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    FAQ/Walkthrough by dark52

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              -----''     2: GATEWAY TO GLIMMER
     Author : dark52
     E-Mail : dark52(at)darkspyro(dot)net
    Version : 1.1
       Type : Walkthrough/FAQ
       Game : Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer (PlayStation) - UK Pal Version
    Website : http://www.darkspyro.net
    ------------------------------ ----[Contents]----------------------------------
    [01 - Version History]
    [02 - Introduction]
    [03 - Gameplay Basics]
    [04 - Walkthrough]
           Part 1 - Summer Forest
           Part 2 - Autumn Plains
           Part 3 - Winter Tundra
    [05 - Skill Points]
    [06 - Cheats and Codes]
    [07 - Contact Information]
    [08 - Thanks]
    [09 - Copyright]
    -----------------------------[01 - Version History]----------------------------
    v1.1 - 19/7/04
    Went over the guide with a SpellChecker and sorted out most of the spelling
    mistakes, plainly a few will still be in there but it should be a bit better
    then before. Plans for future versions include re-designing the layout and
    format of the guide, but that won't be for a while as I am currently busy
    writing my guide for Spyro: Year of the Dragon.
    v1.0 - 16/7/04
    Made the guide and not really put much effort into the ASCII again. Just the
    same thing as always with a piece of writing underneath to denote the game.
    Meh. Anyways, put the whole guide into here now so it might be able to help you
    out. Only three Spyro games left to write a guide for now.
    -------------------------------[02 - Introduction]-----------------------------
    This guide is a complete walkthrough to the game known to some as Spyro 2:
    Gateway to Glimmer and to others as Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage. There's no real
    difference in the games so this guide should cover them both.
    A sequel to the amazingly good Spyro the Dragon, Glimmer takes Spyro out of his
    familiar surroundings in the Dragon Realms and throws him straight into a new
    world, Avalar. The change in location is a lot more than that though. Here the
    characters are a lot more talkative and each level has more of an objective to
    it rather than the 'get to the end' objective you had in the original. While
    that is basically what the objectives are, they dress it up nicely.
    This guide walks you through the three worlds, Summer Forest, Autumn Plains and
    Winter Tundra. It also tells you about the Skill Points and the cheat codes.
    While this game was released quite a while ago, I felt like doing this guide
    anyway. Oh, and the guide will contain spoilers, I'm not entirely sure just how
    big the spoilers are, but there are at least a few there so read on with care
    if you like to play the game to find stuff out.
    ------------------------------[03 - Gameplay Basics]---------------------------
    The Story
    Here's the official word on the story from the spyrothedragon.com website:
    Spyro decided to take a holiday to Dragon Shores. He invited his best friend
    Sparx to join him and together the duo soared through a magic gateway, off for
    a well-earned vacation. They were going to rest up from their victory over
    Gnasty Gnorc in their first adventure. But fate was about to throw a wrench in
    their travel plans.
    Far away, the bitter and twisted Ripto, a dinosaur-riding troublemaker, along
    with his henchmen Crush and Gulp, had taken control of the beautiful land of
    Avalar. Ripto was a classic example of the "Napoleon Complex" - a little guy
    who felt he must take on the world - frustrated, short tempered and spiteful.
    Having stolen a magic sceptre, he was using his new-found power to pick on
    everyone and generally spoil the peace and quiet of Avalar. He was making life
    miserable with his magical spells...
    The Controls
    All controls are the same whatever level you are in, and here they all are:
    X                   Jump. Press again when in the air to glide.
    Square              Charge
    Circle              Flame
    Triangle            Look around in front of you/Stop glide (when gliding)
    R1/L1/R2/L2         Spin camera right/left
    START               Access the pause menu
    SELECT              View Gems, Lives, Kills and Collection
    D-Pad/Left Analog   Move around
    L1+L2+R1+R2         Sparx will point at the closest gem
    X then Triangle     Perform Headbash (Only works if you've bought the skill)
    The gems have changed a little from the previous game. They are now more shaped
    then before and one has been changed colour completely.
    Gem Colour Gem Value
    Red     1
    Green   2
    Purple  5
    Yellow  10
    Pink    25
    They also now come in different containers. Flammable Baskets, Chargeable
    Vases, Exploding Vases, Unbreakable Chests, Headbash Chests and just lying
    about on the floor. You will no longer get gems from killing things as they
    will only release Spirit Particles now.
    Gameplay Basics
    Here are a few things that you should know before playing this game:
    - You are in a different world than in Spyro the Dragon, and as such, all the
      creatures you will meet are new
    - When you kill something, no longer will it spew a gem, it will release a
      spirit particle. This life force can activate a powerup when you reach a
      certain number of kills in that level
    - No more Dragon freeing, here you collect Talismans and Orbs
    - All butterflies will now be eaten by Sparx, whether or not he's hungry
    - There is now a special blue butterfly which both fully heals Sparx and gives
      Spyro an extra life
    - You will be set many challenges in the game to earn the Orbs
    - Due to this, the citizens of Avalar are a lot more talkative then anyone in
      the Dragon Realms
    ---------------------------------[04 - Walkthrough]----------------------------
                                Part 1 - Summer Forest
    Welcome to the world of Avalar. Rather than start in a homeworld like in Spyro
    the Dragon, here you start off in one of the levels of the homeworld 'Summer
    Talk to Pogo the Gemcutter. He'll tell you to stop some lizards from stealing
    their gems. While you're doing this, steal their gems. The large blue lizards
    are the ones you're after. Explore the area here and gather up as many gems as
    you can find, then when you've got all of them move on down through the tunnel
    at the opposite end to where you started.
    Zoe the Fairy will talk to you about her saving your progress and bringing you
    back to her whenever you get into trouble. This just means when you die.
    Carry on along the tunnel and into a large cave. Whiskers the Gemcutter will
    tell you to come back and see him when you've learned to climb. Go talk to
    Moneybags (the bear in a suit) and pay him 100 Gems to open up a bridge for
    you. This guy'll be around taking gems off you for a long time. Also, down in
    the pit below the bridge are some large purple lizard things.
    In the middle of the bridge Zoe will once again tell you something useless. Use
    Triangle to look around the cave.
    Now follow all the way through here and Twitchy the Gemcutter will give you a
    Talisman, 'Magic Pick', and open the portal to the homeworld, Summer Forest.
    Don't go through the door just yet though, but rather go out to the left and
    out into a larger open area outside.
    Collect all the gems here and then go talk to Kanga the Gemcutter over by the
    powerup, which, if you've killed a total of 10 creatures who release a spirit
    particle, is a flight powerup. You will only be able to do what he asks if you
    have got the ten spirit particles for the powerup.
    Orb: 01/64  Gem Lamp Flight Outdoors
    This orb is gained from completing Kanga the Gemcutter's challenge. He asks you
    to fly around the area you are in and flame the several gem lamps.
    This challenge is really simple, just walk into the powerup behind you and fly
    off round the area, flame the six lamps and you're done.
    Once gotten, head into a cave over on the left-hand side of the area, where you
    will find Bounsa the Gemcutter. He'll set you a challenge.
    Orb: 02/64  Lizard Hunt
    OK, another nice easy challenge here. Talk to Bounsa and he'll tell you about
    some lizards that have been eating his crop of gems. Pick up the rock he throws
    down (stand with it just in front of you and Spyro will pick it up in his
    mouth) and aim it at the little red lizard over on the ledge nearby. Aim by
    pressing and holding Triangle, a circle will appear on the screen with which
    you aim. Fire the rock by pressing the Circle button.
    When you've hit it, follow Bounsa along to the second lizard. He waits for you
    at certain points, so if you skip ahead too far he'll just stand still and wait
    for you to get to him. This lizard is a little further away but shouldn't be
    too difficult. And again move along to the next lizard. This one is both high
    up and will move around a bit. Make sure not to hit the edge of the ledge
    And again, on to the next lizard. This one's up a lot higher (to the left of
    where Bounsa stops) but it won't move at all. Once you've got it, move along
    again to the next. Again, high up and will move a lot. This one can sometimes
    be more tricky to hit but it shouldn't take you too long. And on to the final
    one. He's up on the building behind you.
    He'll then give you an Orb for your troubles.
    Head back to the portal to Summer Forest and go through (make sure to have
    collected all the gems that you can find in the level first though, you won't
    get them all just yet). The time to come back to this level is after you learn
    how to climb.
