cleraing of the badlands are steps up to a person who needs
    help saving his village.  Cross the bridge and take out the creatures as they
    hatch.  Defeat all the creatures before they eat the villagers for an orb.
            Orb #2: Lava Lizards 2
        This is the same as the first orb.  But this time the eggs hatch faster,
    which will make getting the orb for squashing the creatures harder to get.  Once
    you do defeat all the creatures, you'll get an orb.
            Orb #3: Dem Bones
        Right before the place where you get the Talisman is a person who has a
    friend who has lost it's bones.  One bone is off the side of the bone tunnel.
    Another is inside the bone tunnel.  One is up the bone steps in the clearing
    where you got the challenge.  Another is on the cliff that those steps surround.
    Two are inside the cave above the clearing where you recieved the challenge.
    Another bone can be gotten by shooting the creature on top of the entrance to
    the bone tunnel. The final bone is near the end of the bone tunnel.  Go up the
    steps and shoot the cage across the gap to open it and open access to get the
    last bone.  Once all the orbs are collected you'll be rewarded with an orb.
                                   K: Crystal Glacier
            Orb #1: Draclet Cave
        In the second to last clearing is a powerup below the main ground.  Go down
    and find it and talk to the person by it.  Talk to the person.  Do as he asks
    you to.  Take out all the ceatures in the cave using the powerup quickly for an
            Orb #2: George the Snow Leopard
        From the portal back to Autumn Plains, go forward and to the right.  Cross
    the bridge and there will be a person who lost his snow leopard.  Follow the
    tracks of the leopard until you see it trying to catch a fish in a pond.  Burn
    the fish and follow the leopard to the next two pons.  Burn the fish from those
    ponds.  Walk slowly back to the person who lost the leopard and the leopard will
    follow you.  You'll get an orb for bringing the leopard back.
                                    L: Breeze Harbor
            Orb #1: Mine Blast
        In the area of the harbor after the first water pond is a person who is
    annoyed because of the mines over the place and wants you to take them out.  Two
    mines are over the ledge at the beginning of the course.  Two are near the
    person asking you to rid the harbor of mines.  Four are across the gap you must
    ride a small boat across.  For ridding the area of mines, you'll get an orb.
            Orb #2: Gear Grab
        In a cave by the ship is a powerup that will let you bounce up to a higher
    platform.  Up there is a person who wants you to recover his gears.  Ride the
    trolley and recover 50 gears.  Shoot switches to find all the gears.  You'll be
    rewarded with an orb for recovering the gears.
                                        M: Zephyr
            Orb #1: Cowlek Corral 1
        Fall down from the platform beyond the first cave and go forward.  You'll
    find Little Bo Peep, who has lost his cowleks.  He asks you to find five of
    Three cowleks are in the same area as Bo Peep.  Push them into the pen.  The
    other two are up the ladder near Bo Peep.  Use the powerup to blow the cowleks
    up to the hole that leads down to the pen.  By rounding up five cowleks, you'll
    recieve an orb.
            Orb #2: Cowlek Corral 2
        After getting the first orb, Bo Peep will ask you to find his last two
    cowleks.  The two cowleks are in the areas where you get the third and fourth
    orb.  Push them back to Bo Peep.  There is one large gap you have to cross with
    the cowleks.  To cross it, the cowlek must be very close to the edge and you
    must bash into it.  For getting the other two cowleks, you'll get another orb
    from Bo Peep.
            Orb #3: Sowing Seeds 1
        Fall down from the platform beyond the first cave and turn around.  Go
    through the cave.  There is a person there who wants you to find the Professor.
    Go around the area and you'll find the Professor.  He'll give you a seed.
        Go around to the right, then to the far left corner in the next area.  Plant
    a seed there and climb up to get the seed.  Take the seed and plant it in the
    ground nearest to the Professor.  Go back and burn the first plant and get your
    seed back.  Go and plant it in the ground closest to the other plant.  Use the
    two plants to get the seed on the ledge.  Plant the seed on the third piece of
    ground near the Professor.  Use the plants to get up to the platform.  Grab the
    seed and plant it to the left.  Get to the farthest platform you can using the
    plants you have.  Grab the seed and plant it in the ground in front of where the
    seed was.  Use the plants you have to get over to the Professor.  You'll be
    halfway through.  You'll get an orb.
            Orb #4: Sowing Seeds 2
        Start from where the third orb left off.  Cross the platform to the stairway
    and drop off one seed there.  Plant a seed in the platform in the middle of the
    Professor and the stairway.  Jump over to the stairs quickly.  Climb the stairs
    and cross the gap to the next patch of ground.  Plant the seed that you dropped
    off at the stairs there to reach Juliet and get another orb.
