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    FAQ/Walkthrough by SaDi

    Version: 0.8 | Updated: 03/26/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    |=¤=¤=¤=¤=¤=¤=¤=¤ SPYRO 2 : Ripto's Rage, Walkthrough ¤=¤=¤=¤=¤=¤=¤=¤|
    |                                                                    |
    |                  Spyro 2 : Ripto's rage walkthrough                |
    |                  Version : 0.8 (Version info at the end )          |
    |                                                                    |
    |                  Authors : SaDi ( Samy and Dim )                   |
    |                  E-mail : sadi_121@hotmail.com                     |
    |                                                                    |
    |                  Publisher : SCEE                                  |
    |                  Developer : Insomniac                             |
    |                  System : Playstation                              |
    |                                                                    |
    |   • This walkthrough is made upon the U.S version of the game •    |
    |                                                                    |
       This walkthrough can be found at the following locations :
     - www.gamefaqs.com
     - www.vgstrategies.com 
       Well that's all for the moment but if you want it on your site please 
    seek the permission of the author First...
       www.cheatcc.com and www.gamesdomain.com CANNOT POST IT...
       This walkthrough is intended for private and personal use. This 
    walkthrough CAN be only re-produced or distributed with the approval of 
    the author. This walkthrough CANNOT be use for profitable purposes. 
    Anyone who has violated this agreement will be severely dealt with. 
    ¦•Table of contents...                                               ¦                                                
    •About Us...
    •The walkthrough...
     •The controls...
     •The power-ups...
     •The game...
      •1st World...
      •2nd World...
      •3rd World...
     •End of Walkthrough...
      •Dragon Shores...
     •Real End of Walkthrough...
    •Skill Points...
    •Miscellaneous tips, hints and codes...
    •Gameshark, Datel and Xplorer codes...
    •Revision History...
    •Thanks to...
    ¦•Introduction...                                                    ¦ 
       Well hi all ya out there...This is our Spyro 2 walkthrough we wrote 
    and  which will, we hope, help ya...We know  that there are already lots 
    of FAQs out there talking about this cute little dragon but that's not 
    the point, we'll try to do our best to help you on this game and that's 
    because this game seems easy at first but if you look at it more deeply 
    you'll find that it is a real nightmare just trying to find all the 
    orbs...We'll really try to help you with this walkthrough so please if 
    you have ANY comments, criticism or just want to help us get sorted with 
    our walkthrough just drop an e-mail...Be sure that we'll answer.
       Ok so roll on with the walkthrough...
    P.S.: Please forgive any grammar error. As we live in Greece, English is 
    not our mother language and so we have some difficulties expressing 
    ourselves correctly...thank you for your comprehension.
    ¦•About Us...                                                        ¦
       We're 2 pals though they would write a walkthrough for one of their 
    best game in their collection...We're not amateur at all here are our 
    walkthroughs :
       •Samy : Toy Story 2 Complete walkthrough for the PlayStation
               Amerzone Complete walkthrough for the PSX / PC
       •Dim  : Egypt Walkthrough for the PC (must complete it...damn how 
    time flies...!!).
       You see ?I'm (Samy) some kind of experienced in Walkthroughs and more 
    particularly in Platform walkthrough as I've managed to do a massive 72K 
    walkthrough for T.S 2...Of course we finish ALL of our walkthrough BUT 
    it may sometime take some time as we also have to work...Don't worry, 
    we'll probably finish this walkthrough before the end of the month, if 
    not at the start of the next month...
    P.S. : We are students at the French School of Thessaloniki (it's in 
    Greece...)and we would like to make a small announcement: WE HATE OUR 
    SUPERVISOR!!! He is a worldwide asshole, he is very ugly, his wife is 
    very ugly, and he also hates all of us! So we (Samy and Dim) decided to 
    create an e-mail where we can express our anger for him. We write to 
    everybody who wants to be a member, we send pictures of our supervisor 
    and his wife, little films of him and this kind of stuff.
       So if you want to become a member, just write for contributions or 
    letters of encouragement to :     antiandre@hotmail.com  (his name is 
    Jean-Pierre Andre...).Thanks to everyone.
    ¦•The walkthrough...                                                 ¦
    ¦ •The controls...                                                   ¦
       At the start of the game the controls are quite easy and simple so 
    here are the basic moves :
     •D-Pad or left analogue stick : Moves Spyro left or right and makes it 
    dive or rise when he is in the air...
     •Press ￾ to make a charge attack...In the first game there were ramps 
    which you can use to make a super charge attack...No ramps in this 
    second game but power-ups who make Spyro go fast...Really fast...In the 
    latest level these power-ups will be your worst nightmares...
     •Press X to jump...While in the air press X again to glide...Some 
    power-ups and levels allows Spyro to fly...To fly press X while in the 
    air BUT remember that when you fly the controls are reversed so to rise 
    press down and to dive press up...
      The X button is the most useful button in the game, you'll soon learn 
    that you can go a tiny bit further when you glide by pressing Triangle 
    at the end of the glide...You'll have to master this technique if you 
    want to come through the last levels or you'll stay behind...Hopefully 
    the learning curve in Spyro 2 is veery smooth so you'll learn it 
     •Press O for a fire breath attack...This button is almost as useful as 
    the X button as most enemies will go down with only one breath...Power-
    ups will allow you to do a super fire breath attack or a ice attack 
    ...Use them wisely as you can use them only for a short period...You'll 
    also encounter some spherical things(lava balls, plants and some other 
    stuff...)stand next to them and Spyro will take them in his 
    mouth...Press O and he'll throw them but you can also target your 
    enemies by pressing triangle...
     •Press triangle to bring the first person view mode on ...You can now 
    look around with the D-pad...You can also target the enemies by pressing 
    triangle when you have a weapon in your mouth...
     •Press R2 or L2 buttons to rotate the camera around Spyro (hint : The 
    camera can't go through walls so if you want to look forward press 
     •Special moves :
    Spyro can learn special moves by buying them from Moneybag one in each 
    -In Summer Forest you can learn how to swim for 500 gems from 
    Moneybags...He is near the large pool...Press ￾ to dive...
    -In Autumn Plains you can learn how to climb for 500 gems from 
    Moneybags...He is near a ladder at your left from the start...Spyro will 
    climb automatically when he reaches a ladder...
    -In Winter Tundra you can learn how to head-bash for 1000 gems from 
    Moneybags...He is in front of you at the start of the level...You can 
    head-bash by pressing X then Triangle...
    ¦•The power-ups...                                               (D)¦
       There are various power-ups scattered around that will help you 
    obtain some orbs that are hard to get. There are various types of power-
               •Flying power-ups: these power-ups allow you to fly for a 
    short while (a time bar indicates you how much time left you got). Just 
    remember that while you fly, press up to go down and down to go up...
               •Flame power-ups: these ones make you spit fire-balls 
    pressing O. You can also aim with triangle. Unfortunately, this power-up 
    is also limited.
               •Super-charge power-ups: this is my favourite (Dim). It 
    allows you to make a super-charge as long as you keep the charge button. 
    NOTE: this power-up is REALLY HARD to control due to your speed so 
    practice a bit before using it, it may save you a life...
               •"Jump" power-ups: they make you perform a large bounce to 
    access some areas that are...err...un-accessible.
    ¦•The game...                                                       ¦
       Key :
       You'll find a (S) or a (D) at the side of the levels...Well they 
    stand for (S)>Samy has done it ...
          and (D)>Dim has done it ... 
       This will make it more easy for you (and for us) when you'll E-mail 
    us as we'll know who done what...Just don't forget to add it too...
    °¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤° 1st world °¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°
    ¦Summer Forest                                                   (S)¦
    Orbs : 4
       As this is your second world these gems are pretty easy to 
    obtain...(Obtained the text at < www.cheat-elite.com/page2.html > )
       1.Find Hunter near the large pond and he will reveal a series of 
    jumps to perform...
       2.Dive down a pool of water to your left where you started the level. 
    Climb the stairs at the end to find the Orb...
       3.Once you have learned to climb, go to the large orange circle room. 
    Climb the ladder to find the Orb...
       4.There is a door then some stairs in the room where Moneybags lowers 
    a wall. At the top should be a window and a closed door to the right. 
    Glide out of the window and move to the left into another window to find 
    the Orb ( Note : You may need to press triangle at the last moment...)