    Summer Forest
    A cutscene will play showing Ripto taking over the castle in this homeworld.
    Elora will then introduce herself and tell you to collect Talismans and Orbs.
    You start off right next to a portal to Glimmer. Explore the area around here
    and grab all the gems. Remember that Spyro can now swim (well, currently not
    fully, but he can swim on the surface of water) so don't worry about falling in
    the river here.
    Go into the doorway here and jump over the bridge as Hunter says (Make sure to
    grab the gems below the bridge as well though). Woo! Gliding.
    You come out in yet another large area, and if you look directly in front of
    you, you'll see Moneybags again. If you talk to him he'll tell you to pay him
    500 Gems in order for him to teach you how to swim. Unfortunately you won't
    have this much quite yet. Over on a platform at the edge of the area, you'll
    find Hunter who will give you a challenge for an orb.
    Orb: 03/64  Hunter's Challenge
    It's your gliding and jumping lesson from Hunter. Talk to him and he'll tell
    you to perform a series of jumps and glides which he will first set an example.
    He'll tell you how to do each jump so just follow his orders and you should get
    to the end pretty easily. The last jump can sometimes cause problems, but it
    won't be too hard.
    Once gotten, head into Idol Springs to get all the gems you need to pay
    Idol Springs
    You'll be treated to a short cutscene introducing the level and their problem
    that you'll have to sort out. This kind of thing will happen at the start of
    every level you go into in this game.
    Talk to Foreman Bop, and then explore this area and get all the gems you can,
    then flame the Idol that is chasing one of the carpenters. He will then open up
    the door for you to get further into the level. Go through this door and into
    another area. Charge down the Idol with a metal shield and then once again
    liberate the carpenter from the Idol attacking him. He'll open a door and you
    can go talk to Zoe.
    Again, out into the next area and rescue the next carpenter, then in the next
    bit, flame another Idol and free another carpenter to open another door. And
    you're out into another area. Head up the platform here to go talk to Foreman
    Max, he'll give you the Talisman of Idol Springs, 'Jade Idol', and open up the
    portal back to Summer Forest.
    Go along the pathway behind him, and then when you get to the end, go back to
    where he was. Head off to the left and follow the platforms round all the way
    until you reach a rocket. Flame it and then head back to the area you passed by
    when going over the platforms. The area has several hulagirls on platforms
    surrounding a large Idol. Talk to the hulagirl near the Idol to figure out what
    you need to do.
    Orb: 04/64  Hula Girl Rescue
    If you have enough Spirit Particles freed (8), then you can do this challenge.
    Talk to Hulagirl Stella next to the large Idol to start it. Then use the
    supercharge powerup nearby to charge into the bases of the pedestals all the
    hulagirls are standing on. You need to take them all out at the same time (in
    one run) to complete this challenge, as without all six of them there, they
    will be thrown back onto their pedestals.
    They will then perform a dance which will destroy the Idol. You then receive
    the orb.
    That's all you can currently get in the level (apart from the gems blown up out
    of the unbreakable chest near the start when you fired the rocket) so just head
    on back to Summer Forest.
    Summer Forest - Part 2
    Now go over to Moneybags and pay him 500 Gems in order to learn how to swim.
    He'll tell you and then drain your account of 500 gems. You will now be able to
    swim underwater! Yay! Head all the way back to the start of the level and dive
    into the pool there. Follow it along until you reach some steps at the other
    end. Follow these up till you reach an orb.
    Orb: 05/64  On a secret ledge
    On the ledge at the end of the swim underwater near the start of the level
    Now jump down and into the water, collect all the gems here and then head into
    the tunnel under here. Go through and then up the stairs. Flame the red button
    and a door will open. Flame another button to get further into the level.
    Zoe will talk to you a little, but ignore her really. Talk to anyone you want
    in here, but Elora will tell you to learn how to climb before you can get a
    'shiny' thing.
    Climb up the steps in here and go to the left, follow it through to Elora who
    will open a special portal for you if you've collected a certain amount of
    orbs. Jump up onto the ledge in the room and glide round to the left, you'll
    need to hover in order to reach it, but you should be able to land on another
    Orb: 06/64  Behind the door
    In this room, right in the middle of it.
    Next, jump down out of this window and talk to Moneybags. He'll lower a wall
    for you if you pay him the amount of 400 gems. Just a few gems and a portal in
    this area though, so head into the tunnel to the left and talk to Elora, also
    grab the gems. She'll tell you to get all the Talismans of the Summer Forest.
    Now head out and through another tunnel, flame the button and go back through
    all the way to Idol Springs. You'll now be able to complete it.
    Idol Springs - Part 2
    Unfortunately the game won't save any of your escapades through the level so
    you'll have to save all those carpenters again. This kind of thing is quite an
    annoying feature of the game, where if you return to a level, you have to
    repeat everything again.
    Never mind though, head into the water near where you start and collect all the
    gems in it. Then head down into a tunnel under the water and go through all the
    way to Foreman Bud. By this point, you have the possibility of collecting all
    400 Gems of the level. If you haven't, then you'll need to use Sparx's 'Find
    Gems' ability. Press and hold all four shoulder buttons and Sparx will point
    directly at the nearest gem, he will point straight at walls though, so the gem
    is obviously on the other side.
    Orb: 07/64  Foreman Bud's puzzles
    The longest challenge yet. Solve three puzzles to complete.
    First jump on all four corner squares that are unlit. Only jump on these four
    and they should all turn green.
    Head out and through the tunnel again. Bud is out near here. This challenge is
    rather annoying really. Position your camera so you can see slightly ahead of
    when you need to, and only flame orange or blue ones into the Idol's mouth. Any
    red ones will take some fish out and you'll have to start again. This may take
    a while and takes a lot of concentration to not flame any red ones.
    Now head through the level, all the way to those strange shapes you may have
    noticed just before you got the Talisman. The correct order for this is as
    follows (Shapes are described as their base rather than their top symbol): Blue
    Square, Green Octagon, Orange Octagon, Orange Star, Grey Triangle, Blue
    Triangle. Jump on each of them in that order to receive your Orb from him.
    This should complete the level to 100%, exit the level now and head on into
    Colossus which is nearby.
    A short cutscene about the Yeti terrorising them. Talk to Brother Harry and
    he'll tell you about it. Grab all the gems in here, kill the goats and go talk
    to Brother Arnie, he'll turn a 'door' to let you through. Again, collect all
    the gems here and go talk to Brother Clive to open a door. Through here, and
    Zoe will tell you to flame the Yaks.
    Move along further in here and again (in a slightly different voice though) Zoe
    will tell you about spirit particles and the powerup, the one here requires 11
    spirit particles to activate.
    Again, go through a tunnel and talk to Brother Curtis who will start to move a
    platform up and down for you. Use it to get up higher. Zoe will once again talk
    to you near here. Glide over to where there are some gems and go through the
    Out here, kill some goats and grab some gems. Then head into the room where the
    Yeti is after talking to Brother Ned. No challenge here as the Yeti will kill
    himself by accident. Ned will then give you the Talisman, 'Golden Statue', and
    open up the portal to Summer Forest. Head back out and use the now powered up
    spring to get up higher. Here you will find the professor.
    Orb: 08/64  Evil spirit search
    As you reach the Professor, you will scare off an evil spirit. Your task is now
    to flame all ten statues in the level to get rid of it completely. The statues
    are located throughout the level and are positioned as follows:
    1.  Just outside the door
    2.  The other side of the door
    3.  In a cave above+behind the building with the Yeti in
    4.  Just outside the window of the building where the Yeti was
    5.  In the area just before the Yeti building
    6.  On a platform across from the Professor
    7.  In the room with the moving platform
    8.  Quite near the start, just past the turned door
    9.  Right next to the previous one
    10. Near the place where a platform was permanently raised a little
    Once you've flamed the last one, you'll be teleported straight to the Professor
    and you'll get the orb.
    From here (taking it from the Professor) head out of the room and glide down to
    the right, jump over several rooftops to get to a cave behind and above the
    building where the Yeti was. Jump down from here and land on a pathway covered
    in ice. Then head further to the left and talk to Brother Kipp.
