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    FAQ/Walkthrough by HisDudeness

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/29/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                        Spyro 2. FAQ/Walkthrough.  Version 1.0
                               By HisDudeness
    Contents of this FAQ:
    2.Controls and Basics
    3.Items in the world.
    4.The Walkthrough.
    5.Dragon Shores
    6.Skill Points
    1.	The Characters
    Spyro:  The Dragon that started it all.  The Purple wonder.  He of 
    course is able to flame, and charge enemies.  He will also be able to 
    learn new skills during the game.
    Sparx:  That's the name of that little dragonfly that is always 
    following you around.  You can tell how much health you have by seeing 
    his color.  It goes:
    Golden, and sparkling: 100%
    Blue, and sparkling: 75%
    Green: 50%
    No Sparx: 25%
    If you do happen to lose sparx, you need to eat butterflies.  I'll 
    explain that later.
    Ripto: The "Gnasty Gnorc" of the game.  His dream is to gain power of 
    the worlds that Spyro must save.
    Hunter:  A talking cheetah, like Chester.  He will help you through 
    your adventure, and provide challenges for you.
    Professor: I don't know really if he is a human or not, he looks like 
    he might be a squirrel.  He will also help you through the game, and 
    give you a few challenges.
    Elena:  That faun that is the person who brought you to their world.
    Moneybags:  This bear will really get you annoyed after awhile.  He's 
    the person that will give you all your new powers.  For a steep price, 
    I might add.
    Zoe: A fairy that saves your position throughout the game.
    2.	Controls and Basics
    As I mentioned earlier, you can get Spyro new abilities from the 
    Moneybags person.  You will find him near empty portals, obstacles that 
    you can't clear, or at least somewhere in the homeworld you are in, so 
    that you can gain a power.  They are:
    Summer Forest: Underwater swimming.
    Autumn Plains: Climb up walls
    Winter Tundra: Headbash
    These will all come at a steep price, I might add, so get your gems 
            Sparx must eat butterflies in order to stay at full health.  
    You can get butterflies from small creatures going around, like little 
    lizards, snails, etc, that will vary from world to world.  Oh, and as 
    an added bonus, if you stay at full health, and eat 10 butterflies, you 
    will get an extra life!  And, there are also bottles that have shiny 
    purple butterflies in that, if you eat one, you will get an extra life, 
    and get back to full health!
           The Gems have stayed around for the second game, but the new 
    thing to get is orbs.  Orbs will get you new levels, and new sections 
    of the game.  There are 64 orbs in all, and 10,000 treasure in all.  
    There are also different types of treasure.  They are 
     Happy Hunting!
    Controls are as follows:
    Run: Directional buttons, whichever way you want to run, press that 
    dir. Button.
    Jump: X
    Flame: O
    Charge:  +any dir. Button
    Look: Triangle
    Spit: Get an object into your mouth, like a lava rock, and press O.  To 
    aim, press Triangle, and while you have the scope on something, press O
    Glide: Press X, and at the top of your jump, press X again to glide to 
    a nearby ledge.
    Hover:  In case you just miss that ledge, press Triangle for a boost to 
    get up there!
    While in water:
    Paddle: Any Dir. Button
    While Underwater:
    Paddle: X
                Instead of getting Gems from enemies this time around, you 
    will get "Spirit Particles".  These will go to a portal somewhere in 
    the world, that will open up a powerup, such as superglide, superflame, 
    iceflame, and more.  These will not be in each world, mind you.  
             There are special levels in the game known as "Speedways".  I 
    have no Idea why they call them speedways, though, as they bear no 
    resemblance to what we know as "Speedways".  I guess that in these 
    speedways, you have to go through, or break 4 obstacles, each having 8 
    things in them.  There will also be an orb challenge in each one, 
    sponsored by, or played against Hunter.
    	To find the location of the orb challenges, there will be little 
    green indicators flashing on your map.  These will point you to orbs in 
    each level, except for Aquaria Towers.
    3. Items in the world.
    Question Mark Bottles:  There are some worlds that have bottles that 
    have question marks on them.  If you break one, it will appear 
    somewhere else.  If you break one about 3 or 4 times, you will get the 
    treasure inside of it.