    ¦Glimmer                                                         (D)¦
       Well this is the first level. I recommend you practice a bit your 
    moves if this is the first time you play the game.
       1.When you get the talisman, do not exit the level but look left and 
    you'll see an open window. Enter and you arrive at a new section. Talk 
    to the kangaroo and he'll ask you to fly and light some gems. Enter the 
    power-up, press X to fly and flame all the lamps. Just remember, press 
    up to go down and down to go up. It is not that hard...When you make it, 
    you will be rewarded an orb (Enter the power-up again to take the rest 
    of the gems...)...
       2.Still in the same section, look for a cave and you'll see another 
    kangaroo. Talk to him and he'll ask you to fire rocks to some lizards: 
    it's very easy: just press triangle to aim and then press O to shoot. 
    Every time you get a lizard, the kangaroo will move to another section, 
    so just follow him. There are six lizards to shoot.
       3.In the room where Moneybags opened the bridge for you, you will 
    find a ladder. Climb it and you will see a flying power-up. Cross it, 
    fly and light the six lamps that are on the top of the room.
       NOTE: Enter the power-up again later to take some gems that cannot be 
    accessed without flying.
    ¦Idol Springs                                                    (S)¦
    Orbs : 2
       In this level you have to kill the bad woods in order to proceed to 
    the end...
       1.So lets suppose you arrive at the end of the level, now go to the 
    left (the path in front of the gate) and follow the path(you'll 
    eventually need to do a X+X+triangle glide in order to make it to the 
    last edge...)...(((Sorry to interrupt the walkthrough suddenly but I 
    must make sure that nobody will take it besides the approved sites...If 
    you're reading this walkthrough in a non approved site please mail us at 
    : sadi_121@hotmail.com...Thanks again...©SaDi2000)))       Now go 
    down(in front of you)and you'll have to complete a challenge...
       This challenge is quite difficult as you have to pass through the 
    power-up and then, in one lap, manage to hit all the edges...My strategy 
    here was to go in the power up from the right to the left and do the lap 
    in the opposite way of the clock...You'll find this Orb quite difficult 
    but if you try to follow the path you'll probably get it easily...If 
    not,  come back later when you improve your skills...
       2.For your second orb, you'll imperatively need to learn how to 
    swim...If you paid for it then jump in the water at the start of the 
    level and then go in the underwater tunnel...At the other end talk to 
    the guy there and he'll give you 3 puzzles to solve...
       Difficulty Rating : ***¤¤ (3/5)
       •The first puzzle is to turn all the blocks (to your left) yellow. 
    This is an easy puzzle if you sit and think a little...If you jump on a 
    block, this block and the two touching him will change colour. This mean 
    that if you jump on a yellow block and the two other blocks are white 
    then the middle will change white and the other two yellow...Think a 
    little and you'll get it...(NOTE : If you really don't have time to 
    think then the solution is to jump on the down left one, then the upper 
    right one, then on the upper left one and finally on the down right 
    one...)NOTE : If you did a mistake just go talk to the man again and 
    he'll ask you if you want to reset the puzzle...
       Difficulty Rating : ***¤¤ (3/5)
       •For the second puzzle, you need to go outside and left of the 
    entrance door...
       "This idol he's hungry and won't be satisfied until he's swallowed 10 
    fish. He's got a sensitive stomach, so watch what kind of fish you feed 
       Ok so in fact this means that you have to feed him either orange or 
    blue fishes but NO red ones...If you do so he'll throw back 4 fishes 
    including the red one...This puzzle IS NOT difficult if you watch out 
    what fish you're giving to him...
       Difficulty Rating : ***¤¤ (3/5)
       •Well this puzzle is easily solved just by proceeding by 
    elimination...Jump on all the stones and see the result...If you don't 
    have time for this again, the solution would be : The down one with star 
    in the centre, the upper one with a ￾ at the centre, the left one with a 
    moon inside. The right one with yet another moon inside, and the last 
    one to the left with an O inside...You can now collect the Orb...
    ¦Colossus                                                        (D)¦
    Orbs : 3
       This level is kinda funny, I like it very much...
       1.For the first orb, kill enough monsters to activate the power-up, 
    and then jump to the section above. Once there, talk to that "man" and 
    he'll ask you to find and flame six evil spirits that are hidden inside 
    the statues scattered all over the world. Find the statues and flame 
    them (they are not hidden, it's easy to find them...) and the "man" will 
    give you an orb.
       2.Go to the section where you fought the yeti and then to the window. 
    You'll see another section whit gems and an arena. You will be asked to 
    play a hockey game with a goalie. You must score five times in 2 
        Just approach the goalie from one side, then change side immediately 
    and shoot, it's very funny.
       3.After the first hockey game, you'll be asked a second one. This 
    time it's a one on one, you must score five times before he does. Just 
    flame him, take the "ball" and score. Good luck with him.  
    ¦Hurricos                                                        (D)¦
     Orbs : 3
       This is a level I really hate , I don't know why...
        1. Go to the section with the power-up, having the two big doors   
    behind you, and then go left. You will see a ledge. Jump on it and then 
    jump again to another section on the wall. You will encounter a little man 
    who will ask you to catch ten thieves that are stealing some electrical 
        You just have to start placing the electrical orbs in the apposite   
    sockets by spiting them. Eventually, an alarm will sound and the thieves 
    will start stealing the orbs. Charge them or flame them before they get 
    away. You will only be able to catch three or four thieves at a time, so 
    take your time with these guys...
       Once you caught them all, replace all the orbs in the sockets and the 
    little man will give you an orb as a reward.
       2. Once you kill enough enemies, the power-up will activate. It's a 
    super-charge power-up. Cross it, brake all the ventilators that are 
    scattered around and push the buttons. This way, the large ventilators will 
    stop. Cross the power-up again, enter the big right door and go right 
    immediately after crossing the door. This way, you will brake a large 
    ventilator and some stairs will appear. Go up and talk to the Electrod who 
    will tell you to make some jumps and reach electric farm.
       Jump to the building on your right, go on the ventilator and then jump 
    again on the other building. Now look to your left and you will see some 
    steps going in and out on the wall. Wait for the right timing, and jump 
    from one step to the other. Join the other Electrod who will give you an 
       3.Now you will have to complete some harder jumps: From where the 
    Electrod gave you the second orb, jump from one ventilator to another to 
    reach a platform over the left large door. Don't forget to push triangle 
    before you reach the ventilator or you won't make it... DAMN I don't 
    remember what you have to do right now!! And don't ask me to play the game 
    once more because my parents are going to KILL me!! I will try to tell you 
    what I remember: You should arrive facing a wall with other steps going in 
    and out. Cross them and an Electrod will ask you to push a button. Push it 
    and you will be given the orb.
        Please e-mail me to tell me if I'm right...
    ¦Sunny Beach                                                     (D)¦
       Orbs : 3
       1.In order to obtain this orb, you must go through the power-up and 
    brake all the metaliccal boxes around the world because some stupid 
    turtles are trapped inside. There are seven of them to brake (did you 
    notice the affection of the turtles in the boxes after you save 
       2.NOTICE:You will need to learn how to climb for this orb...In the 
    last section (where you open the last door for the little turtles), you 
    will see a big turtle standing next to a ladder. Talk to her and she'll 
    tell you that a bad bad chef is up the ladder and wants to cook the poor 
    poor turtles. And of course you must save them. So go up the ladder and 
    then into the arena with a cauldron in the middle. Every time the chef 
    rings his bell, three turtles will try to suicide diving into the 
    cauldron(do you think they are hypnotized...???). Flame or charge them 
    to throw them into the water. Then the chef will give you the orb.
       3.This is kinda like the second orb...talk again to the chef for 
    another "arena-turtle-combat". But this time there are more turtles and 
    they move faster than before. Just do the same thing as before to get 
    rid of them. The chef will give you another orb (he is really pissed 
    ¦Aquaria Towers                                                  (D)¦
    Orbs : 3
       When you complete the level, don't leave but look up and you will see 
    an opening. In there you will find a new section with many gems and all 
    the orbs of this level, so all the places named on the followings are 
    found in that section...