    Orb: 09/64  Hockey vs. Goalie
    A quite simple game, 2 minutes to score past a goalie five times. Pick up the
    puck the same way as you'd pick up rocks, and then skate towards the goal, and
    attempt to score past the goalie. Don't shoot straight at him though, more to
    the side of him.
    He'll then talk to you again.
    Orb: 10/64  Hockey one on one
    Slightly more difficult as there's an opponent here. You can flame him (and I
    recommend you do so) but not the goalie. Use similar tactics to those that you
    used in the first challenge. You should also note that you can just walk into
    the goal and it'll count.
    Head back to the area where there is a spring powerup, and use it. Glide down
    to a platform just below where the professor is and flame the rocket here. Then
    glide on over to where the rocket crashed and collect the gems. Next, glide on
    over to the platform near to this smashed chest. Collecting these gems should
    complete your collection and the level. Exit.
    To get here, go through the portal next to Elora.
    Talk to Zapp the Electroll and he'll tell you about some diodes to get and to
    use them with the electric force fields. Explore the next area and kill all the
    large orange things as well as their robots. Grab all the gems and the two
    diodes that are lying around. Go up to the electric doors at the end and go
    Here, you'll see a powerup, not active yet though, so carry on killing things
    and collect a couple of diodes. Then head over to a platform which is near to a
    hole in the wall. Glide into this hole and follow it through. Flame the big
    purple thing and talk to Amper the Electroll.
    Orb: 11/64  Stone thief chase
    He'll tell you to go replace some lightning stones. While you're doing this,
    some alarms will go off, this means that one of those Gear Grinders is stealing
    the lightning stones again. Chase after them and kill them when you see them.
    If there are none that you can find, then carry on putting the lightning stones
    in place in order to attract more. Once all ten are killed and all the
    lightning stones are replaced, you'll get your orb.
    Head back to the main path and go through the force fields. Collect the gems,
    kill the enemies and collect the diode. Go through the force field and talk to
    Brainy the Electroll. He'll give you the Hurricos Talisman, 'Gear of Power',
    and open up the portal back to Summer Forest.
    Head back to the powerup that should now be powered up, use it to charge into
    the large windmills and the unbreakable chest. There are four windmills, one to
    one side of the powerup, one to the other, then the other two are through the
    place where there were two force fields. You'll need to turn a sharp corner to
    get one of them. Once you've destroyed a windmill, flame or charge the button
    behind it to slow down the large turny things. Then when you have pressed all
    three buttons, jump up onto the platform behind the other windmill with no
    button, and talk to Kosmo the Electroll.
    Orb: 12/64  Factory Glide 1
    He'll tell you to stop the Gear Grinders from stealing their electricity. Jump
    over several platforms and onto a large spinny thing. You'll need to use the
    'hover' move here. Follow this round to the left and jump over the moving
    that pop out of the wall. Talk to Watt the Electroll and he'll give you an orb.
    He'll talk again.
    Orb: 13/64  Factory Glide 2
    Jump over to the windmill thing to the left and then on again to a second one
    (If you fall off, there is now a shortcut back up to where the Electroll was).
    Continue jumping over platforms and then once again go over platforms that come
    out of the wall. Talk to Spike the Electroll here and then go into the room and
    flame the button. Spike will then give you the orb.
    You should now have all the gems and have completed the level. Exit here,
    either by the portal, or by selecting Exit Level from the pause menu.
    Sunny Beach
    The portal to here is very close to the Hurricos one, it's just a bit to the
    right of where you come back in.
    Talk to Prince Tortiss and he'll tell you to shepherd the little turtles.
    Charge or flame the large turtle into standing on the button and he'll hold the
    door open for both you and the little uns.
    In here, and to the right of the door, go up and grab some more gems as well as
    a few kills, then head through the tunnel under the water.
    You emerge in a larger room with more enemies in. Flame the large tortoise onto
    the button again and let the turtles through, repeat with the next one too. In
    this area, go talk to Advisor Gromit.
    Orb: 14/64  Blasting boxes
    After talking to him, go through the powerup (if it is active that is) and go
    around flaming all the large blue chests with turtles in. The locations are as
    1. In the room next to the advisor, step on the button and shoot through the
       open door
    2. To the left of the powerup, just down a little
    3. Up on the platform just in front of the powerup, you'll need to go up the
    4. Go back through into the last room you were in with the unbreakable chest,
    it is on a high up platform
    5. Near the previous one, just one the floor
    6. Right back near the start of the level, under the water
    7. Slightly further on in the level, go up past where you found #2, and over
       the bridge, go through the water and out the other side, then go into the
       water in that area and the turtles are in here
    8. Once you flame the last one, you'll be teleported back to Gromit and receive
       the orb.
    While you're doing that, flame the unbreakable chest mentioned. Now, carry on
    with the level and go back to where you found #7. Talk to Advisor Moppet to be
    told to learn to climb again. Next, flame the tortoise up onto a button again,
    and the turtles will go through a door for the last time. Once done, you'll get
    the Talisman, 'Turtle Medallion', from King Fromit. Then exit as there's
    nothing more to do.
    Aquaria Towers
    The last talisman level of this world. To get to it, use the portal in the area
    where Moneybags lowered a wall for you.
    Go talk to Ripple the Seahorse who'll inform you on activating switches.
    Anyway, go round this small area and collect all the gems, then flame the
    button to fill the room with water. Then go down the tunnel and into a new
    Collect all the gems here as well. Go down into one of the water sections and
    get the stuff in there. Don't go into the one with giant metal sharks just yet
    though, as they're invincible currently and will kill you straight away. When
    you've got all the gems you can find, flame the button to fill the room again.
    And again, once you've got all the gems, swim down into the hole right at the
    top, and go through all the way to Moneybags. Pay him 100 to use his submarine
    as many times as you like. It'll bypass the many metal sharks in the water
    (along with plenty of gems) but don't worry as you'll get them later.
    Again, in the next area do the same as before and flame the button to fill it
    up once again. This is the last filling up now. Go through the large opening
    with a crab in and talk to Hoppo the Seahorse who will give you the Talisman,
    'Enchanted Shell'. Head up to the roof and go through the opening.
    Head over to Hunter and talk to him.
    Orb: 15/64  Manta ride I
    A simple manta ray challenge this one. The seahorse in front goes quite slowly
    and doesn't try any tricks. Once you've gone through enough rings to get you
    back to Hunter, he'll give you an orb.
    Hunter speaks again.
    Orb: 16/64  Manta ride II
    Ah, well this one is slightly harder. The seahorse has picked up the pace with
    the bubble hoops and will require a lot more twists and turns. Stay alert and
    keep behind the seahorse at all times. It shouldn't be too long before you get
    to the end. Hunter will then give you his other orb.
    Swim around the area for a while, collecting gems. Then go talk to King Flippy.
    Orb: 17/64  Seahorse rescue
    King Flippy will send you out to find his six children and free them from the
    evil towers:
    1. Right next to you
    2. Right next to #1
    3. Right near the start
    4. Behind #3
    5. In the second area
    6. In the area where you flamed the last button
    In each of the towers you will find a series of challenges to get past. You
    need to avoid crabs and electric fields. Some of the electric fields move,
    others turn on and off. Obviously it gets harder the further you are into the
    challenge. Just reach the top of the towers, when you do so all electric
    currents in that tower are turned off, however the crabs stay.
    Final bit of the level now, go back to the first area you were in and go
    through the fire powerup. You can now flame and destroy all the metal sharks as
    well as the unbreakable chests. Go to the two areas where there were sharks and
    destroy them all, making it safe to swim through their areas now. Once you've
    got all the gems from these two places, it's about time to EXIT (only if you've
    got all the gems that is).
    Ocean Speedway
    The entrance to the speedway is located up near where you found the orb behind
    a door.
    While you could go fight Crush in his dungeon right now, it'd probably be
    better for you to do the speedway to save going back later.
    Go through all of the rings first, then when you get to the end of them, go
    through the arches. When you reach the boats on the water, take them all out by
    flying in the opposite direction to them. Make sure not to fall into the water
    though. And when you've got all eight of them, fly up onto the road and charge
    along in the opposite direction to the cars, make sure to hit them all.
    Again, retry and fly off to the spectator stands, talk to Queen Finny.
    Orb: 18/64  Follow Hunter
    Just follow Hunter closely, make sure not to miss one or get left behind. You
    don't have to beat him, just go through all the rings. You can get ones he
    hasn't gone through, but there is little point and will most likely waste your
    Exit the level.