    Special Butterfly:  These butterflies will be in glass jars.  Break one 
    open, and you'll be healed to 100%, and have an extra life!
    4. The full walkthrough.
    We start off the game with Spyro wanting to take a vacation.  He 
    decides to go to Dragon Shores.  But on the way there, he gets 
    intercepted into a different world.  I won't spoil the rest for you.  
    You start off in:
    Glimmer:  Gems:  400.  Orbs-3
    We start off in a fresh world full of treasure.  Be sure to pick up a 
    lot of it, as you get about midway through the level, Moneybags will 
    make you pay 100 gems to go across the bridge.  And, flame a lot of 
    enemies, as you will need the spirit particles for later.  Also, you 
    will need a lot of treasure to buy the Underwater Swimming powerup that 
    will become available:
    Orb 1:  Flame the lanterns. 
              This orb is after the area with the talisman.  Go out a 
    window in the talisman room, and there will be another area in back.  
    This orb challenge is pretty straightforward.  Just get close to the 
    lamps before you flame them, and beware, if you don't get it after 
    awhile, the lanterns will go out, so try to have good accuracy.  Keep 
    it up, and you have your first orb!  Congratulations!
    Orb 2: Lizard Hunting.
              The second orb is inside a cave that is to the right of the 
    area beyond the talisman.  The first lizard is easy to get, just stay 
    on the ledge in the cave where the mouse dude is, and shoot.  By the 
    way, just follow him to the next lizard each time.  The second one is 
    fairly easy to get, but you may want to aim a bit over his head.  The 
    third one is a bit tougher, aim high.  The 4th one is harder; you want 
    to aim high as well. The fifth one is pretty much the same. The sixth 
    lizard is the hardest, aim over him, and I mean over him!  If you do 
    this, you'll get another orb.
    Orb 3: Lets light more lanterns!
    If you do, just use the same strategy as the other hunt.  You may want 
    to kill most of the enemies before you do this, though.  Another thing, 
    watch out for the stalactites that are on the ceiling, as they will 
    make you crash-land onto the ground.  Piece of cake.
    Now, just go into the room beyond the cave, and get your talisman, and 
    warp into the Summer Forest.  Great Job!  You finished your first 
    Summer Forest:  Gems: 400, Orbs: 4.
    Go up to Elena, the Faun, and She'll tell you about the guidebook.  
    After that, go into the next room, and there will be a jump.  Make it, 
    and then glide into the area below to get the treasure.  Don't worry 
    about getting up, a whirlwind is now available.  When you get to the 
    next area, you'll have a choice of one of 2 worlds to enter, Colossus, 
    or Idol Springs.  Before you enter these worlds, get some of the 
    treasure lying around, and then, climb up the stairs to the lower right 
    of the area, to have the only challenge orb in the homeworlds:
    Orb 1:  Hunters Challenge.
            This is a fairly easy orb to earn, just get your schematics 
    with jumping right.  First, just jump up to the ledge, then you have to 
    jump and glide.  Finally, you have to jump, glide, and hover.  Hover 
    can be done by pressing Triangle near the end of your jump.  If you do 
    all of this, Hunter will give you the orb.  How can he jump so well?
    Next, since you need 500 gems to get the underwater powerup, I'd say 
    try out Idol Springs.
    Idol Springs.  Gems:  400.  Orbs: 2
              Go up to the green dude next to the banner, and he'll tell 
    you how their wood sculptures have come to life, and have taken them 
    hostage.  Be sure to scrounge up all the treasure you can get for 
    Moneybags payment for underwater swimming.  It will come in handy for 
    one of the orb challenges here.  First of all, just flame the wood 
    person standing by the steps, and he'll let you through.  Then, in the 
    next area, get more treasure, and flame the big wood thing that is 
    chasing the little green man around.  He'll open up the next door for 
    you, and Zoe will save your position and talk to you.  Flame the next 
    wood person near the door, and you'll enter a tunnel.  Grab the 
    treasure, then flame the wood man.  He'll open up the door.  There will 
    be one wood person left to flame, and then you may get the talisman.  
