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    FAQ/Walkthrough by CHyde

    Version: 2.6 | Updated: 01/20/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Y                   VERSION 2.6 - 20/01/02                 P
    R                                                          Y
    O               AUTHOR : CHRISTOPHER HYDE                  R
    2          E-MAIL : kiffa@hiswitzend.fsnet.co.uk           O
    Hello there and welcome to Christopher Hyde's magical guide to
    Spyro 2!
    The latest version of this walkthrough can always be found at:
    {  A.Table of contents.                                     }
    The table of contents lists the stuff in my walkthrough.
    1.Things you should know.
    A.Table of contents.
    B.Legal stuff.
    D.About me.
    G.Spyro News.
    H.Controlling Spyro.
    I.Special skills.
    J.Spirit particles and powerups.
    K.Powerup index.
    L.Orbs and talismans.
    N.Travelling through levels.
    O.Speedways - a brief introduction.
    P.The guide layout.
    2.The walkthrough.
    A.World 1 - Summer Forest.
     A2.Idol Springs.
     A5.Sunny Beach.
     A6.Aquaria Towers.
     A7.Crush's Dungeon.
     A8.Ocean Speedway.
    B.World 2 - Autumn Plains.
     B1.Skelos Badlands.
     B2.Crystal Glacier.
     B3.Breeze Harbour.
     B6.Fracture Hills.
     B7.Magma Cone.
     B8.Shady Oasis.
     B9.Gulp's Overlook.
     B10.Metro Speedway.
     B11.Icy Speedway.
    C.World 3 - Winter Tundra.
     C1.Mystic Marsh.
     C2.Cloud Temples.
     C3.Robotica Farms.
     C5.Ripto's Arena.
     C6.Canyon Speedway.
    D.Dragon Shores.
    E.Skill Points.
    3.The last few things.
    B.Cheat cartridges.
    C.Walkthrough history.
    E.My other walkthroughs.
    {  B.Legal stuff.                                           }
    Please, I stress this point, do NOT copy any part of this FAQ at
    all. It has taken me several months of doing and a lot of time and
    effort has gone into making this walkthrough what it is.
    If anyone at all finds part of this FAQ copied anywhere else,
    please contact me at my e-mail address and I will get the thieving
    scum into deep trouble.
    Thank you.
    {  C.Introduction.                                          }
    Now I've got all the token stuff out of the way, let's roll!
    Welcome to Christopher Hyde's Spyro 2 : Gateway to Glimmer
    Walkthrough. For this guide, I have been using the European version
    of the game (PAL). I don't know if the US version of the game is
    different, but I seriously doubt it.
    If you have any comments, criticisms or anything at all, just e-
    mail me (kiffa@hiswitzend.fsnet.co.uk).  When e-mailing, just
    follow these rules:
    1.Please put 'Spyro 2 FAQ' as the subject.  I get so many e-mails a
    day that, if you do this, there is a greater chance I will respond.
    2.Any e-mail dissing my FAQ, making any rude comments or trying to
    cause trouble will instantly be deleted. OK?
    3.Please read and re-read the FAQ before e-mailing me questions.
    Chances are, the answer will be in the guide. If it isn't then yes,
    I will help, but if the answer is in the guide, don't expect a
    reply. I have had loads of e-mails over the last few weeks asking
    daft questions with the answers in the guide and I am sick of it.
    4.Erm...thats it.
    {  D.About me.                                               }
    My name is Christopher Hyde and this is my first FAQ EVER (see
    section 3E for details on my others). I decided to write the FAQ
    because Spyro 2 is such a cool game and, even though I find it
    easy, some people get stuck on it (except Fracture Hills - GOD, I
    I enjoy PlayStation games and have lots of PlayStation games. Here
    is a list of my games:
    A Bug's Life				MediEvil 2
    Alundra 2				Metal Gear Solid
    Ape Escape    			Metal Gear Solid VR Missions
    Chicken Run				Micro Machines V3
    Dino Crisis 2				Micro Maniacs
    Driver 					Resident Evil 2
    Driver 2				Spyro 2 (!)
    Final Fantasy VII			Spyro 3 (Year of the Dragon)
    Final Fantasy VIII			Vagrant Story
    Final Fantasy IX  			Vib Ribbon
    Gran Turismo			      World's Scariest Police Chases
    As you can see, I'm into platformers, RPGs and driving games.
    I first got into the Spyro games when a friend of mine got a
    PlayStation for Christmas '98.  She got Spyro and I was instantly
    hooked. While the gameplay may seem a little crude next to it's
    sequel, it was extremely fun to play.  I had it completed in about
    a day and I was thirsting for more.  I then won a PlayStation, in a
    competition in an English newspaper in March of '99, so I borrowed
    Spyro and completed it again.
    In late November of '99, Spyro 2 came out, which I bought. Again, I
    was addicted and had it completed in a week.  In the Easter
    holidays of 2000, I began writing my guide to this awesome game and
    the rest is history.
    Anyway, that is the end of the 'about me' section and now comes the
    beginner's guide to Spyro 2.  This section basically covers the
    essential gameplaying and, if you are on Autumn Plains by now, you
    should know the stuff covered in this section, so you don't really
    need to use this section.  As I said before, it is mainly for the
    beginner Spyro 2 player, but you may want to check out the news
    section (G) and you may want to refer to the guide layout (P) for a
    guide on how to use the walkthrough.
    {  E.Story.                                                  }
    It was the rainy season in the Dragon World. Spyro and his little
    dragonfly pal Sparx were charging through the Artisans land, bored,
    looking for something interesting to do.  They charged about and
    left big muddy marks everywhere. Spyro didn't care. Since his
    defeating of Gnasty Gnorc (a large gnorc who had turned all the
    dragons of Dragon World into stone - all except Spyro.  Spyro had
    had to free all his dragon buddies and then torch Gnasty Gnorc)
    several years ago, he didn't really get into trouble. Spyro was now
    a dragon deep into puberty. Several female dragons had a crush on
    him and he had dated several of them.
    Spyro stopped on a hill and sighed. The only mildly interesting
    thing that had happened that day was Bruno, an enormous dragon,
    falling face first into a large mile of mud.
    Spyro looked around him at the lands he could go to ; Stone Hill,
    Town Square... Suddenly, another portal gleamed at him.  Dragon
    Shores! The wildest, craziest and most popular theme park around.
    Spyro grinned. He hadn't been there since the party after torching
    Gnasty Gnorc.
    "Come on Sparx, let's go to Dragon Shores!" Spyro called to his
    small buddy. Sparx immediately perked up and the duo went through
    the portal...
    "Is it finished yet, Professor?" Elora the faun impatiently asked
    the Professor.
    "Almost - just a few more adjustments" came the reply.
    Elora, the Professor and Hunter were a trio of Avalari. Their
    country was in deep trouble. An evil wizard named Ripto had taken
    over their land and was causing no end of chaos. There was nothing
    for it - they HAD to get some help.
    Hunter was a cheetah with the IQ of a beetle on a bad day. The
    Professor was a small mole with the IQ of Stephen Hawking and
    Albert Einstein combined. Unfortunately, this made him very
    forgetful. Elora was a faun with attitude. She had a high IQ for a
    faun and was very impatient. However, underneath her surly
    attitude, she has a heart of gold.
    "Its working! ITS WORKING!" the Professor cried suddenly,with the
    gleeful voice of someone whose inventions rarely worked.
    It had been Elora's idea to send for a dragon. Ripto, a small
    reptilian wizard and his dastardly companions (Crush, a dumb but
    aggressive lizard and Gulp, a triceratops who Ripto used as a steed
    - which also gives the impression of Ripto looking much taller) had
    been terrorising the land of Avalar for weeks. Elora, Hunter and
    the Professor had all set to work creating a super-portal to get a
    dragon. The super-portal had worked and a dragon was on it's way.
    Elora crossed her fingers and prayed. Hunter cried "Quick! He's
    coming!". Sure enough, Ripto and his companions were heading
    towards them.
    Suddenly a blinding flash of light erupted from the super-portal. A
    dragon popped out. Guess who it was...
    For a full explanation of the circumstances leading to Spyro ending
    up in Avalar, watch the introduction sequence.
    {  F.Characters.                                             }
    Species - Dragon.
    Sex - M.
    Life's a riot being a dragon, especially a famous one like Spyro.
    He has become quite a celebrity since he defeated Gnasty Gnorc and
    freed his dragon brethren from their crystal prisons. Confident and
    cocky, he often finds that the older dragons don't appreciate his
    irreverence though they can't fail to admire his bravery.
    Though they probably don't realise it yet, the people of Avalar are
    lucky to have a dragon as enthusiastic and good-natured as Spyro to
    help them.
    Species - Dragonfly.
    Sex - M.
    Spyro's best friend is a dragonfly called Sparx. He's a busy little
    fella and loves to help Spyro collect treasure - after all, if he
    stays near Spyro he's more likely to get fed (Sparx just loves
    This might explain why, when Spyro's in danger, Sparx also defends
    him against attack. He can take up to 3 hits. After that he darts
    for cover. You can see how he's feeling by his colour.
    Gold - Full health (3 hits left)
    Blue - Medium health (2 hits left)
    Green - Low health (Only 1 hit left)
    If Spyro is atacked after Sparx has flown off, he'll lose a life.
    If Sparx is low on health, or gone, just flame some small creatures
    that release butterflies and he'll be back. When he eats a
    butterfly he gets one point of health until he's back to full
    health. Every now and again, Sparx will find a special butterfly (1
    in 10) that restores him to full strength and gives Spyro an extra
    life. Keep a look out for creatures that might release butterflies
    and always try to make sure he's well-fed.
    ELORA -
    Species - Faun.
    Sex - F.is the unofficial leader of the Avalari. This faun is the
    most level-headed of all the creatures that befriend Spyro and will
    always be willing to help out with good suggestions. Elora also
    keeps an eye on Ripto's whereabouts and can help Spyro find the
    baddie's hiding places.
    ZOE -
    Species - Fairy.
    Sex - F.
    Zoe is a fairy friend of Elora'a and the two love nothing better
    than catching up on the gossip - who's dating who, which satyr's
    been turned to stone this week, that kind of thing. Elora has asked
    Zoe to look after Spyro and act as a checkpoint for him. If he gets
    hurt, she'll bring him back to where she saw him last to save him
    starting all over again.
    HUNTER -
    Species - Cheetah.
    Sex - M.
    Hunter the cheetah is not the bravest of animals, but then again he
    doesn't need to be as he's the fastest thing on two legs. A natural
    athlete, he loves to race and appreciates healthy competition,
    which is why he encourages Spyro to join in with some of his
    challenges. Of course, Hunter knows he'd outrun anyone if only he
    hadn't gone and lost his running shoes.