    Crush's Dungeon
    Head back to Elora and jump down the hole and into Crush's dungeon.
    To hit him, run up to him right after he casts the blue spell thing and when
    he's running away from where he was standing. Flame him and he'll hurt himself
    by smacking the floor too hard. Do this a second time, then on the third he
    changes attack. However keep the same tactics all the way through, flaming him
    right after he shuts down his force field. He goes on to a mixture of the
    attacks (he could do either, not both at the same time). He will start to chase
    you a few times as well, but just keep flaming him and running away, 'till he's
    Crush beaten and Summer Forest freed from Ripto, you now arrive in Autumn
    Plains to save it next.
                               Part 2 - Autumn Plains
    Autumn Plains Homeworld
    As usual, run around the area you're in and collect all the gems that you can
    find. Go talk to Moneybags up on a platform near Elora and pay him the 400 Gems
    he wants. Then, go talk to Elora who should open up a whirlwind for you. Use it
    to get some more gems, then glide down to the right and land on the wall.
    Follow it all the way around until you reach the other end. Charge into the
    cracked wall there.
    Orb: 19/64  The end of the wall
    Just behind the cracked wall at the end of the wall, charge it to break it
    And now to learn how to climb. Go talk to Moneybags down by the ladder on the
    left side of the level. Pay him 500 Gems and he'll tell you how to climb.
    Climb the ladder he's standing next to and work your way up to the top.
    Gather the gems up here and go down the steps to the left. Then go talk to the
    Professor who will open a door for you if you have enough orbs.
    Carry on down here until you get to Moneybags. Pay him the 400 Gems and walk
    along the newly opened bridge. Get the gems then head back. Now head along
    until you get to a place where you can glide down to a platform. Do so. Collect
    the gems, pay Moneybags the 100 Gems and use the whirlwind to get back to the
    main area.
    Now carry on down the corridor all the way to Elora, then head back up to the
    top of those stairs and charge into the cracked wall there. Go into the
    whirlwind. Gather all the gems up here and use a second whirlwind to get up
    even higher.
    From this point, glide down to the left onto a small platform which is just out
    from the area you started in.
    Orb: 20/64  Long glide!
    Right in the middle of the tiny platform
    This should bring your collection of this homeworld to a close. All gems and
    orbs should now be owned by you. Head to the portal back to Summer Forest near
    where you paid Moneybags to learn how to climb. You can now finish off the
    three levels that were un-completeable before; Summer Forest Home, Glimmer and
    Sunny Beach.
    Summer Forest - Part 3
    After getting the climbing ability off Moneybags in the Autumn Plains
    homeworld, you can finally finish off the homeworld. Head to where Elora was,
    and is, and climb up the ladder. Wander around here and collect the last
    remaining gems of the level as well as the last orb.
    Orb: 21/64  Atop a ladder
    On the ledge after the ladder.
    That should complete Summer Forest now, time to do another level.
    Glimmer - Part 2
    Now it's time to finish up with Glimmer, the first level you played in Spyro 2.
    Head all the way to where the ladder is, and head up it. Talk to Roo the
    Orb: 22/64  Gem lamp flight in cave
    Flame all the gem lamps on the inside of the cave by using the flying powerup
    next to Roo the Gemcutter.
    Go collect the gems that are on the platform you couldn't reach previously and
    then once completed, head back to Summer Forest.
    Sunny Beach
    Head all the way to the portal to get to it.
    Work your way as far as a ladder, climb it and collect the gems up there. Then
    go on through the rest of the level right up to the last area. Go talk to
    Advisor Moppet and then climb the ladder to talk to the Master Chef.
    Orb: 23/64  Turtle soup 1
    Quite a difficult challenge this one. You need to charge all the turtles that
    are walking towards to soup in the middle of the area. Charge them before they
    jump in and so that they fall into the water nearby.
    The Master Chef talks again for a more difficult version.
    Orb: 24/64  Turtle soup 2
    Same setup as last time, but there are a lot more of them and instead of one at
    a time you get several. You need to do a lot of charging to keep them out. Make
    sure to take the ones right next to the soup as top priority for charging.
    After completion, jump into the water nearby to gather the last gems of the
    level and to complete the whole of the Summer Forest world. You can now head
    back to Summer Forest and then take the portal back to Autumn Plains.
    Skelos Badlands
    The portal here, is directly in front of where you first start in Autumn
    Plains, right next to the pool of water.
    Talk to Gronk for no particular reason. Then go save a thing from a flying
    thing over to the right. Then again, save another thing from a fire thing,
    charge it to kill it as flaming does nothing to it. Explore the area here and
    collect all the gems too. Grab one of the rocks that spew up out of the lava,
    and fire it at the creature standing on top of the large skull with a tunnel
    it. Collect the bone it drops.
    Go through the tunnel and out to the left, work your way to the end of this
    short path and get the bone off the thing at the end there too. Head back into
    the tunnel and continue along it. Go up to the top of some 'steps' and spit
    rocks at a structure blocking a cave on the right. Then grab the bone off the
    creature in there too.
    Head out to the main area of the level. Go round clockwise until you reach
    Orb: 25/64  Dem Bones
    Ooga will tell you about finding several bones for his friend. You should
    already have three of them, so here are the locations for the others:
    At the top of a set of rib platforms in the large area where you met Ooga
    Past the rib platforms, just in front of the volcano opening
    Inside the cave with lava platforms in front, it is being lifted by steam
    Inside the same cave, just jump on the series of ribs to get to him
    In a cave in that tunnel with a skull at the start, use the powerup to get into
    it safely
    Once you grab the last one, you'll be treated to a dance by the newly reformed
    skeleton, as well as getting the orb.
    Carry on round to the right and talk to Glug who'll give you a Talisman,
    'Ancient Bone', and open the portal back to Autumn Plains. Carry on to the
    right and follow the ribs up. Grab the gems and head all the way into the
    volcano place and get all the gems there too. Now head into the powerup. You
    can now walk on the lava, amazing huh? It's only temporary though, so you've
    got to act fast.
    Run up the platforms of lava just in front of the powerup and into a cave. Grab
    all the gems and stuff in here, as well as the second location for the ? vase
    which will show you where it has gone (the first location was out on a platform
    in the area before this cave). You need to go to this location to flame it
    again, then again until it gives you some gems.
    Head up the set of stairs near where the end of level portal is, and flame the
    rocket up here, also gather the gems. Then head down to where the rocket
    smashed a chest. Next, glide over to the left and talk to Lumpy.
    Orb: 26/64  Lava lizards I
    Lumpy will ask you to save his village from a series of lava lizards that will
    hatch soon. Head into the village right in front of you, and as each lava
    lizard hatches, flame it before it can eat one of the villagers. If so much as
    one of the villages gets eaten, then you fail and have to start over. Once all
    eight lizards are flamed, you get the orb.
    He'll start talking again.
    Orb: 27/64  Lava lizards II
    A slightly more difficult version this time, the lizards won't all be hatching
    in the order you get to the eggs, so be prepared to run ahead and get the
    lizards that hatch before you can get to them. Once done, Lumpy'll give you the
    With all that done, you should have completed the level now. Head home to the
    Autumn Plains.
    Crystal Glacier
    The entrance to this level is located right in the first area of the homeworld.
    Melt an Icebuilder and talk to Widgie the Icebuilder. Then melt the other two
    and step onto the end of the bone catapult. They'll flip you across the chasm.
    Over here, first get rid of the large blue wizard things as if you melt the ice
    on the Icebuilders, they'll just freeze 'em again. Once all four Icebuilders
    are free, they'll make a set of platforms to help you climb a wall.
    Climb up and go through. Change the things that popup out of the ice and flame
    the ice wizards again. Work your way around here till you get to Moneybags. Pay
    him the 200 Gems he wants to move the bridge. Go on along it and do the usual
    kill and collect. Behind one of the buildings right at the edge, is another
    bridge similar to the one you paid Moneybags to move. Follow it along until you
    reach Shaman Tok.
    Orb: 28/64  George the snow leopard
    Wander along through the area just past him, until you reach a snow leopard.
    Help him get food by flaming the fish that pop out of the ice holes he sits by.
    Once you've done enough for him, he'll just start following you, so wander back
    to Shaman Tok and collect your gem.