    But, before you go, I suggest taking 1 orb with you.  Go to the left 
    side of the room you're in, and glide over to the ledge.  Take the rest 
    of the way up, staying near the side of the cliff, and you'll soon come 
    to a stairway down to the orb challenge.
    Orb 1: Rain ladies.
    Go to the center of the area, and talk to the woman that is tied up.  
    She'll tell you to use the supercharge power up to get her friends off 
    the pedestals.  You must get all of the friends in one run, or the mean 
    guy will put them back on their stands.  Just have good control, and 
    you'll get them off, and receive your orb.  After that, go onto that 
    little Brown thing like a turret, and jump onto it.  Follow the ledge 
    facing the hula challenge, and once you get to a yellow platform, turn 
    to the left, and do the series of glides to another ledge.  Then, go 
    onto another yellow platform.  Your goal is to get to the building.  
    Once there, light the rocket, and it will open up that steel case on 
    the ledge in the pool. 
    Orb 2:  I got some puzzles!
    it, go into the pool near the start, and go into a hole on the right 
    side of it, you'll come up, and a green man will show you to 3 puzzles.  
    Puzzle 1.  To get all the blocks the same color, jump on the corners, 
    starting with the lower left one.
    Puzzle 2: Just get the right fish in his mouth.  NO RED FISH!
    Puzzle 3: I can't really help you, as it's randomly selected for each 
    Now that you have the Underwater Power, there is a new area, but before 
    you go there, get an orb.
    Orb 2:  Go into the area where you first came out of Glimmer.  In the 
    left Section, there is a pool.  Swim through the tunnel, and Climb up 
    the stairs at the end. There will be an Orb.  Also, there is a neat 
    little glitch here.  If you jump towards the left on the little ledge 
    the orb is on, you can fly out of the world!
    Colossus: Gems: 400  Orbs: 3
    Orb 1 and 2:  Hockey time!
    If you ask the yellow dude to play hockey, you'll be forced into a 
    ring, and you'll have to score 5 goals in 2 minutes in order to win.  
    Piece of Cake.  All you have to really do is skate straight towards the 
    goalie, and then change suddenly right before you get there, and spit.  
    2. Same as the first one, except flame the other dude immediately after 
    he gets the puck, as he is fast.  Two for One!
    Now, go back to the spring jump in the new place, and spring towards 
    the building.  You'll find the professor.
    Orb 3:  Spirit in the statue
    First Statue: To the right of the door.
    Second: To the left of the door.
    Third: Glide to where the yak and a goat still are.
    Fourth: Outside of the second singing dude.
    Fifth and sixth: Both in the second area from where you started, behind 
    the second singing dude.
    Seventh: By that thing in the middle of the new area.
    Eighth: Glide to the top of the Yeti building, and there will be an Ice 
    Ninth: On the way to the hockey game.
    Tenth: In the room with the moving pedestal.
    The professor will then give you an orb!
    Congrats!  Now head to summer forest.
    Now that you have the underwater powerup, go into the pool that 
    Colossus is in.  Go into the opening, and out.  Follow the path, and 
    you'll see 2 portals in the main room, and hunter.  He'll talk to you 
    about the camera.  Now, head into sunny beach.
    Sunny Beach: Gems: 400, orbs: 3
    Orb 1: Turtle Hunting.
    Oh, no!  Baby turtles have been boxed up, and you have to free them.  
    You have to have the flame powerup available first.  But, here are the 
    seven boxes:
    1: Go into the room near where the guy on the throne is.  There is a 
    door that will open up if you stand on a little thing in the middle of 
    the room.  Stand on it, and Flame the box from there.  
    2: Go to the left of Right of the flame powerup.
    3: Go up the stairs in the area with the guy that gave you the 
    challenge, and the third box will be at the top
    4: Go over the bridge at the top of the stairs, and go into the pool of 
    water.  At the end, get out and dive to the right side of the pool in 
    the new area.  Go under, and there it is
    5: Go Backwards into the second area, in the top left.
    6:  Same area, on a ledge
    7: First area, underwater.
    You have the orb!