    Species - Mole.
    Sex - M.
    The Professor is a mole that thinks on a different level to
    everyone else. It's as if he's playing chess on a thousand boards
    and winning on every game. Unfortunately, this means he often
    appears distracted and absent-minded. After Elora suggested asking
    a dragon for help in fighting Ripto, the Professor built a portal
    to bring one of them through to Avalar. Though Spyro isn't quite
    what he'd expected, the Professor is impressed by his enthusiasm
    and has every confidence in him. If nothing else, the young dragon
    will be able to help him find his missing pencil.
    Species - Bear.
    Sex - M.
    Moneybags is obsessed with material wealth. He looks for any
    oppurtunity to fleece Spyro of his well-earned treasure and, unlike
    everyone else in Avalar, refuses to help him without some kind of
    financial incentive. He's not mean or unkind so much as self-
    obsessed and only out for himself. Even he is frightened of Ripto,
    though, and is trying to get enough treasure together to be able to
    buy a ticket out of Avalar as soon as he can.
    RIPTO -
    Species - Lizard.
    Sex - M.
    Toad-like in more ways than one,Ripto is a classic example of the
    'Napoleon complex' - a little guy who feels he must take on the
    world. He is always frustrated, short-tempered and spiteful, ever
    since since he was picked on at school as a child. He became so
    used to not joining in wih games that he now only wnats to ruin
    everybody else's fun. Having stolen a magic sceptre, Ripto is using
    his new-found power to pick on everyone and generally spoil the
    peace and quiet of Avalar. But now that he knows there's a dragon
    here, he'll pull out all the stops to make everyone's lives
    miserable - Ripto HATES dragons.
    CRUSH -
    Species - Lizard.
    Sex - M.
    Crush has the IQ of a slug. He likes to smash things with his club.
    He likes to pound the ground with his club. He likes to beat
    himself with his club. Basically, he likes his club. He can often
    be found staring into space while his mind goes blank. He dislikes
    Spyro because he keeps taking all the 'shiny objects' that Crush
    likes to smash...with his club.
    GULP -
    Species - Triceratops.
    Sex - M.
    Gulp is only slightly smarter than Crush. Often to be found giving
    Ripto a ride (and thereby making his master seem tall), his only
    real interests are eating, thinking about what to eat and finding
    things that he can eat. When he dreams, Gulp imagines he's a
    dancer...who can cook.
    {  G.Spyro News.                                             }
    This section will get updated every time I get new information
    relating to Spyro.
    Spyro 3 is definitely coming out! It will be subtitled, similar to
    Spyro 2's subtitle being 'Gateway to Glimmer/Ripto's Rage' and it's
    full name will be Spyro : Year of the Dragon.
    The story goes that Spyro and Sparx return from their trip to
    Avalar and they have a party, along with all their other dragon
    friends. During the party, an evil sorceress (no name yet) steals
    all the dragon eggs (remember them? Those things you had to get off
    the thieves on the original Spyro?), leaving the dragons without a
    new generation. Obviously, Spyro and Sparx set off to retrieve
    In this game, Spyro will be able to use vehicles to aid him, such
    as tanks, subs and speed boats. Mini-games, similar to the ones in
    Spyro 2, will be playable and feature activities like boxing,
    skateboarding and first person shooting (like Goldeneye on the
    Also, you won't just be able to play as Spyro. In a similar vein to
    Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast, you will meet several characters
    who you can play the game as. At the moment, three other playable
    characters have been announced, which means the game will have at
    least 4 different endings!
    The other playable characters have been identified as a kangaroo, a
    monkey and a caveman.
    There will be at least 30 levels.
    Spyro 2 may be going into the Platinum range before Christmas!
    Just imagine - this amazing game for a bargain price!
    More news on Spyro 3 -
    It now seems that the other four playable characters will be a
    monkey, a kangaroo, a yeti and a penguin. Each will have their own
    abilities and their own worlds to explore.
    As well as there being end-of-world bosses, as in the first two
    games, there will be 'mini-bosses', similar to Sonic 3 and Sonic
    and Knuckles on the MegaDrive/Genesis.
    The speedways will definitely be returning (either jump for joy or
    groan). They will be renamed Speed Rounds and Spyro will be able to
    use rockets, flame powerups, extra lives (so that you don't have to
    start all over again if you die, maybe?) and a mode where you race
    against the other characters. Does this mean Spyro 3 will be multi-
    player as well?
    More news on Spyro 3...
    The biggest piece of news this update is that this will be Spyro's
    last adventure! This, however, is a good year to end the Spyro
    chronicles as this year is the Chinese year of the dragon (similar
    to the Western world using 1974, 2000, 2050 etc to number years,
    the Chinese name each year after an animal. I was born in one of
    the years of the tiger, for instance).
    You all now about the story being that a sorceress captures the
    dragon eggs, but more details have now been released about the
    story. The sorceress is very small and, when she conjures a portal
    to the dragon's world, Spyro is the only one left small enough to
    fit in(I have some suspicions about this sorceress - I think she is
    related to Ripto in some way). The sorceress' realm is called the
    Forgotten World and is inhabited by rhinoceros-esque enemies called
    the Rhynocs. Once in her realm, Spyro meets four other people who
    want a piece of her. As Spyro progresses through her realm, these
    characters come into play and are used to explore areas Spyro can't
    reach. At least 30% of the game is played through these other
    The other characters have now been confirmed. They are Sheila the
    kangaroo, Sergeant Byrd the penguin, Bentley the yeti and Agent 9,
    a space monkey. Well, he's not actually from space. The Professor
    from the current game has raised him in his lab.
    Sheila has many different types of jumps. She can do many different
    types of double-jump to do various things, such as clearing wide
    gaps and hop up cliffs. Sergeant Byrd can fly, having been raised
    by hummingbirds. He can also pick enemies off using his rocket-
    launcher. He can pick things up with his flippers, which means some
    puzzles will be made taking advantage of the fact he can carry
    stuff. Bentley is the slowest, but his great strength and enormous
    club can be used to break stuff down, such as boulders and extra
    strong treasure chests. He can also use his club in a spin attack
    which deflects enemy fire. Finally, there's Agent 9. He wears a
    helmet and has a pistol to shoot with. This pistol is used in a
    sniper mode, which lets you zoom in on targets and pick them off.
    More details on the mini-games have now also been released.
    Definire games in Spyro 3 are a skateboarding sim, more thief
    chases, games similar to the Speedway Rounds and a submarine game.
    A vertical shooter starring Sparx is also rumoured to be featured.
    The levels have also had a lot of thought put into them. Effects
    such as lightning, sparks and smoke make Spyro's journey seem ever-
    more realistic. Also, on an ice themed level, Spyro's steamy breath
    can be seen. Another interesting idea for each level is that the
    enemies dress up in costumes matching the theme. The previously
    mentioned ice level features lederhosen clad Rhynocs terrorising
    sheep. These sheep, when talked to, speak in Swiss accents.
    Two pieces of news this time.
    The first concerns the current Spyro game (Spyro 2). It is
    definitely going into the Platinum range before the end of
    The second piece of news is big. Very big.
    Spyro 4 will be coming out.
    Now before you say to yourself, "Hang on, he said earlier that
    Spyro 3 will be the last game". Well, in answer to that, yes it
    will and no it won't. It won't because Spyro 4 is coming out, but
    it will be the last Spyro game that Insomniac will be developing.
    This is because Universal Studios have the rights to decide who
    develops the games. They have given the rights to Hasbro
    Interactive (developers of Starcraft, Diablo and my all-time
    favourite PC game, RollerCoaster Tycoon), who have three years to
    develop another Spyro game.
    Spyro 4 will not just be released on the PlayStation 2, but also
    Nintendo's new GameBoy Advance, the PC and Microsoft's X-Box. Work
    on the game began in April and the game will not be released until
    Spring 2002 at the earliest.
    If Universal have decided that Spyro is such a good franchise that
    a big developer like Hasbro should do the fourth, then Spyro
    merchandise may be realeased. Think about Pokemon merchandise...
    Spyro might have cuddly toys, action figures (like the Crash
    Bandicoot action figures), calendars...heck, maybe even a TV show!
    It is not impossible that Spyro 4 may depart from the style of the
    first three or that the various versions will have to be different
    (perhaps Spyro 4 will be a side-scrolling platformer, like Sonic,
    on the GameBoy Advance, because it is obviously not as powerful as
    PlayStation 2).
    Spyro:YOTD has been released in the USA! It will be released here
    in the UK on November 8th, according to one website. However, as
    this date is a Wednesday, and all games as far as I can remember
    have been released on a Friday, I doubt this.
    The front cover of the box features the extremely nice logo, along
    with Spyro and the rest of the new characters running towards you.
    The sorceress (still no name) is stealing the dragon eggs to summon
    a giant planet-eating creature. There will be around 100 dragon
    eggs to collect. Collecting is neccessary, not only to defeat the
    sorceress, but also to open gates and doors along the way. Hunter,
    the Professor and that old rogue Moneybags all appear in the game,
    so Moneybags will doubtlessly be swindling Spyro of all his hard-
    earned eggs (although gems are appearing again, so perhaps
    Moneybags has realised that dragon eggs are more valuable than
    Inside each egg is a dragon. Each dragon has it's own name,
    features and personality. Clearly, Insomniac are taking a leaf out
    of Nintendo's book and using Pokemon-style statistics.
    There will be nearly 40 levels to complete.
    Skill Points make a return. This time, instead of a small noise, an
    on-screen confirmation appears. As well, the superflame makes a
    welcome comeback.
    The homeworlds all have rather interesting names. Spyro 2's
    homeworlds were linked by being named after the seasons. Well,
    these homeworlds are linked through time. In order of appearance,
    the homeworlds are:
    Sunrise Spring.
    Midday Gardens.
    Evening Lake.
    Midnight Mountain.
    During the skatepark minigame, points normally appear on-screen
    telling you how many points you have obtained when pulling off a
    special move. For some of the moves, they are named after bosses
    from the previous games. Ripto, Crush, Gulp, Big Gulp, Orange
    Crush, Gnasty Gnorc and Doctor Shemp are all bonuses.
    14/11/00 -
    Managed to tear myself off Spyro 3. I bought the game on the day it
    came out and it is FANTASTIC. If you love Spyro 2, you'll love
    Needless to say, within the next couple of months, work will begin
    on a Spyro 3 guide in a similar vein to this one. Info regarding
    this can be found every time I update the guide.
    Wow! Haven't put anything in this section for a while, because
    there hasn't been any new Spyro news. However, that will all change
    Spyro 4 has been announced. It will be called 'Spyro: Season Of
    Ice' and will only be available on the GameBoy Advance. No news on
    any versions for any other formats yet...