       1.Speak with an hippocamp who will tell you that some babies are 
    trapped inside some towers all over the world. In those towers you will 
    eventually find some baddies and traps. The first tower is opened by the 
    hippocamp. Go in there (it's next to you, stupid...) and rescue the 
    baby. Now the second tower will open, so go there and save the second 
    baby. Don't worry about baddies and traps, because even if you are hit, 
    you can always regenerate by eating butterflies. Every time you save a 
    baby, the next tower will open. After completing this "easy" task, you 
    will be given the orb
       2.Talk to Hunter, he will ask you to ride a manta. You just have to 
    follow the hippocamp and entering the bubbles he creates. It is easy, 
    just remember to turn as quick as possible. After a short ride, Hunter 
    will give you the first orb.
       3.Talk to Hunter again, and he will propose you a second manta ride. 
    It's like the first ride, but the hippocamp is quicker and you have less 
    time to turn. Don't worry, after a few tries you will make it. You will 
    then be rewarded a second orb by Hunter.
    ¦Ocean Speedway                                                  (S)¦
    Orbs : 1
       I hate the speedways...They are sooooo difficult that they will make 
    you wanna throw the pad at the T.V ...Well I have to do them to finish 
    the game at 100% so here we go for your first speedway, the ocean one...
       First aim for the rings...Then go on the track...Here Spyro will 
    automatically do a super charge without you doing nothing but steering 
    left and right...Of course you got to aim for the left tunnel...Now when 
    you hit the last car and you hear a sound, double press X and you'll 
    fly...Now continue straight forward you should be in front of the 
    ships...Well here take them as they come to you...So the opposite way 
    they come from...When you hit the last one (assuming you didn't lost one 
    in that case plunge in the water 'cause you won't make it...) you should 
    be aligned with the gates...So take them all (it's really very 
    straightforward)and finish the first part ...Now you have all the 
       Well now that you have all the gems you can go for the orb...At the 
    start of the level go to the left and you'll see a crowd...Go there and 
    talk to the fish in the middle and he will give you a challenge to 
       Difficulty Rating :****¤ (4/5)
       Yep this challenge is quite difficult...The goal here is to follow 
    the winged thing...Easy...?NOT 'cause he always changes direction so the 
    key here to perform a good time and pass through all rings is to follow 
    the winged thing from some distance...Not too much though 'cause the 
    rings will disappear...Well after 10 or 15 tries you'll hopefully manage 
    to get it...
    ¦Crush's Dungeon                                                 (S)¦
    No Orbs
       Crush is a relatively easy boss if you know how to beat him...Well 
    he'll run from ring to ring (those circle things on the ground) who are 
    power ups...A blue ring mean that he will do an attack which you'll have 
    to jump in order for you not to get hurt and a red one is the fire 
    attack...The fire attack can be dodged very easily by running from one 
    side of the arena to the other...Well the goal here is to flame his butt 
    when he is changing ring then run away from him and wait until some 
    rocks fall on him...No big deal here...Really...
       Oh and manage to beat him WITHOUT being wounded and you'll get a 
    skill point...
    °¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤ 2nd World ¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°
    ¦Autumn Plains                                                   (S)¦
    Orbs : 2
       1.The first orb is easy to obtain if you're careful...First you have 
    to learn how to climb...Then climb the stairs behind moneybag and go to 
    the top...Now before the stairs leading to the boss are some cracks in 
    the wall which you can ram through. Use the whirlwind, and then the next 
    one to reach the big tower. From here, look ahead and you will see a 
    tall platform in the distance, outside and to the left of the outer wall 
    of the main yard. Glide to it and get the Orb...(thanks to < www.game-
    elite.com/page2.html > )
       2.From the tall platform (above) , glide the outer wall and make your 
    way to the left. At the end you should see another cracked wall. The orb 
    is inside...(Thanks again to < www.cheat-elite.com/page2.html > )
    ¦Skelos Badlands                                                 (S)¦
    Orbs : 3
       This level is quite difficult...Well at the start of the level go 
    forward and climb some bones to reach Lumpy...He'll unlock a bridge for 
       Difficulty Rating : **¤¤ (3/5)
       1.Cross the bridge and go save the villagers...
       Ok so 2 dinos will pop out of the 2 eggs in front of you. Then yet 
    two others in front of you getting in opposite direction(these you can 
    catch them at the intersection - 2 in 1 - ).Go now Left and kill the 
    first dino. Then the two others pop out at the same time. You now have 
    only on remaining and he is at the start of the area so go back there 
    and flame his ass...
       Difficulty Rating : ***** (5/5)
       2.Man this is no peace of cake like the other one so be VERY QUICK in 
    your movements...
       Ok so one will pop up just in front and coming on you, continue and 
    climb the ledge for yet 2 other lizards. Now go left and get the three 
    there ( one in the left, one in front of you, and then go forward and 
    circle around the house to the right for the last one )now jump past the 
    chasm and get the lizard there...The last one is just in front of you, 
    use the ￾ to go faster...
       Difficulty Rating : ****¤ (4/5)
       3.The third Orb would be the lizard-toad one...At the start of the 
    level go forward and before you enter a giant mouth take a lava ball and 
    use it on the toad at the top of the mouth (this is the most difficult 
    toad to find as he is very well hidden...I've spent an entire day 
    searching for him...Now enter the mouth and you should find an opening 
    to the left...At the end of the path is the second toad...Go back to the 
    main path and continue...Hope that you have 16 enemies killed and use 
    the power-up to the right to get this toad...If you continue now the 
    main path you'll find some stairs to your left...There take lava balls 
    and use them on the bone bars the opposite side...When you destroy it, 
    glide in it to take another bone...Now you've reach an open area...Go 
    left and use the power-up to climb the lava stairs...There should be a 
    toad floating on some vapour to your left...Glide and flame him to get 
    this bone...Go back up and cross the bone bridge ( be careful as they 
    sank if you stay too long ) and flame yet another toad there...Go back 
    to the open area and where the power-up was but now continue the way and 
    to your right you'll find a toad...You can't flame it right now but 
    remember where he is for later...Continue and go down...Jump from bone 
    to bone (be careful with that cat bat) and kill the toad there...Now 
    jump on the ledge to the right and circle to the right from ledge to 
    ledge...You'll eventually find/Kill the last toad for the Orb...Yippee 
    you can now see his friend dancing John Travolta style...
    ¦Crystal Glacier                                                 (S)¦
    Orbs : 2
       Okay so first flame all the ice-builders here and jump on the 
    catapult to reach the opposite side...Here again you'll have to flame 
    all the ice-builders and they'll form some stairs (4 ice-builders).
       Cross the chasm but be careful with the giant mices the opposite 
    side...Now continue all the way down but don't cross the bone bridge, 
    instead go down to the left and talk to the Shaman tick (Maybe you'll 
    need to cross the bridge as the power-up only unlocks with 15 
       Difficulty Rating : ****¤ (4/5)
       1.This challenge is quite difficult as you have to flame ALL the 
    dracklets in one lap...The hanging ones are the most difficult so try to 
    aim for the rope instead of the animal itself. Anyway if you miss one go 
    back to the power-up as you'll be loosing your time...
       2.For the next Orb cross the bridge and always go forward...Hopefully 
    you'll find a big thing blocking your way...But behind of it are some 
    ledges...Jump on them and talk to the man there to help him find his 
    leopard (George)...
       Difficulty Rating : **¤¤¤ (2/5)
       Yep this Orb is quite easy...The leopard is not far...He is just at 
    your right...Follow the leopard and he'll eventually stop in front of a 
    hole...Now wait until a fish drops out of it and flame it...George while 
    eat it and go visit another hole...He'll do this 3 times and then will 
    follow you...Now just WALK to the Shaman Tok and he'll give you the 
    ¦Breeze Harbour                                                   (S)¦
    Orbs : 2
       1.At the start of the level, kill the 2 guys and flame some wood to 
    use the whirlwind...Then you'll arrive at some canon...Use it to Kill 
    the metal mine to your left then, (difficult part) you have to fire up 
    and past the ledge in front of you. The trick here is to fire once then 
    make the canon go down a little and then fire again...It's tricky but 
    you'll know when you got the mine as it'll explode...Then fire yet some 
    other wood and get in the water. Get out the opposite side and kill all 
    the enemies/Fire at the wood...Here, to your left, is the man who'll 
    give you the Orb if you kill all the mines.