    Orb 2-3: YOU CAN'T GET THESE WITHOUT CLIMB POWERUP!  If you have climb, 
    climb up the ladder in the last area in the upper right.  The strategy 
    is pretty much the same, just keep tabs on all the openings, and charge 
    them into the water, not flame them. 
    Get the talisman and go home!
    Stock up on butterflies if you wish, then go into Hurricos.
    Hurricos: Gems: 400, Orbs: 3
    This world is pretty simple, so I won't go through it that much, just 
    find the gears, and put them in.  Kill all the enemies, and Beware, the 
    orb challenges are hard to find!
    Orb 1: Gear Grinders!
    Look to the upper right of the second area, and there will be a 
    stairway, and that will lead to a tunnel.  Go down it, and a little 
    dude will tell you that gear grinders are taking the power cells. Even 
    though it says it's pretty difficult, it's not.  There is not too much 
    strategy, just put the power cells in, and the Grinders will come out, 
    and take them.  Just flame them or charge them and be on your way.
    Easy orb.  But, the next ones ain't!
    Orbs 2-3: Fans and switches!
    First off, use the supercharge to get knock the 3 windmills down that 
    hide the switches, then knock the one down that has the stairway to the 
    challenge.  Glide over to the building, and then go along the moving 
    things.  When you get to a platform with a little dude, he'll give you 
    an orb, and now, there is a little warp thing by the electroll, so that 
    you don't have to worry about making the glides all over again!
    In the next part, hover, and don't try to glide to a different blade to 
    get closer.  BE PATIENT!  It will come in handy.  Trust me, this orb is 
    a real pain in the butt.  Just make the glides, and get across the 
    moving things, and then, just shut down the switch, and you get the 
    final orb!
    Now, let's get the talisman and get out of here!
    Here's another orb:
    Orb 3: Go into the first room on the left when you go up the stairs.  
    First, go to the left, and talk to Elena, and Ocean Speedway will open 
    up.  Then, make sure the door on the right is closed.  Go onto the 
    window ledge, and glide right next to the building to get to the next 
    window.  Get in, and get the orb.
    Now, go to moneybags, and open up Aquaria Towers:
    Aquaria Towers: Gems: 400, Orbs: 3
    All I can really say is find the switches to open the doors, and make 
    sure to have enough money for moneybags' sub.  The orbs can be found in 
    an area above the first area.  Just swim to the top, and find the 
    Orb 1-2.  Hunter's Ray.
    Not Very much to the challenge.   After awhile, you'll have the courses 
    memorized.  It is really quite easy, after you get the hang of it.
    Orb 3:  King Flippy's young'uns
    King Flippy will tell you that some young sea horses are being held 
    captive.  It is easy to find all of them, just follow the level layout.
    This level is a piece of cake.  Let's get the talisman, and get out of 
    Here it is, the first boss fight.  These boss fights are really fun to 
    do, trust me.  This one is pretty easy.  What Crush will do is go from 
    platform to platform doing some type of electric or flame attack to 
    you.  Just try to attack him while he is running from place to place, 
    and run away, as the roof will cave in.  Beware, though.  As you go 
    through, the fight will be harder, and he can use new abilities, and 
    he'll try to smash you.  But, you'll get the win, and then you'll be 
    transported to Autumn Plains, my favorite homeworld.  But first, let's 
    go to Ocean Speedway.
    Ocean Speedway:  Gems: 400, Orbs: 1
    Only in a speedway will there be one orb.  Do it in this order:  RINGS.  
    Then drop down and supercharge to the CARS.  When you get off, you 
    should be near the BOATS.  When you kill the last boat, try to be near 
    the ARCHES.
    Orb 1:  Hunter's Challenge.  All it is is going through rings, and that 
    is easy.
    Autumn Plains:  
    Here are the orbs:
    Orb 1: Go up to the whirlwind near where metro speedway is.  Go up 
    there, then go to the ledge of the tunnel, and glide to the edge of the 
    wall surrounding the landscape.  Follow it until you find a crack in 
    the wall.  Bash it.
    Orb 2:  You'll need to buy wall climb from moneybags to get this.  
    Climb up the ladders next to him, and go down all the corridors at the 
    top until you see a cracked wall.  Bash it, and take the whirlwind up.  