    Now for the second orb, head back to where the bridge Moneybags opened was, and
    jump down into the place below it. Talk to Shaman Tik.
    Orb: 29/64  Draclet cave
    Go into the flying powerup and fly through the caves, flaming each of the green
    three-eyed draclets. It shouldn't be too difficult really, but you need to get
    them all in one go as they come back pretty quickly. Shaman Tik will them give
    you the orb.
    Now head all the way to the jail and melt all the Icebuilders. They'll send a
    large snowball shooting down a slope to break it open. Chief Shaman Tuk will
    then give you the Talisman, 'Ice Crystal', and open up the portal to Autumn
    Plains. If you have all the gems, head through.
    Breeze Harbour
    The portal is located in the same general area as the previous two.
    Jump to the platform in front of you and talk to Beaky the Breezebuilder. He'll
    tell you about the Land Blubbers. Head back to where you were before and take
    out the land blubber in the bucket, then flame the fire and use the whirlwind
    to get up higher. Here, use the cannon to take out a floating mine, as well as
    an unbreakable chest and a floating mine behind the unbreakable chest.
    Flame the fire and swim through the water at the end of the path to get further
    on. Take out the Land Blubbers here and light the fire. Head to the left and go
    talk to Gobble the Breezebuilder.
    Orb: 30/64  Mine Blast
    This challenge involves cannons and mines. You should have already taken out
    two of the ten mines you need to complete this challenge. Here are the
    locations for the rest:
    - The first two are located right next to you, use the cannon here to shoot
      them all
    - Just past the moving boats and to the right is another cannon and the last
      four of the mines
    Once done, you'll get the orb from Gobble.
    OK, well shoot the unbreakable chest and then head back to where there are a
    couple of boats now moving across a large gap. Jump on one of them to get
    Carry on along here and light the fire when you get to it. Then step on the
    large target and get flipped across onto the large boat. Here, take out all the
    Land Blubbers and light the two fires. This will take the boat up and allow you
    to reach Squawk the Breezebuilder who will give you a Talisman, 'Glass Anchor'.
    Head back to the start of the level to grab the gems from that unbreakable
    chest you broke, and then head all the way through the level until you reach
    the cave with the powerup in. Use the spring powerup to get to a high up cave
    with the last of the gems in. Talk to Fisher the Breezebuilder.
    Orb: 31/64  Gear grab
    Generally complicated and annoying this one. Use the D-Pad rather than the
    analogue stick here as it makes it a lot easier. Make sure to change lanes at
    the right moment, not too late and not too early. Remember to shoot any TNT
    barrels that are in your way and to shoot the signs at the different direction
    options as you can't change direction by yourself.
    This should complete the level for you, so off you go, back to Autumn Plains
    with you.
    The entrance to here is located up on a platform at the right-hand side of the
    first part of Autumn Plains. If you haven't already, pay Moneybags to open it
    Talk to Colonel Blub. In the first area, avoid the bombs thrown at you by the
    little yellow birds, and flame 'em. When you reach the cannon, talk to Sergeant
    Tub. Take control of the cannon and shoot the bird. Also shoot the door and the
    door behind you, as well as the unbreakable chest and the balloon. Head into
    the room you just blew a door off and grab the gems in there. Then head to the
    other room and work your way through.
    Flame the large birds with the TNT barrels (similar types of attack were used
    in a certain Spyro the Dragon level). When you get to the cannon, shoot the
    large door and the balloon. Then head into the place you just shot at and flame
    the birds in here too. Grab all the gems and work your way round to the top.
    Shoot at the building over in front of you until it explodes. You can also
    shoot the bird flying around if you're a good shot, but it doesn't matter much.
    Shoot the unbreakable chests as well though. Head along the pathway to the
    place you just blew up, talk to Corporal Glug and he'll give you the Talisman,
    'Ruby Bomb'. Head down off here and talk to Bo Peep.
    Orb: 32/64  Cowlek corral I
    Nice simple challenge. Herd up some cowleks (they look like brown spotted
    elephants) and collect your reward. The locations are as follows:
    Very nearby, just a bit south of the pen
    Round the corner from the pen
    Down near the second one, just a bit further
    Up the ladder over to the right, it's down in the pit
    Same place really
    Flame or charge them to herd them into the pen behind Bo Peep. Once done,
    you'll get the orb.
    And Bo Peep'll talk again.
    Orb: 33/64  Cowlek corral II
    Another two cowleks are still missing and your challenge is to go collect them.
    They are located down the tunnel past where you found number 2 and 3 before.
    The first is located right near Private Romeo, just on the platform across, and
    the second is near to where the Professor is. You'll need to charge them across
    the large gap between them and the tunnel with Private Romeo in. Take them back
    to the pen to get the orb.
    In the area where you found the last two cowleks of the first challenge, make
    sure to use the fire powerup to smash all the chests in there and to collect
    all the gems. Talk to Private Romeo (located down the tunnel where you went to
    find the last two cowleks) to get a challenge.
    Orb: 34/64  Sowing seeds I
    Quite a long challenge this. Go find the Professor and he'll give you a magic
    seed. Take it and head all the way to the area below where you met Romeo. Put
    the seed into the plant hole here (in the left side of the area) and grab the
    other seed up there. Take both seeds back to where you met the Professor and
    put them in the two plant holes nearest to him. Take the seed on the shelf and
    put that in the third seed hole.
    Then take the next seed and fire it downwards onto another plant hole. Use this
    to get across to where a couple of birds are throwing barrels. Again shoot the
    seed here downwards. Glide your way round to the Professor and he'll give you
    an orb and a couple of seeds.
    You go straight onto the second part.
    Orb: 35/64  Sowing seeds II
    Fire one of the seeds up to the platform above where you would put a seed, and
    then take the other one as well. Go round the above where the plant hole is and
    fire one of them into it. Take the other one across and fire it into another
    plant hole. Talk to Juliet to get the orb.
    This should complete the level. Head back to Autumn Plains.
    The portal to here is located up the top of the ladder.
    Talk to Greta. Then go glide across and flame the button to open the doors.
    Grab all the gems and then head through the door you just opened. Head to the
    left of the door and up the stairs to Hunter.
    Orb: 36/64  Barrel of Monkeys
    Charge into the trees that Hunter goes near. Very easy challenge for the orb.
    Once again, go back to the area before Hunter and flame the button to open a
    door. Go through. And again, flame a third button in here. This time, go down
    the path next to the door though. Follow it round and up the whirlwind. Up here
    flame one of the exploding vases and watch them all explode. Gather the gems
    then head back round and go through the door you just opened.
    Wander round here till you reach Greta. She'll give you the Talisman, 'Emerald
    Scarab' and open up the portal back to Autumn Plains. Head up to the middle of
    the area and talk to Handel.
    Orb: 37/64  Capture the flags
    Go through the flame powerup and run all the way back to where the lat button
    was. Aim up towards to flag and shoot the Flagkeeper down. Talk to Bombo the
    Flagkeeper and then chase after him, making sure to avoid the bombs he throws
    down. The faster you go, the faster he goes.
    Again, repeat with this time going to the next flag, again avoid the bombs
    Bombo throws all the way back to Handel. And for a third time, get the flag
    right at the start and avoid bombs all the way back. Once completed, Handel
    will give you the orb.
    And once done, the level should be completed (as long as you blew up the
    unbreakable chest during that last challenge that is, if not, use the powerup
    again and charge along to it). Head home.
    Fracture Hills
    Ugh. This level is located down the steps near to the Scorch entrance.
    Talk to Lila the Faun. She'll talk about the problems of the level. Turn around
    and flame the first Satyr. There are six of these to flame in order to reach
    the end of the level.
    Carry on along to the right and free the next Satyr. Watch out for the bushes
    and trees though, as they'll try to kill you. Basically just carry on along
    here, freeing the Satyrs until you've got all six of them free. Once they are
    all free, head into the temple to collect the Talisman 'Bronze Flute'.
    In order to get the powerup working, you'll need to kill a couple of those
    large stone creatures. To do so, charge into them and knock them into the lava
    (only works with the ones near lava). Once you've killed 14 things, you can use
    the supercharge. Near the supercharge though you'll meet Hunter. Talk to him.