    The game looks fantastic. It looks like a much nicer looking Sonic
    3D. The graphics are sharp and colourful (screenshots can be found
    at http://www.lby3.com/spyro/spyro4/index.html
    The storyline is a little bizarre. It goes like this;
    "After the defeat of the Sorceress, Spyro and his friends look
    forward to a well-earned, uninterrupted vacation at Dragon Shores.
    "Meanwhile, a lowly Ryhnoc spell librarian see his chance for that
    career change he's always wanted. Finding a transforming spell in
    the Sorceress' vast magic library, he quickly recites it to turn
    his meager frame into a tower mass of strength and brains.
    Unfortunately the book was upside down. Now Grendoc has two heads,
    and a migraine in both of his thick skulls.
    "The cure listed calls for the wings of a hundred fairies. He
    captures Zoe and freezes fairies throughout the Fairylands, sending
    his Ryhnoc buddies out to collect the frozen fairies. Using her
    last bit of magic, Zoe sends a magic balloon to Spyro for help.
    "Along with Hunter and Sparx, Spyro sets out on a brand new
    adventure to save Zoe and the Fairies of the Dragon Realms!"
    Features include 30 new levels, speedway rounds (which should look
    interesting in this game), Sparx levels, Spyro abilities (flaming,
    gliding, spitting objects etc) and the return of classic Spyro
    The game is scheduled for release in November this year.
    As always, more news when I update the walkthrough.
    {  H.Controlling Spyro.                                     }
    D-pad or left analogue stick -
    Makes Spyro move. When using the left stick, you can make Spyro run
    or walk depending on how far you move the stick.
    When you are gliding, you can turn Spyro with these controls.
    There is a move you can do whilst gliding that is not written in
    the manual! While gliding, press down on the D-pad or down on the
    stick. Spyro's wings will unfold and he uses them to float gently
    down to earth.
    X button -
    This lets Spyro jump. Use the D-pad or the stick to choose the
    direction of the jump.
    If you hold down the X button, Spyro jumps a little higher.
    To glide, press the X button to jump, then press it again. Spyro
    will now begin gliding. Use the D-pad or the left stick to change
    the direction of Spyro's glide.
    [] button -
    This makes Spyro charge. Hold it to carry on charging. Use the D-
    pad or the left stick to change direction.
    T button -                                     (Triangle button)
    Press + hold this while Spyro is standing still to enter first
    person perspective. When Spyro has something in his mouth, press +
    hold this and a target also comes up, giving better aim. Use the D-
    pad or left stick to look around.
    Press this button while Spyro is gliding and he performs a little
    hover. This gives you a bit more height and is essential for
    getting over gaps in the last few levels.
    O button -
    Makes Spyro flame. If he has something in his mouth, he'll spit it
    out. Use the T button target to make aiming easier and then press O
    to fire. Spyro always flames in the direction his head is pointing.
    START button -
    Brings up Spyro's guidebook and other options. From the guidebook,
    you can ckeck how well you are doing throughout the game. The other
    options let you do stuff like saving, messing about with various
    features in the Options menu and quit.
    Shoulder buttons -
    Also known as the camera buttons. Press + hold L1 or L2 to rotate
    the camera left. Press + hold R1 or R2 to rotate the camera right.
    Press L1 and R1 together to centre the camera behind Spyro (also
    works with L2 and R2).
    Missing those last few gems and can't find them? Press + hold all
    four shoulder buttons and Sparx will point towards the gems.
    {  I.Special skills.                                        }
    As Spyro proceeds though Avalar, he will need several skills to get
    certain orbs and gems. These can be bought off Moneybags, but
    beware, they don't come cheaply.
    Swimming -
    Bought for 500 gems in Summer Forest.
    In shallow patches of water, Spyro is happy to paddle about.
    However, once he has learnt to swim, he can explore underwater and
    uncover hidden passages. Press the [] button to dive, then use the
    X button to swim and the D-pad/left stick to manoeuvre underwater.
    Press the [] button to charge at enemies. To resurface, swim
    towards the surface and Spyro will get out.
    Climbing -
    Bought for 500 gems in Autumn Plains.
    Jump onto the ladder you wish to climb and Spyro will grab hold of
    it. Use the D-pad/left stick to move about. Press the X button and
    left or right to hop onto another ladder. Press X to jump off.
    Headbash -
    Bought for 1,000 gems in Winter Tundra.
    Press the X button to jump, then press T. Spyro slams down with his
    {  J.Spirit particles and powerups.                         }
    As each enemy is defeated, it releases a spirit particle. These
    particles are collected by a pair of pyramid-shaped posts located
    somewhere in the level. Between the posts is a number. This is how
    many spirit particles Spyro needs before the powerup is activated.
    Once it is activated a small icon will be floating in place of the
    number. Run through the posts to get the powerup.
    Beware - powerups only last for a certain time. A bar appears,
    showing how long you have left until that power runs out. To get it
    back, run through the posts again.
    {  K.Powerup index.                                         }
    I will list the powerup, the level(s) it appears in and the effect.
    1.Fly - Glimmer, Crystal Glacier, Magma Cone - Lets Spyro fly until
    the timer runs out.
    2.Spring jump - Colossus, Breeze Harbour, Mystic Marsh - Spyro
    jumps high into the air.
    3.Supercharge - Idol Springs, Hurricos, Fracture Hills, Robotica
    Farms, Ripto's Arena - Spyro charges maniacally until you hit
    something or release the [] button.
    4.Superflame - Sunny Beach, Aquaria Towers, Zephyr, Scorch, Ripto's
    Arena - Spyro releases a small comet everytime he flames. Also
    given as an end-of-game treat.
    5.Lava trot - Skelos Badlands, Shady Oasis - Spyro can walk on lava
    without getting injured.
    6.Icy breath - Cloud Temples - Spyro breathes ice instead of fire.
    7.Energy breath - Ripto's Arena - Spyro unleashes a green sphere of
    energy from his mouth.
    8.Superflame + Fly - Metropolis, Ripto's Arena - Avalar's first
    double powerup. This lets you fly and superflame at the same time.
    {  L.Orbs and talismans.                                    }
    Talismans are given to Spyro by the people of Avalar as a reward
    for helping them. These are used to unlock Ripto's hiding places,
    so you need to colloect them all.
    Orbs have a special meaning to the Avalari, as they are a unique
    source of power. It's rumoured that, should anyone collect every
    orb in Avalar, they would surely be the most powerful being ever!
    The Professor has managed to harness the power of orbs so that
    Spyro can use them to open portals and doors throughout Avalar.
    Using this walkthrough, you should be able to get all the orbs with
    the minimum of fuss.
    {  M.Gems.                                                  }
    Gems are pieces of treasure that the Avalari keep in their lands.
    Spyro can collect them and give them to Moneybags in exchange for
    something good.
    Gems come in several different colours, each one being a different
    This short guide to gems lists the colour and then the
    Red - 1.
    Green - 2.
    Blue - 5.
    Yellow - 10.
    Purple - 25.
    Gems are either lying around or sealed in caskets. Spyro can open
    these caskets in the following ways.
    Baskets - Your typical container. Can be flamed or charged to be
    Jar - The second most common container. Must be charged to be
    Sealed chest - These have no ordinary way of being opened. They
    must be superflamed, supercharged or have a rocket hit them to
    Headbash chest - These have a red and white target on top. You must
    use the headbash to open them.
    Firework jar - These are dangerous. Flame them to ignite the TNT,
    then get away quickly to avoid it's flames. It'll soar into the
    air, then, on landing, smash open.
    Mystery jar - This is yellow with green stripes and has question
    marks around the side. It can be flamed or charged at to be opened.
    Once flamed or charged, it disappears and then reappears elsewhere
    in the level. You then have to track it down and repeat the flaming
    or charging. It then disappears and reappears...and so on, in a mad
    game of follow-the-leader. Eventually, the jar breaks and it
    releases it's cargo.
    {  N.Travelling through levels.                             }
    In each home world, there are portals. Enter these and you are
    taken to another land, with tasks to complete in each.
    A level is deemed completed when Spyro has:
    1.Helped the inhabitants resolve the problems caused by Ripto.
    2.Defeated all the enemies.
    3.Found the portal that leads back to the homeworld.
    4.Collected all the gems you can currently get at (you may need to
    re-enter some levels with a special skill you didn't have before,
    which you need to do things).
    If Spyro achieves these goals, he may get the following:
    1.Gain an orb.
    2.Collect spirit particles.
    3.Receive a talisman or orb from the portal keeper.
    Once the talismans have been collected in each world, you will be
    taken to face the boss. After defeating the boss, you will be taken
    to the next homeworld. You can get between homeworlds via portals.
    {  O.Speedways - a brief introduction.                      }
    There is 1 speedway in Summer Forest and in Winter Tundra and there
    are two in Autumn Plains.
    The speedways used to be really popular with the people of Avalar,
    until it became clear that Hunter would win every single round, so
    they were closed. But now Spyro is on the scene, the speedways have
    been reopened. Once you are in a speedway, you have to achieve a
    number of tasks within a time limit. Objects, such as bungee
    jumpers and rams, have to be flamed to be destroyed. Vehicles, such
    as motorbikes and cars, have to be destroyed by landing on the
    track they are driving around and supercharging into them. Arches
    and hoops have to be destroyed by flying through them. You will get
    extra time for everything you destroy. If you complete all the
    tasks given, you get awarded gems.
    Once a speedway is complete, you can re-enter it and enter time
    trial mode. See if you can beat the time you previously set!
    Also, you can get the orb. There is one orb in each speedway and
    they are sometimes referred to as the 'secret orbs'.
    {  P.The guide layout.                                      }
    The guide is set out in the following way. I have used Colossus as
    an example.
    1.Section A3 - Colossus
    2.Gems - 400       3.Orbs - 3         4.Talisman - Golden Statue
    5.Species - Monks
    6.Names - Harry, Arnie, Clive, Curtis, Ned, Kipp, the Professor
    7.Butterfly Animals - Penguins       8.Total No. Of Enemies - 13
    9.Do I need to come back - No
    10.Enemies - Charger, Bouncin' Yak, Evil Spirit, Goalie, Hockey
    11.A peaceful monastery set in some mountains is now the home of a
    fearsome yeti!
    12.Orb 1 - Hockey vs. Goalie - ***^^ -
    1.The section number and the name of the level.
    2.Amount of gems available.
    3.Amount of orbs available.
    4.Name of talisman.
    5.The inhabitants of this level.
    6.Their names. I also include other characters that appear in the
    level eg Hunter, Moneybags etc.
    7.The animal you have to flame to get a butterfly.
    8.The total amount of enemies.
    9.Do you need to come back with, say, a special skill which is
    needed to complete 100% of that level? This bit tells you if you do
    or don't.