    Then, take another whirlwind up.  You can even hear the sound of the 
    wind rushing by up here.  Well, you may see a small pedestal that is 
    just sitting in the middle of the sky way off in the distance, so glide 
    onto it.  You may have seen it when you were on the wall.  When you get 
    there, grab the orb.
    Breeze Harbor:  Gems: 400, Orbs: 2.
    This is probably the first world you'll have that has only 2 orbs. 
    Another thing is that this level is pretty easy; you could probably get 
    100 percent the first time you're there. All I can say is look for the 
    heaters, jump cautiously on that boats part, and kill all the enemies, 
    as you'll need them for a spring jump.  And, a fun thing to do.  You'll 
    notice that in the area you have to fill a pool up, the water level is 
    the same as one of the steps.  If you go in there, and press dive while 
    your right smack dab next to the step, you'll be swimming-out of the 
    water!  You can go anywhere from here!
    Orb 1: A bit of Bomb Hunting.
     To the side of where the boat thing is, you'll see a bird dude saying 
    how annoying those spike bombs are.  He'll let you take control of the 
    canons.  First of all, hit the ones in that area.  Next, go back behind 
    the area where you had to fill the pool up.  There is a canon, and a 
    spike bomb that is easy to kill, but you have to shoot another one-
    blind!  Just make an accurate judgment on where to shoot, then keep on 
    raising the canon little by little.  Then, go to the last area, after 
    you get off the boats.  Shoot the ones there.  ORB!
    Orb 2:  The Train
    The dude says it's hard, but trust me, it's not.  All that this is, is:
    If the machine drops a barrel, shoot it
    If the machine drops a box, JUMP!
    And switch the tracks by shooting at the arrow things.  
    Otherwise, just remember the area in back of the house, and its ORB!
    Now, let's get the talisman and leave!
    If you wish, you could open up Zephyr, but, let's first go to Crystal 
    Crystal Glacier:  Gems: 400, Orbs: 2
    Only 2 orbs once again!  
    Not mush to the level, just hard to find the challenges!
    Orb 1: Them Draclets!
    Below the bridge that moneybags opened, to the left, you'll find a 
    dude, who says the draclets have been bothering him.  Just keep in the 
    air, and flame them, as they'll come back.
    Orb 2:  Find my George!  
    Past the bridge, there will be an elder that lost his leopard.  All you 
    have to do is go around the ridge ahead of, him, and there is George, 
    the leopard.  Just wait fro a fish to come out of a pool, and flame it 
    to him, and he'll follow you. Piece of cake.
    Now, just go rescue the other elder, get the talisman, and voila!
    Lets gather up some butterflies, and head into Skelos Badlands!
    Skelos Badlands:  Gems: 400, Orbs: 3
    Not much to the land, but, if you want to get the third orb, you will 
    have to kill some enemies.  And, this level is the first to introduce 
    the question mark bottles.
    Orbs 1-2:  Lava Lizards!
    Oh, No!  Lava Lizards are trying to eat the natives.  Go up to the 
    native using the bone stairs in the flat area, and, he'll send you aver 
    there.  Is it just me, or are these guys the same as the guys in the 
    Glacier Level?  The first one is easy; you'll get it on your first and 
    second try, no doubt there.  But the second one is a whole different 
    game.  First, get the one right in front of you, and then get the 2 
    after that.  After those, go to the left, and snag the 2 that hatch 
    right away, and then go around the top building, to the left side to 
    get the next one.  Glide across the chasm to get the seventh one, and 
    then go up the stairs to get the last one.  And there you have it, ORB! 
    Orb 3:  Bone thieves!
    Go up to the dude that is on the way to the last part of the level, and 
    he'll tell you his friend's bones are gone.  Well, better find them!
    1 bone:  On the skull that opens up into the cave, look at the top of 
    it, and a guy with a bone will be there.  Get a little ball, and spit 
    it at him.
    2 bone: Go into the first left in the cave, and go outside.  There is a 
    little ledge at the end that has a guy with a bone.  You know what to 
    3 bone: In the cave, the area that has the powerup next to it.  Use the 
    powerup to go onto the lava and kill the toad
    4 bone: Go up the stairs, and use 3 spits to break the window across 
    from you to get the guy
    5 bone:  In the cave in the area with the second powerup portal. 
