Review by TKimmel626

"A much better purchase than the original"

When Spyro 2 was coming out, everybody had just about given up hope on it. ''The first one got boring in about a month, and now they're making a sequel?'' Let me tell you, you will not be disappointed when you get part 2.

Graphics: 10/10
The graphics in the game are, for the most part, identical to the first game, which is very good since it is one of the better looking games on PlayStation. Bright colors, smooth textures, hardly any pop-up: just what almost every other game wants but can not deliver.

Sound: 7/10
Sometimes the music gets very annoying, especially on the level where the people are psychic and can move things with their minds. You just hear some guy chanting for half an hour till you finish the board. But all the other boards' music you will hardly remember, and sound effects were alright, but nothing spectacular.

Gameplay: 15/10!!!!
I love the gameplay of this game! It is so much harder than the original! I couldn't believe the hardness factor of this game. They took more time hiding the gems in spots where you had to plan out how to get to them, and with the orbs you have to collect to beat the game, you'll have to go through a series of mini-games. Some of them are really fun (Turtle Soup, Hockey), but some of them are very annoying (Gear Grab, Clear the Path, Rescue the Faun). However, these don't hurt the game enough to matter. You have new abilities, such as the ability to headbash certain enemies who can't be charged or flamed, the ability to swim, so you won't die every time you hit water and so you can collect all the gems, a new climbing ability, to let you climb up ladders, and the ability to spit rocks at enemies. You get a bunch of other powers, but you only keep them until the timer runs out.

Rent or Buy?
Buy this game because if you want to devote yourself until you get 100% complete, you won't break away from your PlayStation for a long while.

Overall Spyro 2 easily overshadows its predecessor because of the orb collecting, harder-to-find gems, and yes, the fun (and frustrating #@$!%) minigames.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/13/00, Updated 09/13/00

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