    10.The enemies' names. I have invented most of them. It is fairly
    easy to work out which one I am talking about, though.
    11.I write a short piece of commentary about that level here.
    12.The orbs are listed here. This tells you what definition is
    given in the Guidebook, the difficulty rating (In this case, the
    difficulty rating is 3/5, so **^^^ would be 2/5 and ****^ would be
    4/5 etc) and a guide on how to get the orb.
    I haven't listed the gem locations as it would take HOURS and I
    only want to give a basic guide, not give you a full, piece-by-
    piece walkthrough to every level.
    Anyway, that's the first section done. Many of you have probably
    skipped straight to this section, but I recommend you read the
    guide layout above.
    Now, we come to the bit you clicked on the link for.
    That's right...it's time for the walkthrough!
    {  A.Summer Forest                                          }
    Gems - 400       Orbs - 4         Talisman - N/A
    Species - N/A
    Names - Elora, Hunter, Moneybags,
    Butterfly Animals - Frogs + Sheep     Total No. Of Enemies - N/A
    Do I need to come back - Yes, with the climbing ability.
    Enemies - N/A
    A castle situated in a beautiful natural environment is the first
    Orb 1 - Hunter's challenge - N/A - Once you've located Hunter,
    speak to him. Listen to his advice, then follow him, performing the
    tasks. This is excellent as a training course for the later levels
    and you even get an orb for it!!!
    Orb 2 - On a secret ledge - N/A - Once you've got the swimming
    ability from Moneybags, return to the first courtyard, where the
    entrance to Glimmer is. Dive into the pool and follow the tunnel
    along. Surface at the far end and climb the steps to get the orb.
    Orb 3 - Atop a ledge - N/A - Use the climbing ability to climb the
    ladder in the area with Hurricos and Sunny Beach. The orb is on the
    ledge running around the perimeter.
    Orb 4 - Behind the door - N/A - Hmm, quite tricky to get. This had
    me stumped for a bit and then I realised how to get it! Go to the
    room with Ocean Speedway. Press the button there and you will
    notice it opens and closes the door. Leave the door nearest to you
    closed, then jump onto the window ledge. Turn left and glide to the
    window ledge on the left. Drop off it into the corridor beyond and
    the orb is in the room, waiting for you.
    Section A1 - Glimmer
    Gems - 400       Orbs - 3       Talisman - Magic Pick
    Species - Gemcutters (some sort of kangaroo/mouse hybrid)
    Names - Pogo, Whiskers, Twitchy, Kanga, Bounsa, Roo, Moneybags
    Butterfly Animals - Ladybirds       Total No. Of Enemies - 14
    Do I need to come back - Yes, with the climbing ability
    Enemies - Clubbasaurus, Timidasaur, Little Lizard
    The first level of the game is set in the Gemcutter's gem mine
    Orb 1 - Lizard Hunt - *^^^^ - Speak to Bounsa, who is in the cave
    in the last outside area. He sets you an orb task - kill all the
    little lizards using boulders to spit at them. This is a very
    simple task and introduces the amateur Spyro 2 player to the
    concept of spitting things at your enemies. The last couple of
    lizards are the only two who should prove to be a bit of a
    challenge. These two move about, so aim at one place, wait for them
    to step into you line of fire and hit the O button!
    Orb 2 - Gem Lamp Flight outdoors - *^^^^ - You need 10 s.p. to do
    this task - Speak to the Gemcutter who is standing near the
    powerup. Use the powerup to glide around the area and flame the
    lamps at your leisure. The only snag with this is that you have to
    hit them all in one go, as they extinguish themselves.
    Orb 3 - Gem Lamp Flight in cave - **^^^ - You need 10 s.p. to do
    this task - Almost exactly the same as before - the only real
    difference is the setting. Just use a similar strategy to before
    and you will be fine.
    Section A2 - Idol Springs
    Gems - 400       Orbs - 2       Talisman - Jade Idol
    Species - Idol Tribe
    Names - Foreman Bob, Hulagirl Stella, Foreman Bud, Foreman Max
    Butterfly Animals - Beetles       Total No. Of Enemies - 11
    Do I need to come back - Yes, with the swimming ability
    Enemies - Huge Idol, Medium Idols, Little Idols, Big Purple Idol
    The idols that the Idol Tribe worship have come alive and turned
    against them!
    Orb 1 - Foreman Bud's puzzles - Swim into the lake at the beginning
    and follow the passage. It brings you out in a room with Foreman
    Bud. He sets you a series of puzzles which you need to complete in
    order to get the orb.
    Puzzle 1 - ***^^ - Although it looks fiendish, can be solved in
    four easy steps. Step on each corner tile, beginning with the
    lower-left one and continuing clockwise around. This lights them
    all up. Bingo!
    Puzzle 2 - ***^^ - Next, Bud asks you to feed the enormous idol
    opposite the first door. He only likes 2 colours, but I can't tell
    you which two as they change with each game. Use trial-and-error
    and, once you know which he likes, feed him 10 of those colours.
    Puzzle 3 - ***^^ - The final puzzle involves having to lower a
    group of tiles in the right order. Again, this seems to differ
    every time, so use trial-and-error. Congratulations! The orb is
    yours(and you've certainly earned it!)
    Orb 2 - Hula Girl rescue - ***^^ - You need 8 s.p. to do this task
    - Speak to Hulagirl Stella by jumping over the platforms to the
    left of the exit. She asks you to free the hulagirls that the Big
    Purple Idol has imprisoned.  Use the supercharge powerup to destroy
    the pedestals. Try and keep to the marked path and you should do
    it. Again, this is one of those tasks which sounds easy, but is
    difficult to pull off.
    Section A3 - Colossus
    Gems - 400       Orbs - 3         Talisman - Golden Statue
    Species - Monks
    Names - Harry, Arnie, Clive, Curtis, Ned, Kipp, the Professor
    Butterfly Animals - Penguins       Total No. Of Enemies - 13
    Do I need to come back - No
    Enemies - Chargers, Bouncin' Yaks, Evil Spirits, Goalie, Hockey
    A peaceful monastery set in some mountains is now the home of a
    fearsome yeti!
    Orb 1 - Hockey vs. Goalie - ***^^ - This a task which appears
    difficult but there is one strategy which makes it easy. When you
    start each round, the goalie will smack the puck away from the red
    goal. Retrieve it by following it and swallowing it (slide over it
    to swallow it). Then head for the goal. Head towards one side. This
    makes the goalie get in your way and stop you from getting it in
    that side. Then, at the last moment, turn for the other side and
    spit it in there. Repeat another four times and you get the orb.
    Orb 2 - Hockey one on one - ***^^ - A bit harder. Repeat the
    tactics above for another easy win. If the red player gets the
    puck, flame him. Be careful when attempting to score a goal as the
    red player becomes a defender. You need to get past him as well.
    Orb 3 - Evil spirit search - ***^^ - You need 11 s.p. to do this
    task - Speak to the Professor to begin this task. You need to find
    10 statues, which have been taken over by spirits, and flame them.
    Just retrace your steps from the beginning of the level and flame
    every statue you see. The only one you may have difficulty in
    finding is the one above the yeti. Use the spring jump to get on
    top of the yeti's chamber and flame that statue!
    Section A4 - Hurricos
    Gems - 400       Orbs - 3       Talisman - Gear of Power
    Species - Electrolls
    Names - Zapp, Amper, Kosmos, Watt, Spike, Brainy
    Butterfly Animals - Rats       Total No. Of Enemies - 22
    Do I need to come back - No
    Enemies - Gear Grinders, Thieves, Alarmbots
    Home to the Electrolls, Hurricos is being overrun by the Gear
    Orb 1 - Stone thief chase - ****^ - Wander around the area with the
    generators and place the stones into the sockets by swallowing
    them, then firing them. Carry on doing this until you hear an
    alarm. This means that a thief has been spotted. Charge back to the
    area you have done and flame the thief. Replace the lightning stone
    it will have stolen and repeat this until all 10 have been caught.
    Orb 2 - Factory Glide I - ***^^ - You need 18 s.p. to do this task
    - Use the activated supercharge to charge into the windmills
    leaning against the walls of the area. Charge or flame the buttons
    they are hiding. These slow the large windmills down. Repeat this
    in the area beyond the electrical beams and climb the steps behind
    one of them. Speak to Kosmos and then jump across the windmill
    blades and from there to the factory. Jump across the black beams
    protruding from the factory and speak to Watt to get the orb.
    Orb 3 - Factory Glide II - ***** - From getting orb 2, perform a
    glide+hover to the next windmill. From here, glide+hover to the
    other windmill, then glide+hover again to the top of the suspension
    bridge. From here, glide+hover to the raised grassy bank.
    Glide+hover across some more black beams thn press the switch in
    the noisy room to gain the orb.
    Section A5 - Sunny Beach
    Gems - 400       Orbs - 3       Talisman - Turtle Medallion
    Species - Turtles
    Names - Prince Tortiss, Advisor Gromit, Advisor Moppet, King
    Fromit, The 3 Babies
    Butterfly Animals - Starfish       Total No. Of Enemies - 17
    Do I need to come back - Yes, with the climbing ability
    Enemies - Diving Water Workers, Shock-stick Water Workers, Spaded
    Water Workers, the Chef
    An underwater palace is being invaded by the Water Workers
    Orb 1 - Blasting boxes - ****^ - You need 11 s.p. to do this task -
    Once the superflame is activated, use it. You need to find the 7
    turtle boxes distributed around the level and blast them open to
    free the turtles inside. The only one you may have difficulty with
    is the one behind a door. Stand on the button, so the door opens,
    and flame it from there.
    Orb 2 - Turtle Soup I - **^^^ - Speak to the Chef, who is in the
    area above the ladder near the end of the level. He tells you he is
    going to cook some of the turtles from Sunny Beach and you need to
    stop him! Run into the arena and the Chef will call the turtles. To
    get them away from the cauldron, charge into them or flame them
    (charging seems to get better results). The aim is to get them into
    the pool of water, which then sucks them up. Get rid of all the
    turtles and the orb is yours.
    Orb 3 - Turtle Soup II - ***** - One of the only 5-star difficulty
    tasks in the game - fortunately! Very difficult - the turtles come
    faster and are harder to get into the pool. Repeat the above
    strategy and persist and you should get the orb.
    Section A6 - Aquaria Towers
    Gems - 400       Orbs - 3       Talisman - Enchanted Shell
    Species - Seahorses
    Names - Ripple, Hoppo, King Flippy, Moneybags, Hunter
    Butterfly Animals - Sheep       Total No. Of Enemies - 29
    Do I need to come back - No
    Enemies - Shock-stick Water Workers, Crabbs, Meta-Sharks
    The Water Workers are draining the water from this palace!