    6 bone: Go up the bone steps after the dude gives you the talisman, and 
    jump onto the ledge on the volcano in the middle.  Follow the ledge to 
    the last guy. 
    7 bone: On the stairs.
    8 bone: At the end of the cave.
    Now, let's get out of here!
    You should now have enough money to go to Zephyr.
    Zephyr:  Treasure: 400, Orbs: 4
    Trust me, you'll need no help finding your way, but, the orb challenges 
    are hard, very.
    Orbs 1-2: Find the elephants
    There are 3 elephants in the main area there, and 2 in the cave to the 
    right of the pen.
    But, the other 2 are in the area past the cave in back of that area, 
    and it will take you a good 20-25 minutes to do this task, for 2 orbs.
    Orbs 3-4:  Julia
    Tip: Just plant the first seed in the second seed holder, and try to 
    jump on.  You'll thank me.  You shouldn't have that much trouble from 
    there, but it will take a long time.  
    Now, let's head back to Autumn Plains
    Let's head on over to scorch.
    Scorch: Gems: 400, Orbs: 2.
    This level is pretty straightforward, with just 1 part of treasure that 
    you may miss.  Off the bridge, drop to the right, and take the 
    Orb 1: Hunters Monkey
    This is really easy; just hit the monkeys out of the trees when hunter 
    goes to a tree.  Just don't let Hunter get hit.
    Orb 2: Flags
    This is a really hard orb.  All I can say is try to run in a zig-zag 
    pattern, and try not to get hit, or what I did is just tried to make it 
    a little further each time, and go back.  That seems to work, too.  
    Believe me, if you wanted to get rid of an orb challenge, it would be 
    this one.
    Let's now get the talisman and leave.
    Fracture Hills: Gems: 400, Orbs: 3.
    All you have to do to get the Talisman is Open up the 6 Satyrs, and 
    then go to the temple they've opened up.  Easy enough.  Now, for the 
    Orb 1-Open up!  
    This is an easy task to accomplish.  First, kill 16 enemies.  Now, 
    before you do this, there is one of those earth-movers that are in your 
    path.  Go along the track, kill him, then go back to the beginning, and 
    go through.  Pretty easy.  But, another thing to get is a treasure box 
    that is steel enclosed that is in a cave.  I'll tell you how to get it.  
    First, kill all the earth-movers.  Every single one, at least in the 
    last part of the level.  Now, take the supercharge path, but instead, 
    go to the place where you freed the last satyr.  Fly off there, and 
    land.  Now, just make the 2 jumps that separate you, and you have it.
    Orb 2-3-Earthmovers
    Just charge the earth-movers.  That's pretty much all there is to it.  
    Second task, just headbash em'.  I really can't say anything more.  Now 
    let's grab the talisman and get!
    You can choose from either opening Shady Oasis, or going to Magma Cone.  
    I say Magma Cone.
    Magma Cone:  Gems: 400, Orbs: 3
    The level is pretty straightforward; just at the end keep going up and 
    left on the ladders, and be able to pay moneybags for the pedestal fee.
    Orb 1-2: Snowflakes!
    To get here, go along the cone that you climb, and there will be 
    another ladder, just glide to it, go up, and fall into the ice place.  
    Just either follow the smoke, or follow hunter and steal his flakes!
    Orb 3: Hit the party thieves!
    All I can say, is fly good, and aim good, and make sure to go in the 
    caves, too.
    Now, time for the last Level in Autumn Plains:  Shady Oasis
    Shady Oasis:  Gems: 400, Orbs: 2
    Just follow the hippo dude through the level.  It can't be any simpler
    Orb 1: More Thieves?!
    Just Charge after the thieves, and when you're close enough, flame 
    them.  If you forget where one is, just ask the hippo guy.
    Orb 2: Ma Family Is Trapped!
    YOU CAN'T DO THIS WITHOUT HEADBASH!  If you have headbash, just watch 
    when they fly out, and, well, bash them!  And, try not to miss.
