Review by SeanKelson

"An excellent game, however it is little short."

Spyro 2 is an awesome game. It's amazing. It only has 1 downfall: It's not that challenging and can be beaten with everything in a week. Other then that small fact, it's a wonderful game designed very well.

Graphics (10/10)
The graphics are smooth and clear. The graphics are 3D and don't look as strange as some 3D graphics do. This is actually one of the first games to feature smooth, 3D graphics. I'm impressed. However, the graphics aren't entirely 3D. Not a loss at all though.

Sound (8/10)
The music and sound effects in Spyro 2 aren't that great. But, the characters talk as sound effects, and the talking isn't annoying like several games where characters talk. If you're looking for music and sound effects, this game is not for you.

Play Control (8/10)
The play control is easy to learn and doesn't use all the buttons, so you aren't moving your hands around the controller too much. Not the greatest play control, but certainly one of them.

Challenge (4/10)
Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage isn't that challenging. You could beat it getting every single thing in only a week. This game does not provide much of a challenge.

Storyline (8/10)
This is one of few games right now that has a half-decent storyline. I give this game the ''Best Storyline'' award. This game is so unique because nearly every game out there has a horrible storyline.

Battle System (5/10)
The battle system in Spyro 2 is similar to the battle systems in other games like it. It has nothing special about it, but nothing bad either.

Game Length (4/10)
When I picture a CD, a picture the capacity to make the longest games ever created. Apparently people just dont see this potential in a CD though, as Spyro 2 is just too short.

Replay Value (5/10)
Games like Spyro 2 usually get much less in replay value. But this game provides more replay value, making this game even better.

Gameplay/Fun (9/10)
It's a very fun game. You explore many worlds in this game and complete many different objectives, making the game unique and fun.

Originality (6/10)
Though games like Spyro 2 usually aren't very original, Spyro 2 definitely has some original twists on it. It's above average in originality.

Overall (6/10)
Spyro 2 is amazing and is a very fun game. I recommend renting it before buying it though, since you may be so good at games like this that you could beat it in the time you'd rent it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 07/09/00, Updated 11/24/01

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