    Orb 1 - Seahorse rescue - ****^ - Speak to King Flippy. He asks you
    to swim to each of the numbered towers and rescue each of his
    children, who have been imprisoned in each tower. In each tower,
    there are obstacles, such as electric beams and crabbs. Once you
    have freed all 6, you win the orb.
    Orb 2 - Manta ride I - **^^^ - Speak to Hunter (he is near King
    Flippy) and he asks you to help train his manta ray. Agree to it
    and he sets you off on a course around the area. One of King
    Flippy's servants makes rings out of bubbles, which you have to
    swim through. Once you have completed the course, Hunter gives you
    an orb.
    Orb 3 - Manta ride II - ***^^ - Hunter sets you another course,
    this time with sharper turns and rings requiring you to swim fast.
    Just persevere - once you know the course, it'll be a doddle.
    Section A7 - Crush's Dungeon
    Gems - N/A       Orbs - N/A       Talisman - N/A
    Species - N/A
    Names - N/A
    Butterfly Animals - Sheep       Total No. Of Enemies - 0
    Do I need to come back - No
    Enemies - Crush
    A dungeon deep beneath Summer Forest is now home to Crush.
    The first boss, and a real pushover. Charge up to Crush. As you do,
    he will run onto a blue area on the floor. Stand back and jump over
    the blue electronic pulses as he fires them at you. Now flame him.
    Charge away as he retaliates by running after you and then bringing
    the house down (literally!).
    Repeat this.
    Now all the areas become red. When Crush stands on them, he fires
    fireballs at you. Charge around him as he does, wait until he is
    vulnerable and then flame him. Then charge away from him as he
    chases you.
    Repeat this.
    Now some turn blue and the others stay red. Depending on which
    colour area he stands on, apply the tactics above. When he chases
    you this time, he kills himself.
    Section A8 - Ocean Speedway
    Gems - 400       Orbs - 1       Talisman - N/A
    Species - The Merpeople
    Names - Queen Finny, Hunter
    Butterfly Animals - N/A       Total No. Of Enemies - N/A
    Do I need to come back - No
    Enemies - N/A
    The first speedway is the home of the Merpeople.
    Start off by getting the first four rings.  After getting the
    fourth, ignore the rest for now and head through the arch in front
    of you.  Collect the first six arches and, after the seventh, turn
    sharply to the right and collect the last four rings.  Then,
    collect the last arch.  Now, get the boats.  They go around in a
    giant eight circuit so if you go in the opposite direction to them,
    then you can meet them all head on.  After getting all eight, land
    on the road around the main island.  Supercharge around it in the
    opposite way to the cars.
    Orb 1 - Follow Hunter - ****^ - Speak to Queen Finny (she is in the
    audience on the left as you enter the speedway). She asks you to
    fly through some rings for the Merpeople's entertainment. Follow
    Hunter through the rings as he flys through them. As he flys
    through them, they shrink, so keep close to him. Fly through all of
    them and Queen Finny hands over the orb.
    {  B.Autumn Plains                                          }
    Gems - 400       Orbs - 2       Talisman - N/A
    Species - N/A
    Names - Elora, Moneybags, the Professor
    Butterfly Animals - Frogs, Sheep      Total No. Of Enemies - N/A
    Do I need to come back - No
    Enemies - N/A
    A large castle is the second homeworld
    Orb 1 - The end of the wall - N/A - Use the whirlwind that takes
    you to Metro Speedway and glide onto the wall surrounding the
    grassy area.  Follow it around and charge at the crumbling wall at
    the end.  The orb is there, waiting for you to collect it.
    Orb 2 - Long glide! - N/A - Near Gulp's Overlook is another
    crumbling wall.  Charge it.  Use the whirlwind and grab all the
    treasure on the rooftop.  Now, use the fairy to save your progress
    in case you don't make the glide.  Step into the second whirlwind
    and let it take you to the tower (the highest point of Autumn
    Plains).  Glide across to the distant island which has several gems
    worth 25 and the final orb of Autumn Plains.
    Section B1 - Skelos Badlands
    Gems - 400       Orbs - 3       Talisman - Ancient Bone
    Species - Bonebuilders
    Names - Gronk, Glug, Lumpy, Ooga, the Tribespeople
    Butterfly Animals - Lizards       Total No. Of Enemies - 28
    Do I need to come back - No
    Enemies - Catbats, Flame Throwers, Lava Lizards, Lava Toads
    The Bonebuilder's land has been taken over by the Lava Lizards and
    their companions
    Orb 1 - Lava lizards I - ***^^ - Speak to Lumpy. He asks you to
    save the tribespeople from the lava lizards, who have invaded the
    village. Charge around the village, flaming the lava lizards as you
    go. You need to get them all in one go. They always follow a set
    pattern, so once you learn the pattern, it is relatively
    Orb 2 - Lava lizards II - ***** - Oh no! Another 5-star task!
    Fortunately, this one isn't too difficult. Again, the lava lizards
    follow a set pattern, so once you learn the pattern, it is fairly
    easy. Also, there are more eggs and they seem to hatch quicker.
    Orb 3 - Dem bones - ****^ - You need 16 s.p. to do this task - You
    need to get the bones that have been stolen from Ooga. The lava
    toads have them in their mouths. To get them back, flame or spit a
    rock at the lava toads. Give them all back to Ooga and watch his
    bony friend's funky dance!
    Section B2 - Crystal Glacier
    Gems - 400       Orbs - 2       Talisman - Ice Crystal
    Species - Ice Builders
    Names - Widgie, Mankie, Kludgie, Iggy, Oggy, Shaman Tok, Shaman
    Tik, Chief Shaman Tuk, George
    Butterfly Animals - Snowballs       Total No. Of Enemies - 38
    Do I need to come back - No
    Enemies - Ice Wizards, Snorabbits, Draclets
    An icy glacier has been taken over by the evil Ice Wizards
    Orb 1 - Draclet cave - ****^ - You need 15 s.p. to do this task -
    Use the powerup to fly through the cave. Flame the draclets as you
    go. Some are pretty hard to get, but persevere to get them all.
    Also, you need to get them all in one go.
    Orb 2 - George the snow leopard - **^^^ - Speak to Shaman Tok. He
    wants you to find his precious snow leopard for him. Find George
    and follow him to the various holes in the thick ice. He wants some
    food, which is why he is trying to get a fish. Fry one for him by
    flaming one as it jumps out. Repeat twice more. He takes a liking
    to Spyro and begins to follow him (All together now : Aaaaaaah!).
    Lead him back to Shaman Tok.
    Section B3 - Breeze Harbour
    Gems - 400       Orbs - 2       Talisman - Glass Anchor
    Species - Breezebuilders
    Names - Beaky, Gobble, Fisher, Squawk
    Butterfly Animals - Blobs       Total No. Of Enemies - 16
    Do I need to come back - No
    Enemies - Bucket Blubbers, Mines, Firemen Blubber
    The Breezebuilder's harbour has been overrun by the Land Blubbers
    Orb 1 - Mine blast - ****^ - Whenever you see a mine in the level,
    it needs to be destroyed. Leap into a cannon and fire at the mine
    (press O) There are eight of them in total. When you destroy them
    all, you receive an orb.
    Orb 2 - Gear Grab - ***** - You need 14 s.p. to do this task -
    Aarrgghh!! One of the hardest orb tasks in the entire game.
    When you get on the trolley, press O to fire at the sealed chest to
    open it. Jump over gaps in the track by pressing X. The arrows can
    be turned to let you go down different tracks by firing at them.
    TNT barrels need to be fired at to blow them up. Small crates need
    to be jumped over.
    Once you get all 50 gears, you get a well-earned orb.
    Section B4 - Zephyr
    Gems - 400       Orbs - 4       Talisman - Ruby Bomb
    Species - Land Blubbers
    Names - Colonel Blub, Sergeant Tub, Bo Peep, Cowleks, Private
    Romeo, Juliet, the Professor, Corporal Glug
    Butterfly Animals - Caterpillars       Total No. Of Enemies - 29
    Do I need to come back - No
    Enemies - Bird Bombers, Eaglets, TNT Throwers
    The Breezebuilders counterattack on the Land Blubbers!
    (These two levels are confusing - who started on the other first -
    did the Land Blubbers start on the Breezebuilders or vice versa?)
    Orb 1 - Cowlek corral I - ***^^ - Bo Peep asks you to find her
    escaped cowleks (they are a cross between a cow, an elephant and a
    giraffe). Once you have found them, they need to be herded back to
    her by flaming and charging them. 3 are in the general area of the
    pen, but two are in the area to the south (where Private Romeo is).
    Once you present her with all five, you get an orb, but...
    Orb 2 - Cowlek corral II - ***^^ - You need 2 s.p. to do this task
    - Oh no! Bo Peep discovers that there are still 2 missing! Go to
    the area to the right of the cowlek corral. Use the superflame to
    flame the bird bombers, the sealed chest and the cowleks. The
    cowleks need to be superflamed up two 'shelves' to reach the pen.
    From there, just follow the usual procedure to get them into the
    Orb 3 - Sowing seeds I - ***^^ - You need to plant the seeds that
    the Professor gives you to reach Juliet. Swallow the first seed and
    sow it in the patch of soil to the east of the Professor. Spit it
    in the soil there, jump onto the platform there and claim a second
    one. Swallow this and plant it in the patch in front of the
    Professor. Retrieve the other one (flame the plant) and plant it in
    the next patch along. Use these two platforms to reach the third
    seed. Glide back to the second platform and plant it by using T.
    Jump to the large chessboard-esque platform and swallow the seed
    there. Sow it, using T, in the patch to the left. Jump up the three
    platforms that grow and get rid of the TNT throwers. Get their seed
    and spit it into the remaining patch. From here, glide+hover to the
    ledge with gems. Collect the gems and glide to the next platform.
    The Professor gives Spyro the next orb.
    Orb 4 - Sowing seeds II - ****^ - Swallow one of the Professor's
    seeds and glide to the steps. Climb them and leave the seed on the
    platform at the top. Glide down and repeat. This time, plant the
    seed. Swallow the other Use the new platform to reach the other
    side and plant the seed. Use it to reach Juliet.
    (There is a mistake on this level - the guidebook claims there are
    29 enemies on this level, but there are 30!)
    Section B5 - Scorch
    Gems - 400       Orbs - 2       Talisman - Emerald Scarab
    Species - N/A
    Names - Handel, Greta, Hunter
    Butterfly Animals - Baskets       Total No. Of Enemies - 28
    Do I need to come back - No
    Enemies - Camels, Sharp Shooters, Swordmen
    A desert palace is the base for Handel and Greta's spy
    shenanigans!1 - Barrel of Monkey - **^^^ - Speak to Hunter. He asks
    you to help him rescue the monkeys, who have escaped from the
    Avalar Zoo. Follow him around the raised area. When he stops under
    a tree, charge it. A monkey will fall out and into the basket.