    Now, let's head out of here, and maybe go to one of the speedway levels 
    Metro Speedway:  Gems: 400, Orbs: 1
    Do it like this.  Get the first 5 BIRDS before going into the next 
    area, then while trying to get the other birds, hit some of the 
    JUMPERS.  After that, go through the ARCHES.  At the end of the path, 
    double back to the CONSTRUCTION DUDES.
    Icy Speedway:  Gems: 400, Orbs: 1
    Just do it erratically.  I started out by hitting the 4 guys in the 
    air, and then I just got everything else by just flaming everything I 
    could and going through everything, and then, end off with the last 4 
    This is the hardest of all the 3 bosses.  The only real advice I can 
    give is to keep moving, and only stop to either get or hit an item at 
    him.  And, make sure he doesn't eat any of the chickens she throws down 
    for you, as if Gulp eats them, he'll get one of his hit points back.  
    Hard, but nothing too tough.
    WINTER TUNDRA: Orbs are as follows:
    Orb 1-When you get the Headbash, and get into the main area, take the 
    whirlwind up, but instead, land on the top of the wall surrounding the 
    castle.  On the end of the left wall, there will be an orb.
    Orb 2-Land on the walls again, but this time, on the right wall.  
    You'll find a secret waterfall entrance, go down, and swim through.  
    Just get up, and the orb will be on a ledge.
    Orb 3-In a big rock. Smash it with headbash. 
    Now, let's go over to Mystic Marsh to get some gems, shall we?
    Mystic Marsh: Gems: 400, Orbs: 3
    This is the first world in which you will automatically get an orb, not 
    a talisman, at the end of each level.  But, this is easy.  You don't 
    even have to fix the fountain like the guy says.  
    Orb 1: Where's my pencil?
    The Professor needs your help to find his pencil.  He'll give you an 
    egg to start out with.  Go over to the bird's nest that is in a tree in 
    the top part of the level.  Spit the egg in there, and then the bird 
    will give you a seed to plant.  There should be a Seed Planting thing 
    right near the cave.  When you plant the seed, it'll spit out a duck.  
    Take the duck to the pond place, and put it with the other ducks, and 
    out will come a turnip.  Take it to the pot of soup in the cave, and 
    the pot will give you a coin.  Put the coin in the fountain, and out 
    comes, voila, a pencil!  Give it to the Pro, and an Orb will be your 
    Orb 2. Those thieves!  
    Talk to a guy in his jeep, and he'll tell you that thieves stole his 
    spark plugs, 4 of them.  Wait, don't cars only have 2 sparks?  Anyways, 
    it is easy enough to find them, but catching them is a different story.  
    After awhile, though, you should come out victorious. 
    Let's leave now!
    I think we should head over to Cloud Temples.
    Cloud Temples: Gems: 400, Orbs: 3
    Every level brings you a step closer to Ripto, and we're now getting up 
    there.  Okay, This level is easy, but if you do get lost, just try to 
    listen for the Dog Wizard's evil laugh.  
    Orb 1.  Hit the trolls!  
    Trolls have taken over the bell towers, and you need to help!  Just 
    freeze the trolls in the right spots, climb up them, and you should get 
    this orb.
    Orb 2.  Follow Zero!
    This is one of my favorite orbs.  Tips are, Always head for the nearest 
    trees, treasure cases, or any cover you can find.  If you do this, and 
    are quick enough at it, you'll get the orb from good ol' Zero
    Orb 3. Finish the level, and leave!
    By now, you should have enough treasure to go in the main area.  When 
    you get in here, I'd say head to: Metropolis, my favorite level.
    Metropolis: Treasure: 400, Orbs: 4
    This level is really cool.  Just trust me.  You won't even care about 
    finishing it, but you have to.
    Orb 1. Mean old ox
    There is an ox that is throwing bombs at you!  You have to stop him!  
    Just wait on the side until he throws a bomb down the center then hit 
    it at him.  Do this enough times, and you'll get the orb.  
    Orbs 2-3. The sheep saucers!
    Some sheep, for some odd reason, have taken over some flying saucers.  
    Try to take long- range shots at them.  Or, just get up close and in 
    their face, either way works.  This is one of the most fun orb tasks in 
    the game.