                                        N: Scorch
            Orb #1: Barrel of Monkeys
    Hunter is in the area beyond the first door.  He needs help catching
    Make sure you pound the tree when Hunter is under to catch the monkey but before
    they hit Hunter with coconuts.  You'll get an orb for helping catch the monkeys.
            Orb #2: Capture the Flags
        In the last area of Scorch is a powerup.  Talk to the person by it and he'll
    ask you to get the flags by taking out the flagkeepers.  Go to the first
    flagkeeper you come to and knock him off the pole.  Run back to the powerup
    while avoiding the flagkeeper's bombs.  Repeat the process of shooting
    flagkeepers and avoiding bombs until you have all the flags.  You'll be rewarded
    for finding the flags with an orb.
                                    O: Fracture Hills
            Orb #1: Free the Faun
        There is a person by a building behind the temple who needs your help
    opening up a door.  To the left of the building is a powerup.  Follow the path
    while charging until you reach the door.  Knock it down and you'll get an orb
            Orb #2: Alchemist Escort
        Behind and to the left of the temple is a cave containing an alchemist.
    Escort him by the Earthshakers.  The alchemist takes a strange path, so you'll
    probably be whacking some Earthshakers several times.  Once you reach Hunter
    you'll get an orb.
            Orb #3: Earthshaper Bash
        Talk to Hunter after completing the second orb.  He'll want help taking out
    some Eathshapers.  Help him for an orb.
                                      P: Magma Cone
            Orb #1: Party Crashers
        Near the portal back to Autumn Forest is a powerup.  Talk to the person by
    it.  He needs help killing the lava monsters.  Spit rocks at the monsters.  Once
    all 12 are dead, you'll get an orb.
            Orb #2: Crystal Geysers 1
        Get to the ledge above the beginning of the level and glide across to the
    ladder across the gap at the end of the ledge.  Climb up and go down the hole
    and you'll find Hunter.  He wants to play a game.  Play with him.  You must grab
    ten pieces of crystal popcorn before he does.  Do this by following the smoke in
    the ground to a hole and grabbing the crystal as it comes out.  By collecting 10
    pieces before Hunter does, you'll get an orb.
            Orb #3: Crystal Geysers 2
        This is the same as the second orb, except Hunter is much better at getting
    crystal popcorn.  The easiest way to do this is grab the popcorn from the
    geysers Hunter is trying to get it from before Hunter grabs it.  For getting 15
    pieces, you'll recieve an orb.
                                     Q: Shady Oasis
            Orb #1: Catch 3 Thieves
        Near the exit of the course is a person who needs help recovering his magic
    lamps.  Help him by chasing after the three thieves.  Cut corners and you'll get
    close enough that you can kill each of them.  Return the lamps for an orb.
            Orb #2: Save Hippos
        Beneath the exit is a powerup and a person who wants you to save his
    brothers by headbashing their stonified bodies.  Do this easy task for an orb.
                                    R: Metro Speedway
            Orb #1: Grab the Loot
        Inside a waterfall in the area is a hidden cave containing the Mayor.  He's
    been having some problems with some crooks.  Follow Hunter around and catch all
    the loot the crooks drop to be rewarded with an orb.
                                     S: Icy Speedway
            Orb #1: Parasail Through Rings
        Charge into the igloo on the speedway to reveal Hunter.  He wants to take
    you paragliding.  Carefully maneuver through each of the rings.  Once you pass
    through all 50, you'll get an orb.
                                    T: Winter Tundra
            Orb #1:
        Go into the fortress and up onto the wall.  Go to the right to find the
    river outside the fortress.  Go through it to find an orb.
            Orb #2:
        Through the gate into the fortress, go up the air current and go left.  Land
    on the wall and walk to the end for an orb.
            Orb #3:
        Near the entrance to Mystic Marsh is a large rock.  Smash it with the
    headbash to find an orb inside.
                                     U: Mystic Marsh
            Orb #1: Fix the Fountain
        Go down and right from the beginning of Winter Tundra to find the entrace to
    Mystic Marsh.  Talk to the person at the beginning of Mystic Marsh.  Go forward
    and to the left over the second bridge.  Go to the left and into the building.
    Take the wind current up and jump from platform to platform.  Jump over to the
    tree then to the ledge.  Go to the left underwater through the bridge and
    surface again.  Go under through the next pool and come up.  The person will fix
    the fountian and give you an orb.
            Orb #2: Very Versatile Thieves!
        Above where you get orb #1 is a person who needs help recovering some items.
    Catch the four thieves and return the items for an orb.
            Orb #3: Retrieve Professor's Pencil
        Behind the building with the wind current is a building with the Professor.
    Talk to him and you'll get an egg.  Place the egg in the next around the first
    and second orb areas.  Plant the seed you get in the pot to the left for a duck.