    Repeat this five times and you get the orb. Don't let Hunter get
    hit - or Spyro, as it counts as a proper hit and Spyro changes
    Orb 2 - Capture the flags - ***** - You need 20 s.p. to do this
    task - Speak to Handel, who gives you the outline of this mission.
    You need to use the superflame powerup to fire at Bombo the
    Flagkeeper and retrieve the 3 flags. Each time, get as high up as
    possible and fire at him (or as close to him as possible). He will
    then fall down and challenge you to a race through Scorch, back to
    the palace. Charge after him, jumping and avoiding his bombs. When
    he gets close enough to Handel, he hands over the flag. Retrieve
    all 3 and Handel gives you an orb.
    Section B6 - Fracture Hills
    Gems - 400       Orbs - 3       Talisman - Bronze Flute
    Species - Fauns and Satyrs
    Names - Lila, Krista, Sheila, Spinner, Hunter, the Alchemist
    Butterfly Animals - Pigs       Total No. Of Enemies - 29
    Do I need to come back - Yes, with the headbash ability.
    Enemies - Earthshapers, Big Bad Bushes, Bee Trees
    The satyr's ...erm, different music has been ruined by the
    (This is also my least favourite level in the entire game - I hate
    this level so much!)
    Orb 1 - Free the faun - ****^ - You need 14 s.p. to do this task -
    Once the supercharge powerup is activated, use it to supercharge
    around the level, keeping to the marked path as you go and breaking
    down doors. Use the speed to break down the door which has locked
    the faun inside the small building.
    Orb 2 - Alchemist escort - ****^ - Speak to the Alchemist (some
    sort of anthropomorphic goat). He asks you to escort him past the
    mean old Earthshapers so that he can use his special potion to free
    Hunter, whose boots he has accidentally turned to stone. Follow him
    around the area and charge into whichever Earthshaper he wanders
    near to. Don't worry if he gets hit; he has an infinite amount of
    potions. Just learn the pattern he walks in and it should be easy.
    Orb 3 - Earthshaper bash - ****^ - Once Hunter has been freed by
    the Alchemist, he asks you to help him get the Earthshapers. He
    wanders around the area and fires arrows at the Earthshapers. Once
    they're down, they need to be headbashed quickly. Again, Hunter
    follows a set pattern, so learn the pattern. You also need to be on
    your toes, as Hunter tends to fire at Earthshapers before you can
    get to them. Once you have killed the evil Earthshapers, you
    receive an orb.
    (The Fracture Hills pigs seem to like the satyr's music - watch the
    pig's reaction as you free the second satyr!)
    Section B7 - Magma Cone
    Gems - 400       Orbs - 3       Talisman - Volcano Idol
    Species - Fauns
    Names - Loonie, Bippo, Chedda, Hunter, Moneybags
    Butterfly Animals - Snails       Total No. Of Enemies - 19
    Do I need to come back - No
    Enemies - Ol' Crusties, Rockers, Party Crashers
    A dormant volcano has been triggered back into life by the pesky
    Orb 1 - Party crashers - ***** - You need 2 s.p. to do this task -
    Once you have shut down the volcano and received the idol, glide to
    the platform supporting the volcano, which is behind Spyro. Speak
    to Chedda. He asks you to get rid of the party crashers. The only
    problem is that you can't get rid of them by flaming them. You need
    to swallow a small boulder (they are floating above the lava at the
    bottom) and fire it at one of them. Get all 12 and Chedda gives you
    the orb.
    Orb 2 - Crystal geysers I - ***^^ - In the outside area there is a
    small volcano sculpture. You need to get inside it. Climb up a
    level and glide to one of the ladders which is raised above the
    ground. Climb into the sculpture and fall into the hole in the
    middle. You will find Hunter in a crystalline arena. He asks you if
    you want to play a game he has discovered. You need to collect 10
    pieces of 'crystal popcorn' before he does. You can tell which hole
    they will come out of as steam moves towards that hole. Get 10
    before Hunter and he gives you an orb.
    Orb 3 - Crystal geysers II - ***** - I hate this orb task! It is
    definitely one of the hardest in the game. This time, you need to
    get 15 before Hunter. Follow the strategy above and persevere and
    you will get it (eventually).
    Section B8 - Shady Oasis
    Gems - 400       Orbs - 2       Talisman - Mystic Lamp
    Species - Hippo
    Names - Shorty, Grundy, Bruno, Grundy's relatives
    Butterfly Animals - Peacocks       Total No. Of Enemies - 21
    Do I need to come back - Yes, with the headbash ability
    Enemies - Genies, Swipesters, Shield Swipesters, Thieves
    The Hippos of Shady Oasis have been separated from their sacred
    Great Berry Bush.
    Orb 1 - Catch 3 thieves - ****^ - Those of you who have played the
    first Spyro game will recognise this and groan. You have to chase
    three thieves who have each stolen a lamp. Each one haunts a
    different area. Once you have found a thief, chase it. They will
    run away, but they aren't as fast as Spyro. Once you are fairly
    near it, flame it to retrieve the lamp. Repeat this for each of the
    three thieves and you receive an orb.
    Orb 2 - Free Hippos - ***^^ - You need 18 s.p. to do this task -
    Speak to Grundy and accept her challenge. You need to rescue her
    relatives who have been petrified (turned to stone). They need to
    be freed by headbashing open the rock. Follow Grundy around the
    small area and free each hippo as they are released. Once
    completed, Grundy hands over the orb as thanks.
    Section B9 - Gulp's Overlook
    Gems - N/A       Orbs - N/A       Talisman - N/A
    Species - N/A
    Names - N/A
    Butterfly Animals - Chickens       Total No. Of Enemies - 0
    Do I need to come back - No
    Enemies - Gulp
    A tower, high above Autumn Plains, is Gulp's residence.
    Spyro needs to hit Gulp with the things the pterodactyls drop.
    After Gulp has taken a hit, he fires energy balls. The amount he
    fires changes as he takes more damage.
    First off, some barrels are dropped. Put the camera behind Spyro
    and aim so that Gulp is in front of the barrel. Now charge. The
    barrel will fly up into the air and hit Gulp. Run to the perimeter
    of the arena and keep charging and jumping to avoid the energy
    Next up, bombs are dropped. Align the camera as before and flame
    them to send them crashing into Gulp. Again, charge and jump to
    avoid Gulp's retaliation.
    Now rockets are dropped. Align the camera again and swallow and
    spit a rocket at Gulp. Charge and jump to avoid the enrgy balls.
    Now Gulp gets really angry. He can now swallow these objects and
    use them against you. Avoid the results of his misguided chompings
    and repeat the steps above. After a while, Gulp will be defeated.
    Section B10 - Metro Speedway
    Gems - 400       Orbs - 1       Talisman - N/A
    Species - Humans
    Names - The Mayor, Hunter
    Butterfly Animals - N/A       Total No. Of Enemies - N/A
    Do I need to come back - No
    Enemies - Cat Burglars
    The second speedway is set in an enormous city.
    Get the first five pigeons and you will come out in an area with
    the other pigeons and some bungee jumpers.  Get them all and go to
    the next area by Supercharging along the green road.  You will come
    out in an area with badgers holding SLOW signs and several arches.
    Get all the badgers by going in a circle, flaming them as you go
    and then go through the arches.  After the one perched on top of
    the wall, you will see another green road.  Supercharge along it to
    go through the final arch.
    Orb 1 - Grab the Loot - ***** - Fly into the waterfall in the area
    with the first five pigeons. The Mayor is on the other side. He
    asks you to help Hunter get rid of some cat burglars. Agree to his
    task. Hunter flies along with a ray gun (who would trust Hunter
    with a ray gun?!?). When he sees a burglar, he shoots it. It then
    drops the sack it was carrying. Get the sack by flying through it.
    Get all the sacks and the Mayor gives you the orb as a token of
    Section B11 - Icy Speedway
    Gems - 400       Orbs - 1       Talisman - N/A
    Species - Ice Builders
    Names - Hunter
    Butterfly Animals - M/A       Total No. Of Enemies - N/A
    Do I need to come back - No
    Enemies - N/A
    An island just off the coast of Crystal Glacier is the third
    Begin by diving straight down and supercharging into the four
    snowmobiles, heading in the opposite direction to them.  After the
    last one, veer to the left and get the arch.  Still supercharging,
    get the next four by leaping from island to island.  After the
    fifth, stop supercharging and glide straight up.  Go through the
    next arch and into the building.  Glide down and get the next one.
    Get the final one and then go around the edge of the course,
    flaming each monster and skater as you go.  After the last skater,
    glide up and get the gliders.
    Orb 1 - Parasail through rings - ****^ - Supercharge into the igloo
    in the area with the snowmobiles. Hunter is hiding inside. He
    challenges you to a spot of paragliding. Say yes and Hunter takes
    you to his speedboat. Move Spyro left or right and go through each
    ring. Once you get all 50, Hunter rewards you with an orb.
    {  C. Winter Tundra                                         }
    Gems - 400       Orbs - 3       Talisman - N/A
    Species - N/A
    Names - Elora, Moneybags, the Professor
    Butterfly Animals - Penguins       Total No. Of Enemies - N/A
    Do I need to come back - N/A
    Enemies - N/A
    A scenic winter palace is the base of operations for Ripto's last
    attempt at taking over Avalar
    Orb 1 - Top of the waterfall - N/A - Near Canyon Speedway is a
    waterfall with an orb floating in the water.  To reach it, glide
    onto the wall surrounding the courtyard with the Super Portal
    (climb the steps leading up to Ripto and glide off) and walk along
    it until you reach an area with a waterfall on the other side of
    the wall.  Fall into it and dive into the waters below.  Follow the
    passage and you will come out in shallow water.  Paddle along and
    you will reach the orb.
    Orb 2 - On the tall wall - N/A - Using the strategy outlined above,
    get onto the wall and an orb is waiting for you on the
    Orb 3 - Smash the rock - N/A - After gaining the headbash move from
    Moneybags, smash open the unusually large rock. Doing this to the
    smaller rocks also releases gems.
    Section C1 - Mystic Marsh
    Gems -400       Orbs - 3       Talisman - N/A
    Species - Water Wizards
    Names - Hydrar, Snoozle, the Professor, Basil the Explorer
    Butterfly Animals - Frogs       Total No. Of Enemies - 36
    Do I need to come back - No
    Enemies - Spider Monkeys, Meta-Snails, Tuskers, Dingo Thieves
    The Mystic Marsh fountains have mysteriously turned off.
    Orb 1 - Fix the fountain - N/A - You need 20 s.p. to do this task -
    Finish the level.