    Orb: 38/64  Alchemist escort
    Go find the Alchemist in a building near Hunter. You'll need to charge into the
    Earthshapers to keep them away from the Alchemist. Once you know his path, it
    shouldn't be too difficult in keeping him safe. Just don't go too far ahead of
    him as the Earthshapers will walk back to where they were.
    Once you've done that, go to the supercharge and charge down it.
    Orb: 39/64  Free the faun
    Slightly complicated challenge, but easy really. Charge through the supercharge
    and then follow the blocked doorways all the way to the building at the end.
    Smash into the door to free the faun inside.
    Take the same path as in the challenge, but as you get to the long path, veer
    off to the left and attempt to charge into a small doorway, inside is an
    unbreakable chest which you need to hit. Collect all the remaining gems in the
    level, you should be able to get them all. The only reason to come back here
    will be to get that last remaining orb off Hunter when you have learned
    Magma Cone
    Located in the long corridor past Fracture Hills.
    Jump down and talk to Loonie the Faun who'll tell you about a party that's been
    cancelled. Anyway, move along and up the ladder. When you meet the Earthshapers
    knock them into the big red crosses on the ground and a faun will take care of
    it. Work your way around this large area and then go up the volcano. Glide
    around to the side to land inside the volcano. Go talk to Hunter.
    Orb: 40/64  Crystal Geysers I
    Watch the steam in the vents as it heads towards an opening. That's where a
    crystal will pop out. Jump into the crystal to get it. First to ten wins.
    Then he'll challenge you again.
    Orb: 41/64  Crystal geysers II
    Slightly more difficult version this time. Fifteen is your target and Hunter
    has suddenly gotten a lot better at this game. To beat him you almost have to
    go around stealing the ones he's going for. It may take a while to beat him,
    but when you do, he'll give you the orb.
    Then after beating Hunter twice, go back up to the top of the volcano and pay
    Moneybags 200 Gems to activate the lift. Use the lift to go down into the area
    with a large volcano in.
    In here, work your way around the volcano and up using the ladders provided.
    When you get to the part with rocks rolling down on both ladders, go all the
    way to the top, avoiding the rocks as you go. When you reach the top you'll be
    given the Talisman of the level, 'Volcano Idol' and the end of level portal
    will open.
    Go down to near the start of this area and use the whirlwind to get up to a
    platform with Chedda the Faun on.
    Orb: 42/64  Party crashers
    Not too difficult challenge. Jump through the powerup behind Chedda to start
    flying. Fly around and pick up the rocks that are floating about, fire these at
    the Lava Monsters to complete.
    Make sure to fire the rocks at the balloons too and then when you have all the
    gems, head on home to Autumn Plains.
    Shady Oasis
    The entrance to this level is located along a bridge opened by Moneybags for a
    small price.
    Talk to Shorty the Hippo and then flame or charge the berry bush. He'll eat the
    berry that drops and then proceed to break down the door. Go through and follow
    him (there's no rush though). Jump up onto the platform nearby and jump across
    to flame the high up berry tree.
    Again, follow Shorty through and then head back to the start of the blue room.
    Jump up onto the platform and work your way along to the tree. Flame it and
    Shorty will once again smash down a door.
    Follow him some more all the way through to a place where there is a green
    rock. Pick up that rock and go through to where Shorty is standing below a
    tree. Fire at the tree with the rock to get the berry. Now for the last time
    he'll smash a door down. Go talk to him and he'll give you the Talisman,
    'Mystic Lamp'.
    Go talk to Bruno.
    Orb: 43/64  Catch 3 thieves
    You'll need to catch the three thieves in order to complete this challenge.
    The first is located just below you and to the left, he'll run around this
    The second is located to the left of where the powerup is, just down there
    The third is found in the long blue tunnel you were in earlier
    Just explore the rest of the level and gather as many gems as you can find.
    You'll need another move before you can fully complete this level, so when you
    can no longer find any gems, head back to Autumn Plains with the final
    Metro Speedway
    The first of this world's two speedways. Metro Speedway is located in the first
    area of the world, go up a whirlwind that Elora starts for you if you have
    enough orbs.
    First flame the pigeons on the switches, then as you go round getting the last
    three, also flame the bungee jumpers. Once both sets are completed, head along
    the road through the arches. After the first three arches, take out the SLOW
    sign people. Once they're all done, go through the rest of the arches.
    Or not. Retry the level and head into the waterfall in the first part of the
    place, just above where a pigeon is sitting. Talk to the Mayor.
    Orb: 44/64  Grab the Loot
    Quite a difficult task this one. You need to follow Hunter carefully and to
    make sure that you grab the falling parachutes. You will need to be very fast
    to get all twelve. If you are in any way obstructed during this challenge,
    there is little hope in completing it that turn.
    Once complete, select Quit when it asks if you want to Retry.
    Icy Speedway
    Located near the end of the world, on a platform out from the castle. If you
    haven't done so, pay Moneybags to open it up.
    First take care of the hang-gliders, then switch down to the sleds on the
    ground. Once done, fly through the arches all the way till you get them all.
    Next, take out the skaters and serpents as you go past them. Once all got,
    When you retry, head down to the blue igloo and charge into it. Talk to Hunter
    Orb: 45/64  Parasail through Rings
    Slightly annoying challenge. All the rings are in one of three places; in the
    middle, or at either side. You need to get them all in one go so make sure to
    hold down the button for as long as it takes to actually get the ring as Hunter
    will pull you away if you let go. Fifty rings is a lot, but you should
    eventually be able to get them all in one go.
    Gulp's Overlook
    Time for the fight with Gulp. Jump down the hole to get into the level.
    Wait for the pterodactyls to start dropping things, and use whatever it is they
    drop to attack Gulp with. Knock barrels into him, fire little rockets at him
    and flame bombs at him. Continue doing this and running away from his attacks
    and shots until you win. Also try not to let him eat any of the things that are
    dropped as he'll use them against you.
    Well, that's all for Autumn Plains for now, you'll have to return later to
    complete Fracture Hills and Shady Oasis, but for now it's Winter Tundra you're
                            Part 3 - Winter Tundra
    Winter Tundra Homeworld
    Head forwards and talk to Elora. Carry on down the path and go talk to
    Moneybags. He'll teach you to headbash if you pay him the sum of 1000 Gems. A
    bit high, but it's not like you need gems.
    Headbash the several rocks around here to get gems out of them.
    Orb: 46/64  Smash the rock
    Underneath a large rock which you need to headbash.
    Continue around here gathering gems and smashing rocks. Head into the cave on
    the right and talk to the Professor. He'll open up a portal for you if you have
    enough orbs.
    Head back out and go round to the left this time. Work your way down to below
    the start, go into the cave with a river coming out of it and pay Moneybags 200
    gems to open up the speedway. Go back out and jump into the whirlwind. Head
    through the door behind Moneybags (smash a rock to open it) and go through this
    area gathering gems. Head up the steps and go through to Elora. She'll open up
    the door to Ripto, but there are some gems here so collect them without going
    From the top of the steps glide down to the right.
    Orb: 47/64  On the tall wall
    Right at the end of the wall on the left-hand side of the level
    Walk along the wall to the other end and then jump off to the side and into
    some water. Swim down into it and through a tunnel.
    Orb: 48/64  Top of the waterfall
    At the end of the underwater tunnel, just above the speedway portal.
    That should finish off the level now, head to the portal back to Autumn Plains
    in order to finish it off.
    Fracture Hills - Part 2
    You'll need to escort the Alchemist again as you need Hunter out of his stone
    boots to do his challenge.
    Orb: 49/64  Earthshaper bash
    After each time Hunter fires his shot at the Earthshapers, run up to it and
    headbash right on top of it. You need to get a good position and to either see
    or learn which Earthshaper Hunter knocks over. If so much as one of them gets
    back up, you fail and have to start over. Once you've killed 'em all, you get
    the orb from Hunter.
    Now that Fracture Hills is complete head back to Autumn Plains.
    Shady Oasis - Part 2
    Return to this level and go through all the way to the end. Jump down off the
    place with the end of level portal and headbash the headbash chest there. Then
    go talk to Grundy the Hippo over by the powerup.
    Orb: 50/64  Free hippos
    As each of the brothers gets thrown out into the lava, quickly run over to them
    and headbash them before they sink in. This challenge requires no mistakes at
    all so you'll need to be accurate with your headbashing.
    With this complete, so is the whole of Autumn Plains. Head on back to Winter
    Tundra through a portal.