       Difficulty Rating : ****¤ (4/5)
       You've already got two so now go in the canon next to him and fire 
    the 2 mines jumping out of the lava and then go back to where you fired 
    the woods and get on a floating ship. You now have to land the opposite 
    side. There , when you get out of the ship, you'll find yet another 
    canon to your right. Do the same thing as before and kill the 3 mines 
    popping out of the lava...Bingo you've got your Orb...
       2.Now go back to your ship but this time search for a second opening 
    to your right...There's a power-up there that will unlock with 15 
    enemies (maybe you'll need to go on the ship to get the missing ones...
        At the top there's a man with a challenge for you...
       Difficulty Rating : ***** (5/5)
       Yep another difficult challenge...The key here is to turn tight and 
    switch tracks by firing the signs...No real strategy you just need to be 
    lucky...Oh and the TNT barrels can be shot down and the crates 
    jumped...Good luck...
    ¦Zephyr                                                          (S)¦
    Orbs : 4 
       Man, this level will take a lot of your time...Make sure you got 1 
    hour left before trying to get into this level...
       Ok so from the start, run through the opposite side in zigzag and try 
    to ram as many birds as you can. Then when you get on the canon hit two 
    birds and two doors (one is in front of the other).Get in the one before 
    you to get some gems (These was the one I forgot to take at first...) 
    and then go through the other door...There run and avoid the barrels the 
    animal is throwing barrels at you, then go to the left and again try to 
    avoid this animal...
       At a moment you'll arrive at another canon, there fire 2 times at the 
    door to open it and kill the bad guy inside...Then glide to it and jump 
    pass the barrels the guy is throwing at you. Here you also have to be 
    careful about the birds flying all around the place and throwing bombs 
    at you...Now pass the bridge go left and then right...Again avoid the 
    barrels here and go for the canon at the top...Here you have to fire the 
    door and, if you have the patience, try to get the two birds here 
    too...If not then try to get there and flame them...You can now exit the 
    level but you'll have no Orbs...Roll on with the Orbs you saw? Ok...
       1.Ok so glide down and talk to Bo-Peep (this is the name of the 
    shepherdess in Toy Story 1&2...I don't know why they've put it 
    here...Well who knows...) she'll ask you to find her cow lets. They are 
    five to find for this Orb...
       Difficulty Rating : ***¤¤ (3/5)
       The first one is in your area...How to move it ? Simple, you have 
    three choices :
    -Either you stand behind it and he'll move the opposite way of you...
    -Or you flame it and he'll go where you flame...
    -Or you charge it...If you charge it, he'll go far away...This is ideal 
    if you're in a hurry...
       So get it in the stable and go for the next one the level above and 
    yet another one the level just down...Ok so now go in the cave where you 
    got the last cow let and jump in the chasm...You now have to flame this 
    one all the way to the top of the stairs and then charge it the opposite 
    way...You also have another on just a little more furthest...Do the same 
    thing as above for him too...
       Difficulty Rating : ***¤¤ (3/5)
       2.You now have to find two bonus cow let to get another orb...Well 
    hopefully you've learned to climb so go to your right and climb the 
       Ok so there you have to glide the opposite side to the ladder and get 
    to the power up...From there, fire the two bird ( they'll miss you if 
    you stand exactly at the power-up...) then use the super fire on the cow 
    lets to make them jump...Do this twice and you practically got your 
       Difficulty Rating : ***¤¤ (3/5)
       3.Ok so now go where the fifth cow let was and talk to the 
    professor...He'll give you a magic bean.... Err seed...Now go where the 
    fourth cow let was and use it in the weird ground there...Jump on the 
    newly formed platform and take the seed...Now go back to the professor 
    and use it on the weird ground close to him. Go back, flame the platform 
    and take the second bean to the ground next to your platform...Use the 
    seed there on the last weird ground near the professor and jump at the 
    top of these three platforms...Take the seed and go back down. Use it on 
    the ground closest to the other platforms and repeat this once more and 
    then go back up and glide to your right...From there glide left( you'll 
    need to use the X+X+Triangle glide if you want to make it...)...Bingo, 
    you've got your orb...
       4.The professor don't tell you anything but drops two seeds...If you 
    talk to him again (triangle) he'll ask you if you want to reset your 
    seeds...Tell no and he'll give you a :
       Difficulty Rating : ****¤ (4/5)
       This difficulty rating is no right as, if you have the right 
    strategy, you can make it in one try.
       Ok so take one seed and jump on the platform. DO NOT USE IT 
    YET...Instead continue and jump the opposite side...You can now drop 
    your seed and go back and take the other...You now have two choices...
    -Mine was to jump on the weird ground platform, use the seed then jump 
    the opposite way quickly...I managed to do this with the first try...
    -IMO the game wants you to go the opposite way and then target 
    (triangle) and fire at the weird ground...The simplest way to make it, 
    if you use the second method, is to stand next to the ledge and fire at 
    the platform, WITHOUT TARGETING...It worked for me though...
       Anyway, go up and use the last seed at the last weird ground and off 
    you go for the last orb...NOTE : Doesn't Juliet have a VERY masculine 
       Ok so now that you have your last orb, you can use the whirlwind in 
    the central court (3rd cow let) to exit the level normally, via the 
    ¦Scorch                                                          (S)¦
    Orbs : 2
       Man, this level is easy...And fun...Enjoy your stay...
       Ok so jump from where you are, to the opposite side...Press the 
    button there and go through the door...Do some clean up here and go to 
    the right up some steps to reach hunter...
       Difficulty Rating : **¤¤¤ (2/5)
       1.This first orb is really easy to obtain. Just try to follow hunter 
    and knock the tree he stands under quickly... If you're lucky, you'll 
    manage to get out of there without being wounded...NOTE: There are six 
    monkey to knock down and NOTE 2 :If you hit a tree without hunter being 
    under to catch the monkey, this one will jump back up so simply re-
    charge him to get him...
       Ok so now go back down, fire the button the opposite side (jump on 
    the platform then glide twice)...There do some clean-up again and jump 
    on the platform, then enter the cave, then glide to yet another platform 
    to finally glide and fire the enemies the opposite side...Flame or 
    charge the button to go yet through another door...There, you'll have to 
    climb all the stairs to the top...At the end, you'll find the 
       Difficulty Rating : ***** (5/5)
       2.Another 5/5 challenge for you...This one is really tricky as you 
    have to first fire the flag-keeper and then avoid being hit when you 
    return to the base...You've pushed three switches right ? There will be 
    the flag-keeper...The last one is really difficult so patience is the 
    key word here...GOOD LUCK as I really don't have a strategy here...
       NOTE : Here I've spent some searching some missing gems...If you 
    manage to win all two challenges, go left from the bridge (before 
    entering the last area) and you'll find a path leading to a 
    whirlwind...This whirlwind will unlock ONLY if you get the two 
    orbs...And all the missing gems are there...
    ¦Fracture Hills                                                  (S)¦
    Orbs : 3
       This is the most difficult level of the game IMO...
       From the start, save the satyr in front of you ( flame it ) ...He'll 
    tell you that they are 8 of them to save...Continue to the left and move 
    in circle, this way you'll save 7 of 8 satyrs...The last one is a little 
    further on a mountain tip...Now you should have access to the castle 
    where you can exit the level...Ok so now, go back down and where all 
    these earth-shapers are...They can't move but if you get too close, 
    they'll hit you...Search for the alchemist and he'll ask you for some 
       Difficulty Rating : ****¤ (4/5)
       1.This one is tricky...What you have to do, is to memorise where the 
    alchemist is going and then try to get to the earth-shaper he's gonna 
    walk by and, when this last one turns to aim the Alchemist, charge 
    him...It's tricky I said, as this %#&**$ Alchemist always changes 
    direction so trying to get to the earth-shaper before him is a 
    nightmare...Training ^_^
       2.Talk to hunter for yet another challenge...
       Difficulty Rating : ****¤ (4/5)
       You have to head-bash the earth-shapers when they're down...This is 
    quite difficult and, what's more, I don't have no strategy for 
    you...Just try and start from the left and , if I remember correctly, go 
    in circle...Good Luck, you'll need it...