    Go to the end of the river and give the duck to the ducks.  Take the item you
    get to a cave near the pot you placed the seed in.  Take the coin and throw it
    in the fountain to get the pencil.  Take it back to the Professor to recieve an
                                     V: Cloud Temples
            Orb #1: Break Down Doors
        From the beginning of the level, go forward and defeat the first warlock.
    Go forward until you reach a four way room.  Go to the left and up the wind
    current.  Hop across the gaps and defeat the next warlock.  Go through the
    passage that is opened.  Hop across the next gap to the next warlock.  Gothrough
    the passage that defeating him opens.  Go to the left and defeat the next
    warlock.  Go through the next passageway that opens.  Go forward an to the left.
    Defeat the last warlock for an orb.
            Orb #2: Agent Zero's Secret Hideout
        Go to where the third warlock was.  Go to the left and find a person.  He's
    going to his secret hideout, and you must secretly follow him.  Follow him after
    he begins moving and hide behind the next tree.  Go forward following him once
    he begins moving again and hide behind the next tree.  Now follow him into the
    building, staying at a distance.  Follow him and hide behind the trees in the
    last area.  Follow him into his hideout for an orb.
            Orb #3: Ring Tower Bells
        Go through the second gate and to the right.  Talk to the person adn then
    use the powerup.  Freeze the trolls in the previous room and jump on them to get
    up to the next level.  Recharge your powerup and freeze the troll to the left
    when he's a little above midway of his jump.  Go to the level above the frozen
    troll and then freeze the troll in this room.  Jump on top of him and ring the
    first bell.  Go back one room.  Freeze the jumping troll that is now across the
    room near the bottom of his jump.  Freeze the circling troll near the frozen
    troll.  Jump up, freeze the troll, and ring the bell.  Now it's time for the
    third troll.  Grab the ice powerup and go up the wind current that you are now
    by.  Go up.  Freeze the circling troll, then the jumping troll and get up to the
    bell tower.  Now freeze the circling troll then the jumping troll to reach the
    bell.  You'll get an orb for your troubles.
                                    W: Robotica Farms
            Orb #1: Switch on Bug Light
        Go straight forward until you reach a see-saw type device.  Use it to jump
    up the next level.  Use another to get up to the next level.  Go straight
    through the rest of the course to turn on the bug lamp and get an orb.
            Orb #2: Clear Tractor Path
        Across from where you got the first orb is a person.  Steer through the
    track with the powerup.  Get to the end of the course for an orb.
            Orb #3: Exterminate Crow Bugs
        In the middle of the course is a person who needs the bugs off his
    scarecrows.  Jump on the hills and flame the bugs as they leave the scarecrows
    to get an orb.
                                      X: Metropolis
            Orb #1: Conquer Invading Cows
        Talk to the person at the beginning of the level.  Go forward and headbash
    the elevator to go down.  Go forward to the next elevator and pound it.  Go
    pound the next elevator and go up it.  Go forward to the next elevator and go up
    it for an orb.
            Orb #2: Shoot Down Sheep Saucers 1
        Talk to the person who gave you the first orb and he will ask you to take
    out the sheep saucers by going through the combination powerup.  Defeat the
    three sheep saucers for an orb.
            Orb #3: Shoot Down Sheep Saucers 2
        Talk to the person who gave you the second orb after getting the second orb.
    Take out five more sheep saucers for another orb.
            Orb #4: Ox Bombing
        In the middle of the course up some ladders is a person who needs help
    taking out an ox.  Breath on the bombs he spits at you.  You'll get an orb for
    destroying the beast.
                                   Y: Canyon Speedway
            Orb #1: Shoot Down Balloons
        Above the clearing the vultures are in is a ledge containing Hunter.  He
    wants you to fly on his remote controlled plane and shoot 25 targets.  For
    taking out all 25 targets, you'll get an orb.
                              Section 4: Other Information
                                 A: Contact Information
        My e-mail address is SeanKelson@aol.com. I am unavailable to provide help on
    game-related issues due to the amount of time that has passed since the writing
    of this walkthrough. However, I would appreciate hearing from you with comments
    and requests.
    	If you are interested in including this walkthrough on your site, please
    read the next section.
                                      B: Licensing
    As of April 27, 2009, I have updated all of my walkthroughs to be licensed
    under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License
    (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/). This means you are free to
    redistribute or build upon my work, even for commercial purposes. The only
    thing I ask in return is that you give me credit for the content you use.
                                        C: Credits
        Thanks to Sony for the Playstation console for production of Spyro 2:
    Ripto's Rage.
        Thanks to Universal Studios and Insomniac Games for creation of Spyro 2:
    Ripto's Rage.
        Thanks to GameFAQs for being a great site.

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