    Orb 2 - Very versatile thieves! - ****^ - You need 20 s.p. to do
    this task - Speak to Basil. He asks you to hunt down the four dingo
    thieves who have stole his spark plugs. To capture them, you need
    to chase them. Apply the skills you learnt in the similar scenario
    in Shady Oasis here and it should be easy.
    Orb 3 - Retrieve professor's pencil - ****^ - You need 20 s.p. to
    do this task - Speak to the Professor. He has lost his pencil and
    wants you to return it to him. He gives you an egg and asks you to
    trade the egg for the pencil.
    Swallow the egg and take it to the bird's nest. Spit it into the
    nest using T. The bird gives you a seed.
    Swallow the seed and take it to the plant pot. Spit it into the pot
    using T. The plant grows and a rubber duck grows.
    Swallow the rubber duck and take it to the ducks on the lake. Spit
    it in the lake near the mother duck using T and she gives you an
    Swallow the onion and take it to the cauldron. Spit it into the
    cauldron using T and you receive a gold coin.
    Swallow the coin and take it to the fountain. Investigate it using
    T. There are several coins set in it. Spit the coin into the gap
    where the missing one should go and the fountain spits out the
    Give the pencil to the Professor and he hands over an orb out of
    Section C2 - Cloud Temples
    Gems - 400       Orbs - 3       Talisman - N/A
    Species - Wizards
    Names - Alaric, Murgen, Bartle, Agent Zero
    Butterfly Animals - Sheep       Total No. Of Enemies - 23
    Do I need to come back - No
    Enemies - Warlocks, Rammers, Spitsters, Trolls
    Evil warlocks have invaded the wizard's home
    Orb 1 - Break down doors - N/A - Finish the level.
    Orb 2 - Agent Zero's hideout - ****^ - Talk to Agent Zero (the big
    ginger guy) and he tells you about his secret hideout. You need to
    follow him to this secret hideout by hiding behind trees. When you
    hide behind a tree, he can't see you. To know whether he can or
    can't see you, rotate the camera so that Agent Zero is in the
    centre. If the tree blocks most of him out, he can't see you. Once
    you reach his hideout, he gives you an orb.
    Orb 3 - Ring tower bells - ***^^ - You need 21 s.p. to do this task
    - Use the icy breath powerup to freeze the trolls and then use them
    as steps to ring the bells. It shouldn't take you long to work out
    the order to freeze them in and it is quite a fun task to do. Once
    you have rung the first two bells, you are transported up a level
    where there is another bell and a rocket. Use the rocket to open
    the sealed casket near Agent Zero.
    Section C3 - Robotica Farms
    Gems - 400       Orbs - 3       Talisman - N/A
    Species - RoboFarmers
    Names - Farmer GreeneBeene, Farmer Applebee, Farmer John, Farmer
    Butterfly Animals - Sheep       Total No. Of Enemies - 22
    Do I need to come back - No
    Enemies - Barrelbugs, Spinners, Bug Bombers
    Pesky flies are eating all the Robotica Farms crops.
    Orb 1 - Switch on bug light - N/A - Finish the level.
    Orb 2 - Clear tractor path - ****^ - You need 15 s.p. to do this
    task - Once the supercharge powerup is activated, speak to Farmer
    Barleycorn. You need to supercharge around the tractor path,
    smashing large pumpkins as you go. Also, the barn needs opening.
    Open the doors by ramming into them.
    Orb 3 - Exterminate crow bugs - ****^ - Converse with Farmer
    Applebee and he sets you an orb task. Go to the hilly field behind
    him. To exterminate the crow bugs, jump onto a mound near the
    scarecrow they are currently on. Glide towards one side of the
    scarecrow. As they evacuate the scarecrow, they will fly right in
    front of you. Quickly flame them. Repeat to get all four.
    Section C4 - Metropolis
    Gems - 400       Orbs - 4       Talisman - N/A
    Species - Droids
    Names - Manager Droid, Maintenance Droid, Logistics Droid, Inventor
    Butterfly Animals - Eggs       Total No. Of Enemies - 22
    Do I need to come back - No
    Enemies - Death Cows, Laser Cows, Ox, Sheep Saucers, Oinkers
    The Robotica Farms animals have rebelled against those who
    imprisoned them!
    Orb 1 - Conquer invading cows - N/A - Finish the level.
    Orb 2 - Shoot down sheep saucers I - ****^ - You need 9 s.p. to do
    this task - Speak to the Inventor Droid after she gives you orb 1.
    She asks you to help destroy the invading sheep saucers. Use the
    combination powerup and fly around the area, flaming the saucers as
    you go. It is a good idea to tackle them from the front, as they
    fire at you from the back. Once you get all 3, the Inventor Droid
    gives you the orb out of gratitude, but...
    Orb 3 - Shoot down sheep saucers II - ***** - You need 9 s.p. to do
    this task - The previous three sent out a distress call - more
    saucers are attacking! This time, there are five sheep saucers to
    contend with. Fly around the area and get them from the front, or
    dart about a lot when getting them from behind, to avoid getting
    hurt. Once all five are down, you get another orb.
    Orb 4 - Ox bombing - ****^ - Speak to the Logistics Droid. He shows
    you the troublesome ox and asks you to help get rid of it. You need
    to skate around the arena and fire bombs back at the ox as he fires
    them at you. The best way to do this is to stand on the normal
    platform (not on the ice) and stand as far forward as possible
    without actually treading on the ice. When the ox fires bombs in
    the middle, which will then head straight towards you, wait until
    they reach the centre of the arena and move forwards. Spyro will
    launch himself towards the bomb. Flame it and it will zoom off and
    hit the ox. Repeat a few more times and the ox is history.
    Section C5 - Ripto's Arena
    Gems - N/A       Orbs - N/A       Talisman - N/A
    Species - N/A
    Names - N/A
    Butterfly Animals - Sheep       Total No. Of Enemies - 0
    Do I need to come back - No
    Enemies - Ripto, Ripto+Mecha-Gulp, Ripto+Mecha-hawkarea behind the
    Winter Tundra castle is the setting for Spyro's final battle!
    The final boss and very hard it is too. You need to destroy Ripto
    in each of his three different forms. It is very irritating when
    you get to his final form and he kills you - you have to start all
    over again!
    In his first form, he just faces you in the normal manner. The aim
    is to collect three charged-up orbs and use them against him. When
    you collect three, you gain a powerup for a short time (see section
    1:K for the powerup index and the effects).
    Charge around the arena when Ripto attacks to avoid getting hit.
    Next, Ripto summons a mechanical Gulp. Apply the same tactics as
    before, but keep in mind Ripto+Mecha-Gulp can also use the orbs
    against you.
    Now things really heat up! Ripto and Spyro take to the skies in an
    almighty finale. A simple, but effective way to kill Ripto in his
    deadliest form is to fly really high up and then divebomb his
    Mecha-hawk. Alternatively, swoop down low and climb up underneath
    the mechanical beast.
    Section C6 - Canyon Speedway
    Gems - 400       Orbs - 1       Talisman - N/A
    Species - Cowboys
    Names - Hunter
    Butterfly Animals - N/A       Total No. Of Enemies - N/A
    Do I need to come back - No
    Enemies - N/A
    A desert canyon is the setting for the final speedway.
    This is by far the easiest speedway.  Get the eight rams, then
    after the eighth, get the eight rings.  Land on the road and
    supercharge around, getting all eight bikes as you go.  After the
    last one, you will come out in a miniature canyon.  Flame all eight
    vultures and you will have completed Canyon Speedway.
    Orb 1 - Shoot down balloons - Hunter doesn't give a rating for this
    task! - To get the orb, go to the area with the vultures.  In the
    cliff wall is a room with Hunter in it.  Speak to him and do the
    task.  The task is to shoot down several targets whilst flying in
    Hunter's remote controlled plane. The easiest way to do it is to
    hold down Circle to fire and just move the target around the
    screen. The last few are quite difficult to get but practice and
    you should be able to get them. When completed, Hunter gives you an
    {  D.Dragon Shores                                          }
    Gems - N/A       Orbs - N/A       Talisman - N/A
    Species - Gnorcs
    Names - Showman Gniles, Showman Gnick, Showman Gnelson, Showman
    Gnorm, Showman Gned, Showman Gnigel
    Butterfly Animals - N/A       Total No. Of Enemies - N/A
    Do I need to come back - No
    Enemies - N/A
    Spyro and Sparx finally take their well-earned break at Dragon
    Dragon Shores is a theme park with several attractions and
    sideshows. Win the sideshows and ride the attractions to win
    tokens. When you have all 10 tokens, you can access the renowned
    Dragon Shores theatre where you can watch your favourite cut-scenes
    again and again!
    Showman Gnick's Dunking Booth - Spit the baseball at the target to
    dunk the Colossus yeti, a Fracture Hills Earthshaper and the Sunny
    Beach chef. Use the T button to aim.
    Showman Gnelson's Shooting Gallery - Showman Gnelson challenges you
    to complete three rounds of shooting fun. First, you have to send
    10 rubber ducks to oblivion. Aim for the back and keep firing -
    that way, you hit the ones at the back and any ones at the front
    who drift in the way!
    Now you have to send 8 shock-stick Water Workers to hell. Keep on
    your toes and keep firing.
    Finally, you have to give 10 lizards a fiery death. Keep the target
    close to the ground and keep firing.
    Showman Gnorm's Tunnel Of Love - Spyro takes a trip on the Tunnel
    Of Love and wins a token. Who Spyro comes out with is randomly
    generated, which gives some very strange combinations!
    Showman Gnigel's Rollercoaster - The aim of this rollercoaster is
    to avoid the obstacles and pop all the balloons.
    The first time you ride, sections of the track are closed off. Jump
    over the Sunny Beach turtles and the Hurricos Electrolls and keep
    popping those balloons!
    Now, Gnigel opens more track. Apply the same tactics as before and
    it is easy to get the next token.
    For the last round, Gnigel installs a mini-cannon on your cart. Use
    the O button to fire. Pop all the green balloons and fire at the
    red balloons. Apart from this, the rest of the course is very
    Now, speak to Showman Gned. He will open the theatre for you
    (providing you have 10 tokens!).
    Also, there is a door which requires 10,000 gems and 64 orbs to
    open (all gems and all orbs in game). By now, you should have the
    requirements. If not, go back and retrieve the last few gems and
    When the door opens, there is a superflame powerup inside. Use it.
    You can now kiss the normal flame goodbye - this superflame is
    permanent! Now, let's go and get the Skill Points!
    {  E.Skill Points                                           }
    At Dragon Shores, an extra page is added to the Guidebook - the
    Skill Points page.The Skill Points are sort of like a test set by
    Insomniac Games. They show how skilled you are at Spyro 2 and if
    you get all 16 of them, then you will be rewarded. Here is a
    complete list of the Skill Points as they appear in my guidebook.