       3.Now if you go back to where the last satyr was, and go the opposite 
    way, you'll fall in a little path with a power-up inside...If I remember 
    correctly, you first have to push all the earth-shapers in the lava for 
    it to activate...This Orb is easy and difficult at the same time. It's 
    easy 'cause you have a path on the ground showing you were to go. It's 
    difficult 'cause you go ultra-fast and don't really have time to see the 
    path. You'll have to open three doors before crashing in the last 
    one...NOTE : Be careful with the lava, it hurts a lot...NOTE 2 : You can 
    get some gems by turning left instead of following the narrow path at 
    the end of the section, this way you'll destroy a crate in a cavern with 
    some gems in it...Again, may luck be by your side...
    ¦Magma Cone                                                      (S)¦
    Orbs : 3
       From the start, get down, and climb the ladder...Do some clean-up 
    here ( the big enemy has to be pushed on the red X...) and then climb 
    yet another ladder at the other side. There you'll have to push another 
    big enemy to the red X mark and continue that way...And yet 
    another...Try to find a ladder to your right...Climb it...Now comes the 
    tricky part : You have to make a blind jump to your left and try to land 
    on a rock...Even the small one will do as you have to climb some ladder 
       1.Meet hunter in the cave for your first challenge...
       Difficulty Rating : ***¤¤ (3/5)
       What you have to do here to win, is to spot out the vapour between 
    the cracks...Follow them and you'll most surely be were the corn will 
    pop up...If you're lucky you'll manage to get the challenge with hunter 
    only collecting 3 of them ( if you take his ) ...
       Difficulty Rating : ***** (5/5)
       2.Oh man, this one is no peace of cake like the previous...Although, 
    I have a tactic / strategy for you...Of course the hint above works but 
    if you want to win this one, then you have to spot the vapour FIRST and 
    then JUMP...Jumping before hunter catches and not only, jumping to win 
    some time, is the key...Good luck...
       Go back up and glide to the right...Aim for the platform NOT for the 
    path...Take the ladder, go up and use the elevator to go down...There 
    you should find some stairs ...You have to jump from stair to stair to 
    the left...You also have to be careful with the rocks falling from above 
    you...At the end you'll have to switch between the two last ladders in 
    order to avoid the rocks...Now you can exit the level...DON'T...Instead, 
    turn over and glide to Cheda the faun for a challenge...
       Difficulty Rating : ***** (5/5)
       This challenge is difficult and don't handle a strategy...You have to 
    train your skills and eventually you'll make it...Bingo...I found a 
    perfect strategy for here...Have you noticed there's no limit time ?Yep 
    that's right so just take lava balls popping out every now and then and 
    throw it to these ugly...Now here is a Super-hint : Every lap made, you 
    can go back and fly through the power-up and get almost-unlimited 
    time...Superb hint no ?Ok so just take your time and get one Lava 
    Monster at a time...Enjoy...
    ¦Shady Oasis                                                     (S)¦
    Orbs : 2
       I suggest you come here after obtaining the head-bash 
    move...Otherwise you won't be able to finish completely this level...
       All throughout the level, you'll have to charge trees and feed 
    hippos...Do this and pass the door...Go left and up some stairs...
    You'll have to jump some platforms to feed the hippo again...Jump some 
    other platforms to the left and pass through another door...Walk until 
    you reach a green ball...You'll have to throw this ball to the tree in 
    order to get past the last door.
       Talk to the hippo to the right and take up the challenge...
       Difficulty Rating : ****¤ (4/5)
       1.The first thief is just below you, run and jump across the green 
    thing to get him...The second on is the opposite from the first one and 
    is quite difficult to get...Try to jump left from the tall platform in 
    order to get him...Jump on the stairs and follow the path you take to 
    the end of the level...You'll notice a thief just before getting through 
    the last door...This last thief will do either a 8 or a circle...Try to 
    get an inside lane and you'll probably make it...
       Now go back to where the first thief was and talk to the hippo 
       Difficulty Rating : ***¤¤ (3/5)
       2.This is no difficult challenge so just head-bash the 8 rocks before 
    they sank in the water...Really an easy orb...
    ¦Metro Speedway                                                  (S)¦
    Orbs : 1
       Humm this one is tricky...
       First go for the birds...then when you get out of the tunnel go right 
    and kill the bird...Do a reverse and get the jumping mans here...Then go 
    left and take the 2 birds and the 5 jumping mans there...Go back to the 
    first jumping man and go in the tunnel...Land and do a super-
    charge...You should come to were the workers with the stop signs 
    are...Get them all ( you should go in circle ) and take the last three 
    gates to finish the gem section...
       The orb is very difficult to obtain...At the start of the level when 
    you kill the third bird you should see a waterfall just to your right 
    ...Go inside and talk to the major...
       Difficulty Rating : ***** (5/5)
       Yep really tough this one...what you have to do is wait until Hunter 
    hits a rat ...This rat will throw something...You have to catch that 
    something BEFORE IT GETS IN THE WATER...And there are 12 of these...Good 
    luck...Sorry no strategy here but an advice...Follow hunter from some 
    distance so you can react...Not too much though 'cause you'll not catch 
    the things in time...Oh a trick to keep some distance is to press 
    triangle and then keep hamming X until Spyro gets up again...BE careful 
    with this trick as you can go in the sea in no time... 
    ¦Icy Speedway                                                    (S)¦
    Orbs : 1
       This was the first speedway I managed to complete...When you get to 
    the most highest tower jump and glide to the right...You may need to 
    press triangle then tab X in order to lose some altitude and reach the 
       Ok here goes for the tactic : Aim for the 4 guys in the air and 
    immediately after go for the snowmobiles...Now go on the water and  do a 
    circle to the right and kill the dragons and the skaters...Finally aim 
    for the gates...You'll notice one going to the centre of the island...If 
    you enter by the upper side then the exit is down and if you enter from 
    the down then the exit is up and in front of you...
       Now go for the igloo at your left when you start...Head-bash it for 
    the challenge...
       Difficulty rating : ***¤ (4/5)
       This is a relatively difficult talisman although you only use the 
    direction pad...Ok so there are three main position of the rings and you 
    have to pass through each one of them...So here are the pos...Left, 
    Right and centre. You won't find any rings elsewhere so be careful and 
    ¦Gulp's Overlook                                                 (S)¦
    No Orbs
       Gulp is one of the easiest bosses in the game (not to say the 
    easyest...) Just look at his strategy and you'll soon find out why...
       First when Gulp run at you be courageous and run ( ￾ ) AT HIM yes 
    that's right run at him and he will ALWAYS MISS YOU if you don't stop at 
    midroad...Ok this was a quick tip but useful nonetheless as I managed to 
    beat him without being wounded and as you know this gives a skill 
       How do I avoid the...
    -Rockets : Simply run around the arena and it will crash on the wall or 
    on the floor...
    -Bombs : This will cause a green thing to come up to you so just jump 
    past it...
    -Silver-Barrels : These are your WORST ENEMIES as he'll make a major 
    fire-fart ...Very dangerous and very tricky to avoid as you have to be 
    lucky and hopefully they'll pass by...Anyway destroy any silver-barrels 
    you see ASAP (as soon as possible)...
    -Oh and the electrical bullets he throws can be avoided by running left 
    then right then left...etc...
       Now to hit him just either :
    -Throw a rocket at him :This is the most easy to do just don't bother 
    aiming with the triangle button just stand in front of him and press 
    -Throw him a bomb : This is more tricky as you have to flame (O) it just 
    when it is aligned with him...
    -Throw him some silver-Barrels : This is the most tricky to do as you 
    have to ram (￾) the barrel at him...
       Well that's about all the strategy for this boss but DON'T FORGET to 
    aim (triangle) and fire (O) a rocket at Ripto...You can do this the 
    first time you have the rockets as not only this awards you a skill 
    point but also gives you an extra life...Anyway don't mind if you lose a 
    life if you're killed as you won't have to do this again 'cause the game 
    will have it in memory so just concentrate on Gulp... 
    °¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤° 3rd World °¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°¤°
    ¦Winter Tundra                                                    (S)¦
    Orbs : 3
       In winter tundra the orbs are very easy to find...
       1.The first one can be obtained right after learning the head-bash 
    move...Search for the bigger/larger rock in the area and head-bash 
       2.The second one is to your left when you use the whirlwind in the 
    courtyard of the castle...You can also glide from the window of the 
    castle if you're courageous but it may be a little more tricky...
