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"I thought sequels were supposed to be bad..."

This game is the second game in the Spyro the Dragon series, which continues the adventures of the loveable purple dragon as he continues his adventures, right where he was left off. This time he has a new villain to face, and new characters to interact with.

Story: The story here is excellent. It perfectly fits the mood, serious but playful at the same time, to delight the younger gamers. Right after he defeats Gnasty Gnorc in the original, Spyro decides he wants to take a vacation. So he heads for the vacation portal, and gets teleported to a new and strange world. Whoa! Now he has a new enemy, one who is trying to take over all of Avalar, this new world. The story is similar to the first one, but this isn't an RPG, is it? Even though plot twists and turning points are on vacation when you pop this into your machine, this is just right for a platformer game. True, other platformers have deeper stories, but those usually have darker and more mature settings, so be happy with this nice one here.

Gameplay: The gameplay is also improved from the first one. The same idea is still there though, which is collect gems and other stuff and make it through the level. There are new moves, which vary the gameplay, and they added underwater levels and areas for continued exploration, which is a plus, because the original would have you banging your head every time you died from contact with the evil, evil water. The best new addition would have to be the challenges. They are fun things that are sometimes initiated by talking to characters, or unknowingly passing a course, but you get rewarded in the end. They range from easy to hard, and very few are similar, so you should have fun with the various mini games and challenges scattered throughout the game.

Graphics: The graphics themselves aren't great, you can see the blocks and triangles that make up everything in the world. But considering the ability of the Playstation for graphics, and considering other games like FF7, whose graphics disgusting, this isn't half bad. The environments are much more interesting this time, and overall a lot more memorable because of the layout of the levels. The cutscenes aren't improved in graphics or anything, but that's okay. Graphics aren't always the key, but better graphics makes for a more enjoyable time.

Sound: The sound and music in this game are beautiful. The music in the first game were nice, but gave off the feeling of being alone. This game's music fits the level. The sound isn't just an endlessly repeating loop either (well it is, it just takes longer to repeat). The home worlds have seasonal themes, and sure enough, the music reflects it. You are presented with a nice calming tune for the very first home world, which is a springtime environment. The sound can be annoying in some places, such as hearing an orb bounce endlessly up and down but not knowing where, or listening to the endless supply of enemies express their disapproval of you with the same generic yelp.

Replay Value: This game has a high replay value. It even has a little secret at the very end, that makes playing through a second time, just as enjoyable as the first, which for many games can be hard to do. This is because most people lose interest and do something else, but this manages to pull people back. Most people will end up playing it over and over, because of the wonderfully done piece of art that this is.

This game is a buy. If you don't feel like these genre of game is for you, then do yourself a favor and borrow it from a friend, considering that this would be impossible to rent due to its age.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/06/07

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