    Orb 4.Finish the level.  Now, let's leave!
    Time for the last regular level, Robotica Farms.
    Robotica Farms: Gems: 400, Orbs: 3
    This is a very hard level, and you may get lost.  To make sure you 
    don't just try to look for see-saw things to get up, and, once you get 
    to the orb area with the bugs you have to shoot, there is a barn on the 
    right that will have a switch on it.  Push that, and it'll go up and 
    down.  Take it up, and jump off.  Once you get to the area in which you 
    have a see-saw into a building, take it up, and in the building, glide 
    over to the area that has some stairs on it, and go up the stairs, and 
    talk to the robot dude.  He'll give you Orb 1.
    Orb 2. Ahhhh!  Bugs!  
    A farmer will tell you that bugs are rampant in his fields.  Go onto a 
    mound away from them, and glide at them, and flame, flame, flame!  This 
    should help you get them.
    Orb 3. Break open the path.
    All I can say is, just stick to the path, and have good control.  Also, 
    the jump near the end is hard to make, so jump when you're about 
    halfway up the ledge.
    Let's leave, and get set for Ripto
    Let's maybe head to Canyon Speedway first.
    Canyon Speedway:  Gems: 400, Orbs: 1
    Do it in this exact order:  RAMS, RINGS, BIKERS, and BIRDS.
    Orb 1. Hunters Challenge
    This one is easy as well.  Just keep holding down O and aim good.
    This is it, the last boss fight of the game, and I'm going to tell you 
    how to win.
    You will have powers from special orbs.  It doesn't matter what color 
    you collect, just as long as you get 3 of them, and hit Ripto!  After 
    you defeat him himself, he'll command a manual version of gulp that has 
    laser eyes that can kill you!  You will be able to steal orbs that he 
    is going to get easier, as he moves slower.  When you kill him, it will 
    change into an arena.  Don't touch the lava!  Just fly around towards 
    him, and get a shot off, and fly away.  You should fly rather 
    erratically, as Ripto will not be able to hit you.  After you beat 
    Ripto, the game is over.  Or, is it?
    5. Dragon Shores.
    Dragon shores has 10 tokens.  You need to get all of them to open up 
    the theater.
    Tokens 1-3.  Spitting arena.
    Just spit at the bullseye to send enemies into the depths.
    Tokens 4-6. Shooting Arena
    Just keep low, and shoot!  The lizards are the hardest part.
    Tokens 7-9. Roller Coaster.
    First 2 times, just pop them with your cart.  On the second time, 
    Showman will open up more track, and on the last time, you'll have a 
    Token 10.Love Tunnel.
    This makes for really weird outcomes!
    6. Skill Points.
    There are 16 skill points in the game.  If you get all of them, they 
    will open up an epilogue section in the game that tells what happened 
    to everyone!
    Beat Ocean Speedway in under 1:10 
    Beat Canyon Speedway in under 1:10
    Beat Metro Speedway under 1:15
    Beat Icy Speedway under 1:15
    In Idol Springs, land on that really big hula statue by the hula 
    In the Skelos Badlands you must destroy all of the cactus.
    In Skelos Badlands, kill all those Catbat things
    In Fracture Hills, go through the super charge lap 3 times
    In Hurricos, destroy all of the windmills
    In Aquaria Towers, Flame all of the seaweed.
    In Colossus, Get a perfect 5-0 match on one on one hockey
    In Scorch, knock Coconuts out of all the trees that have them.
    Defeat Crush without taking a hit
    Defeat Gulp without taking a hit
    Defeat Ripto without taking a hit-VERY HARD!
    While Fighting Gulp, hit Ripto with a rocket.
    7. Credits:
    I just want to say thanks to insomniac for creating Spyro, and say 
    thanks to GameFAQ's own CjayC most of all for posting this, my first 
    This work is copyright 2000 by me, HisDudeness.  No other site shall be 
    authorized to use this guide without my, and only my permission.  The 
    only site that I will allow permission is-
    If you do copy this, I will be hurt, and it will hurt whoever copies 
    this.  No Plagiarizing of will be allowed, and I will sue you if you do 
    so.  Thank You.

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