       3.The third orb is, again, quite easy to obtain...Use the whirlwind 
    and this time go to the right, you should see a waterfall...Fall in the 
    water and swim underwater...You should find the orb just before another 
    waterfall...You can also see the orb from the canyon speedway(that's how 
    I figured out were it was...Again if you're courageous, you can jump 
    from the window, pass through the opening between the rocks and the 
    castle and fall in the water...Well it is just a challenge...
    ¦Mystic Marsh                                                    (S)¦
    Orbs : 3
       Can you imagine that I forgot to do this level...?Well one level was 
    missing for completing the game at 100% but I was really dumb as I was 
    searching everywhere but the most obvious...The main area of winter 
    tundra...Well roll on with the Orbs...
       1.The first Orb will be given to you if you find the sleeping 
    worker...There is no point in telling you that the worker is at the end 
    of the level...
       2.Your second task would be to catch the four thieves so go talk to 
    the man near a jeep (it's near the worker and you'll have to unlock the 
    power-up to go up there...)...
       Difficulty rating : ****¤ (4/5)
       This Orb is kind of tricky to obtain...Well first get down to where 
    the power-up was (not down down though...) then jump on the trees in 
    front of you and chase the thieve there...Don't forget to jump X But 
    NEVER let go the ￾ other way you'll lose him...
       The second thief is down on the ground and shouldn't be that 
    difficult to obtain but remember no to let go the ￾ and try to flame him 
       The third thief is where the end of the level is (worker) and you can 
    get without too much trouble just by gliding over the water and flaming 
       The last thief is the most difficult (if you don't have a strategy)So 
    go for him but don't follow him and jump on the power up directly from 
    the elevated path were you are...Hopefully you'll come there just with 
    him and once up you can flame him with ease...^_^
       3.This third Orb is the most easy although the difficulty rating says 
    something else...So use the whirlwind(in the tree) but don't go on the 
    other tree and aim the opposite way ...In a tree should be the 
       Difficulty rating : ****¤ (4/5)
       Talk to him and take the egg he throws you...Now go where the end of 
    the level is and jump on the box near a tree...There aim (triangle) and 
    throw the egg in tree...The bird there will throw a grain to you so get 
    it and go near the river to your right...Use it on the pot and the plant 
    will give you a duck...The river in the northern part of the level have 
    ducks so simply throw it near them...Now you have an oignon...Go to 
    where the last thief was and use it in the black thing there...Now you 
    have a coin ...Go see the fountain at the start of the level to make a 
    wish (throw the coin inside)...And bingo, here is your pen for the 
    ¦Cloud Temples                                                   (S)¦
    Orbs : 3
       Ok, so from the start, dodge the star the magician throws to you and 
    flame him...Pass the -before- floating bridges. There be careful, all 
    the statues will be some alive. Flame is my advice...Go and pass another 
    bridge to the left and use the whirlwind there...Glide pass the two 
    large "holes" and kill yet another magician...Now pass the newly opened 
    door and go left...Kill the magician there...
       1.Now I recomand you go left and try to do the Agent Zero challenge.
       Difficulty Rating : ****¤ (4/5)
       The game gives you a MAJOR hint...Hide behind the tree...In fact you 
    have to stay behind Agent Zero, not touch him and hide behind every tree 
    you'll find...Don't forget : Don't show besides or in front of him and 
    don't touch him...
       NOTE : After you climb some stairs he'll stop...Be careful not to 
    touch him then...After that, he'll jump to a tree to the right...Don't 
    go there, instead, go to the tree on the left and hide behind it. He'll 
    then come there so you may circle around so he don't sees you...
       2.Now go back and enter the castle you didn't entered yet. Kill the 
    magician to the left and jump the other side...Flame the three enemies 
    there and go left...You'll have to flame your last magician and exit the 
    game with your second orb...Of course, if you want the last orb, go back 
    to the last castle.
       3.If you go right instead of left, you'll find a guy there with an 
    ice power-up next to him.
       Difficulty Rating : ***** (5/5)
       I hate those 5/5 challenges, they are soooo difficult and almost 
    impossible to accomplish except if lady luck is by your side...This was 
    my case and, with that, managed to get all of them with the first 
    try...I'll explain : First enter the power-up and freeze the trolls in 
    the temple. Climb on him to go up.
       SECTION 2 : In this section aim for the guy jumping at the same place 
    to the left...You've gotta flame it when he's in air and you'll have to 
    glide + Triangle to make it there...Also you have to freeze the troll 
    there and charge the bell...The last troll will go down and 
    jump...Freeze this last one and wait for the other to be in front of 
    him...Now jump on these two and freeze the last one...Charge the bell...
       SECTION 3 : Your task is not over yet, and here comes my lucky 
    part...Entering the power-up and using the whirlwind, I managed to flame 
    the troll in front of me and jump on him in the same time...The game 
    although wants you to flame this jumping troll and then the running on 
    in order to go up and charge the bell...If I were you, I would use the 
    whirlwind over and over until I make it...
       NOTE : I received several E-mails asking how to get the strong boss 
    in this level...It's in this last section, you have to freeze the 
    running troll just when he passes the platform to the left...Now manage 
    to freeze and freeze it all over again until you run out of freeze-
    balls...Now quickly jump on him and flame the rocket there...Normally 
    you can't go up this platform so just flame and you got the missing 
    ¦Robotica Farms                                                  (S)¦
    Orbs : 3
       This is the most annoying level as it is really perturbing...Every 
    part of this level seem the same, and trying to get all the Orbs, is a 
    real NIGHTMARE...Well, I have to do it anyway so I can post the update 
    tomorrow...Lets cope with that...
       All this level is based on some little yellow balls you have to 
    collect in order to get all these Orbs...So if you see one, then an 
    enemy is near...
       From the start, kill the flying enemy and proceed jumping over the 
    barrels...Normally, this shouldn't be too difficult...Charge or Flame 
    the enemy that is pushing the barrels, you choose...
       There is a sheap on your left here, but if you're not hurt, don't 
    flame it as they are some kind of rare in this level (you may see a 
    platform on your right... Remember its position as it will transform 
    into a valuable whirlwind later...)...Instead, proceed forward and jump 
    over some other barrels... Here too you'll have to do something about 
    the enemy... 
       You may encounter some other kind of enemies on the ground... These 
    enemies MUST be head-bashed twice in order to kill them... Proceed 
    always forward and use the metal swing thing to get on the platform...Do 
    this twice, and pass the windmill... Maybe you're now wounded so go at 
    the start of the level to get the sheap you left...
       Talk to the man in front of you for the first Orb...
       Difficulty Rating : ***¤ (4/5)
       1.This first Orb is a piece of cake. Don't worry if the difficulty 
    rating says 4/5, it should 2 or 3 /5 if you know how to do it... You 
    have to chase them around in circle ( clockwise ) and jump from the 
    little protuberances out of the ground... You'll need to glide just 
    behind them and flame them... If you don't do this quick enough and 
    don't get all of them in one or two laps, then they'll come back and 
    you'll have to flame all of them all over again... It's really not that 
    difficult and, if you're lucky enough, you can get the three flyes from 
    the start and immediately after get the last on a little further... 
    Training is, here again, the key...
       2.To your right, you may see another guy throwing barrels... In fact, 
    you can charge the barrels he's throwing to you on him and kill him 
    easily... Anyway, follow the path this way to the end (pass one metal 
    swing) , and get on the metal swing there... Go the other side of the 
    swing and turn over. Now you can see a windmill... Your goal is to jump 
    and glide in order to get in the windmill (not so easy eh ?)... From 
    there, jump on a platform to your right and kill the enemy (easy if you 
    pass from the left...In fact, this enemy looks around but don't see 
    you...Humm, Insomniac must have worked the AI of the 
    enemies...)...Continue the path (get some sheaps if you have to) and up 
    some stairs...Here you'll get an Orb for completing the level 
    (yippee)...BUT if you want the LAST Orb, read bellow...
      3.Now, all the techniques you've learned during your journey through 
    the world of Avalar will come handy... In fact, you have to charge (run) 
    and glide to the platform on your left and talk to the man there...You 
    may also see a whirlwind to the right (Remember ?)...Of course you could 
    use it to go up there, but it ain't the same satisfaction...