    Mystic Marsh
    Once you've done that, head on over to the Mystic Marsh. The portal is located
    right near the start of the world.
    Talk to Hydrar the WaterWizard. Then go around collecting gems and killing
    things. Watch out for the Snailiphants though as they can change from a small
    tusked snail which you can charge, into a large elephant which you can't, you
    can flame it though. You should also probably take out the monkey racoon things
    in the trees, jump to flame them.
    In the river are some platypus puffer fish, charge into them when they aren't
    blown up as they hurt. Go into the area past the second bridge and go up the
    whirlwind. Glide across forwards and onto a series of platforms that wander the
    area below. Kill enough things up here to activate the portal, you can kill
    more though, it's your choice. Work your way round to the place above the
    waterfall and collect the gems there too, then dive into the water at the high
    end and kill some more platypus things. Go through the water tunnel and kill
    some more things again. When you come out, go to the left and talk to Snoozie
    the WaterWizard.
    Orb: 51/64  Fix the fountain
    Talk to Snoozie the WaterWizard at the end of the level and he'll give you an
    orb rather then the Talismans you got in previous levels.
    Go all the way back to where there was a whirlwind and use it. Go round the
    back of the place you land on and jump down to the ground. Go inside the
    building there and talk to the Professor.
    Orb: 52/64  Retrieve professor's pencil
    After talking to the Professor, pick up the egg he throws down. Take this up to
    near where the end of level portal is, and go to the left. Here you'll find a
    tree with a bird's nest in. Stand on the pot and fire the egg into the nest.
    Pick up the seed and take it to the plant pot over near the start, then take
    the duck and deliver it to the other ducks at the other end of the river.
    Take the Turnip/Radish thing and fire it into the large cooking pot up in a
    cave at the top of the level. Then take the round yellow thing and fire it into
    the fountain. The pencil will then appear. Take this back to the Professor to
    Once completed, head back to the starting area of the level and use the powerup
    there to spring up onto the right. Then use a second one to get up to a
    platform with Basil the Explorer on.
    Orb: 53/64  Very versatile thieves!
    He'll ask you to track down his spark plugs that some thieves have stolen.
    The first thief is just over to the right of where you start the challenge,
    you'll need to chase him through water and use a powerup as well
    1. In the cave with the cooking pot
    2. In the area to the left of where you start, over the bridge.
    3. On the platform pathway up above the area where you start the level, you'll
       need to use the spring powerup to chase it, it will take a while to get this
       one unless you're really lucky
    Once you've got all the gems, head on back to Winter Tundra.
    Cloud Temples
    The entrance to this level is in the cave near to the start of the world. The
    Professor will open it for you if you have enough orbs.
    Talk to Alaric the Wizard. Then go flame the warlock. Wander over the newly
    formed bridge and watch out for the things that break out of stone. Also watch
    out for some attack frogs that spit rocks at you. Head round the path and use
    the whirlwind to get up. Then follow along to the right and through above where
    you went previously.
    Kill the warlock here and the wizard will smash the door down. Head through and
    glide over to the platform on the left. Kill the warlock here again to get
    past. Get the gems in this area and go talk to Agent Zero.
    Orb: 54/64  Agent Zero's secret hideout
    Simple stealth mission here. When Agent Zero runs, run with him. Hide behind
    trees and corners to avoid his eyes. You'll need to keep close to him when you
    get into the building as the doors he goes through shut pretty quickly. Once
    you finally get there, he'll give you an orb.
    Head back to where you broke down a door and go inside. Head to the left and
    kill everything you can find. Kill another warlock to get the wizard to smash
    another blockade. Go through where it was and head off to the left. Kill one
    final warlock and talk to Bartie the Wizard.
    Orb: 55/64  Break down doors
    Bartie the Wizard will give you the orb.
    Head back to the place where there was a powerup. Talk to Morgen the Wizard.
    Orb: 56/64  Ring tower bells
    Go through the powerup and head back inside. Freeze the first two trolls, use
    one to jump up onto the other in order to get up to the place above. Freeze the
    troll over by the place on the left and then jump up onto it and then up again.
    Inside, freeze the one troll in here an use it to jump up and charge into the
    Next, repower-up and wait for the trolls to move. Then freeze the two over by
    the other bell. Use one to get on top of the other and repeat as you did before
    in the room with the bell.
    You now get taken outside again and shown a whirlwind. Go into the whirlwind
    and start firing at the bouncing troll. If you're lucky then you should both
    freeze it and land on it. Jump up into the room above and freeze the two trolls
    in here to reach the bell. Once you've done it you get the orb.
    Head back up in the whirlwind and back up to where the bell was. Glide round
    the corner on the left and flame the rocket there (you may have to wait for the
    ice-powerup to run out). Then go collect the last gems of the level from where
    the unbreakable chest was. Exit.
    Robotica Farms
    The portal is located in the area just after the door, on the left-hand side.
    Go talk to Farmer GreeneBeene. If you want, pick up the yellow corn and fire it
    at the flying bug, no need though as it is possible to jump and flame it.
    Further on you'll see a green bug that will start to spin. Charge into it (when
    it's not spinning) and then headbash it when it's upside down. Carry on through
    the level, knocking barrels back at those throwing them.
    When you reach a large seesaw, go up it quickly to jump up onto the platform as
    otherwise it'll fall too far down for you to reach it. Basically just carry on
    through the level until you reach Farmer Applebee.
    Orb: 57/64  Exterminate crow bugs
    Generally difficult this one. You need to kill four bugs that are making a joke
    of his expensive robot scarecrows. To do this, head out onto the place where
    the scarecrows are. The most effective way of killing these is to get onto the
    top of the hills and glide down to them, flaming as you go. You need to take
    them all out in quick succession as they begin to come back after a short
    while. This challenge may take you a while.
    Move along further and then use a seesaw to get past some turning blades of a
    windmill. Continue along here and jump up to talk to Farmer John.
    Orb: 58/64  Switch on the bug light
    The bug light will turn on and Farmer John will give you your orb.
    Jump off to the left and into a whirlwind. Talk to Farmer Barelycorn.
    Orb: 59/64  Clear tractor path
    Charge through the supercharge and go down the track, taking out all the large
    pumpkins and doors in the way. Nice and simple challenge this one, but only if
    you're good at controlling Spyro under the effects of the supercharge.
    After completion, charge along again all the way till you're in the area where
    there is an unbreakable chest. Come off the ramp and crash down into the chest
    to smash it. Once you've got all the gems in the level, off you go home.
    The portal to this little level is located opposite the Robotica Farms one,
    just inside a cave. The Professor will open it for you if you have enough orbs.
    Talk to Manager Droid. Then carry on through here until you get to a lift.
    Headbash it and you'll be taken downwards. Head through here, take out the cows
    and pigs. To kill the pigs, charge into them as they advance towards you. In
    the next area, climb up the short ladder then up the ladder over to the right.
    Talk to Logistics Droid.
    Orb: 60/64  Ox bombing
    Yep, use the bombs against it. As it throws them out, flame them back at him.
    The best ones for doing this are the ones he throws out straight forwards.
    Watch out for the bombs though as they hurt you if you crash into them. If
    shouldn't take too many bombs to kill the ox.
    Go back down and into the green room with a lift. Headbash it to go down. Go
    through this little tunnel and headbash the next lift as well. Follow the path
    around to the left and through till you get to a lift. Headbash it. Go talk to
    Inventor Droid.
    Orb: 61/64  Conquer invading cows
    The Inventor Droid will give you the orb.
    She'll carry on talking after.
    Orb: 62/64  Shoot down sheep saucers I
    Jump through the powerup and go crazy firing at the sheep saucers. It shouldn't
    take too long to kill the three if you get reasonably close to them.
    And again she'll talk some more.
    Orb: 63/64  Shoot down sheep saucers II
    Again, the same as before but there are now five of them, and they shoot back a
    lot more often. Just do the same thing as before.
    After you've got those orbs, fly around the area and collect all the gems. To
    get the unbreakable chest that you saw near where you fought the ox, just
    powerup and then use the lifts to get back to it. Once all the gems are gotted,
    head back to Winter Tundra to do one final level before the big fight.
    Canyon Speedway
    Located underneath the main area, if you haven't already pay Moneybags to open
    it for you.