    Level                                 Skill Point
    1.Skelos Badlands                     All Cacti
    2.Hurricos                            All Windmills
    3.Colossus                            Perfect in Hockey
    4.Fracture Hills                      3 Laps of Supercharge
    5.Crush's Dungeon                     Perfect
    6.Gulp's Overlook                     Perfect
    7.Ripto's Arena                       Perfect
    8.Scorch                              All Trees
    9.Ocean Speedway                      Under 1:10
    10.Metro Speedway                     Under 1:15
    11.Icy Speedway                       Under 1:15
    12.Canyon Speedway                    Under 1:10
    13.Idol Springs                       Land on Idol
    14.Aquaria Towers                     All Seaweed
    15.Gulp's Overlook                    Hit Ripto
    16.Skelos Badlands                    Catbat Quartet
    When you get each Skill Point, a small noise indicates that you
    have got it.
    Here's a guide as to how to obtain the Skill Points:
    -To get skills 1, 2, 8 and 14, you simply have to superflame all of
    that item on the level. For instance, Skill Point number 1 requires
    you to superflame all the cacti on Skelos Badlands, so you just
    complete the level again, flaming each cacti as you progress
    -For number 3, you have to score 5:0 in the one-on-one hockey game,
    with you getting 5 and the opponent getting 0.
    -For number 4, use the supercharge as you would normally do to
    rescue the trapped faun, but instead of charging into the door,
    turn left.  Run through the two pyramids again.  Repeat this for
    another two laps and the point is yours.
    -For numbers 5, 6 and 7, you have to kill each boss without being
    hit yourself.
    -For numbers 9, 10, 11 and 12, you have to complete each speedway
    under the relevant time.
    -To get number 13, you need to glide onto the idol standing near
    the hulagirls.
    -For number 15, use the superflame to target and hit Ripto.
    -For number 16, go just past the portal back to Autumn Plains.
    There is an area with four Catbats in it.  If you move towards them
    they fly up, preventing you from flaming them.  To get them, pick
    each one off from a distance using the superflame.
    You get a reward for every two you get in the form of an extra
    life.  When you get 8, an epilogue is added to the guidebook,
    explaining what happened to each character after the events of the
    game.  When you get all 16, an extra bit is added, showing you
    various enemies which were going to be in the game, but were taken
    out for various reasons.
    {  A.Cheats.                                                }
    Here are all the cheats I have for Spyro 2. If anyone has any more,
    please e-mail them to me and I will put them on the walkthrough
    Again, these cheats are based on the European (PAL) version of the
    game. There currently aren't any available for the North American
    (NTSC) version - sorry!
    Crash Team Racing Demo -
    To get the secret demo of CTR, press L1 and R2 and [] at the title
    screen. You can play the demo in 1-player, 2-player or even 4-
    player modes!
    End credits -
    Pause the game then press [], O, [], O, [], O, L, R, L, R, L, R
    Get all abilities -
    Pause the game then press O, O, O, O, []
    Make Spyro pink -
    Pause the game then press U, R, D, L, U, [], R1, R2, L1, L2, U,
    L, D, R, U, []
    Make Spyro yellow -
    Pause the game then press U, R, D, L, U, [], R1, R2, L1, L2, U, L,
    D, R, U, U
    Make Spyro black -
    Pause the game then press U, R, D, L, U, [], R1, R2, L1, L2, U, L,
    D, R, U, D
    Make Spyro red -
    Pause the game then press U, R, D, L, U, [], R1, R2, L1, L2, U, L,
    D, R, U, O
    Make Spyro green -
    Pause the game then press U, R, D, L, U, [], R1, R2, L1, L2, U, L,
    D, R, U, T
    Make Spyro blue -
    Pause the game then press U, R, D, L, U, [], R1, R2, L1, L2, U, L,
    D, R, U, X
    Big Head mode -
    Pause the game then press U, U, U, U, R1, R1, R1, R1, O
    Flat mode -
    Pause the game then press L, R, L, R, L2, R2, L2, R2, []
    Extra hit point -
    Pause the game then press [], U, [], D, [], L, [], R, O
    I haven't tested these, so I don't know if they work!!
    {  B.Cheat cartridges.                                      }
    Here are some cheat cartridge codes for those of you who use them.
    I have only managed to salvage GameShark/Pro Action Replay codes,
    but I will try and find some more in due course.
    North American (Ripto's Rage - NSTC) version.
    Unlimited lives:
    8006712C 0063
    Unlimited health:
    8006A248 0003
    Swimming Ability learned:
    80064682 0001
    Climbing ability learned:
    80064686 0001
    Headbash ability learned:
    8006468A 0001
    All gems:
    800670CC FFFF
    All orbs:
    3006702C 00FF
    D00683A0 0020
    3006A1C9 000F
    Unlock all levels:
    50000F02 0000
    8006B084 0101
    European (Gateway to Glimmer - PAL) version.
    Unlimited lives:
    8006C614 0005
    Unlimited health:
    8006DE50 0003
    D0070692 DFFF
    8006DDD1 000F
    {  C.Walkthrough history.                                   }
    Began writing the walkthrough.
    Wrote from the start up to the beginning of the walkthough.
    Finished off writing the walkthrough.
    Went through and checked for spelling mistakes.
    E-mailed entire file to GameFAQs asking if they could put it on the
    Discovered that GameFAQs has put my walkthrough on it's site. I
    received an e-mail from a representative of GameAdvice and
    VideoGame Strategies who wanted to also have it on the sites. I let
    him. Follow his example. If you want the walkthrough, ask me.
    Updated the walkthrough in a few places and renamed the walkthrough
    'version 1.1'. I also added a few codes for a cheat cartridge under
    section 3B . Added some new info to the News section (1G). E-mailed
    new, updated walkthrough to both GameFAQs and GameAdvice/VideoGame
    Added more Spyro 3 news. Corrected section 1H (Controlling Spyro)
    after realising I had missed the START button controls.
    Added more info to the news section. E-mailed new, updated
    walkthrough to both GameFAQs and GameAdvice/VideoGame Strategies.
    Added the address for another site that wanted this walkthrough in
    several places. You can now find this walkthrough at PSXCodez as
    Added the new section 3E, 'My other walkthroughs' as my project
    over the last few weeks has been a guide to Ape Escape. The details
    of it can be found in 3F.
    Added a load more under section 1G (Spyro News).
    Sent the latest edition of the FAQ to the usual sites, under the
    new version number - 1.5
    After adding some stuff under section 1G, I posted the latest
    edition to the usual sites under verion 1.6
    Recived an e-mail from Freshly Baked Games asking if they could use
    my guides, meaning the guide can be found at www.fbgames.com as
    well. Also got an e-mail from Cheat Code Central, meaning this can
    also be located there.
    Sent the new walkthrough off under 1.7
    Got an e-mail from Game Experts, meaning this guide can now be
    found at www.gamexperts.com
    I wrote up the details of my newest guide, the guide to Spyro 3, in
    section 3F.
    E-mailed the new version, with the Spyro 3 guide details, to the
    usual sites.
    Recived an e-mail from Neoseeker, meaning the guide can now be
    found there.
    Updated the Spyro 3 information.
    Updated the entire walkthrough. Sent it off to all the sites under
    version 1.9
    Added the details of my latest walkthrough (Chicken Run) to 3F.
    Updated list of locations. Sent it off under version 2.0
    After getting a new computer and spending hours transferring files,
    I got my guides over. I updated the site list.
    Added a new cheat.
    Updated the Chicken Run guide site list.
    Updated the site list. Sent off guide under version 2.1
    Updated the Spyro 3 site list.
    Updated all the site lists. Classified it as version 2.2
    Updated the site lists.
    Updated the site lists.
    Received an e-mail from GamesOver, meaning the guide can now be
    found there too. Updated site lists and sent guide off under
    version 2.3
    Added some new information regarding Spyro 4 in the Spyro News
    section (1G).
    Updated site lists and renamed guide version 2.4
    Updated site lists.
    Updated guide and renamed version 2.5
    Updated site lists. Have begun work on my new FAQ.
    Changed format of the section on my other walkthroughs.
    Renamed guide version 2.6
    {  D.Credits.                                               }
    Here are my credits, in no particular order.
    I thank:
    The Telegraph company (an English newspaper)  -
    For accepting my entry to a competition and giving me first prize -
    my PlayStation!
    Sony -
    For making an excellent console and publishing a fine piece of
    Insomniac -
    For making one of the only sequels to a game which is a darn sight
    better than the first (the only other two I can think of are Sonic
    2 and Alundra 2).
    Claire Egan -
    For being the owner of the PlayStation where I first witnessed
    Spyro. If it had not been for her, I probably wouldn't have Spyro
    Samy and Dim -
    For their orb task scoring system. Nice one!
    Ryuuko -
    For letting me use his disclaimer in my walkthrough.
    Luke Wagner -
    For sending the extra hit point cheat.
    GameFAQs -
    For displaying my walkthrough on their site.
    GameAdvice/VideoGame Strategies -
    For also displaying my walkthrough on their site.
    PSXCodez -
    For also displaying my walkthrough on their site.
    FBGames -
    For displaying my walkthrough.
    Cheat Code Central -
    For having this walkthrough.
    Game Experts -
    For displaying this walkthrough.
    Neoseeker -
    For having the guide.
    Gaming Planet -
    For having the guide.
    a2zweblinks -
    For displaying the guide.
    Spyro Club -
    For showing the guide. Also an excellent Spyro fan site!
    Ultimate FAQs -
    For displaying the guide.
    PSX Cheaters World -
    For having the guide.
    Xploded -
    For showing the guide.
    GamesOver -
    For having the guide.
    Australian Cheats -
    For showing the guide.
    CheatCodes -
    For showing the guide.
    {  F.My other walkthroughs.                                 }
    Hey, I know! How about a bit of shameless advertising while you are
    still here?
    I have also done walkthroughs for:
    Spyro 2 (PlayStation)
    Spyro 3 (PlayStation)
    Ape Escape (PlayStation)
    Chicken Run (PlayStation)
    Spyro: Season Of Ice (Gameboy Advance)
    {  F.Peace.                                                 }
    DO -
    Own Spyro, Spyro 2 and Spyro 3.
    Use this walkthrough to aid you on your quest in Avalar.
    DO NOT -
    Copy any part of this walkthrough.
    Erm, I think that's about it. Good luck on your quest in Avalar and
    e-mail me if you want anything else in the walkthrough or a
    walkthrough for one of my other games or permission to use the
    walkthrough on your site.
    'Come with Spyro to a magical, enchanted kingdom...
    And set fire to it.'
    1999 Spyro 2 English advertising campaign.
    Peace, man.
    Christopher Hyde

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