      Difficulty Rating : ****¤
      This challenge should have a 5/5 rating... Yep, this is no piece of 
    cake like the other and, what's more, I don't have a strategy to clean 
    the tractor path...Well it seems that you have to practice (again) and 
    you may make it...
      NOTE : You also follow the path without the supercharge only by 
    gliding and, by this way, collect the missing gems more easily...
      NOTE 2 : If I remember right, you also have a crate to supercharge 
    somewhere... Or maybe not... I really can't tell...E-mail me if you 
    remember something...
    ¦Metropolis                                                      (S)¦
    Orbs : 4
       Ok so from the start, go forward.( NOTE : This pig can be killed by 
    gliding and firing or just charge the opposite way he fires...)
       Head-bash the lift to go down...Your second kind of pigs, can be 
    killed by firing...This works fine when there're a bunch of them as on 
    flame will make all of them explode...
       Make your way through some kind of tunnel and to your left, climb 
    some stairs...Glide the stairs to your right and, at the top, should be 
    your challenge...
       Difficulty Rating : ****¤ (4/5)
       1.This first Orb is quite easy to obtain...The first bomb that comes 
    to you, flame it and you got 1 point...You now have to do this 4 more 
    times and OX is off...
       Ok so now go back down and onto the elevator...Head-bash to go down 
    again...Use yet another elevator to go UP.
       2.You're now at the main area, where you'll get all three orbs 
    remaining...Kill the pigs and go left...Kill yet another pig .BE 
    CAREFULL, as behind him is another one...Go left again and search for 
    the elevator...At the top you'll get an orb for just getting at the end 
    of the level...Then  a challenge will be given to you...
       Difficulty Rating : ****¤ (4/5)
       3.This second challenge is easy as the one in magma cone...You 
    remember right...The hint here is to get through the power-up each lap 
    made as there's no time limit...Another advice here, would be not to 
    chase the UFO from behind but instead from the side or better from the 
       Difficulty Rating : ***** (5/5)
       4.This second way is exactly as the previous one so use the same 
    tactic and the 5/5 rating should drop down to 3/5 rating...
    ¦Canyon Speedway                                                 (S)¦
    Orbs : 1
       This Speedway although it is the last one, is the most easy speedway 
    of the game...Follow my strategy and, not only will you take all the 
    gems but you'll also take the skill point...Yep, that's right the first 
    time I've played this speedway, I've completed all the tasks but also 
    exploded the speedway record as I've finished it with 1:05.10 and the 
    limit is 1:10...
       First go for the Rams...When you arrive at the point with some bikes 
    jumping, ignore them and go for the Rams...When you have all the Rams, 
    aim for the rings...These rings will bring you automatically to the 
    road. Here land and maintain the ￾ pressed. You'll find out that not 
    only you go more quickly but you also ram the bikes more easily...Now, 
    after the bikes, you'll arrive in a wide area with some vultures flying 
    in circle. Flame them as quick as possible and bingo...
       1.To get to the Orb, simply follow the steps above. But when you 
    arrive at the vultures go left and try to find hunter in an opening.
       Difficulty Rating : N/A (Hunter doesn't provide a difficulty rating 
    here. Maybe this is because it's so difficult that the game can't handle 
    a 6/5...Well who knows...)
       Yep this is difficult orb to get...One of the most difficult 
    challenge in the game too...Well practice, training, try to remember the 
    positions of the balloons and 'careful with the inversed controls...Good 
    ¦Ripto's arena                                                   (S)¦
    No Orbs
       Ripto is EASY ...Don't be impressed with his magic stick 'cause he 
    won't make too much problems...
       The goal here is to get three Orbs before he do...Be careful because 
    if you get hurt you lose one Orb...You'll also see some sheaps rolling 
    around...Don't forget to flame them down they'll reveal very useful when 
    you run out of energy...
       Ok so when you have three orbs you have an UNLIMITED power-up so keep 
    hamming O and run after Ripto...Do this until the time's up...Hopefully 
    you'll manage to hit him 2 times (three if you're lucky)...With this 
    technique it should be easy to beat him...
       Now Ripto call's up a mechanic Gulp...Don't be afraid 'cause it's 
    exactly the same thing as before so use the same tactic...
       Finally he'll go in the air with a bird...Here is the most 
    easy/enjoying part as you have unlimited super-fire power-up so go for 
    him...Don't stay behind him and keep hamming the O button and then turn 
    over so you don't get hit...
       Now you have beaten the game so enjoy the almost thirty minutes of 
    very nice cinematic sequence...(Or was it Final Fantasy VIII...)...
    -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ End of walkthrough _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-
       No, it's not over yet, you also have one bonus world if you collected 
    55 Orbs and 8000 gems... The :
    |Dragon Shores                                                   (S)|
    No Orbs
       No Orbs to collect here, but tokens... All the following were taken 
    from IGN at : http://guides.ign.com
       Showman Gnigel bosses over the Dragon Shores roller coaster. Earn 
    tokens here by surviving the course and popping all balloons.
       1st Ride : Pop all the balloons (25) to win a token. Jump over 
    creatures on the tracks and other coasters carts.
       2nd Ride : Pop all the balloons (50) to win a token. There are more 
    creatures and the track splits (like in Breeze Harbour level).
       3rd Ride : Pop all the balloons (50) to win a token. This time, your 
    sled is equipped with a cannon to get the red zeppelins. These are 
    tricky. Some need to be shot when you round corners, others you have to 
    jump for. Practice makes perfect.
       Shooting Gallery : 
       Visit Showman Gnelson for another contest of skill.
       1st Round : Shoot 10 ducks in the time allowed to win a token.
       2nd Round : Spyro 2's version of Gopher Whack. Shock Divers pop up in 
    random places. Nail 8 of them in the time allowed to collect your token.
       3rd Round : Peg off 10 lizards to gain a token. These guys are mobile 
    and don't stick around long, so Spyro's gotta be on his toes.
       Tunnel of Love : 
       Visit Showman Norm at the Tunnel of Love. He gives you a token just 
    for riding. This one is mainly just a catalogue of characters you've 
    encountered in various amorous combinations. Ooh la la!
       Dunking booth : 
       Showman Gnick gives you the opportunity to dunk some of the game's 
    biggest, worst baddies. Slurp up the baseball and spit them at the 
    target to start the fun. You can sink three creatures for three tokens 
       Dragon Shores Theatre : 
       Conquering all these events unlocks the Theatre, in which you can 
    watch all the cut-scenes from the game. Check out all the classics. From 
    "I'm a Faun, you Dork!" to "Gulp, Lunch Time!" this cinema's got 'em 
    _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- Real End of walkthrough -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_
       Well ok all the walkthrough is not here but expect some updates VERY 
    FREQUENTLY so come see it often...
       E-mail for any comments, suggestions, criticism and of course HELP...
    |•Skill Points                                                   (S)|
       In the game, you'll have to accomplish various tasks in order to get 
    some Skill Points...One or more Skill Point will unlock the Epilogue 
    section of the game in the guidebook and if you get ALL 16 Skill points, 
    you'll be able to see the monster created but not putted in the game 
    (they have some angel wings...)...Oh, I would recomend you obtain the 
    unlimited super-fireball power-up by finishing the game at 100%...This 
    power-up will prove inreplacable with those bosses as well as in some 
    levels...Ok so here are the locations and some notes as how to get 
     1 : In Colossus, get a perfect score.(5-0) while playing hockey 1 on 1.
    This is the most tough S.P to obtain but still if you take a point, you 
    can reset the game by talking to the man on the land...
     2 : In Idol Springs, glide and land on the big idol next to the hula 
    girl...This one is tough too...We're talking of the area where you took 
    your first orb in this level...With the super charge power up...Well 
    you'll imperatively need to do a X+X+Triangle glide to make it...
     3 : In Fracture Hills, charge through the supercharge lap three times 
    without stopping. Here, I would recommend having the unlimited super-
    fireball...You can, that way, easily get rid of those giants (like with 
    the hunter and the alchemist...^_^ )and open the wooden doors...
     4 : In Skelos Badlands, destroy all the Cacti...This one is easy...NOTE 
    : You don't have to go to the village and save the villagers as there 
    are no Cacti there...
     5 : In Skelos Badlands, kill all the flying CatBats...This one means 
    that you have to kill ALL the enemies in the level...