    First fly and flame the mountain goats, take out all eight in a row. Then go
    for the blue rings. All are next to each other. Next, fly straight upwards and
    flame all the vultures up here. Once all eight are done fly up to the road
    which the cars are jumping off and charge along the path until you've got them
    Retry and head to the area with the vultures. In the canyon wall you should
    find Hunter.
    Orb: 64/64  Shoot down the balloons
    That's right. 64/64. The last orb. Hold down the Circle button rather than
    tapping it as it will automatically fire like this. Wave the circle towards all
    the targets you see and don't miss any. Just continue doing this till you've
    got all 25 targets.
    With all gems and all orbs collected, head up to Ripto's Arena. Elora will open
    the door for you so just wander down the corridor.
    Ripto's Arena
    The final boss fight of the game. The purpose of this fight is to collect three
    orbs that Hunter drops and then to use the powerup on Ripto. The last orb you
    collect denotes what powerup you get.
    Blue = Supercharge
    Red = Superflame
    Green = A crazy super charged green firing thing
    Once you take care of Ripto to zero health, he'll summon a large metal version
    of Gulp. Repeat the same way as you did with Ripto on his own.
    And in his final form, Ripto takes off. You now have a permanent flying version
    of the superflame. Each time you get close to Ripto fire at him like mad. Once
    you've destroyed him, it's all over. Ripto is defeated. Watch the end cutscene
    and credits roll (you can just press Start to skip the credits).
    Dragon Shores
    When the game comes back, you'll be in Dragon Shores, standing in front of a
    large green Gnorc. Don't start attacking it though as not all Gnorcs are evil
    like Gnasty was. This one's called Gatekeeper Gniles. If you have enough gems
    and orbs you can go inside. Once in, head to the right and to a door marked
    10,000 Gems and 64 Orbs. Go through the powerup in there to get a permanent
    Head off to the left from here and talk to Showman Gnick. Either fire the
    baseball or your superflame at the target and you'll see a creature fall into
    the water. Repeat until you have three tokens.
    Go over and talk to Showman Gniles, he's standing next to some steps. A
    slightly difficult challenge ensues. Pop all 25 of the green balloons to get a
    token. Watch out for the turtles on the track as well as other people.
    For the second time through, there are more paths to go down as well as more
    dangerous people on the track. Make sure to jump for the high up ones though.
    Once you get all 50 you get a nice new token.
    And again, this time equipped with a cannon (note this will not kill other
    people on the track) head out there. Shoot the large red balloons.
    A nice easy token next, head over to the love boats and talk to Showman Gnorm.
    Once you make it out, you get a token.
    Go over and talk to Showman Gnelson. He'll start you off on shooting challenge.
    The first is a simple shoot some moving sideways ducks. Second are those
    creatures from Aquaria Towers (the ones that guarded the buttons) and third are
    those Eggy lizards from Glimmer. Each time you get a token. This will bring you
    up to the grand total of ten tokens, so go talk to Showman Gned in the centre
    of Dragon Shores.
    He'll let you into the theatre. Go on in and enjoy the show. Amazing, you can
    replay any of the cutscenes that were played during your journey (not including
    the start and end level ones). Congratulations, you've just completed Spyro 2:
    Gateway to Glimmer/Ripto's Rage. Now all you have to do is find those last
    Skill Points and it's all done.
    --------------------------------[05 - Skill Points]----------------------------
    Skelos Badlands - All Cacti
    To get this skill point, head over to Skelos Badlands and flame all of the
    cacti in the level.
    Hurricos - All Windmills
    Flame all of the windmills that are around the level, the large ones you need
    to charge do not count towards this.
    Colossus - Perfect in Hockey
    Beat the red hockey player without conceding a single point, flame like crazy!
    Fracture Hills - 3 Laps of Supercharge
    Just as it sounds complete the circuit of the supercharge three times in a row
    without stopping.
    Crush's Dungeon - Perfect
    Beat Crush without getting hit at all
    Gulp's Overlook - Perfect
    Beat Gulp without getting hit at all
    Ripto's Arena - Perfect
    Beat Ripto without getting hit at all
    Scorch - All Trees
    Knock coconuts out of all the trees in the whole level, including some in the
    area where you helped out Hunter
    Ocean Speedway - Under 1:10
    Beat the speedway in under 1:10
    Metro Speedway - Under 1:15
    Beat the speedway in under 1:15
    Icy Speedway - Under 1:15
    Beat the speedway in under 1:15
    Canyon Speedway - Under 1:10
    Beat the speedway in under 1:10
    Idol Springs - Land on Idol
    Land on top of the big idol in the area with a small living idol that explodes
    after you supercharge some hulagirls
    Aquaria Towers - All Seaweed
    Flame all the seaweed in the level, best done with the permanent superflame,
    but you can do it with the in-level powerup if you're quick
    Gulp's Overlook - Hit Ripto
    During the level, fire something at Ripto. The best thing is superflame, but
    you can sometimes hit him with the small rockets that appear in the level
    Skelos Badlands - Catbat Quartet
    Right at the end of the level are four of the flying dragon type things all
    close to each other. Kill 'em all to get the skill point.
    Each Skill Point when earned, will give you an extra life. When you get eight
    of the skill points, you get a Epilogue that you can view from in the
    Guidebook, and when you get all sixteen of them, you get an extra bit added on
    to the Epilogue. Have fun.
    ------------------------------[06 - Cheats and Codes]--------------------------
    Black Spyro
    U, R, D, L, U, S, R1, R2, L1, L2, U, L, D, R, U, D
    Blue Spyro
    U, R, D, L, U, S, R1, R2, L1, L2, U, L, D, R, Up, X
    Green Spyro
    U, R, D, L, U, S, R1, R2, L1, L2, U, L, D, R, U, T
    Pink Spyro
    U, R, D, L, U, S, R1, R2, L1, L2, U, L, D, R, U, S
    Red Spyro
    U, R, D, L, U, S, R1, R2, L1, L2, U, L, D, R, U, C
    Revert to Normal
    U, R, D, L, U, S, R1, R2, L1, L2, U, L, D, R, U, L
    Yellow Spyro
    U, R, D, L, U, S, R1, R2, L1, L2, U, L, D, R, U, U
    Big Head Mode
    U, U, U, U, R1, R1, R1, R1, C
    Flat Mode
    L, R, L, R, L2, R2, L2, R2, S
    Extra Hit Point
    S, U, S, D, S, L, S, R, C
    All Abilities
    C, C, C, C, S
    View Credits
    S, C, S, C, S, C, L, R, L, R, L, R
    Play Crash Team Racing Demo
    At the title screen, hold L1 and R2, then press Square
    The Codes
    X = X Button
    S = Square Button
    C = Circle Button
    T = Triangle Button
    U = Up
    D = Down
    R = Right
    L = Left
    L1 = L1 Button
    L2 = L2 Button
    R1 = R1 Button
    R2 = R2 Button
    START = Start Button
    SELECT = Select Button
    ----------------------------[07 - Contact Information]-------------------------
    If you need to contact me for anything to do with this particular game (Spyro
    2: Gateway to Glimmer) then send me an e-mail with a clear subject that
    has something to do with the game in it somewhere so that I won't just delete
    it, as I generally do that a lot. My address is:
    Contact me there for help with finding the cards or contributions for the
    guide. And yes, I do realise that having the (at) and the (dot) bits are
    annoying, but apparently it will reduce all the junk mail that I get, so just
    replace them with the @ and the . to get my address. You may also get a faster
    response from either the forum for this game at GameFAQs:
    Or at my forum:
    Also, before asking, make sure that it isn't answered in the guide anywhere.
    The latest version of this guide is located on GameFAQs.com;
    So if you're reading this guide from anywhere else (excluding my own website
    which also has the latest version) then please go to this version of the guide
    to see whether your question has been answered already.
    ---------------------------------[08 - Thanks]---------------------------------
    Thanks to Insomniac Games for making such a nice sequel to Spyro the Dragon.
    If there is anyone who has contributed to the guide in anyway and I have
    neglected to mention, then thank you.
    --------------------------------[09 - Copyright]-------------------------------
    Copyright 2004 dark52
    This guide to Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer may not be reproduced under any
    circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any
    website or otherwise distributed publicly without advanced written permission.
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public domain is
    strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    And one last thing, this guide is currently only allowed at these three places:
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