     6 : In Aquaria Towers, all seaweed...You have to search all the aquaria 
    for all the seaweed...Don't bother going through the orbs challenges as 
    you won't get any by this mean...
     7 : In Hurricos, destroy all the windmills...
     8 : In Scorch, knock coconuts out of all trees...You'll have to replay 
    the hunter challenge and knock 2 or 3 trees there too...
     9 : Defeat Crush without being wounded...This one should be easy if you 
    have the unlimited super-fireball...
     10 : Defeat Gulp without being wounded...Again, the power-up is really 
    helpful here...
     11 : Defeat Ripto without being wounded...Once again you can do this 
    relatively easily with the power-up...From the start run to him 
    firing...Do the same thing with the metal Gulp...
     12 : While fighting Gulp, shoot a rocket at Ripto...Do this as you 
    fight club for the first time, as if you die the game will keep it in 
    his memory...
       Look in the walkthrough for some tips on the Speedways... 
     13 : Beat Ocean Speedway in under 1:10 !
     14 : Beat Canyon Speedway in under 1:10 !
     15 : Beat Metro Speedway in under 1:15 !
     16 : Beat Icy Speedway in under 1:15 !
    ¦•Miscellaneous Tips...                                           (S)¦
       - The most useful tip : If you press L1, L2, R1, R2 at the same time 
    during the game, then Spike the will point on the closest gem on this 
    level...This is particularly interesting when you're missing a gem to 
    finish the level at 400/400...
       -Don't worry if you give all of your Gems (well ok not all but a 
    major part) to Moneybag as he'll give you all the Gems he's taken from 
    you when you finish the game...
       -You may not now that, but for each 10 butterflies Spike eats, Spyro 
    earns a bonus live...This means that you have to hit all of the little 
    animals running around each level even if you're in a good 
    health...Don't mind if you change level meanwhile as they all count for 
    one...This mean that if you eat 9 butterflies in one level, and then eat 
    1 in another, you'll take the life nonetheless...Enjoy...(Personally I'm 
    at 54 lives and I keep eating)...
       -You get to "Dragon Shores" after defeating Ripto. All 10,000 gems 
    and 64 orbs are required to enter the door at that location. A permanent 
    Super Fireball power-up is inside...
       -After completing the game and receiving 100%, pick up the Permanent 
    Fireball ability, finish "Dragon Shores" and exit the game. Then, 
    without turning off the PlayStation, overwrite the character that was 
    just used to complete the game. Restart the game and it should allow you 
    to keep the Fireball ability from the very beggining.
       NOTE : DON'T mail me saying it didn't worked...Please don't do 
    that...In fact I've not tried it myself and think it's quite unlike to 
    work...What you should do, to be sure not to loose your 100% data is 
    either save on another memory card, or save on another block in the 
    Spyro 2 block...If you have any info on how it works ( or not ) ...
       All these codes were found at : http://psx.ign.com/codes/11598.html , 
    I tested every of them and all of them work...
       -Big Head Mode : To make Spyro's head larger, pause the game and 
    press Up 4 times, R1 4 times, and then Circle.
       -Flat Mode : To activate Flat Mode, pause the game and hit Left, 
    Right, Left, Right, L2, R2, L2, R2, and then Square.
       -Get All Abilities : To get every ability in the game, without 
    actually working for them, pause the game and hit Circle 4 times, and 
    then Square once.
       -To change the colour of Spyro, you have to pause the game and then 
    press Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Square, R1, R2, L1, L2, Up, Left, Down, 
    Right, Up, and then one of the following : 
        •Spyro Black  : Press Down.
        •Spyro Blue   : Press X.(My Favourite)
        •Spyro Green  : Press Triangle.
        •Spyro Pink   : Press Square.
        •Spyro Red    : Press Circle.
        •Spyro Yellow : Press Up Twice.
    ¦•Gameshark, Datel and Xplorer codes...                          (D)¦
       These are for you little cheaters who are bored to play the game and 
    want some easy wins and free goodies (I must confess I was one of 
    them...he he he...)
       All this codes where obtained by the official GAMESHARK CODES CREATOR 
    CLUB...Go see them at: www.gameshark.com (maybe there're some new 
       NOTE : You will need a Gameshark or a Pro Action Replay compatible 
    device connected to the back of your Playstation. 
       WARNING : Use these codes at your own risk. We are not liable for 
    anything that happens to your console or game. 
       American Version (NTSC): 
       Unlock all Levels:     50000F02 0000 
                              8006B084 0101 
       Unlimited Lives:       8006712C 0063 
       Unlimited Health:      8006A248 0003 
       Swim & Dive Learned:   80064682 0001 
       Climbing Learned:      80064686 0001 
       Head-bash Learned:     8006468A 0001 
       Fire Breath:           D00683A0 0020 
                              3006A1C9 000F 
       All Gems:              800670CC FFFF 
       All Orbs:              3006702C 00FF 
       European Version (PAL): 
       Unlimited Lives:       8006C614 0005 
       Unlimited Health:      8006DE50 0003 
       Fire Breath:           D0070692 DFFF 
                              8006DDD1 000F 
    ¦•Revision History...                                               ¦
       Version 0.1 23/01/2000 : Started the walkthrough with all the levels 
    listed as well as the intro, the main structure, the contents and 
    disclaimer section ...
       Version 0.2 01/02/2000 : Have all the bosses as well as some 
    levels...Oh also a gameshark section added...I'll try to post it at 
    gamefaqs tomorrow even though there's not much in here... 
       Version 0.3 03/02/2000 :
    -Fixed some minor errors...(Sorry about that, but Samy forgot to post 
    the update WITH the corrections...)
    -Added the Glimmer level...
       Version 0.4 12/02/2000 : Added lots of stuff :
    -Glimmer level added...
    -Idol Springs level added...
    -Skelos Badlands level added...
    -Crystal Glacier level added...
    -Zephyr level added...
    -All the Speedways sorted...
       Version 0.5 17/02/2000 :
    -Added a much wanted Skill Points section...
    -Miscellaneous Tips section added...
    -Scorch level added...
    -Fracture hills level added...
    -Magma Cone level added...
    -Shady Oasis level added...
    -Complete walkthrough for the second world...
       Version 0.6 25/02/2000 : 
     Have you noticed that there're no updates for the first world ?Well 
    that's because Dim is working on it...He won't post it unless he 
    finishes it ALL...I'll try to convince him of giving what we've already 
    done...Well I'll finish the 3rd world and then post the walkthrough...
    -Metropolis level added...
    -Cloud Temples level added...
    -Robotica Farms level added...
    -Dragon Shores level added...
    -Found codes that actually work and posted them under the miscellaneous 
       Version 0.7 20/03/2000 :
      Well here I am after a looong absence due to school problems: I have 
    to send some tests that are quite important and I had to do some of them 
    (Samy knows it very well because he is in the same shit as me, if not 
    -Hurricos level added...
    -Sunny Beach level added...
    -Colossus level added...
       Version 0.8 21/03/2000 :
      Here I am again...
    -Aquaria Towers level added...
    -Power-up section added... 
    ¦•Thanks to...                                                      ¦
       Well I(Samy)'d like to thank Dim for the idea, the support, the help 
    and his friendship...
       And I (Dim) would like to thank Samy for agreeing to make this FAQ 
    (never mind for G.T.2...), for his help and for being a very good 
    -Thanks www.gamefaqs.com for posting this walkthrough and being such a 
    wonderful site...
    -Thanks to idragon < idragon_x9@hotmail.com > for the disclaimer 
    -Thanks www.cheat-elite.com for some info and stuffs gotten there...
    -Thanks www.gamesages.com for some info too...
       Homepages (Samy) : www.multimania.com/sam99/index.html
    ¦•Disclaimer...                                                     ¦
       This walkthrough is intended for private and personal use. This 
    walkthrough CAN be only re-produced or distributed with the approval of 
    the author. This walkthrough CANNOT be use for profitable purposes. 
    Anyone who has violated this agreement will be severely dealt with.
       All copyrights and trademarks that are not specifically mentioned in 
    this walkthrough are acknowledged.
    "Spyro 2" and "Spyro 2 : Ripto's Rage" © 1999 Insomniac Games
    "PlayStation™" is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment 
    "Spyro 2 Walkthrough" © SaDi 2000
    Copyright © SaDi 2000
    All Rights Reserved ®
                                  # The End #

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